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Full text of "A pocket dictionary of the spanih and english languages in two parts compiled from the last improved editions of Neuman and Baretti"

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1828 . 

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The utílity of Pocket Dictionaríes of the living Ianguagcs is too# 
evideut to require much remark, since ¡t must be sufficiently obvióos 
firora the increasing demand for thoso already extant in the English, 
French, Italian, and Germán languages. To these is now added, 
for the first time, that of the Spanish, — a language which, for 
copiousness, harmony, and dignity, may be said to stand unrivalled 
among modera tongues. 

A variety of circumstances have, within the iast twenty years, 
concurred in lendenng this language more familiar to the English 
ear ; among these, the two most prorainent may be said to be, first, 
the Iights which have been transfused over the varied beauties u! 
Spanish literatura, through the researches of critica and scholars oí 
our own country, of the most refined taste and judgement ; and 
secondly, by the long duration of the peninsular war, which ren- 
dered the acquisition of the language at once raquisite and easy to 
that large portion of our countrymen, whose duties called tlien» to 
be sojourners in Spain or its dependencies. But a new and i ñi- 
po rtant era now presenta itself, in the emancipation of New Spain 
from the mother country ; an event which cannot fail to excite the 
commercial enterprise of Britons, and bring thera into ¡inmediata 

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cuitad with (lie vast population of those región*. How mvch the 
advantages of Irado are tacilitated and increased by a knowledge of 
tlie tongues of those foreigo nations with whom traífic is conducted, 
morchants are fuliy aware ; and to this clasa of persona the present 
Dictionary is particularly recommended, it having been the object of 
the compiler to inciudeio it ali sucli terms as are ia any respect con- 
iected*with commerce, as well as such as could, by pos&ibility, occur 
in the ordinary course of travel through tlie country : but being 1¡- 
mited, in size, to ¿íe pocket or to the portmanteau, it professes to be 
no otlier than an Abridgment, in wliich, though a vast number of 
* * words are included, the explanations are of necessity concise. To 
those readers who require a full knowledge of the language, the 
Editor refere with confidence to the souree frora w henee this epi- 
tome is derived, viz., the DICTIONARY o»' NeüMAK AMD Ba- 
IIETTI Consolidated, to the last edition of which, important cor- 
rections and additions have been made by a lexicographer of very 
considerable judgeraent and diligence ; who has conseqnently pro- 
duced, it is believed, a Dictionary more copions and corred than any 
other that is extant of two languages. This work, which is in two 
ochavo volumes, may likewise be had of tire pubüshers of this 

The ahbreviations used in this Work are such as will be chiefly 
obvious to the reader ; they are the following : 

a. stand* for adjectira 

a<l. adrerb 

¡t. ...... preposition 

e. conjuiictioo, 

tm. stands for substantive masculina 
tf. ..... substantiva feminine 
va. ..... verb active 
va. vorb neuter 

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Español é Inglés — Spanish and Engtish. 


A' prtf. algniflas to, In, at, 
** , according to, on, bjr, for, 
and of 

Alia, tí- a measure for landi 
AhAtaa, tf. red poppy 
Abacería, tf- a chandler's 

Abacero, ra.». a retallar at 

Abaciál, a. belonglng to an 

A'baco, m, aban» 

Abtfd, tm. an abbot, a cante 
AbAda, tf- rhlnoceroa 
Abadíj.t, tm. cod-tiah 
Abadéngo, ga- o, belonglng 
to an abbot 

Abádea, cantharidea 
Abadéta, tf. an abbeaa 
Abadía, tf. an abbey 
A balido, da. a. .poney 
Abalanzár, lo. to balance 
AbaldonAr, va. to turbare, re- 
rile, neprooch 

Abaleir, ua. to wínnow rom 
AbalIestAr, na. haul a cable 
Abalónos, boglea 
AbanderAdo, tm. a standard - 
• bearer 

Abandarixaddr, ra. r. a far 
tlous penon j a ring-leader 
Abanderi/ár, to. to cabal 
A bandonddo.da.a .abandoned 
Abandonar, to. to abandon | 
vr. to dacpond , deapair 
Abanlcit, «o. te fan 
Aban IcAzo, rea. atrokevltha 

Abanico, tm. a fan, aprit-aail 
Abaniquero, tm. abn-maker 
AbAno, m. a Urge fan 
Abánto, tm. a bird belonglng 
to the sulfure tribe 
A baratir, to. to abate 
Abárca, tf- a place of coarte 
leal tu- r tl«l on the feet of 
Spanlab peasanu 

Aharcaddr, ra. i. embraces 
Abarcadúra, t. an embr a ce 
Abarcdr, va. tocla.p, contaln 
Abarata, ni. an irán ring 
AbarloAr, vn. to bear up 
AbarquillAr.tu-to build boats 
Abarracárae, vr. to witbdraw 
Into borracha 
Abarrido, da. a. striped 
Abarraganarse, vr. to litre bl 
concu binase 

Abarrancadero, rm. a preci- 

Abarrancamiento, tm. act of 
making caritie* 
Abarrancar, va. to break up 
aroad| vr. to Cali tato a plt 
Aburrir, tm. lome wart 
A barrltco^ic/.indiscriminateiy 
AbarrotAr, va. to tiedown, to 
trim the bold, to atow the 

Abaatadamónte, ad. abun- 

Abasteceddr, i. catéter 
Abastecer, to. to provide 
Abastecimiento, tm. ofllce of 
purteyor, prorúiona 
Abaationár, va. to construct 

Abdato, tm. tupply of a town 
with provisión», amali em- 
broidet lea 

AbatanAr, ra. to beal cloth 
Abite, intrrj. take care 
Abatido, da. a. mean, bate 
Abatimiento, tm. orerthrow, 
lowness of apirita 
Abatir, va. to throar downj 
ana. descendí vr. be día- 
hear tened 

Abaxadór, »m. atable-boy in 
minea, an abater 
Abaxamiénto, na. dejen ion 
A biso, ad. under, beiow 
AbdicAr, tía. to abdícate 
Abdicativo, a. exclusive 

A 2 

A be re, tm. the alphabet 
AbecedArio, tm. a apelling 
book, a tabla of contenta 
Abedúl, tm. the cotumon 

Abela, tf- ■ bee 
Abejir, a. a grapa o f which 
beea are fbnd * 

Abejarrón, rm. a horse-fly 
Abejaruco, na. (he bee-eater, 
despicable fellow 
Abejera, tf. balm-mint 
Abejero, rm. keeper of bee- 

Abejón, tm. a drone, a mat ic 
play of buxxlng ln the car 
Abellacarse, cr. to be mean 
AbemolAr, «o. to aoften 
Abenúz, tm. eben tree 
Ahercngenido, da. a. haring 
the colour of the egg plant 
Abemúncio, inltrj. tu be it 
from me 

Aberozera^f. the atrawberry- 

AtierrugAdo, a. fiall of warti 
A bei t lira, «/. tbe act of open- 
ing, brginning, oveüure 
Abóle, tm. book fbr holding 

Abeto, tm. the ailrer-tree 
AbetunAdo, a. reaembling bi- 

Abeorróa, tf. mark uaed to 
desígnate property in land 
Abezina, tf. ser eral yoke* of 
orne» ptoughing together 
Abezdn, rm. diU 
Abierto, ta. a. opon, candld 
Abigarrir, va. to paint with 
a di rendir of coioun 
Abigeato, rm. theft of cattle 
Abigeo, rm. thief or atcalet of 

AbigotAdo, da. a. a penon 
wearing long whiaken 
Abibám, rm. narcisaua, pre- 



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thm (tone of tlie colour of 
the daffbdil 

Abtds.i, tf. bufTnJo snake 
Ahumóle», (» c)a»p nalls 
Abitmir, iw. to depress 
Abísmoam. abyss, that which 
Is ¡mínense, hell 
Ablspdu, <m. a hornet 
Abitadúra, tf. a tum of tho 
cable around the bita 
Abitáque, im. a rof'er 
A l .tér, r«. to b.te the cahle 
Ahitdne-,r»i.p/.top-taU aheet, 

Abizcochado, da. a. blscuit- 

Abjuración, tf. abjuratlon 
Abjurar, tía. to abjure 
Ablaml4r, va. to toften ; vn. 

to grow mild or températe 
Abláno, tm. the hazel-tree 
Ablativo, m. atrUtive 
Ablución, <f. ablution 
f.bnegacuín, tf. self-denial 
A bnegfr, va. to renounce 
Abobado, da. a. (imple, ailljr 
A buhar, va. to (tupir; 
Abocado, a. sgreeaLIe 
Abocamiento, na a meeting 
AbocA r, va. to calch with the 
mouth ¡ vr, to meet to (ot- 
ile an attair 

Abocardarlo, da. e. wide- 

Abochornar, va. to swelter, 
provoke bj abusive lan- 

Abocinado, o. bent.appüad to 
an eltiptlc arch 
Abufetendór, ra. a. buifetter 
Abofetear, va. to (lap one'a 
face, to odor a gieat Insult 
Abogada, tf. protession of a 
lar ^er or advócate 
Abogado, tm. an advócate 
Abogado, t. a mediator 
Abogdr, vn. to folio* the pro- 
fesión of a lawyer, idead. 

Abohetado, da. a. swollen 
Abolengo, tm. ancestry 
Abolir, va. to abolUh 
Aboiladdra, tj. lnequality, 
embossed work 
Abcildr, va. to enrbow, stun 
Abollón, tm. a bud, in partí- 
cular of the vine 
Abollonar, va. to emboes ; ra. 

lo bud, appUed to the vine 
Abolsado, da. a. puckered 
Abominár, va. to detevt 
Abonado, da. a. crtdiuble, 
rich, fit, commonly uoder- 
atood in an iü lerue 

Abonaddr, óra. >. a persea 
who is baúl for another 
Abonanrdr, ra. to clear up, 
applíed to the weather 
Abondr, va. to baü, Improve, 
makc goed an suettlon i 
vr. to subscribe ; vn. V. 

Abonare, tm. he who U ñire- 

ty for another 

Abóno tm. security gívcn for 
a peí son, receipt in fuU or 

Abordador, tm. lie that 
boaras, vn intruder 
Abordar, va. board a thlp, 
run t'oul of a thlp, put luto 
a port 

A'bórdo, ad. on board 
Abdrdo, tm. address, attack 
Abordondr, »«. Lo walk, tap- 
porteó by a staíf 

Aborrachado, da. a. high cn- 
loored, H«y 

Aborraacdr, va. to raUe tem- 


A borreceddr, ra. ». detester 
Aborrecer, m. to bate, abhor, 
adventure or t{>end money 
Abortamiento, tm. abortion 
Abortdr, va. to miscarry 
Abortivo, va. a. abortivo, pro- 
ducing abortion 
Abdrto, tm. mitcarriage 
Ahortdn, tm. abortiurt of a 

A Ixu ujirse, vr. muflled or 
wrapped up 

Abotagarse, vr. to be inflated 
Abotinado, da. a. made in the 
form of half galters 
Abotonaddr, tm. an ¡ron uted 
for buttontng gaitert 
Abotonár, va. to button ; ra. 

to bud, form a button 
Abovedado, da. a. orched 
Abovedar, va. to arch, vault 
Aboyado da. a. a tevm ap- 
plted to a farrn renled, with 
oren for ploughing 
Ahoyar, va. to l»y down buoys 
A'bra, tf. hay, cove, dale, a 
lissure in mountalns 
A bracfjo, tm. an embrace 
A hrasadamente, a d. eagerly 
Abrasador, ra. t. one who 
consumes, one who in- 
flames by pastion 
Abrasamiento, tm. act of! 

burnlng, beat of pastion 
Abrasar, va. to burn, dissi- 
pate, provoke 

Abcasiládo, u. of the colour 
of lirayii wood 

Abrazadera, tf- a ring around 
a thing to prevent ita crack, 
ing, piece of tlmber which 
fastens the piough-tail 
Abraiaddr, ra- «. one that 
embraces, a thief taker, a 

Abrazamiento, tm. embra- 

Ahrazár, ra. to embrace 
Abrazo, tm. an embrace 
A 'brego, m. south-west wlnd 
Abrevadero, ras. a watering 
place for cattlo 
Abrevado, a. softened in wa- 
ter, appUed to tklns 
Abrevar, va. to water cattiw 
or tanda 

Atireviaddr. ra. i. an abride, 
or, an ufftoer empioyed U. 
eipedlting the l’ojie’s bolla 
Abreviar, va toaliridge 
Abreviatura, tf. abbreviatioai 
Abreviatutla, tí- vliice of * 

Abribonarse, or. to act the 
scoundrel, stroll about 
Abridero, tm. a sort of peaeb 
Abridero, a. easily oponed 
Abridor, tm. one who apena. 
Abridor de Idmittat, an <a 

Abrigada, tm. sheltered place 
Abrigaño, ras. a sheltcr fos 


Abrigar, va. to shelter 
Abrigo, ras. shelter, aid 
Abril, ras. April 
Abrillantar, ra. toshlae 
.Vbrimlénta ,ran the act ot 
o pan ing 

Abrir, va. to oi«n, unlock, 
engrave. Abrir d c btuca, 
to jest, mock 

Abrochador, raí. an instm- 
mant usad to button clothes 
Abrochadura, «. the act ot 
lacing or buttoning on 
Abrocbár, va. to button on, 
buckle on 

Abrogación, tf. the act ot re- 
pealing a lew 
Abrogár, va. la abrógate 
Abrójo, tm. a caltrop, crow- 
foot, caltrop baca on a 
whipi jU. liidden rocks in 
the sea 

Abromado, a. dark, worm- 

I A brorodne, worm -eaten 
Abroquelarse, vr. to coveg 
one'a self with a ahield 
Abrotoñar, ra. to scud a-hptl 
Abrumador, ra. s, a team 

1 ACA 

Abrumar, tu. lo cru.h, cause 
KTeat paiiu or tro'ihle 
Abrutado, tía. a. brutish 
Atnce.o, *m. an abnceaa 
Absoluta, dogma 
Absolutamente, ati. absoldtely 
Absoluto, ta« a. conilltlonal 
Absoluttiiio.nn. an absolutos; 

Absoltetlérai, t. the facilite 
® f K 1 ' 1 "’» absolution 
Absolvedor, rm. he tbat ab- 
sol ve» 

Absolver, tu. to absol ve 
Absortar, no. t« irlth 


Abuirto, t«* a. ama red 
Ab.w *encia, </: lh« act of ab- 
sorbí ng 

Aluorvér, tu. to absorb, Im- 
bibe, V. Rmpapar 
Abstemio, miá. a. absteml 

Abstenerse, or. to abstain 
Abstergente, 6 Abstenivo, »a. 
«. abstergent 

Absterger, tu. »n cleanse 
Abstersidn, $f. absterslon 
Abstractivamente, ad. ab- 

Abstraer, tu. to abstrae!, pasa 
«ver In sllencc.retrain froin, 

Abstraído, da. a. abstracted 
Abtnlso, sa. a. alislruse 
Absurdo, da. a. absurd 
Abubilla, </; hoo|i or hoopoon 
A buchomárse, vr. lo be muí- 
fled or wrapt up 
Abuela, lo. t. grandmotbtr, 

Abultado, da. a. bulky, Urge 
Abultar, tu. to enlarga; vn. 

to be bulky or Urge 
Abundancia, tj~. abuntUnce 
Abundar, en. to 4 1 >o u ral 
Abuñuelar, tu. to raake tome* 
thiug tn the shaini of a 

Ahunir, va. to bum 
A burol.ldo, da. a. o t agreyish 

Aburrimiento, rm. uneasiness 
of mintl, dejeotion 
Aburrir, tu. tovex, perples, 
venture, relInquUh 

Ahur lijado, da. o. ,, ressed to- 
getber, perplesed 
Abatojar, no. to presa 
Abusdi, tu. to abuse a thing 
Abusión , if. abuse, divinalion, 

Ara, ad. thia way. De oudndo 

ardí S*nce when ? 


AcaMbte, a. vhat may be 

Acabado, da. a. perfect 
Acalmldr, ra. a. linisher 
Acabalar, tu. to complete 
Acaballadero, rm. the tíme 
and place when hurtes 
cover mares 

Acaballado, da. a. covered 
Acaballdr, tu. tocoter a mure 
Acaballerado, c. gentleraan- 

Acaballerar, ra. gented, to 
act a gentleman 
A cnlemueilto, nn. end 
Acaltár, ra. to finish, dle ; er. 

grow weak or feeble 
AcabdíUadatncnte,a<f. orderly 
AcabelUdo, da. a. ol a blight 
che.nut colour 
AcabesttilUr, r>a. to fow| vith 
a stalklng horse or ox 
Acabronado, da. a. bold 
Acacharse, er. tocrouch 
Acachcteár, tu. to tap, pat 
Acacia, tf. a shtub of the 
«horn kind 

Academia, tf. academy, a 
ligo re deslgned from nature 
Académico, un. a meiubvr of 1 
an academy 

Acaecedero, ra. a. Incidental 
Acaecer, va. dtf. to happen 
Acaecimiento, ara. cvent 
Acal, rm. a canoe 
Acallár, tu. to ijuiet 
Acaloramiento, rm. ardour 
Acalorar, va. lo wann. In- 
flame, urge on ; vr, lo grow 
warm in debate 
Acamádo, da. a. lalti fíat 
A cambra jado, da. a. linens or 


Acamellado, da. a. carnet- 

Acampamento, rm. camp 
Acampar, tu. to encamp 
Acám|N>, rm. portion of 

Acainuzado, da. a. thatuois- 

Acana, rf. a hard wood. 
Acanalado, da. a. what pastos 
through a passage, tluled 
Acanalados, im. the ridge 
of a hurte s baca 
Acanalador, tm. an instru- 
ment uted to cut gr ooves 
In tlmber 

Acanalar, tu. to make a canal, 

Acandilado, da. a. Sombrero 
acandilada, a ha| cockfd 
vith sharp polnts 


Acanelado, da. o. nf a cinna- 
tnon -colour 

Acangrenarse, vr. to mortify 
Acanillado, da. n. any aort of 
clolh vthirh furrovrs from 
tile unevennesstif it» threatls 
Acantarar. va. to mensure by 
four gallón vessels 
Acantilado, da. a. Corla acan- 
tilada, a olear cuast 
Acanto, tm. prickly thistle 
Acantonamiento, rm. canton- 

Acantonar, tu. to send troopt 
Into cantonments 
Acañaverear, iu. to prlck the 
ilesh arith pointed canes 
Acañonear, va. to cannonatle 
Acaparrarse, vr. to take refuge 
under anuther'a cloak 
Acaparrosado, da. a. of • 
coppera* colour 
Acaponado, da. a. capon-like 
Acarar, nn. lo confront • 
Acardenalar, tu. to plnch 
Acortamiento, tm. confront* 

Acarl-Mr, va lo earess 
Acarrarse, vr. to shelter one'a 
sclfirom heat 
Acarreaddr, ra. r. a córner 
Acaireadura y AcUrreaml- 
<nto, r. carrlage 
Acarrear, tu. to carry tome 
thing in a cart, to cause 
Acarreo, rm. rarriage, Cotar 
de acarno, eilects convejed 
by land-carrlage 
Acarreto, na. Hito de actor- 
reta, pnck-thtead 
Acáso, tm. chance 
Acosti Uge, na. the upper 
Works ofa ship 
Acastorado, da. a. bea\*ml 
Acatamiento, nnan.teem.view 
Acatdr, ra. to ies¡ax-t, ac- 
knowledge, inspect 
Acatarrarse, vr. to catch coid 
Acaudalado, da. a. rich 
Acaudaiár, vn. to h.oard up 
riclies, aequire tcputilion 
Acaudillador, nn. a t-htef 
Acaudillar, na. to hcad or 
ooinmanü tronps 
Accedente, p. acceding 
Acceder, vn. to accede or be» 
come acceso urj to 
Accesldn, tf. a paroivsm of * 

Acceso, rm. acceso, carnal 
conimunii-atton, modo of 
arquirtng pro|>erty 
A ccesdria» *f. pi.out- buildings 
Accesorio, da. a. accessorj 


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Accidentado, da. *■ aflected , 

Accidental, a. accidental 
Accidentarse, vr. to be seized 
with a tit 

Acddenlixo, tm. a aeren fit 
oi Ulnas 

Acciiin, tf. acüon, lawsult, 
engigantnt, stock, fund, 

Accionár, tm. to {¡articúlate 
Accionista, ras. a stock holder 
«ebadamlénto, m. a dlsease 
contracted Ur beasts 
cebédo, ras. a plantation et 

Acebo, im- holly-tree 
Acebuchal, m. a plantation 
o f wild olive-trea 
Acebuchal, a. belunging to 
wild olive* 

Acebnche, tm. the wild ollve- 

Acebuchina, tf. firult of the 
a wild olive- tree 
Acechador, ra. a. one lylng 
in ambuJi, an intruder 
Acechdr, m. toUelnauiiauh, 
)>rj into 

Aceche, tm. a black earth 
Acacho, tm. the act of laylng 
iu ambuah - 

Acecindr, tu. to salt meat, 
and dry it { vr. to grotr oíd 
Acedamente, od. sourly 
Acedar, w>. to aour, displease, 

Acodéis, tf. aorrel 
Acederilla, tf. wood-sorrel 
Acedía, tf. addlty, asparity of 

Acedo, da. a. acid 
Acéfalo, la. a. headles» ; ap 
plied to a «ocletj which 
wAm a head 
Aceleradamente, o A. speedily 
Acelerar, tu. to accelerate 
Aoélga, tf. beet 
Acérala, tf- beast ot burthen 
Acerailér,- tm. belongiRg to 
muía and muleteara 
Acemilería, tf- the 
where malea are kept 
Acetnlléro, tm. a muletear 
Acetniléro, ra. a. belongíng to 
mules, in particular to the 
king'a muía 

Acemita, tf. bread made of 
fine bran 

Acemite, tm. fine bran 
A cerní ér d Accendér, tu. to 
klndle, inflame, foment 
Acendrado, da. a. purifted 
. Acendrar, va. to purify 


Acensuir, va to brm cut for 
a certain rent 
Acénto, tm. accent 
Acentuar, ra. to accentuate, 
to pron ounce with proper 

Acéfut, tf. a water-mlll 
Acefiéro, tm. the keryer of a 

Acepár, va. to take root 

Acepción, tf. acccptatlon or 
meaning in which a Word 
ii taken 
Acepilladúra, tf the act cf 
amoothlng wlth a plañe 
Acepillar, va. to ¡dañe, deán 
ctothes wlth a bruvh 
Aceptable, a. acccptable 
Aceptación, tf. acccptatlon, 
arceptance of a btll of ex- 
Aceptador, ra. t. accepter 
Aceptante, pa. he who ac- 

Aceptir, ra. toaccept. Acej<- 
tar una /tira, to accept a bi 1 
Acequia, tj\ canal, channel 
Acequiar, uo. to makc canal* 
or dralru 
Acequiero, tm. a perton ap- 
polnted to raake and pre 
serve canal* 

A'oer, im. maple-tree 
Acéra, tf. a foot-palh, atona 
which forra the foco of a 

AceTádo, da, a. made of Steel 
Acerar, va. to Steel, edge with 
Steel, imprégnate with Steel 
Acérbamente, ad. harxhly 
Acerbidad, tf. ssperity 
Acérbo, ba. a. rough to the 
taste, serete 
A cérea, prrp. about 
Acercdr, ra. to approach, 
placo together 
Acerico, y Acerillo, tm. a pin 
cushion, small pillow 
Acerino, na. a. made of Steel 
Acenaddr, va. to cova with 

Acero co- 

Acéro, tm. Steel. 

lado, cmst Steel 
Aceróla, tf. the frult of the 
partley-leaved hawthom 
Acérrimamente, od. strenu 

Acatado, da. a. fit, proper 
Acertaddr, ra. t. oue who hits 
upon anj thing 
Acatar, ra. to hit the mirk 
mea ; tm. to turn out truc, 
take root 

Acertijo, tm. a riddle 


Acetuélo, tm. a sort of tmaO 
Acervo, ras. a heap 
Acetábulo, tm. cruel ¡ a Ro- 
mán apothecary's measure 
Acetosilla, tj. gilliflower 
Acétre, tm. a small bucket 
Aceytir, ra. to oil 
Acéyte, im. oil, rain which 
dístils from the 6r 
A certera, tf. an oil Jar 
Aceytéro, ra. t. an <di.tnan,a 
vestel for holding oU 
Acer toso, sa. a. oily 
Aceyt-in», tf- olive 
Aceylunida, tf- the dim for 
gathering oliva 
Aceitunado, da. a. an oliva 

Aerytunéro, tm. a penan who 
gathen or sella oliva 
Aceituno, tm. o.ive-tree 
Achacdr, ra. to Impute, frnme 
an excuse ; vr. to ascribe a 
thing to oue’s .-el f 
Achacólo, sa. a. slckli 
Achaflanar, ra. to lower oca 
end «f a table or plank 
Achaparrada, da. a. of the 
sise of a shrub. Hombro 
achaparrado, a short and 
lusti man 
Achaque, tm. habitual indis 
poOtiun, an excuse, rompo 
si t ion with a unuggM*. 

Adiaquéro, ras. he wbo forma 
the lints laid on masters oé 
sheqi waiks 
A charolar, tw. to palnt in i mi - 
tallón of raxnish 
Achicador, ra. i. dlmlnUlP, 
skeet for baüng boaia 
Achicadura, tf. reduction 
Achicir, ra. to dimlnish, ha' a 
a buat. Achicar un cabt, 
to short en a topé 
Achicharrar, ra. to fry mer.t 
too much, orer-heat 
Achichinque, tm. a mina 
Achicoria, tf. wild endi re 
Achinar, ra. to intimídate 
Achinelido, a. Zapato achino- 
lado, a shoe made Uk« • 

Acidóle y AchOte, ras. the 
heait-leaved bisa 
Achocir, ra. to throw ano 
against the wall, break •- 
sunder, hoani money 
Achoris.ido, da. a. -la hed 
Achuchar y Achuchunir, ra. 
to cruth with the vreight of 
a thing 

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• ACO 

. Achu’ádo, da. a. waggish 
Aciago, rx. a. unfurtuuate 
Aciál y Aclár ,rm. an inxtru- 
mía! which faniers }>ut 
upon thc lux of a Lorse 
Acíbar, m. the juire pressed 
from aloe., aloes tree 
Acibarar, tvi. to |mt lile julce 
of aloes Into an; thing 
Acicaladór, ra. t. a polLher, 
tool for bumishing 
Acicaladora, tf. Acicalami- 
ento, tm. the act of burn- 

Acicalár, va. to polish 
Acicále, na. a long-necked 
MootUli spur 

Aciche, tm. a two-edged tool 
A'cido, rit. acid 
A'cldo, da. a. acid, sour 
Aciárto, na. the act and eíTect 
ofliilting, good hit 
Aciguatado, da. u. jaundlced 
Aciguatárse, vr. to be seized 
wiih the jaundice 
Acijado, da. a. of the cotour 
ot tlte blackUh earth, ealled 
acdc’i te 

Acimbóga, tf. the cltron-tree 
Acimentóme, vr. to estalilish 
one‘a sclf lo an any place 
Ación, <f. stirrup-leaiher 
Acionera, tm. a inaker of 
Acipado, da. a. well mllled 
Aciráte, na. a landinarlc 
Acitára, tm. a thln wall 
Acitrón, na. a ved citrón 
Aclani.ulór, ra. i. acclalmer 
Aclainár, va. to applaud, cry, 
up; vr. to cornplaln 
Aclaración, tf. iliustratlon 
Aclarár, va. to clear from olí- 
scurity, widen ; v». to clear 

Aclocado, da. a. stretched, 
aeaied at a tire, table, ice. 
Aclocárse, vr. to lirnod, stretch 
ones selfat tul! length 
Acobardar, va. to terrify 
Acoceaniiónto, no. llie act 
and elléct of kicking 
Acocear, va. to kick, winch 
Acoch4r«e, fr. to squat 
Acochinar, va. to ir.urder, 
hush up 

A codaddra, tf. flexura of the 
«rm, liending the elliow 
Acodalar, no. to put lintel, In 
a wall to fcup|.ort a window 
Acodar, va. lo lean the «I. 
buw upon, la; layers of 
Tines in the ftrourul, take 
root, v] uare timbee 


Acoderirse,na. to put a spring 
upon a cable 

Acodiciar, va. to stimulnte ; 

vr. to be provoke.l to anger 
Acodillar, va. to bend any 
thing to an angle, ünk 
down under a burthen 
Acodo, tm. a shoot 
Acoger. vu. to ailinit one Into 
our house, ve. to take re 
fuge, ina'-e use of a pretext 
for disslmulation 
Acogida, tf. reception, con- 
currence of a multitude ot 
things in thc same place 
Acogido, tm. breeding mores 
giren to keep them at a 
certain priee, tempnrary ad* 
inission of flocks luto pat* 

Acogimiento, tm. V. Acogida 
Acogollar, va. to corer plants 
with straw, or atToriling 
shelter “ 

Acogollardiira, tf. earthing 
up plants 

Acogmnbrár,va. to dlg up the 
ground about planta 
Acogotar, va. to klll by a blow 
upon the poli 

AcoUlán, tm. an insect In 
Madaga-car like a bug 
Acolár, va. to unite two coala 
of arios uiuler the same 
Crown, shield, ¿kc. 
Acolchár, va. to quilt 
Acólito, tm. Acol) ce, assistant 
to a masa pi test 
AcolUóóres, tm./A. laniards 
Aeollarádo, da. a. Pdtarot 
acollaradla, birds havmg 
about tlieír necks a ring 
of ieathers 

Acollarar, va. to yoke horses, 
osen, coupte hounds 
Acombar, va. to beml 
Aeometedór, «. an assistant 
Acometer, va. to attack, un- 
dertake, tempt 
Acometida y Acometimiento, 
t. an attack, aviaull 
Acomodado, da. a. conve- 
nient, rich, fond of accoin- 
modatlon, modérate 
Acomodador, ra. t. boxkeeper 
in the theatre 

Acoinodamienlo, tm. accoin- 
modal ion 

Acomodar, na, to acrotnmo- 
date, provlde; ra. to fit, 
suit ; vr, to conform one's 
self to the opinión ofanother 
Acomodaticio, cia. o. fiau- 
latir» “ 


Acomódo, m. iccommoda* 
tion, einploy, de.tlny 
Acompañado, da. a. accom- 
ponied, an assistant judge, 

Acompañadór, ra. «. an at» 
temlant, companlon 
Acompañar, va. to accom- 
pany, join ; vr. to consuit 
with others 

Acompasádo, da. a. m rasurad 
by the compass 
Acomplexionado, da. o. of a 
good or bad complexión 
Acomulár, na. V. Acumn/dr 
Acomunalár, tm. to cunmv 
nicate, treat with 
Aconchár, va. to tit out 
Acondicionado, da. a. of • 
good or bad condition 
Acondicionar, tu. todispoee^ 
afléct j vr. to acquire • 
certain quality 

Acongojar, no. to rex, afilies 
Acónito, tm. woUé's-bane 
Aconsejable, a. rapaUe ot 
. isceptible of adrice 
Aconsejador, ra. t. adriser 
Aconsejar, »o. to adrise; vr. 
to take adrice 

Aconsonantar, tía. to mirto 
an improper use of cotuo- 

Acontár, «vi. to count, prop 
Acontecedero, ra. o. that 
which may happen 
Acontecer, v. impera, to 

Acontecimiento, tm. e*ent 
Acopar, mu to lorm a round 
head in thc ihape of a 


Acopetado, da. o. formad In 
the shape of a toupee 
Acoplamiento, tm. the act ot 

Acopiar, va. to gather 
Acopiado, da. a. Htted 
Acopiar, vu. to adjust, tettle 
dltfereneet, yoke beast, 5 
vr. to be agreeil 
Acoquinar, vu. to Intimida!* 
Acorar, va. to aftlict, V. 

Acorchárse, vr. to dry up 
from the loss of sap, be- 

come torpid 

Acordación, tf. rcmembrano* 
A contadamente, tul jointly 
Acordado, da. a. agraes!, dona 
with matura deliberaron 
AcortUr, va. to rerolre by 
coinmon con-ent, remind, 
tune Instruments ; in. *. 





|TM| reroembcr | vr, eortie 
to am agtcement, threalen 
Acórde, a. conformable, coin- 
dding in opinión, accotrd 
Acordelar, va. to measure 
wlth a cord 

Aaórdemcnte, ed. by common 

Acordonado, da. a. surround- 
ed, made in the form of a 
> cord 

Arorneadór, «. a borned beast 
.Acornear, m. to strike with 
the horna 

edro, am. sweet-smellmg 
flag, cañe, or grasa 
Acorralar, va, to shut U|> 
cattle in pena, intimídate 
Acorrucarse, »r. V. Acurru- 

Acortadixos, parings 
Aeortár, va. to atirklge, ob- 
structj vr. to abrivei, íail 

Acorvar, va. to bend 
Acorxir, va. to dren a child 
ln short elothea 
Acosador, ra. c. pursuer 
Acosamiento, rm. persecu- 
tor», moiestation 
Acosar, ra. to pursue doce, 

. vea, moled 
Acostado, da. a. stretched, 
lakl down, baring a certaln 
i l'V 

Acostamiento, m. the act of 
lybig down, a tíxed salar; 
Acostar, va. to la; down ; va. 
y vr. to incline to one aide, 
adlierc, appcoach 
Acústica, cf. acouatlcs 
Acostumbrar, ra. to accus- 
tgm ¡ va. to be accnstomed 
Acotación, cf. liinit, setting 
boundt, quotatlon 
Acotad.», cf. citation 
Acotamiento, rm. quotatlon 
Acotar, va. to limit, lop otr 
• branches, quate, accept fot 
a cettain price, atteat 
Acotillo, rm. a largo h&mroer 

UM-d lij amitha 

AcoyumÜr, va. to yoke oxen 
to a draught 

A'cre, o. aour to the taste 
Acrecen taiUir, ra, a. one that 


Acrecencia y Acrecentami- 
ento, r. Inciense 
Acrecentar y Acrecer, va. to 

Acrecimiento, rm. Inervase 
Acmliiddo, a. accrcdited 
Acreditar, va. to asauie, gire 

a 0 

- er procure credlt, prove i 
vr. to acquire credlt 
A'creeddr, ra. t. a crrdltor 
A'cremente, ad. sourly 
Acribadura, cf. sifting 
Acribar, va. to sift 
Acribillar, ra. toplerrellke a 
aleve, moleat, torment 
Acriminación, cf. crimina. 

tion, the act of aecusing 
AcriminAdór, ra. r. accuser 
Act iminár, va. to exaggcrate 
a crime 

Acrimonia, cf- aoumeaa 
Acrisolar, va. to retine 
Acristianar, va. to rhristen 
Actitud, Cf- V. Arrimó, lia 
ACTomión, t/1 Acromlon, the 
upper part of the apiñe of 
the ahoulder-blade 
Acronicto, ta. a. Acronlcal ; 
the rUlng of • atar wben 
the >un sets, or tu setting 
«lien it risea 

Acróstico, ca. a. Vcrrac aerar - 
tica/, ac rosne versea 
Acrótera y Acroterla, cf. a 
■malí pedestal ser vine to 
support tigurea, the higncat 
part or columns 
A Vi ov, cm. a gentieman of 
the klng*s household 
A'cta, cf- ectj pl. acti or 
record* of communilics, 

Actinio, rm. the twelfth part 
of a ni rasure called punió 
Actitadéro, ra. e. actlooable 
Actitór, va. to en act, sue 
ActiuUI, cf. attitude 
Actividad, cf. actlvity, qaick- 
neas la perfermtng 
Activo, va. a. active. Vox 
mitra, the right of electing 
A'cto, cm. act or act ton, act 
of a play, carnal entuma- 

Actor, cm. iierformer, ptain- 
lill', proctor, attomey 
Actóra, cf. plaintllt' 

Actriz, cf. actreu 
Actuado, da, a. actuated, 
skilled, ex)>erienced 
Actual, a. actual 
Actualidad, cf- actuallty 
Actualizar, ra. to realise 
Actuante, «m. |nropugner of a 
titéala in collegea 
Actuir, ra. to digest, prrrfbrm 
judicial acta, proveed, in- 

Actuirio, cm. actuary, or 
offleer appolnted to vrrite 
down proceading* of acouit 


Acubada, da. o. reaembllng a 
pail or bucket 

Acucharado, da. e. spoonllke 
Acuchilladas, cf-pl. diflerco* 
coioured, ohlcr.g pieces ln 

Acuchillado, da. a. alathrJ, 
•tablied, skllftil 
Aruchilladdr, ra- c, bullj 
Acuchillar, ra. to cut, gtva 
cut. with a safare 
Acudimléntn, rm. ald, aasist- 

Acudir, VIS. to aaaist, support, 
produce, haré recourse 
Acuénto, ad. No me cctd ora- 
ndo, that doea not suit na 
Acuerdado, da. a. coastructed 
by Une or rule 

Acuórtlo, rm. resait of the de - 
líber atlon of an aaacmbiy, 
body of the membera of a 
tribunal, opinión, adrice 
Acuernar, vn. to atrike with 
the horra 

A'cu éstas, ad. on the beck 
Aculfdo, da. a. retirad 
Aculebrinádo, da. a. made in 
tlie form of e eulrerln 
Acullá, «J. on the other sida 
Acumulador, ra. r. occumu- 
lator, an ofticer a]»pointed 
to ble records 

Acumular, ve. to aeeumulate. 
Impute, ble record» 
Acuftacton, cf. coinlng 
Acufiadór, ra. c. ooiner 
Acullár, ra. to coln, sredge. 
Avahar dinérv, hoard up 

Acurrucarse, re. to muflía 
one** self up in clothes 
Aturrullar, ra. to take down 
the salla of a galle; 
Acusadór, ra. r. accuser 
Acusar, ra. to aecuse, ac- 
knowledge the receipt of a 

Acusativo, rm. accusatlra 
Acu-atório, ría. a. helor. ging 
to an accusatlon 
Acúse, rm. a certaln numlrer 
cstimated at carda towln 
so much 

Arutdngulo, a. wlth ian 

A 'da, </; a small apple • 
Adafina ó adefina, cf- •*** <* 
stewed meat or ftlcaaaea 
Atláglo, rm. adage 
A dita, cf- puran-deal 
Adalid, rm. a band of atraed 

Adá n» adt H o, la. •- nic* 

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Adamádo, da. a. darnsel-Hke 
Adamascado, da. a. damask- 

Adaptable, a. capable of be ing 

Adaptación, tf. act of fltting 
one thing to another 
Adaptádo, da. a. adxpted 
Adaptar, ra. to adapt, fit 
Adaráxa, tf. projecting alones, 
left to continuo a wall 
Adárcr, t»i. aalt froth of tne 
sea dr.ed on canes 
Adarga, tf. a shield ofan oral 
form, made of leather 
Adarcárse, vr. to cover one’s 
self with a shield 
Adárme, im. half a drarhm 
Adárve y adárbe, tm. the Hat 
top of a wall, a ramp irt 
Adatár, va. to place parcela to 
account umltr acertaln date 
Adatdda, tf. the willow- 
leaved Malabar nut-trce 
Adara, tf. common panlc 
Adecenamiónto, tm. forming 
bjr ten and ten 

Adecenar, va. to form people 
into liodiea by tena 
Adefesio, im. folly 
Adehala, tf. gratulty giren 
above the stlpulatcd pr.ce 
Adehesdr, tío. to conven latid 
Into pasture 

Adelantadamente, ad. beforc- 

Adelanladfllo, a. red wine 
ntadeof the lint ripe gta|>es 
Adelantad», tm. an appella- 
tion furmerly glven to the 
govemor of a province 
Adelantaddr, ra. t. one that 
adr anees, extendí 
Adelantamiento, tm. pro- 
gresa, antlcipation, the dlg- 
nlty of a g» ventor 
Adelantar, va. to advance, 
anticípate, improve 
Adelánte, atl. farther ofT’, 
tilgher up> hcnce-forward 
Adelfa, tf. rose- hay 
Adeital, tm. plantation of 
Tosc-bay trees 

Adelg-i/. id Ir, ra- ». one that 
malíes thin 

Adclgaxár, va. to iraké thin, 
Icssen, rehne ; vr. to be- 
come slender 

Adíma y ademe, *. the tlm- 
ber with which tlic vides of 
mines are secured 
Ademador, tm. a mlncr em- 
ployed in Uning the sides 
of minee 



A (lemán, sm. a motlon of the 
miucles, atthude 
Ademár, va. to Une or secure 
the sidea of mines with 

Además, ad - m oreo ver 
A dénos, ««. a sort of cottan 
Adendso, sa. a . gtandulous 
Adentellar, on. to bite 
Adéntr o, ad, wlthln ; De ho- 
tutu» iplmlrof in my heart 
A depilación, tf. fitness 
Adcquido, da. a, adequate 
Adequár, ra. to ht, agre® 
Aderezár, va. to adorn 
Aderezo, im act of adoming, 
gum ¡ Aderezo de meta, a 
servlce foi the table; Ade- 
rezo de caballo, tramó ngs of 
a sadille-horse ; Aderezo de 
casa , fumiture; Aderezo de 
esjHula, talle, ¿cc. of a sword 
A 'deshora, ad. unseasonably, 

Adestrado, da. a. instructed, 
broke in, on the dexter sido 
of the scutcheon 
A des tr ador, ra. «. tcacher, 
censor, critlc 

Adcstrár, va- to guide, lead, 
tnstruct, perform in a skil- 
ful manner ; vr. to exer- 
cise one’s self 
Adeudado, da. a. lndebted 
Adeudar, na. to pajr dutjr ; vr. 
be indebted 

Adherencia, tf, adhesión, al- 
lí. anee, adhieren ce to a sect 
or party 

Adherénte, a. adherent 
Adheréntes, stn. pl- ingre- 
diente or tools nece^sary 
for a thing 

Adherir, ra. to adhere to a 
sect, espouse an opinión 
Adhesión, tf. adhesión 
Adiádo, da. su Vino al din 
adiiulo , he carne on the dajr 

Adiamantado, da. a. a¿a- 

Adición, tf. additíon, note 
put to accounU; Adición de 
la herencia, acceptancC of 
an inheritancc 
Adiclonadcir, ra. «. one that 
makes addltions 
Adirionár, va- to make ad- 

Adicto, ta. a. addlcted 
Adiestrár, va. V. Adetlrdr 
Adietár, wu todiet 
Adinerado, da. a. rict» 

Adinttláck), da. a. falling 


from an arch gratín ally 

into a stralght lina 
Adipóso, sa. a. fat 
Aditamento, tm. atldl’lon 
Altiva <S ¡ulive, tm. jackal 
Adivinación, tj. divinatioa 
Adivlnádo, da. a. foretolil 
Adivinador, ra. t. adivinar 
Adivlnánsa, tf. enigma 
Adivlnár, na. toforctel futura 

Adivino, na. t. soolhsaycr 
Adjetivación, tf. act of unit 
ing one thing to another, 

Adjctivár, va. to unite and 
thing to another 
Adjetivo, tm. adjectlve 
Adjudicár, va. toadjudge ; vr. 

to appropriate to one'. self 
Adjúma, </'. a letter euclosed 
in another 

Adjúnte, ta. a. United 
Adjúnto, tm. V. Adjeti vo, and 
Aditamento : Adfntut, a 

body of judges appoínted 
jointly to try a cause 
Adminículo, <nt. collateral 
aiil, additiona! help 
Administrador, ra. j. admi 

AdminUtrár, va. to adminis- 
ter, govern, serve an office 
ing to an administración 
Adiniráble, a. admirable 
Admiráble, m. a hymn in 
praise of the eucharist 
Admirante, ya. he who ad- 

Adiniiár, ra. to cause admi- 
raron ; vr. to be seUed with 
admiration . 

Admirativamente, ad. In an 
adiniring maimet 
Admirativo, a. admiring 
Admisible, a. admlsslble 
Admisión, tf. ailmissinn 
Admitir, va. to giveentrance 
acceju, admit, permite 
Bien admitido, well retel» 
ed ; El amato no admite di - 
iacitm, the aflair admita ot 
no deiay 

Admonitor, on. monitor 
Adó, tul. V. Adornle 
Adobado, da. a. pickled 
Adobádo, tm. pfcklcd pork, 
any sort of dressed meat 
Adobadór, ra. t. drester 
Adobár, va. to dresaor make 
any thing up 

Adóbe, ra. a brick not yeC 



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Adobarla, tf. • brlckfleUf 
Avióle,, ra. repahing, plckle. 
Mure, paint for Indies, m- 
gmlioni* fur dreaslng leo* 
ther ur duth 

Adocenar, ra. to count by 
rinzens, desplte 
Adolecer, tu. to labour under 
discn»e ¡ va. to produce 
pain or dleut 
Adolescencia, tf youth 
Adolescente, tm. a )*r>on ln 
tlie State of adolecen ce 
Adonde, ad. « hlthei ; Adonde 
quiera, to whatever place 
you please 

Adoptador, ra. t. adopter 
Adoptante, pa. adopting 
Adopter, pa. to adopt, graft 
Adoptivo, va. a. adoptlve 
Adoquín, rm. lona «tone used 
to blnd tbe llaga round 

Adór, tm. the time aaalgncd 
for waternig land 
Adoraddr, ra. >. .'alorer 
Adorár, ra. to adore 
Adorxtório, tm. ñame giren 
by tl« Spanlard* to tbe 
temple» of idolt ln America 
Adormercddr, ra. a. so|>orl- 
ferousj tbat whjch causea 

AJot mecfr, cause aleep, 
calm ; or. to fall aslecy, 

Adormecimiento, tea. drow. 

lineo., slumber 
Adormidera, tf. poppy 
Adomár, ra. to beautlfy, to 
aduni wlth talenta 
Adornista, nu palmer of or * 
na menta 

AddAo, tea. ornament, de- 
cora! ion, fuiniture 
Adquirir, ra. to acqt 're 
Adquisición, tf acquisitlon, 
goodt or eflects obtained by 
parchase or gin 
A'drn, tf. tum, time 
Aariles,ra. pl. hurdleswhlch 
areput ln cartt 
Adrede, ad. purpmely 
Adrlvir, ra. to right 
Ad .. ril.ír, ra. to ap|>olnt a 
dergyman to theacrrlce of 
■ chürch 

Aduana, </. a cuitom-house ¡ ¡ 
Pata r por ludat lat aduanal, 
to " mielgo a cióse eismi- 

Aduanar, ra. to enter goods 
at the custoni-knuse, pay 

tbe duty 


Aduanero, tes. custom -hotue . 

Atluár, tm. ambulatory *11- 
lage of Araba, cottage of 

Aricar, rm. a coarte aort of 
silk stuff formerly used 
Aduendado, da. a. resera- 
bling a ghoat 

Adufe. t¡. lauttttL V. Pan- 

Aduféro, ra. t. timbrel or 
Ad’, ra. to coll a cable 
Adola, tf. a piece of ground 
«hlcli bat no particular ir- 
rlgaiion allottcd to it 
Adulador, ra. t. flatterer 
Adulár, ra. to flatter 
Adulzar, en. to barrí 
Adu'ér.., driver of borses 
or mulé» 

Adulterador, ra. «. one arho 

Adulterar, ra. toadulterate 
Adulterino, na. a. adulteróos, 

Adulterio, tm. adultery 
Adúltera, ra. «. adulterar, 

Adúlto, ta. a adult 
Adlu/ifr. ra. srreeten, so fien 
Adumbración, tf. adumbra- 
tion, shade in a picture 
Adunar, ra. to unlte 
Aduvt.dn, tf. *” excenlve ln- 
flammatxon of the blood 
Adustfvo, ya. e. that rrhíeh 
has the power of butnlng up 
Adusto, ta. a. adust i 
up | exposed to the srorch- 
ing heat of the , un; gloomy 
Advéna, ra. a forelgner 
Advenedizo, ra. i. a fotelgner 
«ho comes to cstabiish hun- 
sclf ln a couutry 
Advenimiento, tm. arrival 
Adverbio, ra. adverb 
Advérsament», ad. advcrscly 
Advertirlo, tm. advei ary, 
opponent ; pl. nota in a 
common-place book 
Adversativo, va. o. adversa 
ti ve 

Adversidad, tf. adverslty 
Advino, sa, a. adverse, op- 
posite, ln a contrary dírec- 

Advertencia, tf. advcrtetice, 
regard to, adrice, advertúe- 
ment to the vender 
Advertidamente, ad. ad i* 

Advertido, o. notlced, skilful, 


actlng wlth dellberatlon 
Advertimiento, tm. Y. Ai 

Advertir, ra. to take notioe tf 
instract, advine, i*rceive 
Adviento, ra. advent 
Advocación, tf. aupellatha 
giveti to a place of vrorsbip, 
prvTessiun of a ¡avryer 
Advocatório, ría. a. t arta nd- 
vwulsno ó convocatoria, • 
letter oí convocation cal- 
ling an assembly 
A dy ai ente, a. ad jncent 
Aevhadcro, ra. Uve placa 
« heve grain Is wlnnowed 
Aechador, ra. i. winnower 
Aechadúras, tf. pt. chalí 
Aechár, ra. to winnovr 
Aecho, ra. wtnnowlng 
Aereo, rea. a. aerial 
Aeriforme, a. State of alr 
A otología, tf- aerology 
Aescondulaa y i Escondidas, ' 
ad. prlvately 
Afabilidad, tf. affabllitj 
Atable, a. aítable 
Alitgbmo, m. a sotrt of talk 
Alamido, da. a. lamed, bun- 

AlS?, ra. anxlety, engentes» 
ln punuit of vrorldly slfairs 
Afanadamente, ad. anxioualy 
Afanaddr, ra. a. anxlous pur- 
suer ot ríches 
Afanir, es. to tofl, labour 
A fañoso, M. a. solicito ux 
Afina alar, ra. to stack 
A fondor, ra. ». one that da- 
tar ni* or disfigures 
Afrsmiento, ra. deformatloa, 
uglinesa, calumny 
Afear, ra. to deform, find 
fault vnth 

Afección, tf- afibctlon 
Afectadamente, ad. affcctedly 
Afectad», da. r. alfected 
Afectir, ra. lo teign, unlte 
bendices, aim at 
Afectivo, va. o. prOceedlnf 
from arbelonging to altee - 

Aficto, ra. afTcctlon, lo»e, 
pasMon, pain. Afectar drt- 
crdcnudot , Inoidinate tíss- 
si res 

Arcelo, ta. a. afíert tonal* 
dispocid, lulject to soma 
charge or obligatiun for 
latida, reut» 

Afectuóso, a ¿ tf rct tenate 
Afelio, mi. a| heium 
A felpado, lia. a. nggy 
Afeminación, \f. «fleminauC* 



A*minir, va. to effemlnate, 
unman, debilítate 
Aforesls, tf. AphsrresU j a 
figure in gramraar 
Aferrador, ra. a> ene that 
grapples er graaps 
Aferramiónto, m. grasping 
Afcrrár, va. to grapple, ieiee. 
furl, fcand grasp 
ene another itrongiy 
Affi r . vi i as ó Arerrafelai, rf. 

vi. fiirling-line*, rope-bands 
Afcrvorizir, va. V. Sn/trvo- 

neate, ai. aflfect 


Afe \ ládano 

Afeytir, n*. to shavt, paint, 
clip the Crees, tcc. cut the 
talla and manes of horres 
Afóyte, sm. paint 
Afianzir, va. to hall, prop, 
«upport, secare 
AHclJn, tf. aiféciien, earnest- 

Aficionado, i. an amateur 
Alicionár, va. to ali'ect 
Afiladera, tí- whelstone 
Afiladera, tf. abarpening 
Afilamiónto, set. attenuating 
Afilár, va. to whet, render 
Leen. Ajilar lar alias, to 
snake an extraocdiaar; ef- 
fort of sLlU. — vr. te grow 

Afiligranado, da. o. filigree- 

Afi.ón, sm. whetstone, an In 
strument made of Steel 
A filiación, íf. completion, re- 
fining, tanlng of instru- 

A fin ¡id ámente, ai perfcctiy 
A finido, a, wcU-ftislshad 
Afinár, va. to complete, po- 
lüh, tuna musical inatru- 

Afincado, da. o. wlthed fer 
anziously, reheraently de- 
si red 

Afinidad, tf- afflnlty 
Afir, «n. horse - medicine 
«nade up of JunJper-berrias 
Aflrraaddr, ra. i, one that af- 

Afir m a eil ónto, m. affirna- 

Afirmár, va. te malte that, sf- 
firm J. va. te inhabit 
Anrmatíyo, y*, a, affirmatlre 
Afino, xa. a. mfflx 
A flec hites, tus. pL rttllngt 
A ti ic tiro, va. a. afiUctive 
Afligidamente, ad. grleromly 
Afligir, va. te aifllct 


Afloxamlinte j Afloxadára, 
i, laxtUon 

Atloxir, va. to loosen, reiax 
Afiuénte, a. atfiuent 
Afbllidn, da. a. wearing Urge 
or wide tro.sers 
Afollár, va. to blov with bel- 
lows, iU-treat 

Afondár, va. to put under wa- 
ter, tlnk ¡ M. founder 
Aforádo, a. privlieged person 
Aforaddr, snu gaager 
Aforamiénto, sm. gauglng, 
duty en foreign gooda 
Aforir, ra. to gauge, tf- aswelling inthe 
arteries of beasts 
AfiSro, sm. gauging 
Atorrir, va. to lino 
Afdrro, sm. 
Afortunado, da. «. fortúnate 
Afortunir, va. tomate happy 
Afosirse, vr. to Ucfend one's 
self by inaklng a ditch 
Afrancesado, a. Frenchlfied 
Afratelirse, r«. to fraternizo 
Afrenillir, va. to bridle the 

Afifoti, tf. dishonour or re- 
ptoach, an insuit, infiuny, 

Afrentir. va. to aifiront 
A fren! óso, te. a. ignominleus 
Afretar, va. to clesui the bot- 
tom of a ro<s-galley 
Afrisonádo, da. a. resembling 
a Friesland draught-hcrse 
Afrontadamente, ai face to 

Afirontir, va. to confrent 
Afuór, ad. upon the word of 
a gentleman 

Afutra, ai abroad, more- 

Afuóras, sm. a i. environs of a 

Afuéroa, sm. pf. foreign dn- 

AfuMr , Afufarse, ve. y r. 

to flee, run away, escape 
Afilate, sm. a gun carriage 
Agachada, tf. tulmtission 
Agachadiza, tf. a snipe 
Agacharse, vr. to stoop, squat 
Agalla, tí- gall nut ; p¿. glands 
ln the throat, gills of fishea 
Agallado, da. a. steeped in an 
InfUsion of galls 
Agallón, sm. a large gall-nat 
Agalluóla, <f. a small gall-nut 
Agamitar, va. to imítate the 
volca of a fawn 
Agamuzado, da. a. shaxnols. 



Agarbanzar, sm. to bud , 
Agarbarse, or. to covrer 
Agirico, sm. agaric 
Agarradero, sm. anchorlna 

Agarrado, da. a. seized, mi- 
serable, stingy 

Agarrador, ra. s. one that * 
seises, catchpole 
A^nrar, f grasp, U, 

Agirro, sm. grasp 
Agarrochadór, sm. prlcker *' 
Agarrochar y Agarrochear 
va. to goad 

Agarrotar, va. totie and com- 
presa bales 

Agas^ár, va. to recelve and 
treat klndly 

Agasijo, sm. klnd receptlon, 
a fr.endly presen t 
A 'gata, tf. sgate 
Agitas, ad. all foura 
Agavanza, tf. doc-rae 
Agavillar, ve. to bind com 1» 

A'gr. sss chronlc disease 
Agefir, v*. to cry lilte a par- 
tridge closely pursusd 
Agencia, tf. agencjr 
Agenciar, va. lo solicit 
Agencióse, is. a. diligent 
Agéno, na. a. fc.eign 
Agénte, sm. agent 
Agenúz, sm. fieid fennel 

Agóo, sm. Perro de ageo, set- 

Ageráto, sm. sweet railfoll 
Agermenárse, vr. to enter tho 
society of gypsies 
Agestado, da. (Bita ó mal.) a. 

vrell or ill faced or fAtured 
Agóste, sm. North-wcst wlnd 
Agiatódor, sm. blll-broker 
Agible, a. feasible 
Agigantado, da. a. giganllc 
A 'gil, a. nlmble, ready 
Agilidad, tf. agilily 
Agilitar, va. make active 
Agilmente, ad. nlmblv 
Agiotista, sm. mooey -changar, 

Agitable, o. capable of agita 

Agitanado, da. a. gypsy Ukc 
Agitar, va. to agítate 
Aglutinante, a. agglutinant 
Agnación, tf. consanguinitp 
Agnido, a. consanguineous 
Agnocisto, sm. chaste-tree 
Agobiir, va. to bend the body 
to the ground ; vr. to vew 
Agolparse, vr. to croad 


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Agonía, tf. aguny \ 

Agonízame, «m. one that u- 
slsts a dylng perxon 
Agonizár, ro. to assUt dylng 
jwrsons. Hitar agrmixando, 
to be in the a gón y rf death 
Agurár, va. to divine 
Agorería, rf. augurarían 
Agorero, ra. a. dhrlner 
Agorgojarse, vr. to be de- 
stroycd by gruí» 

Agostar, ra. to be puchcd 
wlth heat 

Agostero, m. a boy appointed 
tonulkt and Walt upon rea- 

A gol ir, va. to draln oíT 
Agraeéjo, rm. an olive vMck 
t'alls bcfore it ia rijie 
Agraceño, n«. a. resembiing 
ver Juico 

Agracera, */. veasci to hold 

Agraciado, da. a. graceful 
Agraciar, va. to adom, grant 
a favour 

Agradable, a. agreeable 
Agradar, va. to picase 
A grades* r, es. to acknow- 
leslge a favour, renard 
Agradecido, da. a. gratefUl 
Agradecimiento, m. graii- 
todr, gratefulness 
Agrado, rn. aflabllity, wiQ 
Agramadera, rf. brake, an 
instrument fot dresaing fia» 
Agramár, tu. to dre*» flax 
Agramilar, va. to point and 
colour a brick wall 
Agramiza, rf. stalk rf hemp 
Agrandar, va. to htcreaae 
A gragujádo, da. s. fiiled Wlth 

A^araddr, ra. opprcsaor 
Agravar, va. to aggravate 
Agraviar, tu. towrong 
Agrávio, rm. offcnce 
Agraz, rm. verjuiee 
Agrazada, rf- verjuiee- water 
Agrazar, es. to become llke 
verjuloe — va. to disgust 
Agrazón, rm. wlld grape 
Agregar, tu. to aggr.-gate, 
col! ate 

Agresdr, ra. f. aggresaar 
Agreste, a. rustic 
Agréte, rm. tóamete with m 
mixture rf iweet 
Agréte, a. tourish 
Agrtár, va. to raake toar 
Agiicaltdr, t. husbandmsn 
Agricultura, rf. htttbandry 
Agridóice, a. betw e en tweet 
and toar 



Agrlf.ÜIo, rm. hollv-tTee 
Agrillado, da. a. rhained 
Agrillo, la. o. sourtsh 
AgrimentdT, rm. uirveyor 
Agrimensor», tf.arXvf na- 
vejing land 

Agrimonia, rf. agrlmony 
A'grio, ria, a sour, tharp 
Agrión, rm. tumotrr in the 
Joint rf a horre'» knee 
Agripalma, rf motherwort 
Agrisetado, da. a. ttowered 
A gr opilo, rm. Germán bezoor 
Agrupdr, va. to group 
Agrura, rf. acidrry 
A'gua, rf. water. Agua fa- 
trte, aqua f<AU. Agua 
viva, runnlng water 
A'gua Abéto, ad. down the 

A’gua Arribe, ad. agalrot the 

Aguacate, m. vegetable mar - 

Aguacero, rm. a short heavy 
shower rf rain 
Aguachirle, rf. smaíl wlne 
Aguacil, rm. V. Aigumctt 
Aguada, rf- water provisión». 

Hacer aguada, tu water 
Aguaderas, rf- |d. Fíame» in 
which Jan of water ate c ar- 
ries! by hurte» 

Aguadero, rm. watering-ptace 
for cattle 

Aguadija, rf. limpld bumour 
ln pimple» or tare» 
Aguaddr, rm. water-carriel 
Aguaducho, na. water-courae 
Aguadora, rf- ditesae in hor- 
•», ariting from a surfest 
of water 

Aguija», rf- pl- ulcera above 
the hooi* of hurte» 
Aguamanil, rm. water jug of 
metal or esurth te a waoh- 
hand ttand 

Aguamelado, da. a. wathed 
with water and haney 
Aguamiel, rf- hydromei 
Aguaiufso, »a. a. equeoos 
Aguantir, va. to «uttain 
Aguánte, m. Awtttude 
Aguaiten, rm. constructor rf 
nydraulie machine» 
Aguapié, m. «malí trine 
Aguár, va. to mlx water wlth 
wine or other Uquor 
Aguardada, rf- expectation 
Aguardar, va. expoct, awalt 
Aguardiente, rm. brandy 
Aguanto, rm. place where a 
sportsman watt* to fire at 
the gama 


A guaira», rf- ipirtt aftmyrtt- 


A guiñe, rr. to be inundatad 
whh water 

Aguatocha, rf- fire-engine 
Agnotócho, rm. tireengtne 
A guateque, rm. a sovt rf un- 
montac gum 
Agoajtadór, ra. r. a spy 
Aguaytamiento, rm. the act 
vi spymg 

Aguají ár, va. to dheorer by 
cióse examinotbm 
Aguiza, rf- aquenu» húmate 
Aguazárse, vr. to be covcmd 
with water 

Aguará»*, sa. a. «quenas 
Agüete, va. lo soiicít with 

Agudeza, rf. keetmeaa, wltty 

Agudo, da. a. oharp-pointed 
Agüero, rm. augwry 
Aguerrir, va. to ascos tom to 

Aguijada, rf. «por, gnad 
A gu (Joder, ra. »» one that 

Agutjiuhtra. rf- itimulatlon 
Aguijar, va. to prick, gnad 
Aguijón, rm. stingrf a bee 
Aguijonazo, rm. thruot with a 


A güila, rf- eagte 
Aguí lefio, na. a. aquilino 
Agulldch», m. eaglet 
Aguinaldo, m. new-yeara 
gift, Chrtstmas-bot 
Agüita, rf- Mas- de agua. A 
bale ruin or rabt 
Aguja, rf- neeslle, ncedle- 
ftsh. AgUJa de marear, a 
marinera comisas». Aguja 
de portar, sbephrrd's needle 
Agujar, va. to prick with a 

Agujazo, rm. prick with a 

Agujenbto, rm. wide hole 
Agujerear y Agujrr ir, va. to 

Agujero, no bola in dothes 
Agujeta, rf. u lace 
Agujetería, rf- shop where 
lace», or gírth», are mada 
or so Id 

Agujón, asís, a Urge needle 
Aguosidad, rf- lyto|íh 
Aguóso, >a. a. aquecu» 1 
Aguzadera, rf- wbetatone 
Aguzadero, ñau haunt rf wüd 

Aguzadura, rf- wbet 
Aguzante ve, rf- wagtaii 

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Apar, va. to whet z too! or 
weairon. Aguxar rlinginio, 
to sharpen the wit 
Ahebrado, da. a. componed of 
partí like threadt or fibra 
Aheleár, va. to gire gal! to 
drink — n> to tute bitter 
Ahembrado, a. etlemlnate 
Aherrnjamiinto, *m. chainlng 
Aherrojar, va. te Chain 
Aherrumbrarse, vr. to be- 
come férruginous, be fuli 
of «coría 

Ahervorarse, vr. to be heatad 
Ahí, a-l. there, in that place 
Ahidalgado, da. a. noble 
Ahijad», da. t. godcháld 
Ahijár, ni. adopt u a child 
Ahilarse, t ¡r. to grow faint 
for want of novuAuoant, 
groar nu 

Ahílo, «m. fáintneu 
Ahínco, na. eagemeaa 
Ahitar, va. lo lurfeit 
Ahitera, rf- vial en t or oes- 
tinaed indigestión 
Ahíto, la. a. onc that leboun 
under an indigestión 
Ahito, ira. indigestión 
Ahobachonado, da. o. dull 
Abocinarte, vr. to ran or 
flor prccipltatety 
Ahogadizo, ra. o. harth, un- 
palatable ; appLiod to toar 

Ahogan) lento, «ra. uiffocatíon 
Ahdgar, va. to cfaoak, tund- 
ea te 

Ahrtgo, rm opprestúm 

Ahoguijo, rm. a quinsy 
Ahoguío, rm. «ppeeztion in 
the breut, r*. to eat the leavet 
oi tren 

Ahombrado, da. a. rnatculine 
Ahondar, va. to tink — tus- to 
penetróte £tr into a thing 
A tiúra, o d. now, at present 
Ahorcado, na. hanged man 
Ahorcaddr, ara. hangman 
Ahorcad dra, rf- tile act of 

Ahorcajarse, or. to tit a-ttride 
Ahorca», va. to hang 
Ahormdr, va. to fit or adj'Jst 
toa forra 

Ahornar, va. put i ara i 
Ahorquillado, da. a. £nrked 
Ahorquillara N. to prop tro 
wtih fiirkt— cr. to becomr 

Ahorraddr, ra. t. Uberator 
Ahorramiento, rm. emanci- 


Ahorrdr, tu. to emancípate, 
ecouomize, atiun labotir or 

Ahorrativo, va. a. frugal 
Ahorrativa y Ahorro, t. pal- 
simún», frugality, taving 
Ahoyar, »o. to make hoiea in 
the ground for ucea 
Ahuchador, r&. t. Lo arder 
Ahuchar, ni. to board up 
any tldng taved 
Ahuecamiento, m. excava- 

Ahuecar, tu. to ezcavate 
Ahumada, rf. tignal giren 
»■ iih tmokc, a sea litb 
Ahumir, no. to tmukc 
Ahusado, da. a. Idrmed as a 

AbutAr, va. to make u «ten- 
der as • tpíudlc. — vr. to 

Ahuyentaddr, ra. a. one that 
drivet or trighlcni away 
Ahuyentar, va. to di i ve tvij 
Afjáda, rf. goad. V. Aguijado 
Airirse, vr. to groa ongry 

da. a. 

Aislar, va. to intuíate 
AUda, rf. a sauce 
Ajamiento, rm. disfignrmtion, 

Aldr, rm. garlic-fieid 
Ajar, tu. tu i pm I , mar,tamish 
Ajiro, sea. a large head of 

Ajero, «ra. vender of garlic 
Ajete, tra. young garlic 
Ajiaceite, ara. mixture of 
gatlic and oil 

Ají cola, rf. glue, teraps of 
leather boiled with garlic 
AjiUmdge d AjUimOgiU, rm. 

tauce of pepper and garlic 
Ajillo^m. tendel young garlic 
Ajipuerro, ora. letk 
A'ju, ara. garlic 
.Ajobar, va. to cárter upen 
oríe s back loada of gzeat 

Ajobo, rm. a heavy load 
Ajdlio, ara. sauce matle of 
oil and garüc 
Ajdnje, ara. birdlime 
AjoquOvo, ara. dish made of 
•' garlic and cheese 
Ajorár, ni. to curry oíT by 

Ajumalár, tro. to hire by the 

A Juagas, rf. pi- tparin 
Ajuanotido, da. a. having 
bony protuberantes un tile 



AJuir, rm. fumlture whlch a 
bride bringt to heT husband 
A judiado, da. a. Jewkh 
Ajuiciado, da. o. Judicioua 
Ajuiciar, tra. to proceed vitb 
judgetnent and prudence 
Ajustada», tra. jacket 
A j u, t anudo to ,sm . idjustmeat 
Ajustdr, va. to adju>t 
Ajúste, am. ptoportion 
AjustlcUr, oo. to execute a 

A 'la, rf- wing, brlm oí the 
hat, atiricie, fin of a fish 
Alabaddr, ra. a. praiser 
A labanciúso, ta. a. boastful 
Alabandlna, rf. mangan ese 
Alalia nra, rf. pralse 
Alabdr, va. to praite 
Alabarda, rf- halberd 
Alabardero, ara. a blow with 
a halberd 

Alabardero, am. halbenller 
Alabastrado, da. a. resera- 

Alabastrina, rf- a tbin sheet 
or píate of alabaster 
Alaba. trino, na. o. made at 
m like alabaster 
Alatli» ir o, rm- alabaster 
A'labe, tro. branch of an 
olive- trec bent down to tbe 

Aiabedrse, vr. to warp 
Alabdga, rf. twcet basil 
A l.i Iré», rm. warping 
Alabéta, rf- • sort of pike 
formerly uted 
Alabiido, da. a. lipperi 
Alacénay Alhacena, rf. cup- 
board, locker 

A Uchú, rf- shad, may-fith 
AUcrin, era. scorpiov» ring 
of tbe mouth-plece of a 

Alacranado, da. a. bit by a 

Alacranera, rf- scorpion -grase 
A lid.», rf- tluttcring 
Aladares, rm. ¡ti. locks of 
huir which hang over tbe 

Alado, da. a. winged 
Aladrida, rf- furrow 
Aladrir, tu. to plough 
Aladro, rm. a plough 
A'laga, rf. a species of yelloW 

Alzgardro, rm. party of horsn 
maklng an excursión into 
an enemy’s country 
Alagartado, a. vatlegated 
Alajú, tra. )uute made of at 
morid,, wainuti, honey, ¿ko 


A lima, tf- gold ot nlveT ckrth 
Alamar, nm laced or era* 
broidércd but ton -lióle 
AUmhicir, na. to disül 
Alambique, tm. aiembic 
A timbre, raí. coiqier, file on 
which pajier* are strung 
Alameda, < . pubiic walk 
with ruw* oftrees 
Alamfu, nn. clerk of the 
rnarket appointidl to impect 
weights and mensure* 
Ahmiinilgo, * m - office ot a 
cltrk, surveyor, ,Vc. 

A 1 uniré, rae. mtaiiual alpe 
A*1 imo,«m. i*lm-trre; Á'lamt 
Moneo, white jioplar ¡ A la- 
mu black poptar tree 

Alanzarse, rr. to kmg for 
Alamúd, rae. a boíl for falt- 
en Ing a door 

A l.imiar, tu. to dart, to with a dart 
Alendreirse, «r. beeome dry 
Aláníi, na. t. maitüf of a 
Urge kind 

Alanzada, tf- acre of ground 
Alanzír, na. te tlirow lanera 
Alaqueques, rae. ¡ti. those 
wlio raruom ski ves 
Alár, im. part of fhe roof 
whieh overhangi the Wall 
Alár, va. to liawl 
Alara (huévo en), egg laid 
beforc ¡ts time 
Alírbe, tm. clo-wn 
Alarde, raí. revlew of soldien 
A lariló o, sa. a. boastful 
Alargador, ra. s. ene who en- 
lardes, líela js, or protraets 
a tliing 

Alargamiento, raí. the act of 
dtb#lng or protracting 
Alargar, ni. to lengtheti out, 
prolract, reach a thing to 
another who 1» distant 
A ¡argüí 1 /, raí. dog-rose 
Alarla, tf- a tlat lron ¡nutro* 
nient tueil hy potters 
A 1. trida, tf. hue and cry 
A laricio, *m. outcry 
A larifc, tía. an archltect 
Alai fies, tf. ft. a Urge sort 
of grapes 

Alarmar, va. to alarm 
Ala trdr, va. to throw back 
the ears, bal las t 
A lalt-rno, raí. mock-privet 
Atabal, un. Utten, braxi 
A latonero, raí. nottle 
AtatrOn, rae tVolh or tpome 
of saltpetre 

AUxúr, rae. ground rent 

Alarán, na. «. .orrel-coloured 


Alazo, rae. stroke with the 

Alazdr, ral. baatard eaffron 
A 'Iba, tj. dawn of day 
A Itiára, tf. tweet 
Albacfa, rae. teatamerrtai 7 
. ezecutor 

Altiareft7go, raí. office or a 
testamentary execotor 
Albacdra, rae. a sea-ftsh moch 
rexembling a tunny 
Atbaháca, tf'. aweet basil 
AlliahaqullU del rio, tf- tul- 

Albali. t. eocket, a warrant 
of entry, certifícate 
Albanéga, tf. net tor enclo- 
clng the haré, or cmtching 

Albañil y Albcmkr, rae. eewer 
Albañil, ra». masón 
Albañilerla, tf- masonry 
Albir, a. white. whiiish 
Alburio, raí. bilí adver thing 
that apartments are to let, 
hts tramen! 

Albararáda, tí- » marbte co- 
loured grape 

Al bar 4/. o, ras. white lei>roey 
Albir ca, tf. V. Ataña 
Albinia, tf- I*ck aatídle 
Albardir, v<u to put a pack- 
saddle on 

Al bardé! a, tf. t'naH eaddleto 
terne coíu 

Albardéro, rae. pack-sadd e 

AlbarüllU, tf- email pack 

Atbardín, raí. matweed 
Albarddn, rae. pazmel 
A Ibaricóque, raí. aprícot 
Albarillo, *m. a tune played 
on the guitar, for co entry 

A 1 barrtída, tf. a dry wali 
Albarráx, raí. lousewort 
A Hadóla, tf- > small covered 

Albayaldido, da. a. covered 
with ceruse or whke-lead 
Alhayilde, rae. white lead 
Al Hacino, na. a. of a dark 
chesnut colour 
Albedr, va. to white» 
Albedrío, ttn. Cree will 
A Hiénda, tf- hangingx of 
white Unen 

AlbdntoU, tf. a slight net, 
nrade of a very thin thread, 
for catchlng unall flshea 
Albérra.,*/. pond where cat- 

Albeicún. tm. a Uurge pond 


Alberengéna, tf- mad-appl# 
Albergir, ra. to iodge 
Albérgale, »m. loáglnghcmse 
Afberlcdq»-, V. Albarieéaaa 
Albéro, raí. whitlah earth 
Alberquéro, tm. one who 
takes caro of the pond 
where fias ie steeped 
Albeytir, rae. farrier 
Albeytería, tf- Urriery 
Albicinte, a. tlutt which 
w hiten* or btanches 
Albihir, raí. ox eye 
Altillo, o. epplied to thi 
wme of a whiie (trape 
Albín, tm. blooeUtone 
Albina, tf. a marshy pieoo of 

Albls, Qtttdart e U aibit, *• 
be disappointed 
A'lbo, ba. o. white 
Albdgue, rae. a sort of pas- 
toral ilute 

Albohdl, tm. a epccies ot 

Albóndigas tf- r 1 - U>lh made 

of torced meat, with eggs 

and spice 

Alboráda, tf- twillght 
Alboreir, ra. to dawn 
Albárga, tf. a sort of sandal 
made of mat-weed 
Albórnia, tf. a large glazed 
earthen jug 

Atbomdz, rat. a sort of coarte 
wootlen stwff 

Albotonla, tf- frled tomates 
Albordque ras. tegalement 
glven at the o_neíuslon of 
a bargaia 

AlhorotapuáUoe, raí. a dis- 

Aiborotir, »e. to dlsturb 
Alboroto, raí. notse, riot 
Alboroza dd», ra. t. a promote» 
ofimrih or merriment 
Alborozár, tw. to exhilarate 
Alboroza, tm.joj, gaiety 
Albricias, tf- 1 ü- reward givm 
for sume good news 
Albadéca, tf- pumpkln 
Albufera, tf- • Uke formed 
by the tiAe 

Albuhéra, tf- fmh water lake 
A I luir, nn- doce 
A lluíra, tf. whiteness 
Albores, raí. ¡ti. a gamr at 

Alcabita, tf- excize 
Alcabaléro, ras. a tax-gatheret 
Alcabdr, raí. a flue 
Alcabúx, raí. a hand-gun 
Alcacel d Alcacér, on. greae 
cura before It forma ssn 

Dlgitized by Google 


Jkteachófa, tf. arríchok» 
Alcachofólo, mu dish of ar- 

Alcachofal, tm. (round «hora 
artichAee* are reatad 
Alcachofera, if. artlchok* 
Alcacil, m. cardoon 
Alcahíz, m. a Urge cage 
Alcahazár, «o. to ahur up in 
a caga 

Alcahuete, ta. a. pimp, bawd 
* Alcahuetear y Alcaltuetir, 
va. to bawd 

Alcahuetería, a/ - , bawelgy 
Alcáide, «m. luitlcc of peac* 
or jud^s vuo adminUteri 

A^caMósa, if ■ the »1* rf an 

Alcaidía, if. office and Jurls- 
diclion of an alcalJt 
Alcána, if. a placa hn the 
aale ófgoods. V. Alheña 
Alcánce, tf. the act of over 
taking a person, balance 
of an acoaunt, arro's length 
Alcánce*, if. p¡ ptofiu 
Alcurnia, if. money-box 
Alcándara, if. perch or too*! 

of a falcan 
Alcándia, if tnlllet 
AlSndlái, zm. (round wwn 
with millct 

Alcanli. r, mu camphor 
Alcanforada, da. a. catnphor- 

Alcántara, if. a wooden corar 
for relvet webs ln the lonm 
Alcantarilla, if. a amad 
Inid ge, a d rain, a rewcr 
Alcantarillólo, tm. work 
maele ln the forra of an 
arch under ground 
Alcanzadizo, za -a. that vhich 
is withitt roach, to feign 
Alean cáelo, a. necessiteju» 
Alcanzalór, ra. a. pursurr 
Alean zadúra. if a tumerar in 
the hescl of a horre 
Alcanzamiento, re. V. M- 


Alcanzár, va. to fotteiw per. 
tren* uittll they are found 

Ale apárta y AlcapártO, l. ea- 
per.bush, ceper 
Ale '^parráelo, da. tu dressed 

with capen , mt.grotind plant- 
«el with caper-bushe* 
Alcaparrón, tm. large caper 
Alcaparrosa, if. earrwat caraway 
Alcaraván, era. li itera 


AkaravamJro, re. a hawk 
trained to pureue the bittem 
Alcarehofa, if. V. Alcachofa 
Alcarracóro, ra. t. l>otter 
Alcanráza, t f. Jug not glazed 
Alcatifa, if a sort of fine 
carpeta, roof of a honre 
Alead til, mu wlld artichoke, 
V. Alcacil 
Alcayáta, if. a hoek 
Alcayeerta, if. market-ptaee 
ibr raw ztlk 

Alcáyde* tm. govemor of a 
castle or fort, jailer 
Alcázar, m. palaee, ftct 
Alcazúz, «re. V. RcgalUa 
AHce, re. at carel» 

Alcedcin, «n. halcyon 
Atchfmla, if. el, heme 
Alclno, tm. wild baiü 
Alción, re. halcyon 
Alcóba, if alcove 
Alcohdl, tm. antimony 
Alcoholad, >r, ra. e. one em- 
ployed ln rectifjing sptrils 
Alcedkolár, reí. to palnt o» 
dye with antimony, tectífy 

Atcoholórx, tf. veste! for an- 
timony or alcohol 
AlcohoHzár, ra. «o edcobolire 
A Icón, en faloon 
Alromocál, mi. plantarían of 
corte -tree* 

AlcomeSque, re. corte -tree 
Ajedrea, if a paste for sweet 
meáis, pieceof sweet-roeat 
Aloorxár, ra. to eever with 
a paste of negar and starch 
Alcotán, re. a blrd of prey 
Alcotána, if. a pick-axe 
Alcotan«fllo,nn.yotmg lanner 
AlcTelilte, zwi. aolphtnr 
Alcrívls, me. a «malí teibe at 
the back of a forge through 
which runa the pipe of the 

Alralrflia, if. reaerroir 
AlcncllU, tf. an oil-cruet 
Atedia, <f. oil-bottle wWch 
contahia oil 
Alcuróro, ra. a. bekmging to 
an oil-t>otríe 

Aicuzón, jm. a largeoil-bottle 
Alelí ha, if. knockor 
AUlaldela. if rap giren with 
the knocker 

AMabázo,m».vk>lent rap with 
the knocker 

AkJateár, ne, rap at thedoor 
Aldabías i 1. jd. beato» hori- 
zonteelly placed on two walla 
Aldabón, re. a Urge knocker 

B 8 

ALE , 

Atdóa, if a hamlet 
Aldrán amente, ad. ruatie 
Aldeaniego, ga. a. belougiag 
to a hamlet 

A Merino, na. t. viltager 
Aldcár, iw. V. Habitar 
A kl chuela y Alele-illa, if. • 
lítele village, aamall hamlet 
Aldeórrio, tm. narty village 
Aldiza, if. a sort of arnall reed 
withuut knota 

Aldrán, rm. one wbo «Ib wint 
to shephttda in pastures 
Aktúck), da. a. V. Haldada 
Aleación, tf- 'he art of alloy- 
ing metáis 
Aleár. ene. to flutter 
Alebrarse, A lebrastrárre, J 
Alebrertárw, vi. to souat 
Alebremárse, tw. to be ul.pi- 
rlted, or discouraged 
Alrchuisár, va. tocurl liketlia 
leaf of a lettuee 
Alóla, tf. the 6rst wai 
Alcelaho, fia. a. adjuren t 
Alefunglnas, if. ¡A. purgatire 
pilla muele of ápices 
Aleftís, tm. Jolnt enaele by 
partng two pieres of »'ood 
to that they wrap ove» one 
Ak-gár, ra.' to allego 
Alegáto, »«. allrgulkm 
Alegoría, if. aüegory 
Alegórico, ca. a. allcgoricxl 
Alegorizar, tw. allegorire 
Alegradórra.r.a j&.ier,twi»»- 
ed slip of paper to liurn 
Alegrar, va. to malee uicrry | . 
vr. to rejo ¡ce 

Alógre, a. merry, brllllant, 
lucky, fortúnate 
Alegría, tf. mirth • 
AWgi ón, *m. tueklrn jny 
Alejan. itfnlo, tm. remora! to 
a distance 

Alejar, va. to remore to ■ 
grruter distance 
Ah-júr, re, V. Alafa 
Alelarse, vr. toliecoine atupld 
Alelí, tm. gltliHovrer 
Alónia, if the allottcd quan- 
tity of water for itrigating 
a place of ground 
A lenguár, va ■ to agree 
Alentada, if. Intetval lictwcet 
two reapiratiems 
Aleniado, da. a. splritcd 
Alentár, tn. to respire 
1 .reentre ¡ «o. to anímate 

Alepines, tf. pf. bmnbarcena 
A lóree, ewi. larrh-tree 
Alóre), tm. «arre 



Alerta, m. watch-wotd 
Alertar, r a. to put cue oo hu 

Alerto, u. a. rigilant 
A lona, f. awl 
Alesnado, da. a. awl shaped 
Aleta, tf. a «malí wing 
Aletada, tf. raetion of the 


A Miro, rm. «trole of the wing 
Aleteár, va. »o flotter 
Atetón, rm. a Urge wing 
A letría, nit. a kind of paite 
Alóre, o. trcacberoas 
A lerdea, tf. a tumoar undcr 
the tongwe of rowi 
Aldióso, «a a. treacheruus 
Aieitjas, tf. pl. towp mude of 
bar lev peded, cielo eü, and 

Alfa liega, tf. V. Albahata 
Alf.tlidto, na. alphabet 
Alfolla, tf. bribe 
Alfagia, tf- picea ef wnod tur 
making Windows and drwn 
A lfahár , A Ifaharé», V. Alfar, 

Alfana, tf. a Urge, strertg and 
«piriléd borne 
Alfanéque, rm. wlilte eaglc 
Alfange, tm. ti anee r 
Aliangóte, tm. a bule banger 
Alfanjazo, na. a cus or wotand 
with a cutía» 

Alfanjón y A libnjcniro, tm. a 
Urge banger or cutía» 
Alfáque, im. sand-bank 
Albir, na. pottery 
Alfar, na. to ratee the hachead 
too murh 

Alfardéro, na. a colleetor of 
ti» duty for watering tands 
Alfardilla, tf. galoon 
Alfartión, tm. ring at the end 
of au axle-tree 
Alfarero, tm. postor 
Alfefncdrse.vr. to atíect nicety 
Alferecía, tf. epilepty, an an- 
sign's commUsion 
Alfórez, ras. ensign 
Alficóz, na. the serpent cu- 
cu mber 

Alfiler y alfilél, tm. pin uted 
by w ornen to futen their 

Alfilerazo, tm. prtckof a pin 
Alfiletero, esa. pln-ca» 
Alfilete <5 alfiles éte, tm. paste 
made of coarte flour 
Alfolí, sai. granary 
Alfoliero y Alfolinero, tm. 

keeper of a granary 
Alfombra, tf- íloor-carpH 
Alfombrar, ve. to carpct 

Alfombróla, tf. alargo carpct 
Alfombrero, ra. e. carpet- 

A Ifomi, tm. a «ort of maravedí 
Alfónsigo, tas. pbtachlo 
Alforja, tf. taddle bag 
A lforjéro, na. maher or teller 
of saddle bags 

Alforjllla, Alforjlta y Alfór- 
jtióla, tf. a «malí saddle-bag 
Alforza, tf. pUIt triarle ht a 
petticoat wbich la too lottg 
Altronítro, rm. V. Alatmn 
A Ig.sdonira, tf- cudweed 
Algalie, tf- civet 
Algó the thin integnraent 
which coren en egg 
Algarabía, tf- A rabie tongue 
Algarada, tf. * loud cry 
Algarero, ra o. pratlng 
Algarrada, tf. the act of drir- 
tng bullí ¡uto the pirrfoíd 2ór 
the baíl-featt 

Algarroba, tf- «mooth tare 
AIgdyda, tf. a ridge of sluft- 
ing «and 

Algdrdo, da. a. thatcherf 
A'lgcbra, tf- algebra 
Algebrista, rm. Algebráis! 
Algecería, tf. place fbr prtpar- 
íngornellingpTaster of Parto 
Algecéro, ra. r. plaiterer 
Algente. o. extremely coid 
Algdz, rm. gyptum in itscrude 

Algezdn, rm. rypium, pintor 
of Paría. V. Yuon 
Algíbe, rm. cillera 
Algtbdro, rm. ene who takes 
tare of cisterna 
Algimtfrído, da. e. d ressed 
A'Igo, «re. «omewhat 
Algodón, rm. cotton-plant 
Algodonado, da. <t. ülled with 

Algodonal, rm. a cotton-plan- 

Algorín, tm. a partición of 
boartis ht otl-milto fot re- 
coi v i og the olires 
Algóso, uu o. weedy 
Algríndl, rm. retí wom by 
ladies, Itc. 

Alguacil, rm. an inferior ofTi- 
cer of Justicu 
Alguaza, tf. hmge 
Alguien, pro. tomebody 
Algúno, na. o. «ante 
A lgón tanto, ad. «omewhat 
A Ihábega, tf. V. AtbaAoca 
AlhaiUda, tf- burnt copper 
from which the taliVon oí 
copper to extracted 
AUiagar, va. tu funttoh 

Alhaja, tf.thorry fumittxre, • 

Alhajar, t-a. to adora 
Alhajofla, tf. «hule for 
Albamól, rm. a beast of bar 
Ihen ; poner, earrler 
Alhamldl, rm. brtter-apple • 
Alharóca, tf- clamos» 
Alharaquiento, ta. a. noity 
Albárgama y Albírma, tf 
wlld roe 
Alhelí, y. AhU 
Alhéfie, tf- privet 
Alheñarte, er. to gnrw amntty 
Alhócigo, rwi. V. AlfóHMg o 
Alhdja, tf. a «pee tes of smsdl 
birds, membling a lark 
Alhdlva, tf. fenugreek 
Albóndiga, tf. a puülic grana- 
ra . V. Piftikt 

Arhdmr, tf. eruption in the 
«kin of new-barn childm» 
Alhósfigo, rm. V. AlJShuigo ' 
Afhdz, rm. lot of hmd 
Alhurétne, tf. larender 
Al cen y A Ifairren^m.jaundicu 
Allacanádo, da. a. jaundiced 
Aliado, da. ir. y t. allied 
Aliaga, tf- fuñe 
Aliagir, rm. place cvvent 
rrfth ferie 
AlUnza, tf- allianca 
Aliara, tf- goMet 
AIMnw, vr. to be alBed 
A tica, tf. a unall w ing 
A'Uca, ef. potrage made et 
«pelt and other puhe 
Alicaído, da. a. witb falle» 
wlngi ; weak, uncocked 
ABcirtte, rm. a kind of pok- 
«onous enalte 
Alicantina, tf. artífice 
Alicatado, rm. work inlaid 
with Dutch tile» 

Alicate», rm. pl. pinten witb 
rery «malí pointa 
Aliciente, rm. attractlon 
Allcionar, no. to teach 
Alidada, tf. geométrica! ruler 
Alidóna, tf. «tone m the intes- 
tinos ora «wallow 
Aliento, rm. breath 
Alidr, rm. rower on board a 

Alifafe, rm. a calina» tumour 
growing on the hlnd parí 
of a horse's hock 
A llfór, na. to poltoh 
Alifara, tf. csmattai 
Aligamlónto, rm. act oftylng 
or blnding together 
Aligór, no. to Ue 
Aligeramiento, rwt. aUcsnatís» 



Allperir, en. to llghten 
Alijndiir,rm.<mc wholightens. 

lumchon ali'adnr, ljghter 
Alitór, ra. lo llghten 
Alijo, rm. lightming o f a shln 
Aliináha, ’J. animal whieh 
devours («rae 

Alimentación, rf. act of ncm- 

Alimentar, va. to nourish 
Alimentario y A limen lista, i. 
one «lio enjoya a certaln al- 
lowance for maintenance 
Alimento, rm. allment 
Alimente», *a- a. nutrltlons 
Alindado, da. a. aífecledly 
ñire o, eiegant 
Alindar, va. to fi» limite 
Alinde, rm. mercury piepaied 
for mirrora 

A lifiaddr,i a. i. one «lio adorne 
Ajlñár, va. lo arrange 
A'llño, na. dreae 
Alionln, rm. the blue-feather- 
ed dnck 

Alid*, un. martile. V. Mdrmnl 
Aliquebrado, da. a. broken- 
wlnged ; dejected 
Aliñador, ra. i. nnlUher 
Aliaadúrn, tf- planing 
Alisaduras, rf- pl. shavings 
Ali ar, va. to plañe 
Allsdr y Aliseda, a. planution 
of aldcr-trees 
Allama, tf- water-plantain 
Alteo, nn. aUlertree 
AliitOdo, da. a. cnliated 
Aliitaddr^oi. a recniitingoffi- 
rer; one who keeps accounta 
Alistamiento, «na. enrolment 
Alistdr, en. to enlist 
A liriadúr, ra. *. one who esees 
Allviir, ne. to llghten 
AHvio, rm. ervae 
Alixár, em. an uncultlvated, 
low, stony ground 
Alizardr, ixi. to diride waste 
landa to be cultivated 
Alliartégo, ga. a. belonging or 
relatlng to uncultlrated 

Aljaba, rf- qulver 
AljOrfa <5 Aljárfe, tf- a tarred 
net with amall rneahea 
Aljófar, mi. |>earl of an Ir- 
regular aliape 

Aljofarar, na. to adorn wlth 

Aljofárna y Aljafífala, tf. an 
earthen jng 

Aljofifa, rf. cioth for daanlng 

Aliotifár, ra. to mop 
Aljungera, rf. V- Ajongtra 

A Morigero, «. belonglng or re- 
latingto the carllne thlstle 
Aljonjolí, rm. V. Atrevía 
Alkullno, na. «. alkaline 
Alkallrár, ra. to 
Allá, ad. there 

Allanador, tm. lerelln s gold- 
beater's paper which con* 
taina the baten gold 1 reves 
Allanamiento, rm. icvalling 
Altanar, va. to lerrl 
Allegadizo, ra. a. collectcd 
wlthout choice 
AVegádo, ila. a. 
A Ungidos, rm. pl. friends 
Allegamiento, rm. collecting 
Allegdr, va. to colkct 
Allí, ad. there 
AUiira, tf. a g re en almond 
Allozo, rm. the wild almond- 

Alludél, rm. earthenware wa- 

A Tina, rf. soul ¡ enmelen ce 
A I irunn , rm. warebouae 
Almacenár, va. lo store 
Almáciga, rf. maatlch 
Almácigo, tm. mastlch-trae 
Almadána, dna d Ina, rf. a 
Urge heavy hammer 
Almadia, rf. r.lft 
Almadiado, da. a. faintlng 
Almadiero, rm. a rail pilot 
Almadiaba, tf- tunny-fi.hery 
Almadreña, tf. wooden ahora 
used in the mountains of 
León and Caztile 
Almagral, rm. place abound- 
lng In ochre 

Almagrár. ra. to tinge or co- 
lour with ochre 
A Imágre, rm. ochre 
Almanaquero, rm. a maker 
and vender of almanacks 
Almánta, tf. a pace between 
the rows of vinas and olive- 

Almarád.n, rf. a triangular 
poniard wlthout an etlge 
Almárcha, rf. a tnwn sltuxted 
on a low marshy ground 
Almarjo, rm. gla-ss-wurt 
Almáro, rm. rommon clary 
Almarráea, rm. pl. Instru- 
ments with which cotton 
wool is separated frota the 

Almarráza 6 Almarráza. rf. 

a glass phial wlth holet 
Almastigado, da. a. con taló- 
me mastirh 

Almatréro, rm. a fisherman 
flshing with shad-fish neis 
Almatriche, rm. an aqunluct 

for frrtgatlng land 
Almazarero. tm. oü-mlller 
Almeárd Almlár, rm. a stack 
of hay, xc. made in the 
open air 

Almeja, rf- m ose Ir 
Almena, rf. a turret on (he 
ramparts of anclent fort- 
r estes 

Almenar, tw. to Crown a ram- 
part or castle with turreta 
Alméndra, rf. almond 
Almendrada, rf. almond mllk 
Almendrado, da. a. almond- 

Almendral, rm. a pUntation 
of almond-ttees 
Almendrilla, tf. a lock-smlthl 

Almendro, rm. almojid-trre 
Almendruco y almendroldrr, 
rm. a green almond which 
stlll preserves Iu dowiqf 

AlmenílU, rf- smaM turret 
Atmete, rm. helmrt 
Almíbar, rm. simple slrap 
Almibarar, ra. lo preser re 
frult in bnlled tugar 
Almidón, rm. starch , 

A Imldonádo, de. a. starchcd 
Almidonar, va. to starch 
Almilla, rf. iut. umler waist- 
coat, militar; jacket 
Almlránta, tf. tne admiran 
shi)>, the admita! s lady 
Almirantazgo, rm. admiralty, 
Alroirántc, rm. admiral 
A ¡miranda, qf. rank and of- 
fice of an admiral 
Almirez, rm. a lira» mortar 
tn which any tning le 
ponnded with a pestle 
Almizclar, «o. to peifume 
with musk 
Almizcle, rm. musk 
Almizcleña, tf. grape hya- 
cinth or fiower 

Almizcleño, na. y ro, ra, a. 

that which smells of musk 
Almizclera, rf. muk-rat 
Almocálre, rm. a gazdener's 

Almocela, tf. Impost on water 
for irrigation 

Al moer ate, rm. sal ammoniao 
Almofret, rm. a friese bag 
for coarse clothes 
Almagáma, tf- th# hlnder. 
motl piece of timber ¡n tho 
slern of a ship 
Almohada, tf. a piUow 
Almohadillado, da. a. In vha 



T&rrn o f a eushlon 
Almohadón, em. * larga cush- 

Almohatre J AlmojdtrO, tm. 

•al immonlac 
Almohaza, tf. curry-comb 
AlmohauUlo, da. o. curried 
Alniohiuldor, tm, groom 
Almoha/ár, to. to lub a bonc 
Almojíba, tf- smoked tunny 

Atttmjibsna, tf, cake made 

oí cht-eae and flour 
AlmomMs, tf- auetion 
Alinom-deár, va. lo tell by 
' auciion 

Aliooradút, tm. sweet m ar- 
joran», V. Sintióla 
Almorí i almúri, tm. a cake 
Almorrana*, tf- pl. |>ile> 
Almorréla, tf. a Mosaic tile 

Alevinas, tf. p L blue or 
chickling veten 
Almorrida, tf. V. Almuerza 
Alniorzaddr^m.breakfut case 
¿Iinorzir, tu. to breakfad 
Almotacén, tm, ofHcer of no- 
, Uce who I ñapee ts weights 
and measures 
Almetizaf y Almutizaf, 
the weigher of wool 
Almo sari fe, tm. cttstom-hotue 

Atmuddda, t'. a jdeoe of 

f ound wbich takes half a 
ntga of grain for aowtng 

Almudéro, tm. a pólice offleer 
who keeps the standard 
mea .tires of dry thlngr 
AtiutsirWa, tf. the portion of 
grain sr ft-uits between the 
two handa 

Alniufrxo, tm. breakfisst 
Alnado, da. i. a step-child 
Al oiría, tf a sort of vault 
A tobadádo, da. a. bit by a wolf 
Alobanadfllo, la. a. resein- 
Wing a wolf 

Alobunado, da. a. coloar of a 

Aloeadinaménte, ai. raihly 
Alocido, da. a. foolish 
Allodiíl, a. atlodial 
A'lue, tm. aloe» 

A'ojamiioto, tm. lodging 
Alojir, va. to Indjíe 
Alón, tm. the vrlng nf a fowl 
or bird vtiipprd of its fea- 

á loncár, ni. to dilate 
llopU lo, da. a. cotnposed of 



Alásna, tf- w o ra n w o od 
Aldas, tf, inetheglln 
Alorólo, tm. one who sell» 

Alpargata, tf. a sort of ahoes 
or tanda b inade of hetnp 
Alpargatado, da. a. wearing 
hempen aandals 
Alpargatar, va. to make hemp- 
en tundáis 

Alpargatilla, tf- a traall hemp- 
en vandal 

Alpechín, tm. water whlch 
oozea frotn a heap of udm 
Alpiste, tm. canary-aecd 
Alw.téro, tm. a tieve for slft 
ing canary-temi 
Alquería, tf. house ln a farm- 
yard where tillage toola are 

Alquórme», tm. a sweetmeat 
Alqufrque, tm. place in olí 
milla for laying the bruiaed 

Alqoée, tm, a wlne measure 
Alquilador, ra. t. one wbo 
let, conches on hire 
Alqullir, ra. to glve or take 
on hlre 

Alquiler, tm. wages or hlre 
Alquilón, na. a. that whlch 
can be let or hirad 
Alquilona, tf. ehar-woman 
Alquimia, tf alchyniy 
Alquimila, tf- ladles' manila 
Alquimista, tm. alehjmiat 
Alquindl, tm. a veil or licad- 
ares* for w ornen 
Alqultarir, ra. to distil 
Alquitrán, tm. tar or pitch 
Alquitranár, va. to tar 
A Iredcddret, tm, pl. en ti rom 
of a place 

Alrdta, tf. a very coarte sort 
of tow 

A bine, tf- acor pión grasa 
Altabique, tm. a sm sil barket 
ln whlch w ornen keep their 
nevdle work 
Altabaquillo, tm. small bind- 

Altamente, ai. hlghly 
Altanería, tf. the towering 
fllght of tome blrds, arto- 

Altonéro, ra. a. soaring 
Altarlco, tu a, a Uttle altar 
Altée, tf- eommotymallow 
A Itcrído, da. a. altentlve 
Alterador, ra. i. one who 

Alterar, ra. to alter, changa 
Alterativo, va. a. alterativa 
Alter cir, ra. to oonteod 


Altenulr, ra. to slternata 
Alternativa, tf . alternativa 
Altéu, tf. hcight 
Altillo, la. a. a Uttle high 
Altillo, tm. hUlock 
Altlmrtrta, tf. altimetry 
Altfsonáute y Altísono, na. a. 
high-sounding, pampo!» 1» 

Altitud, V. Altúra 
Altirinc, ar. to grow or tg 
arragmnt and haughty 
Altivéz* tf. haughtiuesa 
Altivo, va. a. haughty 
A'lto, ts. a. high 
A'lio, tm. hcight, story 
A'lto, inl. alto a Mi, stop thera 
Altorino, tm. a hcight or Ut. 
tie liitl 

Altramúx, tm. lupine 
Altúra, tf- belght 
Aluir ó Tomir por la loa, to 
bring by the lee 
Alúbla, tf- Ftrench bean 
Alucinir, ra. to bltnd, to lcad 
into error 

Aludir, va. to allude 
Alutn brido, da. a. aluminóos, 
relating to alutn 
Alumlnadór, t. link-boy 
Alumbramiento, tm. illtunf. 

nation, lllusiun, detall 
Alumbrar, m. to light, Ught 
en, instruct 
Alúmbre, tm. alutn 
Alumln-dra, tf- alum-mlng 
Alumbrera artificial, alum 

Alumtndso, sa. a. aluminoru 
Alúmno, na. i. foster-child ; 

Alón, V. Alumbre 
Alunido, da. a. lunatic, a boar 
whost tuska llave grown 
Alusivo, va. a. allusire 
Alustrár, va. to glve lustre to 
any thing 

Aluvión, tf: a twell of 

A'lveo, ras. source of a rlver 
Alveolo, tm. sockrt of the 

Alvidriir, va. to glaza eartli- 

Alraruéllo, tm. a black collar 
bmuid with Unen, whlch 
clergyreen wcar round their 

Alzdda, tf. a tovrn or village 
on an eminence, apjieal 
Airadamente, ai. Wholesale 
Altado, tm. a plan of a build 
Ing whlch shows its trun» 

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and elnallon, fraudulertt 

Alzadora, tf. elesatlon 
Alzamiento, m. tht act of 

rai-ing up 

Alzaprima, <f. a lesee 
Alzaprimar, va. lo rala* by 
mean* of a lever 
Alzdr, va. to raúe, erect, con- 
•truel ; cr. to rúe in ze- 

A'ina, tf. a nktrcji of tbe 

Amabilidad, <f amlability 
Amable, a. amialile 
Amacena, tf. adamton plum 
Amacollarse, vr. (o throw out 
shoots or rtalkt 
Amador, ra. t. a lorer 
Amadrigarse, vr. to burro» 
Amadrinar, va. tocouple 
Amadroflddo, da. a. iesem- 
bling strawherriet 
Amaestrado, da. a. taught 
Amaestrar, va. tu teach 
A mugir, m, to lift up the 
hand In a threatening at- 

Amigo, m. a threat, m, to securesheep 
in a fold 

Amálgama, tf. amnlgam 
Amalgamir, va. to amalgá- 

Amamantar, m. to auckle 
Amamhlucéa, tf. a aort of 
cotton ituíf 

Amancebado, da. a. attachcd 
Amancebamiento, m. con- 

Amancehirse, vr. to lira In 
Amantff.lár, va. to ataln 
Amanerado, da. a. applied to 
palnten manneri-U 
Amanojar, va. to gather by 

Amansador, ra. I. one that 

Amansamiento, rm. the act of 

Amansár, ra. to tame 
Amantar, ra. to cover wlth a 

Amante, p. y t. loving 
A manten tiénte, ad firrnly 
AmaMr, m. to do a thlng 
cleverly, be handj 
A mdfios, rm. ¡J. tocia 
Amapdla, tf. poppy 
Amár, va. to love 
A'naráro, V. Mejorana 
Amargaleja, tf the bitter or 
wlld plum 


Amargar, va. to make bitter 
Amargo, ga. a. bitter, rm. bit tómese 
AmargOso, sa a. bitter 
Amarguillo, lia. a. bitterúh 
Amargura, tf. littcrnesa 
Amaricado, da. a. eOemlnate 
Amarillazo, za. a. of a palé 
yellow culour 

Amarillear, va. to incline to 

Amarillejo, fto. a. yeilowUh 
Amarillento, ta. a. inclining 
to yellow 

Amarillo, lia. a. yellow 
Amari], oskdo, da. a. butter- 
tly Uke 

Amaro, rm. bitterwort 
Amarra, tf. a cable 
Amarradero, rm. a port to 
wbith any thingúmadefaat 
Amarrar, ra. to tic, fa»ten 
A marra zúnes, rm. pl. ground- 

Amarrido, da. a. dejected 
Amartelar, va. to court 
Amartillar, ea. to hammer 
Amasadera, tf. a trough In 
which the doogh ls kneaded 
Amasador, ra. *. One vrho 
kneads dough inte bread 
Amasadúra, tf. k.irmding 
Amasamiento, rm. me act of 
unlting or Joining together 
Araasdr, ni. to kr.ead 
Amatdrío, ría. a. amatory 
Amaynir, cu. to strike or 
lower the salís 

Amatrtinir, va. to watch with 
cióse attention 
Amardua, tf. an amaron 
Ama rorcádo, da. a.pinnached 
Ambages, rm. pl. Circuit 
Ambagtdso, sa. a. amblguoui 
A'mbár, rm. ainbet 
Amliarilla, tf. maahmallow 
Ambarino, na. a. reiating to 

Ambicldn, tf ambltion 
Amblclonár, ve. to erase 
Ambl<-id*o, sa. a. ambitioui 
Ambiente, a. amblen! 
Ambiente, rm. tbe aro bien t 

Ambigüedad, tf anikiguity 
Ambiguo, gua. a. ambtguous 
A'tnbtto, rm. Circuit 
Ambldo, rm. a shurt th'ck 
was-candle with one wick 

A'mbos, bar. pro. both 
; Ambrollar, ra. to confonnd 
Ambrosia, tf ambrosia 
| Ambulante, a. ambulatory 

AMO . 

A mbn’ a. of a roslng 


Amcl>eo, rm. a d alogue to 

Ameslrentaridr, r. ra. me th«* 
tbrratrns or fríghten* 
Amedrentar, nt. to (Vígliten 
Amelgado, rm. a Hule lili- 
lock to mark the bounda. 
ríe» of a iield 

Amelgar, va. to open fur 
tows with the plough 
Amelo, rm. golden star-wort 
Amelonado, fia. a.shapedlike 
a melón 

Amenaza, tf a threat 
Amenazador, ra. r. one that 
threat en* 

Amenazar, ra. to threaten 
Amenguar, tw. todininUh 
Amenidad, tf, atncnlty 
Amenizar, ni. to rertder |.t*a- 
■ant or agreeable 
Ameno, na. a. pleasant 
Amerar, ra. to mis wine or 
otlwr 1 quor vríth water: 
vr. to soak Into the ground 
Amercendeár, ra. to tavour 
Ametalado, da. a. havlng tire 
culour of braas 
A 'miedo, arf. for fear 
Amiento, rm. a leather sfrap, 
wlth which the helmet la 
tied under the chin 
Amigable, a. friendly 
Amigo, ga. i. a iTirnd 
Amigo, ga. a. frieiidlj 
Amiguil'o, r. bule IViend 
Amilanar, va. to fr ghten 
Amillarar, tw. to asaseis a tas 
Amistad, tf amity 
Amistar, ra. y r. to reconclle 
Amistoso, sa. a. frícndjy 
Amito, rm. amice 
A'mo, ma. i. maltes or mu- 
tres* of a house 
A motil ta, tf. a vort of small 

Amodorrado, da. a. heasy 
with sleep 

Amodorrarse, vr. be drowss 
Amogotado, da. a. sleep w ith 
a fíat crown 

Amohecerse, vr. grow rusty 
Amohinar, iw. y r. to irrítate 
Ainajonaddr, tm. one who 
sets landinarks 

Amojonár, va. set lamlmarka ’ 
Amoladera, tf. whetstdne 
Amolador, tm. grlttder 
Amolar, ra. to wbet 
Amoldador, rtn. one whe 

Amoldar, tw. to mould 


Amoiletádo, da. a. harina the 
shape of a loaf of bread 
Amómn, tm. stone pande; 
Amondongado, da. a. saílow 
Amonedar, va. to coln 
Amonestación, rf- adrice 
Amnnestaddr, ra. i. monitor 
Amonestar, va. to advise 
Amoniaco, un. ammoniar 
Amontdr, en. to ti; or taketo 
the niountaina 

Amontonadór, ra. a. one that 

Amonronamiénto, rm. accu- 

Amontonar, va. to heap, fl; 

into a pastion 
Am<3r, im. atfection, love 
Amoratado ; Amoretddo, da. 
m. livid 

Amorcillo, rm. slight lore 
Amorgddo, da. a. stuplfled 
from eatiiig the husks o f 
pressed olives: applled to 

Amorto, rm. fHendship 
AmorUcádo, da. a. resem- 
bllng the Moors 
Amormado, da. a. applled to 
horses havlng the glanders 
Amoróso, ca. a. affectionate 
Amorrar, en. to hold down 
the head ; to muse 
Amortajar, va. to shrowd a 

Amortecerse, or. to feint 
A mort ecimiónto, rm. swoon 
Amortiguación, Amortigua- 
miento, 4 . mortification 
Amortiguar, va. to mortify 
Amortización, </i mortmain 
Amortizar, va. to tender an 
estele inalienable 
Amoscdr, va. to flap files 
Amosqulládo, da. a. torment- 
ed with (lies 

Amostachado, da. a. wearlng 

Amostazarse, rr. to fl; Into a 
violent pasidon 
Amotinaddr, ra. *. mutlneer 
Amotinamiento, rm. mutlny 
Amotinar, va. to excite rebel- 
lian, pertúrbate the mlnd 
A rao* ó r, ra. to remove 
Amovible, a. what can be 
moved at wiU 

Ampira, rf. teixure of goods 
Amparaddr, ra. t. protector 
Amparar, va. to shelter 
Ampáro. rm. favour 
A'm píamente, ad. ampl; 
Ampliaddr, ra. «. one that en- 


A'mpllamente, ad. copurusl; 
Ampliar, tvt. to enlarge 
Ampliticacidn, tf. enlarge- 

Amplifiraddr, ra. s.amplifier 
Amplificar, va. to ampliQr 
A'mplio, lia. a. ampie 
Amplitud, <f. amplltude 
Ampo de la atóre, whitenesa 
Ampdila, tf. a bilster, phlal 
Am¡K)IIdr, ra. to btister ; vr. 

to rise In bubbles 
AmpolUr, a. resembling a 

Amjiolléta, rf. a small phlal, 
an hour-glast 
Amprár, tm. to borrow 
Amuchachado, da a. bovish 
Amugerddo, da. a. eflémlnate 
A mugrón addr, ra. i. one who 
trains vine shoots 
Amularse, or. to become ste- 

Amulatado, da. o. resembllng 
a mulatto 

Amulólo, rm. amulet 
Amunicionar, va. to supply 
with aminunltion 
Amdra, tf. tack of a sail ; 
Amura A ertribdr, aboard 
Amaradas, rf. rlsing 
Amurár, ra. to hnuí the tack 
Amurcar, va. to strike with 
the horas 

Amusgar, ra. to throw back 
A 'na, rf. an di 
Anacalífa, rm. a polsonous 
animal of Madagucar 
Anacarado, da. a. ofa peor); 
whlte colour 

Anacardo, rm. a kind of Ma- 
dagascar serpent 
Anacardina, rf'. sweet-meat, 
made of cashew-nut 
Anacardo, rm. cashew-tree 

Anacoreta, rm. anchor: te 
Anacorético, ca. a. relatlngor 
belonging to a recluse 
Anacdsta, rf. a sortof w odien 

A'nade, *m. y f. duck 
Anadedr, tm. to waddle 
Anadója, rf a duckiing 
Anadino, na. z. aaoungduck 
Anaddn. rm. V. Á’nadt 
Anadoncillo, «si. a grown 

Anafe, rm. a portable fumace, 
or ttore 

Anáglifos, tm. ni. rases adora - 
ctf with sculpture in barro 


Analógico, ea.a. anagnpetica 
Anagrama, rf »n anagrar.t 
AmJóctlro d Analéptico, tm. 

Andles, tm. fd. annals or his- 
tórica! account» dlgested in 
the order of jrears 
Analista, rm. annallct 
Analítico, ca. a. analvtlcal 
Analizár, va. to analjze 
Analogía, rf analogy 
Analógico, ca. Análogo, ga. a. 

analógica! or analogous 
Anána-, rm. plne-spp e 
Anapólo, tm. woir>-l>ane 
Anaquel, rm. shelf or bnard 
fixed agalnst or supported 
ln book -cases 

Anarangedr, va. to pdt with 

Anaranjado, da. a. orange- 

Anárquico, ca. a. confused 
Anatematizar, ra. to excom- 
mun icate, curse 
Anatocísmo, tm. tbeaccumu- 
latinn of interest upon Ín- 

Anatomía, rf anatomy 
Anatómico, ca. a. anatómica! 
Anatomista, tm. analomist 
Anatomizar, ra. toanatomlze 
A'nca, rf. croup, the buttocka 

A'uchamente, ail. wldel; 
Anchárla, rf- (among roer- 
chants and tTadevs.) The 
width of stuflT or dátil 
Anchóla, rf- ventare, goods 
which a per son, not ln 
trade, tendí on his own ac- 
count to India a 
A'ncho, cha. a. broad 
Anchóva y Anchoa, rf- an- 

Anchoólo, la. a. somewhat 

Anchúra, rf- width 
Anrliuróso, sa. a. Urge, vida 
Anchilui, rf. alkanct 
Anrianiddd, tf. oíd age 
Anc ino, na. o. oíd 
A'ncla, t‘. anchor; Pelear 
uva ancla, to drag for an 
anchor ; Ví.at del ancla, 
the anchor arms ¡ Al an- 
da i anclado, at anchor 
Anclad óro, tm. anchorsmlth 
A riel age, tm. the act of cost- 
ina anchor 

AncUr, va. to anchor 
Anclóte, tm. stream anchor 
Ancón, rm. an otom ruad, a 
ha; > 


d'ncorm, V. Anda. Reharán- 
cornt, to cut anchor ¡ Lle- 
var dncvrat, to weígh anchor 
Ancorería, tf. anchor forcé 
Ancorero, m. ancbor-imTth 
Andida, tf. athln hard baked 
cako without crumb 
Anda leras, tf pl. go-cart* 
Andadero, ra. a. accemible 
AniUdo, *«*. a step-son 
Andido, da. a. be&ten 
Andad, ir, a. a gool walker 
Andadores, ja/.Ieadingstrings, 
aUeyt in a garden 
Andadura, i,t. gait, ambla 
Andida, tf- vandal 
Andamio, mi. acattóid 
Andina, \f. row, rank, Une 
Andaniños, res. pl. leadlng 
al rings 

And.intikm, ca. a. that «hlch 
bclongx to knighthood 
Amianta, tf- occurrence 
Andar, tu. to go, «alk, be- 
have t Andar en carnet, to 
go stark naked ¡ Andar de 
teca en meca, to be mlng 
abou t ; A’ me jar andar, at 
best, at m«t ; A' peor an- 
dar, at wont ; A' mal an- 
dar, in fu 11 speed 
Andaráge, res. the wheel of a 
weil, to whirh the rope and 
bucket are fas tened 
Andariego, ga. a. restless 
Andarín, «ni. a fait-walker 
Andarlo, m. chite wagtall 
A'ndas, tf. pl. a bier 
Anden, raí. a shelf. V. Atu- 

Aruléro, rea. one «ho candes 
the ahafts of a bier on hU 
Andild, raí. a burnUhing 
ttick used by shoe-makerr 
Andolina d Andorina, tf. V. 

Andósco, ca. a. taro years oíd 
Andrajero, raí. ragman 
Andrajo, rea. rag of arorn 

Andrajóto, aa. a. ragged 
Andriina, tf. a Und of gown 
formerly worn by women 
Andrina, tf. • aloe. V. En- 

Andrino, rea. tloe-trce 
Aixlrdgino j Andrdgen o, na 
nennsphrodite , 

Androsérao, rea. St. John’» 
arort .. 

Anduir, rea. a kind of atribu- 
la tary village lnbaUted by 


A tufa lirios, rat. pl. a longand 
vida gown 

Andúlln, tea. carotof tobáceo. 
V. Pandero 

Andurriales, rea. pl. 
Anda, tf. leed mace 
Aneige, reí. ell measure 
Anear, va. to measure by ella 
Aneblir, tai. to doud 
Anegación, tf- oaeril owtng 
Anegadizo, ca, a. Hable to be 
orerflowed or inumlated 
Ancgádo, da. a. oaerflowed 
Asegir, va. to inúndate 
Aneirociido, da. a. orex- 
wnelmed with buxineaa 
Anexar, va. to annex 
Anezldiidea, tf. pl. annexet 
Anexión, tf. annex ion 
Anóxo, xa. a. aimexed 
Anfibio, bia. o. amphibious 
Anfibológico, ca. a. doulitful 
Anticéfaio, rea. a bed with two 
bolate» opposite to ench 

A'nfio. reí. o(rium 
Anñteitro, tm. am’.hitheatre 
Angarillas, rf.p/.hand-barrow, 
haskets hung to a horee’a 
•ide, cntet xtand 
Angarillón, reí. a Urge wkker 
liasket, a large hand-barrow 
Angarillóla, tf. a kinrl of 
conloe linen. AnganpJat, 
gaudy ornamenfs on cíothe* 
A'ngaro, reí. a lighl, «re or 
amoke, u¿ed aa a signa! 
A'ngel. rat ángel 
Angrlicíl y Angélico, ca. a. 

angelical or angellc 
Angélico, y Ito, raí. a Hule 
ángel, child 

Angelóte, rea. a Urge figure 
of an auge! placed on altan 
Angina, tf. quinsy 
A'ngla, tf. a cape 
Angoatir, va. to namur 
Angosto, ta. a. narrow, cióse 
Angostura, tf. narróme» 
A'ngra, tf. a tmali bay 
Anguarfna, tf. a louee coat 
hanglng down to the knecs 
Anguila, tf. an eel 
Angullixo, reí. a lash or 
itroke with a port roí* 
Anguilero, r. basket fot cela 
Angulir, a. angular 
AnguMrmente, ad. with an- 

A 'ti guio, tía. angla 
Angulóso, u. o. angula 
Angúrri», V. Sandia 
Angdstla, tf. angulah 


AngustUr, va. to alülct 
Anhelir, ce. to breethe 
difficulty, wish eagerly 
Anhólito, reí. respira! ion 
Anhelo, tm. ansien meta 
Anhelóso, aa. a. 

Anidlir, re. to nestle, reside 
Aniehlir, va. to dar km 
Añilóla, tf- bread made ai 

AnilUr, va. to form rings a 
ci releí In Work, used by 

Anillo, rm. a ring. Venir 
coma anillo al dedo, to come 
in the ver? niek of time 
A'nima, tf soul. V. Alma. 
A' ¡tu dnimae me t-dtd 4 
cata, at sun-setUng I re- 
tumed lióme 
Animación, tf- anlmation 
Anlrandór, ra. r. aniinator 
Animadversión, tf rcmark 
Animadvertencia, tf. adrice 
Animal, r. y a. animal 
Anlmalddo, da. o. animallzcd 
Animalizo, rm. a large or ble 

Anlmalón y Animalóte, res. 

a large or big animal 
Animalucho, rm. an ugiy» 
hkieuus animal 
Animár, va. to anímate 
Animé™, tm. one that aska 
charity for the soul* in pur- 

A nimo, rm. soul, courxge, 

Animosidad, tf- valorar 
Animoso, sa. a. bravo 
Aniñadamente, ad. in a child 
Ish, pueriie inanner . 
Aniñarse, vr. to grow child. 

AnlquiUble, a. annih lable 
Aniquiladór, ra. r. destruya 
AnlquiUr, tu. to annihlUto 
Anís, rm. anise 
AnUddo, da. a. applled to 
spirits tiñe tu red with aniso 
Amsillo, rm. small anise 
A n ¡reñirlo, ría. a. annual 
Aniversario, rm. anm renal? 

A 'no, res, anua 
Anóche, ad. last Tlght 
Anochecer, ce. to grow darfc, 
Al anochecer, at night-fall 
Anodinár, va. to appiy nao- 
dyne medidnos 
Anodin o, na. a. anodyne 
Anomalía, tf- lrregularlty 
AnomaLidíd, tf. irregular!» 
Aadmm, tf- cur»rd apple 


Anonadación, tf- armlhlla- 

Anonadar, na. la annlhilate 
Anónimo, mi. a. anonymous 
Anotación, ti- note 
Anotadór, rn. «. coinmentator 
Anotír, na. to «rile notes ; 
m. to note 

Anquéta. Eetar de media 
, enfada, to be ¡ncoramo- 
diously seated 

Anquiséco, ca. a. lean croup- 
, ea, applied to hoisca and 

A'nsar, em. a goose 
A usa recia, tf- the place whcre 
geese are reared 
Ansaréro, m. a goose-herd 
Ansarino, em. agosling 
Ansarón, em. a largo goose 
A'nsia, tf. anxictj 
Ansiar, va. lo desi re anxiouslv 
Ansioso, r a. a. anxious 
Antagonista, m. antagonist 
Antapóca, </'. a tecurlty «rhich 
a debtor gires to his cr edi- 

A'nte, m. a dressed buck or 
batíalo skin 

A'nte, jrrep. Ante mi, before 

Anteado, da. a. buff-coloured 
Antean lean dehe, ad. three 
nights ago 

Anteanteayer, ad. three dtp 

Anteayer, ad. the day before 

Autebrá/0, em. thefurearm 
Antecama, «/. a carjiet laid 
alone side of a bed 
Antecfinara, tf- ante-cham- 

Antecedente, em. antecedent 
Anteceder, va. to precede 
Antecesdr, ra. e. predecesor 
Antecoger, va. to bring a per- 
son or thing before one, to 
gather fruit before the time 
Antee .íro, em. the en Irán ce 
«hich leads tothe choir 
Antecristo em. antlchrist 
Antedatar, ra. to antedate 
Anteiglesia, tf. the pórtico at 
the cntrance of a church 
Antelación, tf- preference 
Antelucóno, na. a. about the 
dawn of dar 

Antemano, ad. De antemano, 
before hand 

Antemúlas, mt. forerr.ost mu- 

A ntemurál, m. a fort 
Antena, tf. a lateen Jard 

Antendllas» tf. pi. plncen 
Antrnóche, ad. the night be- 
fore last 

Anteó jo, im. a spy glass. An- 
taifa de larga meta, a tele- 
seo]!*. Antaijo de puño, 
opera glass 

Antepagar, na. to pay before 

Antepasádn, da. a. passed 
Antepasados, ancestovs 
Antepecho, em. breastwcrk, 
¡Kiraptt, footstcp of a Coach, 
liantes» lór the brean of a 
dnuglit bol se 
Anteponer, va. to prefer 
Antepórtlco, «n. restibuie or 
porch at the entrence of a 

Antepuerta, tí- a curtain or 
ser tren placed before a door 
Anterioridad, tf- priority 
A'nte», prtp. before 
A'nte», ad. rather 
Antesacristía, t‘. an apart- 
ment «hich leads to the 

Antesala, tf. an apartment 
«hich leads to the principal 
tiall of a building 
Antetemplo, em. pórtico 
Antevór, ve. to foresec 
Antevíspera, tf. the day before 

Amia, tf. mutton fish 
An'icardenál, m. a ichama 
tic cardinal 

Anticipada, tf- anunexpected 
thrust 01 tilo» 

Anticipadór, ra. t. anticipator 
Anticipante, pa. anticipated 
Anticipar, va. to anticípate 
Anticritico, m. anticritic 
Antidoto, em. antidote 
Antier, ad. the day before jtt- 

Antiiato, em. black coral 
Anttfár., em. a veil «hich co- 
ver» the face 
Antífona, tf- an anthem 
Antiguan!, tf- • monument of 
antiquity ¡ antiquity 
A ntíguamente, ad. anciently 
Antiguamiónto, em. the act of 
making oíd 

Antiguar, v». to obtaln senio- 
rity,a» a memberof a tribu- 
nal, Ac. — va. to tntiquatc 
Antigüedad, tf. antiquity 
Antiguo, gua. a. oíd 
Antimonial, a. antimonial 
Autlmónio, em. antlmony 
Antinóo, em. Antinou» 

A ti ti papa, em. an anli-pope 

Antipáre, tf. a «creen placed 
before anotber to cover It ; 
agtuter, «hich curare mere- 
ly the fore part of the leg» 
and feet 

Antq.dtea, «n. a sort of black 

Antipatía, tf- antlpethy 
Antípodas, em. pi. antipodee 
Antipódia y Anti|>ódio. e. an 
extraordinaiy dish addedto 
the usual meal 
Antipútrido, da. a. antiseptlc 
Anüquádo, da. a. antiquated 
Anticuario, em. antiquary 
Antítipo, l». an image 
Antojadizo, xa. a. longing 
Antoiamiénto, ,*i. a longing 
Antojarse, vr. to long 
Antojara, tf. a spectacie-case 
Antojero, em. maker or ven- 
der of apretarles 
Antójo, em. a longing ¡ «pee- 
tacies i eyc-flap for horse» 
Antojuílo, em. a slight detiie 
oí a thing k 

Antólrha, tf. torch 
Antorchero, em. a candiesttck 
for taper», & c. 

A'ntra», em. vermillion 
A'utro, em. cavern, den 
Antropófago, im. cannibal 
Antruejo, «i. the three last 
day» of the carnlval 
Anuál, e. animal 
Anualidad, tf. state or quality 
of t>eing annoal 
Anubarrado, da. e. elouded ¡ 
applied to linena, íce. 
Anublar, va. to cloud, darken 
— vr. to be blasted or mil- 
dewtd ¡ applied to toril and 
other plante 

Anudar, va. kuot, unite— rn. 

Anuencia, tf- condescendenee 
Anuente, a. courtcou* 
AnuMble, a. that «hich can 
be annulied 

Anulación, tf. ce» catión 
Anuladór, ra. a. one «ho 
maltes nuil or void 
Anular, va. tu annul 
Anulativo, va. a. derogatory 
Anuloso, sa. a. composcd ot 
many ring» 

Anoncindór, e. a mestenger 
Anunciar, M. to announte 
Anuncio, em. ornen 
A'nuo, UA. a. V. Anual 
Anvírso, rn,. obverse 
Anzolado, da. a. hooked lo 
Anzuelfto nn. • snull tish 




Anzuelo, tus. fith-hook 
Añida, tf. the good or bed 
•emson which nappens tn a 
mear ; moiety of arable land 
Añadir, va. tn add, tubjoln 
Añafea, i. Papdt de afiafta, 
brown paper 

Añaffl, tm. a musical pipe 
uaed by the Moon 
Añagára, »/. a bird-call 
Añil, a. annual 
AMm y Anacía, tf. annual 
feast or festival 
Ahijar, ra. to make olrt — t ir. 

to grnw oíd, bccome «tale 
Aflijo, Ja. a. oíd, atale 
Añicos, re n. pl. a number of 
vean. Ya tírete tur añ icett, 
he la of a good round age 
Af.ll, i«t. the Indigo plant 
Afdníro, «n. tk nner 
AlHnes, m. coarte tow 
Añinos, tm. ¡d. the fleeey 
sklns of yearling lamba 
Añlrádo, da. o. dyed blue 
A'Ro, tm. a year j Mal ato, 

Aflojál, tm. plece of land 
cultivated «orne years, and 
then allowed to remt 
Añájo, ja. a. a yearling calí 
A (Vira j Afioria, tf. draw- 

Afidw, u. a. oíd 
Añublado, da. a. bllndfolded 
Añublarse, vr. to be atllicted 
wlth grlef ln the raidat of 
pros|ierlty and Joy 
Añdblo.sni. mildew ; V. Ti ton 
Añudado, da. a. knotted 
Añudaddr, ra. i. one who tles 
Añusgar, va. to ohoak, vex 
Aocddo, da. a . hollowcd 
Aojado, da. a. bewitclied 
Aojatldr, ra, t. a conjurar 
Aojadúra y Aojamlénto, a. 

Aojar, va. to fascínate 
Aojo.rm.thc act of bewitchlng 
Aovado, da. a. formed in the 
•ha]* of an egg 
Aovar, va. to lajr egg» 
Aovillarse, err. to grow hito 
the ahape of a clew 

vju to pre)>are (he 
vnek or a waxcanclle, to 

dic aw* T 

Apacentadero, tm. pasture a hmUcnan 
Apacentamiento, i*, the act 
of tending graalng cattle. 

Apacentar, ra. to tend cattle 
Apaclbllidíd, tf. aftabülty 

Apacible, a. a fiable, meck 
Apaclguadtir.ra. t. paciñcator 
Apaciguamiento, tm. pacifl- 

Apaciguar, va. to appease 
Apadrinaddr, ra. t. patrón 
Apadrinar, ra. to sup)wrt 
Apagádo, da. a. tubmisalve, lanlmous 

Apagador, tm. one srho 
quinche» or extingulshes, 

Apagamiento, tm. extinction 
Apagar, ro. to extlnguish 
Apagullar, ra. to »trlke an 
une» peded blow 
Apalneládo, da. a. roade in 
iraltation of half an elllpsis 
Apalabrar, ra. to appoint a 
meeting for conferrlng on 
tome subject or olher 
Apalancar, ra. tu 1 i it or inove 
with a leve», mupplant 
ApalcadJr, ra. t. one who 

Apaleamiento, tm. drubblng 
Apalcdr, ra. to cañe, drub, 
roove graln to prevent tte 
betng spoiled 

Apartcdra, tf. the conunon 


Apandillar, va. {brm partiem, 

Apantanar, ra. to make a 
reservo! r 

Apantuflado, da. a. wearlng 
•hoem made in the alipper 

Apañado, da. a. reaembling 
woollen cloth 

Apañador, a. onewhograaps 
Apañad lira, tf. the act of 
•eiiing or grasplng 
Apañar, ra. to grasp; en. 
mubmlt to 

Apaño, nn. a patch or other 
way of mcr.ding a thing 
Apañuscar, ra. to rumple 
Apapagayado, a. parrot-like 
Apapagayárse, vr. to be of a 
parrot colour 

Aparaddr, tm. sldeboard, 
dresser in the kitchen, 
workshop, wardrobe 
Aparar, va. to itretch out the 
hands or skirt* of clotbes 
for recelvlng angr thing 
thrown by another ; (among 
mhoemakers) to clone the up- 
per and hind-quarters of a 

Aparatado, da. a. preparad 
Aparkto.rm. apparatu», show. 
Ba¡) apararos dt Urna, U 

C ' 

lookm as If it weragobnr «w 


Aparatóse, sa. o. pompen 
Aparcería, tf. partnership la 
a farm 

Aparcero, tm. a partner la a 

Aparear, ra. to match 
Aparecer, n». y vr. to appear 

A paret ¡miento, im.apparillon 
Aparejado, da. a. prepared 
Aparejar, ra. to prepare 
Aparejo, tm. preparalioa 
Aparejos, pl. tools 
Aparejueio, tm. a «malí appa- 
tus, small tarkle 
A paren lar, ro. to make a falsa 

A p.u entornen te,/i<f.n|'parentlp 
Apariencia, tf. appearance 
Aparrddo, da. a. crooked of 
spreading like vines ; apptl- 
ed to Ir res and planta 
Aparroquiado, da. a. belonr- 
ing toa pari-.h 

Aparroquiir, ra. to attzact 
cusloniers lo a «hop 
Apartadero, in. parting. 

place, cros* ruada 
Apartadijo, tm. a small part 
Apartadi/o jm. a small rotan, 
talen from another apart» 
ment of which It made 4 

Apartadizo, a. shy, retirad 
Apartado,,»», a r en red rnom; 
a smelting-houxe, vhera 
gold is separa led firom sil. 
verj a small box at the 

Apartador, ra. t. one who di, 
vides or sepárate* 
formal renunciation of a 

Aparidr, ra. to part, divide 
Apárte, im. break lu a Une 
A |x(rte, ai. apart 
Aparviir, ra. to arrange coni 
for l*ing threshed, lieap . 
A pasión. ¡do, da. a. passionate 
Apasionar, ra. to excite of 
Inspire a passion 
Apático, ca. a. apathetlc 
Apatusi ár, ra. lodo things ln 
a bungUng manner 
Apaysádo, da. a. resembling 
a londscape 

Aparáte, ti«. American hosil 
Apeadero, tm. a block or 
atep, wiih Ihe aid of which 
a l*erson inounts a horae or 



Apcaddr, mu • land «urreyor 
peamldnto, na. V. A \ »ro 
4¡>edr, va to allght from a 
horse, &c. m«s»ur» land», 
Scc. acoal a wheel 
Apechugar, m. lo push with 
the breast 

Apedazdr, va. to patrh 
Apedernalado, da. a. flinty 
Apedreádo, da. a. stoned 
Aiwdreaddr, un. one who 
throws «tone», or pelt» 
Apedreamiento, tm. laplda- 

Apedrvdr, va. to «tone — en. 

hall i 

Apedréo, tm. lapldatlon 
Apegadamente, ad. studlously 
Apegamiento, tm. adhesión I 
Apego, tm. attachment 
Apelacidn. tf. appeal 
Apeládo, da. . appenled 
Apelado, da, a, a f tlie «ame 
coal or colour ; applied to 
mulé» or hornes 
A|>elainbrar, va. to «teep 
skins or hides >n pita filled 
vith lime- water, that thc 
halr may come olF 
Apelante, a. appellant 
A l*e lar, en. to appenl, haré 1 
reeotirie to, be of the «ame 
colour, applied to the bair 
of humes or moles 
Apelde, «»«. fllght, escape 
Apeligrado, da. a. tn danger 
Apeligrar, va. to endangei 
Apeliúte»,«n.north-ea»t wind 
ApelUr, tm- {among curriers) ( 
to tíreos leather 
Apellidado, da. a. named, va. to cali one 1? 

hi» ñame, proclalm 
Apellido, *t«. Jumante 
A)>elluzgado, da. a. modelled 
Apelluzgar, ni. to model 
Apelmazar, tm. to compresa 
A'pflo, ad. apropoa 
Apenachado, da. a. adornes! 

with plumea 
Apenas, ad. scarcely 
A|>Cndlcr, tm. appertdlg 
Apeo, tm. boundary, props, 
stayt, Ste. 

Apeonar, re. to walk swlftly 
Aperador, tm. ooe who ha* 
thc care of a farm, a cart- 
• wrlght 

Aperár, »a. to build cart» 
Apercibido, da. a. provldcd 
Apercibitnifnto, «a. the act 
of prorldliiR, adjustment, 
order, adrice, aummoni 
Apercibir, re. to prepare 

Apercldn, act of openlng 
Aperdigado, da. a. brolle»! 
Aperdigar, re. V. Perdigar 
Aperitivo, ra. a. aperltlre 
Apemár, ra. to siete lij the 
nam ¡ applied to dogs 
Apéro, tm. the whole of the 
toota and imploro en ti ne- 
cenary for a trade 
Aperreado, da. a. harassed 
Aperreaddr, t. an intruder 
Apciredr, ra. to throw one to 
the dog* — vr. to toil { ap- 
plied to hotindt 
Apesadumbrado, da. e. reicd 
Apesadumbrar, re. to rea 
A]>csganiiénto, tm. the act of 
sinking onder a load 
Apesgar, re. to overload 
Apestado, da- o. |*estercd 
Apestar, va. to infect with 
the plague or pcstilence 
Apetecer, va. to long for a 

Apetecible, a. dedrable 
Apetencia, tf- ap|>etite 
Apetito, tm. appetite 
Apetitó o. «a. a. p lea¡Jng to 
the taste 

Apcynazádo, da. a. mnde of 
cross nieve» 

Apezuñar, m. to tread fimo 
on thc hoof 
Apiadarse, vr. to plty 
Apicarado, da. e. roguUh 
A'pice, **• sumnrit j Hitar 
rn íot dplert, lo hiñe a 
complete and minute 
knowleslge of a thlng 
Apilar, no. topilcorheop up 
Apimpollarse, rr. to shoot, 
applied to tree» 

A pifiado, da. e. pyramldal 
Apiñar, te. to press clonely 
A 'pió, «ni. celery 
Apiolar re. to gyreahawk 
A pique, ad. alinost 
Apisonar, re. to ram down I 
earth or other thlngs with | 
a runmif 

Apitonar, rm. to pnt fnrth the 
A placdble, r. placable 
; A placación y Aplacamlénto, 
». act of appeaslng 
I Aplacasldr, ra. t. one who 
i an*a«es 
Aplacar, re. to appeaje 
Aplaciente, a. that whlch 

Aplanaildr, tm. • lereller, 
ono who males eren 
Aplanamiento, nu thc act of 

Aplanir, re. to le reí 
Aplanchado, da. a. ironed 
Aplanchadora, (f. a wwtnr 
whose trade Is to Izo** 
andget up Unen 
A)><anrhar, va. lo ¡ron Unan 
Aplastado, da. a. caled 
A plasta r, va. to cake 
Aplaudido, da. a. applauded 
Aplaudir, ra. to appUod 
ApUúso, tm. applausa * 
Aplayar, m. to cverflow 
Aplazamiento, m, convoca- 
tlun, act of eonvening 
ApUrár, va. convenc, invest 
A plicd ble, a. applicahle 
Apiñado, da. a. «todiotu 
Apiñar, i a. to apply 
Aplomado, da. e. of the 0W* 
lour of lead 

Aplomar, re. to overload , 
A 'poca, tf. rccelpt 
A)K>cado, tía. pp. lessened 
A ¡socado, a. puslllanimoiu 
Apucaddr, ra. t. one who 
Icssens or dimlnUhet 
Apocalipsis y Apoclípsi, tm. 
apoca Ijpse 

Apocamiento, tm. abjectneM 
of mind 

Apocir, re. to lessen 
A pedidor, rm. a wog 
A ¡Kxlár, to. to tcofi’ 

A podenc ido, da. a. pointer- 

Apoderado, da. a. cmpowered 
Apoderado, tm. an nttomey, 

Apddo, «m. nlck ñame 
ApUgrafo, tm. copy of «orne 
book or wrlllng 
! Apelillado, da. o. tr.oth eaten 
| ApolilUr, va. to eat clothes, 
or other thlngs; applied to 

Apología, *f. apology 
Apológico» ca. a . that which 
relates or belong» to on 

Apologista, rm. apologist 
Apoltronado, e. intiinattd 
Apoltronarse, ra. to lolter 
Apomazar, re. to glazepnut- 
ed linens with pumice- 
«tone for the parpóte of 
pnimlng on them 
Apoplético, ca. «. «popleetlc 
A ¡sores d lira, tf. the act of 
ralslng earth «round celery 
or other plant» 

Aporcar, va. to coree plant» 
with earth for the pur¡>o«e 
of t ende ring them ripe and 


JLporrmceár, tyi. to pommol 
Aporrár, »*. »o stand mut«. 
— vr. lo betrome iropartu- 
nite or troublesome 
Apnwniéolo, m. the id 
of beating or pommelling 
Aporreánte, pa. cudgeller 
Aporreár, tu. to beat. — vr. 
to atudy wlth cb»c amdlca- 
tion ; Aporrearte en la Jau- 
la, to aigagv ¡n Guillen 

Aporreo, «i». the act of beat- 

Aportaderas, tf. tJ. a «ort of 
ebeata in which proTiaions 
are carried on a hone 
Apartadero, un. a place arhere 
a ahlp or peraon may atop 
Aportar, va. to arrire at a 

AportUUr, ve. to make a 
breach in a rampart or 
Wall. — or. to tumble doarn 
A'jkm, «ai. ara avallo* 
Aposentador, ra. «. on* who 
Jeta lodglnpj Apotenladir, 
quarter- ñutís 
Aposenta miento, nn. the act 
of kxiging or takíng up a 
temporary habltation 
Aposentar, ra. to lodge 
Aposento, «at. an apartment, 
an Inn, a box in the pUy- 

Apoaeiiotiárae, vr. to take 
poaseation of a thlng 
AjnWto, tm. any esternal me- 
dicinal Application 
Apoapélo, ad. agalnit the 

Aporta J A poatddamente, ad. 

detlgnedly, on purpoae 
Apostadero, «at. a place 
where añidiera or other per- 
tona are atationed, a atation 
for ahipe 

A prutt tullir, «at. bettor 
Apoatáleos, ra. p I. planks 
froin S to 7 lnchet thlck 
Apollar, va. bel, laj a wager 
Apóstata, tm. apostate 
Apaatatár, nt. to a|>oatatiae 
Aportelár, va. to vrlte ahort 

Apostema, tf, an apoatume 
tpoatcmár, va. to avell and 
cornapt into matter 
Apostemero, «at. blttotury 
A postemilla, tf. a tmall ab 

Apoatflla, tf. a brief note pul 
to a hook or vriting 
AportUUr, ve. to put brief 


note* to a book or arltlng. 
—vr. to break out in pira- 
pica or puatu lea 
Apostrofar, va. to apostro- 
phise, to addre» one 
Apostrofo, «ai. «he contrac- 
tion of a word by the ate 
of a comma ; aa, ramittaJ 
for la amietai; but thia 
contraction ia nov dlauied 
A posturáge, V. Barragantíet 
Apdte, ad. abundantly 
Apotegma, ra. a|<othegm 
Apoteosis t f- a pót héosla 
Apoyadero, tm. aupport 
Apoyadúra, tf. fio* of the 
milk which comee out of 
the breaat a ben nunca gire 
auck to children 
Apoyár, va. to protectj Apoy- 
ar loe etpaeiat, to ipur. 
Confirm. — va. to reat tm ¡ 
Apoyara* «a Int etlrihot, to 
boar upon the at i trape 
ApOyo, tm. prop, itay 
Apreciáble, a. worthy of ce* 
teem, that which can fetch 
a price 

Apreciación, tf- estima! Ion 
Apreciador, ra. «. entimator 
Apreciár, va. to eitlmat* 
Aprecio, ra. appraitement 
Aprehender, va, to appre- 
hend ¡ Aprehender la pote- 
«ion, to take ptMSesalon 
Aprehensión, tf. the act of 
aeizing or taking up a cri- 
minal, perception 
Aprehensivo, va. a. apprchen- 
alve, fcarful 

A prehensor, ra. ». one vbo 

Apiehenatírio, ría. a. appre- 

Apremiador, ra. «. on* who 
compela or forcea to do a 

Apremiár, va. to presa, urge 
Apremio, ra. pressure 
Aprender, m, to leam 
Aprendí/, za. «. apprentice 
AprentUzáge, tm. apprentioe- 

AprenaadOr, tm. préster 
Aprenaár, v*. to dreaa cioth, 
«o calender 

Apretador, ra. «. priva leer 
A presa mi ruto, ra. capture 
Apretár, «a. to seize 
Aprestár, va. to prepare 
Aprdoto, tm. prepara! ion for 
a thlng 

Apresurado, da. brief 
m, to * 


Apretado mente, ad. tlghtly k 
Apretadora, tf. a rtjrap te 
bind any thlng wlth 
Apretadero, tm. bandage by 
which rupturea are re- 
atrained flro m relapaing 
Apretádo, da* a. mean, hard 
Apretador, «nt. one who beat* 
down, an under walatcoat 
Apretadura, tf. comprcsalon 
Apretamiento, «at. a crowd, 
conflict, avarice 
Apretár, va. to compreat, 
distress, act wlth more en- 
ergy than usual ¡ Apretar 
toe e'deiae, to run away 
ApretOn, «nt. p reasure 
A pretil rm,<f. a crowd, dlstreu, 
anguish, confines! place 
Apriesa, ad. in harta 
Aprieto, «at. crowd . v* 
Aprimir, va. to compreat 
Aprisa, ad. íwiflly 
Aprisár, va. to basten, hurry 
AprisnadOro y Aprisco, ra. 

theepfold, theepcot 
Aprltionár, va. to confine 
Aproár, nt. «o tum the head 
of a abip towards any part. 
—va. to beneflt 
Aproliacidn, tf- approbatkm 
A probador, ra. «. approver 
Aprohánte, «ni. a probatiuner 
Aprobár, va. to approve 
Aprobativo, a. approbatlve 
Apnin, «nt. a amail fresh wa- 
ter fish 

Aprontár, va. lo prepare 

ArOnto, ra. a speesly expedi- 
tloua prepara! ion 
Apropiádamente, ad. fitly 
A propiadOr, tm. appToprtator 
A propiár, va. to appiopriat* 
AproplnquaclOn, tJ. approach 
A prop inquiete, vr. to ap- 
proacb, to draw neme 
Aprovecer, ni. to make pro 

Aprovecháble, a. profitabte 
Aprovechádo, da. pp. ira 
proved. — a. sparing, paral 
moni out 

Aprovechamiento, «ni. profit 
utiUty, progresa made ia 
an an 

Aprovechár, rn. to make pro 
cresa, advan ce. — va. to pro 
fit of a thlng 

Aproxlmár, va. to approach 
Aptitud, tf- aptitud# 
aV*o, ta. a. apt, fit 
Apuesta, tf- a bel, a nacer 
1 ApuOt»a, tm. ejsUbet, tille 


Ajralgarár, na. to (bree wlth 

1 the thumb 

Apunchár, ra. (among comb- 
makersl tu cut out the 
ttítli of a rom b 
Apuntación, yf. annotatlon 
Apuntador, un. obwrrver 
Apuntul.iT, ua. to prop 
Apuutamiénto, *m. observa- 

Apnntár, mi. to atm. mark. 
Bl día te apunta, tbe da; 
peeps ; »r. tu begin to tum ¡ 
Applied to nrine 
Apúnte, tm. V. Apuntamiento 
Apúnte, «n. the words sug- 
gected b; a prompter on the 
i auge 

Apufietcár, na. to «tTike re- 
peatedl; with the liand 

Apuradamente, ad. at the nick 
of time ; puncluall; 
Apurádo, da. a. j*oor 
Apuraddr, un. reliner ¡ one 
who spemls or consume* 
Apuramiénto, tm. rec.'.rrh 
Apurár, na. to purify, clesr 
up.exh.iust. Aparar d uno, 
to and perplea one — 
er. to grieve, te be affliclcd 
A puro, tm. want, anguUh 
Aquadriliár, ni. to forin or 
nead partir» 

Aquarteiádn, a. quartered 
Aquartelamiénto, tm. the 
quartering of troop» 
AguarteUr, txt. to qaartrr 

Aquatico y Aquálll, a. aquatic 
Aqteducto, tm. aquedurt 
Aquejar, mi. to complaln 
Aquél, lia, lio. he, »he, that 
A'qúeo, ea. a. aqueous 
Aquerenciírne, ir. to be (i>nd 
of a place; applied to cattle 
Aquése, sa, «o. a demonstra- 
tive pronoun, relating to a 
person or thlng totnewhat 
diatan l 

Aquestár, m. to conquer 
Aquí, nd. here, novt, then 
Aqulescéncla, yf. comen! 
Aquletár, va. to qtiiet 
A 'quila-alba, yf. curro»! re cub- 
limate mí red with fre»h 

Aquilatar, tía. to assa; gold 
and «Iver j eiamiue close- 

Aquiléa, yf. mllfntl 
Aquildfia, yf. columbina 
Aquilino, na. a. aqulline 
Aquilouál, y «quilonár, uorth- 



tm, Tiempo aquilonal, the 
winler masan 
AquosicKd, yf. aquotit; 
Aquóao, sa. a. aqueou» 

A'ra, yf. altar 

Arábiga, yf. a itone resem- 
bllngspotted irorr 
Arábigo, ga. y Arábico, ca. a. 

Arabic, Arablan 
Arátln, tm» a plnugh 
Araddr, tm. a ploughman 
Aradorcíco, tm. a i malí hand- 

Arad úra, yf. aration 
Aragán, tm. idler 
Arámia, */. a pleca of plough- 
«d grnund tit for »owlng 
Arancél, tm. tlie fixed rale of 

Aramlánn, tm. bllberry 
Atandéla, yf. the pan of the 
sncket of a candlettlck ; 
nave-box of a gun cartiage ; 

A ramada, yf. acre of ground 
Araftadór, ra. t. one who 

Arafiamiénto, tm. tbe act of 

Arañar, mi. to scratch. Arañar 
riouexat , to gather riches 
with great eagemess 
Arañd/ o, m, a long deep 

Arancfl, tm. tarliT 
Arafiéro, a. V. Zahareño 
Aráño, tm. a «cratch 
Arafidn, tm. aloe 
Arapénde, tm. anclent mea- 
su re of 140 square feet 
Arár, mi. to plough the land 
Aratdrío, lia. a. beiongtng to 
• husbándman 

Arbelldn, tm. gutter fordraln- 
ing oíf the water (rom 
ronda and bridge* 
Arbitráhle, a. arbitrar; 
Arbltraddr, tm. arbitor 
Arbitrál, a. V. ArlUrario 
y Arbitráge, tm. tbe award 
of an arbitrator 
Arhirrár, va. to adjudge 
Arbitrario, ria. Arbitr atlro, 
va. a. arbitrar; 
Arhitratdiio, ria. a. that 
whích relates to arbitra- 

Arbitrio, tm. fVce and ancón- 
irauled will and pleasure, 
mean», arbitration 
Arbitrista, tm. srhemer 
A'rbitrn, tm. arbiter 
Arboriiádo, 4. al bumeent 


A'rbol, tm. a tree, matt of a 
»hlp ; V. Palo 

Arbol ád o, da. a. ptanted with 
trees, masted 

Arbolar, re. to holit ¡ Arbo- 
lar el navio, to msst a »hip 
Arboláiio, tm. V. A. rbuturio 
Arboliro, tm. a large tree 
Arboleda, yf. grove 
Arbuléju, tm. a»mall tree > 
Arbolista, im. arburbt 
Arbulldn, tm. flood-gatc. dam 
Arbóreo, rea. a- relating ot 
belonging to tree» 
Arbotante, tm. arch of sume 
or brlck raiste! against a 
wall to support a vault 
Arbusto ; Arlmsta, t. ashrub 
A 'rea, yf. chr»t¡ Arca», cof- 

Arcabucear, ra. to shoot with 
the eróse bow 

Arcabucería, yf. a troop of 

Arcatiucdro, iw. archer 
Areahtlr, tm. arquebuse 
Arcabuxáxo, tm. a shot !Yom 
a gun, and the wound It 

Arcada, yf. violent motlon o( 
tbe stomach, arcad i 
Arcador, tm. pi;-e for the esm- 
ve;anc* of water, bucket 
for raislng water out of a 
draw-well ; l Jetar ana cota 
per toa arcaduces, to con- 
duet an aitair through it» 
proper channel 
Arcaduaár, va. to conve; wa- 
ter through condulta or 

ArcJngel. tm. arcbancel 
ArcantiUd, yf. a profonnd «e- 
cret of great moment 
Arcano, na. a. y t. «ccret 
Ar cár, tm. a lorge chest j 
A rcára, yf. a large cheat 
A'rce, tm. maple-trce 
Areediánato, tm. archdeacoo- 

Arcetlláno, tm. archdeacoo 
Arcén, tm. burder, edge 
Arehéro, tm. arelier 
Archldticái, n. that whlch be- 
longs or relates to an arch- 
duke or erehduchy 
Archidúque, tm. archduke 
Archilaúd, in a musical In- 
strument shaped and siring- 
es! as a late, but of a largex 

Archpiélago, tm. archipe- 

Archivár, ea. to depasii.» 

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' ^ 


thlng or writlng inan u 

Archivo, tm. archive» 
Arcilla, tf. white carth 
Arcillólo, u. a. clayuh 
Arel préste, im. arihprie-t 
A 'reo, tm. arch, luidle bow 
A 'reo 1 », (f. a tort of coane 

Arcón, rm. n large cheat 
A'rctlco, o. arctlc 
Arcuádo, da. a. guaged 
A'rda, tf. tquirrel 
Ardaleádo, da. ;>p. mode thln 
rdaledr, ni. to thln 
Ardite,, tf. pl. the coaner »ort 
of Prr*ia Mlk 

A rd, -urnas, tf. ul. the finer sort 
of l’ersla silk 

Anletlór, «i. a klnd of ser 

Ardentía, tf'. heat 
Ardedla, tf. a unall klnd of 

Ardér, ea. to Imm, llame 
Arrléro, a. tquirrel hunter 
Ardid, tm. stratagent 
Ardido, da. a. hcated, applled 
to rnin 

Ardiente, a. that whlch bumt 
Calentura ardiente, a bum- 
ing fe ver 

\rdnla, tf. tquirrel 
Ardite, tm. an anctent coln 
Ardor, tm. great heat 
Ardor<í~o, ta. a. fierjr 
Arduidád, tf. extreme dlffl 

A'rduo, dua. a. arduoua 
A 'rea, tf. at ea, a halo 
Arena tf. tand 
Arenáceo, ea. a. gravdly 
Arenál. tm. a tandy gTound 
Arenak-Jo y Arenalíllo, «,». a 
amall tandy plece of ground 
Arenár, ro-to eover with tand 
A reñir o, tm one who dcaU 
In tand . 

Arenga, tf. harangue 
Arengár, rn. to harangue 
Atenles y Arenilla, tf. unall, 
tiñe aand 

Arenisco y Arepóso, a. tandy 
Arinque, am. hevring 
Arestín, tm. fru.h, a dlteaae 
In hurte* 

Arfár, ni. to pltch ; applled 
to a thip 

Argadijo y Argadillo, rm. 

reel. V. Devanadera 
Argádo, im. tirank 
ArgálU, tf. V. Alfolia 
Argalléra, tf. a klnd of ta* 
fot outting groo vea 

Argamandel, tm. rag, tatter 
Argamása, tf. marta i 
Argamaair, va. to make mor* 

Argamasón, tm. a large plece 
of mortar found among the 
ruina of a building 
Argamúla, tf. itarsrort 
A'rgana, tf. a machine re- 
teñí bling a erane,fur raidng 
nones and other weighty 

Argano], tm. a tmall brasa 

Arpando, tm. anchor-ring 
A'rgano, tm. an andent war- 
Uke machine 
A'rgel, a. unlucky 
Argelino, na. a. algerina 
Argenta, tm. a thin tkln form- 
ed In the pupil of the e ye 
Argentár, > a. to píate cr cover 
with sil ver 

Argentería, tf. embroidery In 
guld or sil ver 

Aigentifodína, tf. tilver mine 
Argento, tm. sllver 
Argüía, tf. V. Arcilla 
Arglrogóola, tf. phlloaopher't 

Argólla, tf. a ttaple 
Argollón, tm. a large ttaple 
A'rgoma, tf. prlckly broom 
Argomál, tm. plantation of 

Argomón, tm. large prlckly 

Arguasáque, m. gum íra- 

A rgücla, tf. tubtilty 
Argüe, tm. windUat 
Arguelláne, rr. to be emaclat- 

Arguello, tm. faintneu 
Argüir, en. to argüe 
Argumentador, ta. t. arguer 
ArgumentlUo, tm. a tlight 

Argumento, tm. ohjection 
•tarted agaüut the opinión 
of anóther, tlgn, token 
Arguimntóto, ta. x.lngenlout 
A rguyénte, pa. arguer 
A'ria, tf. tune or air 
Aribár, ro. to red yam lnto 

A ribo, tm. red for making 
tkdnt * 

Arirfr. va. to plough acroaa 
ground town with cora 
Artdéz, tf. drought 
A'rido, da. a. dry 
Arién/o, tm. a llttle rain 
> Arida, tf. a short air, a ton] 

C 3 

Aríetíno, na. a. reren. bllttg 
the head of a ram 
Arija, tf. mlll-dutt 
Alijo, Ja. a. Hght 
Arillo, im. a tmall hoop 
A rimó?, tf. part of a building 
whlch Jutt or ttandt out 
Arlndájo, tm. a Jay 
Arttaro, tm. wake-rohin 
Arisco, ca. o. fierre, rude 
Aritmética, tf. arithmrtic 
Arista, tm. awn, betroof cora 
Aristárco, tm. a severe ren- 
turer of anotberlt writlng, 
the thlrd t|*ot of the moon 
Aristino, V, Arntin 
A ristocrácia, tf. arlstorrary 
Aristocrático, ca. a. aristocrá- 

Arlstoldqula, tf. hlrthwort 
Ariitó-n, ta. a. havlng many 
pricklm on the rar 
Aritmética, tf. arlthmctic 
Aritmético, tm .arithniet leían 
Arlequín, tm. a bufloon 
A rllenánae, tm. a aort of Unen 
A 'rio, »m. tierlwrry 
Arlóla ó Alróta,f/~. iow of lias 
or ben p 

A'iina, tf. alarm or arras ; 
Arma, arma é ti hit nrmat, 
to arms ¡ Arma de Jurga, 
hre-.-irms , — pl troops 
Armaoó concert of ilutes 
Armáda, tf. fleet 
A matlía, tf. raft 
Armadijo, tm. trap or triare 
for c nchlng garre or birdt 
Armcdi la, tf. a tmall squad- 
ron of mtn of war 
Armádo, da. m>. armed, coid 
or tilver placed on other 

Armó do, ir. a man armed 
with a coet of malí 
Armador, rm. nwner, priva- 
teer, ciuirer, Jacket 
Armadora, tf. arniour 
Armamento, tm. anr.ament 
A muir, rn. to arm with of- 
fcnslvc or defenslve w can- 
on* ; Armar fln/tu é ruido, 
to stirup disturiianctt 
Armário, tm. a prest 
Armatóste. tm. an tinwicldy 

E lcce of furnltuie, which 
i more ctunberrome than 
convs-nient, a trap 
Araiarón, rm. armour 
Armellna, tf. rratlne tkln 
Armé'la, tf. ttaple or ring 
mntle of ¡ron or other metal 
Armclhiéla, tf. a tmall ttaple 
or ring 


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Armería, tf. armoury, trade 
of an ariuourer or gun- 

Arméto, tm armón) cr 
virulilla, tf. principal part of 
thf liase ot a culumn 
A rmíno, tm. enriine 
Arml|K>ténte, a. rnighty ln 

Armisticio, tm. armlstloe 
Armonía, tf. harmony 
Arnionlatu, im. gum animo- 

A rmdnlco, ca. a. harmonio 
Armonioso, sa. a. Iiarni oniout 
A'i na, tf. bec-hiv* 

Amicho, tm. reat-haraow 
Arnés, tm. coat of mail, ar 

Arrulla, tf. a «malí bee-hlre 
A'ro, tm. hoop of wood, Iron 
or other metáis, Iron ¿tapie 
Aromático, ca. a. aroinatic 
Aromaiizár, va. to perfume 
Animo, rm, the aromatic 

Arriza, rm. foreman in hon- 
works or forge* 

A'rpa, tf. a harp 
Anuido, a. aerrated, toothed 
Arpadiir, tm. harper 
Arpadura, tf. V. Aralío 
Arpár, na. to tear clothea to 
[Heces, claw 

Arpeo, «"•. grappüng ¡ron 
Arpilléra, tf. aack cluth 
Arpista, rm. player on the 
harp by profeuúon 
Aqulii, harjxxm 
Anmnéro, raí. harpooner 
Arqueáda, tf. stroke with the 
Arqueado, a. arched 
Arqueador, rm. ship-guager, 
one who forma aribes, 

Arqueágo, tm. the guaging of 

a ahip 

Aruucdr, va. to arch, (among 
cioihiers) lo beat tl.e dust 
ont of the wool ¡ vr. to 
grow bog.haoked 
Arquéo, tm. the act of bend- 
ing any thing hito the furm 
of an arch 

Arquería, tf. «eriea of archea 
A rquéro, tm. one wtvose trade 
ia to make archea, trou- 
nirer, archer 
Arquéta, tf. a Httle cheat 
Arquetipo, tm. arehetype 
Arqueten, tm. a lar ge trunk 
Aíqnetonclllo, rm. a trunk oí 
cheat of a middling lite 



Arquibanco, rm. a hendí or 
aeat with drawers 
Arquillo, rm. a amal! arch 
Arquimésa, tf. scrutoire 
A rquUinagdgo, rm. principal 
in the tynagogue 
Arqufta, tf. a amall cheat 
Arquttécto, rm. architect 
Arquitectura, tf. architecture 
Arrabál, tm, auburb 
Arrabalera, tf. V. Rabera 
A rráblo, rm. caat iron 
Arracáda, tf. ear-rlng 
Arraclfe, tm. cauaeway, rerf 
Arraclmáne, or. to be clu*- 
tered together llke a bunch 
of grapes 

Arraéz, rm. captain or m áster 
of a Moortsb ship 
Arralár, on. Ralear 
Arramblar, tur. to cover with 
aand and gravel ¡ applled 
to tórrenla and livulet» 
whlch overflow the adja* 
cent country 

Arrancáda, tf. tudden depar - 

Arrancadéro, tm. the thick- 
eat pare of the barrel of a 

Arrancado, da. a. Boga ar- 
rancada , atrong uníform 

Arrancát, va. to pulí up by 
the roota, forcé up phlegin; 
Arrancar la etptida, to un- 
aheath the sword 
Arrancasiéga, tf. poor cora 
Arranchárse, vt. to mea» to- 

Arranciarte, vr. to grow ran- 

Atrinque, tm. extlrpttion ; 
Carbón de arranque, char 
cual made of tire roota of 

Arrapár, na. to anatch away 
Arrapié/o y Arrápo, tm. tat- 
ter or rag ; worrhleaa deapr- 
cabln person 

Arraaár, no. lolrvel ¡ A reatar 
un turro de algún licor, to 
1U) a glass with liquor up 
to Ihe brim ; en. to clear up 
Arrastradamente, ad. imper- 

Arrastradéro, tm. a place on 
the sea coast 

Arraatrádo, a. dragged along 
Arrastránte, rm. clalmant of 
a degree in collegea 
Arrastrar, tu. to tlrag along 
the ground 

Arrástre, nn. the act of lead- 


' ing a trump at carda, tho 
act of dragging a long gown 
in tome uní versltie» 

Arráte, rm. a pound ot 16 oa 
Arrayán, rm. niyrtle 
Arrayanal, rm. plantarían of 

Arraygár, tm. to root 
Arrávgo, rm. landed pToperfy 
Arreár.fu.lo drice horses.Src. 
Arrebafiaddr, ra. r. gleener 
Arrehahár. va. to gleun 
Arrebatado, da. a. rapid, rath 
Arrebatador, ra. «. one who 
anatehea away 

Arrehatár, va. to caray off» 
take away by forcé ; vr. to 
be led away by pasalon 
Arrebatiña, tf. the act of car- 
rylng off' a thing predpl- 
tately out of a crowd 
Arrebol, tm. the red appear- 
anee of the aky or douda, 

Arrebolár, va. to paint red 
Arrebolera, tf. a w ornan wbo 
aells rouge 

Arrebol lárse, vr. to precipí- 
tate one’» telf 

Arrebozáda, tf. awarm of brea 
Arrebozar, t-a, lo overiay 
moat with a jelly ; vr. to 
muftle one’a telf up 
A riebuládarnente, ai. confu- 

Arrebujar, va. to throw toge- 
ther with confusión ; vr. 
to cover and roll one’a telf 
in the bed-dothea 
Arrecife, rm. cardoon * 
Arreciar, tm. to increaae 
Arrecife, rm. causeway, reef 
Arrecil, rm. a «udden flood 
Arrecirse, vr. to heve one’a 
limita benumbed with coid 
Araecogér, V. Recoger 
Arredondear, va. tu round 
Arredramiénto, rm. the act of 
removlng to a greater dis- 
tan ce 

Arredrar, ra. to remore to a 
greater distanre, teraify 
Arrédro, ad, backwarda 
Arrcptzido, da. a. hwving the 
point turaed up 
Arregazdr, tía. to fruta 
Arreglado, a. regular 
Arreglar, va. to regúlate 
A rrt'glo, tm. rule, order 
Arregostarte, vr. to reliah or 
liare a une for a thing 
Arrqjacirpw. to plough anroea 
a plece of ground uva with 
cora to clear it of wectU 

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Arrellanarse, ra. to *It «» case 
ATTemangído, da. a. Ilfted 
Arremangar, ra. to tnck up 
clolhes ; vr. to be fully te- 
sol red to perform sóme- 

Jücremct laddr, ra. s. mírale 
ArretnttnUr, set. assallant 
Arremeter, no. to assail, seise 
brtskly, offbnd the aight 
Arremetida, tf- attack 
A n emolí nido, da. a. vrhirled 
Arrempujar, va. to more 
Arremcco, set. careta 
Arrendable, a. rentable 
Anrcndacidn, tf. the act of 
Arrendadero, set. an iron 
ring faalened to themangei , 
to which horres are tied 
Arrendador, set. renter. who 
holds lands, jtc. V. Arrea 

Arrendador etilo, tm. a petty 
renter or tonant 
Arrendante, tm. tenant 
Arrendar, va. to rent, mírale 
Arrendatário, ría. s. 
Arrendatario, ría. s. a lessor 
Arréo, set. dress 
Arrepdpalo, tm. a sort of frlt 
ters or buni 

Arrepentidas, tf. ¡d. penitenta 
Arrepentimiento, sm. repent- 

Arrepentirse, vr. to repent 
Arrepistar, va. (In paper- 
nuil..) to grind or ]<ound 
raga into a fine pulp 
Arrepticia, da. a. possessed or 
InOttenced by the devd 
Arrequesonarse, vr. to chura 
milk in order to se|>arate 
the builer from it 
Aircquife, sm. singeing Iron 
fot taking off the down on 
cotton goods 

Arrequives sm. jAomaments 
Arrestado, da. ¡>p. jr a. coa- 

Arrestar, na. to arrest 
Arrésto, na. bohlness 
ArTtUn, sm. V. FMpicUn 
Artético, sm. V. Vmeejo 
Arretaque, sm. fbrk with 
tliree prongx 

ArTezífe, sm. a piare fui! of 
thUtlet and brambloa 
Arriida, tf. sweil ot water» 
Arriar, va. to towrr, strike 
Arriata, y Arriate, s. a bordar 
In gartlent 

Arriba, ad. abóte, U top 


Anibig», sm. arrlval 
Arrilvár, en . to pu t into a har- 
bottr in distress 
Atrillo, sm. arrlval 
Arricete y r tríete, m. shoal, 

Arrlcises, sm. pl. the eaddle 

Arriét'ro, V. Arredro a Atrdi 
Arriería, tf. fue trade of a 
driver of mulé» 

Arriero, sm. muleteer 
Arriesgado, da. o. periloua 
Arriesgar, mi. to risk 
Arrimadero, sm. scaflbld 
Arrimadizo, a. y tm. that 
which is destinad to be ap- 
plied to any thing 
Arritnadúra, tj. approach 
Arrimár ,va. to amiroach,dU- 
mis» 5 vr. to lean upon a 

Animo, sm. approxlmatlon, 

Arrinconar, va. to pnt a thing 
in a córner 

An-isuádo, da. a. hold, brisk 
ArriM.adór, tm. gteaner of 

Arriscarse, cr. to be prond 
Arritranca, if. a sort of crup- 
per, beasta of burthen 
Arrizdr, va. to reef, lash 
Arrbba, tf. a Spanish welght 
Arrobadiza, la. a. fetgnmg 
eosi. sT and rnpture 
Arrobado, (Por) ad. by wnole- 

Arrobadrir, tm. on e who 
treata by arrobes 
Arrobamiento, tm. ecstatir 
raptare of the mind to Uod 
Arrubero, ra. s. one who pro- 
vides bread fot a religlous 

Arrdbo, sm. V. Arrobamiento 
Arrocero, sm. dealer in rice 
Arrocinado, da. a. (tupid like 
an ass 

Arroc nirse, vr. to become 
dull and stupid 
Arrodeldrse, vr. to be armed 
with a thleld or buckler 
Arrodillar, vn. to bend the 
knee down to the ground ; 
vr. tu knee! 

Arrodrigonar y Arrodrigar, 
tvs. to prop vine» 

Arrogadór, sm. one who 
claims in a proud tnanner 
Arrogáncia, tf. arroganee 
Arrogante, a. high-minded, 
haughty, prnud 
Arrogar, tu. to arrógate 


Arrojadamente, ad. boldly 
Arrojadme, sm. hnndkcrchief 
Arrojado, da. a rash, bold 
ArTojaddr, sm. thrower 
Atrojar, ou. to dart 
Arriíjo, sm. boldncss 
Arrollador, sm. rolier 
Arrollar, ra. to rali up 
Arromadizarse, vr. to catch 

Arromir, ra. to blunt 
Arromper, ra. to break up the 
ground fot sowing 
Arrompido, da. a. broten up 
Arrompido, sm. a piece of 
ground newly broten up 
foT culture 

Arroi>ado, da. a. covered with 
must ; applied to wine 
Arro]idr, ra. to corer the body 
with clothes 

Arrópe, trn. new wine pre- 
para! ct the tire, a decoc* 
lian by epothecariet 
Arropeas, tf. pl. irons, fettert 
Arropara, tf. vessel for hold» 
ing must, sirup 
Arrastrar, ra. to perfora» a 
thing ¡n a cheerfu] man- 
ner ¡ vr. to cióse with the 

Arroxár, ra. to make red lipt 
Arroyar, va. to ovcrilow toen 
. ground ; vr. to be smuttcd 
Arroylco y Arroyuéio, sm. riR, 
a small broot 

Arniyo y Arroyito, mu rlru- 
let, a small river 
Arrtfz, sm. rice 
Arrozal, sm. field »»n with 

Arromir, ra. to lee a liquid in 
a slight manner 
Arrudt, tas. to grunt like a 
wlH boar 

Arrufado, da- pp. sheered 
Arrufad tira, tf. sheer of ashlp 
Arrufaldado, da. a. ha v ing 
the clothes tucked up 
Arrufár, va. to incurvate 
Arrufianado, da. a. impudent 
Arrufo, sm. V. Arrvjbdura 
Amiga, tf. wrinkle 
Arrugar, ra. to wrinkle; ra. 
to dle 

Arrugia, tf- a cavlty dug in 
the ground to discorer gold 
Arrugdn, sm. prominent de- 
coration of carred work , 
Arruinaddr, s. ruiner * 

Arruinamiento, tm. ruin 
Arruinar, ra. to deinoiísb 
Arrullar, ra. to lull babea to 
rest, court, coo 
ís ~" Xt "’tf -onr • 


A millo, m, the coolng and 
billlne o t plgeou or dores 
Arrumaco, tm. cure» 
Amimár, va. to stow the 

Arrumbadas, tf. pi. wales of a 

Arrumbador, ra. ». one who 
hespí or piles, steer&man 
Arrumbar, va. to pul any 
thlng away in a lumber- 

Arrunflarse, rr. to haré a 
flush of carda 
Arsenal, m. arsenal 
Arsénico, rm. arsonie 
Artaléjo, rm. a Ilttle pie 
Artaléte, rm. a sort oftart 
Artanita, tf- sow -bread 
A'tte, tf. art, trade, sklll 
Artecfllo, lia. «. petty art 
ArteTIcto, rm. mrchantcal 
urork performed bj the rules 
of art 

Artéjo, rm. Johrt or knuckle 
of the (Ingerí 

Artemisa ó Artemisia, tf. 

Artera, tf. an Irán Instiument 
tor marking bread 
Arteridla, tf. small wrtery 
Artésa, tf- a trough in wnich 
dough is workcd, canoe 
Artesano, rm. artisan 
Artestlla, tf. a small trough 
Artesón, rm. a round trough, 
omamented vaultlng 
Artcsonádo, da. s. sbaped in 
the form of a trough 
Artetuéla, tf. a small knead* 
Artética, tf. gont 
Artético, ca. a. affllcted rrlth 
the pout 

Articuladamente, aJ. dts- 

Articular, va. to articúlate 
Articular y j J rt l altlir,0> ri ** 
«. belonglng to the Jolnts 
Articulo, rm. artlcle. < riicu- 
h de la muerte, point of 

Artífice, rm. artífice 
Artificial a. artificial 
Artificiar, va. to act or do a 
thlng in an artful manner 
Artificio, rm. art with which 
a thlng Is performed 
Artificidso, sa. a. skilful, in- 
genious, artful 
Artiga, tf. land newly broken 
up for cultlvatlon 
Artlgár, va. to break and leve! 
laúd bcfore cultiratlaa 


Artillar, va. to mount cannon 
Artillería, tf. artlllery 
Artilléro, rm. artillery-man 
Artimaña, tf. trap, snarc, gin 
Artimdn, *m. mizen-matt 
Artista, rm. artist 
Artizado, da. a. skllftil 
Artdlitoa, rm. a concave stone 
of the naturc of a sponge 
Artúfia, tf. an ewe wnose 
lamb has iwrishcd * 
A'rula, tf. a small altar 
A ru filtro, rm. a Urce scratch 
Ai uñón, sus. scratoher 
A útplce, im. augur er 
Arvéja, tf. vetch, tare 
Arvejáí, rm. fidd sorm with 
vetches or tares 
Arvéjo, rm. bastard chlck-pea 
A rrlcavo, rm. osygen, of the 
Spanish chemhu 
A'rra. tf- f»H of a tackle 
Arzobispado, rm. archbishop- 

Arzobispo, rm. archbishop 
Arzón, rm. fore and hind bow 
of a saddle 

A's, rm. ace, Román coln 
A'sa, tf. handle of a vessel 
A'sabléndaí, ni. wllllngly 
Asacldn, tf. the act of roastlng 
Asido, da. a. roasted 
Asaditr, rm. spit, Jack, hook 
Asaddra, tf. entrails of an 

Asaddra y asaduria, tf. toll 
pald fbr catite 

Asadurflla, tf. small entrails 
Asaeteaddr, rm. arcber 
Asaetcár, va. lo attack 
Asaetlnádo, da o. likesatln 
A safé t id a, tf. amafie! ida 
Asalariár, ca. to give a salary 
Asalladdr, rm. axsailant 
Asallir, va. to form an as- 
sault, storm 

Asalto, rm. assault formes! 

agalnst a place; assault 
Asainbléa, tf. avmrably 
Asar, tía. to roast 
Asarahácara, tf- wild ginger 
A sargddo, da. a. serge-like 
A'saro, rm. V. Araraltaeara 
Asatlvn, va. a. dressed or 
holled In its own juice 
Asbesto, rm. asbestos, mfassli 
sort of cloth made of the 
filaments of asbestos 
Atcaldnla, tf. a seed onlon 
Ascendénte, na an aseen dant 
Ascendér, m. to ascend 
Ascendiénte, rm. y /. an as- 

Ascensión, tf. ascensión 1 


Ascínso, rm. promofloo 
Aseéis, rm. hermit 
Ascético, ca. a. asedie 
A 'achia, tf. a grayllng 
AiclepUda, tf- swallow-wart 
A'seo, na nauseoosnest 
A'scua, tf- red-hot coal 
Aseddo, da. a. deán, riegan* 
Aseér, ■«. to sel ofi, adora , 
Asechaddr, rm. eusnarer 
Asechár, va. to wsy-lay 
Asechóse, ia. a. lnclined to 
Insidióos artífice* 

Aséela, rm. (bllower 
Asecucidn, tj. V. Omrtcuaom 
Asís-uracifm, tf. ccrtainty 
Asedado, da- e. stlky 
AsecUr, ra. to wark Haz te aa 
to make It freí Ifke silk 
Aseiliir, no. to brsiege 
Asédio, rm. ttege 
Aseglararse, rr. to secnlarize; 

applied lo the clergy 
Asegundar, ru.torepeat with 
hule or no intermisslon at 

A segur. telón, tf. securlty 
Ascguradói, tm. Insnrer 
Asegurir, ve. to secure, hall 
Asemcjár, ra. toassimllale 
Asendereado, da. a. beaten; 

applied to roarts 
Asendereir, ra. persecute 
Asénte, rm. assent 
Asentida, tf. a stone ranged 
ln Its proper place 
A'sentadfilas. al. aittlng on 
horseback, like a wotnan 
Asentido, a. planteé, clear 
A tentador, rm. a ttone-mason 
Asentir, re. to place on a 
chair, bench, Scc. ; sup- 
pose, adjust, note; r*. to 
fit, take a seat ; rr. to set» 

Asentir, ra. to coincida 
Asentista, tm. a contracta* 
Aséo, rm. cle.mness 
Asequible, a. attainable 
AserchSn, tf. asaertlon 
Aserradéro, rm. saw-plt 
Aserradizo, za. a. proper to be 

Aserrido, a. serrato, dented 
Aserraddr, rm. sarryer 
Aserradflra, tf. sarrmg 
Aserrir, va. to saw 
Asertivo, va. a. assertive 
Asertorio, V . Juramenta 
Atesar, ra. become pradent 
Asesinar, ra. to asrassmate 
Asesln.íto, rm. assaaslnatloo, 
treachery, tVaud 
Asesino, tm. aatwstin, data* 

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Asesór, rkt. • counselior 
Atesorirse, i >r. to take the as- 
dttance of counscl 
Asesoría, tf. Ihe office of an 
assessor ; feet of an atsessor 
Asestadór, rm. gunner 
Asestadura, tf. aim 
Asestar, t-a. to alm. take alm 
Asetadür, «m. an tnstrument 
for polishlrg iron 
A se ver ár, ra. to i«rerjte 
Asfalta, rm. a kimt of bitumen 
Asfódelo, rm. aa|it>odet 
Asi, ad. thus, thentfore, siso. 
Atlbún, as «retí; Como orí, 
eren so, jtsst so 
A'sia, tf- a stone in Asia 
Asidéro, rm. handle 
Asldilla, tf. V. A sáfen» 

Asido, da. pj». sei/ed, tied 
Asiduo, dua. a. sssiduoos 
Asiento, rm. ebair, seat ¡ bot- 
tom of a ressel, trcaty, pru- 
dente, Ilst 

Asignable, a. that wlrich may 
lie asaigned 

Asignación, tf. asdgnation 
Asignár, ou. to assign 
Asignatura, tf. catalogue of 
tbe lecturea dettvered tai 
universltlaesin theeourseof 

AsniaTtf. a sraaB liandle; fL 
cía vicies, sma’l hook» 

A silo, rm. asytum 
Asimiento, rm. grasp 
Asimilar, tos. to resemble 
Asimilativo, va. tu assimllat- 

Asimismo, tu I. exactly so 
Asimpiádo, da. o. baving tile 
air ef a simjdeton 
Asininas, tf. pl. ugly birds 
Asinino, ira. a. asinine 
Asir, va. to grasp wlth Ihe 
turncls; va. take root ; vr. 
ta >ÜS|«ite 

Asisténct a, ^.actual («sence, 

Asistente, rm. assistant 
Asistir, ra. to be presen* j ra. 
to accwnpany one in «be 
exacution of tome public 

A'ims, tf- asthsna 
Asinátlao, ea. a. asthmatlc 
A'sna, tf. a siie asa 
Asndíla, tf- a brutal act 
A tridos, tf pl. Urge linces ef 
timber, with which mines 
are secured 

Asnal, a. asinine, brutal 
Aoutles, rm. pl. stocking» 
Asnal mente, ad. lóolisbly 


A miro, rm. a Urge jark-ass 
Aanfco, r. littie a>s, andiron 
Asnilla, tf. stanchcon or prop 
srbtch supporu a ruinous 
A'sno, te,, asa 
A sobarcado, rm. a porter 
Asobarcir, va. to lin a weiglr- 
ty thing up From tbe ground 
with one hand 
Asocarronado, da. a. crafty 
Asociado, rm. associatc 
Asociar, w. to take an asso- 
ciate ; rr. to assoriate 
Asolación y A soladura, tf. de- 
sol at ion 

Asoladór, ra. i. destróyer 
Asolamiento, rm. depopula- 


Asolanir, va. topar oh up 
Asoldr, va. to level vrlth Ihe 
ground, to destroy j vr. to 
setlle and get olear 
Asoledr, va. to snn 
Asolvamiento, rm. stoppage 
A solverse, vr. to be stopped; 
spoken of pipes, \c. through 
which «atar is running 
Asomida, tf- appearance 
Asomado, da. a. fuddled 
Asomir, tus. to begln to ap- 

Asombradizo, ni. a. fearful 
A sembrador, rm. tenrlfier 
Asorobrir, va. to frighten 
Asdmhro, rm. dread, Air 
Asombroso, sa. a. wonderfitl 
Asdmo, rm. mark , token, sign 
Asonancia, tf. assonance 
Asonar, rm. to record 
Asotanar, va. to roult 
A'spa, tf. croas, reel 
Aspado, da.n. baving tbe arms 
extended in tbe furm of a 

Aspadór, rm. red 
Aspadór, ra. r. reeler 
A -palito, rm. rosewood 
Aspólo, »m. asplutltos 
A.|iír. va. to reel, cruclfir 
Aspaviento, rm. diead, rear 
Aspecto, rm. sigbt, aspect 
Apteramente, tul. rudely 
Asperrii.vx. toimbitter 
Asperete, <i. V. Atvcrilte 
Aspereza, tf. asperíty 
AcperWga, tf- * sourish apple 
Asperillo, lia a. tart 
Arpero, rm. a sllvercoin 
A'spero, ra. a. rough, rugged 
Asperón, rm. grind-stone 
A-pe tiiin, tf- asper-lon 
A'tpid y A'.tiid», rm. aspic, a 
smali Uiid ef serpenta 


Aspirante, pa. aspirant - 
Aspirár, cu. te inspire tbe air, 

Asqueár, va. to dlsdain 
Atquerot iddd, ti- nastiMM 
Asquerdso, sa a. tiasty 
A'sta, tf. lance, handle of ■ 
pendí, brush 
Astáco, rm. lobstar 
Aster, rm. star-wort 
Asteria, tf. st»r-stone 
Astil, rm. handle of an Sil, 
shaft ef an arrow, ftc. 
Astllice, rm. a smali handle 
Astilla, tf. chip of wood 
Astillar, va. to chip 
Astillazo, rm. crack 
AtuliCro, rm. rock on «Web 
lances, «¡c. are placed 
Astral, a. that which belongs 
to Ihe star» 

AttrdncU, tf. a master-wort 
Astricción y Astringencia, tf. 

astriction, compresslon 
Astrictivo, va. a. astrictiva 
Astricto, ta. a. contrae sed 
Astrífero, ra. starry 
Astringente, a. asulngent 
Astringir, va. to astringe 
A'stro, rm. iuminout body OÍ 

AstroUbio, res. aM rol abe 
Astrologia, \f. astroiogy 
Astrólogo, rm. astroioger 
Astrónomo, rm. asironotner 
Astrdsamente, tul. sluvenly 
Astróso, sa. «. hxtecent 
Astúcia, t). cunningneaa 
Asturión, rm. a smali horse 
Astuto, ta. a. cunning 
Asueto, rm. vacation 
Asolear, V. Surcar 
Asumir, va. to tbccnd 
Asunción, tf. assumptian 
Asunto, rm. a subject 
Asurarse, vr. to be burra In 
tbe pot or pan ; applied te 

Asurcar, na. to furrow sorra 

Asustdr, ra. to frighten 
Atabacado, da. a. baving the 
colour of tobáceo 
A tal di, rm. kettle drum 
Atabaledr, vn. to imitóte the 
nolse bf kettle-drums 
A talarle jo o Ataludólo, rm. 

a smali ketlle-drum 
Atabalero, rm. keLt le-drum 

Atabanado, da. a. baving 
«hite >pots about the heaci, 
Ac., anplied to horses 
Atabardillado, da. a. applied 





to d!m« of the nature of 

At«bS2¡toTdi-a- rttailíd Ja 

Atabladera, tf- rol'er 
Atablár, va. to level land *own 
wlth com , 

Atacador & Taram " 

|n spUtting stone» with gun- 

Atacádo, da. pp- altacked 

Atacadór, rm. aggres«»r 

Atacadera y Atacamiento, r 
stricture, act of tinten lo* 
Atacir, uo. to fit cloth» 

. tlghtly, forcé the charge 
loto tire-arma with » nm ~ 
i rod <* 

Ataderas.#/, ph «artera 
Atadero, en. cord, rope 
Atadijo, rm. an lll-shapeo 
titile bundle or parce» 
Atadito, ta. a. soinewhat 
cramped or contTacted 
Atádo, rm. a bundle 
Atá<lo, da. a. pusillanlmoti» 
Atadúr, rm. he who Uea 
Atadura, z/. alligatum 
Atafagár.oo. tostupif* 
Atafetanádo, da. o. * 1‘ght 
thin silk 

Atahárre, rm. tbebroad crup- 
per of a pack saddle 
Atalrir, tu. to cut mouldings 
A taire, m. moulding in the 
pannels and freno ot doors 
and wludowí 

Atajadizo, rm. partltlon of 
boarils.kc. by whicha place 
it dirided loto parta 
Alajaddr, tm. one that Inter 
cepts or stop* a ?****• 1 
Atajir, un. to «o the shortest 

At^oV-. cütT^* » 

road i» shoT tened, ditliüon 
AtaUnt4r, wa. to «tun — *»• 

Ataláya, tf. watch-tower 
Atalayador, ra. «. K"ard sta 
tloned in a watch-tower 
Atalayar, va. to overlook the 
country «ndsea-coast from 
an eminence 

Atambíen, ad. V. T.«*W«« 
Atamiento, rm. puslllanlmlty 
AtatUUia, tf- tansy 
A tañed rae, ur. be ^perpleaed 
Atanquía, tf. depdatory, mi* 
ture of orplraent And lime 
refuse of lilk 
Atáque, snu atjw* 

Ataqulrir, uo- to lay a bnrnch | 
of a Tiñe ln the ground to j 
takeroot , ‘ 

Atir, va. to tíe, b«nd, «aten. 

—vr. to be etnbarrassed 
Atiraceir, uo.tochequer 
Atarantado, da. o. «** by a 

Ataraxána d Ataraianü, 
arsenal, cellar 
Atarazar, uo. to blte 
Atareddo, da. a. busied 
Atareár, uo, to task.— ur. “ 
labour or work wlth great 

Atarqulnir, uo. to bemlre 
Atarragár, uo. to fita Owe «o 
a horte s foot before it la 


Atarrajir, uo. to form the 
thread ofa acrew 
Atarugár, tu. to f««en '*l*h 
w eriges, stop with wedges 

Atarxéa, tí- a w"* 11 

made of brlck, a small 

A taiá^ílo, da. o. ttretched 
acros» a horse 

Atasaiár, i *a- to cut meatlnto 
small pieces , 

Atascadero, tm. * de *P mirJ 

AtÜí tostop iw foúi» 
a leuk. — or. to stick ln 
deep mlry place 
Ataúd, rm. coffin 
Atauxti, tf. damaskenlng 
Atauxiido, da. o. workett 
Atariár, ni. to trim, »dom 
Atedlírse, ur. be disgusted 
Ateísmo, su*, atheism 
Ateísta, tm. athetit 
Atemorizar y Ateroorir, uo 

Aldmpítf.a place for pasture 
Atemperár, uo. to temper, 
sofien, mothly 

Atonaccár <5 Atenazír, uo. to 
tear off the tlesh with 


Atentír, va. to attempt anf 
crlmei ur. to proceed wlth 
the utmost circumspectiou 
Aléalo, o. attentire, arU 
Atenuar, va. «o render thin 
and slender, lessen 
A tere! anido, da. o. amlcten 
with a tenían ferer 
Aterclopeládo, da. o. uelrct- 
Uke .. . 

Aterillido, da. o. crumbled 
Aterirse, ur. to grow stlfr 
with cold 

Aterramiento, tm. ruin, térro» 
Ateiiir, uo. to destroy , appal 
AterTonárse, ur. to clod 
Aterrorizar, frighun 
Atesir, uo. to barden 
Atesorar, uo. to tieasute o» 
hoard up riches 
Atestido, da. o. altested 
Atestados, rm. jrf. certifica*» 
Atestár, va. to cram, stulr, 
attest, witness 
Ateitiguir, uo. to depose 
Atetado, da. o. mamuuUated uo. to «uckle 

Atetlllir, uo. to dig a trench 
around the roots of tices 
Atexár, uo. to lilac sen 
Atiborrár, uo. to ‘tuff o» 
cram . 

A'tico, ca, o. attic, elegant 
Atlcúrga, tf. base ot an atue 

A'tléntas, ad. in the dark 
Atiesir, va. to make hard 
A tifie, im. an instrument use* 
by potters 

Atención, ií» attention 
Atendér, u«. to attend, ’ walt 
Atener, vn. to walk at the 
same pace with another, 
guard; ur. to adhere to 
i one for greater security 
Atentación »?• 

contrary to the arder and 
form premeribed by the iaw* 
A tentádamente.od. 

A tentiilo, da. o. d,sc ™?. 
Atentído, rm- P r °"^*£ 
a judge not warranted Dy 
tha law, excasa 

Atigrado, uo. tlger-coloured 
Atildadura, tf. dresa, attire 
Atlldir, uo. to put a dad» 
over a ietter, censure the 
actions of others, deck 
Atinídamente. ad. cautloosW 
Atlntr, un. totouch the inark 
Atiplar, uo. to ral,* the sound 
of a musical instrument ¡ 
ur. to erow ac-ute 
Atlranlír, uo. to tix collar 
Imams in a buildlng 
Atlrlclírse, ur. to grow jaun- 

Atislwr, va. sctutlnlxe. pry 
Atlsuído, da. o. lisaue-like 
Atizadero, rm. exciter 
Atlsadór, ra. r. one who h«- 
cite* others, poker 
A ti/ir, uo. to stlr the 6r* 

with a poker . , . 

Atlzonir, uo. to jo»n brlcks 
and stones together ; ur. ta 
be smutted . 

Atlántico, ca. o. aüantlo 

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A'llaí, rus. Miau 

A t lita, mi. wmllít 
Atlético, ca. a. athletlc 
Atmósfera, tf- atmosphere 
Atoir, va. to tow or haul a 

Atolmr, bo. to astonish 
A tOcha, tf- feathergrtua 
Atoché! <5 Atochár, mi. a field 
where luM-wtfd groara 
Atochar, va. to lili with baaa- 

Atocinar, va. to cut up a plg 
fit for salting and drying 
Atolladero, m. a deep roiry 

Atollar, m. to fatl hito tbe 

Atolondrar, va. to atún 
Atoinfda, tm. atomist 
Atomístico, ca. a. atómica! 
A'tomo, tm. atom 
Atondér, va. to spot a horse 
Atdnito, to. a. aatonlalied 
Alomadamente, ad. foolishly 
Atontar, tío. to stupify 
Atorar, va. to stlck in the 

A tor mentidamente, ad. ana- 

Atormentador, ra. *. tormen- 

Atormentar, tío. torment 
Alorozonirsc, ir. to mffer 
pipes or cholle ; apptied to 

A tórtola r, va. tocor.found 
A tortorar, va. to frope a ahip 
Atorzondrae, vr. to l e griped 
Atosigador, tm. jxrisotter 
Atosigar, na. to |Kiiw,n 
Atóti, tm. an American plant 
Atrabancar, va. to huddle 
Atrabilirio, ría. y Atralnlrdao, 
sa. o. nteiancholy 
Atrabflla, tf- the atate of 
boina alrabllarioua, black 

Atrae ár, ra. to overtake ano 
ther shlp, cram 
Atractivo, ra. a. attractlva 
Atractivo, rm. charm 
Atractlz, tf. the poner of at- 

A traer, va. to attraet 
Atrafagado, da. a. Uborioaa 
Atragantarse, vr. to atlck in 
tl.e thraat 

Atraidorado, da. a. troacher- 

Atraillar, va. to leaah 
AtraimiOnto, «si. the actefat- 

A tramentOso, aa. a. that 

which haa the poweT of 
djing black 

Atramparse, vr. to be raught 
in a anare, be choaked 
Atrancár, va. to bar a door 
Atrapár, va. to overtake 
Atrás, ad. backwards, past 
Atrasados, tm. pl. arrear» 
Atrasir, «o. to delay, retmrd ; 

or. to remato behínd 
Atriso, im. backvrardneaa 
Atravesado, da. a. aquint- 
ejred, perrerse 

Atrave-ado, m. one of the 
muse Les of the neck 
Atravesador, tm. disturber 
Atravesaño, tm. croaa-tlmber 
Atravesar, va. to lav a piece 
of timber, or plank, a- 
thwart a place; to run 
througl. with a sword, bet ; 
vr. to be obatructed bj 
aometbtog thrown to the 

Atreguado, da. a. rash 
Atresnalar, da. to rollect 
siseares of oom lnto herma 
Atreverse, rr. to be too for- 
vrard, venturo 
Atrevido, da. a. forward 
Atrevido, tm. a mustie of the 
shouldcr blade 
Atrevimiento, na. boldnesa 
Atribuir, ve. to attribute 
Atribular, va. to re* 
Atributivo, va. a. attribqtlre 
Atributo, tm. attribute 
AtricOsea, tm. pl. the Staples 
or lron ringa to which the 
atirrup-straps are fastened 
AtriciOn, tf. attrltlon 
Atrincherárae, vr. to intreneh 
A'trio, tm. porch, pórtico 
Atrito, ta. a feellng atnition 
A'tio, ra. a. dark, black 
Atrochar, v». to go by bye 
and croaa paths 
A 'troche roOchc, ad. In a 

Atrocidad, tf. atrocity 
Atrofia, tf- ateopby 
AtrOfico, ca. a. affected with 

Atr ompetddo, da. a. trumpet- 

Atronado, da- a. acting in 
a precipítate, iinpruaent 

Atronador, ra. t. thunderer 
Atronar, ra. to make a great 
nobe llke thunder ; vr. to 
be thunderatruck 
A tronerar, va. to make etn- 
tonaure to* waU 

Atropado, da. a. grouped 
Atropar, va. to «semble ta 
groupa without arder 
Atropelladamente, ad. Con- 

Atropellado, da. a. speaktog 
or acting in a hasty manner 
AtrapdladOr, ra. s. trampler 
Atro;>eliar, va. to trample; 
vr. to hurry one'a aelf too 
much ta apeech or actioa 
AtrOz, a. atrocious, huge 
A trozár, va. to truaa a yard 
to the mast 

Atruhanado, da. «. acurriloM 
A ttelábe, tm. a aea-apider 
Ainadamente, ad. pecviahly, 

Atufar, ve. to ve*, plague 
Atan, tm. tunny-fisb, an ig- 
norant aiupld fellow 
Atunira, tf- place for the 
tunny fisbertas 
Atunéra, tf- • fishing hook 
nsed in the tunny tishery 
Atunero, tm. a fisherman en- 
gaged in tire tunny fishery 
Aturar, rn. to atop up 
Aturdimiento, na. dultoeta ; 
Aturdir, va. to perturb 
Aturrullar, ve. to confoond ' 
AtasadOr, tm. halr dreaacr 
Atusir, va. to cut the halr 

Auca, tf. a goose. V. Cea. , 
Audicia, tf- audaclty _ 
Audáz, a. forward, bold 
Audiencia, tf- audience 
Auditivo, va. a. investid with 
the right of giving an au- 

Auditor, raí. auditor, a jutlge 
Auditoria, tf- the place aml 
office of an auditor 
Auditorio, . m. auditory 
Auditorio, ría. a. auditory 
A'ugc, nu. great elevation ta 
point of dignity or fortune 
Auguración, tf. augurado» 
Augurál, a. augurial 
Augurar, V. Agorar 
Augures, tm. pl. augur» 
Augúlto, ta, a. august, grand 
AUia, tf. lutll where lectura* 
are given on a Science or 

A'ultco, ca. a. belongtog ta • 
court or p alace 
Aulladéro, tm. a place where 
wolves assembJe at nlgM 
and howl 

Aullador, ra. «■ howler 
Aulldr, vn. to howl 
Aullido y Aúllo, rm. howl 

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Aumeatadór, ra. a. enlargar 
A timen til, va. toaugment 
Aumentativo, ra. a. tncreas- 
lng. en lar guie 
Aumento, <m. mcrease 
A6n, ai. jet, nevertbeleaa 
A'una, a d. Jointly 
Aunár, va. to unite, to mía 
A tinque, ad. though 
Aó reo, m. an ancient coin 
Aireo. rea. o. golden 
Auretíla, tf. glorj 
A úrica Ico, an. aurichalcum 
Aurícula, ti- auricle 
Auricular, a. vrithin the acmé 
or reach of hearing 
Auriga, ra. a cuachman 
Auróra, tf. the lirat dawn of 

Aurragado, a. badlj tllled 
Ausencia, tf. alisen ce 
Ausentarse, vr. to ahaent 
ones selí 

Ausénte, a. ahaent 
Auspicio, ra. ausplce 
Austéro, ra. a. austere 
Austril j A ustrino, na. a. 

austral, Southern 
AústTo, ra. south wind 
Autentica, tf. a certifícate 
Autenticado, da. pp. attested 
Autenticación, tf. the act of 
rettdering aulbentic 
Autentlcár, tía. to attett 
Autenticidad, tf. authentlclty 
Auténtico, ca. o. authentic 
Aúto, *m. a Judicial dectoe, 
a writ, «lict 
Autógene, m. dafTodil 
Autógralo, rm. first copy 
Autóinato, ra. automaton 
Autór, ra. *. author 
Autoría, tf. the employment 
of a manager of a theatre 
Autoridad, tf. adhority 
Autoritatlro, ra- o. arrogant 
Autorizó ble, o. tlutt wlúch 
can be authorlsed 
Autorizado, da. o. respectable 
Autorizado, da.pp. authorlsed 
Autorizadór, rau he wbo au- 

Autorizar, na. to authorlse 
Auzlliadór, ra. «. auxiliar? 
AuzUiár, va. to a d, assist 
Auxiliar, a. auxiliar 
Auxilio, rm. aid, help 
A v acido, da. a. cow-llke 
Arad .irse, rr. to become ford- 
able ; appUcd to rirers 
Arahár, ru. to warm wlth 
the hreath, or steam, * ither 
A valm tiído, da. a. bragging 
Arallár, tía. to endose i ptece 


of gronnd wlth palés 
Avilo, ra, a sllght shock 
Aralorir, va. lo estímate 
Avalóte, »m. commotion 
Avaluación, tf. valuación 
Avánce, rm. ad varice, attack 
Avantál, rm. apron 
A van t allí lo, rm. a small aproa 
Avinte, ad. a head 
Avantrén, rm. timben of a 

Avanzado, da. a. advanced 
Avanzir, tm. and va. to ad- 
van ce 

Avinzo, rm. an acrount of 
gootis recelved and soló 
Avaricia, tf. avarice 
A viro, ra. a. avaricious 
Avasallir, ra. to tubdue 
A've, tf. birtl, fowl 
Aveclnir, ra. to bring near. 
V. Avecindan vr. to ap- 

Avecindar, ra. to admlt to 
the prlvileges of a denlzen, 
to join 

Avejentado, da. a. appearlng 

Avejentár, en. y r. to look oíd 
AveÜr, ra. to set sail 
Avellina, tf. t lbert 
Avellanido, da. a. of tha co- 
I lour of nuts 
AvclUnir, tm. a plantation 
of hazels or nut-trees 
Avetlanirse, rr. to shrlvel 
Avellanera, tf. V. AvtUano 
Aveilanéro, ra. «. a dealer in 
nuts and filberts 
Avellanlca, tf. a small nut 
Avellino, rm. nut-tree 
! Avéna, tf. oat* 

Avenido, da. a. belonging or 
relating to oats, lunadc 
Avenil, iva. a tield sown wlth 

Avenir, va. to drain or draw 
oft water 

Avenáte, rm. water-gruel 
Avenenir, va. to polson 
Avenénela, tf. agtcement 
A venlceo, cea. a. oaten 
Avenida, tf'. a sudden lm- 
petuous overflow of a rlver 
Avenido, da. a. agreed 
A venir, va . to reconci le part les 
at vaiiance¡ rr. to Join, 

Asentido, da. a. tteoiat aven- 
tada r, flowing sheets 
Aventador, rm. wlnnower, a 
wooden fork used for wln- 
nowing rom 

Aventadora, tf. wlnd-gall 

• AVI 

í Aventija, tf. advantage 
Aventajado, da. a. adran, 
tageoas, besutifui, exosi* 

Aventajár, va. to aequlre or 
enjoy advantages, to im- 

Aventir, tv>. to blow, expe! i 
rr. to be inflated 
Aventura, tf. adven tu re 
Aventurado, da. pp. riaked 
Aventurar, va. to venturo 
Aventurero, rm. adventurer 
Aventurero, ra. a. undlscl- 

Averimia, tf. a klnd of dock 
Averdugado, da. a. havbtg 
many pimples or sean la 
the face 

Avengonzir y Avemofiár, va. 

to abash, make ashamed 
Averia, tf. damage sustalned 
bv chips or cargoes 
Averiado, da. o. damaged 
Averiarse, vr. to sustain da- 

Averlguable, a. Investlgable 
Averiguádamente, ad. cer- 
ta i n Iv 

Averiguador, ra. ». asearcher 
Averiguar, i>a. to tnqulre 
Averio, rm. beast of burthen, 
flock ofbirds 
Aversión, tf. aversión 
A ver, o, sa. a. averse 
Aviir, va. to provide «niele* 
for a Joumey, basten the 
execution of a thing 
A'vido, da. a. gTeedy 
Aviejarse, va. to grow oíd 
Aviento, rm. a fork with two 
or three prongs. V. Bieldo 
Aviesamente, ad. pervcrselj 
Avieso, sa. a. fortnitous 
Avigorár, tvi. toinvigorate 
Avilantez j Avilanteza, tf. 

forwardness, boldness 
Avillanado, da. a. clownish 
Avillanarse, vr. to groa mean 
or abject 

Avinagrado, da. pp. soured 
Avinagrar, ra. to sour 
Avio, rm. preparation 
Avisado, da. a. prudent 
Avisador, rm. advlser 
A visir, ra. to htform 
Aviso, rm. Information 
Avispa, tf. wasp 
Avtspádo, pp. stung ; a. bfisk 
Avispár, va. to spur ; vr. to 

Avisfiéro, rm. nest marte by 

Avlsjxín, rm. a arge wasp 

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Avistir, va. to d escry at a 
<11- tan ce ; ir. to have an 

AvitAr, m. to bit the caldo 
Avituallar, va. to victual 
A vividamente, ad. briskly 
Avivadúr, va. r. one that en- 
livens, a plañe 
A vivir, va. to quiclten 
Avlzorir, no. to watch vrlth 
cara and attentiun, to spy 
A'vo, sin. one of tlie parta 
Into vlilch a fractlon la 

Avucávta, tf. widgeon 
Avutarda, tf. buatanl 
A ni tardado, da. a. bustard- 

A'ae, tm. an habitual cora- 

A x éa, tf. a sort of brush- wood 
Axedréa, tf- wintor-savoury 
Axedréz, *m. chets, a gante 
A «edre/ádo, da. a. che-quered 
Atendí», rm. wlld mustard 
Aaénjo, tm. wotmwood 
A red vi/, rm. the fciinel llover 
Axi. tm. the red indian dwarf 

Axidma, tm. axiom 
Axuár, tm- artilles of dreas, 
ir. which a bride bringa 
nt the time ot marriage 
Ayér, ad. yesterday, lately 
Ay -, ya. i. tutor or gover* 

Arrizo, tm. blast 
A'vre, tm. alr, vlnd, avpect 
Ayredrse, ir. to talle the alr 
A yrecfco, lio. y to. ras. a gen- 
tle breeze 

Ayrón, m. vlolent gale, or- 
nament of plumea 
Ajrusiddd, tf. graceful de- 

Avrdso, «a. a. alry, graceful 
Ayúde, tf'. help, InJection ¡ 
im. avbtant of one of the 
high olHcers at conit 
Ayudador, ra. t. awdstant 
Ayuddnte, tm. adjutant 
AyutUr, no. to aid, aasist ¡ 
vr. to rnlopt the riuwt (tro- 
per mea, u res for obttunlng 

Ayunaddr, ra. i. one wbo fasto 
Ayuniz, tofaat 
Ayunas, (En),*ting 
Ajrúno, tm. fatt 
Ayanque, rm. anrll 
A .-untador, ra. t. one vhn 
. Juina 

Ayuntamiento, tm. unión 
Azabacliido, da. a. jetty 


Azabáche. m. jet 
Arribara, </. the Gortudoe* 

Azábra, tf. a small coastlng 


Azacáya, tf. water -pipe 
Atache, a. of an inferior 
quality ; applled to siik 
A radica y Azadilla, tf.a small 

Azadón, tm. pick-axe 
Azadonar, va. to dije or break 
up the ground with a tpade 
or pick-axe 

Azadonázo, tm. stroke with a 

Azadonólo, tm. digger 
Azafata ^f. lady of the queen's 

A raíate, tm. a tow fíat bot- 
tomed basket 
Azafrán, tm. safiron 
Arafranido, da. pp. tafTrrm- 

Azafranál, tm. a plantatlon of 

Azafranar, va. to tinge or dje 
with aaflVon 

Azafrané! o, tm. deeler In aaf- 


Azagador, rtn. the path for 

Azagaya, nf. Jardín 
Azagaydda.g/. caat of a jardín 
Azahar, tm. orange or lemon 

Azaldn, rm. a small bird 
Azambúo, tm. the zamboa- 

Azanoria, tf. carrot 
Azanorúíte, tm. prepared car* 


A «ir, tm. unforeteen di, áster, 

Azarrdn, tm. hlulxh ashee nr 
earth inade of caldncd lead, 
earthen pot 

Ataría, tf. a klnd of coral 
A zarja, m. instrument for 
winding raw siik 
Al arduo, na. a. unlucky 
Azardte, tm. «typtlc 
Azáya, tf. instrument used 
for reeling siik 
Azaynádamente, ad. perfidi- 

Azconllia, tm. a small dart 
A 'zimo, ma. a. unleevened 
Amicho, rm. tree rnscmbling 
• pino 

Azófar, tm. latten. V. futan 
Aaofáyfa, tf. V. Azufayfa 
Azogadamente, ad. in a quick 

and reales* manuer 



Arogamiénto, tm. tire a at of 
overUying something with 

Azogár, t>a. to OTerlay with 
quicksilver ; vr. to under- 
go a salivation 
Aziígur, rm. quicksilver 
Azogutjo, tm. a small market 

Aromjéro, in quick- 
sil ver 

Azoldr, va. to modc! timber 
with an adz 
Azdr, tm. goshawk 
Azoramlént», rm. trepldatlon 
Azor, -ir, tm. to {fighten ; ap- 
plied to liirds 

Azorramlénto, rm. hea- 
rinevi of the head 
Azotrárse, vr. to be duQ 
Azotacalles, rm. pl. Street 

Arotádo, rm. a criminal who 
li publicly whipped, he wiio 
lasbex himself by vay of 
Azotaddr, ra. r. whlpper 
Azotár, ra. to whip, Lash 
Azotazo, tm. a seveie blovr on 
tire breech 

Azóte, tm. whip; r ma dt 
axntct, a pubiic whipplng 

A/otca, tf- the fíat roof of a 
house, a plntform 
Azre, rm. mapte-tree 
Azúcar, rvn. silgar. A ufe i 

m rgin, coarse brown Migar 
Ai ilnn de plome, caliiucd 
rugar of lmut 

A rucarádo, da. o. iu pared 
Azucarádo, rm. a kind of 
paint for ladiet 
Azucarar, va. to rugar 
Azucarérn, rm. sugar-dlsh 
Azucarillo, rm. swcetmeat or 
flour, rugar, and rose. water 
Arucéna, tf. white lily 
Azud, tf. a dam with a slulce 
ot tlood-gate 
A zúila, <f. Per.sian whed 
Azuéla, tf. aildice 
Azufáy fa, rf-Jujub or Jujnbes, 
the ftruit ot the jujub trae 
Azufáyfo, y Azuféyfo, tm, 

Azufrado, da. pp. y a. fuml* 
gated with tulphur 
Azufradór, tm. a small store 
for bleaching vrool with 
tlm fumes of smoke of sul- 

A zur rar, en. to blcmch with 



Atúfte, rm. nilphur 
A tufrdso, ta. a. sulphnreous 
Azúl, a. blue 
Azúl, n». * mineral 
Azulir, mi. to dye or colour 

Azulea, if. bluUhnetl 
Aznleár, en. to haré a bluiah 


Azuleo, <m. Dutch glazed 
pile palnted «lih vorious 
c> tours, blue bottle 
Azulino, na. «. of an azare 

Azumir, tw. todye the hair 
Alúmbre, if. mcasure oí U- 


fliha, if. drlrel 

Bababuí, itn. the mock- 
' lng bird 

Habida, if. thlgh-bone 
Babadero y Ilabaddr, rm. a 

fWbara, if. a landau, kind of 
countrj dance 

Babaza, tf. frothy humour 
running (Vora the mouth, 

Babedr, tw. to drircl 
Babúo, rm. the act of drirel- 

Babero, tf. fore part of the 
helmet whleh coren the 
chceks, .be. a foollsh fellow 
Baberdl, m. V. Babero 
Babicaldo, da. o. slavered 
Babieca, >01. Be m babieca, 
he i» an Ignoran! fellow 
Ba billa, tf. thin akin about 
the fl.tnk of a hone 
Babilónico, cv a. belonging 
to Babylon, ronfuned 
Halxjr, un. larboard 
Babdsn, if. a vlscotu worm 
of the inall kind witliout 

Balioaeúr, va. to drirel 
Baboiflla, if. a imall vlscotu 
worm of the malí kind 
Babdso, ia. «. drirelllng 
Baca, if. berrj, hole In a 
dyk* or dam 

Bacal bbi, rm. lina, cod-fi.h 
Bacinte, tf baccnante 
Bacira <$ Bacáil», m. great 

Biche, m>. a deep mil? hole 
In a rohd, a place where 
theep are ihut up to iweat 
previouily to their being 

Bachico, ca. a. ralatlng or 
belonging to Bacchua 


Bachiller, rm. hachelor 
Bachiller, ra. a. garruioui 
Bachillera, tf forward 
Baihillrráto.rm. bache lorshlp 
Bachillercár, va. to bablrle 
Barhlllcreju, rm. a talkatire 
Hule fellow 

Bachillería, if. babbling 
Bachilléralo, lia ; co, ca, ta, 
a. loquacious, talkatire 
Bacía, if. a metal barón used 
for severa! purpotc* 

Bacfga, if. a game played 
wlth thrce canil 
Bacín, rm. a large pan whleh 
ierre! as a cióse -Hool 
Bacina, if. poor-box in whleh 
aims are collected 
Bacinero y Bacinera, a. the 
penen who carnet about 
the poor-lmx in a church 
Bacineta, tf. a imall poor- 
box in which alma are col- 

Bacinete, rm. a head-pieca 
Bienio, rm. walking stick 
Háda, V. AMa 
Badajada, if. a siroke of Ibe 
clapper agakut the bell, 
id le talk 

Badiio, rm. clapper of a bell 
Badil, rm. muzzle 
Badina, tm. a dresred sheep- 

Badea, if. pompion or pum- 
kin, a dull, iudpid being 
Badén, tm. channel made by 
a nublen fall of water 
Badiina, t f. Indian anlaeed 
Badil, rm. tire sliorel 
Badina, tf. a pool of water in 
the roadi 

Baddniln, if. non sen se 
Badulique, rm. tagout, a rtu- 
pid person 

Bafanedc, uo. to boa* 


Azúr, 4. azora 

Azút, if. dara ralaed arrom 
a rirer to change iti courti 
Azotea, if. tenace. V. Azotea 
A rutero, tm. si u ice marta 
Azuzaddr, ra. r. instigator 
AzurAr, va. to set un doga, 
irrítate, prorokc 


Bafanería, if. romancing 
Bafanero, tm. boaster 
Higa, if. a ro|>e or cord 
Hagáge, tm. beosti of burthen 
Bagagero, rm. ririver 
Bagar, tm. to yield the leed 
Hagása, tf. V. Carca acra 
Bagatela, if. trille 
Bagllla, if. a Service 
Baharf, rm. ipazrow-hawk 
Bahía, ef. hay 

lláho, rm. steam, a tenía 
which serves to brtng the 
cloth to a certain breadth 
Bahorrina, if. collection of 
filthy thingi mized with 
dirty water 

Bahúno, na. a. vite, low 
Bála, if. bell, shot, hale 
Ha Lisia ó Balita, if. a bailad 
llaladf, a. mean 
Ualaddr, ra. «. animal thal 

Balidre, rm. rooe-bay 
Baladrón, rm. boasta 
Baladronada, tf boaat 
llaladroneár, va. to boast 
Ualagár, tm. Ion* itraw or 
hay preserved for wintct 

Bálago, rm. hay-rick 
Balaguero, rm. rlck of itraw 
Balance, rm. fluctuatian 
Balancear, va. to balance; 

va. to weigh, settle accounti 
Balance», V. Balaazario 
Balancín, tm. tplinter bar of 
a carriage 

Balindra, tf bilgnda, a 
imall resael 

Balandrin, rm. a looie tur- 
tout wom by priesta 
Bal, inte, pa. bleating 
Balinza, tf icale, balance; 

a kind of fishing net 
Balante rio, rm. balancea 

Digilized by Google 


rm. copper pon 
■ued by silversmitbs 
Haláou, m. a klnd of sprat 
Balar, v«i. to bleat as a sheep 
Balaústra y BaUustrU, gf. 
flowers of the wild pome- 


BaJ-iustráday Balustrería, «f. 

Balaustrádo.da. y Balaustrál, 
a. made in the form of ba- 

Balaustre, m. tmall pillrs 
wlth whlch balustradca are 

Baláz, rm. tpinel niby 
lUlázo, rm. a sbot 
Balbucencia, gf. rtuttering 

Balbuciente, a. sUmracring 
Balcón, m. baloony 
Balconáge y Balconería, r. 

range of balconiet 
Balronáro^m.a large balcony 
Baldir, no. to cnpplr, trump 
or wra a trick. hinder 
Bálde, rm. bucket 
Bálde (Del, ad. grada 
Baldeár, tm. to throw water 
on the deck and aldea of a 

Baldé», rm. a pleca of dressed 

Baldío, día. a. untllled 
Baldón, rm. censure 
Baldonar ó Baldoneár na- 
to insult wlth aburire Un- 

B.iblósa, gf. a fine square tila 
Balería, gf. a larga quantlty 
of baila, bul leu, or shot 
heaped together 
Boleta, gf. a sinall bale 
BaHdo, rm. bleating 
Ballja, m.portmanteaa.mall, 
pos! or postboy 

Balijón ,rm. alarge portmantle 
Balitad tira. gf. a cali 
Ballena, gf. whale 
Ballenáto. rm. cub 
Ballener, rm. a sort of a res- 
sel which ha* the shape of 
a whale 

Ballesta, gf. crosa-bow 
HalUsteadór, rm. cruu-bower 
Ballestear, va. toshoot wlth a 
Ballestera, g f. 

thrnugh whlch 
were discharged 
Ballestería, gf. archery 
Ballestero, rm. areber 
Ballestilla, tf. small 
bow, cross- staiT 


Ballestón, rm. arhalct 
Baliteo, rm. nd darnel 
Balón , rm. larga foot-ball, 
laige bate 

Balonclta, tf- tave-aU 
Balóla, tf- ballot 
Balotár, va. to ballot 
Hálsa, tf- pool, ratt 
Balsamcrlta, tf- a small smel- 
llng bottlefor balsatn 
Balsámico, ca. a. baUamio 
Balsamina, g f. balm 
Bálsamo, rm. balsam of balm 
UaUát, rm. a marshy pleca of 
ground wlth bramUes 
Balotár, va. to croes riten 
on ftaats or rafts 
Belsáto, rm. ferry -man 
HalsílU, tf- a small ralt 
Balsopeto, rm. a Urge pourh 
Ualúmba y Batúma, tf- bulk 
or quantlty of things heaped 

Baliimho y Balúmc, rm. a 
heap of things which take 
up much room 
Hálza, gf. banner 
Bambalina, tf- serna 
Bambalina, g f. the uppcr pait 
of the «cenes ¡it theatrea 
Bambaroteár, tm. to bawl 
Bamboleár ó Bamboncdr, en. 
to reel, totter 

Bamboleo ó Bamboneo, tm. 

reeting, staggering 
Bamltólla, tf- ostentation 
Bán, tm. a sort of fine mul- 
lí n brought from China 
Banána, tf. the frult of the 

Banásta, a Urge basket made 
of twigs or Uths 
Banastero, rm. basket-maker 
Banásto, <m. a Urge round 

Ránca, tf. a form, basset 
ltancSI, na an oblong plot 
of ground fbr raUing roota, 

Bancaláro, rm. carpet-manu- 

Bancarróta, g f. bankruptcy 
Bancára y liancázo, r. a Urge 
form or bench 

Bánco, rm. form or bench 
withoov a back, a planlng 
bench, bank 

Bánda, tf. sash wom by mllf- 
taty otHccrs when on duty, 
bank« «dge 

Bandida, tf Dock of birds 
flying together 
BandárrU, tf. an iran roaul 
with a w poden haudle 


Bandear va. to Uat nw ¡ an» 

to form partios ; vr. to 
shlft lbr one's self 
Bandeja, tf- a sil ver w altee 
Bandera, gf. a palr of coloura 
of a regiment of infantry» 
lnfantry, tlagor colnurs 
Bandereta, g f. a small Pag 
Banderilieár, re. to put small 
flatp on bullí 

Bander 1 liero,r m.lie who st ic’ss 
bannerets ln a bull í neck 
Banderizo, za. e. fretious 
Band erólas, gf. tj. banner ole 
Bandíbula, gf. the Ja w 
Bandido, rm. a hiuhwayman 
Bandín, mu Seat ln a row- 

fiandlta, gf. a tmall band 
Bánda, rm. edict 
liándola, gf. a small musical 
imtrument, jury mast 
Bandolero, mu highwayman 
lUndúrrU. gf. a musical in- 
strument resembdng a lid- 

Kánge, rm. a sort of stufT 
Banquera, gf. small open bea- 
housey frame 
Banquero, rm. banker 
Banqueta, gf. a stool wlth 
three lega 

Banquete, rm. benque* 
Banqueteár, en. to banqtset . 
Bán ros, tm. p I. aldea of an em- 
broidering orquiltbigfiramo 
Baña, gf. V7 Itarmden 
Bafiadára, gf. t keet 
Babadero, tm. ]>ool 
Baliádo, rm. V. Barln 
Bañadór, ra. e. One who 

Bafiár, va. to bathe, water 
Bafiáro, sm. keeper of baths 
Bañil, rm. a small pool ln 
whlch deer bathe 
Bañista, rm. he who drinká 
the mineral waten Inwhlo 
be bathes 

Báño, rm. bath, bagnio 
Bañarlo, rm. a llttle bath 
Baós, tm. pj. beains 
Baptlsmo, rm. V. Bautítmo 
Baptisterio, rm. Uaptistery 
Baqueta, gf. ramrod j pl. 

drumstlcks, gantlet 
Baquetázu, na. vlolent IUI 
Baqueteár, va. to inllict the 
vunUhment of the gantlet 
Báquico, ca. u. bacchanal 
Horadara, gf. the gtounding 

llarahúnda, gf. hurly-burly 
Barahúste, tm. V. BaiauMrt 



UarahutinicHt rm. pt. «malí 

bal usier* 

JUrrija, >f. a complete pack of 

Bar.ij.uhi.a, tf- (huffling of 
canl», disputo 

Barajar, <«. to shufFIe the 
larri.-, ¡ ni. lo wrangle, con- 
lev ti 

Biu rii.dr, tf. ralllng of timbcr. 
Iron, or brasi, arouud ai- 
tai», >Vc. 

Barandado, rwt. balu-trade 
liar, am. t h*. uiulcr-piece 
of a balmtrade 
Barangriy.rm. an Indian ves- 
tel, wurked wiili <un 
Barrita, tf. liarter, an aftcr 
gam« in backgaómion 
Barrita*, m. a knui of tea 

Baratero, un. he who by art 
or lurt e ohiain» money from 
tíie fortúnate gamester» 
Baratija. , rf. pt. trilles 
llaratulo, lia. ir. cheap 
Baratillo, *m. trille* »uld in a 
public place 
Barrito, ta. n. cheap 
Baratura, tf. cheapness 
Baraúnda, tf. noixe 
Brirha, K chin, beard, the 
roof oí the bee-hive ¡ m. 
player who acta the partí 
of oíd men on the itage : 
pt. hawne, libres, liarhat 
enredador, a fowl ha*' se. 
Hacer la barba, to shave 
Bar hiiila, tf. beard of ahorne, 

Barbadlllo. lia. a. havlng tit- 
ile 1-card 

Barbado, da. a. beardcd 
Bar bátln, na. man grown up, 
riñe transplantea wlth tbe 

Bar banca, tf. confusión 
liarbrir, rw. lo get a beard, 
begin to stTike root 
Bárbaramente, ad, in a cruel 
manner, nidely 
Barbaresco, ca. a. bclongrng 
or peculiar to barbarían» 
Barbaridad, <f. barbarity, 

Bnrl-rfrlo, tf. harbaromnau 
liarbat i.smo, ni. barbaron», 
croa d of barbarían* 
Barbari/rir, tu. to make bar- 
barou» or cruel 
Bárbaro, <i barliarou* 
Krimaro, m. a Barbary hone 
Jiarharóte, m. great savage 
liarbrito, ta. a. beanled 



Barbara, tf- a Ion* braro 
Barlierir, en, tu reach wlth 
the licard or lipa 
Rarliechdr, tu. to plough 
Barbechara, tf- tei le* of dif- 
fercnt succesiive plough- 

Barldcho, rm. fir*t plough- 
in* of the ground 
Bar lK ¡ ra, tf- a barber** wHe 
Harlieria, tf. traite of a barber 
Barbóro, nn. barber 
Barbeta, tj. ring-rope 
Barlnbtanco, ca. a. harlng a 
beard grey or white wlth 

bX -riño, na. a. haring a 
grey beard 

Barbiopi-Mi, sa. a. one who 
has n thick beard 
Barbihecho, cha, a. fre*h 

Barbilampiño, fia a. harbrg 
a thin lieard 

Barbilindo, a. well sha red 
BarbtUa, tf- a -.mal! beard 
Barbilltlra, tf . tufl of tow 
llarbüncio, cía. e. pretty 
Barbinegro, gra. a. blsck- 

Barbiponiente, a. havlng tbe 
beard gruwin* 

Barbiquejo, rm. handkerchicf 
Uarbirú bio,bi* - la-arded 
Barblrúcio, cía. a. haring a 
black and white beard 
Barbitefiido, da. a haring a 
painted beard 

Bar liíiaéfio, ha. a. haring a 
rough lieard 
Brirlio, in. a liarbt-1 
Barbón, im. nn oíd man of 
a grave and austere nspect 
Barliotrir, va. to tnumble 
Hartóte, nn. fore par! of a 
I iclmvt . V . Bobera. 
Barbullo, da. a. haring a long 
beard • . 

Barbudo, nn. riñe transplant 
ed wlth the root» 

Barbulla, tf. loud not*e 
lUrtnillár va. totalk loud 
Barbullón, na. a. talking 
loud, fast , and conftued 
Bírca, tf. boat, bar ge 
Barcrida, tf- passago 1« « 
ferry -boat 

Barcrige, «m. fare pald at a 
ferry for passing over water 
Barcáza, tf. a largo ferry -boat 
liarcrizo, nn. a Urge barge 
Barrilla, tf.mea»ute for grain 
Barceo, rm. dry teuge for 
niaking mats, tope*, tkc. 

Barcina, tf- net, Urge trun 
of itraw 

Barcinrir, tu. to load a cart 
wlth aneare* of rara 
Barcino ó Barcino, a. ruildy 
Barco, rm. boat, barge, bark 
Barcón y Barcdte, rm. a Urge 
boat, a klnd oi boat 
Bárda, tf. itraw, bruihwood, 
la id on iénce*, mud-wall., 

Bardrido, da. a. caparisonrd 
wlth a defensire armour ; 
applied to a hone 
Bardaguera, tf- a ‘®rt of 
tedge uied in maklng ropet 
Rardrií, rm. mud-wall 
Bardánza, tf. Andar Je bar- 
danta, to go here and thrre 
Barrlrir rn. to corer ílie topa 
of fenecí, or walls, with 
straw or bruihwood 
Bardrixa y Bar dril e, rm. V. 

Bardllia, tf. srnall bruihwood 
Bardo, rm. Iiard, poet 
Hanlóma, tf. tílth, dirt 
Brirga, tf. the *teepeit par» 
of a decllvlty, thatrlred hut 
Barí lio, rm. au Inferior sari 
of illk 

Barfpto, rm. a prceicui itone 
Barítono, rm. volee uf a low 

Barjuleta, tf. knapsack 
Barlorir, tu. to grapple 
Uarloventerir, rm. to pty 10 
windward, beat nl-out 
Barlovento, rm. weatber-gage 
Barniz, nn. varnkh, ]«tnt, 


Bamizrir, tw. to vamiih 
Baro, ra. a. thin 
Barómetro, rm. barometet 
Iiaronril, a. baronial 
Baronía, tf- barony 
Baroirinenio, na. aéromoter 
Barqucár, tu. to crin* In a 

Barquéro, rm. watcmian 
Barquóla, tf- a imatl boat 
Barquilla, tf. a titile boat 
Barquillero, rm. ime who 
•eílt water* 

Barquillo, nn. cock-boat, thin 
pástry cake 

Barquín ó Barquín ÍTa, r. 

Urge bellowi for ¡ron worki 
Barquinéro, rm. bellow»-rua- 

Barq'ilno, rm. wine-bag. V. 

Bárra, rm. Iron crow, bar of 
gola, iilver Sic. rock, luí ¡ 

Digilized by Coogle 

* - •/,? 


#* torra tí torra, ftom One 
poim to another 
Barruliasdüa, tf. perplexity 
UamU ft, tf. huí iur snldicn 
Barra* hél, m. head constable 
barrito, tm. V. Verraco ¡ a 
boai ¡ an ancient kind oí 
•hi|> Runa 

barrado, da. a. corded 
barraganería, tj. unmarried 
arate, ronco binare 
Barraganetca, im. pl. top- 

Barrí I, /m. a larp bottie 
contaimng an arroba 
Barránca, 4/*. a deep break or 
hole nade by mountain- 

Barránco, tm. V. Barranca 
Barrancoso, ia. a. broken 
Barraquear, mu to grunt Uke 
a buar 

Barrár, iu. to daub, antear 
Barreár, va. to bar, barrí 
cade; vr. V. Atrincherarte ; 
to tra.low 

Barrida, 4 f. V. Barreré 
Barrederas, tf. pl. ttuddlng 

Barradiro, tm. a mop 
Barredero, ra. a. swceplng 
alatg any thlng met with 
Barredura, tf. act oí »weep- 
iitg ; pl. sweepingt, remaim 
Bairina, 4 f. limito 
Barren Arto, da. yp. bored 
Barr en adir, m. auger 
Kanrenír, ra. to bore 
Barrendero, ra. 1. sweeper 
Barreno, tm. a large borer, 
hole made with a gimlet 
Barreño, tm. earthen pan 
BarreTtón, tm. laige t 

Barrir, m. to iweep 
Barrera, 4 f. clay-pit, mound 
of earth ftom which salt- 

C re U extractad, a cup- 
nl, parapet 
Barrero, tm. potter 
barreta, 4 f. amail bar, Uning 
o t a shoe, heimet 
Barretear, va. to secura with 
twra, Une tha inside oí a 

B* rret U*«, *m. amail heimet 
cr casque 

Barretdn, tm. Urge bu. 
barriada, 4 f. raburb 
barrica, 4 f. a keg 
Barrido, tm. ssreep 
barriga, 4 f. abdomen, prtg- 
naney, middle part of a 


Barrigudo, da. a. blg bclUed 
Buril, tm. barre!, Jug 
Barrilcjo, tm. a amail barrel 
Barrilería, 4 f. a number of 
barréis coUectcd in one 

Barrilete, tm. moute ; Bar- 
rilete de relay, the moute of 
a stay ; holn-fast 
Barrilla, 4 f. a little bar 
Bdrrlo, m. one of the dit* 
trida into which a large 
town or clty la dirided, 

Barriendo, da. a. sharp, mi 
Barriseár, ra. to lump 
Bainta, 4 f. a amail bar 
Barrí uU, tm. place ftdt of 
clay andmud 

Bdrro, tm. clay, lock of wool 
put into the comb , pl. red 

Barrocho, tm. V. Birlocha 
Barró*,, a. muddy, pimplad 
Barrdte, tm. iron bar with 
which tablea are made faat 
Barrueco, tm. pcarl of un 
cqual forra 

Barrumbeda, 4 f. graat ex- 
pense made by way oí os- 

Barruntad Jr, ra. t. canjee- 

Barmntár, va. to Riresee or 
conjacture he signa or tokena 
Barrunto, tas. 'conjectura 
Bd ríalos, ra. pl. afl'airt 
Borrón, m idle walk, the 
ttrap with which oten ate 
yoked to the plough-boam 
Barzón eár, mi. to loiter 
báta, ef. pedestal of a column 
or «tatué * 

Batir e Batir, tm. Turklth 
market -place 

Biscas, 4 f. ¡,l. squeam thneta 
Batcotidád, 4 f. unclcanlinest 
Báscula, tf. letrer 
Bise, 4 f. base, ground colour 
Basílica, 4/. rojal pal ace, Pub- 
lic hall 

Basilicdn, tm. an ointment 
Basilisco, «n. basilisk 
Basquear, va. to be tqueamlsh 
Basquina, tf. durase in sheep 
Basqnffia, tf. up|>cr pettlcoat 
worn by Spanixh w ornen 
Básta, ad. enougb, hait 
Bastáge, tm. a iiorter 
Bástago y Hástiga, V Vdtlago 
bástente, a. xuHieient 
Baxter, fu. tufiiee, abound 
Bastárda, tf. bastard file, 
place of ardí raneo 

D 3 


Bastardear, tm. to degeneróte 
Bastardía, tf, linstardy 
Battdrdo, da. a. spurioa» 
Bastardo, tm. a son bom 00» 
of wedlock, a poltonoua 
snake, rope 
Kastedr, na. to baste 
Bastero, sm. one who mak» 
or teta! ls pack-saddtes 
Hattidür, tm. trame for 

Bastilla, tf. selrage, hem 
Uaatlmenter, ra. to rictual 
Bastimento, «m. supply of 

Bastión, ra. hastian 
Básto, tm. pack-saddle ; Bit- 
tos, duba 

Bástq, ta. a. coarte, rtule 
Bastón, m. cañe, truncheon 
Bastonear, t a. to stir with a 

Bastonero, tm. m áster of the 

Uasúra, tf. sweeping», duna 
Basurero, tm. he who carrito 
duna to the futid, dung- 
yard, dung-hlll 
Báta, 4/*. nlghtgown 
Batocáao, tm. viulont contu- 

Batallóla, 4 f. hurly-buily 
batalla, tf. bottie, fencing 
with folia, tournainent 
Batallador, ra. t. camba tant 
Batallár, vn. to fight 
Batallóla, tf. V. Batayolat 
Batallón, tm. battallun 
Batanádo, da. a. fulled 
Uatanár, ra. to fult clath 
Batanedr, so. to beat 
Batanero, tm. i'uller 
Batáis, tf. Bpanish pota toe 
Batatín, sm. common potatoe 
bataydlas, 4 f. pi. rails 
Batea, 4 f. palnted tray, boat, 

Ratcár, V. Bautizar 
llategUéia, tf. a smallhampet 
or tray 

Batel, tm. tmall reste! 

I Bateiejo, leo, filo, y ito, tm. 
yawl, a amail lioat 
Batéo, sm. baptism 
Batería, sm. battery ¡ Batirla 
enterrada, a sunk battery 
Bal áro, ra. «. mantua-maker 
Batida, tf. a hunting parte, 
noise made by hunumen 
Batidera, 4 f. beaier, an in- 
smiment used by brtck- 
layen and glass makers 
Batidero, sm. colli-ion, uñ- 
aren ground. waah-bowd 



Batido, da. a. changeabU, 
boa! en,' as roads 
Batido, sm. baiter of flour 
and water 

Batidor, sm. tcoot, rangrr 
Batiente, <m. post of a door 
Batihoja, m. gold beater 
BatiporUr, taz. to house a 
pon on board a ship 
Batipdrtes, tm. pl. portcells 
Batir, tu. to bext, demoUth, 
move ln a Tiolent tnanner, 
to btrikr the colourt, to lote 

Batista, tf. cambríc, lawn 
Batojár, tu. to beat down the 
fruit of a tree 

Batucar, tu. to beat llquors 
and other thlngs In a rio- 
lent manner to and fro 
Batuquirio, rm. agitation 
Baturlllo, sm. hotchqwtch 
Baúl, fin. trunk, belly 
Bautilln, raí. a sitial! trunk 
Bauprés, m. bowsprit 
Bausán, na. l. ettigy. » fool 
Bautismal, a. baptismal 
Bautismo y Bautiao, rm. bap- 

Bautistério, m. bapthtery 
Bautiuír, va. tobaptúe 
Báta, tm. bashaw 
Bita, f. diminutlon of price 
Batida, ij. incUnatloc of an 
arcli with regard to the 
noriaon, descent 
Baxádo, da. pp. descended 
Baxainár, tf. lo» water 
Bá xa mente, ad. baséis 
Batir, va. to desccnd ; va. 
lower, to bend, abate the 
price, humble ; llorar la 
tierra, to lay the land 
Baxél, rm. ressel, ship 
Batelero, tm. nwner or mas- 
tcr of a ressel 

Batéro, ra. a. that which is 
nder t SSmna bar era, the 
undcr sheet 

Balite, sm. penca of a low 
s tature 

Baxéza, tf. a mean act, deep 
place j Rareza de animo, 
lowness of ipirits 
Baldío, tm. wine-pipe 
Baxio, rm. a thoal, shallow 
Biso, xa. a. low, dull, mean 
Bixo, ad. under, V. Debato 
Bixo, rm. bus», low situation ; 

Raro motile, coppice 
Batán, fin. baasoon 
Baxoncfllo, ftn. counter-bass 
Baxuilo, la. a, somewhat low 
lUj a, i}, berrr, pole uscd to 

separata hartes ln a atable, 

Barril, a. not steeped 
Bayál. rm. a lerer 
Bajita, tf. baile ; pl. a pall 
Bayetones, tm. pl. eoatings 
Bayladdr, ra. a. dancer 
Baylár, in. to dance 
Baylarin, na. #. dancer 
Birle, tm. dance, hall, Circe 
Haylecíto, tm. little dance 
Barlite, rm. cavalcade 
Hijo, rm. y a. a liay hone, 
brown butterfly 
Baydco, m. a copper coln 
Bayonéta, tf. baronet 
Barón etilo, tm. thrnst or 
stroke with a baronet 
Bayiique, V. floyrie» 

Bayúca, rm. tippling houw 
Baysáre, m. Inrge sca-fuh 
Bisa, tf. tilck at cards 
Bazio, tm. fine sort of cotton 
brought froui Jcrusaiem 
Bizo, »m. tpleen 
Hizo, ra. a. brown inclintng 
toyellow ; Panbtuo, brown 

Uazdtia, tf. offal, refute 
Bazucar, va. to stii liquido 
by shaking the ressel 
Beita, tf. w ornan who is en- 
gagíd in Works of charhy, 

Beatería, tf. act of aflected 
plety and religión* 
Beaterío, rm. Uuilding In- 
hábil ed by pious rr ornen 
Beático, ca. t. a little hypo- 

Bentificdr, va. to beatify 
Beatifico, ca. •. beatlfic 
Beatilla, tf. a sort of Unen 
Reatitúd, tf. beatltude 
Heito, La. a. liappj 
beato, ta. i. a pious person 
deroted to Works of charity 
Beatdno, na. y Beatón, s. 

Bebedero, sm. drinking rea- 
téis for blrds 

Bebediro, ra. 6 Bebedizo, la. 

a. notable, drinkable 
Beln-dizo, sm. lore potlon, 
physical potlon for brutea 
Bebido, da. a. drunk 

liebeddr, ra. e. tlppler 
Be bit, va. to drmk, toast; 
Beber Un tientos, to aolicit 
with much eagcrneaa ; Be- 
ber como una cuia, to drill k 
as a fish 

Beberrdn, tm. tlppler 
Bebida, tf. drlnk 

Belddo, da. s. intoxícate^ 
person ; Bien beiádo, half 

Bebistrajo, sm. an ritrarsv 
gant miitnre of drinka 
Beborrotear, ni. to sip 
Bebrige, sm. berengo 
Bit a, tf. part of a stndent’a 
drene ; Beeae, stríjie» of rel- 
ret, ice. 

Beca tifinga, i', brook lime 
Herida, tf. wood-coik 
Becaflgo, sm. fig-pecker 
Becérra, tf. tnap-dragon, 
eaith awejit down by 
Becerfllo, lia ; to, ta. s. calf 
Becirro, ra. s. a yearUng 
calf, calf-tkin tannesl and 
d r e uie d 

Becoquín, sm. cap tied under 
the chin 

Redil, sm. heiulle 
Bedelía, tf. tlie place and 
employment of a twadle 
Bedilio, sm. bdcllhsm 
Hedí ¡a, tf. flock 
Bedijiro ra. a. a person who 
picks up and gathers »l>e 
locks of wool 
Bifa, tf. irrisión, garlnnd 
Befiibemt, rm. musical sign 
Befir, va. to mock, scoft' 
Bife, sm. lip of a horse, or 
otlrer animal 

Beefh, sm. comnion puff-ball 
Bebet rtaó Bien felrta, tf.caa- 
fusión, dlsorder 
Bcjueál, sm. a placo where 
reeds grow 

Bejúco, sm. tilín or pllable 
reed or cañe growing in 

Beldiid , tf. beauty 
Beiedtn, tf. sort al cotton 

Belifio, sm. hen-bane 
llilfo, fa. a. blop-lipited 
Bilfo, tm. thick under-lip of 
| a horse 

Belhiz, tf. a large jar 
Bel hizo, sm. a Urge jar 
Bélico, ca. a. wailike 
Bcticdro, ta. a. wstlike, quar- 
retsome, irascible 
Belicosidad, tf. warlike State 
Beligerante, o. beilipeient 
BeUacáda. tf. a tv* of vilUtna 
Bellaco, a. artful, 
Bellaco, sm. rugue 
Bellaconázo, sm. great knare 
lieilacuélo, sm. artful 
Billainente, ad. prettily 
Bellaqueíi, va. ta cliast 




Bellaquería, tf. knaver; 
Belleza. */■ bcaut; 

Uéllo, lia. u. bcautiful ¡ Bella 
pidrriia, fine jcweU 
Bellório, ¡a.a. mouse-ocloured 
ÜeilcrUa, tf. common dais; 
Bellóta, tf, acom, balsam or 
perfume box, in the thape 
of an arorn 
Bellóte. «m. large nail 
Bello, car, tu. to be fed with 

Bellotera, tf- sentón for ga- 
tbcring acoras 

Bellotero, ra. s. une who ga- 
thers or sella «con» 

Heló tur», tf. pl. arreara with 
whlch the bed of the 
plough Is f alten ed 
Bén ó Bebón, tf* fruit of the 
«Ue of a filbert 
Benalótjue, tm. house or hut 
hl a vineyard 

Bendecir, va. to conrecrate 
Bendición, tf. benrdirUon 
Bendito, o. sainted, simple 
Benedícla tf. benedict 
Benefactdr, tm. benefactor 
Beneficencia, tf. beneficence 
Beneticacldn, tf. benefaction 
Beneficiador, ra. t. adntinis- 

Beneficiál, a. relatlng to be- 


Benelinór, re. to do good, 
purcliasc a place 
Beneficióiio, im. leneficlanr 
Benef icio, mu benefit, right 
deriverl frora iharter, pro- 
fit, beneñoe 

Beneficido, sa. n. beneficia] 
Benéfico, a. beneficent 
Benemérito, ta. a.ineritorious 
Beneplácito, tm. good-wlll 
Benevoléncia, tf- ber.evolence 
Benévolo, a. a. klnd 
Benignidad, tf. benignity 
Benigno, na. a. benign, mlld 
Benfno, tm. a pimple 
Benjuí, tm. gum-resin 
Beodo, da. a. drunk 
Béque, tm. head of the shlp, 

fjequébo, tm. wood-perker 
Bertm, tf. coarte atuff 
Berbf, tm. a sort of wooHens 
Bercería, tf grecre market 
Bercéro, ra. t. green grocer 
Berengéna, tf- egg.plant 
Bcrengcnál, tm. a mad-apple 

Bergamota, tf- bergnmot 
Bergamcíie ó Bcrgamoto, tm. 


Bcrgánte, tm. a ruffian 
Bergantín, tm. brig 
Bcrgantinéjo, tm. stnall brlg 
BcTgantdn, na. t. brazen 

Bergantonixo, tm. tnoat im- 
pudent ruffian 
Berilo y Berfl, tm. beryl 
Berlina, tf landau 
Bérma, tf. bcrm 
Bermejeár, rw. to be of a 
reddiab colour 
Bermejizo, ra. o. reddUh 
Berméjo, ja. a. ti a brlght 
r eiidt, h colour 
Bermejuéla, tf. rochet 
Bermejuélo, la. a. a little 

Bermcjilra, tf ruddy colour 
Bermellón, un. vermilion 
Bernan dinas, tf. pL falso 

Bemárdo, da. i. Bernardinc 

Bemegál,»m. a bowl 
Bémia, tf. rug, cloak 
Bérra, tf- «ater parsnep 
Berrear, tus. to crj llke a calí 
Benénche, tm. courage 
Berrenchín, tm. grnnting, cry 
of anery «ayward children 
Berréndo, da. a. stalned with 
tuco ditferenl colours 
Berrido, tm. the c *7 and bel- 
iowing of a calf, or otber 

Berrín, tm. child or person In 
a riotent pasMon 
Bénro, tm. waier-erersea 
Berrocal, tm. place fuil of 

Berraquéna, a. gmnite 
Berruéco, tm. rock, pin 
Bcrrüga, tf- wart 
Berrugóra, tf. large wart 
Ber rugóse, sa. a. wait; 
Be-misa, tf. sort of sluif 
Bérza, tf. tabbage 
Bertám, tf. a Urge head of 

Besaddr, ra. a. klxsing 
Desamónos, tm. levee-day, 
klnd of salute 

Bencina, tf. first furrow open- 
ed in the ground with a 

Bevár, re. to kits an; thing 
with the lipa, asa mark of 
fondoess or respect 
BcWco y Besito, tas. a little 

Béao, tm. kisa, riolent knock 
of persona or things against 
cacle otber 


Bcatczuéla, tf. a little be asi 
Bést ia,«/ .beast,a satidle mulé ; 

Gran bctlia, an etk 
Bestia ge, un. an assembl; of 
beatas of buriben 
Bestiil, e. bestial 
Bestialmente, ed. in a brutal 

Bestión, tm. large boast 
Bes tola, tf. paddle 
Beatuiln, sin. bistouri 
Bcsucadór, tm. kister 

JJesucár, va. to gire man y 


Besucón, tm. heari; kisa 
Besugúda, tf. a lunch 
Bonguero, tm. fishmonger 
who selú breams 
Besuquéo, tm. embracing kisa 
Betárraga y Bctiirata, tf. 

Betónica, tf. betón; 

Betún, tm. bitumen 
Betunár, t>a. to pa; or corer 
any thing with pltch 
Beút, tm. a kind uf sea- fish 
Eeytrpóra, tf- a large klnd «a 

Bexadrtico, ca. a. V. BttoÁr- 

Bezár y Beiaár, tf. bezoar 

Bézo, tm. a thick lip 
Bezoárdíco, ca. a. bc7oardte 
Bezdn, tm. hattering-ram 
Bezúdo, da. a. biubbcr-lipped 
Biósa, tf. a kind of coarse silk 
Biáias, tf- pl- saddlebags 
Bíbaro, tm. beav«r 
Bibero, tm. a sort of linea 
Biblia, ti. bible 
Bíblico, ca. a. biblical 
Bibliófilo, tm. book-loTer 
Bibliograf ía, tf. Uil iiography 
Bibliomanía, tf- bcok-mad- 

Bibliótafo, tm. one who lenda 
his books to no person 
Biblioteca, t). librar; 
Bibliotecario, tm. librarían 
Bicérra, tf- a kind of wild or 
mountain goal _ 

Bicliéro, tm. a long pele with 
a hook fixed at the end 
Bicho, cha. t. a general 
for small gruí» or insecta 
Bicoca, tf- sentrj box 
Bicoquéte, tm. a bonnet or 
head drexc formerly rom 
Bicoquín, tm. cap 
Bícou, small gold points 
or lace 

Bidénte, tm. two-pronged 
spade, sbeep 
BUlda, tf. pStch-fwk 



Rletildr, ra. «o winnow cora 
Bldlilo y Hiílgoj tm. winnow- 
ing fo> k 

Bléo, rm. nupreme goodnes», 
oliject of love, goal 
Biíii, ad. wcil. rlght, happtly, 
«illingly t Bien ti, but if¡ 
Bien ettd, very weíl 
B ciiíl, a. biennlal 
Bienandanza, tf- fe’.lcity 
Bienaventurado, da. «. bles- 

Bienaventuranza, tf- beatl- 
tude, prosperity 
Bienestar, rm. wel!-being 
Bienestánle, rm. one who po» 
«es.sei ease and aftluence 
Bienfortunado, da. o- fortu 

Bienhablado, da. a. well and 
círilly spoken 

Bienhechor, ra. a. benefactor 
J}¡ linio, tm. term of two year» 
BSenquerér, va. to esteem 
Bienquerer, tm. etteem 
Bienquisto, ta. a. generally 
estcemed ar.d rcijiected 
Bienvenida, tí. welcome 
BWnr.a, tf. the thin film in 
aide the shell of an egg 
Bidrio, tm. a sort of Unen 
}UfU nne, a. bifonned 
Hifrónte, o. double-fronted 
Bisa, tf. the traca» of two 

Bigamia, tf. bigamy 
Bigamo, tm. bigamíst, a wi- 
dower, who ha» roarried 

Bigardear, rn. to be a biga 

Bigardía, tf. }et t 
Bigdrdo, tm. an opprobrious 
ap|>cUat¡an given to a Mar 
Bigaio, tm. a larire sea *nail 
Bigito, ta. a. ancicnt coin 
Bigminia, tf- tniinpet-llower 
Bigométa, tf. a »mail anvii 
Bigdmia, tf anvii 
Bigdta, tf. deail-»ye 
Bigotdzo, tm. lar ge whUker 
Bigote, «i. whidter 
Bigotera, im. leather cover 
<br whitki-r» or mustachlot 
Bija, V. Achúle 
Bil.índcr, tm. bilander 
Bilbaíno, na. a. nativeof BU- 

Bitbilttáno, na. a. nativa of 
Biliár.o. billar* 

Bilingüe, a. deceitftll 
BiUdrf, na. a. biLiou» 

Bilis, tf- l'U» 


Biliar, rm. btaid «* ot 
bUUard», or blldartt-lable 
milite, tm. bUlet 
Hilletico, rm. a amall blllet 
BUdrta, rm. ring made of a 
twlatcd wUlow-twig, tlying 
report, a game 
Biidrto, rm. bat havlng a 
ciooked head 

Biltrotedr, rm. to rarable 
about the Street* 

Bimie», tf- * kind of Braill 

Blméstre, a. of two month*’ 
contlnuancej rm. two 
month»’ leave of abxnce 
Binailéra, tf- inatniment with 

Binaildr, rm. digger 
Binar, ru. to dig a plece of 
ground the second time 
Bindrio, rm. a number which 
consista of two unitiet, time 
Blnatéraa, tf- P¡- becketa 
Binazdn, rm. the act of dlg- 
ging a plece of ground a 
secón d time 
Binaa, tf- pellicle 
Biografía, tf- blography 
Bid.nbo, rm. tcreen 
Bipedal, a. bipedal 
Hirabiqui, rm. borer 
Biráda, tf. tack 
Biraddr, rm. a top rope 
Birár, no. to wind, tack 
Birardne», rm. pi. land and 
tea breexe» 

Biricú, rm. tword belt 
Birflla, tf- omament of gold 
or sil ver 
Birla, V. Bolo 

Birladdr, rm. one whoknocks 
down at a btow 
Birlár, va. to knock down 
at one blow, to dispot- 

Birlocha, tf- paper-klte 
Birldcho, rm. high open car- 

Birlen, rm. large middie pin 
In the game of nine pin» 
Blrldnga, tf. ronde of playlng 
in the gainc at card» called 

Birdla, tf- ferrule fixed on 
walking stlcks, goad 
Birreta, tf. cardinal’* red cap 
Birréte, rm. cap 
Birretina, tf- grenader*» cap 
Bisabuelo, la. r. great grand- 
fatlier, or grandmother 
Blsigra, tf. hlnge, píese of 
Bltdito, tm. a pea 


Blsléato, o. betonging to a leap 

Bisílabo, ba. a. consistmg of 
two syllable* 

Bisojo, a. squintn-jed 
Bisdnte, tm. bison 
Bisoñada y Bitofieria, */. • 
ra-h tpeech or acrion 
Bisdño, fia. a. raw, novice 
Bispdn, rm. roll of oil clotb 
Bistdrta, tf. biatort 
Bistreta, tf. payment made 
oefora theiaonejr becomca 

Bisúnto, ta. *• that which la 
dlrty or grea»y 
Bisurcado, da. a. forked 
Bitácora, tf. binacle 
Bitadura, tf- cable bit 
Bitas, tf. pi. bita 
Bitdnes, rm. pi. pina of the 

Bitu minólo, »a. a. bituminous 
Bivár, rm. gander 
Blvérlo, V. Kiiarr 
Biiárrameute, ad. courage» 
ously, gallantly 
Biiarreár, vn. to act In a »pl* 
rited manner 
Bizarría, tf- gallantiy 
Birárro, ra. a. gallan 
Blzázas, tf. fl. saddte-baga 
Blzcár, va. to aquint 
Bizco, ca. a. V. Bitvjo 
Bizcochar, va. to make ot 
bake bucult 

Bizcochero, tm. blscult-caak 
Bizcdcho, rm. sea-biscult, 
paite made of fine (lour,Ítc. 
Blzcochudlo, rm. small bl»- 

Bizma, tf- » poultice 
Btzinár, bu. to apply * cata- 
plum or poultice 
Hianiéto, r. great grandson 
Blánca, tf. copper coin 
Itlánco, ca. u. white 
Blánco, rm. white mark, 
mixture of whlting, fcc. ; 
Labor blanca, plain work 
I lancdr y Blancura, r. white- 

Blandáles, rm. pl. backstajr* 
BMndamcnte, ad. softly 
Blandeaddr, ra. r, one »UO 

Blandeár, va. to soften, bran- 
dl-h i ra. alacken i er. ba 

Blandengue, rm. a soldler 
Blandéo, rm. the good or bad 
quality of pasture land» 
Blandidnte, u. having a tra 
tnulou» motion 

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BUndfllo, lia. a. soraewhat 


IiUmlír, va. to brandish a 
sword, pibe, lance; vr. to 

S olver 

ndo, da. o. soft ; Blando de 
tarazón, lender-hearted 
BUnddn, m.»>i taper, Urge 
chut di candlextlck 
BUndóra, «/'. soflne*», leni- 
tiva applicatlon, mild 
Blandurilla, tf. a sort of fine 
soft pom ntum 

Blanqueación, tf. the aet of 
hlanchlng or whitcnlng 
Blanqueador, ra. ». one who 
Manches or whilenc 
Blanqueadora, tf- wliitenes» 
BUnqueár, nn. to bleath, gi ve 
coarte wax to beet ; va. to 
show whiteness 
BUnqtieccddr, «vn. an ofllcer 
en.ployed m the raint, to 
poüsh coin 

Blanquecer, va. to btanch 


Blanquecino, no. whltUh 
Blanquería, «vn. bleachfield 
Blanquéro, «vn. tanner 
Blanqnéte, «vn. white palnt 
uved by w ornen 
Blanquición y Blanquecí* 
miento, «. the act of blandí- 
Ing the metal before it t> 

Blanquilla, tf. dolt, sort of 
plum, white grapc 
Blanquillo, lia. o. whltish 
Blanquimiento, «vn. the act of 
hlanchlng coin 

Blanquillo, ca. a. Incllnlng 
to white 

Blasfemáhle, a, blamahle 
Blasfemador, ra. «. blasphe- 

Blasfemar, m. to blaspheme 
Blasfematorio, ría. a. con* 
tainlng bl&sphomy 
Blasfemia, gil blaspnemy 
Blasón, >m. heraldry, bonour 
Blasonador, ra. «. hoaxter 
Blasonante, ¡ta. boader 
Blasonár, tw. to blaaon 
Bledo, «m. «trawberry bllte 
Bienno, «vn. hake, blenny 
Blfnno, «m. a klnd offish 
Blindáge, «vn. blind, a cover* 
ing made by the be&ieuers 
ol a strong plana 
Bldnda, tf. broad lace made 

Bloudina, tf. narrow tllk lace 
Blondo, da. a. having a falr 

Bloqueár, va. to fiirm ablock- 

Illnquéo, «vn. blockoda 
Bda, tf- Urge ter¡>ent 
BoarTdte, «vn. ttorm 
Boáto, tm. ostentation 
Bobáda, tf. V. Baherl a 
Iioballcdn y Bobázo, «m- great 

Bobamente, ad. without trou- 
ble or care, foollsltly 
Bobático, ca. a. tilly 
Bolieár, ra. toad or talk in a 
foolith manner, loiter about 
1 lobería, tf. fnotery 
Bobillo, lia; to, ta. i. a little 
fool, hlg-bellied jug, ftill 
Boblnai, íf. pl. bobbíns mostfool- 


Bóbo,ha. #. dunee, íort of ruff 
Bobdn, na. «. great fool 
Bobote, «m. simpleton 
Bdca, tf. mouth, entrence, 
pincers with whlch cray- 
fish hold tomething, taste, 
•hrlmi ; Baca dei ««íiJmago, 
plt of the stomach, lubbcr's 
note ; Cntrrtt ta baca, to 
«hut one’» mouth ¡ A' boca 
de invierno, about the be- 
ginnlng of wlnter ¡ Bnea d 
Boca, ad. by word of moutb ; 
De boca, verbal ly 
Bocacálle, tf- entry 
Rocacár, «m. «luice 
Mocad y Bocacin, «vn. fine 
' ghszed buckram 
Bocadeár, va. to divide tnío 

Bocadillo, «vn. scrap, thin 
Unen, lunch 
Bocadito, tm. small bit 
Bocado, «nt. morsel.blte; pl. 

dice» of quince», íte. 

Bocál, «vn. pitchcr, mouth- 
plece of a trumpet 
Bocanada, tf. a mouthftll of 
winc or other llquor 
Bocarán,«m. fine ton of buck I 

Bocára^f. a Urge wkte mouth 
Boceár, tw. V. Bocezar 
Bocel, «m. brlm of a veste!, 
flutlng ptane 

BoceUr, va. to make fluted 

Bocelete, «vn. small tnouldlng 

Boeeldn, «vn. Urge mouldinc 

Bocera, tf. cmmbt 
Bocezar, no. to more the tlps 
froto cate úüe to anotber 


Bdcha, tf- bowl, fowt 
Bochár, iv». to thTow a ball so 
tliat it hit! another 
Bochazo, «vn, stroko of one 
bowl ¡igaiust another 
Bóche, «vn. chcrry-plt ¡ V- 

Bochívta, «m. a good bowler 
Bochdmo, «m. lint, bluih 
Bodn, tm. round píece of basa 
mat put about the nare of a 

Bocina, «vn. sort of Urge 

Bocinero, «vn. trumpeter 
Bocolic», tf. exquwite or de- 
licious euUng 

Bocón, «vn. a wide moutbed 
person, braggart 
Bula, tf. marriage, weddlng 
Bode, tm. a he-goat 
Bodega, «vn. wine vault, 
abundant vbitage, storo- 

Bodegón , «n». mean chop* 
huuse, low inn 
Bodegoncillo, «m. low chop- 

Bodegonear, ea. to run from 
one tippUng-house to ano- 

Bodegonero, ra. a. one who 
keepa a low chou-house 
Bodeguero, ra. «. butler 
liodlán, tm. asea-fish 
Bodijo, «vn. unequal mat ;fc 
Borlo, ál, a. applled to a klnd 
of black grapas 
Bodocázo, tm. stroke of a peí* 
let shot from a cross-bow 
Bodúllo, »m. pruning-knlfe 
Bodoque, «vn. peilet, dunce 
Bodoquera, « mould In 
whlch pellets are lbrmed, 
eradle of a cross-bow, 

Bodoqufllo, «vn. small peilet* 
Uddno, «vn soup « 

Boeinlo,«tn. sort of short cloak 
Koezueio, «vn. stalking-ox 
Bofáda, tf. a kind of ragout 
Mófe., lung» 

Bofeta y Bofetón, «. a sort of 
thin stiff finen 
Bofctáda, tf- slap, buffet, box 
Bofetón, «vn. vlolcnt hlow on 
the lace, stage decoratlon 
Bofetoncíllo, itn. a slight hay 
or slap on the face 
Bóga, tf. act of rowing 
Bogáda, tf. rowing stroke 
Bogadór, «vn. rower 
Bogár. vn. to row 
Bogeta, tf. a klnd of herring 


Rebordar ,ra. la throw wands, 
ln tournsments 
Bohórdo, «m. bUde of flag, 

Dolí, tm. ox-stall 
Jtoitríno, tm. a klnd of fuh- 

Bol, mi. Amientan bole 
Bóla, «/. hall, faUehood 
Bolilla', tf. throw or cast of a 
ball or bowl 

Bolantín, im.Iine sor» of pack- 

Bol armónico, m. V. Boí. 
RolcMia ó Bol chico, i. pune 
Bolea, tf. swing-tree bar of a 

Bolear, ra. to play al bilí larris 
without staking money ; 
tvi. to dart 

Boleo, m. the placa wbere 
baila are thrnwn 
Boleta, tf. ticket giving the 
right of being admitirá in to 
a place, ara al! pajier with 

Boletár, vn. to roll up tobáceo 
tn small bits of pa|>er 
Boletín, m. warrant giren 
for the payment of money, 

Boliche, tm. all the tmall fish 
caught at once near the 

Bolichero, ra. «- one who 
keeps a pigeon-hole 
Bolilla, tf. a small ball 
Bolillo, oh. jack, bobbin, 
mould or fratne ; pl. paste 

Bolín, IM. a small ball 
Bolinear, no. to haul up the 

Bol ¡nóte, roí. a moreable cap- 

Bolísa, tf. ei n t i er» 

Bollar, va. to iintima 
Bollero, ra. #. pastry-cook 
Bol tico y Bolillo, oh. small 
ioaf madeof aupar, he. 
Solibio, da. is. boiled 
Bótlo, tm. small Ioaf roade of 
tugar, Hour, he. a morbid 

Botliln, tm. bra«s-headed nail, 
button which slioots from a 

Bol lamido, da. a. adorned 
wlth brass-headed nails 
Bol ludio, m. V . Bellico 
Bdlo, tm. one of the nina plns, 
large píece of timber 
Bol dno, tm. pl. tquare boltl 
v or oiortar-bed pintles 



Boló ignoran t féllow 
Hdlsa, tf. pune, uouch, bag 
Bótsa-redl, tf. Rojal Sa- 
chan g« 

Bolsero, tm. «ashier 
Bolsico j Bolilla, <f. small 

Bolsico, tm. poke, nocket 
Bill so, na. money bag 
Bolsón, tm. large puise; pl. 
large bar t of Iron, s ton es on 
which a vault la sprung 
Bómba, tf. pump, bomb 
Bombarda, tf. andent thlck 
plece of ordnance callad a 

Bomlsardeár ó Bombedr, ra. 
to bombard 

Bombardeo, tm. oombard- 

Bombardero, tm. bombarditr 
Bombasí, tm. bombaxeen 
Bombáao, tm- tapón of a 
bomb which bursts 
Bómbo, tm. hummlng of bees, 
íce. large drum 
Bonanchón, na. t. ja. good- 
natured, cas y person 
Bonancible, a. modérate 
Bonanza, tf. falr wealher at 
sea, prosperity 
Bondád, tf. goodneta 
llondaddso, sa. a. kind 
Hondón, tm. a UUng 
Bonetada, tf. a salute 
Bonete, tm. cap, secular cler- 
gyraan who wein a bonnet 
Bonetería, tf. ahops wbere 
bonnets are made or told 
Bonetero, ra. t. cap and bon- 
net maker, prickwood 
Bonetillo, tm. small cap or 

Bonico, ca. a. pretty cood 
Bonificar, va. to crcdlt 
Bonillo, lia. a. somewhat 

Bonina, tf. a klnd of chamo- 

Bonito, ta. «. pretty good, 
neatness, graceful 
Bofiiga, tf- cow-dung 
Bofdgáres, tm. pl. round 
wbite figs 

Boópe, tm. a kind of whala 
Bdque, tm. hegoat 
Boqueada, tf- act of openlng 
the mouth, a gmsp 
Boqueár, mi. to pape, expire; 

va. to pronounce 
Boquera, tf* sluloe made in a 
canal, opening made in in- 

Boquerón, tm, wlde openlng 


Boquete, tm. namw entreno* 

of aplace 

Boquiabierto, ta. a. hatring 
the mouth oten 
Boquiancbo, clia. a. wide 

Boquiangosto, ta. a. narrow 

Boquiconejúno, na- a. a rab- 
bit ■ moutlied luirse 
Boquiduro, ra-a.hard-mouth- 

Boquifresco, ca. o. firesh- mou- 

Boquifruncido, da. a. hatring 
the mouth contrariad 
Boquihundido, da. a. large- 

Boquilla, tf. llttle mouth, 
cqienlng of a pair oí 
breeches at the kneca, 

Boquimuelle, a. tender meo- 
thed, unwary 

Boquín, im. coarse sort o t 
bal se 

Boquina turál^-weH-mouthed 
Boquinégro, tm. • blacklsh 
sort of snails 

Boquirasgddo, da. a. deep- 

Boquiróto, ta. a. loquaclous 
lioquinibio, bia. a simple 
Boquiseco, cs.a. dry. mouthed 
Boquíta, <f. tmali mouth 
Boquituerto y Boquitorcido, 
da. a. wry- mouthed 
Borbollar y Borbollonear, vs. 
to boíl 

Borbollón ó Borbotón, tm. 

Borbotar, ra. to boíl up in 

Bórda, tf. but, gunnel 
Bordada, tf. board, tack 
Uordadíllo, tm. double tlosrer- 
ed t aleta or lafety 
Bordado, da. yp. embroidered 
Bordado, tm. embroidery 
Bordador, ra. t. embroiderer 
Bortladúra, tf. embroidery 
Bordar, ra. to cmbioider 
Bdrde^m. bordar, brim, a bud 
Kdrdo, tm. border, ship 
Bordón, tm. ptlgrim's stalf, 
basa, vicious tepetition 
Bordonear, tm. to Uj the 
ground wlth a stalf, tove, 
nlay well on the thorough 

Bordonero, rs. t. «agrant 
Bondl, a. northem 
Bóreas, tm. the north-wind 
Borgófia, tf. Burgundy wina 

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Bdrla, tf. taicel Bostezadtír, m. percon who Boullngrtn, — 1 — llry ruin 

Borlón, tm. Urge tascei yawnt repeatediy Bóveda, tf. vault, cava 

Bóme, m. the end of a lance Bátoir, tu. to ;««a Hovcdár, tm. to vault 

Borneadizo, za. a. pliant Bostezo, mt. yawn Bovino, na. a. bclongtaf la 

Borneár, na. to bend; vn. to Bóta, tf. tmall lentherbag to black cattlc 

carry vine, butt, boot Bóx, tm. box-tzce 

Borneo, mt. act of turmng or Botador, tm. di i ver, a punch Bozdr, ni, to tail round an 
winding a thlng Botafuego, rm. Unatock ialandj en. to meuturo 

Bomóra, tf. a blackltb tort of Botalón, tm. boom around, to contaln 

mili clone Botana, tf. plug used to itop Boxcdál, mu. plan tallón of 

Boronfa, tf. diih made of ap- up bung-holet, ccar box-treca 

plex, putnkin», ice. Botánica, tf. botan; Bóte, tf. buoy, bar r el, place 

Bórra, tf. yearling etre, goat'z Botánico, ca. a. botante of Cork 

hair, nap, dregs, a taz Botánico ó Botanista, rae. bo- Boyada, tf- drnre of oí en 
Bon-ácha, tf. leather bag tañía Beyál, a. relating to black 

Borracheár, va. to be oflen Botdntes, rm. p¡. choro* cattle 

drunk Botar, va. to caat, votr Boyánte, pa. buoyant, light 

Borrachera, Borrachería, y üotaráte, mt. thoughtless Boyar, tm. to be a-float 
, Borrachada, tf. dnmken- Botarga, tf- gaakins, bufloon Boyázo, mt. Urge ox 
neu ¡ Indian tree Botavánte, «tt. plke used by Boyt’ra, tf- oz-ntall 

Borrachez, tf. intozicatlon bramen Boyero, mt. ox-hetd 

Borricho, cha. a. drunk Botavara, tf. a tmall boom Boyezuein, tm. a young ox 

Bonachón y Borrachondao, Bóte, m, thruct with a plke, Boyuno, na. a. belunging to 

tm. groad drunkxrd ice. rebouud, galllpot, ca- black cattle 

Borrschuelo, mt. little tlppler nitter ; p I. heaps of «ool Bozál, tm. a muzzle 

Borrador, tm. rough draft of Botecico y Boteciilo, tm. tklfT Bozál, a. muzzled, novio* 
a vTÍtlng, «axte-book Botella, tf. bottle Boxaléjo, mi. a «malí muzzJ* 

Borragcár, vn. to scrtbble Botrqufn, tm. tmall boat Bózo, mt. dotrn , hradOal 
Borrár, va. to blot, etiaca Botero, mt. one abo drocaec Brabera, tf- air hole 

Borráv z, tf. ctorra and makrt vine Brábio, mt. príze obtained at 

Barraacdao, ca. a. ctormy Botóla, tf. V. Embotamiento public game* 

Borrár, mt. V. Atincar Botica, tf. apothecary's chop, Braceáda, tf- vlolent extoa* 

Borregada, tf- Urge flock potion clon of the arme 

Borrégo, ga. i. lamb not yet Boticdgr, mt. rent pald fiar a Bracedge, mt. act of beatlng 

a year oíd chop the metal tur colnlng in the 

Borreguero, na. thepherri Boticario, mt. cpothecary mlnt 

Borren, tm. pannel of i Nadóle Botlgudro, mt. chop- keeper Braceár, nu to more or tving 

Borrilla, tf- kind of engine Botija, tf. earthen jar the arme; re. to broce 

Borricada, tf. drove of mete* Botijero, mt. one vfce maket Brat-ero^tn. gentleman utber. 

Borrico, ca. i. a»t or «elbt jan lahourer 

Borricón y ilorrlcóte, tm. Botnia, tf. a tmall vine bag. Bracete, tm. a tmall ara 
Urge jatk -ata tnman’t half boot Bracitlo y Braclto, tm. th* 

Borrlquero,mt. one vhokeepc Botillería, tf- lee- borne flethy parí of the arra 

or tendí auca Botillero, tm. one who pro- Brágn, tj. chlld's clout 

Borriquilloa, pi. rrms-har* of pares jellles Bragáda, /. the flat of the 

the ftame of a table Botillo, mt. a tmall wine-bag thigh in beaxta 

Bórro, tm. vether not yet Botín, mt. buzkin, a booty Bragado, da. e. havlng the 
two year* oíd, dolt Botinero, mt. a solóier who flankx of a ditfcrent colour 

Borrón, mi. blot, rnugh draft take* care of the booty from the mt of the body 

Borróso. ca. n. ful) of dregs, Bragadura, tf- p*rtof thrku 
done in a bad manner Botiquín, tm. travelling me- man body ¡ tlat of the thigh 

Borrólo, tm. bungler diente chest in beaiU 

Borujón, mt. knob Bóto, ta. a. blunt Bragázas, tf. pl. wlde breecho 

Bortúca, tf- witherrd leaf Bóto, tm. largegut filled with Braguero, tm. truc» 

Boaár, tm. to run over, vomit butter Bragueta, tf- opening of the 

Botcáge, tm. tufl, clump Botón, tm. bud, bit of vood fore-part of a pair at 

Bótforo, tm. a atralt or bone, covered with tilk, breeche* 

Bótque, mt tract of land thread, itc., button ftragurtón, mt. largo opening 

planteó with tren Botonadura, tf.tet ofbuttona in the fore-part of Ib* 

Bosqnecillo, mu acoppice Botonero, ra. ». bntton-raaker breeches 

BotqueUr, ra. to mala * Botonería, tf. buttuo-maker'i Bragufltai^f.p/. Ilttle btreel.e* 

tketch, deslgn chop Bramadera, tf. rattle 

Bosquejo, mt. a sketch . Boucán, mu meara re of U- Bramadero, cía. rtmingplac* 

Woatir, «at. ox-ttall i gubia Bramadór, ra. i. rearar 



Bramánte, «n. pack-thread, 
a sort of llnan, vn. to rosr, groan 
Bramido, m. cry uttered bjr 
wild beasts, clámour 
Brinca, </'. glnnd of the throat 
Brancdda, tf. dragnet 
Bránchas, tf- j ti. gilts of a fiih 
Brandecér, no. to soflen 
Brandembúrg, tm. largo and 
urlde riding-coat 
Brandís, tm. great coat 
Brando, im. tune adaptad to 
a dance 

Braqufllo, tía. ». «malí polnter 
Braquildgia, tf. laconUm 
Brisas, tf. pl. cinders 
Braserleo, Ito y to. tm. a smatl 
pan to hold coals 
Brasero, tm. brasier, places 
where crimináis are bumt 
Brasiládo, da. a. rudriy 
Brasileño, fia. a. Brasilia» 
Braúlis, tf. cloth or stulí' 

Brá va, tf. heavy iwell of the 

Bravamente, «tí. bravely, cru- 
dly, gnllantlr, finely 
Bravata, tf. bravado 
Braveaddr, ra. t. bully 
Braveír, va. to bully 
Bravera, tf. vent 
Jiravillo, lia. a. rather «lid 
Bravio, vía. a. ferocious 
Bravio, tm. flerceness 
Brivo, va. a. brave, bullying, 
savage, sumptuou* 
Bravosidad, jrf. V. Gallardía 
Bravúra, tf. ferocity 
Braza, tf. a fathom 
Brazdda, tf. movement of the 

Brazádo, tm. an arm-fbll 
Brazdge, tm. number of fa- 

Brazalete, tm. hracetet 
Brazizo, »m. long-arm 
Brizo, tm. arm, each endof 
a beam Brasa de mar , arm 
of the sea 

Brazuelo, m. small arm. 
shoulder or forethlgh ot 

Brea, tf. pltch, sackcloth, va. to pltch, vez 
Breháge, tm. beverage 
Breca, tf. a bleak or Itlay 
Brecha, tf. a breach 
Bríga. tf. strife 
Bregdr, ra. to uontend; va. 

to vork dmigh 
Brén, «m. hran 
Brenca, tf. maidenhalrf pl. 
aluice posts, filamenti 


Brdfia, tf. cTaggy ground 
Hrefiál d Brefidr, tm. place 
full of briars and brambles 
Bieñdso, sa. a. craggy 
Bréque, tm. small river fish 
Bre.eaddto, »m. a small tube 
lireladdr, tm. a whlstle 
Ibetáfia, tf- a sort of line 11- 

Brdte, tm. fetters, tndlgence 
Bretdn, tm. young sprouts 
Brdva, rf. enrly ftg 
Brive, n. bricf, conciso 
Brevedád, tf. brevity 
Brevemente, aJ. brlefly 
Brevete, tm. V. Membrete 
lltevlirio, tm. brevier place plantcd vritb 

Brezo, sin. heath 
Brtifia, tf. ropa madeof bass- 

Briba, tf. tru.anb.hip 
Brihár, im. to lead a vagabond 

Bribdn d Bribldn, na. t. y a. 

Brlbonida, tf. beggar’s trlck 
Bribón ázo, tm. grcat cheat 
Briboncílto, tm. lfttlegull 
Brlboneár, vn. V. Bribar 
Bríeho, tm. spangle 
Brida, tf. ruin, 0 f a brldle, 
Brlriár, va. to Irridlc, curb 
Briddn, tro. horseman, hurte 

Brígida, tf. brigatle 
Brigadier, tm. brigadier 
Brlgdla, tf. ram 
Brillad, ir, ra. a. brittlant 
Brilladilra y Brillantez, tf. 

Briliinte, tm. a dlamond 
Brillar, r». to shine 
Brillo, tm. brillianoy 
Brln, tm. sall-cloth 
Brlncaddr, t. one vrho leaps 
Brincár, tm. to leap, jumó 
Brincia, tf. Ztcel of an onhm 
Brinco, tm. Icap, jump 
Brindar, tm. to toast, pledge 
Brindis, m. act of drinkiug 

Brinquillo <5 Brinquiño, tm. 

gewgivr, sweatmeat 
Brío, tnt. strength, forcé 
Bildles, tm. pl. bunt-linea 
Briolín, tm. slah-line 
Brldto, sa. a. vlgorous 
Brisa, tf. breeze from the 
north uast 

Brisca, tf- a game at cards 
Bri» cir, ra. to embroider with 


gold or sil ver tsrist mixed 
with sllk 

Británica, tf. water-dock 
Brizna, tf. btg ment 
Brizndso, a. full of scraps 
Urden, tf- red for twist, Seo. 
drill, button 

Bro adei ó Brocatel, tm. bro- 

Brocido, tm. gold or sil ver 
br ocarie 

Brocido, d*. a. embroidered 
lirocadúra, tf. blteof a bear 
Brocal, tm. stone iaid round 
the hrlm of a well, metal 
rim of a scabbard 
Brocamantón, tm. crotchet of 

Brocárdico, tm. avlom at law 
Brocatel, tm. ordinary kind 
of stolf 

Brdcha, tf. painter's brush 
Brochido, da. a. relating to 

Brochadúra, tf- set of clasps 
Brdclie, tm. clasp 
Brochíca y Brochodla, tf- 
small clasp 

Brochón, tm. Urge clasp, 
Brochtira, tf. act of puttlnga 
book In bo.trds 
Brócula, tf. a drill 
Hldciili, tm. broccoll 
llrüdlo, tm. hotch-potch 
Brdma, tf. rubbuh mixed 
with mortar, water-gruci, 
a dull person 

Bromido, da. a. worm-eaten 
llromár, va. to gnaw 
Brdmo, tm. wild oats 
Brdncc, tm. bronzc, a truin. 

pet, any thing strnng 
Bronceár, ra. to give a bronze 
or brasscolour 

Broncería, tf- collectlon of 
thing. maue of bronze 
Broncha, tf. klnd of ponlard 
Broncista, tm. a worker In 

Bronco, ca. a. rnugh, harsh 
Bronquedad, tf. harshness 
Broquel, tm. sliield or buck* 
ler of wood, iron, lee. 
Broquelero, tf. stroke wllh a 
sliield nr buckler 
Broquelero, tm. one who 
maltes or wears shields or 

Broqueletc, tm. a small buck- 

Broquelillo, tm. small sMeid, 
sort of ear-rings ( ^ 

Brosquil, tm. sliecp-fold 


Bríta, tf gema of a vine 
Brotad», da. a. budded 
ürotadúta, tf. bmlding 
Brótano, rm. «mthem-wood 
Brotir, en. ta bud, bteak out 
Brote j Urdió, m. germ of 
riñes, fragroent 
Brotdn, rm. I.irit» clasp 
Broza, rm. remitms of le a res, 
thicket, primer'» lirusli 
Brozduo, M. a. full jf rubldsh 
Brucéro, rm. brushniaker 
BrUces ó Iirfui, tf- ¡d. tbe 
upper lipa 

BrucositUd, tf. tonnage 
Bruiíta, tf. wheelbarruw 
Brugfr, un. to pare off ihe 
córner» and eriges 
BrUgo, tm. a anrt of grub 
Bruja, V. Arma 
Brulote, tm. tirc-ahip 
Brúma, tf- V. Broma ; wlnter- 
teasoii, iilst 
Brumal, a. brumal 
Brumamidnto, tm. wenriness 
Brumazón, im. thlck fog 
Brúmn, rm. lineal ru 
Brúñela, tf. self-heal 
Brúñela, tf. sort of black cloth 
Brúnn, na. a. of a brown dark 

Brujido, da. «. burnlthed 
BruFiiddr, ra. t. burnlaher 
Brnfdmiénto, tm. act and ef- 
fecl ofpolishing 
Bruñir, va. to buraiah, palnt 
Bru -cite, rm. a aort of ha»h 
BrAar», nt. kneeholly, refute 
of wooi 

ftrúsco, ca. a. rude 
Brusélei, tm. pl. pin or dice 
to mix drug. 

Brutal, a. brutal 
Brutalidad, tf. brutalify 
Bruteza, tf. rouuhne» 

Bruto, rm. bruto, rude per- 

Brúto, ta. a. coarte, rough 
Bruxeár, va. to practlse 

Bru t cría, tf' witchcraft 
Brtizota, tm. aorcerer, «itch 
Jim auto, tf. aea-compaa» 

Bru (o examine one 
card after anotlier 
Brúza, tf. round bruah for 
deaning horxes. Bruzar, 

Bda, tf- puatule 

Bu. ir, na. to bmit 
Budrda, tf. skjr-tlght 
Butiro y Huaríllo, tm, buzzard 
Bubátlco, ca. o. harina buboes 
Bubilla, tf. a'phnple 

BUF Bliff 

Bubón, tm. lasge morbid ttt- 
znour, fuli of maíter . 
Buhdso, sa. a. aftlicted with a 
tiiseaae in the groin 
Búcaro, rm. «esrel made of 
fine oduriferou» earth 
Boeder, va. to tlire 
Bucdo, tm. ditlng 
Bucdro, o. black noaed 
Bucea (de), atl. V. Dt Brutei 
Búcha, tf- large chest or box 
Buchár, tm. to hide 
Búche, tm. craw,rnaw,mou th - 
ful of water, joung tucking 
as», pune, breaxt 
Buchecillo, tm. littlc craw 
Uuchdte, rm. ebeek puffed 
wltb wind 

Bucinaddr, rm. brumpeter 
Bucinár, raí. to publiáh 
Búcle, rm. buckle, hair curlcd 
Búco, rm. a ship, buck 
Bucólica, tf. pn.toral poetrj 
Bucólico, ca. a. buculic 
Budiál, tm. marali, fen 
Budn, a. V. Bueno 
Budna, tf. propeny 
Uueitaladjra, rm. seaman wbo 
engages to aeree ou board a 
„ *»Uej 

Budnamente, ad. freelj 
Buenandanza, tf. tlie good for- 
tune of any une 
Bueriarerttúra, tf. fortune 
tíudtro, na. a. good or perfect 
in ita kind, simple, socia- 
ble, great, sound, uaeful. 
Buenat dial, good daj 
Budno, ad. enough 
liuen|>arecdr,rm. good coonci! 
Bueripavái, rm. independen! 

Budña, tf. black pudding 
HuCy. rm. ox, buílock 
Buctczudlo, tm. alalking OX 
Bucyúno, na. a. belongtng to 
black cattle 

BtUa. tf- breaking wind wlth- 
out nolae, Jmlt 

Bufado, da. o. burating with 
a no ae 

Búfala y Búfalo, r. bufTalo 
Bufar, tm. to putf and blow 
with anger, snort 
Hufdte, im. desk 
Huferíllo, rm. amaii deak 
Bufí, rm. kind of watered 

Bufido, rm. blowing of an 
animal, exprcaslonof anger 
Húfo, rm. harieijuln 
Bdfo, fa. a. Opere bufa, coer 

Bulen, re. roenrjr-andrew 


Bufonáda tf. buffbonery, a 
low Jost, ridiculo 
Bufonázn, tm. great buffoan 
Bufonearse, vr. tu jest 
Bufo», rm. yl. ancient head- 
dreas of women 
Bugdda, tf buck, a utenali 
for washing 

Bugacdta, tf. a amaii veuel 
Bugalla, t /• gall-nut 
Bugr, rm. iroit ring fixed in 
the inside of each end of 
the nave lude 

Bugeltdda, tf. kind of paint 
. tur ladies 
Bugla, tf. wax-taper 
Bugicr, tm. gcntleman usher 
of the king's liousehold 
Bugierla, tf. ofBce at court 
w Itere the wax-candlea are 

Bugldsa, tf. wild btigloas 
Kugúla. tf- aikam-t 
Buharda, tf. winduw in the 
roof, garret 
Buhirni, tm. eagle-owl 
BuhcdfU, rm. pool of stagnant 

Bultédo, rm. marl 
Bubc'ra, rm. embrasura 
llúhdro, rm. owl-keeper 
Búho, rm. owl 
Buhonería, tf. pedlar*i box 
Buhonéro, rm. (icdlar 
Huir, va. to polish 
BujaUzdr, y li u jarasc¡l, rm. fig 
Bujarrón, rm. V'. Sodomita 
Bula, tf. papal bull 
Bullir, ca. tn mark or brand 
with a red-liot lron 
Bularlo, rm. collection of pa- 
pal bulla 

Bullí», rm. buib, carth-nut 
Bulbóao, aa it. bulboua 
Buida, tf. V. Bula 
Búlla, tf. ahout, crowd, mob 
Bulladdr, rm. ebeat 
Hulldge, tm. crowd 
Bullebulle, tm. buaj-bodj 
Bullicio, tm. Uantour, tuinult 
Bullicldaammte, ad. in u 
nolsy, tuinultuous mannrr 
Bulliciosa, sa. r. Uvelj, rvst- 
lesa, seditiotu 

Bulliddr, ra. a. V. Bulliciotn 
Bullir, va. tu boíl ; va. to 
more a thing trom one 
place to another 
Bullón, rm. kind of knife 
liuitillo, rm. little lump 
Bulto, rm. bulk, awclling, 
Iwst, piílow 

Kunéto, rm. bedge-sparrow 
Bunio, trn. pig-nut 


Bufloléro, rm. ». one that 
mato or «11» bunne 
Buñuelo, rm. bunn 
Bujiréste, rm. «ort of Spanlsh 

Búque, m. bulk, hull of t 
•hlp _ „ 

Buríto, rm. «ort of woollen 
nuil, transparent veil 
Búrba, tf. African coin 
Burbalúr, tm. whale of « 
lar ge kind 
Hurbü.ia, (f. bubble 
Burbujear, tm. to bubble 
Burbujítz, tf. tmall bubble 
Burcho, rm. sort of Urge 
tloop or bargo 
Btlrdas, tf. ¡U. backstays 
Burdél, im. brothel 
Burdelóro, rm. ». V . Alcahuete 
Búrdo, da. a. coarje 
Burdo, rm. court of Justlce 
entertainment, diversión 
Búrga, tf. hot spring of mi- 
neral water» 

Burgalés, rm. anclent coln 
Burgos, i m. native of a vUlag» 
Búrgo, rm. borough 
Buriel, a. reddish 
Buriel, rm. keTsey, rope-walk 
Buril, rm. a burine, or graver 
Burilada, tf. stroke of a burine 
B urdir, ca. to engrave, graTe 


Burjáca, tf. leather-bog 
Búrla, tf. sneer, trlck. Bdr 
lar, falsltiea adran ced In 
joke w_ 

Buriaddr, ra. r. wag, earthen 
veuel, concealed squlrt 
Burlár, va. to ridicula» de- 
ceive, frústrate 
Burlería, tf. fün, deceit, de- 
ríslon, reproach 
Burlésco, ca. a. burlesque 
Burtdn, na. s. great wag 
Búrra, tf. a she-ass 
Burrida, tf- <!«>»« of ■*“*» 
stupid taying 

Burrájo, m. dry stabte-dung 
Burra ro, xa. r. Urge tu 
Burrero, rm. ass-keeper 
Burro, n». ass, stupid, wheel 
which puta the machine in 

Burrúcho, rm. little ass 
Burujo, rm. dregs of pressed 
olives or grapea, lurop ot 
pressed wool 

Burujón y Burullón, rm. large 
lump, protuberante 
Butárdat, tf- r 1 - breart-hooks 
Búsca, tf. terrier, troop of 
hunumen Ibat orermn a 
forest to rouse the ame 
Buscadór, ra. r. tearcher 
líuscajulénto, rus. search 

Buscapies, rm. tqulb running 
about betwean paoplc’t fea* 
Buscar, va. to seek. search 
Buscaru idos, rm. restiras 
Buscavidas, rm. a prylng per» 

Buscón, na. r. searcher, cheat 
Bato, rm. hole 
Bóstn, rm. bust, tomb 
Butifarra, tf- gaskins 
Butillo, Ua. a. of a pala yol- 
lowlsh colour 
Butóiio, rm. bittern 
Butrino, rm. fowling-nat 
Butrón, rm. nat for Urda 
Buxorla, tf- ge**»» 

Buxéta, tf. box roade of box* 
wood, perfume-box 
Buxeto, rm. bumisher 
Búxo, rm. wood en frame on 
which palntert fia thodr 
can? ais 
Bóyo, rm. hut 
Búytre, rm. vulture 
Huytréro, rm. vulture-fowler 
Buytrón, rm. basket inada of 
osiers to catch fiah, part- 
Bóx, rm. kits 

Búxo, rm. direr, kind of 

Buxdn, rm. oonduit, corer 



r>ib ó cabe, rm. cora mea 
^ sute 

Cabáco, rm. end of wood 
Cabü, a. just, perfect 
Cabála, tf- cabal, intrigue 
Cabalgada rtf-caval cade, booty 
taken ■ y an excursión 
Cabalgaddr, rm. a horseman 
who goes in procession 
Cabalgadóia, tf. sumpter 
Cabalgir, tm. to parade on 
horseback ; to cover a mare 
Cabalhuóste, rm. kind of 
saddle \ 

Cabalista, rm. cabalirt 
Cabalístico, ca. a. caballstlo 
Cabilla, tf- borse-mackerei 
CabalUda, tf- »*ud harta 

or mares 

Cabaliár, rm- jnackerel 

Caballar, a. belonging to or 
resembtlng horses 

Caballejo, rm. nag, wooden 
tírame fot thoeing unruiy 

Caballerear, «m. to set up for 
a gentleman 

Caballeresco, ca. a. havlng 
the appearance of a gentle- 

Caballerete ó (to, rm. spruce 
young gentleman 

Caballería, tf. saddle-horse, 
cavalry, art of managing a 
horse, rollitary arder, lot of 


Caballeriza, tf. dable 

Caballerizo, rm. head-groom 
of a atable 

Caballero, rm. knight, horse- 

man, nobletnan, cavalier 
Cabal leróso, sa. a. noble, ge- 
nerous, gentlemanlike 
Caballcróte, rm. gracelesa 
Caballeta, tf- tield -cricket 
Caballete, rm. ridge of a house 
fbrming an acute angla, 
horse, an ¡nstrument of 
torture, brake, b ridge of 
the nose 

Caballito, y íto, rm. pony 
Cahállo, rm. horse. Cabatl* 
da f riña, Cheraux-de-flrise. 
Caballo manso, hippo|»ota- 
mus, trestle, knight in the 
gime of chess, bubo 
Caballón, tm. clumsy horse, 
ridge of ploughed land 
Caballón a, tf- queen In the 
gome of ches» 

Dlgilized by Coogle 


Caballuno, rm. llttle 
Caballino, na. a. belonging 
to a hoTie 

Cabalmente, ad. exactly 
Cabalante, rm. ktnd oí saddle 
Cabdfia, tf. shepherd's bul, 
flock of ewes, di ore of 

Cabafiil, tm. roed for sheep 
and cattle 

Cabañero, ra. a. belonging to 
the dio>e of muía and 
auca which go with a flock 
of sheep 

Cabañil á Cabañil, a. V. Ca 

CabalUl, ni. herd or keeper 
of muía and asses, which 
are kcyt fbr canjlng com 
Cabañuela, tf- amall hut 
Cabdza, tf. larre cloak 
Cabdillár, to. V. Acaudillar 
Cabe, tm. atroke giren bj 
baila, in the gante of ar- 

Cabecear, rn. to nod wlth 
aleen, ahake the head, 
piten, head wine 
Cabeceo, tm. act of noddlng 
or ahaking the head 
Cabecéra, tf. upper end of a 
hall or table, bolatar, ex- 
acntor, captain 
Cabecero, m. lintel, head of 
a branch of a noble familjr, 

Cabectár.cho, cha. a. broad 
or Hat hcaded 
Cabelláis, tm. Urge buah of 

Cabelléjo, tm. llttle halr 
Cabellera, tf. long hair, falíe 
halr, Ull of a romet 
Cabello, im. hair of the head ; 
ft. large alnewa inmutton, 

Cabelludo, da. a. ha ring long 
and thick hair 

Cabelludo ,rm. kind of aea-fiah 
Cabeiluéto, rm. thln and ahort 

Caber, tm. to be able to con- 
tain, be enliüed to a thing ; 
«a. to contain 

Cabero, tm. maker of handta 
Cabertráge, na. halter, mooej 
paid to a drlver tur can- 
ductlng cattle to roarket 
Cabestrar, tw. to baila , na. 
to fbwl wlth a atalking. 

Cabestrear, ea. to fbtlow 
wlllingly when led by a 
halter appliod to ' 


Cabatrería, tf. shop where 
halter, are made and sold 
Cabatréro, tm. one who 
makea or retalli haltera 
Cabestrero, ra. a. being so 
tsme as to be ledbj * halter 
Cabestrillo, tm. tling suspend- 
ed frora the neck, in which 
a Mire aim or hand b 

Ca oestro, rm. halter, betl-ox 
Cabeza, tf. the head, a pre- 
cióos «tone, a peras», 
chapter, judgment, head 
of cattle, chief gorernor, 
title-page, principal town, 
snap dragón 

Cabezada, tf. stroke or butt 
giren with the head, halter, 
nead>tall, pitchmg ofaihip 
Cabezál, tm. head-piece ln a 
powder-mill, small tquare 
pillow. compresa, bolster, 
post of a door, mattrets 
Cabezo, tm. summi: of a hill, 
ahirt collar 

Cabesdn, m. collar of a ahirt, 
openlng garment for Iba 
head to pasa througb 
Cabezorro, tm. Urge lesad 
Cabezúdo, rm. chub 
Cahezúdo.da.a. large-headed, 

Cabezuela, tf. small head, 
blockliead, coane tiour, 

Cabnueio, tm. llttle head 
CabUl, rm. cariare 
Cabida, tf. «paco or capadtj 
of anj thing 

Cablldánte, tm. he who has a 
rote ín a chapter 
Cabildeár, tm. to hold a 

Cabildero, a. belonging to a 

Cabildo, tm. chapter, sesslon 
of a court of juslice, meet- 
ing of a chapter 
Cabillo, tm. small end of a 

Cabio, tm. lintel of a door 
Calido, tm. small lina 
CabUbáxo, ia- a. crest -fallen, 
tboughtful. pendre 
Cabizcaído, da. a. applied to 
per.ons who hang their 
hand on their breast 
Cabixtuérto,ta *. wrj-headed 
Céble, rm. cable 
Cibo, tm. end of any thing, 
ca|>e, pisco, requislte, low- 
e>t card in the g*me callad 
rmrn, pvagraph, clnef 


head, haft, cordage. Catada 
et'juod ra, corporal. Catad 
blancal, nntarred cordage. 
Al cato, at Ust 
Cabotáge, tm. coaztlng-trade. 



a, tf. goal, empine fbr- 
morir usrd to throw ,tona ¡ 
fl. red mnrks on the lees 
caused bj fire, small clouda 
flooting in the air 
Cabrahigadúra, tf. capriñco 

Cabrahigál 6 Cahrahlgár, tm 

E rre of wlld tigtree» 
ahigár, va. to improre a 
flg trae 

Cabrahigo, tm. the male wlld 

Cabreo, rm. registe” 

Cabree U, tf. herd of goots 
Cabrero, rm. goat herd 
Cabrestante, tm. eapatan, ma- 
chine for moring and raU- 
Ing welghtr things 
Cabría, tf . axle-tree, theers 
Cabrlál, rm. benm 
Cabrilla, tf. Unte goal ¡ pl. 
, tener throtsn obliquelj on 
the water 

Cabrillear, tm. to throw itona 
along the surface of water 
Cabrío, rm. rafter 
Cabrío, a. resemhling gnats 
Cabrldla, tf. a ca|<er made in 
dancing, nimble leap 
Cabriolar á Cabnoleár, tm. to 

Cabridle, rm. kind of cloak 
uied by l&ditr* 

Cabrita, tf. litlle she-kld 
Cabr itero, rm. dealer in kid«, 
one who drestes or sell* 

Cabritilla, tf. a d ressed of 
tanned lamb or kki skln 
Cabritlllo y Cabrito, tm. kid 
Cabrán, tm. buck, nno who 
consentí to the adultery of 
hls wife 

Cabronazo, rm. one who pros- 
tituta his own wife 
Cabrón cilio, cito, y rutilo, rm. 

tu; hnsband, fctid herb 
Cabruno, na. e. resembling • 

C,\hú, tm. barren ground 
CabuÜda, rm. huntlngsaddle 
Cabujón, rm. rough 
Cscanuál y Cacaotal, rm. 

pUnUtion of chocolate tras 
Cacahuate, rus- American 

Cacao, rm. chocolate-tree 



Cacareador, i. a cock that 
crowi boaster 
Cacarear, a*, to crow, brag 
Cacear, m. to Io»h or xhake 
something In a pan 
Cacara, tf. canal, sort of plg- 

Cacería, tf. hunting or fowl- 
in* party 

C «cerilla, tf. amall drain 
Cacmína, <f. cartrídge boa 
Carerdla, tf. stewlng pan 
Caceta, if- «malí pan uaed by 
m|x>t tocarte» 

Cá handleof a knlfe 
Cacháila, tf. atrokc of one top 
against anothcr ’ 

C acharádo, tm. kind of llnen 
Cacharro, m, coarte eartben 
1 * 0 » • , 

Cachiza, tf Inaetlvlty 
Cachera, |f. coarte shagged 
cloth or balze 

Cacheta» , tf-já. teeth or wards 
in a lock 

Cachete, m. cheek, fíat 
Cachetero, im. ahort and 
broad knlfe wiih a tharp 

Cachetudo, da. a. plump 

Cachicán, m. oveneer of a 

Cachicuerno, na. «. havlng a 
tundir or haft of hom 
Cachidiablo, tm. tiobuohlin 
Cachifo! lir ,oa. to pan or blow 
with the cheeks 
Cachúiorddte, ta | y (to, ta. a. 

squat, *hlck and plump 
Cachípdlla, tf. whlte butter- 
fly on the banka of rivers 
Cachiporra, tf. stick uted by 
country |>cople, vulgar ex- 

Cá lio, tm. tllce, applied to 
lemons, oranee», or melont 
Cácho, cha. o. bent, rrooked 
Carhdner, tm. pí. lireakert 
Cachdnda, a. Perra cachonda, 
a bitch whlch U hot or 

Caichopo, tm. gulph of the 
tea, trunk or ttump of a 

Cachorro, ra. t. grown poppy, 
pocket pistol 

Cachúrho, tm. oll-niearurr, 
carlridga, place for each 
arrow ln aquí ver 
Cachuela, tf- a frlcavvee 
Cachuelo, tm. traall rirer flrh 
Cachúmb», tm. kind of tumi l 
coroa tood I 


Cacillo y Cacito, tm. small 

Cacique, tm. prinoe or noble- 
man among the Indiana 
Ciro, tm. plck-pocket, a 

Cacofonía, tf. caeophony 
Cacoquimia, tf-cacovhymy 
Cacorguimico, ca. a. cauochy- 

Cacoquimio, tm. he who suf- 
fer» melancholy 
Cáda, parí, erery. Coda Bno, 
each one. Cada oes, erery 

Cadalecho, tm. bed made of 
branches of treca 
Cadálto, tm. acatfold, tempo- 
rary galtery or stage 
CadaAero, ra. a. animal 
Cadárzo, tm. coarte tilk not 
to he tpun vrllh a wheel 
Cadáver, tm. cotpse 
Cadavára, tf. corg>se. tknll 
Cadavérico, ca. a. cadaverous 
Cadejo; tm. entangh-d skeín 
of thread, manv threadt 
pul together to make tasselt 
Cadena, t f chaln, mortlre, 
malefactor* chained to- 
gether, bar of iron, turn- 
¡ng handle 

Cadenádo, im. padlock 
Cadencia, ^ f. cadenee 
Cadenciado, da. y din, u. a. 

belonging to a cadenee 
Cadeneta, tf. lace or needle- 
work wrought in form of a 

Cadente, a. decaylng, havtng 
a eorrect modulation in de- 
liverlng prote or vene 
Cadéra, tf. hip 
Caderillas, hoops worn 
by I adíes in ntll dren 
Cadete, tm. cadet 
Cadillár, tm. place abound- 
ing with burdock 
Cadillo, tm. rommon burdock 
Cádiz, tm. kindof coarte atufl* 
Cadmía, tf. calamine 
( .ido, tm. ferret hale 
Caddce, tm. gudgeon 
Caducár, ra. to dote, be worn 
out of lervice 

Caduceaddr, tm. king at arras 
Caducdo, tm. hcrald's staff 
Caduco, ca. a. worn out with 
fatigue, perl, hable 
Caduqudt, tf. weakness 
Caedizo, za. a. ready to fall 
Catalura, tf* loose threadx 
dropi>ing from the weavei'l 
loom when wuaving 

Catfr, tw. to fall totheground, 
lote one'saituation, fall Into 
an error; Ca ré cotaveota, 
to drive to leeward j Caer 
i t tur fío, to fall ntleepi 
Caer H calar, to fule ; ca. 
to throw down 
Cáfa, tf. cotton stuff 
Cofártl, tm. a kind of cloth 
Cafardo, tm. ahyss 
Cafe, tm. coffee, coíTee house 
Cafetera, tf colfee-pot, cof- 
f e e . te rvlce 

Cafetero, tm. eoflee man 
Ciiila, tm. multltude of peo 
pie or other things, caravau 
Cáfre, e. savage 
Caga-aceyte, tm. a little bird 
whose excrementa are uf an 
oily subttance 

Cagachín, tm. kind of gnat 
or fly 

Cagáda, tf. excrement, rldl* 
culous action 

Cagadero, tm. place where 
peopte re. ort to for the 
jrarpose of exonerating the 

Cagadilla, tm. m tony little 

ral lo w 

Cagado, tm. a mean-splrited 

Cagatiérro, tm. teoría 
Cagajdn, tm. dung of mulé», 
nortes, or antes 
Cagalár, tm. tripe 
Cagalera, tf. dUrrhtEa 
Cágamelos, tm. kind of raosh- 

Cagár, en. to exonérate the 

Cagardpa, tm. V. Cagachín 
Cagarrache, tm. one who 
washes the olives of an oil- 
mili, bird of the starling 

Cagárria, tf- kiod of mush. 

Cagamita, tf* dung of sheep 
and goats 

Cagatdrio, tm. V. Cagadero 
Cagiln, na. t. perton aflllcted 
with a dinmitea, cowardly 
Cague, tm. Dutch ressel 
Cahíz, tm. nominal meesore 
Cahizada, tf. tract oftand 
Caída, tf fall, decllrity, any 
thing whlch hangs down ; 
A* ta caita tlcl sol, at sun 
set ; pt. that part of a 
head-dress whlch hangs 
down loose 

Caldos, renta not paid, 
anean of laxes 

3d by Google 


Caimiento, tm. loma* of 

tpilltS, f«U * 

Calque, m. klndofsklir 
Cal, tm. bumt lime-stone of 
which mortar is mide 
Cála, tf. smali bar, imall 
place cut oul of a melón, 
or other fruit, to trj lu Ua- 
vour, prnbe 

Calabacera, tf- pumpkln 
Calabacero, m. retallar of 
pompinn* or pumpkln* 
Calabacilla, tf. a picce of wood 
In the *ha|>e of a gourd, ear- 
rlng in the *ha|>e of a peor 
Calabacín, tm. a tmall, jouug, 
tender pumpkln 
Ca'auacinite, tm. frled pump- 

Calabacino, m. a calabash 
Calabáia, tf. pompan, cala- 
bash, tmall button joining 
the ring of a key 
Calabacilla, tf. knock vith 
the head against tome- 
thing, liquox tlrunk out of 
a calabash 

Calabarir, m. pleca ofground 
sown or plantad with pom- 

Calaboxite, «n. prescrred 
pumpkln candied with tu- 
gar. knock of the head 
againtt the wall 
Calabazana, tf. lar ge w ínter 

Calabobos, tm. tmall, gentío, 
continuad rain 
Calabdzo, tm. dungeon, pru- 
nlng-hook or pruníng-knlfe 
Calabrote, tm. stream cable 
Calacdnto, tm. flea-bane 
Calida, tf. rapld fl ght of 
birilt of prey, introduction 
Calido, open work in metal, 
wooii, or Unen 

Calad iír, tm. one wlio piercet 
or perfórale* 

Calidre, tf. a blrd belonging 
to the family of larka 
Calafite y Calafatcedór, tm. 

Calafatcir y Calafeteir, va. to 
lili up the team* or thaket 
of a shlp with oakum or 
pltrh, to caulk or calk 
Calafetln, tm. ea!ker*> boy 
C alagólo, tm. hedglng hook 
Calagrifta, tf. kind of ¿rape 
only til for eatlng 
Calagurritir, na. o. belong- 
ing to the City of Cala- 

Calahorra, tf. a publlc office 


where bread ¡i distrlbuted 
tu time* of tearelty 
Calamico, tm. calimanco 
Calamir, tm. sea-tleere 
Calámbre, tm. tpatm 
Calamidid, tf. mUfortnne 
Calamita, tf. loadstone 
Calamite, tm. kind of tmall 
green frog 

Calamitóeo, (a. a. nnfortunate 
Cilamo, tm. raed, *ort of 

Calamocino, a. Ettar ó ir 
calamocvm.i, to be tome- 
wbat fuddled 

Calair-dco, tm. Icicle hanging 
from the earet of a houte 
Calamón, tm. pur|>le water- 
hen, round-headed nall 
Catamorrida, tf- butt • 
Calamorrir, re. to itrike with 
the head a* horned animal* 
Calandrajo, tm. rag hanging 
down (rom a garment, rag- 

Calindria, tf- entender 
Calina, tf. pattern, temple, 

CaUpatillo, tm. maggot 
Calir, ve. to penétrate, to 
place ; va. to sink into the 
water ; v r. to enter, ttoop 
Calir, m. calcareoui 
Calavera, tf. *kull 
Calaverada, tf. ridiculoue 
Calavereir, vn. to act in a 
foolitb manner 
Catcamir, tm. sea-fowt 
Calcañir, jm. heel-botve 
Calcineo, tm. the heel 
Calcar.uelo, tm. a diaeaae of 

Calceddnia, tf- chalccdony 
Cálres, tm. mnst head 
Calceta, tf. under stock'.ng 
Calcetería, tf. hosler't thop 
Calcetero, ra. «. one who 
make* or tells thread stock - 

Calce! dn, tm. Urge (tocking 
worn under boot* 

Cilcide ó Cilcides, tf. kind 
of pilchard* 

Calcina, tf. mortar 
Calclnir, ni. to calcine 
Calcografía, tf. chatcography 
Calcógrafo, tm. en gr a ver 
Calculable, a. calculable . 
Calculaddr, tm. calculator 
Calculir, va. to calcúlate 
Cílculo, tm. calcula 
CAlda, tf. warmth 
Caldeir, ve. to weld Iron 
Caldera, tf. caldton, pot 



Calderida, tf- x caldron ftill 
Calderería, tf. Urazler’t shop 
Calderero, tm. brarier 
Caldereta, tf. emall-caJdnm 
Calderilla, tf- holy-water pot* 
copper coln 

Caldero, tm. a boiler In the 
form of a taicket 
Calderón, tm. Urge caldron 
Calderuela, tf. tmall kettle 
Caldillo y Caidlto, tm. sauce 
of a ragtmt, light broth 
Cildo, tm. water ln which 
meat ha* been botled, 
broth j Caidot, wlne, mi, 

Caldóso, *a. a. hnving plenty 
of broth 

Calectco, tm. tmall chalire 
Calefacción, tf. calefaction 
Calembúo, tm. kind of tree 
Calíncns, tf. kind of calicó 
Calendario, tm. almanac 
Caléndula, tf. wild marygotd 
Calentador, tm. one ’ who 
warmt, or heatt, warming- 
pan, watch 

Calentamiento, tm. rnlefac- 
tlon, dlteaae In harte* 
Calentir, va. to warm, heet 
vr. to be proud, dispute 

Calentura, tf. a fcver, warmth 
Calenturiento, ta, a. feverith 
Calenturilla, tf. slight fvver 
Calen turón, tm. violent fever 
Calére, tf- a Uine-kiln 
Calería, tf. place where Urna 
is bumt and toki 
Calero, ra. a. calrareous 
Calero, Ja. one who breakt 
and bumt lime-ttone 
Calesa, tf- » calash 
Calenóro, tm. a drirer of a 

Calesín, un. tingle harte 

Calcinero, tm. owner of a 
tingle hora* chaise 
Calóla, tf- a cove or creek 
Caletre, un. undcrstandlng 
Calibita, m. inbabitant of a 

Calibrir, tm. to examine the 
callber of a fire-ann 
Calibre, tm. dimensión! of a 

Calicúd ó Caticút, tf. tflk 
ttulT Imponed from India 
Calldid, tf. qualify, import- 
ante of a thlng, terma of 
en agreement 
Calidez, tf. hcat 
Cilido, da. a bot, craftj 




Caliente, a. warm, hot 
Calléis, tf. kintl of muahroom 
Califa, un. caliph 
Califato, tm. the digníty of 

Calificación, tf. quallficatlon, 
hldgment, proof 
Calificado, da. a. qualilicd 
Calificador, m. one who is 
qualliied * 

Calificar, «vi. to qualify, au- 
thorisc, ¡Ilústrate ; vr. to 
prove one'» notile liirth 
C «dignidad, V, Oltteuridad 
Caliginoso, sa. a. dark 
Calfn, «m. kirvd of metalllc 

Calina, tf. thick vapout 
Cáliz, im. challes 
Calizo, *a. a, calcareoos 
Cilla callándo, ad. prlvately 
CaIMda, tf. tlUh of tripe 
De Callida, 6 A las Calladas, 
atl. without noise 
Calládamentc, ad. silently 
CaU.tdário, tf. red or ülack 
cotton stulf 

Callido, a. silent, disereet 
Callandico, ca. y Callandito, 
ta. a. in a low volee 
Callir, ni. to keep ailence 

Cálle, tf. Street, pretext j Calle 
mayor, main Street 
Callear, va. to clear the vralks 
in the vineyard 
Callejeár, va. to walk the 

Ca'lejiro, ra. t. street-walker 
Callejón, tm. narrow Une, 
narrow pass 
Callejuela, tf. a lañe 
Callemindra, tf. klnd of 
wooilen stuff 

Cilio, tm. hard or callous 
au batanee, acom, wer>, ei - 
tremity of a horse'» ihoe 
Callón, tm. big cora or wen, 
(amonft shoemaken) rubber 
Callóto, sa. a callana 
Calloü, tm. uriñe extractad 
fvom palma and cocoa 

Cálma, tf. « calm 
Calmante, p. y t. mltigatlng 
Calmir, vn. to fall calm 
Calmóse, sa. a. calm 
Calocár, tm. klnd of cUy 
Calicha, tf. clog 
Calofnddo, da. a. chilly 
Calofriarse y Calosfriarse, vr. 
to be chilly 

Calofrió, y Calosfrío, tm. ln- 


Calongia, tf. honae of eanont. 

V. Canonjía 
Caloniár, va. to fine 
Calina, tf. V. Calumnia, a 
fine forcalumniating 
Calór, am. lieat, bruut of an 
act Ion 

Caldco, am. a metal 
Calpixque, am. a tteward 
Calumnia y Calúnia, tf. ca- 
bimnjr, falsecharge, slamler 
Calumniaddr, a. calumnia- 
tor, a slanderer 
Calumniar, va. to CalumnUte 
Calumnió», sa. a. calumnlous 
Caluróso, sa. a. warm,heating 
Gilva, tf. bald head, game 
among country iieople 
Calvar, ra. to nlt a stone ln of Caita 
Cal virio, tm. a charnel house, 

Calvatrueno, am. baldne» 
Calvara, tí- large bald pate 
Cal viro, Cab, y Calvitar, 
am. piece of barTen ground 
among fruitful lands 
Calvóte, tm. Uttle liald pate 
Calvé*, tf. baldness 
Cilvo, a. bald, barren 
Cilys, tf. alkanet 
Cilzas, tf. pl. long loose 

Calzida, tf. a causeway 
Calzadéra, tf. hempen cord 
Calrido, am. all sorti of slioes, 
sandalt, ftc. horse «ith 
four u hite fcet 

Calzadór, awt. hom used to 
draw up the hlnd quarters 
of tight ahres 

Calzadúra, tf. felloe of a cart 
wheel, drlnk-money 
Calzár, ra. to ]Hit on shoes, 
strengthen vrith iron or 
wood, scoat 

Calzón, tm. orr.bre ¡ pl. 

Calzonizo, tm. blg palr of 

Calzoncillos, am. pl. Unen 
drawers, a game at carda 
Cima, tf- a bed.bedhangings, 
body of a cart, piece of 
wood which strengthens 
the posta of a wine-press, 
branch of a brldle 
Camida, tf. a litter 
Camafeo, am. carneo 
Camil, am. hetnien halter, 
chair. for alares 
Camaleopardo, am. camelo- 

Camamila, tf. chamoralte 1 


Camandulero, ra. a. y a. full 
of tricks and artífices 
Camandnoa. tf- kind of atún 
_ formerly us«l for linings 
Cámara, tf. hall, alcove, era- 
nary, atool, cnbln of a ahlp, 
Chain ber I Cámara alta a 
de loa parca, the house ot 

Camarida, tf. partner, soclety 
Caniarige, tm. granary rent 
Camaranchón, am. gnTret 
Camarera, tf. head «raltlng 
mald, keeper of the queen’z- 

Camarería, tf. place and em- 
ployment oí a valet da 

Camarero, am. valet de cham- 
bre, steward, lord chambcr- 

Camarita, tf. tmall be3- 
cllain I ar 

Camariento, ta. a. troubled 
with a dlarrhoea 
Camarilla, tf. tmall room 
Camarín, am. closet, a lady's 
Camarina, tf. copse 
Camarita, tf. a small chamber 
or room 

Camarón, am. shrimp 
Camaronero, am. one who 
catches or sella shrimps 
Camaróte, tm. room on board 
a ahlp _ . 

Camasquince, am. a nlAt- 

Camastro, tm. a poor muera- 
ble bed 

Camastrón, am. sly artful 

Camastronáao, am. great Im- 
postor, hy]>ocrtte 
Cambalache, am. bartrr 
Cambalachear, Cambalechir 
y Camalachir, va. to barter 
Cimbas, tf. ni. piece» put 
into a cloak to make lt 
hang round 

Cambarás, tf. pl. klnd of cot- 
ton sturt' 

Cambiable, a. fit to be bar- 
tered or etchanged 
Cambiador, tm. one who har- 
tera, a banker, money- 

Cambiamiento, tm. change 
Cambiante, a. barterlng 
Caín huir, ra. to barter, 
change. giveor take money 
on billa, transfer, carry on 
the busiiioss of a banker 
Cambija, tf. a reserroir, per- 


vendimiar Une intetxeet* pHce, thin skln of almonds Camoeir, en. to be ln the 

lng another, a «piare and other frult, Ude of a field, frlsk ahout 

Cambio, rm. barter, givlngor rampart, stock of counters, Cami>edn, snu Champion, se- 

taklng of bilis of exchange, rough plastering of a wall ; cond 

rise and fall of the course Camisa de una ve'a, the Campero, ra. c. exposed to 

of ex change, public or pri- body of a aaii [ Btttis en tn wind and weather in tha 

vate bank, retum of a fa- camisa t Are jou in your open field 

vour senses ? Campero, m. frlar who «o- 

Cambísta, em. banker Caminóla, sf. ruffled shirt perintends the m anage* 

Cambíente, sm. a kind of Camisón, sm. long and wide inent of a tarín, plg brought 
camblet shirt up in the fields 

Cambra*, sm. camhric Caminóte, sm. armour for the Campesico, stn. smail field 

Coinbrayrtdo, da. a. resem- body worn tn ancient times Campesino, na. y Campestre, 
bUng cambrlc Camita, sf- smail bed a. rural 

Cambiaydn, sm. coarse cam- Camomila, V. Manzanilla Campiiía, sf. flat tract of ara* 
bric Camdn, sm. large bed, frame ble land 

Cambrdn, sm. buckthom of laths, which serves to Cámpo, mi. tract of flat and 

Cambronal, sm. thlcket of fbrm an arch, incurvated even country, field, ctops, 

briers pieces of tlmber in the camp, ground of a piece of 

Cambronera, sf. thorn «heels of corn milla palntlng. Están perdidos 

Cambúi, sm. American myr- Camoncílio, sm. State stool in los cumiáis, the crojw haré 

tle-tree a drawlng room failed ; Hombre de campo i 

Cambúx, sm. child’s cap tled Camdte, sm. Spanlsh potatoe del campo, one who culti- 

close to its head, mask, veil Cainpál, a. lielonging to tbe vates the ground, and leads 

Camédrls, rm. germander field and encan., ment* , a country Ufe 

Cameléa, </. widow wail Campamento, sm. encamp- {Camuesa, sf pin pin 
Camelete, sm. kind of great ment Camueso, rm. plppln-tree 

gun Campiña, »/. betl, an} thing Camúfias, all sceds 

Cameledca, gf. colt’s foot which has the tha|ie of a Camúxa, sí- cnaroois 

Cornelina, sf. purglng flax bell, iron hoop, glass ves- Camurdn, rm. large dhamois 

Camella, <f. she-camel, ridge sel; Campana debuto, di- skin 

•n plotighcd land, a mllk ving-bell Can, em. ancient piece of 

pail, ynke Campanáda, sf. sound pro- ordnance | Can que mata 

Caraelldjo, sm. smail camcl, (luced by the clapjier of a al lobo, wnlf-dog 

smail piece of ordnance bell Cana, sf. long ineasure 

Camellen.i, sf. atable or stand Campanário, sm. belfry Canabálla, sf. kind of fish- 

fbr cameLs Campaneir, ra. to ring the Ing-boat 

Camellero, sm. keeper or dri* bell frcquently, dirulge Candí, sm. a channel throngh 

ver of carnets Cani|iantíla, </'. sudden rfr- which water passes, trough 

Camello, sm. carne), ancient rular motlon wlth the feet for cattle to drlnk out of, 

short cannon In dancing gutter, hemp, channel 

Cameiidn, sm. ridge tumed Campando, sm. chime, can- Canaleja, sf. smail trough for 
up by the plough, ranien- tonment cattle to drlnk out of 

teCs horse, bed of (Iowcts Campanero, sm. bell founder. Canalete, sm. podóle 
iu a garúen, cainhlet beilman Canalizo, rm. narrow chan* 

Camelete, rm. camblet Campanil, a. Metal campanil, nel between two Ulan da 

Camemóro, sm. .loud-berry heil-metal Canilla, sj. mob 

Cainepitins, sm. common Campanilláro, sm. vlolent Canallúza, sf. roguery 

ground pine ringing of bclls, signa! Canalón, rm. large gutter or 

Caméro, mi. upholsterer given wllh the tiell spout 

Camero, a. Iit.onging to a Campanillear, va. to ring a Canapé, sm. couch 

hedor m ittrasa smail bell of« n Canino, ría. s. canary-bird. 

Camilla, sf. smail bed, horse Campanilléro, un. beilman kind of quick dance 

on wlilch Unen 1* aired Campanillo, jm.klndofmarble Cañista, sf. basket, hamper. 
Caminador, sm. good walker Cam;, inte, pa. excelling olire-measur# 

Caniininte, sm. traveller Campanudo, da. a. wide, Canastilla, sf. smail basket. 
Caminar, »«. to travel rampanlform, pompou*, swaddling-cloth 

Caminita, sf. long walk flor lofty, hlgh soundlng Canástoy Canistro, stn. large 

the sake ofexen Ue C»mi>ánu!a, sf. bell-flower basket 

Camino, mi. hlgh road, Jour- Campiña, sf. flat, leve! coun- Cancabúz, mi. voll for cover* 
ney from one place to ano* try, cauipaign ; Campaba ing the face 

ther ; Camino carrrtero.TooA nava!, cruize Cáncamos, «tn. pl. bolt-rlng» 

for carrlages and waggons Campár, va. to encamp, ex- Cancamusa, sf. trlck or fraud 
Camisa, sf. shirt, shift, sur* cel ln abUllics, Sí c. made use of to deceive uno 


CmrsnílU, qf. play-thlng to 
pUy a ttick with 
Candil, rm. wooden aereen, 
to ohstruct the coid, wlnd, 
limita or extmt ofa thing 
Cancelar, va. to cancel 
Cancelarla, y Cancelería, qf. 

papal chancery 
Canuelárl», ,m. chancellen In 
Cáncer, im. cáncer 
Cancerárae, pr. to be afllicted 
wlth a cáncer 
Cancerdao, sa. a. canceroux 
Cancilla, q/". wicker-door 
Canciller, rm. diancellor 
Canci a. bclonpng 
to tlie writing cluuractera 
used ín chancery btuineaa 
Cancidn, > f. snng, poera 
Cancioneilla, </' c.inzonet 
Cancionéro, rm. song- book 
Cancioulita, rm. author or 
•inger of aongs 
Cambólo, rm. padlock, 1 ten - 
dant, par-ring 

Cándaino, rm. anclent rustlc 

Cándara, tf. Trame of laths 
for sifting aand, earth, and 

Cánda, a. V. A t atar 
Candeal, a. tdligmose, made 
of Hne 

Candeda, tf. bloaaom of the 

Candela, tf. candía, flower 
of the c hesnut-tree, can- 
dlestick, tire 

Candelabro, rm. candlestiek 
Candelillo, tí. xudilcn blaze 
from straw or brush-wood 
Candelaria, tf. candlemas 
Caniieieráro.rm. l.«rge canille- 

Candelería, tf. tailow and 
wax-i-handler*« atiop 
Candeldro, rm. candleatlck, 
lantp, lishing-torch 
Candetctdn, rm. Urge atan- 

Canilcllila, rf. the blouom of 
white implare, and 
otlter tree-s 

Candencia, tf. Incandescente 
Candiál, a. making fine flour 
and bread 

Cámüdagiente, ad. in a sin- 
cere, camlid manner 
Candiiláto, rm. raiulidate 
Candidez, *J. whltenoss, can- 
«lour, slmplicity 
Cándido, da. o. whitc, can- 
did, inexperireiced 


Candil, rm. a kitchen or ata- 
ble lamp, lamp, cock of a 
hat, fnhing-torch, top of a 
stag\ born 

Candilázo, rm. blow or stroke 
giren witb a lamp 
Candileja, qf. lnner part of 
the lamp which con taina 
the olí 

Candilejo, rm. amall lamp 
Camillera, im. ba»tard mul- 

Camlildn, rm. Urge open lamp 
Candldta, tf. barre! or keg. 

Urge eartlien jar 
Candiotero, rm. one whose 
trade it la to roake barreta 
Candinga, tf. mean, merry, 
oíd rnuie no longcr lit fór 

Camión go, rm. wag 
Candonguear, va. to jeer, 
aneer, tum lnto ridiculo 
Candonguero, rm. wag 
Candor, rm. tupreme whlte- 

Canela, tf. cinnamon 
Canelo, rm. cinnamon -tree 
Canelón, rm. gutter, aweet- 
mcat, lcicle ; ( íUaííurt, eml 
of a cat of nine-reil* 

Canéz, a/', hair hoary 
Canfdr y Canfora, V. Alcanfor 
Cangvár, ro. to cxrhange 
pri-oners of war 
Cumplen, rm. earthen Jar or 

Í ñti-her, oblong earthen 
ar, metal tankard 
Cangrena tf. gangrene 
Cangrenáne, pr. to be afflíct- 
with a gangrene 
Cátiia, tf. nettle 
Caniculáre-, rm. fl. dog-days 
Cánido, rm. kind of pai ro! 
Canijo, ja. a. y r. weak, inhrm 
Canil, rm. toarse bread 
Canilla, \t. amall wooden p¡|«e 
Torced lato a ca.k or horrel 
to «lraw ulf liqunr, quill 
Canillera, qf. amient armour 
fur the aliinbone, woinan 
who di -tr Il ute» tkeina of 
thread to "be wound un 

Canillero, rm. hole made in 
a c&->k or vat to draw olf 
the llqtiid. a wearer’s quill- 

Canina, <f. excrement of doga 
Caninamente, a<l. ¡n a poa- 
aionate, uiarling manner 
Canillero, rm, one who gi 
ibera iba excrementa of 


Canináz, tf. inord inate >ppe> 
ti te or de&ire of eating 
Canino, na. a. canine ; Di- 
mití canina, dog twrth 
Caniqul,<f. fine muidin, kind 
of glahs phial 
Cáno, na. a. hoary 
Canda, tf. canoe 
Canoero, tf. one «Lo con- 
ducu or steers a canoe 
Candi, rm. ba*ket uued by 
the Indiana 

CanoíUi, tf. small canoe 
Cánon, rtn. canon, a lee, List 
Canondsa, tf. cañoneas 
Canonjía, tf. prebeod of a 

Candnico, ca. a. canonical 
Canónigo, rm. a canon 
Canonista, rm. canon Ut 
Canonizár, va. to canoniza 
Cantípo, tm. tniner 
Canoro, ra. a. canorous, loud 
Candso, sa. a. hoary 
('ánque, rm. kind of cottoa 

Canudamente, mi. Impor- 

Can*ido. da. pp. wearied, a. 
tireuoine, perfonned wlth 
much pain 

Canudo, rm. troublesom* 

Cansó r, va. to weary , exhanst 
land ; rr. to tire oue*s self 
Cansé™, tf. fatigue 
Cantable, a. tunable, pathe» 
tic, atfecting 

Cantád i, tf. a mudcal cota* 

Cantador, rm. V. Cantor 
Cantaleta, tf. pun 
C.ititar, rm. songset to mudo 
Cantár, va. to alng, recite, an- 
nounce the trump ; Cantar 
mita, to say ma»s 
Cántara, tf. Jarge narrow- 
moutlnd |iUcher, wlno 
mea*, ii re 

Cantará], rm. kind of presa 
Cantarera, tf. shclf to pal 
jirs, pirchers, ^-c. 
Cantárida, tf. Spanish files, 

Cantarín ^«n. continaal singer 
('antarína, tf. a woruan who 
singa on the s?a-e 
(Cántaro, rm. largo nar-ow* 
tnouthed pitiher, wine- 
measure, vtsse! into which 
the votes are pul 
Cantatriz, tf. Y. Cantarína 
Cantá/o, un. n wound pivea 
by tiin^ing a stone at one 

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Cantóle*, tm. p I. ends of oíd 
rapes put under coakt on 
board a «hip 
Cantara, 4/. quarry 
Canteredr, vn. to lung np 
flitclies of bacon 
Cantería, tf. art of hewing 

Cantero, »m. «tone cutter.part 
of a hard ui batanee whlch 
cao be easilj separated from 

Canterdn, ««. large traet of 

Canticio, tm. constan» singlng 
Cdntico, tm. ranticle 
Cantidad, tf. nuaniity. length 
of time used in pronounc- 
Ing a syllahle 
Cantiga, tf. V. Cantar 
Cantil, tm. «teep rock 
Cantimardncs, m, y!. kind of 

Cantimplora, tf. sqihm, a 
vesscl fbr cooling íiquors 
Cantina, tf. cellar, case. Can- 
tínat, canteen:; 

Cantinela, tf. bailad, Irksome 
repetition of a sul.ject 
Cantinero, tm. butler 
Cantiña, tf. a ralear tong In 

Cantizal, tm. atony ground 
Cinto, tm. «tone, act of slng- 
ing, end. De Canto, on the 
edge or end 
Cantdn, tm. comer 
Cantonera, tf. aquare píate 
naJIed to the ouuide comer 
of a Ches!, trunk, Jcc. to 
«trengthen it 

Cantonero, ra. a. «tanding 
idle at the e.imer of a «treet 
Cantdr, ra. t. ainger, one who 
rom pojes hymns or psalms 
Cantori dlo, tm, petty singer 
Cantorral, tm. a piece of «tony 

Cantúdaa, tf. pl. Urge coarte 

Cantueso, tm. French laven- 


Canturía, tf. Toral mulle, mu* 
•leal compoaitlon 
Cantusar, ra. to anchant 
Comido, da. a. hoary, grey 
Ciña, tf. cañe, aten», IndUn 
reed usad for walkmgstick», 
•uoterranenua passage in 
mines shaft of a column, 
marrow, toumainent. Cana 
de petcar, (ishlllg-rod 
CafUda, tf. g!en 
Cáfiadíeas 6 Cari adi tas, tf. pL 


«malí meara res for vine 
Cafiafístolu, tf. the ftuit of 
the cauda- tree 

Cafial, m. vear for fishtng, 
amail tiuice for catching 
fith, conduit of water 
Caiiama, tf. assesxment of 
tases. Cata cu fiama, house 
exempt from tases 
Cañamár, rm. tleld so w n with 

Caliamazo, tm. tow of hemp, 
coarte can ras 
Cañameño, na. a. hempen 
Cañamiel, m. tugar-rime 
Cañamíz, tm. kind of lndian 

Cañamiza, tf. «talk of hemp 
Cdñamo, tm. hemp, cloth 
made of hemp 
Cañamón, tm. hemp-seed 
Cañar, tm. piantation of canes, 
vear for catching ñsh 
Cañariego, ga.a. Pc/lejot en ña - 
riego», skinsof sheép which 
die on the road when tra- 

Cañanrdya, tf. wall-wort 
Oafiarera, tf. coramos! reed- 

Cañaveral, i*, piantation of 


Cañavemia, tf. place where 
reed-grasa grows 
Cañavcréro, tm. letaíler of 
canes or reeds 

Calla vete, <m. ]>enknlfe, small 

Cañería, tf. condult of water 
Cañero, on. condult- maker, 

Cafiilávido,da.,r. small llmhed 
Cañiza, tj. kind of coarte li- 

Cañizál, tm. V. Cañaveral 
Cañizo, tm. hurdle 
Caño, tm. tulie, common 
tewer, zpring, cellar 
Cañdn. tm. tobe, tubcor pipe 
fbr blowiirg glast, quiil, 
down, hollow folds, ttrong- 
est part of the beard, can- 
non. Catión de compaña, 

Cafionedr, va. to eannonade 
Cañoneo, in. cannonnde 
Cañonera, tf. an embrarare 
through whlch a carraón U 
polnted, large tent 
Cañonería, tf the wliole of 
the pilles of an organ 
Cañutillo, tm. bugle 
Cañuto, ros. part of a cañe, 
pbvcaze, Watt, informar 


Cadha <¡ Onobina, tf. tnsbo* 
gany trae 

CAoi. tm. chaos, confusión 1 
Caodp, tm. caoup, a tree ' 
Cipa, tf. cloak, cover, coat o* 
hair of a horse, jzroperty. 
V. Caminí. Large quadru- 
ped, coat of paint put over 
another. Capa del timan, 
rudder-coat. Hambre da 
buena capa, a man of gen- 
teel address. A' la capa, 

Capacete, tm. helmet 
Capácba, tf. fraii, ha m per 
Caparházo, tm. blow giren 
with a basket 

Capachero, tm. he who c ar- 
ries things in tm-kets 
Capácho, tm. fraii, large bas- 
ket, havt-frail, mendicant 
hospital ler, common owl 
Capacidad, tf. capad ty, rr - 
tent of a place, opportunitr, 
, bulk of a* shlp 
Capáda, tf. any thing vrrapt 
»P and carried In a personé 
cloak, lark 

Capddo, da. pp. castrated 
Capador, «m. one whose bu*i- 
ness lt to cástrate, I ra, tra- 
to ent used In rastrating 
Capár, va. to geld 
Caparazón, tai. carease of a 
fowl stripped of all ita flash, 
capacitan, corer of a coach 
Caparra, ti. thcqi-lam, eax- 
nest money 

Caparflia, tf. a small tick 
Caparrosa, y Caparros, r. cap- 

Capatiz, tm. an overseer, on* 
who is chargerl with recele- 
ing the rnarked metalwhk h 
i> to be coined in the mint, 
stcward, a warden 
Captfz, a. capiriotu, ampie 
Capázo, tm. large fraii at 
basket made of basa 
Capcioso, sa. a. captlons 
Capcidsarnente, ad. imidious- 
ly, captiously 

Capeador, tm. cloak «atealer 
Capear, va. to strip or rob one 
of a cloak, lay to 
Capellada, tf. toe-plcce 
Capellán, tm. cbaplaln 
Caiwllania, tf. fuund.uion or 
rerenue settled and esta- 
blished by «une jierson 
Capellár, un- Monrlsh cloak 
Capellina, tf head-piece of • 
helmet, hood 

Copé lo, tm. dues, receired in 

63 ~ 


Onclent times bj bishopa ¡ 
from their clergy, rvd hat 
Capdo, rm. act of challenging 
a bjll with a cloak 
Capean , «m. yeariing chal- 
lengcd with a cloak 
Calero, rm. prlest who car 
rie* the cope 

Caperdles, rm. pl. V. Corona- 

Caperúra, tf- cap encling In a 
point, hood of the cook- 

Capera rdn, rm. larirc hood 
Capialxádo, tm. an arch 
Capibára, i», a kind of fish 
Caplchola, tf. klnd of «Uk 

itulf n i v 

Capidengue, *m. small cloak 

Capigorrón, rm. vagabond 
Capildr, o. caplllary 
Capilla, tf. hood to cover the 
head, cowl, chapcl, Uaml 
of musirían», ass.en.bly of 
coliegians, a proof, portable 

Cnpilláda, tf- a hoodful of a 

Capillejo, m. skein of ailk for 

Cap i lié r ó Capillero, tm. clerk 
or sexton, a churchwarden 
Capillo, tm. chlld's cap, le 
paid to clerjnrinen for bap- 
tiring a child, hood of a 
hawk, bud of a rote, ner 
for rabbltt 

Capilludo, da. o. resembling 
the hood or cowl of a monk 
Caplngdt, tm. rldlng coat 
Capirotáda, tf. sort of Amerl 
can paite 

Caplróte, in. andent eover 
for the head, »rt of half 
gorra, sharp-pomted cap. 
"V. Papirote 

Caplrotéro, a. aecnstomed to 
carry a hood, applicd to 

Capisayo, rm. garment which 
serves both as a cloak and 
rWina coat 

Capiscolía, tf. office and dlg- 
nlty of a precentor 
Capita, tf. small cloak 
Capitación, tf. poll-tax 
Capitál, on. nim of money 
put out at Interest, fortune 
of a husband at the time of 
his marrlage, capital stock 
of a merchant ; tf. chief 
City of a country 
Capitál, a. belonging or re- 
latlng to the head, prlncl 


pal. Error capital, capital 

Capitalista, rm. rapitallst 
Capitalmente, ad. capitally 
Capitán, na. captain, cora- 
mander-ln-chlef, ringlead. 
er. Capitán de puerto, port- 

Capitán», tf. admlral'a ship 
Capltanázo, tm. grcat warrior 
Capítaneár, va. to have the 
comraand in chief o t an 

Capitanía, tf. comraUsinn, a 
captain, company of otHrers 
and sokliers commanded liy 
a captain, miütary govern- 

Capitál, tm. «pire over the 
dome of a church 
Capitalino, na. a. belonging 
or relating to the capítol 
Capitdlio, tm. capítol 
Capitdso, sa. a obstínate 
Capitula, tf- part of the play- 
era read at divine servloe 
Capitulación, tf- ngreement 
Capltulár, *m. une who has 
the right of voting in acivil 
or ecclesiastical cominunity 
Capltulár, a. belonging or re- 
tal ing ( o a chapter 
Capltulár, va. to condude an 
agreement ; va. to slng 
Capitu'ário, tm. prayer-book 
Capituláro, im. y a. capitular 
Capitulo, un. chapter, meet- 

ing or atsembly of any se- 
cular community ; chapter, 
the división or section of a 
hook or wrlting: charge 
against a person 
Capnítis, tf. sort of cadmía 
Capnománte, tm. fortune-tal- 
ler by the help of nnoke 
Capdc, tm. barli of the capoc- 

Capoládo, m. minced meat 
Capolár, va. to minee meat 
Capdn, tm. castrated person 
or brute, a capón, anchor 
stopper at the cat-beail 
Capdn a, tf. sort of Spanlsh 

Caimnádo, da. pp. tled toge- 
ther, such as branche» of 

Caponár, ra. to tle up the 
(.ranche* of vine», cut 
Caponera, tf. coop to fatten 

Caporll, tm. a chief 
Capote» tm. sort of cloak, 


thlck mtst hanging over • 

Capotáro, tm. ont who makes 
or sells doaks 

Capotillo, tm. short cloak 
worn by women 
Capot <5n, tm. wlde coat 
Ca)>otúdo, da. a. frownlng 
Capricho, sin. caprice 
Caprichoso, sa. a. capricious, 

Caprichudo, da. a. obstínate 
Captlcdmio, tm. cnckold 
Caprimúlga, tf. goat-sucker 
Capsário, tm. one who guarda 
the clothes of persona who 
are going to bathe 
Cápsulas, tf. pi. seminal cap- 
sules of planta 
Captár, va. to captivate 
Captivár, to. V. Cautivar 
Captúra, tf. capture 
Capturár, va. apprehend 
Capúcha, tf. hood of a VO- 
min’i cloak 

Capuchina, rm-capuchin nun, 
1 tulian cresa 

Capuchino, tm. capuchin 

Capúcho, sin. cowl or hood 
Capulín, tm. an American 

Capúllo, rm. pod of a allk* 
worm. Has knotted at the 
end, bud of raes and other 
flowers, coarte atulf, Shell 
of an acora 
Caqui mía, tf. an imperféct 
metalllc tubstance 
Car, tf. extreme end of the 
miren -vard and miren 
Cita, tf. face, cover of melted 
sugar for pa-.try, presente, 
sur face of a thing. Cara 
de patqua, smiling counte- 
nance. Cura de poros ami- 

r , churlish look. Cara 
erba, palé face. Hacer 
cara , to face an cnemj* 
Cara d cara, face to face 
Carába, tf. klnd of vessel 
Cárabe, tm. amber 
Carabela, tf narrow, three- 
maated vessel, large bas- 

Carabeldn, rm. brlg 
Carabina, tf. fowllng-pleca 
Carabináro, rm. report ol a 

Carabinéro, rm. carabinlrr 
Cárabo, tm. sort of crab or 
cockle, large hora owl, klnd 
of setting dog, t arth bertle 
Caracú», tf. small rowvexf» 

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Caranfl, ra. «malí cone In a 
dock crr watch, winding 

Caracola, i,f. a «malí whltlih 
Shell snail 

Caracolear, vn. to caracole 
Caracolero, ra. i. one who ga- 
thers and sella analls 
Caracoli, #m. kind of metallic 

Caracolillo, am. snall-flowered 
kidnej liean, sort of purpl.- 
coluured t bread 
Carácter, im. cliaracter, let ter 
used in writing or prlnting, 
mark put upon aheep 
Característico, ca. a. charac- 

Caracterizado, da. a. distln- 

K Uhcd for eminent ta 

Caracterizó!-, va. to character- 
iré, confer a distinguished 
emiilojment, niark 
Carádo, da. a. faced 
Caragíth, im. kind of cotton 
Caramanchón, in. garret 
Caramingra, tf. Chínese me- 
dicinal drug 
Carámbano, m. icicle 
Carimbóla, tf. ni antier of 
plajting at the billiard table 
and at the gameof cards 
called revesino ; East India 

Caramholeár, in. to plaj the 

Caramlwléro, m. player at 


Carambú, im. willow herb 
Caramel, kind of pilchard 
Caramelo, m. kind ot lozenge 
Cáramentc, ad. dearl;, bit- 

Caramieilo, m. kind of hat 
formerljr worn 

CaramilMr, va. to pía; on the 

Cartnüierai, tf. jü. pot-hooks 
Caramillo, im. flagelrt, glass- 
wort, deceit 

Caramújs, m. kind of sea- 

Caramuzál, ntu tranjport ves- 


Carrfmjue, «m. kind of flat 

Caiantamáula. tf. hkleous 
mask or viror 

Carantón*!, tf. hideout maik 
or vizor, oíd wotuan who 
j’aints and dre&se* in style, 
in order to picase 
Cauntoíióro, s m. llaf.ercr | 


Cardos, sm. act of drtnklng a 
full buinper to one’s health 
Carápa, tf. oil of a nut 
CaraschUlli, im. Imitan shrub 
Carátula, n.ask niade of 
pasteboard, cover for the 

Caratulero, sm. one whose 
trade is to malte or teli 
mask t 

Caravana, tf. oara van 
Caravéla, </. kind of light ves- 

Caravanera, sf. caravansary 
Caray Uro, un. loiterer 
Caráy, sm. tortoise-shel) 
Coráza, tf. broad large face 
Carbón, ¿m. charcoal. Car- 
ion de piedra, pit-cual, black 

Carbonáda, tf hroiled chop 
or stenk, kind of paneake 
Carboncillo, sm. snuül coa!, 
black c rayón 

Carbonera, tf. place where 
charcoal U made 
Carbonería, tf. coal-yard 
Car lionero, sm. charcoal-ma 
k«r, digger of coala, dealer 
in coal* 

Carbonizado, a. earbonated 
Carbúnclo y Carbunco, sm, 
rarbuncle, red pustule 
Carbuncoso, sa. a. of tlie na* 
ture of a carbuncle 
Carcajáda, tf. loud laughter 
Carcamál, sm. nick-name of 
oíd ueople 

Carcanál ó Carcafiár ,sm. bcel- 
bone. V. Ca/caflar 
Cárcava, tf. Inclosure 
Carca vár ó Carca veár, va, to 
fortify a carr.p 

Carca vera, tf. vulgar prosti- 
tuta about ditebes 
Carcavón, sm. largo and deep 
dltch V 

Carcáx y Carcáza, tf. klndof 
hre entine, r i libón with a 
c ase at the end, quiver 
Cárcel, tf. |irison, wooden 
cramp, cheek of a print:ng 

Carceláge y Carceráge, sm. 

Carcelería, tf. imprlsonment, 

Carceléro, sm. jail-keeper 
Carrerár, va. to impriton 
Careó», tf. row-barge 
Cárcola, tf. treadle 
Carcoma, tf. wood-Iouxe 
Carcomer, va* to gnaw j vr, 
to decay 


Carcomido, da. a.wnrm-eaten 
Cárda, tf. tea&el, card 
Cardadór, sm. cardcr 
Cardadura, tf. act of carding 
or combing wool 
CariUmino de prados, m. 

meadow -cresses 
Cardamóuri, tf. kind of drug 
used for dyirg 

Cardar, ra. to card or coirb 
wool, raise the wool on 
cloth with a teasel 
Cardelina, tf. goldHnch 
Cardenál, sm. cardinal, d i seo- 
lora t ion inade by a ía¡»h or 

Cardenalato, sm. dignity of a 

Cardencha, tf. fuller’s thistle, 
card or comb 

Cardenchál, un. place where 
fuller’s thistles grow 
Cardenillo, sm. verdigrise, 

Cárdeno, na. a. of a dark pur- 
pie colour 

Cardéro, sm. card makcr 
C ardiáca, tf. mother-wort 
Cardiaco, ca. a. cordial 
Cardtálgico, ca. belonging to 

Cardillo, un. golden tbistle 
Cardinál, a. cardinal, prinel* 

Cárdine, sm. hinge. Cdrdines, 

Cardíta, tf. small vessel 
Cardi/ál, un. land covered 
with thistles 
Cárdo, sm. artichoke 
Cardón, sm. fuller's tl.lstle, 
the act and cíf'ect of cmrd- 

Cardnnríllo, sm. kind of small 

Carducha, tf. large Iron comb 
Cardume ó Cardumen, sm. 

shoal of Hshes 
Cardiizadór, sm. cardar 
Carduzár, ra. to card wool 
Careár, ra. to confVcnt criml 
nals, compare, tend a drov# 
of cattle; t»r. to assemble 
Carecár, m. to want 
Carecimiánto, V. ( <i renda 
Carenáge, sm. V. Carmen 
Carenár, ra. to careen a ship 
Carencia, tf. want, r.eed 
Careiiéro, un. careen ing placo 
Caróo, sm, contri ntatum 
Caréro, ra. a. being in the 
habit of selling tbingsdear 
Caí vstia,«/. scaicit v, ( !t arness^ 
originaling (Vom ücarcjq 

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Carita, lí tnask made of 
pasteboard, wlre-cover of 
the face, wom by be* keep- 

Carito, ta. a. having the fore- 
head marked vrith a white 
spot or stripe, applied to 

Carey, rm. tortalseshr 11 

Carita, tf. V. Carestía 
irga, tf. load, charle oí a 
cannon or other fire-arm ; 
Carga muirla, over-loadlng, 
corn nieasurc, tai ¡ Cargo 
real, klng'S tai ¡ Volver á 
la carga tabre el enemigo, to 
retum to the charge 

Cargadas, tf- pl ■ game at car di 

Cargadoras, tf. pl. duwn- 

Cargadero, m. placa where I 


Caricatura, tf- caricature 
Caricia, tf. cares» 

Caricioso, sa. a. endearing 
Caricuerdo, da. a. having a 
serene or composod míen 
CaridAd, tf- charitjr, alms 
Caridelantero, a. impudent 
Caridoliente, a. having a 
mournful countenance, ex- 
pies'ire of grief 
CaridiS&o, sa. o. V. Caritativo 
CAries, tf. caries, pelijcJe 
which surrounds the bone 
Caríese rito, o. sbrivelled ; ap- 
plied to a melón 
Carieaénto, ta. a. impudent 
Carifruncido, da o. having a 
face contractcd into wrin- 
k les by age or alfiiction 
Carigordo, da. a. having afull 
or piump tace 

goosls are loaded or unload- 1 Carilárgo, ga. o. long-visaged 

ed, shipped or unshippcd 
Cargadilla, tf. increa,e of a 
debt newly contracted 
Cargádo, da. a. loaded 
Cargador, rm. freighter, ram- 
mer, he that loada great 
guns ; pl. tackies, piales of 
cojtper used In gilaing 
Cargamento, rm. cargo 
Cargár, va. to load, charge 
the enemy, ship goods, 
charge of a gun, overload, 
book, lay on tases. Impute, 
crowd t vr. to inclirte the 
body, maintain . 

CArgo, rus. burthen, loading, 
fault or deti cieñe y in the 
performance of one’s duty 
Cárgue, rm. loading a «esael, 
Iicense to toad 

Carguero, ra. a. having an 
office or employment 
Carguío, rm. cargo of mar 

Cariacedo, da. a. haríng a 
sour-looking countenance 
Cariacontedno, da. a. sad 
Cariacuchillado, da. a. having 
the face maiked with cuu 
Catiádo, da. a. carious 
Carlaguilétio, fía. a. )ong-v|. 
saged, vrith an aquí line 

Cariampollado, da. a. round- 

Cariancho, cha. a. broad -faced 
Cariátide, tf. caryatides 
Caribe, rm. cannlbal 
Cari Uto. tm. a river fish of 
the bream speciej 
Caribobo, ba. a. having a 
(tupid luok 

06 , 

Carilla, tf. mask uses! by bce 
kcepers, a silver coin 
Carilleno, na. a. plump-faced 
Carillo, lla.a. dear, high price, 

Carilucio, cía. a. having 
ahining or glossy tace 
Caritlúdo, da. a. piump- 

Carina, tf. bard shelia of 

Carincurlnl, rm. an Indian 

Carinegro, gra. a. being of a 
svraithy complexión 
Carininfo, fa. a. having a 
vromaniaii face ; applied to 

CarOío, rm. love, vofk or en- 
dearing expre&óan, anxious 
desire of a thlng 
Cariñoso, sa. a. alfectionate, 
anglously deslrou* 

Cariota, ti- wild carrot 
Carinando, da. «. idiot Uke 
Cariparxjo, Ja. a. y r. resem- 

i Cariraldo, a. braxen-faced 
Carireddndo, da. a, round 

Caris, rm. kind of ragout 
Cariséa, »;. kind of ker.sey 
Cari. tía, tf. a amall bird 
Caritatero, rm. a distributor 
of charity 

Caritativo, va. a. charitabl 
Carlanca, ti. a mástil! V collar 
Carleár, vn. to paut. V. Ja- 

Carlfn, rm. an anclent silver 

Carlina, tf. Caxlinc thistle 


Carlinga, tf- step of a mas» 

Car loéis, rm. kind of isuiglae# 
Carmel, tm. ribwort 
Carmelita, tf. Carmelita 
Carmenador, rm. teaser 
Carmenadora, tf. act of tena* 
ing or scratching cloth 
Cemienár, va. to prlck or 
card wool. scr.itch cloth, 
pulí out the hair of the 
head, win anothers money 
at play 
carmes, rm. kermes 
Carmesí, m. cochineal posr* 

Carmín, rm. carmine, palé 
rose culour 

Carminár, va. to expei wlnd 
Carminativo, rm. carmina- 

Camáda, tf. a bait 
Camáge, <m. salt beef 
Camál, a. camal, sensual, 
United by kindred 
Carnalidad, tf. camalitr 
Carnálmente, ad. carnaily 
Carnaval, tm. camival 
Cainára, tf- tlesliy part of a 
hide or skin, a meal 
Cáme, tf- flesh, mear, pul* 
pous part of fruit, a borish 
play ; Cante de ptuma, flesh 
of alí sorts of fowls i Carne 
momia, mummy í Car» ly 
tangre , flesh and blood 
Csrnectca, lia y ta . tf. email 
excrescence of tlesh rising 
in some part of the body 
Carnerada, tf. tlock of sheep 
Carneráge, tm. tax or duty 
laid on sheep 

Carnerario, rm. chamel house 
CemereAr, ra. to fine the pro- 
prietor of sheep vthlch haré 
done riamage 
Cameréro, rm. shepherd 
Carnet!!, rm. theep-nalk 
Carnero, tm. sheep, tamily 
vault. Carneru de simi-nte, 
rain kept for breeding 
Carneruno, na. a. resembling 
or belonglng to sheep 
Carnestolendas, rt. jJ. three 
camival days befóte shroie* 

Carnicería, tf. shanible», car- 

Carnicdro, rm. buteher, one 
wbo delights in carnage, 
pasture ground 
Carnicero, a. camlvorous 
Carnicol, rm. hoof of cloven- 
footed anima!». V. Taba 

3 g [e 



Carnívoro, a. camivoroua 
Carnúk, tm. coornb 
Carnosidad, tf. proud flcsh, 

la tn esa 

Carndso, sa. y Carnúdo, da. 

a fleshy, pulpous 
Cáro, ra. a. dcar, bclored 
Cáro, ad. dearly 
CaróU>, m. kind of ves sel 
Cardcas, tf. pt. careases 
Carócha, tf. seed or ejjs, 
which thc queen or mother 
bee deposite in the celia of 
a bce-hive 

Carochar, va. to lay and hatch 
e KS* 

Cárolus, m. oncient Flemlsh 

Canina, 4/. Inwanl part of the 
sa dille, parí of the animal'* 
baik 011 which the saddle 

Caroquero, ra. 4. whecdler 
Carosiéra, tf. spccie* of the 
palm-trce, date 
Cardias, tf. pi. roll* of tobáceo 
ground to powder 
Carótidas, tf. pt. the carotid 

Caro /.o, 4 m. peí Hele which 
cover» the grains of a po> 

Cárpa, tf. carp, part of a 
bunch of grapes 
Carpanúl, 4 tn. arch made In a 
seml-ellipüc form 
Carpenteár, va. V. Arrqjacdr 
Carjxita, tf. table-covering, 
port- folio 

Carpintedr, va to do carpen- 
ter’s or jolncr’s work 
Carplntéro, tm. caqtenter 
Carpido, sm. largo cap 
Carpir, va. to tear 
CarjKíf.igo, m. onc who lives 
on frudt 

Carquésa, d CarqutMa, tf. an- 
neallng fu mace for píate- 

Carraca, 4/*. large and slow 
sailing ship of burthen, rat- 

Carráco, ca. a. oíd 

Carracdn,4m.»hip of burthen, 
large rattle 

Carral, *m. Uarrel, tratt, vat 
Carraleja, tf. black-beetle 
with yellow stripes 
Carralero, im. cooper 
Camínelo, #m. a bine fea- 
thered bird 

Carrancüdo, da. a. starched 
Carránaue, sm. a Peruvian 
bird íike a crana 


Carrasca. tf- kermei-oak 
Carrasnii, «m. plantation of 

Carrá-eo, mu evergreen oak- 

Carraspada, tf' a beverage 
Carraspánte, o. harsh 
Carraspera, tf. sore throat 
Carra. piques gf rock creas 
Carasíjuéño.fia. a. harsh, rude 
Carréra, tf. quick movement 
of man or heast from one 
place to another, race- 
gremial, high-road, alley, a 
walk in a jarcien, row of 
tilinga ranged in a line, 
girder, stitch in a stocking, 
cour.e of Ufe, profession of 
arms or letters; A' carrera 
abierta, at full s|>eed 
Carrerilla ta. tf. rapta motion 
with the heel and toe in a 
Spanish dance 
Gamita, tf. long narro* cart 
Carretada, tf. cart-full, great 
quantity of any thing 
Carretáge, m. cart age 
Caí rete, em. sruall reed for 
wlnding olTtilkorgoId and 
silrer twist, tishing pulley 
Carretear, orí, to con rey in a 
cart, drive a cart; vr. to 
draw unevenly 
Carretil, tm. wheel or pulley 
of a fishing-line, log-reel, 
rope-walk retí 
Gorrinera, tf. puhllc road 
Carretería, </; number of 
carts, cartwright’s yard 
Carretero, tm, caitwright, 

Carretilla, tf. go-eart, squib, 
cracker, wheel -barro* ; De 
carretilla, by custom 
Carretón, tm. small cart In 
the hha|>e of an open chest, 
gu cart 

Carretonero, tm. driver of a 

Carricoche, tm. oíd fashioned 
coarh, inuck-cart 
Carrícola, tf. kind of phaiton 
C in iruréña, tf. carriage of a 
light field-piecc with shafts 
Carriego, im. osier basket. 
Urge rough basket 
Carril, tm. rut, narro* road 
where one cart only can 
pa-s at a time, furrow 
Canillada, tf. oil f substance 
of a hog s cheek 
Carrillir, tai. to hoist light 
thing, out of tlie hold by 
mean, of a tackle 


Carrillo, sm. cheek 
Carri liúdo, da. a. plump or 
round cheeked 
Carrióla, tf. truckle-bed, cur- 

Carri zál, tm. Und which tt 
full of reeil-gra«s 
Carrizo, tm. common reed- 

Cdrro, sm. cart, curriagt of 
coach without the body 
Curro deoro 9 BruvselU cam 
blct ; Carro triutfai 9 tri 
umphal car, measure for 

Carrocha, tf. seminal sub- 
■tance In bee» and other 

Carrochár, tm. to shcil the se- 
minal su bs* anee 
Carrocílla, tf. small coach 
Carrocín, sm. chaire 
Carromátn, sm. kind of low 
cart with two wheels 
Carrometéro, tm. cárter 
Carrón a, tf. carrion 
Carroñár, va. to infect a dock 
of sheep with the scab 
Carrdño, ña. a. putriíied 
Carniza, tf. largo coach, 
awning, to keep oír the 
weather, kind of cabin 
Carruáge, tm. all sorts of car- 

Carruajero, sin. carrier 
Carrujádo, da. a. rorru gated 
Carsdya d Cresd, 4. ker^ey 
Cúrta, tf. letter, royal ord- 
nance, map ; Carta dt ma- 
rea r 9 sea chart. order, play- 
in j cards ; Caria cania , 
written evidence ; Carta de 
crctliio, letter of credit ; 
Carta de guia, passport ; 
Caria de pago 9 reeeipt ; 
Caria de venta, bilí of sale 
Cartabón, sm. a squarequad- 
rant, a gunner*s square 
Cártama y Cártamo, 4. wil 
sai 1 ro n 

Cartapacio, tm. memoran 
durr.-book, |H»rt folio 
Carta|H*l, sm. memorándum 
filled with úseles and tri- 
flinj matter 

Cart«i /o, tm. letter or paper 
containing a severo repre- 

Carteár, nw. to play somc low 
cards ; va. to steer by the 
sea-chart ; vr. to be in the 
habit of an eplstolary cor- 
responden ce with each 



Cartel, im. edict, agreement 
made by belligerent power* 
relatlre lo the esrhange of 
prisoners, flag of truco 
Cartela, tf. slip of paper, or 
other material» oo which a 
memorándum i* made, 
bracket, trun star 
Carteldn, »wt. long edict 
Cartera, tf- portfolio, letter- 
caie, flap 

Cárter lana, tf sort of »l!k 
Cartero, im. letter-cnrrler 
Cartera, tf. kind of game at 

Cartibána», tf- pt. pirre» of 
Paper glued to the leare» of 

a book 

Canica, tf. «malí letter oí 

Cartilagindso, sa. a. cartlla- 

Cartiligo y Cartllígen, tm. 

Cartilla <i Cartita, tf- «hort 
letter, small prayer-book 
Candn, im. pasteboard, kind 
of Iron omamtnt, cartoon 
Cartuchera, tf. cartridge-bo* 
Cartürho^m. canoucl), small 

Cartulario, na. cartulary 
Cartulina, tf- piece of paste- 
board or parchment uied 
by embroiderer* 

Cartúxa, tf- carthuslan order 
Cartuadno, no. o. carthutian 
Cortó raonk , 
kind of akln 

Carúncula, tf- unall protu- 
berance of flesb 
Carrillo, «m. kind of erer- 
ereen oak wlth rough 

Carví, im. carraway 
Cira, tf. house, family resid- 
ing in a house, line or 
branch of a bunily, check- 
cn | Cata de foro», mad- 
huuso; Cata de moneda, 
mint. Aparta? cata, totake 
a sepárate house ; Guardar 
la caía, to atay at home 
Canica, tf. coat or jacket 
Casación, tf. abmgatlon 
Caaacdn, im. grcat coat 
Casadero, ra. a . marriage- 

Casadilla, tf. a young bride 
Casamáta, tf. ca&eracnt 
Casamentero, ra. i. match 
Casamiento, *m. mnrriage 
ponion, a wife's fortune 
Casapuerta, tf. porch 

Caiaernnia, tf. kintf ofshort 
ana loaae jacket 
Casir, tm. hamlet, country- 
house for labotirers to slerp 

Casir, es to mairy ; tw. to 
marry, to rrpeal 
Casatienda, tf. tradesman's 

Cisca, tf. husks of grapes, 
had llquor, bark fortannlng 
leather, kind of sweet bread 
Cascabel, ns. bell, bntton at 
the t nd of a cannon, rrt- 

Cascabelada, tf. jlngllng rrlth 
small bells, incunslderate 
speech or actlon 
Cascalieleir, va. to feed one 
with rain hopesj to act 
with lerity 

Cascabillo, tm. hawk’s bell, 
chatf, husk 

Cascaciruelas, tm. mean fol- 

Cascida, tf- Cascade 
Cascido, da. pp. bioken ; Cat- 
eador, small broken piece» 
of huid 

Cascadúra, tf. act of bursting 
Cascaiál <5 Cascajír, ir*. place 
fulí of grave!, place on 
which the Liusk» of grapes 
are throvn 

Cascó jo,n*. grarel, fragmenta 
of broken ressel*, bit of a 

Cascajoso, ta. a. aboundlng 
with grarel 

Cascamiento.iBi. act ofbreak- 
ing or bniising 
Cascanueces, ti*. nutcracker 
Cascapifldne», tm. one who 
■bell» hot pine-nuts, and 
cleans the seed 
Cascir, va. to crack, beat or 
itrike wlth the band or 
weapon ¡ t ir. to be broken 
luto plcces 

Ciscara, tf- rind of rariou» 
frults and other thlngs, 
bark of trees, lan»quenet 
Cascarela, tf. tansquenet, a 
game at carda 

Cascarilla ó Cascarita, tf. Pe- 
ruvlan bark 

Cascavója, tf- »hlp-worm 
Cascaren, tm. egg-shell of a 
fowl or hlrd, arch or rsult, 
trick won in the game of 

Cascarrón, na- a. rougb, rude 
Cascarudo, da. a. harina a 
thlck Lar ge rind or sheli 

Cisco, «a. skull, potaberd, 
coat of an onion, helmet, 
cask ln whlcb wine i» prc- 
served, Crown of a nat, 
prlnter’» bal!, sheep-skin ; 
Cateo de caea, shell of a 

Cascóte, ira. nibbish 
Cascoteria, tf. wall or wotk 
made of rubblsh 
Casrúdo, da. a. large hoofed 
Caseóso, sa. a. rascón s 
Casera, tf house-keeper 
CasCi amente, ai. homelj 
C aseria, tf. messuage 
Caserío, tm. a serio of honre* 
Caserna, tf- barracks, niaga- 

Casero, i. landlord or steward 
of a house 

Casero, ra. a. dómenle ; Baylt 
cutero, family dance 
Caseta, tf. small house, pea 

Cisl, ad. almost 
Casillas, tf. vi. polnts or 
house* of a liack-gammon 
table, square* of a draft- 

Casillo, ir*. trliUng or sllgbt 

Casimbas, tf. pl. buckets 
Casimiro y Casimiras, i. pt. 

Casina. tf- farmhonse occu- 
pletl by soldlcrs, cottage 
Ciso, tm. erent, contingeney, 
occasion, casestated toper- 
sons, to demand their ad- 
rice ¡ En cato de eso, in 
that case 

Ciso, sa. a. V. Nulo 
Casório, i*t. inconsiderate 

Cispa, tf- dandrufT 
Cispita, ini. espressire of ad- 
mira ti on or wonder 
Casquetazo, tm. blow giren 
wlth the hcad 

Casquete, n*. helmet, cern- 
eare c ovcrlng of the head 
Casquiblándo, da. a. soft- 

Casquiderramido, da. «. 

Casquijo, ir*, grarel 
Casqullla, tf. a cell in which 
the queen bre reside* 
Casquillo, tm. tmall Steel 
heim, polnt of an arrow 
shod with lron , 
Casquilócio, cia. a. gay 
Casquimulefio, fia. o. narro** 

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Castorcillo, mi. klnd of rough 
serge like cloth 
Castóreo, stn. castoreum 
Cástta, tf. act of pruning 
Castradera, */'. iron In- 
strument with which honey 
la taken out of the hive 
Cattradór, mi. one that per- 
foren* the act of geiding 
Castrametación, tf. cástrame- 

Castrapuárcas, rat, sow-geld- 
er , whistle 

Castrár, va. to cástrate, cut 
away the proud flesh about 
a wound, ¡troné 
Castrazón, rm. act of cuttlng 
honey-corabs out of the 
hive», castratlng or geiding 

Castrense, a. bclonglng to the 
milltary profcssion 
Cá-tro, un. gome played by 
boy», act oí' taking 'honey - 
comba out of hire# 

Castrón, raí. castrated he- 

Casuál, a. casual 
Casual klád, tf. casual ty 
Casdcha, tf. poor hnt 
Casuál, rat. cassowary 
Casuista, raí. casuist 
Castilla, tf. vestmeut wom by 

Cata, tf. act of trying a thing 
by the taste 

Cata, cui. mark, bcware 
Catacaldos, tm. taster of 
wine, áte. 

Cataclismo, im. deluge 
Catacúmbas, tf. pt. catacombs 
Catadór, raí. a taster 
Catadúra, tf. water-fáll 
Catadura, tf. act of trying by 
the taste, gesture, mosle of 
goardlng criminal. 

Catalejo, tm. telescopc 
Catalicen, tm. catbolicoai 
Catalnica, tf. parrot. V, 
Cotirra • 

Catálogo, tm. catalogue 
Catalúfa, tf- khul of floor 

Catán, raí. Indlan sabré 
Catanánca, tf. lion a foot 
Cataplasma, tf. poultice 
Catapócla, tf. lesser or caper- 

Catapulta, tf. catapult 
Catár, «o. to taste, vlew, 
Judge, esteem, bear ln mind 
Utaráfta, tf. sheldrake 


Casqulráno, na. a. Impu- 

Cásta ,tf. race, kind or quality 
of a thing 

Cástamente, ad. chattely 
Castáfta, tf. chesnut, bottle, 
halr tied up behind 
Castahál ó Castaíiár, tm. grore 
or plan tatlon of chesnut- 

Castaháro, ra. «. dealer ln 

Castafiéta, tf. castanet 
Castafietázo, raí. crack of a 
chesnut which bursts ln 
the fire, crack giren by the 

Castafieteádo, rat. rattling 
sound of cáktanets in dañe 

Castafieteár, m. to rattle 
the castañeta in dancing, 
crack le, to cry 
Castáño, ras. chesnut tree 
Castafiuála, tf. castanet, 
prickly oi-eye, clcats 
Castañuélo, la. a. being of a 
liglit cliesnut-colour, ap- 
pliod to horses 

Caslellán, rat. w arden of a 

Castellanla, tf. dlstrict be- 
longing to a castle 
Casteiláno, tm. ancient Spa- 
nlsh coln, raule got by i 
yack -as, and a mare, Spa 
nish language 

Casteiláno, na. a. belonging 
to Castlle 

Castidád, tf. chastlty 
Castiñcadór, tf. one that 
renders cha, te 
Castlficár, va. to render chaste 
Castigación, tf. castigatton 
Castigadora, tf. rope wlth 
which a beif is tied to a 
beast of burthen, sinall cord 
wlth which the ring of a 
stirrup is tied lo the girth 
Castigár, va. to chaslUe 
Castigo, raí. chaatisement, 
censure, correctlon made ln 
a work 

Caatillerla, tf. toll pald on 
p<w»liig through a district 
„ wh 'p“ belongs to a uastie 
Castillo, raí. castle, whole of 
the mounüng of a relvet 

Castizo, za. a. of a noble de- 
arent. Caimito «utico, blooil 

Casto, ta. a. puré, simple 
Castór, raí. bearer 

C atará ta,V, catar act, a i 
of the eye, water-fitll 


Catar lbéra, tm. man-aerrant 

appointed to follow the 
hawk on horseback 
Catarrál, a. catarrhal 
Calárro, raí. coid 
Catarróso, ta. a. catarrhal 
Catártico, ca. a. cathartic 
Catástro, raí. general taz lahl 
chiefly on land 
Catástrofe, tf. catastrophe 
Cataviento, raí. dog vane 
Catavino, tm. tmall jug or 
cup usos! to tasto wine iil 
cellars ¡ pt, one w lióse ein- 
ployinent u to try wine by 
the taste, tlpplers . 

Caleár, va. to invesiigate 
Catecismo, »m. catechism 
Cátedra, tf. aeat in which 
professoi, Instruct tbeir 
pupila in the Sciences, office 
ana functions of a prufessor 
Cateilrál, tf. cathedrai 
Catedraiidád, tf. dignity of a 
cathedrai church 
Qatedrár y Cateilreár, r*. to 
obtaln a professor'a chair in 
an unlveraity 

Catedrático, raí, professar ln • 

Categoría, tf. clase, rank 
Categórico, ca. a. categorical 
Catequismo, ras. catechism 
Catequista, tm. catechist 
Catequizánte, jxr. he who 

Catequizár, no. to catechlse 
Caterva, tf. confused tnulli- 
tude of persona or thing* 
Oaticlégo, ga. a. ¡mr-blind 
Catimarón, raí, Indian rsft 
Catite, tm. loaf of the best re- 
fmed sugar 
Cáto, raí. japan earth 
Católicamente, tul. in a catho* 
lie manner 

Católico, ca. o. general or 
universal, uue, calholic 
Católico, raí. one who pro- 
fesa» the Koman Calholic 

Catóptrica, tf. cntoptricks 
CatópUrico, ca. a. catoptrlcai 
Catórce, o. fourteen 
Catorcéno, na. a. fourteenth 
Cátre, raí. sinall bedstead 
Carrliühc, un. press txsl 
Cattequi, aro. kind of blue 
cotton stulf 

Catúres, raí. kind of armed 
ves-el of liantam 
Caúce, raí. drain 
Cauchó, raí. smatl basco o* 
«eaerrolr of wa cr 

4 » 


Caución, tf. eecurlty giren for 
tiie jierforinitnce of an a- 
greement, caution 
Caucionar, va. to guard a- 
gain.t an erll or losa 
Cauda, tf. train of a Uisliop - » 

Caudal, tm. jiroperty 
Caudal, o. rich 
Cauda léjo, mu mlddllng for- 

Caudal dio, mu a. carrying 
inuch water 

Caudatárta, tm. clergyman 
whose butlness i» to carry 
the train of a hishop's rolie 
Caudáto, la- a. ha ring a tail, 

Caudillo, mu commander of 
a truop of armed «neo, 
chief or director of a coin- 

Caulicutds 6 Caulírolos, «n. 
pl. ornamente of the ceni- 
tal of columni of ihe Co- 
rinthiau order 
Cauro, rwt. north.west wind 
Caúsa, tf. cause, motive, af 
fuir in one tales an 
Interes t a law-euit 
CausaJdr, ra. t. one who 

Causál, tm. ground on which 
aomething ie done 
Causalidad, tf. connetlon be- 
tween cause and etlect 
Causón te, p. y tm. he who 

Causár, ra. to cause, stie 
Causídico, <»u advócate 
Causídico, ca. a. forensic 
Causón, tm. burning fever 
which I sts eeveral koura 
Caúslico, rm. caustic, ray of 
reflectad llght 

Cantóla, tf. tirecaution and 
reservo, artrulneee 
Cautelar, ivi. to take the 
niríssary juecautwm 
Cautelo, 1 1, a. cautiout 
Cautério , tm* cautery, cor* 
rective reniedy 
Cautcri/a»lJr, tm he who 

Cauteri/ár, va. to cauterirc, 
to correct wifh severíty 
Cauti vár, va. to take or make 
]>ri&oners of war 
Cautiverio y Cautividad, a. 

Cautivo, va. ». captivo 
C úto, ta. a. rautioiu 
Cáva, tf. di^ing of vine», 
pcliar where wint anu 


water are kept for the w 
of the roya! funlly 
Cavadizo, /a. a. dug out of a 

Cavado, da. a. hollow 
Cavador, m. digger 
Cavadura, tf. lióte dug in the 

CavalUllo, rm. waterfurrow two ridges 
Cavár, va. to dig or turn up 
the ground, jiaw ; tiu to 

Caverna, tf. carem, hollow 
lilside or depth of wounde 
Cavernoso, ea. a. full of 

Cari, tf. a Pemvian root 
Cavidad, tf. cavity 
Casillos, tm. l’ortugueee mea- 
ture of length 
Cavilár, va. to cavil 
Cavlllar, tf. iron pin 
Gavilla, tf. seaiiolly, tree- 
nail, Ivlaying pin 
Caviliaildr, tm. tree-nail 
in altor 

Gavillar, na. to use tree-naile 
Cavildeo, ta. a. captóme 
Cita, tf. box malte of wood. 
metal, or ttone, ooffin, 
warehouse, drum, prínter’s 
case, room in- a post-offlce, 
cavity in which a etair-cate 
le raised, wooden < ase of an 
organ. Cara de latiré, 
haUast-caee. Casa de mor, 
sea-chest, Btlar en cura, 
to equilíbrate 

Casa-mángala, tf. kind of 
llnen manafactured in 

Caxáras, tf. pl. cavltics in 

Caxero, tm. caehier 
Caseta, tf. enutf-box, poor't 

Caxetfn, tm. rery email box 
Caxfsta, tm. a^compositor 
Gasón, tm. chest of drawert, 
mouM for caeting the pi|>ee 
of an organ, space between 
the thelves of a book case, 
erootlcn ebed for eelling 

Cavddo, rm. shepherd's hook, 
crosler, walking staif 
Cay Unto, rm. kindof stuff 
Cayclác, mi. eweet-ecented 

Cayeput, tm. cajeput olí 
Caimán, rm. alíigntor 
Ciyoi, tm. pl. rockt 
L ayóte, mu citrón 


Oayóu, m>. caehew-nut 
Cayrél, m. ueruke furbeJoW, 
eUk-threau* to which wíg- 
makert faeten the bair ot 
which rrlge are cornjioced 
Cayrehii, ta. to adorn vo. 
moni garmente witb fur- 

CaytSco, mi. email fuhing 

Caí, Mt. canal or trench 
Cára, tf. chace, game, chaee, 

Í iursuit, the act of pureu- 

Caribe, rm. bread made of 
Ibc cateada- plant 
Casadero, im. place for pur- 
tuing game 

Cazador, ra. r. kuntsmgn, 
one thing in pureuit of 

Casamdsca», rm. fly eatcher 
Carár, ra. to chese, gire 
chase to a thip, rn. to run to and 
fro with aftected assiduity 
Cru jir r las, tf. pl. splashingt 
of dirt on clothee 
Cazcairtento, ta. a. splashed 
Cázo, rm. coppsrr sauce-pan 
with an iron handle, cotiper 
or iron ladle for takíng 
water out of a large earthen 
ves sel 

Cazoleja d Cazoláta, tf. pan 
af a musket lock 
Cazoláta, tf. pan of a musket. 
lock, defeure of a shield, 
kind of porfu me 
Cazoldn, mi. Urge eartboi 
pot or stew-pan 
Casontfte, rm- a toggei 
CazAdo, da. a. having a tblck 

Cazuela, tf. an earthen pan 
to drcss n, cal in, meat 
dreseed in an earthen pan, 
kind of pit in the play- 
houses In Spain, pan for 
baking tarta. V. Tartera 
Cazumbrar, va. to join atarea 
together with hempen corde 
Cazúinlne, rm. hempen cord 
with which the stavee of 
wlne-ca k» are joined and 

Cazumbtdn, rm. cooper 
Cazurro, ra. a. si lint 
Ceático, ca. a. aftected with 
rhrumatic pain* in the 
thigh or hip 
Cebada, tf. barley, rm. iield town with 

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n 1 O 


Cebadazo, u. a. made o t 

Cebadera, tf- kind of tvag in 
which the fe-ed U give»« In 
the fle!d to working cattle, 

Cebadóro, rm. place where 
game or fowla are fed, 
a muie which on a joumey 
carrlc» bar ley for the rest, 
bell-mule, dealer in barley 
Cebadilla, tf. snecze-wort 
Cebadura, tf. act of freding 
Cebár, va. to feed animéis, 
prime, let oft* a rocket or 
squib ; rr. to be firmly 
bent upon a thing 
Cebellina, tf, sable 
Cebo, rm. fodder, fattenlngof 
anímala, lure for vrolre» 
and birds of prey, kbnd of 
monkey, cart-grea*e 
Cebolla, tf. onlon, aay bol- 
tuna tuntcated root, aqulll 
Cebollina, tf. a larga myro- 
Isalar, resembling onlons, rm. plot of ground 
toen wdh onions 
Cebollero, ra. r. dealer in 

Cebolleta, tf. a tender onlon 
Cebolldu, rm. a lance oninn 
Cebollúdo, da. a. ¡Il-slmped 
Cebón, rm. a fat bul loe k or 


Cebonsíllo, rm. a young fat 

C ebra, tf- rebra 
Cebrntána, tf. a long wooden 
tube or pipe 

Cdctia, tf. kind of vetscl for 
drinking water 
Cecial, rm. n d or other fl¡Ji 
cu red and dried In the air 
fíela», rm. north-west wind 
Cecina, tf- hung l>eef 
Ceclndr ra. to make hung 
beef. V. 
Cedacería, tf- shop where 
sietes are rnade or sold 
Cedacero, -m. ore who iraké» 
or vele sirves and straincr» 
Ceridao, rm. hric-une or 

Cedánte, po. cedlng 
Ceder, ea. to grants en. to 

Cedizo, ra. a. taluted 
Cedria, tf. resln 
Cédride y Cilicio, rm. frult of 
the ee<lar -trec 

Cedrino, na. a- belonging to 
the cedar-tree 
Cedro, rm. cedar 


Cédula, tf 1 »iip of parchment ] 
or paper «ritten or to write 
opon, srheduie, order 
Ceduláge, rm. fres pald for the 
expcditlon ofdecreea 
Cedulón, rm. a long edíct 
Cefálica, tf- cephaílc rein 
Cefálico, ca. a. rep halla 
Gáfalo, rm. mullet 
Cáfiro, rm. aepbyr 
Céfo, rm. a larga kind of 

Cegajo, rm. a he-goat taro 
y car» oíd 

Cegajóso, ta. a. blear-eyed 
Cegár, tm. to grow blind j va. 
to blind 

Cegarrita, tm. one who con- 
traets the eye to see at a 

C>gáto, ta. a. short-sighted 
Ceguedad, tf- bUndnex 
Ceguára, tf. infirtníty or di». 

order In the eye 
Ceguerie», rm. kind ofmartera 
Ceguinuéla, •/. whlp itaíf of 
the heim. V. Pinzote 
Cija, tf. eye-brow, edgtng of 
clothes, uuumlt of a motín - 

Cejadáro, tm. rope or trace» 
of hames» 

Celár, rn. to retrograde 
Cejijunto, ta. a. having eye- 
brows which Joln one 

Cijo, rm. thíek ml»t which 
usually arises frttn rivv» 
Celáda, tf- anctent pleca of 
armour, ambuscade, artful 
trlek to deceire one 
Celaddr, ra. r. curator, moni- 
tor in «chools 
Coladura, tf. enamel 
Celágc, rm. cotour of the 
clnud», small cloud movlng 
la-foie the wlnd, presage, 
*ky -light 

Celár, rn. y a. to ftilfil the 
dulle» of an ollice wlth 
care, watch any person'» 
motiana (rom fe»r, en* 

Celda, tf. cell, small carlties 
or división» In hee-hives, 
•malí cabln, small room 
Celebración, tf. celebratlon, 

Ceiebraddr, rm. one who ap- 
plaud» or ]>rai»e» a thing or 

1 person 

Celebrante, rm. a priest in 
the act cf celebrating the 

F 2 


Celebrár, va. to celebratey 
praise, revere 
Cálebre, a. celebrated 
Celebridad, tf. celcbrlty, re- 
nown, pomp 
Celebríllo, rm . cerebel 
Celébro, rm. akull which con* 
taina the brain, bratn. col 
lection of veuel» and organ* 
in the hcad 

Celemín, rm.dry mensure, peck 
Cele» idád, tf. celerity 
Celeste, a. celestial, relatlns 
to the seat of the blessea, 

Celestiál, a. celeitlal 
Célfo, tm. V. Ctfb 
Celiáca, tf. celias: artery, kind 
of dlarrhcca 

CeliO.o, ca. a. relatlng to the 
lower belly 

Cellbálo y Célibe, rm. celibacy 
Cólico, ca. a. celestial 
Celidonia, tf. celandine, swal. 

Cellndráte, rm. ragout 
Celda, tf. tish caught in the 
•traite of 'jlbr aliar 
Cilla, tf. V. Ce Ida 
Celldnca, tf. a common proa- 

Cellenco, ca. a. decreplt 
Cellisca, tf- V. Ventitat 
Cilio, rm. hoop 
Celosía, tf. lattice of a in- 

Celólo, sa. a. lighl and swift- 
sailing, crank 

Celsitud, tf. celsltude, high- 


Céltico, ca. a. celtte 
Célula, tf. a small reí 
Cembelllna, tf. hart'shorn 
Cementación, tf. cementa* 

Ciña, tf. act of tupping, 
•upiier, tcene 

Cenásho, tm. bjtskrt or 
hamper ir. ade of basswml 
Cenador, rm. one who i» futid 
of ruppcrs, sunnner-bou.-e 
CenegKI, rm. quagmiro 
Cenagóso, sa. a. utuddy 
Cenar, va. to sup 
Cencéfio, fu. a. lean 
Cenrírra, tf. bell worn by the 
hradiiig mulé, clark uf a 
mili, the tneat betueen tha 
tlirottlc and the rite, uf that 
part of muttim whtth i» 
comnicnly eallid tliesaddla 
Ccnccrreór, vw. to jingle con- 
tinually, play, cm an au- 
tuneó ¿miar 


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® J O 


Cencerreo, im. nolte mide 
by wether, mulé, or horre 

Cencerril, o. resemblíng the 
noise oí wether or nor*e 

Cencerro, tm. bell wnm by 
the leading mulé, ili-tuned 
guilar, wuod-crow 
Cencemin, tm. a small bunch 
of grapes which retnain» 
after the rlntage 
Cencido, da. a. untilled 
Céncils á Céncro, tm. kind of 

Cendal, tm. light thln stufT, 

Céndra, tf. paste made of 
boiled potash 

Centffa, tf. trame of a pioture, 
printed or palnted bordee 
of any kind of stutt, ral anee, 
centre ofan awning 
Cenicero, tm. ash-hoTe 
Ceniciento, ta. o. ajt-coloured 
Ceniza, tf. ashes, coarte 
ashes. V. Cemada 
Cenizo, tm. summer and 
v ínter savory 
Cenizo, za. o. Y. Ceniciento 
Ceuizrfso, sa. a. covered wlth 

Cenobita, m. one who pro- 
fésaos a monastlc Ufe 
Cenofégias, tf. pl. the feast of 
the tabernacles among the 


Cenojil, *m. garter 
Cenotáfio, tm. cenotaph 
Censatario J Cenviro, tm. one 
who pays an annulty out of 
hís estáte to another |>erton 
Censo, tu. n.oney received by 
the proprietors for the use 
of their property, poli-fax 
Censdr, mt. one appolnted by 
publlc authoilty to ex- 
amine new pubtieatloos, 
critlc, censo rious person 
Censoria, tf. office or censor 
Censorino, a. censorlan 
Censuál, a. belonging to Ixw- 
ful Interest 

Censualista, tm. a person in 
who e favour an annulty 
has been iraposed 
Censura, tf. a critical rerlew 
of literary produettons, 
censure, reproach wltbout 
Foundation, register 
Censurador, tm. one who 

Censurár, na. to revlew, cen- 
sure, recorrí, to correct 


Centadro, «mt. centattr 
Centalla, tf. lightnlng, flash 
strack oút of a fllnt wlth 
Steel, raraainlng spark of 

Centelladdr, ra. a. brilllant 
Centellar, y Centellear, va. to 

Centelleo, tm. spark 
Centena, tf. centenary, hun- 

Centenal, tm. field sown wlth 
rye, centenary 
Centenario, ría. a. secutar 
Centenario, tm. a feast which 
is celebrated erery hundred 

Centenázo, za. a. belonging 
to rye 

Centeno, tm. rye 
Centeno, na. a. a numeral 
adjectire, which signlties 

Centendso, sa. a. mixed wlth 


Centesimo, ma. a. hundredth 
Centiloquio, tm. a work di- 
rided Into a hundred partí 
or chapten 

Centinela, tf. sentry. Centi- 
nela alanzada, adranced 

Centlnddla, tf. knot-grass 
Centlpllcádo, a. a hundred 
times more 
Centolla, tf. center fish 
Centdn, tm. a coarte corering 
of warltke machines In an- 
clen! times, cento 
Cenrrü y Centricál, o. central 
Céntrico, a. Panto e/atrico, 

Centrifugo, ga. a. centrifuga! 
Centrípeto, ta. a. centrl|>etal 
Centro, *m. centre, height 
and depth of a thing, illsk 
on flowers 

Centuplicar, tai. to centuplí- 

Céntuplo, pía. a. hundred* 

Centuria, tf. century 
Centurión, tm. centurión 
Cenadlo, «m. gnat 
Cenzaya, tf. » govemess of- 
children, nursery-maid 
CefUr, va. to ftown 
Cefiido, da. a. modérate, 
ringed, applied to bees and 
other ¡nseets 

Cefiiddr y Cefddúra, s. belt 
Oefdglo, mu goose-foot 
Ccfiír, na. to gird, enrlron ¿ 
vr. reduce one's expenses 1 


Céfio. tm. a sopercllious look, 
ring or ferróle a. hoof surround- 
ed wlth elrva'ed rings 
Cernido, da. a. 
Cepa, tf. that part ot' the 
trunk of a tree which jolns 
the ront, stock of a vine, 
root of the wool 
CepejOn, tm. the highest and 
largest branch ota tree toril 
from the trunk 

Cepilladoras, tf. pl. sharings 
pared uft'with a plañe 
CepilUr, va. to plañe 
Cepillo, «m. plañe, a brush, 
pour box 

Cepita, tf. a small jioor box 
cepo, «m.a block on which an 
anril isput, stm ks. kind of 
reel on which silk is wuund 
before it is twistcd, charlty- 
box. Cepo det ancla, an- 

Cepdn, tm. a large trunk of 
a tree, an oíd vine stock 
CeiKÍrro, tm. an oíd vine 
pullcd up by the roots 
Cequl 0 Cequfn, «m- a gold 

Cera, tf. waz, tapers and 
candiel made of wax, foot- 
path In the Street. V’. Acera. 
Cera de loe otdot, ear- 

Ccrarhátes, t‘\ jd. wax-stones 
(’crapez, tf. cerate 
Ceraslna, tf. beverage made 
of rice 

Cerásta, Ceráste, <5 Ceráste», 
». homed serpent 
Cerlstio, de ti ranada, tm. 

CeratOfilon, tm. horn wort 
Cerbaiána, tf. tul* made of 
wood or metal, acoustle 
truinpet, ancient culverln 
of a very small caliber 
Cerca, tf- lnclosure 
Cerca, ad. near at hand, wlth 
regard to. £» cerca, round 

Cercado, tm. an mclosure 
Cercador, tm. one who in* 
closes or surrounds 
Cercinamente. ad. nigh 
Cercanía, tf- prozlmity 
Cercgno, na. u. near 
Cercar, va. to inclose, Invest • 

Cercen ó í Cercen, ad. at tba 

Ccr ceñidamente, ad. in • 
clipping manner 

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Cercenadura, tf. cüpping- 

Cercenadtfr, m. one vho 
clips and lopsotf the ends 
of tilinga 

Cerceuár, va. to lop oiT the 
ends or eitreinitíes, reduce 
Cerréra, sf. air tulle, to ti- 
tr.u.t the foui air 
Cercéta, sf a wklgeon 
Cdreha, sf- a wootlen rule for 
mensuring con ve i objects 
Cerchír, V. Acalar 
Cerchón, sm. V. Cimbria 
Cercillo, im. V. Zarcillo, 
tendril of the vine 
Cércio d Cert.iiin, an Xn- 
<11 an tnocking iiird 
Cerciorar, va, to assure 
Céreo, m. hoop or i ing whirh 
surroundsa thing.blockade 
of a piare, circular motion, 
árele, fronte of a dour or 


Cercopitéco, sm. kiud of long- 
tailed monkey 

Cerda, sf. strong hair grow- 
Ing in a luirse'. tail or 
mane, cora juat cut down, 


Cefdámen, im. handful of 

Cerdán i, s f, kind of dance in ¡ 

Cerdeár, vn. to be weak in 
the fore-quarter on account 
of a wound, to declina a 

Cérdo y Cerdudo, sm. hog or 

_ p|k 

Cerddso, so. y Cerdddo, da. a. 

Cerecilla, sf. V. Guindilla 
Cereindnio, sf. rite, fbrm of 

Cercmomál, sm. a !x>ok of th? 
Cttemonie* u*ed on public 

Ceremonial, a. ceremonial 
Cereinoni.itico, ca. o- cere- 

Céreo, sm. torch-thktle 
''******• Kf» wax-chandler s 
"‘opa office in the royal 
pal. ice J 

^ 1 ^°* $nt ’ wa **chaniUer, 
tule va¿;rant 
Cerero, a . id le 
Ceré/.a, ij'. cherry 
Cerezá 1 , *iw. plántatloa of 
cherry -trees 
Ceré/.o, sm. cherry -freo 
Cerp-ízo, ¿m. rook-u/,e 
Ceriflor, sm. honey-wort 


Cerilla, sf. thin wat- tapera, 
wat of the ear 
Ccrltes, sm. wax-stone 
Cerméfia. sf. a smali early 
kind ofdelirious pear 
Cernid lio, sm. muscadine 

Cemá lo, sf. coarse ashet 
w hich rcmain in the strain 
er after the lye is puf on 
Cernadero, sm. coarse Unen 
Cernedéro, sm. apron worn 
by per-nns employed in 
_ sifiing flour 

Cernedor, sm. nne who sift. 

ilour with a sleve 
Cerneas, sf. ¡ >1. fetlocks of a 

ernér, tu. to sift j vn. bud 
and blosMiiu, drízale j vr. 
to waggle 

Cernícalo, sm. kestrcl 
Cernidillo, sm. thick mist or 
smali rain 

Cernido, na. the act of sifting 
Cernidura, sf. tile act of sift 


Cernir, va. to examine 
Céro, «n. cipher 
Ceroferáriu, sm. aeolortlíst 
Cerdllo, lia, n. applled to 
graln reaped rather green 
and soft 

Cerdn, sm. dregs of p ressed 
^ vat formed i uto a cake 
Cerdte, sm. shoemaker*. wax, 
panic, cerote 

Cerotéro, sm. piece of an oíd 


Cerrfto, sm. a soft cerate ir. ade 
of oii and wax 

Cerdya, sf. crups of cora 
which begin togrow yellow 
Cerquillo, sm. a smali circle, 
the welt of a shoe 
Cerquita, asi. at a smali dia- 

Cernida, sf. thestrongest part 
of a hide which covers the 
back bone of an animal 
Cenadero, ra, s. xtaplc which 
rece! ves the boit of a lock 
Cerradizo, xa. a. tliat which 
inay be fastened 
Cernido, da. a. clore, secretes!, 

Cerraddr, sm. porter ordoor- 
keejier, tle, bond 
Cerradura, sf- the act of shut- 
ting or locking up, lock. an 
inclosed piece of «round 
Cerrája, sf. lock of * 

Cerrajear, vn. t r ruáis lock» 


Cerrajería, sf. tradeof a lock- 

Cerrajero, syx. locksmith 
Cerramlénto, sm. the act of 
fchutting or locking up, ln« 
clorure, partition walU 
Cerrár, na. to shut up the in- 
lets or outlets of a piare, 
lock a door, Inelude, in 
clase, to stop up, prohibit.. 
Al cerrar del día, at the 
clase of the day ; vr. to re- 
ma In firm in one's opinión* 
lie shut or locked up, grow 

Cerrazón ,4m.dark and cloudy 
weather , 

Cerrión, sm. hillock 
Cerrero, ra. a. running wild 
from one hill to anotlicr 
Cerril, a. mountainou.%, wild. 
Cerril lár, va. to mili coined 

Cerrión, sm. iciclo 
Córra, sm. high lnnd, neck of 
an animal, back-bone. En 
cerro, barely 
Cerrojillo, sm. a wagtzil 
Cerrdjo, sm. bolt 
Cerrón, *m. kind of Unen 
Cerní mido, da. a. lia vine, 
weak quarters, applled to 

Certárnen, nx. controrerty 
Cettéro, ra. a. dexterous or 
akllled ¡n shooting and 

Certéza, sf- certalnty 
Certidumbre, sf. V. Ccrtesa 
Certificación, sf. certifícate, 
return of a writ, certainty 
Certilicador, sm. one who 

( ertificir, ra. to assure 
Certiticatdrio, ria. a. that 
which certifies 
Cerúleo, lea, a. sky-hlue 
Cerril, a. belonging to a deer 
l orririo, ria. a. V. Ctrval 
Cervática, sí- V. La„ Kn tf aM 
Cervato, sm. a young deer 
Cervecería, sf brewhotise 
Cervecéro, sm. one who brew* 
or sells beer 

Cérvida, sf. extremity of the 
rilw of pork 

Cervéza, sf. bcer or ale 
Cervlcébra, sf gazelle 
Cervigudo, da. a. high or 
thick marked 
Cerviguillo, sm. na(>e 
Cervino, na. a. roembling a 

Cerridlas, sf. ¡>l- cat beada 


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Cerrír, tf. nape 
Carróno, na. a. resemblingor 
belonging to a «leer 
Oesár, tu. to cease 
Cesáreo, rea. a. Imperial 
Cáe, iin. cease 
Ceilble, a. tbat which mar 
be ceded 

Cesión, tf. cession 
Caloñarlo y Cesonárlo, ría. i. 
. one in whose favour a 
tramfer is made 
Césped ó Cdspede, am. that 
part of Ihe rltid of a riñe 
where lt has been pruned, 
aod, rummon thriu 
Ces|*tléra, z'i fieiíls where 
gTeen sods are cot 
Císta, tf. basket, pannier 
Cestada, </• • ba»het-full 
Cestería, tf. place where 
baskets are tríade or sohl 
Cestero, »wi. one that makes 
or retalla baskets 
Cásto, tm. a hand-bavket 
Cestón, ™. a large pannier 
or básket, gabicnt 
Oestoi:áda,-rf.range of gabions 
Cetáceo, cea. a. cetaceou* 
CetU, arman oíd (iallician coln 
Cótra, tf. a lealher shield 
íormerly osed by the Spa- 

Cótre, tm. a small brasa or 
copper bucket. V. Anlrt 
Cetrería,*/, fatconry, fbwllng 
or sporting with faltona 
Cetrero, tm. verger, fal- 

Cetrífero, ara. one who bears 
a sceptre 

Cetrino, na. a. citrino 
Cetro, rm. sceptre, wand or 
staflT, perch 

Cójba, tf. seaweed, large 
tree in the Indios 
Chá, tf- ■ rery thin kind of 
stuff u-ed hy the Chmene 
Chabarána^f. an imipid kind 
of plum 

Chabacanería, tf. want of 
cleanliness and elegance 
Chalracáno, na. a. coarte 
Chabóta ó Chapeta, fj. fbre- 

Chabnám, tf. «ort of mustln 
Charál, ara. jack.sll 
Chacárt, tf. kind of cotton 

Cltáchara, tf. Ule prate 
Chaciiareár, tm. to prate 
Cliacharería, tf. verlioslty 
Chacharero y Chacharón^tn. 


Chárho, asi. stake at (he 
gome of omire 

Chacolí, tf- a light red wlne 
of a sourish inste 
Chacolotear, va. to clap, as a 
horse-shoe does fiar want 
of nails 

Chacoloteo, am. the ctapplng 
of a horse-shue fbr want of 

Chartína, am. tune of a Spa- 
ní.sh dance of that ñame 
Chatóta, tf. nofcty mirth 
(’hacotcár, en. to scoff, jest 
Chai otero, am. a wag 
Chacotero, ra. a. rragglsh 
China, tf- an Indian rus tic 
habi tallan 

Chacuáro, am. clown 
Chafaldetes, am. clue Unes 
Chafalla tf- »n oíd tattered 
suit of clothes 
Chafallar, tw. to botch 
Chafallo, am. coarte patrh 
Chafallón, na. a. a láotching 

Chafár, r«t. to make relret 
lose fts lustre by presaing 
the pile 

Chnfaróte, am. a short broad 
Turkis!) sword 
Chafarrinada, tf. blot OTitaln 
In clothes 

Chafhrrinár, va. to blot 
Chafarrinón, am. blot, stain 
Chafen oneás, tf. pi. kind of 
prlnted or coloured Unen 
Chaflán, am. bcrel 
Chatlanár, IU . to fonn a bevet 
Chalán, na. a. dealet, johber 
Chalaneár, t*i. to buy and 
sell, Ibrestall 

Chaleco, am. an Inside waist- 

Chalón ó ClialAn,amah»lloon 
Chalupa, tf. sloop 
Chamará* ra, tf. a brlsk fire 
Chamarillero, tm. a broker 
Chamarillón, am. a bad piar 
er at cards 

Cham.írta. tf garment made 
of sheep skina 

Chamarreta, tf- a short loase 
jacket with sleeres 
Chamberga, tf. a long and 
wide cassock, kind of Spa- 
nlsh dance, a narrow giidle 
Chambergo, ga. a. slouchcd 
Chamelóte, am. cambies 
Cbamelotón, tm. coarte 

Chamerlóro, rm. kind of 
cióse Jacket 

Chamlcára, tf. a piece of 


wood seorched and mada 
btack by fire 

Chamiza, tf. kind of wíld 
cañe or reed 

Chamizo, am. a piece of wood 
half bumt 

Chamonáda, tf. butt giren 
with a shom head 
Chamorrar, va. to cnt the 
hair ofl with sheass 
Chamórro, ra. a. shorn 
Champáda, tf. a Urge stately 
tree in Malaga 
Champán, tf. kind of Ameri- 
can vessel 

Champurrar, fn. to mlx one 
Ityuor wiih another 
ChamuMádo, da. a. tipsy 
Chamuscado, da. pp. singad 
Chamuteár, ra. toslnge 
Chamúsco, tm. V. Ckamvt- 

Chámuacón, tm. a large tinge 
or scorch 

chamusquina, f. the act of 
scorching or slngeing 
Chancar, va. to jest 
Chancero, ra. a. jocote 
Chancillrrósco, ca. a. betong- 
Ing to the court of chancery 
Chancillerí chancery, the 
riglits of a chancellor 
Chancleta, tf- sli|>per 
Cháñelos, tm. pl. patterts 
Chanfáyna, tf. ragout of 
lirers and lights, a trifling 
wortWess thJ.ig 
Chanflón, na. a. made tn a 
coarse and clumsy manner 
Chanflón, tm. money beaten 
oot to sppear largor 
Changóte, tm. an obtong bar 
of íron 

Chantár, va. V. Vttlir 
Chintre, tm. precentor 
Chantrfa, tf. the office or 
dlgnlty of a precentor 
Chánza, sf.Joke, jest, fun 
Chanzoneta, tf. Joke, bailad 
Chanzonetéro, rm. sonnettect 
Chápa, tf- a thin metal píate 
which serves to strength«*n 
or asloni the work it corers, 
rosy check, rouge, a small 
b.t cf lealher u»«l by shoe- 

Chapaleta, tf. a kind of »a!ve 
Chapátra, tf. sperie* of oak, 
a roach with a low roof 
Chaparráda, tf. V. tíreparrin 
Chaparrál, tm. plantaban ot 
erer-green oak - 1 r ves 
Chaparrón, tm. a vlolcnt 
sbower of rala 

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Chápele, »«• «o 0T 

gamtsli with metal píate* 
Chapería, tf- ornament con- 
tUting of a number ot 
metal píate* 

Chapcrón, m. anclent noca 
or cauri 

Chapetón, im. an European 
settler in Perú 

Chapetonáda, tf. a dlsease in- 
cident to European», who 
tettle in Perú 

Chapín tm. clog with a Cork 
tole lined with Morocco 

leather ' . 

Chapinería, tf. shop wlicre 
dogg and pattcns are 
made and so'd 

Chaplnéio, «a. one whose 
trade i» to make and *ell 
doga and pattens 
Chapitel, «m. the upper paet 
oí» i>i llar rUlng Ir. a py 
ramiaal form 
Chipie, »«- graver 
Chauodlr, no. to cut or lop 
oíV the branches of trees 
and vine* . , . 

Chapdte, tm. kind of black 
glue or «raí ln America 
Chapotelr, i*»- to wet with a 
spunge or wet cloth ; 
nadóle in the water *o a* to 
.plash or tcalter It about 
Chapucear, tw. to botch 
ChapucerU, tf. a clurasy per- 

Chapucero, tm. black*mith, 

Chapucero, ra. a. rough 
Chapúr, tm. the act of duck- 
lng one, clumsy perfor- 
mance. Cka¡MCet, mast 
«par* . , . 

Chapurlr, va. to duck, pad 
dle with the oar» | «»• 1° 

Chaquete, tm. game resem- 
bUng back gamiiion 

Chaquíra, tf. kind of pearl 
whlte giass beads 
Charadrio, tm. coinmon rolier 
Charáachas tf- P>- ballena 
Charanguero, ra. a. showy 
Charanguero, tm. ,iedlai 
Cintre anas, sí* Una of sl'iff 
C hirco, tm. pool of ttanding 

Charla, tf- Bohemia chatterer 
Cliarladór, r». t. V. Ckarivtam 
Charllr, rir. to prattle 
Charlatán, na. »• prater 
Charlatanear, tai. V . Uutrlar 
ChAfUunerU* 9 f‘ 6‘ irru ^ l y 


Charlatanismo, tm. the con- 
duct of a prater 
CharmíUa, tí- hombeam tree 

Cliarneca. tf- mte ? lc , ,, 5!L of 
Chamecll, tm. plantatlon of 
mástic trees 

I Chamóla, tm. hlnge of a box 
Chardl, tm. varnish 
Charollr, to vamlsh 

Charolista, tm. gtlder 

Chlrpa, tf-J* 11 

at the end on «ludí ore 
arms arehung 
Charpdr, va. to scaif 
Charrada, tí- speech or ac- 
tlon of a clown 
Charretera, </'• sir‘1* of clotb 
or leather, epaulet 
Chimo, ra- t. ill bred i>erson 
Charro, ra. o- gaudy 
Clid-co, tm. fun an unel|iect- 
cd contrary event. la»h 
CliAaqueár, ra. to crack «itn 
a whip or lixk ¡ viu crack 
as timber docs 


Chibdn, tm. a young cock 
linnet, sort of gum 
Chibdr, tm. kind ofinonkey 
Chlcáda, tf- be” 1 «* 

Chicarrón), «m. V. ZapatUlerv 
Clifca, tf. cbiklren s meat 

Chícharo, i» l“* , . 

Chichlrra, tf- frothworm, bo» 
Chicharrero, «rn. a ho :p*«* 
Chichino, tm. a >- u ng tun 
ny-fisl), roll ot t°h«<n k,u 
dlcd at one end and smokos 

at the ather 

Chicarrón, tm. dri ^. rao ”*„ 
of lard fr.ed ln a h) ¡ng-pm» 
ChithlsTCadór, nrt. gallant 
Chichisveír, va. to woo 
Chichisvóo,'«m. court and at- 
tendance paid to a lady 
Chichón, tm. lump " n *"* 
head oci asioned by a blow 
Cinchóla, tf. a complete or 
perfect tUlng or liusines» 
Chico, ca. a. Uttle, small 

a whip Cldco, Chic. aUttle boy 

or lash, crack 
Cháta, <í. a flat-bottoirwd 

Chito, ta. a. fíat 
Chavar!, o», kind of llrven 
Chavóla, tf. forelock key 
forelock píate 

forelock píate Chlcuólo, la. «• a little child 

^dt^'^d oflrsiii flhífla, ... whlstle 


Clúcoleár, ufl. to ]oke or je» 

Chicoleo, «m. joke 

Chicóle, ta. «. a fat strong hoy 
or girl, end of a rope 
Chicoxapóte, tm. an Amen- 
can ftult 


Chira, tf- point where the 
ball Udrlven back or where 
it stops, birth on board a 

Chazadór, tm. a pereon em 
ployed to stop the ball and 
mark the game .. 

Chazlr, va. to stop the ball 
befóte it reaches the wrn 

ning jiolnt .... , 

Chelós, tm. pl. a kind of cot 
ton btuíi' 

Chelín, tm. shillmg 

Chima, tf- » ruile 

Mlllia, 9 . Wiuassv 

Chiílacajdtc, *m. a Urge kind 
of pumpkin 
Cliilladéra, tf whlstle 
Cblfladúra, tf- whiítllng 
Chlfl. -ir, va. to pare leather for 
covering books; «»• 
whlstle, mock , tipple 
Chille, m. whlstle, cali 
Chltlído, tm. sound of a whU- 
tle or cali 

Chilera, tf- row-lock hoto 
Chilindrina, tf. «rifle 
Chilindrón, «m. kind of gam 
at cards, assemblage, gaa 
in the head 

Che^uóim)la, r '/. kind of stuff Chilla, cf.mlMor foxe*. íte 

Cl tle ^oil^wir-du"- Chilladór, ta. «. person who 
tle. cowl, a Whlte mine ihat creak> 

nal earth 
Chiár, pm. chirp 
Chilia, tf. Uoat. V. Cabra 
Chibál, tm. herd of goat» 
Clábalótu, im. chest of draw 
m with a desk for wrllnqs 
Cbiháto, rm. a kid lietwcen six 
and twelve months oíd 
Chibetóroy Chibitál.'m.afuid 
or pen where khl, are l>ut 
Chibo, tm. a kid, oil pit 

Uiiauui | -- f ~ 

s reams, tblng that creak^ 
ChilWr, vu. to scream , creak, 
ImiUte the note* of birda 
Cliillóras, tj'. pf ‘hot lockera . 
ChllUdo.rm. squcak or shrlek, 
hawlingof awoman or child 
Chillo, tm. cali. V. Chilla 
Chillón, tm. bawler, coinmon 
crier, nail 

Chílo, tm. chyle. V. Quito 
Cliimenóa, tí', chimney 


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CMniíri, tf- chimera 
Chimla y Oh! mica, tf. che- 
mistry. V. Química 
Chin», ir. pebble,» medicina! 

root, porcclain, china 
Chinár, t'n. V. Rechindr 
Chlnírio, m. a large pebble 
Chinateido, rm. stratum of 
pebble* or tmall (tone* 
Ohincharrázo, rm. thrust wlth 
a sword in an rfTray 
Chincharrero ó Chinchorrero, 
m. place swarming with 

Chinche, rm. bug 
Chinchero, rm. bug-trap 
Clilnchorrerla, tf. a whisper 
Chinchorrero, ra. r. Insidlous 

Chinchorro, fin. fi*hlag-boat, 
klnd of fishing-net 
Chinche», u. a. peerUh 
Chinela, tf- alipper, klnd of 

Chino, na. a. Chinde 
Chio Chio, m. chirping of 

Chiquéro, rn. hog-sty 
Chiquito, ta. a. little, imall 
Chiribitil, na. a narro» and 
lo» little hole or córner 
Chirimía, tf- clarión; rm. 
clarión -plajer 

Chirimoya, tf- a klnd of Ame- 
rican pear 

Cldrindla, r f. game plajed by 
boya, trille 

Chirivla, tf- parmep, »agtail 
Chirla, tf- m tucle. V. Almeja 
Chirlador, ra. f. a claraoroua 

Chirlar, m. to prattle 
Chirlo, rm. a large »ound In 
the face 

Chi román tice, rm. chlroman- 


Chimaddr, ra. a. hlssingllke 
hog’s lard, olí, »hlch 
aomething i* ftied, creak- 

Chirriar, vn, to hlaa, as hog’t 
lard, oil, ice. ; aing out of 
tune or time 

Chirrlchdte, «a. a presump- 

tuous man 

Chirrido, rouchlrplng of btrda 
Chirrido, «m. a ftrong muck 
or dung cart »hich creaka 
MR loudly 

Chirrionéro, rm. one »ho 
drices a dung cart 
Chlrúrgico, V. Quirúrgico 
ChltR&ravtst rm. an insignlfi- 
eant noisy fello» 



Chlfguete^in.annall draught 
of »lne 

Chisme, rm. tale to excite dls- 

ChismedrJ va. to t afile 
Chismero, sa. a. tattUng 
Chispa, tf spark, a rerj «malí 
dlamond, «malí partióle, 
penetra tlon 

Chlspai ! iuierj. fire and to» 
Uhispázn, »tn. the act of a 
spark flylng off from the 
fire, and tbe damage it 

Chiiqseár, en. to sparkle, rain 

Chispero, rm. «mlth »ho 
make* kltcben ntemll» 
Chispero, ra. o. emilting a 
number of spark* 
Chtsporroteár, tm. to hiss as 
buming cdl or tallo» mitad 
»lth water 

Chisporroteo, rm. hlsshig 
Chispdso, sa. a. sparkling 
Chistir, tm. to mumbie 
Chiste, rm. a fine wittj tajing, 

Chistera, tf. a narro* basket 
fbr fish 

Chiste», sa. a. gay, lirely 
Chita, tf the anile-bone in 
sheep and bullocks, game 
w!tl\the bone 

Chites, rm. klnd of cotton 

Chiticalla, tm. one who keeps 

ChiticalMr.tie. to keep silente 
Chito, rtn. a plece of »ond, 
bone, Ate. on wbich the 
money li pul in the game 
of chito 

Chito d Chltdn, Inter), hush 
Chdca, tf. part of the game 
giren to a hawk ; stlck or 
psddle used by soap-boller» 
Cliocaddr, ra. ». one that lrTi- 
tates or prorokes 
Chocante, a. protoklng 
Chocdr, tm. to strlke, fight ; 

ra. toproroke 
Chocarrear, tm. to joke 
Chocarrería, tf. butt'oonery, 
deceiring. V. Fullería 
Chocarrero, rm. bufloon, 
chest. V. Fullero 
Chocarrero, ra. a. practlslng 
lndecent ralllery 
Chocha ó Chochaperdiz, tf- 

Chocheír, en. to dote 
Chochera <í Chochéx, tf. do- 



Chdrho, cha. a. dotlng 
Chdcho, rm. Iuplne. V. Al» 
trirmuz) a sweetmeat 
Chocolate, tm. chocolate 
Chocolatera, tf. chocolate- 

Chocolatero, rm. one who 
grinds or makes chocolate 
Chdde, rm. paste made of 
milk, eggs, Ate. 

Chela, tf- lalsehood 
Choteár, en. to atter false- 
hoods. V. Mentir 
Chofero, rm. V. Chofirla 
Chefes, rm. pi. lungs. V. 

Choféta, tf- Chafing-dish 
Choflsta, tm. one who lira 
npon lirers and lights; one 
that tells falsehoods 
Cheila, tf- skuil or upper part 
of the head 

Chdpa, tf. klnd of seabream, 
top-gallant poop 
Chii)*o, rm. biark poplzr-tree 
Chdmie, m. shock, skirmiih, 
di iteren ce 

Chdrca, tf. pit or hole dug in 
the ground. V. Hugo 
Chercha, tf. V. Chochaperdiz 
Chorddn, rm. raspberry jam 
Choricero, rm. one who sella 

Chorizo, rm. pork-sausage 
Chorlito, rm. curie» 
Chorreado, rm. satín 
Chorreár, tm. to fall or drop 
from a spout 

Chorréra, tf- spont or place 
from whenee llquors drop, 
mark k-ft by liquids ; friU 
of a «hirt 

Chorretada, tf. water or olher 
liquid rushing from a spout 
Chorrillo y Chorlito, rm. the 
continual Corning in and 
out-gomg of money 
Chdrro, tm. water, Ate. issuing 
from a narro» place 
Chorren, rm. hacklcd or dm- 
sed hemp 

Chotacabras, tf- goat-sucker 
Chdto, rm. a sucking Ud 
Chotdno, na. a. sucking; poor 
Chdra, tf- j«y 
Chdya, tf- Jackda» 

Chdz, tm. sound which i* the 
efféct of a blow or stroke 
Chdaa, tf- but 
Chozno, a. great gTandson 
Chozuéla, tf. a small hut 
Chubarba, tf- stone-crop 
Chubasco y Chubazo, rm. 


Chica, tf- the cóncava par» 
of a hall 

Chucero, tm. pikeman 
Chicha, ij". opussum 
Chucheár, m. to fbwl wlth 
calla, gins, and nata ¡ whis- 


Chucharla, tf. gewgaw; lid- 
bit which ia ni ce bul not 

Chuchero, m. bird-catcher 
Chicho, m. long-eared owl ; 

a *ord u«ed to cali a do* 
Chuchumeco, mi. a torrar llt- 
tle Cello w 

Chuchurrár, va. to prcas a 
thirut so aa to make it losa 
Itx shape, bruise 
Chuica, tf. pan or hollow o f 
the Jointa of bonet ; fun 
Chufár, á Chufeár, n. to 
mock ; hector, bull; 
Chufeta, tf. jeat ; small pan 
«ith feet and a handlo 
Chufleta, tf. a launt 
Chufletear, en. to «neer 
Chuláda, tf. droll speech or 
action; conteinptuous vord 
Chulear, cu. to jeat, sneer 
Chuléta, tf. real steak, or 
mutton-chop, fried 01 boíl- 

Chalo, la. *. pu nitor; an 
artful and si; person ; but- 
rher’i mate. V. Picaro 
Chumacera, tf. cloth put on 
the «tde of a boat to pre- 
rent the oars from weorüig 

Chunga, tf. jeit, joke 
Chipa, tf. «alstcoat 
Chupadero, ra. a. tucklng 
Chupado, da. a. lean 
Chupador, ra. i. one wh« 
sucks or ihraws out r Ith 
the lipa ; a child's coral 
Chupad ira, tf. the act and 
•Act of sucking 
Chupa lindero, mi. a klnd of 

Chupdr, va. to sude 
Chupa tiro, va. a. of a rocklng 

Chupetear, «o. to suck 
Chupetín, tm. a man's inner 
garment or doubtet 
Chupetdn, m. suction 
Chupdn, m. cut ker, {ha act 
of sucklng ; doubiet 
Chupdn, na. a. one who wlth 
cunn ¡ ng and decdt depriras 
another of hit mona; 
Chupina, tf. a mean, blood- 
sucklng strumpat 


Chnrodn, m. taspherry Jam 
Chirra, tf. the little pin- 
tailed groase 

Chürre, tm. thick dirty groase 
Churretoso, sa. a. gushlng 
Churribirri, tm. a lirw despl- 
cable fellow, rabble 
Churriento, to- a. peas; 
Charro, ra. applied to sheep 
tbat haré coarse wool. V. 

Churrullero, mi. tattler ; de- 

Churrús, m. klnd of sllk stuff 
Churruscarse, vr. to be scorcb- 

Chumlsco, tm. bread which 
ls too much toasted 
Churumbela, tf- wind liutru- 

Churi ino, tm. iulce or sub- 
itáneo of a thlng 
Chuscdo, tf. pleasantr; 
ChOsco, ca. a. pieasant 
Chisma, tf. the ciow and 
iltm of a row -galle; ; rab- 

Chuteir, N. V- Cachachear 
Chuzázo, tm. a pike 
Chúzo, tm. plka uied on 
board a shlp | A' chuiot 
abundantl; ; Echar chutot 
to brag 

Chuzdn, na. t. a craft; per- 
son, wag ; a Urge plke 
Cía, tf. hip-bone 
Clabdga, tf. the act of tacking 
or putting a row gal ley 

Ciaescinre, tf. the act of put- 
ting about and backing a 
row -galle; 

Ciáno, tm. the blue bottle 
Cidr, iw. to hold water 
Ciática, tf scUtica 
Ciático, ca. a. sdatlcal 
Cibario, ría. a. conceming all 
•pedes oí food 

Cibera, tf. quantlt; of wheat 
which is put at once Into 
the hopper.all iorts of graln 
fit fbr animal substancc, 
hopper in a corn-mili 
Cibica, tf clouts, ¡ron piales 
Ciblcdn, un. a large klnd of 

Cíbolo, la. t. a quadruped cal- 
led the Mexican boíl 
Cicatedr, tai. to be sordldl; 

Cicatero, ra. a. nlggardl; 
Clcaterueio, tm. a little miser 
Clcatri cilla, tf- a small scar 
1 Cicatriz, un, cicatrice 

CIF r 

Cicatnrál, a. belonglng to a 
cicatrice or «car 
Cicatrizar, ra. to heal a 

CicatrizatfTo, ra. a. tbat 
which has the power of ci- 

Cicedn, tm. mixture of raeal, 
bone;, water, áte. 
Cicercha, tf- small klnd 
chick |«a 

Cidladn, zvt. bitter retch 
Clcldn, tm. an ¡ntermitten 

Ciclada, tf- k-nd of undrest 
for lidies 

Ciclan, mi. a male animal 
which has but one testiele 
Ciclar, ra. to « lean 
Ciclo, tm. c;rle 
Ciclo pe, tm. crclops 
Clcúta, tf. liemlock ¡ a flage- 

Cidra, tf frult which has the 
stnell, taste, and sliape ot a 

C;draca;dte, mi. the Ameri- 
can gourd 

Cidral, *m. plantación of ci- 
trón trees 

Cidro, mi. (Bot.| cltron-tree 
Cidronela, tf. common balm 
Ciego, ga. a. blind ; Ciega it 
ira, blind with passiun j 
large black pudding 
Cielo, tm. hearu-i, the *u- 
preme power, límate ; F.i 
citlu it cocht. the Tool oí a 

Cien, «. one hundred 
Clenratie xas, tf common 

Ciencia, tf. Science, know- 

Cieno, tm. mud, mire 
Científico, ca. a. scienliSc 
Clínto, a. one hundred 
C.ento, tm. a hundred, a 
hundred welght. V. tjuii.- 
tul ; vi. tax iiktued at so 
much per re t ; plquet 
Cientopies, tm. wootl louse 
Cierra España, the war-hoop 
of the ancient Spaniards 
Cierro, tm. the act aud eflcct 
of inclosing • 

Cierto, ta. a. certaln 
Cierra, tf- hlnd, the tomata to 
a stag 

cierro, zas. deer, haré, itag 
Cierzo, tm. a coid northerl; 

Ctñra, tf. a secret car oceult 
tu inner oí wrltlng, iatottV- 




«it.Ie to thos e only who 
haré a key to It, cipher 
Cifrar, i'«. to cypher, abridge 
a discourse 
Cigarro, »i«. a small roll of 
tobáceo, klndled itt otie enU 
añil smoked at the other 
Cigatéra, tf. prostltute 
Cigoñal, *i«. machine in the 
chape of a stnrk’s neck 
Cigoñino, i«. a young atork 
Clgofiuéla, tf a amall biril 
reseinlitlng a atork 
Ciguatera, tf. kltul of Jaun- 

Ciguato, ta. a. V. Atiguahvto 
Ciguénte, tm. klml of white 

C iguana, tr. «hite atork; 

crank of a bell 
ClgUéño, i«. a mole stork 
Cigzdque, un. xigxag 
Cija, tf. dungeon 
Cll, intro, tm. coriander 
Cilicio, un. a hair cloth ; a 

Cilindrico, ca. a. cylindric 
Cilindro, i», cyliniler 
filia, \f. granary for tythci 
and other graín 
Cillárgo, <w. store hon se fees 
pnlil hy the jkjtnow con- 
cerneil in the tythes which 
are kept In a granary 
Cllleríro, *in. steward 
CUlerl/.a, tf- » nun who ha» 
the illrection of the domes- 
tic atfalrs of the conven l 
CUléro, tm. a kceper of a 
granary ¡ vault 
Cima, tf. snmmit of a motín- 
tain or hill, top of trees ; 
tender sprouts ofeardoons, 
end of a thing 

Clmíc¡o,*m. moutding urhlch 
ís h:tlf convel and half con- 

Cimarrón, na. a. «lid, unruly 
Clmhal.íria, tf. i»y-wort 
Cimbalillo, *w«. a amall be» 
Címbalo, *m. cymbal 
ClmbJI, tm. ilecoy-plgeon, 
rope «ith which decoy-pl- 
geon* are inade fast 
Chnhórlo ó Cimliórrio, tm. 

Clmbornálet, tm. pl. scuppcr- 
hotes. 1 . Imtmrnal 
Cimbra, tf- a wooden frame 
for constructlng an arch 
Clmbrár y Cimbreár, tu. to 
brandhh a rod or «and ; 
vr. to benil 

Clmbréfio, fia. a. pllant 

I Cimbreo, tm. bendlng or 
moulding of a ptank 
Clmbronú/o, m. blour giren 
«ith a ib» 

Cimtntrtilo, *ia. refmcment 
of gold 

Cimentar, re. to lay thefoun- 
datlon of a building; to 

Chnentírio, tm. cemetery 
Ciméra, tf- cre»t of a hehnct 
Üimério, *in. a rery dark 

Cimero, ra. i», placed at the 
height of some elevatetl 

Cimlénto, tm. gronnd-work 
or fouiulation of a liudd- 

Cimillo, tm. decoy pigcon 
Ctmilárra, tf. cimeter 
Climinra, tf. glander» 
Cinabrio, sin. kind of gum, 
c¡ ni talíar 

Cinaimimino, tm. an aroma- 
tic ointment 

Cinamomo, m. the bead-tree 
Cincé!, tm. chisel 
Cincelaildr, tm. engrarer 
Cinceladura, «/. fretwork 
Cincelar, ta». to cut wlth a 

Cinceléto, tm. jmall chisel 
Cinch ti tbnck, un. alnk 
Cincha, */. glrth, ca. to glrth 
Clnehéra, tf. girth-ulace, dls- 
order ineident to norses and 

Cincho, tm. glrilles used by 
labourers to keep their bo- 
dles wann, ve-sel made of 
bass-weed, disorder «hich 
afteets the hoofs of horses 
Cinchón, tm. a broad glrdle 
Cinchuéla, tf. a ama» glrth, 
nanrow nbband 
Cinco, *ut. an arithmetlcal 
character, by which the 
number of five is denoted ¡ 
o. iive 

Cincoafuil, a. fiveyears oíd 
Cincomeslno, na. o. 

months' oíd 
Cincuénta, »h». fifty 
Cincuenteno, na. a. fiflleth 
Cíngaro, ra. «. glpsy. V. Gi- 

Cingladora, tf. one day's rnn 
or sailing 

CingMr, va. to salí «Ith a falr 
«¡mi and fu» saila, brand- 
!sh a wand 

Cín^ulo, im. ffirdlt wlth 


which a priest's alb it tled 


Cínico, ca. a. cynlc 
Cínico, tm. spasm which 
causes conrulsiona 
Cimfc, un. the lung-shanked 
hu/./ing knat 

Cinocéfalo, tm. kind of mon- 
key or lialnion 

Cinquéno u Chiquillo, *nt. 
game at cardi with lira 

Cinta, tf- ribbon, a stmng net 
used In the tunny Hshery ; 
Ciutat gtüinvit. bow-wales ; 
En cinta, timler subjectian 
Cintailéro, tm. tlúit part of 
the crovsbow to which the 
string Ls made fast 
Clntitjos ó Cintaiájo;, tm. pl. 

knot or linnch of rihhand* 
Cintár, tu. to adorn with rib- 

Cintaráio, tm. chastisement 
given to a horse wlth the 
Cintarcar, ra. to strike wlth 
the tlat part of a broad- 

Clntedtlo, da. a. adorned with 

Clntéro, tm. one who weaves 
or seils rililiands, rope with 
a running knot thruwn on 
a huir» liead 
Cintillo, tm. hat-hand 
Cinto, tm. lie», glrdle 
Cintré!, *hi. rule or llne 
placel in the centre of a 
dome to mljint the r ángel 
of brlck or stouc 
Cintura, tf- waist, narro» 
part ufa chimney 
Cinturón, tm. a bmad-aword 

Cipéro, tm. seilgc 
Cipoltnl, tm. kind of gremish 

Cipi>os, tm. pl. milc-stones, 

Ciprés, »«• cypress-tree 
Clpresál, *m. grore or planta 
tion of cypress-trces 
Ciquitiiáta, tf- cares* 

Ciráto, tm. a hi» or small 

Circense, «• betonglng to » 

Circo, tm. a circus 
Circuir, va. to surround 
Circuito, tm. Circuit 
CircuKiite, a. that which «r 

Circulir, a. circula* 

j by C.O 


Circular, ph. to drrulate 1 
Círculo, rm. drcle, distrlct, 
figure of speech 
Circumpolar, a. circumpolar 
Circuncidante, m. he who 

CitruncliUr, re. 
ClrcumcWún, <f. rirrumci- 
sion, a reiigious festival 
Circundar, va. to aurround 
Circunferencia, tf. circum 

Circunferencial, a. helor, ging 
to the circumfcrence 
Clrcunfléao, rm. cirrumrtex 
Circunfirió, xa. a. ohlique 
Circunloquio, rm, the act of 
expressing In a number of 
monis that which may be 
said in a fcw 

Circunscribir, va. tocircum- 

Circunscrlptfvo, va. a. cir- 

Clrcuns|iécta, ta. o. circum - 

Circunstancia, gf. circum- 
stance, erent, condition 
Circunstanciado, da. a. ac- 
cording to circwmstanoe*, 

Circunstantes, rm. pU by- 
st anden 

Circunvalar, va. to aurround 

Circunvecino, na. o. neiph- 

Cirial, rm. a large candlestick 
used in churaies 
Cirintfo, rm. mate 
Cirio, rm. a thicic and long 
vn canille or taprr 
Cirio, «m. tuft of manehiuig- 
ing down over a horses 
face, fibre of tito roota of 

Cirr.Uo, u. a. scirrhous, 

Ciruela, tf. prune 
Ciruelár, rm. a large planta* 
tion of phim-trees 
Ciruelo, rm. plurn-tree 
Ciruela, tf. surgery 
Cirujano, rm. íurgeon 
Cisalpino, na. a. cisalpine 
Cisca, tf. klnd of reed vrith 
which huta and cottager are 

Ciscar, m. ta beamaer j vr. ta 
case natura 
Cisco, rm. coal duat 
Cisión, tf. incisión 
Cisma, rm, schLsra, disturb- 
an re in a community 
Cismático, ca. a. sciiismatic. 


aiietter of disturbantes in a 

Cismontano, na. a. Uvlng on 
this side of the mountains 
Cisne, rm. swan, a consteilm* 
Uon in the northern hem is- 

Cispadáno, na. a. belonping 
to the country lietween 
Home and the Po 
Cisquero, rm. a small Unen 
l>ag with coa i -dust 
Cistel ó Cistdr, rm. Cirtertlan 
ovder lnsrituted by St. Uer- 

Cisterciense, o. Cistcrtian 
Cisterna, tf. cistern, reservolr 
Ctsúra, gf. incisute 
Cita, tf\ mssignation, quota* 
ti un of the parsage of a 

Citacidn, tf. quotation ¡ sum- 
mons, citation 
Cltaildr, ra. r. one who cite» 
Citano, rm. V. Zutano 
Citar, un. to makean appoint- 
ment, quote, sumnion be- 
fóte a judge 

Citara, tf. cithara or ctthem ¡ 
partition wall of the thick- 
ness of a coromon brlck 
Citarista, r. one who plaji on 
the cithern 

Citatdrio, ría. a. applied to a 
tummons tn appear in a 

tribunal of justice 
Cítiso, tm. slmib-trefoll 
Citocrcdeutc, a. creduioua 
Citdte, rm. summona 
Citrammitáno, na. «. on this 
side of tlie mountains 
Citrino, na. a. lemon-colou reii 
Cítum, rm. bevevage masle of 

Ciudad, tf. city, Corporation 
Ciudadano, rm. liveryman of 
a city, citiren, inliabitant 
of a city 

Ciudadeia, g f. a citadei 
Cívico, o. ciric 
Civil, o. civil ; civil, not mi- 
litaryi in law, civil, not 

Civilidad, g f. clvilUy 
Civilización, gf. act of justice 
by which a criminal pro 
cesa U converted into a 
civil cause 

Civllliar, va. to civiUze 
Civilmente, ivi. In a civil or 
polite manner ¡ according 
to the common law 
Cizalla, tf. fragmenta or fii 
ings of goid, silver, ¿te. 



Clamar, na. to cry oat tai a 
moumftil tone 

Ciamdr, rm. nutery, round of 

Clamorear, ni. to implore as 
listan re in a moumful 
manner ; tm. to toli the 

Clamoreo, rm. «ound or peal 
of the iiassing-bell 
Clamoroso, sa. o. clamoreos 
Clan, dso, sa. o. that which 
calis oat 

Clandestinidad, tf. tile qua- 
llty of being elote and te- 

Clandestino, na. a. clandes- 

Ctónga, tf. V. Ptanga 
Ciara, tj. a short Tntcrral of 
fair weatheron a ralny day ; 
data <U Artero, white of an 

Clarabdya, g f. sky-light 
Claramente, ad. clearty 
Clarda, gf. rambooze 
Ctaredr, tm. to dawn ¡ vr. te 
be transparent 
Clarecer, tm. to dawn 
Clarete, a. boina of a colout 
of claret 

Claridad y Clareza, g f. ciarity, 
elearness ; glory of the 

Clarificar, na. to brighten, 

Clari ti cativo, va. a. purifica- 

Clarfmiente, rm.andcnt lollon 
Clarín, rm. trumpet, trura- 
peter ; fine transparent 


Clarinero, rm. trumj>eter 
Clarinete, tm. clarinet, playee 
on the clarinet 
Clarión, rm. crayon 
Clarisa, g f. nun or the order 
ofSt. Clare 

Ciáro. ra. a. clear, (tellucid, 
light, evldent, o|ien 
Cliro, rm. light ; bieak in • 
discourte or wrlting ¡ raya 
of light falling on a pic- 
ture i opening or space 
between the columna oí 
a building; elearness oí 
cío th ; sagacity 
Clan», rm. Inlaid work 
Cláar, tf. dasa or rank of the 
pcople ¡ división of schoot- 
boya ¡ a set of beingt or 

Clásico, ca. a. classical prin- 



Claudicar, «m. lo claudicólo 
Claustral, a. clustral 
Claústro, m. clolsUT ; assem- 
bly or meeting of lh« prin- 
cipal tneinbers of on uni- 

Cláusula, tf- porínd, c lause 
Clausular, tu. to elote a 

Cl visúra, tf. douler, confíne- 

CU», tf- club | seupper 
Clariido, da. a. exact ; nailed ; 
beionging or relating lo a 

Clavadura, tf the act o f driv- 
ing a nail to the quick of a 
horse’s foot in shoeing 
Cta*ár, na. to nuil, stick. Aft 
clavé una raptan, 1 pricked 
mjaelf wlth a thorn. Clo- 
car la artillería, to apike or 
nail up guns ; to cheat 
Clavario, m. creasurer 
Clavarán, im. aet or paroel of 

Cláve, tf. key-ttme, key to 
•nywork or writiog;chiiiie; 

Clavél, tm. pink, a ilower 
Clavellina, tf. Jamaica pep- 
per-tree, Spanijh carna- 

Clavéque, mi. «tone re- 
aembllng a diamond 
Claréra, tf. mould for nail 
headft, hole in a horseihoe 
for fastening the latter to 
the hnoc 

Clavaria, tf. office and dignity 
of the key -bearer in miütary 
orden in Üpain 
Clavero, ra. ». keeper of the 
Hay*; ciove-cree j key- 

Clavéle, tm. tack 
Clavetear, na. to nail 
Clavicdrdio, rm. han*Ichord 
Clavigéro, tm. bridge of a 

Clavija, tf. pin, pe* of a 
slringed musical inst ru- 
men t 

Clavillo d Clavito, tm. Clarilla 
de hebilla, rlvet of a but-kle 
Clavidrgaito, m. an organizad 

CUvo, un. nail. Clavo pla- 
teada, tlnned nail ; a rorn ; 
«polín the enre; lint; clore; 
rudder of á shlpj head- 

Clemencia, tf. ciernen ry 
Cieménie, o. clement 

Clementinas, tf. pi. coUection 
of the canon* 

Clepsidra, \f . water-dock 
Cletcda, tf. clergy 
Clerical, a. clerical 
Clericato, rm. «tote and dig- 
nity of a clrrgyraan 
Clernatúra. tf. State of a 

Clérigo, rm. a clergyman. 

Clérigo de mita , a presbyter 
Cleriibn, rm. chor Ínter 
Cleri idnle, ™. one who wear» 
a mean clerical drena wlth- 
out being ordained, Ul- 
drened prtest 
Cidro, rm. clergy 
Olíbano, m. a small move- 
able oven 
Cllénte, rm. dient 
Clientela, tf. clientshlp 
Cliéntulo, la. r. V. Cliente 
Clima, m. i tímale 
Climatérico, ca. a. clirnac- 
teric. A lar climatérica al- 
ema, to be ill-humoured 
Clímax, tf- climax 
Clino) nidio, rm. large vrild 

Clistél d Cllstér, rm. clyster 
Clisterizar, va. to adrainister 

Clivd,o, «a. a. dedivoua 
Cloaca, tf. sewev 
Clocár, va. to dock 
Clodeár, ra. to cackle Uka a 

Cldnjue, rm. grapnel. V. Cacle. 

Cloquedr, ra. to cluck 
CluquéTa, tf. the State of 
hatching In fbwls 
Cloquéro, rm. a i<erson who 
has the management of the 
harpoon in the tunney- 

CldrU, ti. gTecnfinch 
Clilcia donosa, tf. the balsam- 

Cluéca, a. clucking and 

Ciuéco, ca. a. decrepit 
Cneordn, sm. widow-wail 
CoacdJn, tf- coaction 
Coarervár, mi. to coacérvate 
Coactivo, va. a. coactive 
Coadjutor, ra. r. coadjutor 
Coadjutoría . tf. hdp ; right 
of survtvorship of a coad- 
jutor, office of a coad- 

Coadmlnhtraddr, rm. one 
who gorerm a diuoene by 
virtue of a buli 

Coadunár, ra. to mlx or inmm 
ble thmgs together 
Coadyuvador, rm. asshUnt 
Coadyuvár, va. to help 
Coagulante, a. that which co- 

Coagular, ra. to coagúlate 
Coágulo, rm. coagulara 
Coáila, tf. woodcock 
Coapontul, rm. co-aj-ontle 
Coaptación, tf. roaptation 
Coapiar, ca. to fit 
Coarretidaddr, rm. a jo’nt 
partner in renting a nj 

Coattada, tf. an alibi 
Coartar, ra. to hmit 
Coliált, rm. cnbalt 
Cobanfllo, rm. a small bnxket 
used by vintners during the 

Cobárdt-, a. cowardly 
Cohardcár, ra. to be a covrard 
Cobradla, tf. cowanllce 
Cobertera, tf- pot-lid 
Cobertizo, sm. a small roof 
jutting out ffom the wall 
to shélter people frotn the 
rain, a corered pomage 
Cobertdr, rm. coverlet 
Colicrtiira, tf- cover 
Cobija, tf. the paxt of ti» 
roof wldrh pmjects frum 
the wall to tbiow atf ti» 

Cobijir, ra. to corer 
Cobradero, ra. a. that which 
mar be recovera! 

Cobrado, da. a. recoveved 
Cobraddr, rm. rcceivcr or col- 
Icctor of miu and other 

Cobran/a, tf- rollertion of 
money ; act of fetching tho 
game which i* kilivd or 

Cobrár, M. to reeover, fetch 
the gante, gair. aflection* 
ve. to gain cdebiity 
Cdbre, rm. copper 
Cobrizo, xa. a. coppery 
Cubro, tm. V. (V-oijiia 
Cuca. tf. plañí in Perú, «“ri 
resembling the lierry of, 
laurel, suri of small ve»el 
kind of gum 

Cucar, i<i. to make grimace*, t-u to gitber -ir col- 
iect tne travo, of cocoa 
Coccíneo, itea. o. oí a purple 

Cocción, tf- coctian 
i 'oceiulúr, ra. t. one that klcks 
Coccár, ra. to kick 

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Cocedero, ras y Cocedfxo, n. 

a. eaxily boiled 
Cocedero, m. place where 
bread it kneadcd and 

Cocedór, rm. a perwro whoiw 
botineM it to boíl raiut and 
iww wine 

Cocedróra, <f. a large feather* 

Cocer, no. to boíl, digevt ; tu. 
to boil ; vr. to ftufffcr in- 
tuí»* and continuad pain 
Cdcha, if. a amall mmoír 
of water 

Cochambre, rm. a dirty and 
ttinking thlng 
Cochambróso, ta- a. natty 
Cuchillo, m. a wooden dlxh I 
Cochastro, -m. a lictle tucking 
wild boár 

Cdche, rm. coach, kind of 
coatting Large 
Cnchedr, m. to drice a coach 
Cochera, tf. roach-faotoe, 
Coclióro, rm. coarhman 
Cochdro, ra. a. that whidt U 
easily boiled 

Cochifrito, rm. fVicawee made 
of iamb, mutton, of kid 
Cochina, tf. tow 
Cochtndda, tf. herd of nrlne, 
a mean action 
Cochinrár, ra. to be d'rty 
Cochinilla, tf wood-loute, 

Cochinillo, rm. an amphl* 
bintii animal in Brasil re- 
tembling a pig 
Cochino, na. <r. dirty, nutj 
Cochino, rm. pig. V. Puerco 
Cochiquera, tf. hogsty 
Cochúra, tf. act of holling, 
dongh made for a batch of 

Cocido, da. a. boiled 
Cocido, rm. boiled meat 
Cocimiento, tm. coction 
Cocina, tf. kitchen, pottage 
made of greem and other 
mgredicntt, broth 
Cocinír, v*. to oook victuali 
Cocinero, ra. «. cook 
Cdcle, tm. grapnel 
Cdclea, < ancient machine 
for ralaing water, an endleu 
•crew, lnner cavlty of the 

Coctcir, na. to (trike and 
eatrh wlth a harpoon | ra. 
to cluck or hatch 
Cóco, rm. coco* Ir re, cocoa- 
out, worm bred in teeda 



and frult. Cwt, he*d* 
made of coeoa-nut» 
Cocóbolo, tm. a tpeciet of the 
coco* tree 

Cocodrilo, m. rrocodlle 
Cocoliste, rm. ferer peculiar 
to New S|«ln 
Coc dan, ta. a. u-omi -eatcn 
Cocotrlr , im. V. Cocodrilo 
Cooúyo, rm. kbrd of gtow- 

Crida, tf. tall. V. Cola ; bur- 
then of a fcong 

Codál, rm. jrtece of ancient 
annonr, shuut from a vine, 
m úsele of the wri»t, framc 
of a hand-aaw 
Cortil, a. cubital 
Codaste, tm. stern-poft _ 
Codear, ra. to elfcow 
Cunera, tf. itch on the elliow 
Oodíw, rm. labernum 
Cddice, m. oíd manuacript 
Codicia, tf. covctourneM 
Codiciable, a. covetable 
Corllciaddr, rm. he whn cereta 
Codiciánte, a. covetlng, vo. to coret 
Codicildr, a. pcrtainlng to a 

Codicflo, rm. codicit 
Codiclosíto, ta. a. somewhat 

Codlcidso, ta. a. gr e e dy 
Código, rm. cede of lawt 
Codilléra, tf. tumor on the 
knee of hornea 

Codillo, m. knee of hornea 
and other quadrupedt, 
anule, codi He, ttirrup of a 

Cddo, rm. elbow, cubit. Codo 
real, royat cubit. Hallar 
coa lot cudot, to rhatter 
Cortón, rm. a leather cover of 
a horae"» tall 
Codorniz, tf. quall 
Coeficiente, a. coefficlent 
Coepiscopo, rm.contcmporary 

Coerción, tf- coerción 
l'orrcltlvo, ra. a. coerclve 
Coetáneo, nea. a. coetaneoua 
CoetCmo, na. a. equally 
eterna! with another 
Coevo, ra. a. coeva! 
Coexistencia, tf. co-exírt- 

Coexhttr, ra. to co-exir» 
Coextendirte, co-extend 
Cdfa, tf. top or round-houae 
of the lower mun 
Cilla, tf a cap, a kind of 
oowl, an Iron cata in which 

the dye lt 
Cofiexuéla, tf > amall nei 
Cofín, rm. a tmall baaket íat 

Cofráde, da. t. member of a 

Cofradía, tf. confraternity, an 

Cofradría, tf. neigh hourhood 
Cdfre, rm, trunk, cofler 
Cofrero, rm. trunk-maker 
Cogedero, ra. r. col lector 
Cogedl/o, xa, a. that which 
can be easily rollected 
Cogedor, rm. collector, duit- 

Cogedtlra, tf. act of gathering 
or collecting 

Cogir, tur. to catch, Imbibe, 
gather fruit or the produce 
of tile ground.occupy, fitid, 
tu quise, Ínter cept. Coger 
lat callti, to *top the itreet* 
Cogimiento, rm. the act of 
gathering or catching 
Cogitabundo, da a. pendra 
Cogitiir, ra. to reflect 
Cogitativo, va. a. cogltatlve 
Cognación, tf. cognatloo 
Cognido, da. o. cognate 
Cognomento, rm. turnante 
Cognominár, va. to gire an 
additUmal ñame 
Cognoscitivo, va. a. cognitive 
Cogollo, tm. hcart of garden- 
planti ; top 

Cogolmir, a. to fill up a 
ves»el. V. Colmar 
Cogdto, rm. occiput 
Cogotera, tf. thehair former- 
ly conibed down on the 

Cógúcho, rm. the mott lnfe- 
lior »ort of tugar 
Cogu^ida, tf. crexted lark 
Cogujon, rm. córner of • 
inattres» or boUter 
Cogulla, tf. cowl 
Cogullada, tf- neck of a hog 
Cohabítár, ra. to dwell wlth 
another in the tame place, 
lira together ai hutband 
and wife 

Cohechaddr, tm. brlber 
Cohechó r, ra. to bribe ; forcé ; 

ra. to accept a bribe 
Cobcc harón , rm. act of break 
ing up the ground fot 

Coliécho, rm. brltiery ¡ scason 
for (doughing tlw ground 
Coheredero, r. coheir 
Coherencia. eoherenee 



Coherente, a. coherent 
Cohete, im. rocket 
Coheterla, <f. shop where 
rockets and other surta of 
artificial íUw-wurka are 

Oohcióro, rm. rocket -maker 
Cohibición, tf. prohibí lian 
Cohibir, t*s. to prohibir 
Cohobacidn, tf. cohobation 
Cohól, rm. V. Alcohol 
Cohombró!, rm cucumber* 

Cuhdrabro, rm. cucnmber 
Cohonestár, va. lo gire an 
honext or decent appear* 
anee to an action 
Cohdrte, rm. cohort 
Oói, rm. Có;ea, vi. hammock 
Colma, tf- perquuite recelred 
h; thé kceper of a gamlng 

Coincidencia, t/i colncldence 
Coincidínte, a. coincident 
Coincidir, en. to concur 
Coinquinarse, or. to be stained 
Cuitarse, vr. to accelerate 
Coitívo, va. a. relatlng to the 
act of g, neration or coitioti 
Cdito, rm. coition 
Cojan, rm. test i ele 
Cojudo, da. a. entire 
Col, tf. species of cabbage 
Cdla, rm. tail, train ¡ gloe ; 
vord of reproach among 
Hurten te. Cote de prtcado, 
islnglara. Cubrirte con la 
cola, to make use of frlvo- 
ious evasión». A' la cola, 

Colachdn, rm. kind of a gui- 
tar with a long handle 
Coiacirtn, rf. collatlon ; con- 
ference between the ancient 
monks ; a shght répast ; 
potatiun, prerlnct 
Colaciouár, va. to collate 
Coiáda, l r. the bueklng of 
ciothes or linen with ijte 
marte of a»hc . . the linen ít- 
self thus liucked ; com- 
mon ; road for cattle 
Coladera, tf. stralner 
Coladero, rm. colandcr ¡ a 
narrow passoge 
Coladdr, rm. colandcr ; col- 

Colartúra, tf. collatlon 
Colan.lla, tf. a small bolt 
Coldnte, a. tilteving 
Coi a ¡ >éz ; Colapiscis, tf. isin 


Colar, ms. to strain through a 
Col and er ; oblain sonto dif- 



fleult matter ; spread false 
new* ; en. to pass through 
a stralt place ; vr . to steal 
into a place 
Colaterdl, a. collateral 
Colativo, va- a. Iielonging 
to eccleslastical benetices 
whicli cannot be en jo ved 
without a canonical colla - 
tion ; that which can be 

Colccdrón, rm. a large featber 

Colcha, tf. coverlet 
Colchadura, tf. quilting ; la;- 
ing or twisting ropea 
Colchár, cu. to quilt 
Colchdro, rm. quilt-maker 
Colchón, rm. V mattres» 
Colchonero, ra. r. a mattress- 
maker * 

Coleada, tf. wag or rnotlon 
of the tail of tishes or other 

Colcadúra, tf. wagging of the 
tail, wriggling 

Coleár, en. to wag or move 
the tail as dugs do, wriggle 
Colección, tf- cotlection 
Colecta, tf. distr.bution of a 
tax levied on a town ; col 
lect ; assembtage of the 
fklthful in churchea 
Colectación, tf. the act of col- 
lect ing or gathering rente, 
tares, or other due» 
Colectdr, tvi. to gather or col- 
lect taxes. V. Ri catatar 
Colecticio, cía. a. collectitiou» 
Colectivo, va. a. colVctive 
Colectdr, rm. collector, tax or 
Colecturía, tf- office or em- 
plo; of a tax or rent ga- 
Coliga, rm. colleaguc 
Colegial, la r. the person who 
lia» a place in an; college 
Colegial, a. coilegiai 
Colegidla, tf. a collegiate 

Colegiatura, rf. luirse and 
dren of a collegian 
Coligió, rm. eullege 
Colegir, cu. to deduce, lnfcr 
Cólera, tf. hile ; ariger 
Coleriou, ca. a. cltoleric, pa». 

Coleta, tf. cue, the tailofhalr 
tled with a i ¡libón 
Coletéro. rm. une who make* 
buHWioublet», brveches 
Coletillo, rm. a small doublet 
marte of butf or otlier »kins 


Colólo, rm, doublet or jacket 
without skirts ¡ bod; of a 

Coleadéro, rm. a hook to hang 
tnings upon 

Colgadero, ra. « flt to be hung 


Colgadizo, rm. shed 
t 'olgadlxo, xa. a. pendent 
(’olgárto, da. a. suspended 
( Colgadura, <f. tapestr; 

Colt-ájo, rm. tatter. Calgaja 
de uwu, bunch of graiiea 
hung up to be prererved 
Colgóme, a. hauging 
Colgar, va. to hang up, adora 
with tapestry; vu. to hang 

Cdlia 6 Cólias, r. a small fish 
Colíhre, rm. colibu» 

Cólica, tf. eolic 
Colitíno, na. a. having gre; 
bair in the tail 

Cólico ó Dolor Cólico, rm. 

Colidlr, no. tocoilide 
Colillór, rm. cauUfluwer 
Coligación, tf- culligation 
Coligddo, da. yy. United or 
juined togethér ¡ a. aseo* 
ciated for «me purpose 
Coligadura, tf. couihining oi 
one thing with another 
Coligancia, tf. connexion 
Coligarse, vr. to be umted for 
sanie purpone 
Colilla, ti. train of a gown 
Colina, tf. hil. ¡ seed ot 
cabhage. V. Colimo 
Colino, rm. small cabbage not 

Coiiqudr, va. to melt ; vr. to 
become liquid 
Colirio, rm. collyrhim 
Coliséo, »m opera-house or 
other theatTe 
Colisión, t'. collLslon 
Colitda. tf. Judaa-tree 
Colitigante, rm. one wh 
carril-. on a law »uit ait.iii,. t 

Colitórto, »m. hspocrite 
Colliído, rm. hi'l 
Collar, rrw. necklave 
Collarejo, rm. a small collar 
or chaiu 

Collarín, rm. a btavk o llar, 
edged with white. V. rifar* 
cuello, coi'ar 

Collazo, »»t. yloughnmn | 
tenant uasigneti to the lord 
ofthe n.anor with tliv lauda 
he cultívate. 

Colleja, •/. lamb s-lettuc* 



OollfTi, tf. collar ; ntimber 
of malefactor, rhalncd to- 
grther ; nutr.üer of breed- 
I .g marea used to thresh 


Cállela, tf. a amall kiad of 

Collón, a. dastardly 
Collonería, tf- cuvrardlce; 

Colmado, da. a. filled 
Colmar, tí. to heap up 
Culmina, tf. bee-lneo 
Colmenar, mu apiary 
Colmenéro, «a, bee keeper 
Colmenilla, V. Und «id mu*h- 

Colmó. tico, «ai. grinder or 
back tooth 

Colmillo, na gtlndec or back 

Colimttúdo, da. a. having 
grinders, tange, or taska, 
ap)4.ed to persone and aní- 
mala; aagactooa 
Chimo, na, beap; coraple- 

Cdlmo, nía. tu V. Comal- 


Cilio, un- colon ; a chub 
Colocación, tf. employ | ar- 
rangement of tha di libren t 
{•arta of a bulldlng, speech, 


Colorir, va. to arranae 
Colocada, tf. the fcgjrptian 

Colocutór , na ha arho hoklt 
a colloquial intercoune 
wlth another 

Colddra, tf- tntlk-pal!, a 
urexden measure 
Cnlodri/go, na. tax lald on achí in amall quanii* 

Colodrillo, «na. ocelput 
Colofonia, na. coioplronr 
Coiombróño, «m. nainesake 
Coldnia, tf. coluny ; the 
country planted 
Colon til, o. colonial 
Cotona, «l lnhabilant of a 
oolony : labmirer 
Colóqulo, mu colloquy 
Cotdr, mu the ante aran ce of 
boiíim lo the eyo ; roiour, 
ouge. Cafar muerto 4 <¡m- 
rudo, aman or faded coleair. 
Coto, de trt/re, a llght dellcate 

Colora, lón, tf. eolouríng, 
blu.h, pretenca 
Colorido, da. a. ruddy, co- 

lourtid. f»w 4 alguno 

rolando, to puf ana to the 

Color amiento, mu V. f»na- 
tU miado 

Colorir, va. to dyr | make 
plausible; m. to biuah 
wlth ahame 

Coloredr, no. to ooloor | rn. 
to miden 

Colorido, mu cotouring ; pre- 

Colorín, m. Unnet ¡ brigbt 

Colorir, t>«. tocoloor 
ColorCta, tm. colouriat 
Cokr.iU, a. cotona! 

Colóao, «es. colossua 
Coidatro, ana. cnlostrum 
Colpa, tf. a whitish aort tf 

Colpir, mi. V. Ilrrir 
Culpé*. m. UingUus 
Coludir, in. to rolluda 
Columbino, na. n. dove-Uke 
Columbrar, tai. to diacera at a 

CntumeUres, mu pf. htefaota 
Columndrio, ría. a. columnar 
Columnata, tf- colonnada 
Columpiir, ms. to aning to 
and fro a penan sittlng on 
a ropa or cotd; vr. to 

Columpio, tm. rwing 
Col úna d Colúmna, tf. co- 
lutnn. Colono fotf orica, 
light-houae. Coiuna miUar 
6 militiría, mile itone ; a 
long ble of trooje ; haif a 

cXSdn m. lea ae r buteher- 


Col irte, tm. p I. cohirea 
Colusión, tf, . cóltostnn, shock 
< 01/41, tf. cotewort-ieéd 
Cóma, tf. each one of Che 

S irta luto trhioh a tone la 

Coinidre, tf. mldwife; god 

Comadreja, tf weaael 
Comadrero, ra. a. runnlng 
about gnesiping from houa: 
to bou se 

Comadrón, na. man mldwife 
Comandainiénto, tm. V. Mon- 
do y Mandamiento 
Comandancia, tf. roramend 
< 'omandinte, tm. commander 
Comandúr, ra. to oommand 
Cmnándo, tm. rom ui and 
Cotnircn, tf. ten-ir ory 
Comarcino, na. o. ncighboor- 

Comarrír, va. te p lan t trep a 
ht a ktraigbt liue; mu tm 


Comdya, tf. a Urge baakat , 
the white owL. V. Zuma- 

Cóiriíba, tf. rurr aturé or In. 
Union of timbar «ha 
warped, or ¡ron when bent 
Combndúra. rf. V. ÜOvrda 
Com batacháne , rr. to bend 
one» aetf into a round ball 
Coinbir, tai. to bend] vr, 

Combóte, mu combat ; agita* 
Uon of the mind 
Cosnbatlble, e. <it tobe com* 


Coratiaiidór, tm. eombatant 
Cornliatiénte, in. combatan* 
Combatir, vn . to combat ¡ va. 

to attack, contradice 
Combenehciódos, tm. p l. pro 
herid. tries of the sama 

Combés, tm. walat of a ihlp 
Com Uma ble, a. that «rhlóh 
may becombined 
Combinación, tf. aggregatt of 
t»*«ral voeda «rhich bagtat 
»lth the saane «y Hable 
Ccmbinár, ve. lo combina, 

Combinatorio, ria. tu com* 

Cómbo, In. a. bent 
Cómbo, mu stand or firama 
fur taska 

Comlníj, tm. convoy 
Combustible, a. y i. combu** 

Combustión, tf. com butilo** 
Combusto, ta. u. burnt 
Comedero, m. diníttg-room, 
a foeding trough 
Comedón», ra. a. establo 
Comedia, tf. comedy 
Cotnediinte, ta. *. player 
Comed ulr, r a. to divide into 
Coequal shares, regúlate 
Coniedioo, ca. a. comical 

Comedidamente, ad. gently 
Comedido, da. a. civil 
Comedimténto, tm. civllity 
Comédlo, «m. centra of a 

Comedir, va. lo think ; vr. to 
govern onefa aelf 
Comedór, ra. t. caler ¡ dinlng- 

Comején,#, klndofmoth 
ComendadUr, mu knlgbt ol 
a m.Utary arder i pito 





Coroendadóra, sf. the superior 
of a nunnery of &n order 
ComencUr, va. V. Rccomeuddr 
Comendaticio, cía. a. recom- 
mendatory letter givcn by 
a prelate 

Comendatario, ría. a. relating 
or belonging lo letter» of 

Comendero, sm. he who en- 
joya a bendice in a place 
Coinentadúr, sm. commenta- 

Comentó!, va. to comment 
Comentario, m. commentary 
Comento, im. comment 
Comentual, a. relating to a 

Coinenzadór, m. one who 
commenee» or make» a be- 
ginnlng of any thing 
Comenzante, pa. beglnning, va. to begin 
Coiné r, i«. to eat ; I* in pos- 
•etiion of an income ¡ run 
through a fortune; take a 
man in the gaxue of ches». 
Cañar de comer, to eant a 

Comerciable, a . merchant- 
able, sociable 

Comerciante, tm. merchant 
Comentar, ra. to trade 
Comercio sm. trade, rommu- 
nication, body or company 
of mer> hant», ezchangr • a 
kind of game at carda 
Comestible, a. eatable 
Cométa, comct ; a pa|«r 

Cometario, sm. a machine 
Cometedor, sm. offender, aa- 
saulter. V. Acvmttcdor 
Cometer, va. to cominit to 
one'i care; commit »onie 
criminal act or error ¡ vr. 
to expose one't telf 
Comezón, sm. itching in the 

Comido», tm. pl. Román as- 
somblie» for biulnesa 
Cómico, cu. a. comlc 
Cómico, t. player, actor 
Comida, sf. eatlng, dinner. 
Hacer una buena comida, to 
malte a good meal 
Comidilla, sf. a slight rcpast 
Comido, da. a. salíate 
Comilitón, tm. oaraaite 
Comilltóna, ó Comiióna, sf. a 
«plendid and plentiful re- 

Comilón, na. t. a giutton 
Comlnéro, a. y t. miserable 



Comino, tm. cu m in 
Comisar, va. to con ti «cate 
Comisarla y Comisariato, t. 
office or employmcnt of a 

Comisáno, tm. commisary 
Comisión, sj. trust, act of 
committing a exime, com- 

Comisionar, va. to commii- 

Comisionista» tm. commis- 

Comiso, tm. conüscatíon of 
proiubited good» 

Comistión, sj . V. Conmistión 
Comistrajo, sm. hedge-podee 
(omite, sm. count. V. Conde 
Comitiva, sf. suite, retín ue 
Cómltre, tm. boatswain 
Comiza, sf. a liver-Csh 
Cómo, ail. how, a», why, in 
such a manner, in what 
manner, if. Como dio sea 
buenc, if it be good 
Cómoda, sf. pres» 

Comodable, u. that mhicb can 
be lent ot borrowed 
Comodatario, sm. borrower, 
pawn broker 
Comodato, tm. loan 
Comodidad, ¡f. case, conve 
nience, protit 
Cómodo, tm. ulility 
Cómodo, da. a. couvenicnt 
Como quiéra, ad. however 
Como quiéra que, ad. not- 
withstanding that 
Compacto, ta. a. compact 
Compadecerse, vr. to fie com- 
passiunate, agree with each 

Compadrar, ra. to become a 

Compadi ázgo, tm. connertion 
contracted by a godfather 
with the paren ts of a chüd 
for wltich he stand» sponsor 
Compadre, tm. godfather, 

Com)>adrerla, sf. fViendly in- 
tercourse between godta- 

Compáge, sf- compage* 
Compaginador, tm- one who 

Compaginar, va. to joln 
Compaña, sf- out-houte 
Compañería, t. V. Mancebía 
Compañéru, ra. t. cotnpan ion, 
comrade, partnet 
Compañoi, sj. company or so- 
co ety of (tersons. company 
of persotu United in port- 


nership ; a body of midiera 
under the command of A 
captain ; competí} 
Conipafii p, tm. test k le 
( ompardlde, a. comparable 
Comparár, va. lo compare 
Compaiatno, ▼&. a. compa- 

Comparecencia, *f. appc&r- 
anre before a juilge in obe- 
di en ce to a sumn.ons 
Coniparccér, ra. to appear 
before a judge 
Comparan cío, tw. summons 
Compársa, *j. retinue of great 
personajes represen tcú oa 
the State 

Compart iménlo y Compartb» 
vniénto, m. comparlment, 

Compartir, va. to divide into 
equal parta 

Compás, cm. paii of coro- 
pavses. CvmxnU dt rr/*sre- 
rv, rlock-maCet’» compasa. 
Comyút dt muelle, spring 

Comparadamente, ad. by ral» 
and mensure 

Compaaár, ta. to ni casa re 
with a rule and compasa. 
Computar una tarta dt ma- 
rrar, to ptitk tlic cbart 
Compasible, a. lamentable 

Couipa li o «vt. qtiick niUhi* 
cal time 

Compasivo, va. a. ccn j-av 
i tanate 

Compafctn’iUd, </. V. Ctm- 

Compatía, tf. »> 
Compatible, a, compatible 

CoBnpatrióta, «• a coui trumao 

or wuman 

Compatrón, no. t. a fVüon 

Compatrunátn, *tn. fdrvn 

Compatrono, tm. m ^uar 
dinn. \ . Ct rú 
Compeler} Con p*.:»r, tu. ti 
compel, extorl 
Com | ven d Lalo r. tm. cj ito 

Compendiar, va. to sh».rten 
Compendio, *n. coti t-u thiui 
C<*ni]*endiÓM., m. u% i ui t' 
Compensación, *j. iu»a 

Coini>cnsár, ra. ta con p** 
•ate; rn. to enjoy an tqul 
▼a lent tór nny \oU 

Cocnptuxir, tu. to commeiics 






Competencia, tf. competí 
flor», com|ietence 
Competente, a . cnmpeltnt 
Competer, en. to be ones 

Oom|Kf iildr, ra. «. rompetitor 
Competir, in.toxival, be on 
a leve! with another 
Compilar, t w. to compile 
Compinche, t. bnsom triend 
Complacencia, gf. pleasure 
'omphtrúr, na. to please 
another by agreeing *° 
what mar be agreeable to 
him ¿ vr. to I* pleased w th 
or take dellght ¡n a thing 
Complaciente, a. pltating, en. to weep 
Comp'cmónto, im. comple- 

Completilr, na. tn complete 
Completa», tj. pl. compline 
Completo, ta. a. complete 
Complexión, tj. complexión 
Complexlonália. complexion- 

Compléxó, m. complex 
Complicar, na. to complícate 
Cómplice, «. accomplice 
Coiliplí pniénlo, rrn. supply of 
provisión» for a jounsey 
Cent jHjnedór, a. eonijKiser, ar- 
bltrator, compositor 
Componer, oa. to comiarse, 
construid, mentí, streogth- 
en, adjurt, rom|K>se, rom- 
pile a lioolt, compuse verse»; 
vr. to ileclt out one's «elf 
wlth clothes 

Componible, a. compound- 

Cumplirla, \f. a Urge haaket 
in which gr»|>e» are carrled 
duriiit; tbe vintagz 
Comportable, a. supimrtable 
Comportar, va. to sutfer | vr. 
to liehare or conduct one's 

Com|K¡rte, im. prooeeding; 

Composición, tf- corrí podr ion, 
adjuitment, modest or te- 
date appearance 
Compositór, ñu. iom|>os*r 
Compostura, tf. composition, 
mmdlng or repairmg of 
any thing, cieanlines», ad- 
Justtnent, rnodesty 
Cmoixtta, tf. conserve of fruit 
Compotera, tf. vessel In which 
Jatm are servad up to the 

Compra. tf. purch-ue, collec- 
tion of necessarics bought 


tnr lite daily use of the 

Comprable, a. that which 
m«y be bought or pur- 

Compráda, tf- V. Compra 
Compradizo, xa. a. V. Com- 

Comprador, t. buyer, caterer 
Compriüite, e. huying 
Comprar, na. to hoy 
Comprehendeddr, ra. »• orre 
who comprehends 
Comprehendér. ra. to em- 
brace, compróte, underttand 
Comprvhenstbil dad, tf- capa- 
City of thíngs 

Cora prehensión, tf. compre- 
hension, act nf comprising 
Comprehensivo, va- a. cotn- 

Cotnprehensór, ra. t. one that 
underslands or embraces a 

Compremlble, a. compresible 
Compresbitero, m. a tellow- 
| ter or priast 
Compresivamente, ad. nar- 
ren ly 

Compresivo, na. a. reducing 
to a «mollee compasa 
Comprimir, na. to compresa, 
represa ; nr. to conquer 
one's pavslon 
Comprobante, a. provine 
Comprobdr, na. to verlly 
Comprofesor, ««. colieague 
( om prometer, oa. to compro- 

Comp—stnlsário, m. arbitra- 

Conipromisión, tf. act of com- 

Compromiso, tm. compro- 
mise, arbitration bond 
l'ompi otectdr, tm. a juint pro- 

Comprovlnciil, a. of the same 
metropo itan church 
Compuerta, tf- hatch, lock or 

Compuesto, tm. compound 
Compulsa, tf. an autbentic or 
attested co|>y of tome tn- 

Compubar, ra. to make an 
aulhent ic cojiy or transcrlpt 
Compulsión, tf. compulsión 
Compulsórtn, ría. a. compuí 
sory, ordering an autlientlc 
copy to I* made 
Compunción, <f. conpunctioo 
Compungirte, vr. to bel com- 


Compungivo, va. a. pricklng 
Contpurgadór, rm. compurga 

Compurgar, na, to prove oru-H 
veracity or ¡nnocence by 
the oath of another 
Computar, na. to compute 
Computista, tm. computist 
Cómputo, iw. computatlon 
Comulación, tf- cumulation 
Coniu]gdr, ra. to administet 
tbe hlrssrd sacramcnt ; va. 
to receire the sacrament 
Comulgatorio, tm. comniu- 
nlon -altar 

Común, a. commsti. Patlot 
ctMuMi, commtmi; com- 
mon, vulgar 
Común, tm. commanity 
Camunál, tm. couiinonaity 
Comunéro, ra. a. popular, 

Comunero, tm. a jolnt holder 
of a temí re of lands 
Comunicabilidad, tf. com* 
municahi! ty 

Coruunkúble, a. communi- 
cable, sociable 
Comunicante, pa. communl - 

Comunicar, t-u. to communl- 
cale, coruult upon a ¿ub-> 
Ject 5 vr. to be Joined to' 
each otlier 

Comunicativo, va. a. comtnu- 

Comunicatório, ría. a. that 
whit h musí be cotnn.uni- 

Comunidad, tf. commonness, 
commonalty, community, 
a rebellious crowd 
Comunión, tf- communlon 
Comúnmente, ad. cummoniy, 

Comúfia, C- mcslin, contract. 

(Urmaiot, srctls 
Con, prtp. with, by. Coa 
f ve. so that. Cao qur t then 
Con que, tm. candil ion 
Con tai que, ad. so that 
Conato, ni. entleavour, crime 
alten. pted bnt nal ex. cuted 
Co-naviéro, m. copartner or 
part-owner in a shlp 
Concambio- tm. exchanee 
Concanónigo, nt. a l'ellovr 

Concatedraihlad, tf. unión of 
tvro cathedral churches 
Concatenación, </. concalena- 

Concatenar, va. to llnk or 
connect. V. Kacadnar 
1 » 


ConcaUsa, tf. exciting ctmí I 
Cóncava y Concavidad, tf. | 


Cóncavo* va. a. bollo*» , 

Cóncavo, tm. concavlty 
Concebir, tm. to concelve, 
tbink, Torra* expresa 
Concedénte, a. conóedlng 
Comed ór, na. to glve, 
allovr, tiesto «r, grant 
Concedido, da. a conceded 
Concejal, ira. rocraber of a 
council or (rabile board 
Concejal, a. relating to pablic 

Concejeramente, ad. publlcly troop ot boóy 
of armcd raen 

Concejil, a. belongbig to a 


Concója, tm. eotirt of magt- 
atrate» of toran hall 
Coacento, ra. concent 
Concentrado, da. a. caneen- I 

Concéntrico, es. a. havlngone 
. cnmraon centre 
Concepción, tf. ronceptlon, 
power of ccttcelving 
Conceptear, en, to give smart 
. repartees 

Conceptible, a. oonteivable 
Conce, itlllo, tm. a wittj trlfle 
Conceptista, tm. ene who 
«jraalts o» writes In a wittj 
m antier 

CoMcópto, tm. ronceit, fttus. 
V. ÍX » : sentiiuent, judg. 
ment, opinión 
Conceptuar, nu to concelve 
Conceptuólo, sa. a. Sharp 
Concernencia, tf. concern- 

Concernióme, pa. concemlng 
Concernir, o. imp. to renard 
< oneertadór, twt. regulaior 
Concertar, ira. to regúlate, 
bargain, adjust dittbrcnces, 
tune musical Instruments, 
compare ; en. to agree 
Concesión, tf. conté .si on 
Conce-tonário tm. be tbat 
maltes a conce.sfon 
Concha, tf. shell, oy»fer, tor- 
toisC-sbell ; an ancient cop- 
per cuín ; sheilof a daggor 
or cutías* 

Conchabanza, t£ the manner 
of making ones self easy 
and comfortable ; the act 
efmeeíing ln unlawful a*- 


Conchabar, tm. to raix Infe- 
lutr wool wlth the superior 


at theerlng tíme, srr. to 


Conchado, da. a. sentj 
Conchíl, tm. rock shell 
Conchudo, a. scaly, eraftj 
Concibimlónto, tm. concelt 
Condónela, tf. consclence, 
scrupulositj. Bn conciencia, 
in good earnest 
Concicnxódo, da. a. conscien- 

Conciérto, tm. the goed nrder 
and arrangement of things, 
bargain ¡ concert 
Conciliábulo, tm. conventldc 
Conciliación, tf. resemblan ce 
or afflnlty whlch ditfcrent 
things bear to cach other j 
act of obtaining esteem 
Conciliador, ra. t. conclliatnr 
Concillár, tía. to concíllate, 

Concillár, a. belonging or 
relating to councils 
Concillár, tm. member of a 

Conciliativo, va. a. concilla, 

-Concillo, tm. council, collec- 
tlon of decrees of any coun- 
cil, conventlcle 
'Concinldád, tf. harmony 
Concino, na. a. harmonioux 
Condón, t f- V. Sentum 
Concisamente, ad. condióiy 
Concisión, tf. conclseness 
Concitación, tf* enneitation 
Concitad (ir, tm. Ittsilgator 
Concitár, ira. to excite 
Concitativo, va. a. incltlng 
Conciudadano, tm. fel lora -Ci- 

Cónclave, tm. room in whlch 
the cardinal» meet to elect 
a pope, a prívate meeting 
Conclavista, tm. one mito 
watts upon the cardinal* in 
the conclave 

Concluir, *ra. to condude, 
complete a thing suddenly, 
decide, infer, deduce, elote 
judicial proceetlingx 
Conclusión, tf. ciincluslon, 
the final determinatlon 
Conclóso, ra. a. concluded 
Concluyónte, ya. concludinc 
Couclujóntemente, ad. in a 
convtncing manner 
Concofráde, tm. he who Uves 
wlth another in contratar - 

Concolégá, tm. fellow-colle- 

Concomerse, »r. to inove the , 


ahoulders on aeconnt of 
son.e ltchlng sentaiion, or 
by way of a joke 
Concomitáncia, tf. concomí- 

Concomitante, pa. concomí- 

Concomitar, va. to concomí* 

Concordable, a. concordan! 
Concordación, tf. co ordi ¡ra- 

Con cordad ór, tm. conclliatnr 
Concordancia, tf. concord- 
ante, harmony / gram ma- 
tinal concord 

Concordar, ira. to accord | tm. 
to agree 

Concordata ó Concordato, t. 

compact, concordato 
Concórde, a. roncordant 
Concordemente, ad. with one 


Concórdia, |f. concord 
Concorpóreo, tea. a. conror- 

Concrotár, ira. to combine 
Concróto, la. a. concrete 
Concrólo, tm. a concrete body 
Concubina, tf. concubine 
Concubinário, tm. one who 
kceps a m ¡stress 
Concubinato, tm. concubi- 

C oncühio, tm. dead of night 
Concúbito, tm. coitlon 
Conculcar, ira. to concúlcate 
Concufiado, da. t. brother or 

Concupiscóncia, tf. concu 

Concupiscible, a. concupis- 

Concurró convenlion, 
concurren ce 

Con curróme, a. concurrent 
Concurrir, tm. to concu r 
Concutsár, mi. to award a 
commlssion of bankruutry 
agahut an insolvent debtor 
Concurso, tm. concmirse of 
(■ersont or things ; aid ; con- 
test Iietween dlMérent can- 
dldates for a curacy, ico. 
Concusión, tf- concu, sion ; 
airase of power comtr.irted 
by him who holds a public 

Condado, tm. county ¡ dig. 

nity of a rmrnt or earl 
Cónde, tm. earl, count, ovar- 
seer, chlef of gypsles 
Condecónte, a. cnnvenlent 
Condecoración ,tf decorado» 


rondeco^r, va. to ornament 
Comlenáble, a. comlemnable 
Condenación, tf. condemna- 
tion ; punUhment Inflicted 
on a malefactor; mutct 
Condenado , da. s. one con- 
dmmcd to eternal punL*h- 

Conrienádo, da. pp. condemn- 

Condenador, ra. s. con ’enin- 
er, blaincr 

Condenár, ro. to pronounce 
judgment agaünst a p ena n 
found guilty of a crimc; 
dislikc ; vr. to condemn or 
Mame one » self 
Condenatorio, ría, a. condem- 

Condensador, sm. condenscr 
Condensár, ou. lo thickcn 
Condensativo, va. a. possess- 
iug thc |>ower or virtue of 
Condésa, tf, countes* 
Condesado, sm. estáte froni 
wh ch an earl or count 
takes hL. tille 
Condesár, «vi. to *pare 
Condescendencia, </• conde - 

Cotidescendér, va. to conde- 

Condestable» sm. constable; 
Segundo condestable ; gun- 

Conde .talóla, tf. the dignity 
of a constable 

Condeiméro, sin. pnrt owner 
of the tithes of a parish 
Condición, sf. the natural 
quality of things ; rank ; 
temis on which any thing 
is nromised to t>e done 
Condidonddo. da. a. cundí- 
tioned, conditional 
Condicionár, vn. to agree ; 
vr. to be of the same comii- 

Condición ti /a, sf. a stror.g 
violcnt disposition or tein- 

Condiciónenla <5 Condición- 
cita, sf. a hasty or pavón- 
ate di*positlon or temper 
Condignlcbid, tf. comí ¡gimes* 
Condigno, na. o. combgn 
Cofulnnentár, va. tocondlte 
Condimento, sm. condiment 
Condiscípulo, sm. condhciiile 
Cond.ktinguír, va. to dUtin- 

Comlolór-e ó Condolecírse, 
vr. lo con dolé • 


Condonación, sf condon&tion 
Condonár, *a pardon 
Condór, sm. condur 
Condrila, sf. common gum- 
sucoot v 

Conducción, tf. conducta re- 
ward for conducting 
Conducencia, tf. the condu- 
cing to or proinoting any 

Conduciddr, sm. conductor 
Conducir, va. to con vey , guille 
to a place ; vr. to conduce 
Conducta, tf. conduct, go- 
vemment, way of living, 
party of recruit* 
Conductivo, va. a. having the 
power of conveylng or 
Condúcto, sm. conduit 
C oudnctór, sm. conductor 
Condutál, sin. spout to carry 
oft'the rain-water from the 
houses, sm. rabhlt warren 
Conejar, sm. rabbil warren 
Conejera, tf. warren 
Conejero, sm. wairencr 
Conejero, ra. a. tliat which 
hunta rabbits 

Confio, a. Conejo alambre, 
Confio, ja. s. r abbit 
Coneíúna, tf. rabhit down 
Conejóno, na. a. belonging or 
relating to the rabhit kind 
Conexidades tf. pl. right* or 
other things annexed to 
the principal 
Conexión, tf. connexion 
Conexivo, va. a. having the 
forcé or power of connex- 

ConóxA, xA. a. connected 
Confabulár, va. to confabú- 
late. chat 

Confalón, sm. standard 
Confalonier, sm. title of the 
kíngn of Aragón 
Confecc ionadór, sm. confec- 

Confecrionár, va. to confect 
Confederación, tf. confede- 

Confedcrádo, da. a. j s. con- 

Confederarse, vr. to be confe- 
derat ed 

Conferencia, tf. con fe renca 
ConferencUr, na. to conlbr 
Conferir, r< to compare 
Confesado, da. s. ]*enltent 
Confesante, pa. declaratory 
Contcsgr, va. to inanife*t ont 'i 


opinión, confesa, hcar or re- 
coi re confessions 
Con fr.Mn , mJ~- ronlruion 
Confesionario, §m. a treatise 
which teaches or lays down 
mies for ronfesslng or liear- 
ing confessioilí, confesidon* 

Confesa, su. ».jewi,h convert, 
layman or woman thal en- 
tera a rellgious order 
Conteaondrlo, tm. confessionnJ 
Contexír, sm. one tliat hears 
confessions, he who confe- 
sé* his sin* 

Confiáble, a. trust. 
Confiadamente, ad. hone-tly 
Confiádo, da. a. presunip- 
tuous, confident 
Confiador, sm. a joint su refj, 
he who con f i des 
Con fi dura, sf- confidente, 
honest boldness, presump- 
tuousness. Su c vnflUntu, 

Confiár, t n. to confide; ra. 
to coinmlt to the care ot 

ConficWnte, a. confident 
Confidínc-la, sf. confidence 
t-ontidenclál, a. confidentlal 
Confidente, sm. a contidant 
Confidente, a. true 
Configurádo, da. c. eonfiau. 

rated * 

Confitpirdr, ra. to configure 
Confín, sm. liinlt 
Con finir, ra. to border upon; 
va. to shut up 

CnnfirmacMn, sf- confirma- 
tion, evidence 

Confirmidamenfe, ad. firmlj 
Confirmádo, da. pp. confirin* 

Confirmador, sm. confirma- 

Confirminte, pa. confirmer 
Confirmir, ea. to conlirm 
Confirmatorio, pa. y Confir- 
■nativo, va. o. con'firmatory 
Conflhcdr, ra. to confíscate 
Confitir, va. to confK't 
Confite, tm. confit, confect 
Confitéra, sf- »e*sel or pot ¡n 
which sweetmeats are kept 
and preserve»! 

Confitería, sf- a confev t ¡oner’t 
shnp- Street in which con- 
fbetioners Uve 

Confitero, ra. s. confec-tioner 
Confltíco y Confitllio, ero. a 
coverlet wldch has orna- 
ments wrought on it in the 
ihape of confitura 

Dighized by Googli 


Confltón, un. a lar ge swaot- 


Confitara, confiturí 
Conflación* tf» conllation 
Conflagración* tf'. conflagra - 
tk>n* a general fire 
Conflátil, u • fusible 
Conflicto, «m. contlict 
Confluencia, <f. confinen ce 
Confluir* va. to join or meet ; 
as curren!* 

Confondír, ra. V. Confundir 
Conformar, va. to conform ; 
vn. to sult* comply with , 
i r. to yleld 

Conformé, ti. confbrmable, si- 
milar* complant 
Conforme, ad. m proportion, 

Conformemente, ad. confor- 
ma biy 

Confon i.idid, tf. si mili tilde, 
unión, symmetry ; a dote 
aitachment of one j*erson to 
ano:her, redgnation 
Conforir^ta, en. conform ist 
Confortación, </". comfort 
Confortador, ra. s. comforter 
Confortar, va. to comfort, 

Confortativo* va. a. comfort- 

Confóito, m. V. Confortación 
Confracción, tf. fraction 
Con fragoso, sa. a. V. Fragoso 
Contratación, tf. the act of 
miiing or uniting metáis 
with each otiier 
Confraternidád, tf. confratcr- 

Coufiirár* va. to rub 
Confrontación* tf. confronta- 
tion ; the act of comparing 
one thing with anotlier 
Confrontánte* ;*o. confront- 

Controntár* va. to confiront, 
compare one thing with 
another ; M. to agrec In 
ten timen t* and opinión 
Confugio. íw. refuge 
Confuir, va. to tlec in compa- 1 
ny with others 

Confundir, va. to confound, 
confute or refute by dint of 
argtintent ; vr. to be per- 

E leaed* be htimbled by tire 
nowledge o € oue's own 

Confusión, sf. confusión, per 
piexity, sítame 

Confuso, m. i. confused* ob- 
scuro, fearful 
Ctuluiár, va. to con hite 


Congelar, wt. to ron goal | vr. 

to eonrrete by coid 
CongeUtlvo, va. a. tungeml- 

Cungmiil, a. congenial 
Congcniár, va. to be conge- 

Congtinito, ta. o. congenlte 
Congerie, tf. congeries 
Conge.tidn, tf. congestión 
Congiario, im. cungiary 
Cotiglo, m. ancient Román 
llquid measure 
Conglobar, va. to congloliate 
Congloriár, va. to lili or cover 
with glory 

Conglutinár, va. to conglutí- 
nate, to cement, to rennlte 
Conglutinativo, va. y Conglu- 
tinoso, sa. a. vUcous 
Congoja, tf. anguish 
Congojar, va. to oppress 
Congojosamente, ad. anx- 

Congojoso, sa. a. affllctive, af- 

Congosto, m. pleasurableness 
(Congraciador, m. ílatterer 
Congraciamiento, «m. tlattery 
Congraciar, ra. to (latter 
Congratulár, va. lo congra- 

Congregación, tf. congrega- 
ron, fratemity 
Congregante, ta. s. member 
of a congregal ion 
Congregár, ra. to axscmble 
Congreso, im. a congress 
Cdngrio, tm. congcr-eel 
COngrua, tf. o competent , Lis- 
ten ai uc assigned to hlm 
who it to be ordalned a 

Congruencia, tf. convenlence 
Congruente, a. congru-nt 
Congruidad, tf. V. Ctmgru- 

COngruo, «a. a. congruous 
COnico, ra. a. cónica! 

Coniza, tf. flee-bane 
Conjetura, tf. conjecture 
I Conjeturable, a. conjetur- 

Conjeturaddr, ra. a. conjcctor 
Conjeturar, ta. to conjecture 
Conjuéz, im. a brother judge 
Conjugación, tf. conjugal Ion, 
the act of comparing one 
thing with another, unión 
Conjugado, da. a. conjugated 
Conjngál, «. conjugal 
Conjugar, tvi. to conjúgate 
veros, compare 
Conjunción, tf. unión 


Conjuntíro, vn. a. conjuno 

Conjuntivo, tm. the conjunc- 
tive mood of a verb 
Conjunto, ta. a. United, allled 
by kindrtd or fricndship 
Conjunto, tm. conjunctness 
Conjuntura, tf. V. Cayunluta 
y r anjunciuH 

Conjuración, tf. conspiracy, 
Ci <juration. V. Conjuro 
Conjurado, da. t. conspirator 
Conjurador, ovn. conjurer 
Conjuramentar, ra. to bind 
by an oath, take an oath to 

Conjurante, pa. conjurlng 
Conjurar, un. to conjure, join 
ln a conspiracy ; va. to *x- 
orcise, conjure 
Conjúro, tm. conjura! Ion 
Conllevador, tm, helper 
Conllevar, va. to aid and as- 
sist another in hü labours 
Conl orar, ra. to sympathire 
Conmemoración, tf. remem. 

brance of a per .mi or thing 
Conmemorar, uu. to comme- 

Conmensal, s. one who Uves 
and boards with another at 
his expense 

Conmen salla, tf com mensa - 
„ “ ,y 

Conmmsurár, va. to coni- 

Conmensurativo* va. a. cora- 

Conmigo, jnrtm.yers. with me 
Conmilitón* un- com r ade 
Conminár* va. lo threaten 
Conminatorio, ría. a. commi- 

Conm scracfon, sf. commise- 

Conmistión ó Conmixtión* y 
Conmistura* sf. coinraix- 

Conmisto* ta. y Conmixto* ta 
a. tnlxed 

Conmonitório* snu commoni- 

Conmovór, va. to disturb 
Conmutable, a. com mutable 
Conmutár, wi. to chance 
Conmutativo, va. a. conunu* 

Connaturál. a. connatural 
Connaturalizárse* vr. to inure 
Connivencia, tf'. connivance 
Connombrár* w. V. Nombrar 
Connotación* tf. connotation* 
a distant relation 
Connotado, snu auidred 



Connptir, m. to connoto 

Connovicio, cia. i. fcllow no- 

Connubial, a. connubial 
Connumerar, en u metate 
Conmisero, proa, with u» 
Cono, tm. cune 
Conocedór, ra. f. connolstrur 
Coatoéidi, tf. knowledge 
Conocer, ve. to know, per- 
ceive, experience, conjcc- 
ture, embrace a person of 
another mij ir. to know 
one another, appreciate 
one’i own qualitlcs 
Conocible, a- aqpiuscible 
Conocidamente, tul. know- 

Conocido, da. t. arqnaint- 
ance, jwrson of family cr 
dUtinctiun „ 

Conoclmiénto, m. acqnalnt- 
anee; note of hand, bilí of 
lading, rogni/ance 
Cundido, im, conoéd 
Cónque, tm. condition 
Conqueridor, ra. t. conqneror 
Conquista, tf. conques!, ac- 
quivilion by vlctory, act of 
fitining or«r another man» 

Conquistador, ». eonquerot 
Conquistar, m. to conquer, 
acquire, seduce a w ornan 
Conregnante, a. relgnlng at 
ti e same time wjth another 
Conreynár, pe. to relgn at 
the same time with another 
Cotuabdr, vu. te haré the 
knowledge of a ‘.hlngjulnt- 
1 ; with otbero 
Consabido, da. e. consciou* 
Consahiddr, ra. e. one who 
postrases the knowledge of 
a thing jolntly with otlien 
Cotuagraadr y Consagrante, 
>. consecrater 

Consagrár, tu. to consécrate, 
canonize; dedícate mvio- 
lably to sorae particular 


Consanguinidad, tf. consan- 

C on sectario, tm. consectary 
Consecución, »/. attalnment 
of a tumefice, or employ 

Consecutivo, ea.<s,«on*ecuttve 

Conseguimiento, m. attain- 

Conseguir, va. to attain or 
obta n 

Conseja, tf. fahle, le, n. capahle of re- 
eeiving advine 

Consejadór, a. V. Acantrjador 
Consrtar, tu. V'. Aconsejar 
Consejera y Consejadriz, tf. 

counsellor*» wife 
Consejero, ra. «. counsellor, 
contident, mrgistrate 
Consejo, »m. counsel, council 
Con sello, V. Crntejo 
Cou senciente, jst. conaentiug 
Consentido, tm. a qroiled 
child, a wittal 

Consentidor, ra. t. one who 
connives at somethlng 
Consentimiento, ras. conaenl 
Consentir, ra. to consen t , reí y 
ConseqUrncia, tf. con se- 
quen ce, consistente, Ira- 

Conseqúénte, res. consequent, 

Conseqüente, a. consequent, 
following, contistent 
Cousórge, tm. keeper or war- 
den of a rojal palace 
Convergería, ¡f. ónice of the 
keeper at a rojal palace 
Conserva, if. conserve, tleet 
of merchanunan salling 

undet convoy 

Conservaddr, tes. conser vator 
Conservaduría, tf. a place or 
dlgnity ln the order of 

Conservante, pe. conserving 
Conservar, ra. to conserve, 
guard, candy fruit 
Conservativo, va. u. conser - 

Conservativos, rm. p I. spec- 
tacles with pre-evvative 
bmses to preserve the sight 
Conservatoria, tf. indult 
Conservatorio, ria. a. córner, 

Conservero, ra. t. conserver 
Considerable, a. considerare, 
great, large 

Consideración, tf. considera 
tion, cuntemplation, claim 
to notice 

Consideradamente, o d. consi. 

Considerado, a. pmdent 
Considerador, ra. t. cortil - 

Considerante, pa. consi dering 
Considerar, ni. to eonsider 
Consiérvo, tm. a fellow-ser- 

Consignación, tf. consigna- 
tion, consignment 
Consignador, tm. one who 
consigna merchanriise to a 
fcrvign cor responden! 


Consignar, ra. to conslgn or 
■sviRn, yielti, lay by, deii- 
ver, gire a centincl bis or. 

Consignatario, tm. trastee, 
mortgngsr, conslgn ee 
Consigo, pro. per*, with one'* 

Consiptiénfe, a. consequent 
ConstHsro, vm. counsellor. V. 


Consistencia, tf- conai, ten ce 

Consistente, a. conaistent 
Consistir, vn. to conaiat 
Conistoriál, a. consistorial 
Consistorio, tm. ennsiatury ; 
meeting held by the magi- 
stral» of a city or town to 
admlnlster justiee; town- 

Consdc o, rm. partner 
Consoiábíe, a. consolable 
Consolación, tf . consolation 
Consotadór, ra. t. conaolator 
Consolante, pe. consol Ing 
Consolar, ra. to cansóle 
Consolidar, ra. to consolídate 
Consolidativo, va. a. consol! - 

Consonancia, tf. consonante, 
consisten cy 

Consonante, a. consonant. 
Letra t euurcnantei, conso- 

Consondr, vn. to make anj 
Iwdy sound, rhymo 
Cónsones, rm. pl. concordan! 

Cónsono, na- o. conaonona 
ConsórdOsam. consortlon 
Consorte, t. cuuxtrt, aevaro- 


Conspicuo, cua. o. contplcu- 
ous. eminent 

Conspiración, tf. conspira 17 
Conspirador, tm. cutupirator 
Cunspirór*, ra. to implore the 
aisló anee of another ; vn 
to conspire 

Constancia, tf. constancy 
Constante, a. constan!, maní 
irst, cominsed of 
Constante, tm. a steady man 
Constantemente, od.constant- 
ly, evidently 

Constar, v. imp. to be clear, 
be componed of 
Constelación, tf. cluster of 
ftxed stars, cómate, prog- 
nostlcatlon of the stars 
Consternar, va. to terrier 


Cuustlpdr, ra. to constípate t 
Constipativo, v». a. constric- | 
tive " I 

Constitución, rf. State of be- 
Uig, estahli.hed form of go- 
Ternment, particular laws 
Constituir, tu. to constitute, 
erect, nppolnt. Constituirte 
en ¿ ligación de ticuna cota, 
to blnd one's self to per- 
form uny thing 
Constitutivo, va. a. constitu- 

Constituyóme, im. constitu- 

Constreñimiento, si», con- 

Constreñir, va. to constrain 
Constricción, tf. constriction 
Constrictivo, va. a. bintllng 
Constrirtór, <m. c«' strictor 
Constnirtadn, •> construc- 
tiun, llar act of srTanping 
trrms in their proper order, 
thesense; shtp-bitUding 
Constructór de navio, tm. 

Construir, va. to form, con- 
strue, transíate literal ly 
ConstrupadJr, tm. a detiler 
Construpár,ro. toconstuprate 
Consubstancial, a. cónsul, 

Con>uÍMtancialkUd, tf. con- 
substai tiality 

Consuegrar, tm. to become a 
father m law, or mother- 
tn law 

Consuegro, gra. e. father-in- 
law, mother iir-law 
Consuelda, tf. cotnfrey 
Consuelo, tm. cousolation, 
jov, cliarity. Sin cotituelv, 
otit of rule or measure 
Consueta, t. prompter on the 
stage. Cantudtat, short 
" prayers 

Consuetudinario, ría. a. cus- 
tomary j belng in the hablt 
of sinning 

Cónsul, m. cónsul, member 
of the 1 1 ibunal of commerce 
Coruulódo, tm. consulate, of- 
. i ce of cónsul 
Consulógv, m. consulate 
Consular, a. consular 
Consólta, tf. consult j a 
qurstlon pronosed) re|«ort 
niadc and adrice giren to 
the k me in cuuncil 
Consultable, a. worthy or ne- 
cessary to be deliberated 

Consultóme pa. con ultlng 



Consultar, tu. to consult, ad- 

Consultísimo, ma. a. nep. 

eminentl) wise 
Consultivo, va. o. advlsable 
I ’unsultór, la. s. consultor 
Consumación, tf. consumma- 

Consumidamente, ad. per- 

Consumido, da. á. consum- 
ió ate 

Consumido ,rm.a strong Irroth 
Consumadór, ra. «. onc vho 
consuir.mates or tinlshes 
Consumár, va. to consum- 

Consumativo, va. a. consum- 

Consumición, tf. charge 
Consumido, da. a. lean, easíly 

Consumidór, ra. a. consumer 
Consumióme , pa, consumíng 
Consumimiento, tm. con- 

Consumir, va. to consume, 
Contvmir el caudal, to run 
out one's fortune; vr. to be 

Consumitivo, va. a. consump- 

Consúmo, rm. Cnimm, the 
consumption of naval stores 
in the course of a voy age 
Consúno, (de), ad.V.Juula- 

Cóma, tf. V. Cuento 
Contócto, tm. contad 
Contadero, ra. o. cuuntable 
Contadero, roí. a narro» |«s- 
sage where sheep or cattle 
are counted 

Contado, da. o. scarce. De- 
conldda, Instantly 
Contadór, ra. t. Computer, 
acromptant ; counter, the 
table in a shop, desk 
Contadorcito,rm.a i>etty clerk 
or aecumptaut 

Contaduría y Contadorta, »f. 
accomptant's office at the 

Contagiar, va. to infect 
Contagio, tm. an ¡nfiectlous 

Contagión, tf- V. Contagio, 
the Progressive malignity 
of a tlislemper 

Contagioso, sa. a. contagious 
Contal de cuentas, *. a strir.g 
of bearls for counting 
Contaminar, ra. to contamí- 


Contante, tm. ready money, 

Contantójo, tm. a «malí coun- 
ter to reckon wttli 
Contar, ra. lo eount, calcú- 
late, class, oonsider 
Contemperante, pa. teroper- 

Contemperar, ra. to temper 
Contemplación, tf. medita* 
tion, lioly medltatian 
Contempladór, m. contení 
plator; V. C\mt,mplativn 
Contemplar, ra. to *iew, as 
sent, cor. descerní 
Contemplativamente, ad. at- 

Contemplativo, va. a. con- 

Contemplativo, rm. contení- 
plator, adulator, a piout 

Contemporáneo, nea. a. con- 

Contem porizdr, ra. to tempo- 

Contención, ef. contcmion 
Contencióso, sa. o. being the 
object of strlfe or dispute 
Contendór, ra. to contend 
Contendiente, pa. disputan! 
Contender, rm. contender 
Contendúso, sa. a. V. Canten- 

Contenedór, ra, r. holder 
Contenencia, tf. «u)*nsion in 
the flight of birds 
Contener, va. to contain, 
check the moflen of auy 

Contenido, da. «. modérate 
Contenido, tm. tenor 
ton teniente, pa. enntaining 
Contenta^/, endorsetnent. V. 
Undosa ; certlticate of good 

Contentadizo, ra a. Bien con- 
tcutailix.., easity contentad 
Contentamiento, tm. contení 

Comentar, va. to contení, en 
dorse- V. Endotar ; vr. to 
be contented 

Contentible, a. contemptllile 
Contentivo, va. a. contaimng 
Contento, ta. a. modérate 
Contento, rm. contentment ; 

Contera, tf. a plece of brass, 
silver, ócc. put at the enn 
of a scabhard, to preven! 
the poínt of a swoid froto 
pietciug tlurouglt it 
| Contermino,ua. a. contiguous 



Conterráneo, «ea* a. eoantry- 

Contestación, af. contesta- 
ron, al ter catión 
Contestár, va. to confirm the 
deposltion of another, 
prove, answer; v n. to agree 
Con t éste* a. confirming the 
e vid en ce of another 
Contexto, sm. intert exture, 

Contextúra, af. the respective 
unión of the parta which 
compose a whole, eontext 
Conticinio, sm. dead of the 

Contienda, af* eontext 
Contignación^»/. contlgnation 
Contigo, pro», pera, with thee 
Contigüidad, aj. contiguity 
Contiguo* gua. a. contlguous 
Continencia, af* continence, 
abstinente from camal 
plea-xiires, continuity, coun- 
ten anee 

Continente, am. that which 
cont«iins any thing ; míen; 

Coutinénte, a. continent. Rn 
continente, irnmediatcly 
Contingencia* rf. oontingence 
Contingente, a. contingent 
Contingente, am. cout ingen t 
Contino, am. ancient olfice in 
the roya! house of entile 
Contino, od. continually 
Continuación, af* continua- 

Continuador, am. continuer 
Continuár, rn. to continué; 

va» to continué 
Continuidád, af* continuity 
Continuo, nua. a. continuous, 
con ,tant, assiduoua 
Continuo, sm. a whole 
Contonearme, vr. fo walk with 
an ailerted air or manner 
Contoneo, mi. an aftVcted gair 
or manner of walking 
Contorcerse, vr . to di&tnrt 

Contorción, af. contortinn 
Contomár y Contornear, va. 
to trace the oulline of a ti- 

Contorneo, am. V. Rodeo 
Contorno, <m. envírona, con 
tour ; Rn cmtórn o, round 

Contorsión, af* contortion 
Cóntra, prep . again*t 
Cóntras, af. pl. the base pipes 
of a large organ 
Contraalétas* af. pl . counter - 
fashion pieces 


Contraamautíllas, </". pl. pre- 

Contraainúnu, zf. pl. pre- 

Contraaprúrhes, jrm. pl. coun- 
ter-approxchesmadebj the 
besieged again-d the brsieg- 

Contraataques, m, pl. coun 
ter-attacks inade by the be- 

Comrabalanzeiir, oo. to coun 
terba lance 

Contrabandista, am. smuKgler 
Contrabando, »in. a prohibit- 
ed rom modlty 

Contrabatería, zf. counter- 

Contrabatir, tai. to fire upon 
the enetny's batteries 
Contrató io,m. countei htlss, 

Contrabítas zf- 1*1. standard, 

of the bits 

Contrabranque, m, stemson 


Contracanál, nn. counter- 

Coutrardinbio, m. re -ex 


Contracción, contraction, 

Contracchadcra, ti". sprit-top- 

Contracedula, zf. a decree 
which annuls another of an 
anterior date 
Contracifra,, .eounterclpher 
Contracodáste interior, nn. 

the inner stern posl 
Con tracista, af. coast opposite 
to another 

Contracuérdas, «f.i ti. the out- 
ward deck-planks'or plat- 

Contradanza, zf country- 

Contradecir, va. tocontradict 
Contradicción, zl- rontradic- 
tion, ho.tile reaistance 
Contradictor, ra. t. contra- 

Conti a llctório, ria. a. contra- 


Contraillzo, xa. a. V. Encon- 

Contradriza, second-hal- 

lian i 

Contradurmente A Contra- 
durmiente, am. clainp 
Conlraemboscúda, aj'. coun- 



Coiifraér, va. y n. to contract* 
to bring two partios toge 
ther, to procure 
Contraescóta, af» preventer- 


Contraescotín, am. preventer 


Contraescritura, af. counter - 

Contraestambór, am. a knee 
whioh fastvns tire stempost 
to the keel 

Contrafracción* (/*. V. Infrac- 

Con t rafal Ur, ivr. to play a 
wrong cartl 

Contrafacér, V. Contrahacer y 

Contrafiánzas, af. pl. indem- 

Contrafó<iue*rm. the fore-top- 

Contrafóso ó Antef&o* am. 
avant foue 

Contrafuéro, am. infringe- 

Contrafuérte* am. counter- 

Contraguárdia, af. counter- 

Contrahacer, va. to ccunter- 

Contralló*, iw. the wrong sldc 
of cioth 

Contrahecho, cha. a. huinp- 
b.*wked, counter feited , 
Contrái,«m. sort of fine i-otton 

Contraindicar, va. to con- 

Contraír, va. V. Oponer 
Con t rallador, ra. a. V. Contra- 

Con trullo, am. V. Contradic- 
ción. I*or el contralto * on 
the contrary 
Contnlór, sm. comptroller 
Contralorear, va. to control 
Contrálto, sm. middle sound 
between the treble and te- 

Contramaestre, #w>. l»oat- 
xwain ; over*eer of a manu- 

Contramal lár, va. to make 
nets with double medie* 
Contramandar, va. to coun- 
t lito and 

Contrainángas, counter 

Contramárca, ai* counter- 
mark ; a duty to be paid on 
goods which have no cua- 
t ora -house mark 


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Contramarcar, va. to counter- 

Contramarcha, tf- a counter- 
march I par» of a weaver * 
loom. V. KWrrt 
Ccntramarrhár, ra. to coun- 

Contramarco, a counter- 
firame of a ¿avswmdow 
Contramarca, tf- »P rin * tlde 


Contramina, tf. countermlne 
Contraminar, to. to counter- 
mine, to counter-worlt 
Contranatural, o. couutema 


Contraorden, rm. counter- 

Contra palanquín, *tn. pre- 

Contrapares, tf. pf. counter- 
rafur» In a batidla* 


act nnd etTec l oT passin#- 
to the oppo&ite lide or pertjr 
Contrapasar, rn. to joto the 
oppoane partj 

Con i rapu-o , rm. a Uack atep 
In dancin* 

Contra|<echár, t«. to atrtkc 

hrra-t against breaat 

Contrapelo, (A') o d. a*aln»t 
the grato 

Contrapesar, vn. to rounter- 

ComrapCao, rm. counterpoUe, 

Co'ntroiuV'te, mu temed y 
amaina t the pest 
Contrapilastra, tf. mouldlng 
laid on the jolnt* of «loor» 
or shutter* to keep thewind 

Contraponer, va. to compare 
Contrapon don, tf- contra- 


Contraprueba, <f* caunter- 

Contr«vuérta, •/. ttoe Inner 
1 af|(C door of a borne 

Contrapunlánte. im. he wno 
ting» in counterpolnt 
ConUrapunleaír, vu» to *»ng 
in counteryoint, oomptff) 

launt ; vr. lo wrangle 
Contrapuníón» sm. puncheon 
tbr drlrln* a nal» 
Contraquilla, tf. false keel 
Contraracaménto, mu pre- 
ven ter-parrel 

ConttarrpAro, «m. a counter- 
n«nl . „ 

Conuardplica, «f. rehutteT 


Contrarcatár, itrlkr back 
a hall, re»i*t . 

Contraréito, rm. a p' i ? CT wl " 

ta to tlrike back the hall, 

Conttária, tf- V. OpotUUm- 
Con/ntriiu, contraríe* 
Contrarladdr, V. ContraJutor 
Coatrariedád, tf- contrarietj 
Contrario, m. opponent, rival 
Contrario, ría. a. contrary. 
Tiempo contrario , loul wea 

Contrardnda, tf ■ counter- 

round . . 

Contramina, tí- counter.ign, 

Contrastante, pa. contrastlng 
Contrallar, uu- lo oontraat 
Contraste, ia asaajer of the 
mlnt, a*sejer‘» ollice, a 
publlc office where r a* Ulk 
U weigbcd ; impediment 
Conttásto, «>«- V. Oprmtor 
Contrata, tf. wrlting in which 
the terms of a conlract are 

Contratación, tf. tr*“* 
Contratante, pa. trading 
Contratar, no. to trade, con 

Córatela, tf. secón»! 

tureof canta» wlthin which 
game l» enveloped or wild 
boar» are fought 
Contra! ic‘nipo,»m. dUappolnt- 


Contrato, rm. contract 

Contratrancanlle», ara. pl. ta- 
ñer waterway» 

Contratreta, tf. **,!•«■« 
which anulher artífice 1» 


Contratiincbera, <f. counter 

Contravalar, «a. to form a Une 

of contraraliation 

Cantt avene ún, < f. contraven 

Ctmt "aveneno. O"- 
Contravenido^ •**•». Carura 

Contravenir, «w. to contra- 

vene, lo oppuse 

Contravenía, tf- V • JWrorcn- 

diciou , 

Contraventana, tf- wlndow- 
ihutter . 

Contraventdr, ra. r. oltcnder 
Contravidriera, tf. a «cond 
glas* window to kcep on 
| the coid or heat 
Contravollna», tf- al. bralj* 
Contraj,»m.aiortof hnecloth 


Contrayente, pa. contráctil»* 
ContTayérlw, tf- »peci*a of 

Contra) úgo f im. Inner ixan- 
aom . 

Contrecho, rm. ipaim ln 

horset’ bowel* 

Contracto, rm. V. Contraed* contrdiuUon 
Contribuidor, rm. contrtbuter 
Contribuir, ro. to contribuí* 
Contribulado, da. a. grievert 
Contributái lü t jn*contribuU)r 
ContriUuyénte, pa. i ontnbul- 

Ctmtrlcfam, tf- conttltian 
Contrincante, *m. n«al 
Contristar, va. to affiiet 
Contrito, ta.«- wotu wlihtor- 

Contioversia, rm. controverty 

Controversista, rm. con trover* 


Controvertible, o. controvertí- 


Controvertir, tm- U> contro- 

Contubernio, rm. cohablU- 
tiun, concu blnage 

Contumace J Contumace- 
meute. V. CorUavmcmcrd* 
Contumacia, tf- ‘ bstmacy m 
attertlng one'i own oplmon, 

Contornar, a. ob*tlnate 
Contumelia, tf. contumely 
ContumeliiSio, ta. o.contume- 

Contundente, v. producto* • 

Contundir* v*. to_ b™* 
Conlurbaiion* & peiturw» 

tlon . 

Conturbador, #wt. perturber 
Conturbar, va. lo pertúrbate 
Conturbativo, va. a. that 
which pertúrbale» 
Contusión, tf- contusión 
Contüso, sa. a. bruised 
Contutor, rm. assistant tutor 
Convalecencia, tf- convale». 

cene* _ 

Convalecer, vn, to recorer 
flrom alcknesa 

Convaleciénte, pa. conralti- 

ConTahdarldn y Convalidad, 
»/. confirmation 
Convecino, na- «• neighboar. 

Cwvelétse. er. to thrirA 
Convencer, na. l® «oovtoea 

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Convencfble, a . convincible 
Convencimiénto, sm. convic- 
ti orí 

Convención, sf. convcntion, 
conven ience 

Con vemionái, a. conrentional 
Con venúíl mente, ad. by com- 
mon ronsent 
Convenible, a. docile 
Conveniencia, tf. utility, con- 
formity, agreement, Ser- 
vice. He hallado maveflí- 
encía, I have got a |>lace 
Conveniente, a. lueful, íit, 

Convénio, snu convcntion 
Convenir, in. to agree, cor- 
respond, assemhle ; v. tm- 
pers. to suit; ir. to coin- 

Convontáro, sm. a large con- 
vent or monasiery 
Conventícula, y Conventículo, 
i. oonventicle 
Conventillo, sm. brothel 
Convénto, mu con ven t of 
inonk* or nuns, a coinmu* 
nity of religious men and 

Conventual, a. conventual 
Conventual, sm. conventual, 
FrancUcan ftiar j>o&se&&ing 
* proi»erty 

Conventualidad, ef. the State 
of living tugether as reli- 
gious persons in a con ven t 
Convergente, a. convergent 
Converger, i*n. to converge 
Conversable, a. conversable 
Conversación, qf. conversa- 
tinn, societjr, room, crimi- , 
nal ínter course, club. Casa 
de amver sacian, assembly- 

Conversante, pa. conversing 
Conversar, t-n. to converso 
Conversión, c han ge from 

one religión to another, 
change iroin teprobation to 

Conversivo, va. r.. having the 
powtT of ron vertí ng 
Converso, stru convert, a lay- 

Convertible, a. fu scep tibie of 
change, moveable 
Con vertiente, pa. converting 
Convertir, i«i, to convert, 
change from one religión or 
opinión to another, lo direct 
Convexidad, \f. conveiitjr 
Convexo, xa, a . con ve x 
Convictór, sm. boardrr 
Convictorista, sm. boaxxier 


Convldadór, ra. i. lnviter, na. to invite; rr. 
to otler one's «ervice spon- 

Ponvincénie, a. ronrlnclng 
Convite, in. invitalion 
Convivióme, n. living tugether 
Convocador, rm. one who 
con vene, or convokes 
Convocar, convene, con- 
voke, shuut in triuinph 
Convocatoria, sf- letter of 

Convocatorio, ría. a. that 
vrhich convoke. 

Convóv, tm. convoy, su i t 
Convoyante, pa. convoying 
Convoyar, va. to convoy 
ConvuUdr, vn. to fecl an invo 
lunlary contraction of the 
nvrve. ; he convulsed 
Convulsión, sf. coovul.ion 
Convulsivo, va. a. convulsivo 
ConvúUo, mu a. convulsed 
Cony údice, sm. V. Conjuex. 
Conyugal, a. conjugal 
Cónyuges, sm. p¡. a marvied 

Cooperador, ra. s. cooperator 
Cooperante, pa. coo|>erating, va. to cooperate 
Coo|ierririo, sm. V. 
Coojieratlvo, va. a. cooperativo 
Coo|iositór, jm. op ponen t 
Cooptación, sf. ailnption 
Coordinación, t/Icuorriination 
Courdinár, tía. ro arrange 
üópa, sf- a cup ; a liower ; 
crovrn of a hat ; brazier ; 
pl. heartt 

Copída, sf. V. encujada 
Copado, da. a. tufied 
Copdl, rm. copal 
Copóla, sf. coppel 
Copelación, sf. the act of re- 
fining metáis 

Copular, na. to refine or pari- 
fy metáis 

Copóra, sf. cuphoard 
Copéro, sm. cupbearer 
Co|HÍte, sm. tou|iee ; crovrn- 
work of a looking-glasa ; 
top. Hombre de cópele, a 
man of resjiectabillty and 

Co|*túdo, da. a. lllustrious, 
Itigh, lofty 

C°p<y> rm. ludían tree 
Copla, sf. co|iiousneas ; copy, 
portrait taken from an ori- 
glnal dedgn; valuation of 

Copiante, r. copyist 
Copiír, na. to copy 


Copilaciiin, sf- comp i latían 
Copilador, rm, coinpiler, na. to coni|iile 
Co|iióso, n. a. copious 
Copista, rm. copyist, a copy. 
ing machine 

Cópla, sf. a certain numher 
of consonan! verses, a sar- 
castic hlnt, na. to ver-.ify 
Coplero, rm. poetasler, hal- 
lad sel ler 

Coplista, rm. V. Coplero 
Coplón, rm. loa vile ixretTy 
Cópo, rm. a small hundle 0 t 
cotton, fias, or silk, put on 
the distai)' to be spun ; llake 
of tnow 

Cojió'i, rm. a largo cup or 
drinklng vessel ; small cable 
for wcighing up the anclror 
Cnjn'.so, MU a. V. Copado 
Cópra, sf- the pith of the 

Cópula, sf- tho joining Ovo 
0 ■ things together, carnal uni- 
ón ; key ..tone of an arch 
Copular, na. to counect ; nr. 
lo copúlate 

Copulativo, va. a. copulativa 
Cuquillo, tm. a small shcll, 
cocoa-nut ; an ¡nsect 
Coquina, sf. cockle 
Coquinóro, sm. tishnronger 
Coquito, rm. a small coco*. 

nut ; grimace 
Coracóro, rm. a cuirnasier 
Corriclia, sf. a leatlier bag 
Corachln, rm. a little Icather 

Coracina, sf- a small brease* 

C orilla y Coradóla, sf- V.' 

Corrige, rm. courage, anger 
Corajudo, da. n angry 
Corril, rm. coral ; a larga 
knce vrhich fastena the 
'kternpost to the kcel 
Corril, a. choral 
Coralero, rm. a vrorker or 
dcaler in coral» 

Coralillo, rm.the coral -colour- 
ed snake 

Coralina, sf- a coral fishing 
boat, every sea-animal re- 
scrnbling coral 
Coralino, a. coralino 
Corrimlire, sf- all ludes of ani- 

Coran. hréro, tm. dealer lar 
hides and skins 
Coramvóbis. a. a corpule»* 


Coriza, tf- cu ¡rasa. Coraza 
ó caballo coraza, culrassler 
Coraznada, tj. pith of a pine- 
tree; fricassee 

Corazón, tm. heart, splrit, 
will, heart of a thing 
Corazón, (Oe) ad. heart i Ij, 
froto memory 
r orazonida, tf. couragc 
Corhácho, tm. the grlstly part 
01 the |>cnl* of a bull or ox 
Corbata, tf. cra\ a* j un. ma- 
gistrate not brought up to 
the law 

Crb.itín, tm. stock 
.orlülto, sin. cooler 
Corbatón, tm. small knee used 
In diiferent parta of a ship 
Corbeta, tf. a light «t-srl 
Corcel, tm. a slc.ulv horse 
Corcésca, tf. ancieut pike 
Córrhe, trn. a tort of sandal or 

Corchara, tf. vexsel made of 
pitched cork or stares 
Corcheta, tf. ere of a nuok % 
Corchete, tm. c] A<p. Cor- 
chrlet, Itookt and ejes ¡ run- 
ner ¡ bench hook 
Córcho, «m. cork ; ice-ressel ¡ 
bechive; V. Colmena ; box 
made of cork ; ol. clogs 
Corcino, i. a small deer 
Corcdra, tf. htimp, conrexíty 
Corcovádo, da. a. Iiump- 

Corcoveir, rn. to curvet 
Corcoveta, tm. a crook-baek- 
ed person 

Corcdro, tm. tprlng, a rrrong 

Circulo, tm. heart-shell 
Corcusir, tn. to patch 
Cordáge, tm. cordage 
Cordal, tm. double-tooth, 
Cordálet, grlnders 
Cordato, ta, a. wl,e 
Cordel, tm. rope made of se- 
veral strands, a thin llne 
used on hoard a ship. Cor- 
del alquil ranada, a tarred 
Une. Echar de! lordcl , to 
mark with a Une 
^onlebtdo, da. a. tsristed for 
rlbhoris or gorter* 
Cordelizo, tm. stroke or la*h 
giren with a ro|»e 
Cotdeléjn, tm. fun, jok. 
Cordelería, tf. cordage, rope- 
walk, rigging 
Cordelero, tm. ro;<e-makcr 
Cordrll.lte, tm. grogram 
Cordera, tf. ene lamb 
Cordería, tf. cordage 


Corderíllo, tm. lamb-skin 
d res sed with the fleece 
Corderino, tf. lamh-skin 
Corderino, no. a. of the lamb- 

Cordero, ro.t. lamb, a drewed 
l.unb skin; meek. Cordero de 
encesto j lechal , house-lainb 

Corderuólo, la. t. o small 
young lamb 

Corderina, tf- Inmb's skin, a. cordial, revlvftng, tm. a cordial 
Cordialidad, tf. cordiality 
Cordíla, tf- *pawn ofa tuuny- 

Cordilla, tf. puts of sheep 
Cordillera,*/, ridge of motín- 
tains, a long, elevated, and 
straight tract of land 
Cordílo, tm. an amphiblous 

Cordolutn, tm. Morocco, or 
Spani'th leather 
Cordobana, tf. nakednest 
Corddjo, **n. anguUh 
Cordón, tm. cord or string 
made of silk, hemp, flcc. 
girdle with whicli monk* 
tie up their habita ; strand 
of a cable ; j>l. shouider- 
knot», hames»-coril* of a 

Corti oná/.o, tm. itroke or lash 
with a conl or roj»e 
Cordoncillo, tm. a twUted 
cord put on the edge of a 
coat ; inilling round the 
edge of coin 

Cordonería, tf. a loce-maker's 

Cordonéro, ra. t. lace-maker, 
ro|»e maker 

Cdrdula, tf. V. CordÜo 
Cordura, tí- prudence 
Corea, tf- dance accompanled 
with a choruA 

Coreár, to. to aing or play In 
a choro % 

Oo-regéncia, tf. co-regency 
Oo-regénte, tm. co-regent 
Coréo, am.conected harmony 
of a choros 

Corcudlo, tm. sucklng plg; 

small hide of leather 
Córi, tm. cotia, a kind of 
ahelia which pas» for money 
in Spain 

Coriámlro, tm. coriander 
Corikinte, tm. priest ofCybele 
Corifeo, tf». coryphoeua, lead- 
er of a sect or party 
Coríntico, ca. y Corintio, tía- 
a corinthian 


Corista, tm. chorist 
Corito, tm. tlmid man 
Coriza, tf, a kind of shoe, 
muca» of the nose 
Corladura, tf. gold-vamish 
Corlár d Corleár, va. to put 
on old-Tamtsh 
Córmas, tf- pC fetters 
Connano, na. t. cousin -cer- 
nían. Cormdnot, chitaren 
begotten In an antenoi 
man! age 

Comida, tf. thrust or stroke 
with a bull's or cow's hom 
Cornadillo, tm. a sniall piece 
of money of liltle valué 
Cornado, tm. an oíd copper 

Comadüra, tf. horm 
Corn. 1 l, tm. a strap or thong 
with which osen are tied 
to the yoke by the horm 
Cornamenta, tf- horm of ony 

Cornamúsa, tf. romemuse 
Comás, tf- pl. back-stays 
Cornatillo, tm. a kind of olive 
Córnea, tf. comea 
Comcadór, ra. t. a horned 

Corneór, rn. to butt 
Cométa, tf- crow 
Cornejo, tm. comellan cher- 

Cométa, tf- y m. cornet ; a 
Krench hom, a postilion's 
hom ; an ensign of horse, 
troop of horse, broad pendant 
Cométe, tm. bugle hotn 
Cornezuelo, tm. an instru- 
mrnt for hlcediug horses 
Cornial, a. made in the shape 
of a hom 

Cornicabra, tf- turpcntlne- 
tree, a sort of olives 
Comlruláta, a. horned 
Coroifórme, a. In the shape 
of horns 

Cornija, tf- cornice 
Cornijal, tm. angle 
Comijuéla, tm. Alplne mes* 

Cornisa, tf- cornice 
Cómo, tm. cornelian cherry- 

Cornucópla, tf- bom of píen- 
ty, sconce 

Cornudázo, tm. a very greal 

Comuderta, tf- cuckold's 
quarter, cuckoldnnt 
Cornúdo, tm. cuckold 
Curnupéia, tm. a wild IH- 
trained ox 

Digitized by C 





Cdro, tm. choir | memóry } 
lummiT suktitial wiiul ; 
choir of angela 
Corografía, tf- chorogrnphy 
Corograt'o, tm. chorograpíier 
Corolario, un. corollary 
Corona, «/.crown, denoting re- 
gal dignlty, roya) ty 1 Crown, 
the top of t lie head | anEng- 
11-h sil ver coin ; legal 
power; laurel with wlUch 
saín (a are crowned ¡ top of 
Ihe antier» of a stag ; com 
pletion; gartand) |>endant. 
Coronar a htt palos, maln- 
Lckle pendanta ; glory. 
Corono real, nnnual sun- 
flower; meteor 
Coronación, tf. coronation 
Coronador, ra. «. crowner 
Coronamento y Coronamién- 
to, tm. ornnment placed on 
the top of a huüding, taf- 
farel or talfrail 
Coronár, ivi. to invest wlth 
thc crown; fiU agías» up 
to the brim 

Coronaria, tf. artery, fancled 
to encutnpas» the heart 
Coronarlo, ría. a. relating to 
a crown ; eatremely retined 
Corondel, tm. a rigiet, water 

Coronói, tm. colonel 
Coronóla, tf. company of 
which the colonel i* cap- 

Coronelía, tf. a colonel'» com. 


Coronilla, tf. crown 
Coronlsta, tm. chronider 
Coroza, tf. coronel inade of 
•trong paper or pa-'.-t'oard 
Corólo, tm. a »|>ecies of high 
palm tree 

Corpanchón y Corpdzo, tm. 
a very blg body or carca». 
Corpanchón de late, carras» 
of a towl stripped of its 

Corpexuólo, tm. an under 

Cilrpo, tm. V. Cuerpo 
Corporal, a. corporal 
Corpordle,, altar Unen 
Corporal iildd, tf. rorporalíty 
Corporeidad, tf. corporelty 
Corpóreo, rea. a c.irporeal 
Corporiento, ta. a. V. Corpu- 

Cdr|«, tm. corps, body. Lat 
guardia! de carpe, the Ufe- 

CorpAdo, da a. corpulant 


Corpulóncla, tf. corpulen ce 
Corpulónro, ta a. corpulen t 
Corpuscular, a. corpuscular 
Corpuscu lita, rm. atomist 
Corpúsculo, rm. corpuscle 
Corr agero, rm. maker. 

V. Guarnicionero 
Corrál. tm. yard, court, plt 
ln play houses 

Corralero, tm. kecper of a 

Corraliza, tf. yard, court 
Corróa, tj. leather strap or 

Corrcdge, tm. heap of leather 
straps or thongs 
Curredl, tm. deer skln dreased 
of a brown colour 
Correar, na. to draw out wool 
Corrección, tf • correction, 
anirndinent. correction» 
•nade in a ship's reckon- 
lng by meáis ofobservatlon 
Correctivo, va a. coirectlve 
Correctivo, rm. correctlve 
Correcto, a. exnct 
Correctiír, rm. corrector, re- 
visor or reader of proof 
sheets, usher 

Corredentór, ra. i. one who 
ransoms from captivity, 
jolnlly with another 
Corredera, tf. race ground, 
a small wicket ; Street ; 
pimp; log. Ethar la ecr 
redera, to heave the lead ; 

Corredizo, za a easy to be 

Corredór, ra, i. runner, race- 
horse; coriidor; covert- 
way ; broker ; ptinp 
Corredúra, tf. liquor which 
tlow» over tile brlm of a 

Con edurla, tf. brokerage ; in- 
cur..ion ; line 

Correería, tf. trade of a strap. 

Corregól, a. relating to Eng. 

lish solé- leather 
CorregibilidAd. tf. the quallty 
ui being corrigible 
Corregible, a. corregible 
Corregidór, ai», corrector 
1-ord Mayor, inagistrate ln 

Corregimiento, tm. office and 
dlstrict of a corregido. 
Corregir, na. to correct 
Corregüela, tf- |day used by 
boy» wilh a stlck and small 

Correlación, tf. analogy 

II 2 


CorrefatÍTo, Ta. y Correlátc^ 
ta. a. córrela tire 
Correncia, tf. looseness 
Correndilla, tf. incursión 
Correntio* tía. a. current 
Correntón, na. a. gay ; taking 
^ a preat deal of snuff 
Corréo, mu post-boy. Correo 
de gabinete, a king’s mes* 
s*nger, office 
Correon, tm. a lar ge leather 

Corteó* o* sa. a. ducUIe 
Corrér, v a. to run; llosas 
blow* pass a way j solicit 
one s protectlon | snatch a* 
way j extend; put one to thc 
blushj arrive. Correr loe 
marte, frequent the teas. 
Correr hacia la tierra , to 
stand id shore. Correr so- 
bre un /tare I, to chose a 
vesaeU Correr d rienda fu- 
ella, to rlde fu II «peed* Cor- 
rer monte, to hunt 
Correrla, tf- an hostlle in* 
t urslon ¡ leather strap 
Corre\t>ondónrU, tf. cortes* 
rondence, friemühip, pro- 

Corresponder, va. to retum a 
favour ; im. to correiqiand, 
agree ; vr. to coinniunicate 
with another by letters 
Corres|>onduíiite, a. corres* 

Correspondiente, tm. a cor- 

Corresponsión, tf. confbrmity 
Corretáge, m. brokerage ; 

money paid to a pimp 
Correteár, va. to walk thc 

Corretera, tf. a gadding wo- 

Corretero, sm. gaddcr 
Corriftdra, tf. the nun who 
dircets the choir 
Correvédiie, mu tale-bearer, 
procurer, pimp 
Corricorrióndo, ad. in haste 
Corrida, tf . . course; incur- 
sión. Cttrrida de toros , bull- 
haiting; flow of any liquid 
Corrido, stn. romance. Cor- 
ridas, rents due and not 
pald. V . Caídos 
Corrido, da. a. expert 
Con htate, snu stnnm ; course 
or dixpatch of busíness 
Corriénte, a. curren t ; ac- 
cording to ciutom 
Corrillo, tm. circle or priratc 

8 » 


Corrimiento,™, an acnn nu- 
niour; act of running or 

Corrincho, im. mccting of iow 
vulgar pcople 

Cónro, im. tírele formed by 
people «ho meet to talk or 
seo a show ; sort of dance 
Corroboránle, a. y a. corrobo- 

Corro borár, m* to corrobó- 

Corrobra, af- entertainmcnt 

f iven at the conclusión ot a 

Corroer, »m. to corroile 
Corrompedói, tjl. s. corrupter 
Corromper, va. to coirupt, 
seduce a wnman, bribe; 
tm. to stink ; vr. to rot 
Corrompimiento, rm. corrup- 

Corrosión, af. corrosión 
Corrosivo, va. o. corrosWe 
Corroyente, pa. corroding 
Corrúda, 4/*. sparrow grass 
Corrugación, corrugation 
Corrugar tu. V. Arrugar 
Corrugo, sm. channei lo con- 
vey water from a river 
Corrulla, $ 1 . rooin undcr deck 
in a row-galley 
Corrupción, af, corruption, 
loi'v;ness, depravity 
Corruptela, af, corruption, 
bad hábil 

Corruptibilidad, af, corrupti- 

Corruptible, a. corruptible 
Corruptivo, va. a. corruptíve 
Corrúpto, ta. a. corrupted 
Corruptór, »m. corruptor 
Comisco, im. offal 
Corsa. 4/i a cruise 
Corsário, ám. the rommander 
of a cruiser 

Corsário, ria. a. rruising 
Corsé, im. jumps 
Corsear, va. to cruise again&t 
the enemy 

Córsia ,*/ passage bctwecn the 
sail» in a row-gallcy 
Cór&o, rm. rruize 
Córta, af. felllng 
Cortabolsas, im. pick- pocket 
Cortadéra, </• clusel fur cut- 
ting hot iron, knife or in- 
struí nent ustd by bee-keep- 

Coi taridlo, sm. bombasí 
Cortddo, am. cai*er 
Comido, da. a. udapted 
Cortador, ra. a. that which 



uortanor, sm. tjutchcr; Cor- 
tintórea , cutters, imlsOM 
Cortaderas, </; pt . cutting- 
boards in a velvet loom 
Cortadura, 4/*. fissure, work 
raised in narrow passes to 
deferid thcm ; Cortaduras , 
shreds of cloth 

Cortafrío, ara. a chisel for 
cutting coid iron 
Cortafuego, rm. a thlck wall, 
in Spain, between theroofs 
of adjoining bou se* 
Cortamiento, sm . the act of 

Cortón. sm. oil-measure 
Cortóme, rm. cutter 
Cortante, a. cutting 
Cortapies, sm. thrust made 
at the íegs in fencing ; ele- 
gance anu grace with which 
any thing Ts said 
Cortaplumas, rm, t»en-knife 
Cortar, » vi. to cut, disjoin. 
cut ofF part of the enemy*s 
anny, interrupt, arbitraje, 
cut away a ma%t or cable ; 
er. to be daunted, to o|»en 
out the folds in eleths 
Córte, sm. edge of a sword, 
knife, or other cutting in- | 
strument, scíssure, felling 
of trees, residen! town, 
suite, yard, stable for cal* 
tle, step takcn in an atrair. 
art of pleasing ; Cortea, the 
States of the realm 
Cortedad, af. smallness, dull- 
ness, pusillanimity 
Cortega, *?. ha/ei 
Cortejador, am. wooer 
Cortejante, pa. couiting 
Cortejár, va. tocourt 
Cortejo, srn. court, gift, gal- 
lant, wooer 
Cortés, a. courtcous 
l ortesanázo, za. a. awkwardly 
Cortesanía, af. courtesy 
Cortosóno, 11a. o. court-like, 

Cortesáno, rm. courtier 
Cortada, 4 f. courtesy, com- 
pliment, gift, daysof grace 
allowed by custom for the 
payment of a bilí of ex 
el tange, tnerey, abatement 
Corteza, af. bark, a wdd fowl 
Cortezón, rm. thick bark 
Certezoncíto, am. thin hark 
Cortezudo, da. a. having a 
strong rougli bark, rustic 
Cortezuóla, 4/*. thin liark 
Cortico, ca. a. soiuewhal 


Cortijo, am. farm-house 
Cortina, 4 f. enrtain 
Cortinóge, am. sortment or 
set ox curtains for l house 
Cortinól, rm. a piece ot 

S ouml near a village or 
*m -house 

Córto, ta. a. short,stnail, not 
of long duration, imper- 
fert ; Corto Je vista , short- 

Cortón, sm. a worm. lield- 

Corúlla, rf. in gallcys, placo 
for tlie stoppcrs of cables 
Córva, af. joint of the knee 
which bends inside. curb 
Corvadura, 4'* curvature, 
beed of an arch or vault 
Corvó!, <1 of an oblong shape 
Corvór, va. to bend 
Corvato, sm. a young crow or 

Corvó/a, 4 f. curb 
Corvedád, 4f. V. Corvadura 
Corvejón, rm. joint of the 
limé leg of l>ea.sts, corma- 

Corvétn, af. curvet, corvette, 
sloop of war 
Corvet«*ór, rn. to curvet 
Corvíllo, rm. bilí, a kind o! 
hatchet ; Cu nú tío de jHultm, 
pruning knife ; Miércoles 
corrillo , A di \Vedm>day 
Corvina, af. a kínd of conger 
or sca-eel 
Q5rvo, va, a. bent 
Corvo, rm. craw-lUh, pot 

Córzo, za. «. roe deer 
Corzuélo, sm. wheat which 
has t>een left in the husha 
by the thresher* 

Cósa, af. thing, suit 
Cósa de, ad. nl»out; ¿ Que 
cvsat What’s tile matter¿ 
Cosario, sm. privnteer, car- 
rier, liuntsman by \»rofes- 

Cosdtio, ria. a. lielonging or 
relating to privateers or 
corsairs, bealen 
Coscarán*. 4/i crackncl 
Coicárse, vr. V- ( oneomerst 
Coscoja, 4 f. kermes, ring or 
ktioh on the cross-bit of a 

Coscojal ó Coscojár,rm. plan- 
t at i on of kermes ot scarlet- 

Coscojo, rm. scarlet or kermes 
grnin ; Cóseteos round biU 
of iron 


Coscorrón, im. contusión, 
Inulse in a loaf 
Coseorrúdo, a. b ru i sed 
Coscurro, on. Hat loaf 
Cóse, tf. k lmi of measure 
Costdu, tf. crol», harvest- 

C osecl.óro, im. farmer 
Cosctl¿ros de los tabldnes, 
nn. pt. plank seams 
Coswli/o, ra. a. that which 
can or mu»t lie stitched 
Cordura, tf. seam 
Coselete, *m. ancient coat of 
' annour, a light corslet, 

Coser, l<u. to scw, unltethlngs 
Coserá, tf. piece of ground 
which can be irrlgated at 

Cos ctilda, tf. race 
Cow'lili., n. that which may 
be sewed 

Cosicosa, tf. V. Qntricota 
Cosido, sin. l'oul Unen stitched 
togcther, giren lo be wash- 
ed, luirse grotvn thin in 
cocsequenre of liard labour 
Cosiduras, tf. ¡d. lashings 
Cosmogonía, tf. tosmogony 
Cosmografía, tf. cosmngtaphy 
Cosmógrafo, no. cotmogra- 

Cosmología, tf. cosmology 
Cnsmoixílilo, nn. coKmo|>olite 
Coso, nn. place or squ-ire 
where bulls are fought 
Cosquillas, tf. ¡,t. titillntion 
Cosqui í loso, sa. a. ticklLsh, 

Costa, tf. cosí i A' Ma cinta, 
at all lia/ards ¡ Cutía de 
rotúrenlo, lee.shore 
Costado, nn. side, hinrl or 
back |>art, slde of a sliip j 
. üuria de catado Jaita ; a 
lap-sided sliip ; (tostadas, 

Costil, nn. sack or large bag, 

Costalada, tf, a fall fíat on 
the ground 

Costalazo, nn. a very large 

Costaléro, nn. twrter 
Costaneras, %f . rafters 
Costanero, ra. a. ded nolis 
Costanilla, tf. gen t le decllvity 
Costilr, nú. lo cosí 
Coste, (m, V. Cuita 
Costeaildr, nn. coaster 
Cesteai, mi. to pay the eo»t, 
deduet all cbnrges of wtmt 
is to be sold again, toast 

Costfro, tf. side of a bale of 
goods, a tisherman's et, 
tlank of a lxxly of troops 
Costéro, nn. iirst plank cut 
frem a pine tree 
Costero, ra. a. outward, ob 
* Uque 

Costilla, tf. rib, property, 
«ave, furr, the triangled 
part of organ-be.Iows; Co»- 
tilhu, shoulders 
Costilláge y Cosllllár, nn. the 
whole of the ribs, the tim- 
bera or whole frame of a 

Costil lér, rm. gentleman of 
the hed chamlier 
Costilludo, da. a. hroad-shoul- 
dered, ciownLsh 
Costino, na, a. belonging to 
tlie costus-root 
Cósto, nn. cost, charges 
Costoso, sa. a. costly, dear 
Cóstra, tf. crust, crust of a 

Costrada, tf. seed-eake 
Costrefiir y CostrifUr, tu. 
V. Comí retír 

Costrilucirfn, tf. V. F.rtrañl- 

Costribir, va. to indurate 
Costringimiénto, «a. con- 

Costrlngfr, tvr. to conMraln 
Costrifufnte, pa. constringlng 
Co-strívo, rm. V. Ajando 
Costroso, na. a. crusty 
Costrulr, n. to construct 
Costúmhre, jw. rustom ; Coi . 

tumhrei, customs 
Costura, tf. seam, necdte- 
work on Hiten dotb, splic- 
Ing of a rope 
Costurera, tf. seamstreu 
Costurero, nn. tailor 
Costurón, nn. seam, large scar 
Cótn, tf. coat of mail, coat 
of arms, jarket ; annota- 
tion, quota 
Colina, tf. mortlse 
Cottin/a, tf. sort of linen 
C'otdr, ro. V. Andar 
Cotarréra, tf. a gaddlng wo- 

Cotarro, nn. charlty-iiut for 
the receptlon of licggaTt 
Cotejó r, ro. to compare one 
thmg witil another, lo con* 

Colijo y Cotejamiento, nn. 

Cotí, mi. sort of linen 
Cotidiano, na. a. daily 
Cotilla, tf. »taj» 


Cotillero, m. stay-maker 
Cotln, nn. a back sttoke giren 
in the air, ticking 
Cotoxádo, da. a. banded 
Cdto, nn. inclosurc of |(aaturt 
grounds, land-mark, terri- 
tory, (tistnct, measure of a 
liand-breadth, rale or iixed 
price ot any thing, morbid 

Co tín, tm. ptinted cotton 
Colonida, tf. sort of cotton 

Cotonclllo, rm. button of a 
mostlck or palnter's staff 
Cotonía, tf. dimity 
Cotonlna, tf. sort of precióos 

Cotórra, tf. a parrot of tita 
smallest kiml, magpie ; a 
loquatious woman 
Cotonéra, tf. a hen-parret 
Cotrai, nn. sort of linen 
Cotral, no. an oíd ox 
Cotufa, tf. Jcrusalem artl* 
choke, tid-bits 

Cotuféro, ra. a. produclng 
tid-bits or delirate food 
Cotúmo, nn. buskin 
Couráu, m. the ñame ot a 
small vessel 

Coutclfna, tf. a biue or whita 
cotton cioth 

Cornelia, nn. a small cave 
Covachuéta, tf. office of se* 
cretary of state 
Covachuelista, nn. a cleik in 
one of the ofiiees of the 
secretaties of state 
Covanüla y Covantllo. i. bas* 
ket witli a wide niuiith 
Cóxa, tf. a levrd «ornan 
Coxeiir, vn. lo limp 
Cnxeddd, tf. V. Cojera 
Coxfmllco, nn. Iiip-bune 
Coxóra y Coxér, tf'. Imnenen 
Coxíjo, nn. eomplaln: oí sorna 
slight injury rece! ved, in 

Coxijóso. sa. a. perrish 
< oxin, nn. cushiim 
Coxlxo, nn. a small insect 
Coso, xa. J. a lame per son or 
ben-st, unsettled rveather 
Coxipieilrse, vr. to be dis* 
pleased witli any thing 
Coy, nn. hammoek 
Cóys, tf. a very small spidet 
Coytú ho, cha. a. Cu¡ ido 
Ctíjma, tf. tire price isnid to 
the master ot a gaming* 

Cóy me J Coy mó ji keepac 



of a gaining talile, game- 

Cortóso, sa. a. V. AprtturaJo 
Covúnda, ef. a coid with 
which o\en are tied to the 
yoke, matrimonial unión 
Coyundado, da. a. tled to the 
yoke with a strap or cord 
Coyuntura, t f. Jolnt 
Coa, «/. klcking with the hind 
leg, rccoil of agun.ilowÍDg 
back of a tlood 
Crabrón, era. hornct 
< .rilo, la. a. V. Claro 
Cráneo, em. skull 
Crápula, ef. inebríation 
CnU, aJ. V. M a faina 
Crascitar, ni. to cackle 
Cra*tcia, <5 Crasicie, «/'.grease, 
• fat 

C rao cuto, ta. o. greaxy 
Crasitud, ef- Ktense, ignorance 
( .riso, xa. a. fat, thick 
Créa, Mf. Unen of a mlddUng 

Creable, a. creativo 
Creación, tf. creatlon 
Créar, va. lo create 
Creativo, va. a. creativa 
C retan tár y Crebrantir, va 

V. Quebrantar 
Creból, mi. holly-tree 
Crecodíro, ra. a. alile to grow 
Crecer, va. to augment the 
extnmic vaiue oí money i 
ni. to grow, »Helt 
Cróces, r . pC augnientatlon 
Crecida, ef- »w*U of rivera 
Crecidamente, col. pbmUftilly 
Crecidíto, ta. o. «oinewhat ¡n- 

Crecido, da. a. grown, grave, 

Crecido-, era. pl. illtchet with 
the knitling needle 
Creciente, «•'. »wcll or riso of 
water*, crescent 
Crecimiento, r>n. increaie of 
any thing, in crease of the 
valué of money 
Credencia, ef. *Ule board of 
an altar, credontiaU 
Credencial, tf. credentlal 
Credenciéro, *m- kmg’» but- 

Crtdir, t»«. V. Crrer 
Credilnlitllhl, ef- creiiibillty 
Crédito, >»■ cmlit, belief, re- 
imtation, note 
Crido, em. creed 
Credutldád, tf. credulity, V. 


Crédulo, la. n. creiliilout 
Creeutiio, ra. «• ci odible 

Creedór, ra. e. cieduloua 
Creencia, ef. cmlence 

Creer, va. te betieve 
Cregúéla, ef. aort of Unen 
Creíble, e. credible 
Creíblemente, ad. In a credl- 
ble manner 

Grima, ef. cream of mllk 
Cremesín ó Cremesino, na. a • 
V, Curmrel 
Crémor, em. crémor 
Crepusculino, na. a. crepus- 

Crepúsculo, em. crcputcule 
Crésa, ef. maggolj eggs of 
lilequeen bee 

Creacentir, va. V. Acr.cmlar 
Gres par, va. to curl | vr. to 
grow angry 

Crespilla, ef. an agaric 
Crespln, rm. ancient orna 
ment worn by women 
Cresplno, mi- the baiberry- 

Cré»i>o, pa. a. crlsp, criip- 

Crespón, era. crape 
Crista, ef. oorab, crest, 

Crestado, da. a. creeted 
Crestón, em. crest ofahelmet 
In .which tlte feathers are 

Crita, ef. chalk 
Cretina, ef. *°rt of Unen 
Crevénte, pa. bctleving 
Creinéja, ef- slreak of blanche 

Cría, ef- brood of animáis ! 

CrMda, ef. feniale serranl; 

Criadero, «it. plantatlon of 
young trees taken out of 
the nUTsery; place destín 
eil to breed animáis 
Crbutéro, ra. «. frultfúl 
Criadilla, ef- te*Ucle, a «nali 
inaf in the form of a testi- 
clej truille 

Criado, da. *. servnnt, cUent ; 

breeding, manners 
Criado, da. a. educated 
Criadór, ra. e. creator ; nne 
wlio rears and traint dogs ; 
breeder of Uorset 
Cridnxa, ef- breeding; act of 

Criar, ra. to create, nurse, 
edu cate, pursue any ex|>e- 

1 Criatúrn, ef- creature; a bu- 
man fetus . 

Criarán, ef. brred or brood of 

animal* ; famiiy 
Criba, ef. cribóle 
Criliadúra, ef cribratior. 
Cribar, ra. tosift 
Cnlio, sm. sirve 
Crida, ef- ' • Precme 
Crimen, m. criine 
Crlminil, a. criminal | crimi- 
nal, not civil 

Criminalidad, ef. crimlnaflty 
Criminalista, era. an author 
wlio has written on crimi- 
nal matters 

Crimitiár, ra. to nccuse 
Criminiíso, sa. e. delinquent 
Crlminóso, sa. a. criminal 
Crin « Crine*, ef. mane 
Cr inido, tbi. y Crinito, ta. a 
having long huir. Cmaeia 
cnnila, a long-beardwl co* 

Crlóllo, em. creóle 
Cripta, ef. crypt 
Crisálida, ef. ciitysalii 
Cris.*, ef. crisis 
Crisma, em. chrlsm 
Crlsmdr, ra. to jierform the 
ocrlesiactic rile which ia 
callen continnation i üreak 
one’s skuli 

Crismera, ef. phlal which 
hulds chrlsm 

Crisoberilo, na. thrysoberyl* 
Crisócola, ef. bórax 
Crisól, em. crucible for melt- 
mg metáis 

Crisolada, ef- crucible fuil <1 
metal • 

Crisólito, «ti. chrysolite 
Crisopásio, em. chrysoprase 
Crisopiva, ef- alchciny 
Cri',' era. crystal, looking. 

Cristalino, na. a. errstaline 
Cristalizarse, vr. to crystal- 

Cristíl , «n. clyster 
Crisllinamcute, ur/.ln a Chile- 
Han manner 
Cristianar, ra. to baptizo 
Cristlani Ubi, ef. Christianity 
Cristianisco, ca. .i. after the 
Christian manner 
Crislianísmo, *m. Christcn- 
dnm, cliristening 
Cristianizar, ra. to ronform 
to the rites of the Christian 

Cristiano, na. a. ChrUtian 
Cristiano, na. i. a profesor or 
behever of the religión *of 

Cr todero, ta. a. bearing the 


la» and' love of Chilst in 
nnc's heart 
Cristo, nn. Chrlst 
Crístus, i*, crosa printed at 
the Intginnlng uf Uie alpha- 
bet • 

Crisuela, tf- the pan of a 
laiap fbr holdlng the oil 
that ilrops from the wick 
Crisuelo, nn. V. Candil 
Crít, sm. sort of poniard 
Crítica, tf. criticism, a cen- 

Criticaddr, tm. cntic 
Criticar, na. to criticise 
Criticástro, sm. animad verter 
Crítico, nn. crilic 
Crítico, ca. a. critica! 

Gruí cdn , nn. a great critio 
Crltifjuéar, tu. to cTiticlse 
Crizneja, tf. trace or rope 
ronde of twisted twlgx join- 
(d togetlier 
Croas. ir, va. to croa 1c 
Crocino, «m. an unguent 
Crocitár, na. V. Crascitar 
Crocodilo, int. crocodile 
Crocom.igma, tf. an unguent 
prepared of satlron, inyrrh, 
red roses, starch, and gura 

Cromático, ca. a. chromatic 
Crónica, ti- ckronlcle 
Crónico, ca. u. chronic 
Cronicón, na. chronicle 
Cronista, nn. clironicler 
Cronografía, tf. chtpnogra- 

Crono'grafo, rm. annalist 
Cronología, sf. ehronolojry 
Cronologista ó Cronólogo, sm. 

chronologist, time 
Crotorár, no. to crunk 
í’rucói a, */. wl. hers of a borne 
Crucería, tf. gothlc arclulec- 

Cracóro, sm. eross-vanlt of a 
cnurch uuder the dome; 
cross - bearer ; crosa of a 

Crúce*, tf. pl. preven ter 
leach-iines of the top -salís 
Crocitas, tf. pf. cross-irees of 
the top-masts 
Cruciilta, tf. crwss-wort 
Cruclferárin, y Crucifero, sm. 
cro-s- bearer 

Crucifero, ra. a. hearing or 
carrying n rross 
í’rurilicrfdo, da. a. crucifled 
Crurlllrár, va. to crucify, to 

Crucifico, nn. crucifix 
Ctuclfiaór, im. crucifier 


Crucígero, rm. s. can-ring or 
bearing the slgn of the cross 
Crucítlo, sm. push-pin 
Crúdamente, ad. rudely 
Cruiltíra, sf. crudity, vapour 
Crudío, día. a. rough, ruile 
Crudo, da. a. raw, unrijie, 
rude, crude. Liento crudo, 
unbleached linen ; nn. 
packing cloth 
Cruel, a. cruel 
Crueldad, tf- truelty 
Crueleza, Cruentnlád. y Cru- 
eza, tf- V. Crueldad 
Cmentaclón, tf. bloodinesa 
Cruentar, va. V. Ensangren- 
tar jr Encruelecerse 
Cruónto, ta. a. bloody 
('rural, a. crural 
Cruróo^m. muse le of the calf 
of the leg 

Crustáceo, cea. a. cmstaceous 
Crústlco, ca. a. beating; V- 

Cruxla, tf- the mldship-gang- 
way ; a targe open hall or 
passage In a buildlng 
Cruxído, nn. crack 
Cruxfr, en. to crackle 
Cruz, tf. cross, toil, withers. 
Cruz de las Utas, croas- tree 
of the bits 

Crujida,*,'. crusade, tribunal 
of the crusade 

Cru/ádo, sm. an oíd Spanlsh 
ooin ; a Portuguese eoin ; 
a soldier enlistcd umler the 
hannen of the crusade 
Cruzador, ra. s. Crossing from 
une side to another 
Cruzár, en. to cross, cruite ; 
vr. to be knighted; cross 
and trip 

Cuajáda, tf- butter 
CuajadiKo, nn. sort of silk 
grfuze wíth flowers ' 
Cuajádo, nn. a dlsh iñade of 
meat, hetbs or fruiu, wlth 
eggs and sugar 
Cuajamiento, sm. coagulatlon 
Cuajár, sm. runnel bag or 
stoniach of a calf or suck- 
ing animal 

Cuajár, e». to coagúlate, suc- 
ceed, please 

Cuajarójo, sm. V. Cuajar 
Cuajarán, sm. grume, gore 
Cuájo, nn. a Ucteal substanoe 
found in the stomach of 
animáis beíbre they fretl ; 

Cúba, tf. cask for vine or oí), 

Cubáxa, tf. a larga pipe 


Cubéba, tf. cuheb 
Cubéro, nn. cooper 
Cubertádo, da. a. corered 
Cubertúra, tf. cover 
Cubeta, sf. a sroall barrel o» 
cask, bucket 

Culiéto, nn. a «malí barrel 
Cubidiéte, sm. water-boards 
Cúbico, ca. a. cubica! 
Cubicutário, sm. grootn ol 
the bed-chamlter 
Cubiéi ta, tf. cover, deck of a 
ship; covcr of a letter 
Cubiertamente, ad. prívate^ 

„ iy 

Cubierto, sm. cover, roofof a 
house; allowance of a sol- 
dier billeted in a house; 

Cubil, nn. lair or couch of 
wlld beasts 

Cubllár, en. to take shelter. 
V. Majadear 

CubUótc, sm. a copper-pan ¡ 
tumbler ; dice box ; a sroall 

Cubiletero, nn. paste-mould ; 
a Urge inug 

Cubflla, */. Spanlsh fly 
Cubillo, nn. Spanish t!y; a 
small box nenr thestage 
Cubitál, u. cubital 
Cúbito, sm. a sroall buckel : 

Cúbo, sm. cube; mili pool; 

barrrel of a watch or dock 
Cubrepán, nn. sort of fire- 

Cubríl, nn. Cubil 

Cubrir, na. to cover, covcr or 

E rotect a post ; roof a 
uilding. Cubrir la mesa, 
to lay the table ; vr. to be 

Cúcn, tf. a kind of fruit ; a 1 
Peruvlan plant 
Cucáfia, tf. a publlc am úse- 
te en t 

Cncafiero, sm. parásito 
Cucár, va. to roock 
Cucaracha, sf »ood-Iousrt 
kind of centlpede; hazel 
coloured snuff 
Cucarachera, tf- luck 
Cucátda, tf- V. Escarapela 
Corárros, nn. pl. harpings 
Cuchár, sm. tax or duty laid 
on grain ; spoonful 
Cnchára, tf- spoon, an lron 

Cucharáda, tf- spoonful 
Cucltarál, nn. bag In which 
shepherds preserve thelr 


Cucharero, rm. he that maltes 

or *ell* sjioons 

Cucharilla, 4f. a small spoon 
Cucharetear, t u. to stir with 
a ft)M>on 

Cucharetero, sm. maker or 
retailer of wooden spoons ; 
Hat nailed to a board, with 
small interdices to lio*d 


Cucharón, sm. ladlc for the 

Cuchárros, sm. pf, harpings 
( ucldc-heár, •*>!• to wliispei 
Cuchichéo, rm. whisucr 
vuchh hdro, ra. r. whiM>crer 
Cuchichiar, vn. to cali iike a 
partridge; whisper 
Cuchilla* rrn. a lat ge kltchen- 
knife, >*ort of ancient poni- 
ard ; boukhinder’» knife 
Cuchi lidda, sf. cut or 
with a knife ; rent in cloth ; 
y>l. w rangle* 

Cuchillar, o. belonglng or re* 
lating to a knife* 

Cuchi llOjo, rwi. a small 


Cuchillería, ctitler’s shop 
Cuchillero, í»m. cut ler 
Cuchillo, zw. knife, goar ; 
pitee of ground whlch can* 
not be tiiied. Cuchilla* de 
una vela, gorings of a salí 
Cuchillón, im* a large 


Cuchitril, rm. a narrow lióle 
or comer 

Cuchuchear, vn. to whisper 
Cuchufleta, 4/1 joke, fun 
Cudeár, ra. to sing as the 

Cuclillas (Ei.; ( ad. in a cow- 
cring manner 
Cuclillo, rm. cuckoo 
Cúco r sm. sort of Caterpillar; 
person of a swaithy com- 
plexión ; cuckoo 
'uctif.i, 4f. cap Uned with ce- 
phnüc drugs ; viid fowl 
'tiró I U, sf. cowl 
! «ucurüchn, zw. paper rolled 
up in the forni of a cone 
Cüdria, 4/'. a Hat woven bass- 

Cuébano, sm. basket for car- 
rying grapes to the wine- 

Cuelga, 4f. cluster of grajies 
or otliez fruit hung up for 

Cuellierguido, da. a. stifF- 

Cuéllo, sin. neck ; collar of a 



prlest’s garment ; small end 
of a wax-caiuile ; collar of 
a shirt 

Cuelmo, rm. candió wood ; 
V. Tea 

Cuémbas, </*• surt of silk 

Cuenca, 4f. a wooden bowl ; 

socket of the eye 
Cuénco, mi. an earthen 
liowl ; licxl 

Cuénda, 41. end of a skein of 
silk or thread 

Cuenta,*/'. computation, ac- 
count ; one of the beads 
whlch compose a ro»ary; 
Jndtan-reed ; an*werable- 
tuma ; Cuenta corriente , ac- 
count current 
Cuentero, ra. a . haggling 
Cuentista, sin. tale-bearer 
Cuónto, rm. a mlllion, Tari- 
anee, falile, accompt, joint 
of the wing 

Cuera, */*. a leather jacket 
Cuerda, 4f. roj»e n.ade of 
hernp, string for musical 
Instruments, match for 
firing a gun, chaiu of a 
watch, iishing-line, drag- 

Cuerdccíto, ta. a. somewhat 
prudent or dlscreet 
Cuerdo, da. a. priulent 
Cuerczuéln, sin. a small and 
thin skin or hide, a suck- 
ing pig 

Cuerna, sf. a horn vcssel, 
stag s or deer s horn, sports- 
man** horn 

Cuemezuélo, rm. 9 small ' 
horn, a farrier’s paxing 


Cuerno, rm. horn, feeler, 
side, comet 

Cuero, mi. hide or skln of an 
animal. En cueros ó en cu - 
eras vivos , stark-naked 
Cuérpo, sin. body, matter, 
Corporation ; floor or story 
in a building ; collection 
of laws ; size, body, a col- 
lective masa. Cuerpo de In 1- 
talla de una esquadra 9 the 
centre división of a ileet. 
Cuerjto de guardia, a guard- 

Cuerva, 4f. crow 
Cuórvo, rm. ravtn 
Cuésco, rm. kemel, millstone 
of an oil-mill, wind froin 

Cuésta, 4/. declivity 
Cueva, sf. cave* cellar 


Cuevero, rm. one who makes 
caves .and grottoc* 

Cué/.a, sf. ancient measure 
Cué/.o, rm. hod j íanago, 
Cugujáila, \J. skv.lark 
Cuguda, sf. cowl 
Cuidádo, rm. care, fear, trust 
confcrreu, distress 
Cuidador, tus. a very thought* 
fui person 

Cuidadóso, sa . a. careful 
Cuidar, va. to heed 
Cuita, 4f '. care 

Cuitádainente, ad. slothfullj 
Cuiládo, da. a. anxious 
Cuitár, va. X. iucnmaJar 
Cuitólo, sa. a. urgent 
Culáda, 4f. stroke with the 
backside or breech of any 
thlng ; fall on one» back- 

Culantrillo, sin. tnalden*s 

Culantro, sin. coriandei 
CuUta, r . brcech of a gun ; 
seré w -pin 

Culatazo, sm. a large back* 
side ; recoil of a gun 
Culcusido, sm. botcn-work 
Culebra, sf. :.nake, joke 
Culebveár, vn. to move along 
like a snake 

Culebrilla, 41'. tetter; rock* 
ing-Ntatfof a loom ¡ íis&ure 
in the barrel of a gun 
Culebro, sin. a mulé snake 
Culebrón, sin. a large snake ; 

a cuuning, crafty fcllow 
Culero, sin. ciout ; disease in 

Culero, ra. z. slothful 
Culminar, vn. to culminate 
Cúio, sm. breech, lowest part 
of a thing 
Cúlpa, 4f. tault 
Culpable, a. culpable 
Culpddo, da. a. one who has 
committed a fault 
( ulpár, va. to bl&me 
Cultamente, ad. ncatly, af- 

• fectetlly 

; Cultedad, 4f. an affected ele- 
gance and purity of style 

! Cu Iteran lamo, rm. sect of 

• Culterano, na. r. purist 

j Culterano, 11a. a. belonglng 
or relating to an allectcd 

I Cultería, 4f. an aflécted el©* 

| gane© 

Cultero, rm. purUt 
Cultiéllo, rm. V* Cuchillo 


Cultlparlár, no. to speak 
wlth attected elegance 
Cultipicaño, fia. m. sjieaking 
with aftéc’.ed elegance, and 
tn ajeering manner 
Cultivación, tf- cttltfvation 
Cultivador, tm. cultivator, 
kind uf plouglt 
Cultivar, ra. ti> cultívate 
Cultivo, nn. cultlvatlnn 
Cúito, nn. resjiect and vene- 
rallón paid to a person, re- 
ligión* «orshlp; Culto in- 
debido' ¡Ilegal worship 
Cdlto, ta. a. luiré, atfectedly 
ciegan t, polisbe-l 
Cultdr, tm. cultivator 
Ctiltro, nn. plough 
Cultura, tf. culture, elegance 
of *t)le 

CuinW, rm. sort of dance 
iRnong tlic negroes 
Cümbre y Cumbrera, tf. top 
Cumplcdño*, rm. óirth-day 
Cumplidamente, ud. com- 

Cumplidéro, ra. a. that muit 
be fultilled or executcd, 

Cumplido, da. o. large ; Una 
tmnida eumpUtla, a pleuti- 
ful dlnner ; polished 
Cumplido, tm. compliment 
Cumpliddr, tm. one whoexe- 
eutes any eommissiim 
Cumplimentar, va. to com- 

Cumplimentero, ra. a. full of 

Cumplimiento, tm. act of 
oomplimenting, contple- 
tion, compliment coutple- 

Cumplir, va. to eiecute, pro- 
vide any one with what he 
«ants; nn. to be fitor con- 
venient, niffioe 
Cumulár, va. to accumulale 
Cumulativamente, ad. in 

Cúmulo, tm. heap of many 
thingi thrown over one 

Cúna, tf. eradle, íbundllng- 
hotpital, Uneage 
Cundido, tm. the provisión of 
olí, r ¡negar, and wlt, glven 

to jhephetda 

Cundir, v». to tpread aban, 
dantiy, grow 

Cúneo, tm. space between the 


- pasiages In anden! t hen- 

Cunóra, gf. rocker 
Cunéro, ta. t. rocker 
Cúfia, tf. «erige ; Curas de 
mango. hor-lngirou» 
Cuñadería, tf. gnssipred 
Cufiadla ó Cuñadío, t* k in- 
dred by aifinlty 
Cu f .ldo, da. t. a brother or 
Cufiar, ru. V'. Acuñar 
Cufióte, tm. keg 
Cufio, tm. die fbr coining 
money, mark put on silver 
Cupó, tm. landau 
Cupido, tm. bit of Steel taken 
out of tbe eye of a needle 
Cúpula, tf- cutióla 
Cupulino, tm. lantem 
Cuquillo, tm. euckoo, Insect 
whtch consume» the vine» 
Cúra, tm. partsh prieist, cler- 
gyman hirvd to perfurm the 
auty of another ; tf. cure, 

Curtfble, tf. curable 
Curación, tf. cure 
Curadillo, tm. cod-fish 
Curádo, da. a. cured, belong- 
ing or relating to a curacy 
Curadór, ra. t. overseer, 
guardián, physiclan, cura- 

Curálle, tm. physic admlnit- 
tered to a hawk to make 
him purge 

Curandóro, tm. quack 
Curdr, tm. to recover from 
lickness; va. toadmlnlster 
medicine», season tlmbcr i 

Curativo, va. a. ruratlve 
Curóto, tm. curacy 
Curózgo, tm. V. Curato 
Curcúma, tf. turmeric 
Curóña, tf. gun - carrlage, 
ttay of a crostbow ¡ ikln 
or bag wlth caacoa-nuta 
Cúria, tf- an eccleslastie 
eourt «Itere church affair» 
are examined and decidetl ; 
care and iklll in pertomiing 
a thing 

Curlól, a. expert, skilfulf 
Curiil, rm. one in a subaitem 
employ In the tribunal» of 

Curiana, tf. kind of hlack fly 
Curlosidid.^f. curloslty, neat- 
nesa, rarity 


Curldto, na. a. cerioe», naaL 
handsome, carefttl 
Cúro, tm. a smaü kind of ree- 

Cúrro, ra. #. a familiar proter 

Cttrrúta, *f. Ilnnet 
Cursódo, da. a. acruttomed 
Curtónte, pn. frequenting 
Curvar, ni. to flequen!, tn fre- 
quent univenitle» or scltooU 
Cursdrio, rm. V, Pirata 
Cunílto, tm. a short walk, a 
tliort course of lectures ln a 

Curso, tm. courae, l oosen es* 
Curtido, da. a • aecustomed 
Curtidor, tm. tanner 
Curtidos, tm, pt. tanned lea. 

Cartiduria, tf. tan-yartl 
Curtir, ivt. to tan Icather, 
inure to hardshitis 
Curtimiónto, tm. the act of 
tanning leather 
Curúca y Curuja, tf- eagle- 

Curúl, a. cumie 
Cúrva, tf. cmre, ln ' thln 
building. Curva quadr&da, 
tquare knee 

Curvatón, tm. small curve 
Curvatura y Curvidód, tf- 
‘ curvature 

Curvilíneo, nea. a. curvllinear 
Cúrvo, va. a. curve 
Cuscúta, tf- tlie dodder of 

Cutir, va. to te» clumsüy 
Custódia, tf. cuitodj, guard, 
Cuttddio, tm. guatd 
Cutáneo, nea. a. cutan eous 
Cúte, t/: V. Cutir 
Cúter, rm. cutter 
Cutlóno, na. a. V- Cuotidiano 
Cutícula, tf- cutióle 
Cuticular, a. cuticular 
Cutir, tw. to kitock or daih 
one thing against another 
Cútl», t. skin 
Cúto, tm. hanger or sabré 
Cutre, tm. a pniful miserable 

Cúxa. tf. bag fas tened to the 
saddle. V. Ututo 
Cúyo, ya. pron. pnt. of which 
Cúyo, tm. a gallant 
Czár. tm. czar 
Czarina, tf- contort of the 





rtábltf, a. easy, povsible 

DabóvU, sf. sort of cotton 

Daca, i», drf. give here 
Dáctilo, sm. kind of shell 
Dádi, sf. posesión of anj 
thíng given or dClivered 
Dadéro ra. a. that which 
fihould be giren or ii to be 

Dádiva, tf. gift 
Dadirádo, da. a. bribed 
Dadivosidad, sf. liberality 
liad i voso, m. a. bountiful 
Dáiio, im. die; ///. d».:e 
Dador, ra. *. donor, drawcr 
of a bilí of exehange 
Dága, dagger, stove of a 

Dagón, sm. a large dagger 
Dála, *f'. pumpdale of a ship 
Dálp, ínter}, hold 
I) llera, sf. dollar 
Dálgo ; Facer mucho dalgo, to 
rece! ve any one with great 
attention and respect 
Dalladór, <m. mover 
Dallár, ra. to mow 
Dálle, iw. scythe 
Dalmática, 4/*. vestrnent with 
dpen > lee ves 

Dánia. if.jx fine bcautiful vo* 
man. cuucubine; affectedly 

Damajuána, sf» a large glosa 
lK>ttle used on bourel of 

Damisdnlo, sm. V. Alisma 
Pain.iM'énn *f. datnson 
Pamáro, sm. dam«v.k, the 
Brusseln* aprirot, damson 
Damasina, s . light s.alk stutK 
Dama quéia, tf.sort of cluntz 
with gold sprigs 
Damasquillo, sm. kind of 
rlotli, rcsembling < 
Damasquino, na. a. dainask* 

a fine, handsome, 
portly woman 

Damería , sf» excesslvenlccty 
In conduct 

Dam ionio, nm. V. Dádiva 
Damiaila, sf. a young gmtle- 
woinan, lady of pleasura 
Damnáblc, a. damnable 
Damnár, va. V. Condenar 
Damnlfiradór, ra. s. one who 

Damnificar,!*/!, tohurt 
Pango, nj. V. Vhutga 
Danta, sf tapir 
Dánle, pa. glving 

Dán7a f sf- dance 
D-nzaddr, ra. s. dancer 
Danzante, ta. s. dancer ; a 
fickle person 
Dan /.Ir, vn. to dance 
Danzarín, sm. a fine neat 

Dañable, a. prejudicial 
Dañadór, ra. s. o Hender 
Dañar, va. tohurt 
Dañino, na. a. noxious 
Dáño, sm. damage 
Dañólo, m. a. hurtful 
1 )aquen, tul. contr . fi oin de 
aquende. híther 
Daquí, ad. cutdr. from de aqui f 

Dar, va. to give, strike, con- 
fer ; Dar parte , to diare 
with, ap|K>int, explain ; 
Dar ti llorar , to fall a cry- 
ing ; Dar fugo, to bream a 
ship ; Dar cuida , to hez¿t 
the iron ; Dar el si, to con* 
sent to marry a j»erson : 
Dar en un ario, to strike 
aground ; Dar higa, to mis* 
tire ; Dar zaparte ¡as, to leap 
with joy; Dar baya , to 

Dársc, vr. to conform to the 
will of another ; Darse ti la 
vela, to set >ail ; Darse las 
ttutmn, to shake hands 
Dardabasí, «m. hawk 
I tardada, sf. blow given with 
a dart 

Dardo, sm. dart, a serpent 
which darts upon its j»rey 
Dársena, sf. place iti a har- 
bour for pre.serving and re- 
pahing ships 

Dáta, sf- date, itcm, condi* 
tion, written pernnasiun to 
do any thmg 
Dataria, sf. datary 
Itatário, sm. the principal of* 
ficcr of the datary 
Dátil, sm. date 

Datiládo, da. a. rescmbling or 
like a date 
Dativo, sm. dative 
Dáuco, sm. carrot 
Jktyft, sf. mi stress 
Daza, sf. lucera 
De, prep. whicli beingprefix- 
ed to verbs, ad verbs, or 
nouns, alten» their tense ; 
De, of ; La ley de Dios, the 
law of (iod ; De i nimio, on 
parpóse; De miedo , from 
fear ; De día, by day 
Deán, sm. deán 

Dcantfto y Deanázgo, snu 


Debálde, ad. for nothing 
Debate, sm. a debate 
Debatir, ra. to debate, argüe, 

Deltáxo, ad. nnder, below ; 

prrjt. under, depemlent 
Debelár, va. to debellate 
DelȎr, sm. duty, debt 
Debér va. to owe 
Debidamente, ad. justly, dul„ 
Debidor, sm. Deudor 
Debiente, pa. owiug 
Débil, c. feeble, puaillanl* 

Debilidád. sf. debility 
Debilitár, va. to debilítate 
DéSúto, sm. debt 
Debo, sm. indrument used 
for scraping skins • 
Delirocár, vn. to be sick or 

Década , sf '• decade 
Decadéncia, nf. decay 
Decaér, tm. to decay 
Decágono, sm. decagon 
Decálogo, sm. deca logue 
Decanip.unénto, sm. decamp 

Decam|ȇr, vn. to decamp 
Decanato, sm. dignity of Che 
sénior of any community > 
Decáno, sm. >enior 
Decantación, sf. decan tat ion 
Decantár, ra. to cry up, de- 

Decemyiráto, sm. deccmvi- 

Decena, sf. nurnber of ten 
Decenál, a. decennial 
Dtccnário, ría. a. decenna- 

Dccénria, sf. decency, rescr- 

Decenio, sm. s]iace of ten 

Pecéno, na. a. decennial 
Decentar, va. to connnence 
the use of things not be furo 
used ; vr. to wound 
Dccéute, a. de ent, conven!- 
ent, modest 
Decéso, sm. decease 
Decesdr, ra. s. V. Antecesor 
Dechádo, sm. sample, exam- 

Decfl»Ie, a. expressible 
Decidéras, sf. pl. eloquence 
Decidéro, ra. a. mode*»t 
Decidir, va. to decide 
Decidór, ra. s. one that apeales 
with flueney and elegante 


Deciénte, tm. he who falls or 

Décima, tf. tlthe 
Decimál, a. decimal, belong- 
Ing to tithes 

Decimanovéna, tf. one of the 
regulen of the pipe* of an 

Décimo, ma. a. tenth 
Decimouóno, na. a. nlue- 

Decimoquinto, ta, a. ñfteenth 
Decimoséptimo, ma. «. se- 

Décimotettio, da. a. thir- 

Deciochéno, na.a.elghteenth; 
kind of cloth 

■ Decir, va. to say or utter an y 
thing. Decir mita , to say 
mu, to asture, to ñame, 
correspond ; declare opon 
Oath. Digo! I say. Decir de 
no, to den; 

Decir, oni. a notable saylng. 

Decires, hile talk 
Decisión, tf. decisión, dispo- 

Decisivo, va. a. decisire 
Decisório, ría. a. decisire 
Declamación, tf. oratonal in- 

Declamador, ra. t. declaimer 
Declamár, en. to ileclaim 
Declaración, {f.ititerpretation 
Declarado, a. declarad 
Declarador, ra. t. declarer 
Declarante, tm. one that de- 
clares or explalns 
Deciarár, va. lo declare, ex- 
pound ; vr. to declare one'» 

Declara tório, ría. j, declara* 

Declinante, a. decllning 
Declinar, en. to decline, sink, 

Decünatória, tf. plea whlch 
attackt the competen cy of a 

Declinatorio, tm. declinator 
Declive ó Declivio, tm. de- 

Declividad, tf. declirity 
Decocción, tf. decoction 
Decolgír, en. V. Calcar 
Decór, im. V. Adarmo 
Decoración, tf. decoration 
Decorar, no. to decórate, 11- 
lústrate, learn by heart 
Decóro, m. honour, pority, 

Dccoróso, va. a. decoroua 
Decrcmento, tm. decreta ent 


Decrepitar, na. to decrepi- 

Decrépito, ta. a. decrepit 
Decrepitad, tf. decrepitude 
Dccretación, tf. determina- 

Decretal, tf. letter or rescript 
of the ]>ope ; a. decretal 
Decretalista, tm. decretist 
Decretar, va. to decree, ínter - 
pret a decrce 
Decictéro, tm. liat of ñames 
anel olient e- of crimínala ; 
collection of decrees 
Decr elisia, tm. decretist 
Decréto, tm. decree 
Decretarlo, ria. a. decretory 
DecumdtuM/'. the tenth tlüng 
in the numeral order 
Décuplo, pía. a. decuple 
Decuriato, tm. a student as- 
algned to the decurión to 
take hia lesión 

Decurión, im. decurión ¡ stu- 
dent «ho has the tare of 
ten other studenta, and 
gires them letaons 
Deeúnuu, tf. pl. arrean of 

Decurso, tm. eourse 
Dedada, tf. that whlch ean 
be taken up with the linger 
at once 

Dedil, tm. thimble, a rery 
•malí drfnking glass or cup 
Dedalfsimo, tm. a rery targe 

Dcdaléra, tf. fox-glove 
Dedicante, pa. dedkatlng 
Dcdlcir, w. to dedícate 
Dedicatória, tf. dedication 
Dedignár, va. lo disdain ¡ trr. 

to scorn doltig any tbing 
Dé, lo, tm. linger, toe ; hand 
of a dock nr watrh. Dedo 
pulgar, thumb 
D-ni utí ión, tf deduction 
Deducir, va. to deduce, allege 
in pleading 
Deésa, tf. goddess 
Defamir, va. V. Infhmar 
Defección, tf, defretion 
Defectible, a defectible 
Defectivo, ra. a. defectlre 
Defécto, sro. defect 
Defectuóso, sa. a. defectlre 
Defendedora, raut. susceptible 
of defence 

Defendeddr, tm. defender. V. 

Defendér, va. to defend, si- 
se rt, vindícate, prohibit, 

Dcfandimlénto, <vt. dafenoa 



Defénsa, tf. defence, sbelter I 


Deten s.1 ble, a. susceptible of 

Defensa r, un. V. Defender 
Defendible, a. defendible 
Defensivo, tm. defenee 
Defensivo, ra. a. defensiva 
Defensor, ra. s. defender, 
lawyet appolnted by a court 
of justiee to. defend th 
estáte of a bankrupt 
Defensóiio, tm. a defenca 
Defer énte, a. asseming 
Deferir, vu. to defer ; va. to 
De (ésa, tf. V. Dehe ta 
Defidn/a, tf. V. Ihtrvnfíanx» 
Detiár, t'n. V. Detcvqñar 
Deliclúncla, tf. delieieney 
Deficiénte, o. defect i ve 
Detidación, tf. V. fealdad 
Definición, tf. decisión 
Defin idór, tm. deflner 
Definir, va. to define, decido 
Definitiva, va. a. definitiva 
Definitório, tm. chrpter or 
assembiy of the chiefs of 
religious orden, hall where 
the above asseinblíes ara 

Deflúxo, tm. defluxion 
Deformador, tm. one who da- 
forms or disfigures 
Deformár, en. to deform 
Defbtinatório, ria. a. deform» 

Defórme, a. deformed 
Deformidad, tf. defomiity, a 
gross error 

Defraudación, tf. fraud 
Defraudador, tm. defraude* 
Defraudar, va. todefraud 
Defuéra, ad. extemallv 
Defulr, va. V. Huir 
Defunción, tf. funeral 
Degdna, tf. farro. V. Granja 
Degenerar, va. to degeneráis 
Degolladero, tm. Ilirottle; 
scaítóld on whlch crimináis 
are Iréheaded 

Degol bullir, tm. exerutioner 
Degolladura,!/, cut or wound 
in the thraat ¡ slender part 
of balusters 

Degollar, va. to cut one** 
throat, behead, de,troy 
Degradan ón, tf. diminutioa 
of valué 

Degradar, va. to degrade ; trr, 
to de mean one’s aelf 
DegUéllo, tm. decollatior, do» 

Deheudér, «a. to split 



Déhendlmlénto, rm. the act of 

Dehésji, </. p astu re-provine! 
Dehesár, ra. to tum arable 
land into pa.«ture*ground 
Delroéro, rm. kceper of a 

Deicída, rm. deicide 
Deicídio, rm. ra arder of 

Deid ¡id, sf. deity 
Deífero, ra. s. one who bears 
(>od at heart 
Deiticár, tvi. to delfy 
Deífico, Deiforme, a . godlike 
Deísmo, rm. deisin 
Deísta, rm. deist 
Delación, sf- dclation 
Delantál, rm. apron 
Dclánte, tul. betore, forward, 
In preference to 
Delantera, sf. the fore pnrt of 
any thing, fore-skirt* of 
clothes, frontiers 
Delantero, ra. a. foremost 
Delantóro, rm. the first, jk»- 

Delatable, a. arcu sable 
Delatar, va. to infonn 
Deláte, rm. hii’hwavman 
Delatór, rm. accu>er 
Delaiár, va. V. Cansar 
DeiccUÍ ble, a. delectable 
Delectar, va. to delight. V. 

Delegúdo. rm. delegate 
Delegante, pa. one that dele 

Delcgár, va. to delegate 
Deletread. ir, im. speller 
Dcletreár, va. to 2 sj>eli 9 scru- 

Pe ley tá ble, a. delectable 
Deleytación, y Deley tabilidádj 
•/. delecta! ion 
Deley tamiénto, rm. delight 
Deley tár, va. to delight 
Deléyte, rm. pleasure, lint 
Delcytóso, s»a. a. agreeable 
Deleznable, a. süppery 
Deleznadéro, rm. a alippory 

Dele/namidnto, rm. act of 

Deles nár, vrt. Deslizar 
Delfín, rm. dolphin ; dauphin 
Delfina, sf. sort oí light drug 

Delfinio, rm. lark*spur 
Delga cero, ra. a. V. Delgado 
Delgadez, sf. thinnes» 
Delgádo. da. a. thln, sbort 
Savia ds muchos delgados, a 
llurp-bottorned rhip 


Delgádo, rm. a ttralt piare 

Dclgazár, va. V. Adelgtssar 
Deliberación, sf. roolution 
Deliberador, rm. deliverer 
Deliberamiénto, rm. deliveT* 

Dellberár, va. to delilierate ; 
va. to de iberate, emancí- 

Deliberativo, va. a. delibera* 

Dt-.ibrarión y Delibránza, sf. 

V. Rescate 
Delihrár, va. to liberare 
Delicadéz, s¡. delicacy 
Delicadeza, sf. del icat enes*, 
hubtlety, exility 
Delicado, da. a. d* licate, 
weak, ni ce, thin, be.totiful 
Delicadúra y Delicamicnto, 
V. Uclica.lez 
I elícia, sf. delight 
Peliciársc, vr. to delight- 
Delicioso, sa. a. óeliciou» 
Deliucár, va to delinéate 
Delinqdénte, pa. dehnquent 
Delinquimiénto, rm. delin 

Delinquir, va. to transgress 
the law 

Deliñár, tm. dress 
Deliquio, rm. »woon 
Deliratnénto, rm. celirium 
Delirár, vn. to delirate 
Delirio, rm. deliriuin 
Delito, rm. transgre «ion of a 

Delúbro, rm. temple or altar 
dedicated to an idol 
Delusivo, va. a. delu-ive 
Dcluüór, rm. cheat 
Delusorio, ría. a. d ero t ful 
Demagogo, sin. deinagogue 
Demanda, sf. detnand, re 
quest, charity 1 h»\ ; Ínter 
Demandó ble, a. V. Apeteciste 
Demandado, da. s. deíend 

Demandador, rm. one who 
goe» about osking charity 
for piou* uses, cía: man t 
Deniandár, va. to dc’inand 
require more water to sail 
Dcinaniál. a. originating in 
Demarcación, »f. demarca- 

Demarcadór, rm. designatur 
Demarcár, ra. to mark out 
confines or lltnits 
Demarrarse, vr. to mislead 
Demás, ad. Estar demás , to be 
over and above 
Donátes, sm. pl. abundan ce 


Demasía, sf. erren fu th# 
price ot a thing, an unjvst 
claim, abandalice 
Dcmadiádo 9 da.excesKÍve, bold 
Demasiado, tul. enough 
Demediár, vn. topan asunder, 
wear any thing ontil it has 
lost halfits valué 
Demencia, sf. madness 
Dementar, va. torender mad 
or frantic 
Demente, a. mad 
Demérito, rm. demerit 
Demeritorio, ria. d. withoti 

Demiéatra, ad. V. Jl li/ntras 
Detnigár, va. V. Disipar 
Demisión, sf. submission 
Déino, rm. demon 
Dcniocrá* ia, sf. democracy 
Democrático, ca. a. democra* 
U cal 

Demolér, va. to demottsb 
Demoniaco, *ca. a demoniacal 
Dcmoni.klo, da. a. V. Ende- 
muii a do 
Dernónio, rm. demon 
Demora y Demoránza, sf. de- 
lay, demu nr age 
Demorár, rn. to remain 
1 íemo-trábKr, a. demonstrable 
Demostradór, ra. y Demon** 
tradór, ra. r. detnonstrator 
Demostrar, va. to demón- 

Demudación, sf. c han ge 
Deinudár, va. to alter 
Penar io, sm. a onall sil ver 
coin, tlci 

Dónde, ad. henee. V. Desdo 
Dendríte, sf. dendrite* 
Denegación, g • dtriial 
Denegár, va. to deny 
Denegrecer, va. to blackm, 
chango tl»e con n ten anee 
Denegrido, da. a. hlackeced 
Denegrir, va. V. Denegrecer 
Dengóau; sf. pmde 
Déngut-, sm. pi udery 
1 'enguero, ra. a. prudLh, di» 

Denigrar, ra. to denígrate or 
blacken the character of a 

Denigrativo, va. a. blacken* 
ing, stigmatizing 
Denodado, da. a. bold 
Denominar ,ra. to denomínate 
Denostador, rm. vllificr 
Denostar, va. to revile 
Penotár, va. to denote, ex* 

Denotativo, va. a. denoting 
Dwifcár, va. to condenso 

DEP í 

Pentldád, tf. denslty 
Denso, sa. a. dense, ct<K 0 
I tensan o, ad. V. Juntamente 
Dentádo, da. a. fumuhed wlth 

Dentadura, tf. a set of 

Dentál. tm. betl to which the 
ploughshare is tixed; a 
wooden fork ; tooth ihell 
Dentar, va. tu set teelh 
Dentón», */. tooth wort 
Dentecer, tm. tu teeth ; va» to 
set teeth 

Dentejón, im. voke-tree 
Denteláría, tf. lead-wort 
Denteiláda, tf. gnashing of 
the teeth, impresión made 
liy a hite of the tet-n 
Dentellado, da. a. dental 
Dentellar, tm. to gnash 
Dentelleár, va. to hite 
Dentclldn, tm. moulding of 
the Corinthian corniee 
Dentéra, tf. an unpleasant 
sen>ation or tingling pain 
in the teeth 

Dentición tf. dentition 
Denti» ulár, a. belonging or 
relating to the teeth 
Den*ísta, rm. dentist 
Dentiráno, na. a. having long 
and large teeth 
Dentón, na. a. having large 
uneven teeth 
Dentón, tm. a sea-bream 
Déntro, ad. within 
Dentudo, da. a . having large 
uneven teeth 
Deouédo, tm. boldnest 
Denuésto, tm. aftront 
De nuévo, ad. anevr 
Denuncia, tf. accusation 
Denunciadle, a. tit to be de* 

Denunciación, tf. advire 
Denunciador, «m. informer 
Denunciir, va. to advise, de- 
nounce, prognosticate, pro* 

Denunciatório, ria. a. ticlong* 
lng or relating to denuncia* 
tions or Information» 
Dcfnúncio, tm. \ .Denunciación 
Deograciax, J.fcigned devotion 
Deparar, va. tooffer 
Departa ménto, tm. depart- 
ió en t 

Depart idamente, ad. sejta- 


Departí dór, tm. distributor 
Departimiénto, tm. división, 
distance, dispute 
Departir, vn. to speak; tu. 


divide, HDtinguish by notes 
of diversity, argüe 
He, »auperár, va. to depau|>e- i 
rate. debilítate 

Dependencia, tj. dependente, 
subordinaron to a sujierior 
power, relalionddp 
Depender, vn. to depend 
Dependiénte y Dependente, 
¡mi. a dependen t 
Deplorálde, a. deplorable 
Deplorár, tu. to deplore 
Deponente, «i. making a depo- 
sition, giving evidcnce 
Dejionér, depose declare 
Itepopuladór, t . depopulatnr 
Deportar, ra. to truns]»ort to 
a certain remóte part of 
the dominión* ; rr. to take 
a diversión 

Depórte, un. diversión 
Deportólo, sa. a. V. Divertido 
Deposante, peí. deponen t 
Depo>ár, vti. V. tjepaner 
Deposición, tf. the act of re* 
inoving froin a place, depo- 
sit ion, assertinn 
Depositadór, tm. one who 
lea ves any thing in trust 
with another 
Depo.ihinte, pa. depositar, ivi. to depo&it, give, 
incluye, guaní 
Depositaría, tf. dejiository 
DejK»itário, ra. «• depositan: 
Depos i tirio, ria. a. relating to 
a depository 

DejHiMto, rm. deposit, depos i- 
tory, coffin 

Depravado, da. a. bad 
Depravador, tm. depraver 
Depravár, va. to deprave 
1 >eprecación, tf. peütion 
Deprecár, va. to entreat 
Deprecativo, va. y Depreca* 
tório, ria. a. deprecative 
Deprender, na. to leam, V. 

Depresión, t r . depresslon 
Depretericidn, tf. preterí tion 
Deprimir, va. todepreb 
Depuración, tf. depuration 
Depurár, va. to depúrate 
Depuratório, ría. a.that which 

D^raygamiénto, tm. extirpa* 

Deraygár, ra. V. Detarraygar 
Derecera, tf. highway 
Deréeha, tf. rignt barnl 
Deiécharaente, atl. directly, 
rightly, expressly 
Derechéz, tf. rlghtnet» 

I Derechéza, tf. straightnets. 



Derécho, cha. a. ríght, just; 

Hecho »/ derecho, uprightly 
Derécho, tm. right, a just 
el ai ni ; Dcréchot, taxes 
Derechoréro, ra. a. just and 
right or la w ful 
Derechura, tf. rectitude 
Derezir, ra. V. Encaminar 
Deriva, tf. ship’s course 
Derivación, tf. derivation* 
the act of separating one 
thing from another, descent 
Derivar, ra. to deríve, dedace 
¿ny thing from its origni ¡ 
conduct, convoy ¡ vn. to 
proceed froin an original 
or ancestor 

Derivativo, va. a. derivativa 
Derogar, va. to derógate 
Derogatório, ria. a. deroga* 

Derrabad úra, tf. the act of 

Derratiár, ra. to dock or cut 
ofT the tail 

Deiráma, tf. assessment of a 
tax, duty, or impost 
Derramadamente, ad. pro* 

Derramador, im. prodlgal 
Derramamiénto, tm. the act 
of sratfering or wasting 
any thing 

Derramár, ra. to drain off 
water, publish, spill; vr. 
to be scattered 

Derráme, tm the pottion of 
liquor or seed lost in mea- 
to ring ; declivity 
Deirámo, tm. profusión, the 
sloping of a wall in the 
aperture for a door or win 

Derranchádo, da. a. di sor der- 
ed, derangeü 
Derranchár, vn. to desert 
Derraspádo, a. beardiess 
Derredor, tm. circu inferen ce 
Derrengádo, da. a. incurvatcd 
Derrengadura, tf. weaknt^s 
in the liip 

Derrengár, ra. to hip 
Derrería j.V la) ad. at length 
l)erretimÍénto,sm. thaw ; vio- 
len t affection 

Derretir, va. lo liquefy , change 
money, consume ; vr. to be 
deeply in love, griete 
Derribar, na. to demolish, 
destose, ruin j vr. to tumbía 

Denílm, tm. demolition 
Derrocar, va. to precipítate 


from a rock, pulí down; 
vn. to (unible 

Derrorliadóri tm. a prodigal 
Derroehár, va. to dissipate, 

Derrostrarse, xnr. to have one’s 
face dUligured by blows 
Derróta, tf. ship's course, 
toad, rout of an army, 
opening made in fences for 

Derrotár, va. to cause todrive 
or fall otf, rout ; vn. to ar- 
rive in a place in a ruined 

Derróte, m. defeat 
Derrotero, tm. collecHon of 
sea-chart», course, V. Dtr- 

Oerrubiár, va. to drain insen* 

Derrúbio, tm. the insensible 
drain of water from ariver 
or surrounding tnarsh 
Derruecir, va. to unhorse 
Derruir, va. todetnolUh 
ÍVrrumkvdéro, tm. precipice 
Detrumbamiénto, sm. pre- 

Derrumbar, va. to precipítate 
Dermviár, va. to underminc 
Desabarrancar, va, to drag 
from a ditch 

Desabad ecér, va. not to sup- 
ply a place with provisions 
Desalterar, va. to remore or 
take away the bees from 
their hive 

Desabido, da. a. ignorant 
Desab ilié, tm. dishabille 
Desabitar, va. to unbit 
Desabollador, tm. on instru- 
ment used by tin-workers, 

Desabollar, va. to takebulges 
out of )>ewter dishes or me- 
tal vessels 

Desabono, tm. prejudice 
Desabor, tm. Insipidity 
Desabo rár, va. to render any 
thing tasteless 

Desaliorrido, da. a. esteemed 
Desabotonar, va. tounbutton ; 
vn. to blow 

Desabridamente, ad. bitterly 
Desabrido, da. a. tasteless, 
sour, hard, bleik 
Desabrigado, a. unrovered 
Desahrlgár, vn. to be naked ; 

va. to stnp 

Desabrigo, xm. nudity 
De>abrimiénto, tm. insipidi- 

tv, asperity of temper, des- 
pon. tener 



Desabrir, tm. to be insipld 
Desabrochár, va. to unclasp ; 

vr. to unbosom 
Desacabalár, ra. to pilfer 
Desacalorárse, vr. to take the 
fresh air 

Desacatádo, da. a. acting ¡n 
a disrespectful manner 
Desacatadór, ra. t. a disres- 
pectful person 

Desacatamiento, tm. di tres - 

Dcsacatár, tw. to treat In a 
disrcspectful manner 
Desacáto, tm. disrespect 
Desacerbar, va. to dulcorate 
Desaccrtádo, da. o* in considér- 

Desacertar, va. to err 
Desaciérto, im. error 
De-Acobardar, ra. to inspire 

Desacollar, va. to dig up the 
ground about vine» 
Desacomodado, da. a. debi- 
tóte of the conveniences of 
Iife, heing out of place 
Desacomodamiento, im. In- 

Desacoinodár, va. to Incom- 
mode; vr. to lose one's 

Desacompañara iénto, tm. 

want of company or society 
Desacorapafiár, va. to retire 
Desaconsejado, da. a. acting 
witliout prudence 
Desaconsejar, va. to di&su&de 
Desacordamiénto, tm. V r . De 


Detacordár, va. to discord ; 
vr. to be forgetful, dls- 

Desacó rde, a. discordant 
Desacorralár, va. to let the 
ilock or cattle out of tlic 

De Acostumbrad o, da. a. un- 

Desacostumbrár, va. to disuse 
Desacotado, tm. V. De sacoto 
Desacotar, va. to ralse the 
proliibition of fowiing 
Desacoto, tm. the act of rals- 
ing the prohibition offowi- 
ing at a ccrtain time 
Desacreditár, va. to discredit 
Desacuérdo,.roi. forgetfulness, 
discordance, error 
Desaderezar, va. to undress 
Desadeudar, va. to pay one's 

Desadorár, va. to love no more 
Desadormecer, va. to wake 


Desadornár, va. to divest of 

Desadorno, tm. want of era* 

Desadvertido, da. a. in con- 

Desadvertí mIén*o, tm. want 
of prudence 

Desadvertir, ra. to act in con- 

Desafear, ra. to make ugly 
Desafectación, tf. reserve 
Desafecto, ta. a. di-aílected 
DeAÍécfo, tm. disatfcction 
Desaferrar, va. to unfiirl th 
Mil», make loose any thing 
Dcsafeytár, va. to dirty 
Desafiadero, tm. a prívate 
groi.nd on which ducls are 

Desatiadór, *m. one wlio senda 
a challenge 

Desafiamiento, *m. V. Desafío 
Desafiar, tn. to challenge, 
rival, decompose 
Desafición, tf. disaffection 
DesaCcionár, va. to destroy 
one's desire 

Dosafinár, vn» to be inhar 

Desafío, tm. challenge, strug 
gle, distnissal 

Desaforado, da. a. huge, dis- 

Desaforár, va. to encroach 
upon one's rights; vr. to 
relinquish one’s rights 
Desaforrar, va. to take ofF the 
lining of any thing 

Desafortunádo, da. a. unfor- 

t uñate 

Desafuci.imicnto, tm. V. Des~ 
con fiama 

Desafuero, tm. excess, act of 

Desagarrár, ra. to reí case 
De»agotdr, va. V. Desaguar 
Desagraciado, da. a. ungrace* 
ful, inclegant 
Desagraciar, va. to deform 
Desagradable, a. disagrceable 
Desagradár, ve. to di>please 
Desagradecer, va. to be un- 

Desagradecimiénto, tm. in* 

Desagrado, tm. asperity, dls* 

Desagraviár, va. to give satis* 
fa< lion 

Desagrdvio y Desagraviami» 
énto, tm. satisfacti on 
Desagregar, va. to di-join 
Dcviguadóro, tm, channel 



Desoguaddr, tm. water-pfpe 

Desaguar, vi. to drain ; rn. 

to emptjr lnlo the wa 
Desaguazar, va. to drain or 
draw the water from an/ 


DeádoUe, tm. channel, extra* 
ordinar» expense 
Desaguisado, da. a. dlspro- 
portionate, botd 
Desaguisado, tm. oífence 
Desahijar, va. tu wean • tr, 
to swarm 5 applíed to bees 
sexahitdrse, or. to relieve in- 

Desahogado, da. a. free, hav- 

Deaahogár, ra. to ease pain ; 

or. to recoser, unbcKoiu 
Detahrigo y Desahogamiento, 
tm. ease, the act of dia- 
elnsing one's tToubles 
Desahuciado, da. a. gi ven over 
Desahuciar va. to despalr ot, 
drive awa/ cattle from a 
pasture ground 
Desahumado, da. a. mild 
Desahumír, to. to free from 

Desainar, va. to extenúate the of aa animal 
Desaislarse, or. to oease to be 

Desajustar, c«. to disprofior- 
tion s or. to disagree 
Desajúste, tm. the act of dls- 
Desalahár, oa. to dlspraise 
Desalabear, ra. to stralghten 
a piunk vhích is warjied 
Desalár, oa. to cut off the 

Desal hardár, take ofTthe 
par k Muidle from a beast of 
burthen, no. to put one 
out ol'breath b/ dintofla- 

Desalforjar, oa. to take ofTthe 
saddie-bag» from horses or 

De.alhujdr, oa. to unfumish 
» house or room 
Desaliento, tm. di.maj 
ItesaUñiidarnente, mi. dovenly 
Desaliñar, oa. to discofnpose 
Desaliño, tm. alovenilnes* 
Desalístar, oa. to qult the Ser- 

Desalivar, tu. to sallaste 
Des hitado, da. o. cruel, Im- 
pinus, inanimate 
Desalmamiento, tm. crueit/ 
Desaimír, va, to take awa/ 

one’s llfeln a violent man- 
ner ; to desire an/ thitig 
ver/ anxiousl/ 

Desalmenado, da. a. wlthont 
turréis, wanting an orna 

Desalmidondr, na. to take the 
starch out of Unen * 
Desalojamiento, am. expul- 
sión, dislodging 
Desalojar, t u. to dislodge the 
enemj i troo s ; va. toquit 
one's house 

Desalterar, va. to alia/ 
Desalumbrado, da. a. dazzled 
Desalumbramiento, im.bUnd- 
ness, error 

Desamable, a. hateful 
Desamaddr, tm. hater 
Desamar, na. toloveno more; 
hate, detest 

Desamarrar, va. to unmoor a 
ship, untie 

Desamasado, da. a. dissolved 
Desamigado, da. a. ceaserl to 
be a tziend 

Desamutád,</; unfriendlíness 
Desamistáme, vr. to feii out 
Desamodorrar, va. to removr 

Desamoldar, na. to unmould 
Desamür, tm. diuegard 
Desamorado, da. a. harsh 
Desamorar, ra. to rxtinguiih 
love, ccase loring 
Desamoroso, sa. o. unlorlng 
Desamorrar, va. to cheer up 
Desamotinarse, vr. to wllh- 
draw from muünj 
Desamparaddr, ra. t. deserter 
Desamparar, ra. to forsake, 
qult a place 

Deampdro, y Desamparami* 
ém •, tm. abanilonment 
De-ancúrar, nu, to weigh an 

Desandar, va. to retrograde 
Desandrajado, da. a. ragged 
Desangrar, na. to bleed one lo 

Desanidar, nrt. to forsake the 

De-animár, na. to deprive of 
lile, di liearten 
Desanudar, va. to untie 
Desañadadura, tj. explica- 

Desapacibilidad, tf. rudeness 
Desapacible a. tharp 
Desapartar, ra. to un match 
Desaparecer, na. «o bidé ; nn. 

y r ■ to (U.-ippear 
Desaparee únlénto, m. the act 
of disappcnrliu; 

^ 12 

' DES 

Desaparejar, tes. to nnhanicM 
beasts, unrig a ship 
Desaparroquiarse, vr. to 
change one s p.trish 
IHs apartar, ra. to part 
Desapasionar, na. to remove 
or rout out a pación 
Desapegar, va. tndisjuin ; nr. 

to lie impartial 
Desapego, .m. al enation of 
love . impartíala/ 
Desapercibido, da. u. unguard* 

ed, ca relesa 

Desapestár, na. to cure per- 
son» ¡nfected vrith tho 

Desapiadado, da. a. impioua 
Desapiladór, tm. one who 
take» down the piles ot 
wool ín a sheering place 
Deoipioiar, n«. to loo-n the 
s'bñ'g» with which game U 

Desaplicaciún, </. inapplica- 

Desaplicado, da. a. indoient 
Desapodetádo, da. a. furiulla; 

I le-, i). miera miento, im. exces- 
sive lioldness 

Desapoderar, ra. t o d i . ] s )S I esc, 
revoke a poner of attorne/ 
Desapolillar, ra. lo olear of 
moths ; v. to take ihe air 
vrhen it is coid 
Desaposentar, va. to tum one 
out of Ids lodgittgs 
Desaposesionar, na. dispot- 

Desapostar, va. to di.lodge 
Ihe enerar from a post -liar, va. to reutove the 
ioundatiou of an opinión 
Desapreciar, na. to deprecíate 
Desaprecio, tm. deprecia! ion 
Desaprender, va. lu unlearrt 
Desaprcn-4r. na. to take a- 
»»J thegloss which W.uhes 
or an/ othor things ubtain 
in tlie prese 

Desapreiar, va. tosiacken 
Desaprisionar, na. tu reiease 
from conlinement 
Des.tpri.liar, na. to tí Nttpprave 
Desapropiamiento, *m .aliena- 

Despropiarse, vr. to aliénate 
Desaprópi m. aiienation 
De -aprovechado, da. a. use. 

lcss ; liack wnrd 
Deshpi ovcchamicnto, tm. 

Desaprovechar, tu. to wastef 
nn. to be h.u-kwan» 



Desapuntalar, va. to talce a- 
w.ty the props or supporu 
Desapuntar, va. to unstitch ; 
lose one's aitn ; to ctlace the 
days of ab»ence from the 

Desarbolé, va, to unmast a 

Desarbolo, sm. the act of un- 
masting a ship or laying 
her up in ordinary 
Desarenar, va, to takc away 
the sand 

Desareno, nn. the act of clear- 
ing a place of sand 
Desarmador, nn, he who dis- 
charges a gun 

Desann.tdúra y Dexarmamlén- 
to, s. the act of disarniing 
Desalmar, va, to disarm ; lin- 
do a thing ; dismount a 
cross-bow ; butt 
Desarme, sm. disarming of 

Desarrapado, da. a, ragged 
Desarraygtfr, va, to er acúcate 
Desarraigo, nn. eradication 
Desarre b o /Ar, va. to unmuf- 
tle, va. to unfold 
Desarreglado, da. a. iinmo- 

Desarreglar, va, to disorder 
Desarreglo, sm. dUoider 
Desancvolvér, va. V. Desen- 

Desarrimé, va. to remove, 
dissuade, dehort 
Desarrimo, sm. want of props 
Desarrollar, va, to unroll 
Desarromadizár, ;*a. to cure of 
a coid 

D^arropár, va. to uncover 
Desarrugar, va. to take out 

Desai ruinar, va. to unload a 

Desai tilldr, t«a. to take the 
guns out of a ship 
Desasido, da. a. without han- 

Desasear, m. to make dlrty 
Desasegurar, va. to lose the 
secur'ty of any thing; vr. 
to arise from one’s seat 
Desaseo, m. nncleaniiness 
Desasesádo, da. a. sen&cles* 
Desasimiento, sm. the act of 

Desasir, va. to looren ; vr. to 
dhengage une*ft self 
Desainar, tus. to deprive one 
of hit avves 

Dwasociáblo, a. untoclable 
“ Ü6 


Desasosegar, va. to disqulet 
Desasosiego, nn. reslle^sness 
Desastrado, da. a. wrctched, 

Desastre, sm. dlsaster 
Desatacár, va. to 1 oosen 
Desatadór, sm. he who untles 
Desatadura, Desata miento, s. 

the act of untylng 
Desatancar, va. to elcan the 
sewers aml conduits 
De-a tapad vira, sj'. the act of 

Desatapár, va. to uncover 
Desatar, va. tountie; liquefy : 
vr. to give loose to one's 

Desatascár, va. to draw out of 
the mud 

Desatavié, va. to strip oíT de* 

Desatavío, sm. uncleanliness 
Desatención, tf. want of at- 

Desatender, va. to disregard 
Desatentado, da. a. inconsi- 
derate, acting in an ab»urd 

Desaten t amianto, sm. V. De- 

Desatentar, va. to pertúrbate 
the mind 

Desaténto, ta. a. inattentive, 

Desatesádo, a. weak 
Desatesoré, va. to spend the 

Desatinado, da. a extrava- 

Desatinado, sm. idlot 
Desatinár, va.todcrange one's 
mind ; throw into a violent 
passion ; talk nonseiue ; 
reel, stagger 

Desatino, sm. reeling, stagger - 
ing; inadness 

Desatollár, va. to pulí out of 
the mud 

Desatolondrado, da. a. reco- 
vered from stupor 
Desatolondrarse, vr. to re- 
cover one's senses 
Desatontarse, vr. to recovor 
one's self from stupefactkm 
Dcsatracár, va. to sheer oít* 
Desatraer, va. to di^)nin 
Desatraillar, va. to uncouplc 

Desatrampé, va. to cica r or 
i»ean any condult 
Desatrancar, va. to unbar 
Desatufarse, vr. to grovr calm 
Dcsaturdiddr, sm. he who 
rouses 01 anímate* 


Desaturdir, va. to anímate 
Desautoridad, 4/*. want of au- 

Desautorizar, va. to disatt* 

Desavahado, da. a. uncovered 
Desavahar, va. to evapórate; 

vr. to grow lively 
Desavecindado, da. a. desert- 

Desavecindarse, vr. to be de» 
serted by the inhabitanta 
Desavenencia, 4/*. discorü 
Desavenido, da. a. ciiscordant 
Desavenir, va. to disagree 
Desaventajado, da. a. disad- 

Desavezamiónto, sm. want of 
u*e or custom 

Desavezár, va. V . Desacos • 

Desavidr, va. to go astray 
Desaviltádo, da. a. V. Des* 

Desavío, sm. the act of going 
astray ; want of the necee* 
sary means for any thing 
Desavisido, da. a. uñad vi sed 
Desavisé, va. to give a con- 
trary account 

Dcsayiádo, da. a. unhand* 

Desayré, va. to disregard 
Desa/re, xrn. scorn 
Desayud r, va. not to assist, 
but oppose one with regard 
to his claimt or rights ; vr. 
to be negligent 

Desayunarse, vr. to break- 

Desayúno, sm. break fas t 
Dcsay untamiento, sm. dl&so- 

Desayuntár, va. to disr.nlte 
Desayustar, va. to unbend a 

Desazogdr, va. to take ofF the 
quicksilver from a looking- 

Doazdn, sm. insipidity, di** 
gnst ; untítness of asoil 
Desazonado, da. a. ill-adapt* 
ed, peevish 

Desazonar, va. to render taste- 
lcss ; disgiist ; vr. to be &ick 
Desbabé, vn. to drivel ¡ vr. 

to be ¡n love to extreinity 
Desbagar, va. to extract the 
tlax *eed from tlie capsule 
Desbal ijamiénto, sm. the act 
ofplundering a poxtman- 

Deslía! i jé, va. to gut one* 

t Digitized by 


üe»b.'l!estir, va. lo unbesd a 

Desbancar, va. to clear a 
room of the benches which 
it containéd 

Desbandarse, vr. to disband 
Desbaratadamente, «i. disor- 

Desbaratado, da. a. de- 

Desbaratamiento, tm. per tur - 
bation , commotion 
Desbaratadi5r,ra.z. a debauch- 

Desbaratir, va. to destroy any 
tbing ; defeat an army ; 
araste ; vn. to speak fo»l- 
Ishly ¡ vr. to be confound- 

Desbaráte y Desbaráte, tm. 
the act of roating or defeat- 
ing ; {gnorance 
Desbaraustár, va. to ditcom- 

Desbarbado, da. a. beardleu 
Desbarbar, va. to shaee 
Desbarbillar, va. to pnine the 
roots vrhich spring from the 
stems of young riñes 
Desbardár, va. to uncorer a 
Wall or fcnce 
Desbarrár, vn. to slip 
Desbarretar, va. to unbar 
Desbarrigár, va. to erenternte 
Desbdrro, tm. the act of slip. 

ping ; nonsense 
Desbastadúra, if. the act of 

Desba-tir, va. to plana, trlm, 
pollsh; waste 

Desbáste, tnu the act of hew- 
Ing or polishing 
Desbastecido, da. a. that 
which ¡s without sufflcient 

Desbazadéro, tm. humld 
Desbecerrár, va. to wean 
Desblanquecido, da. «. V. 

Desbocado, da. a. «pen-mouth- 
ed; broken-Up]ied 
Desbocamiento, m. Imper- 

Desbocár, va. to break the 
brim of a miig or other res- 
sel ¡ vn. to disent bogue ; be hard-mouthed, use 
abusive language 
Desbombár, va. to pump out 

Desbooetárse, vr. to take ofT 
the cap or bonnet 
Desboquillar, va. to break the 

‘ DES 

Desbordár, vn. to orerflow 
Desboronar, va. V. De t mo- 
rona r . 

Desborrár, va. to cut ofT the 
loo se threads of stuff 
Desboiir, va. to take off the 
mouldings of a «tatué » 
Desbragado, da. a. unbreeched 
Desbraguetido, da. a. having 
the tire part of the breeches 
unbuttoned and opened 
Desbravár y Desbravecér, vn. 
totame; lessen or dimlnish 
the strength of any thing 
Desbrazárse, vr. to extend 
one’s arms 

Desbrerárse, vr. to evapórate 
Desbriznar, va. to minee 
Desbrozár, va. tn el car away 

Desbruár, va. to cleatt cioth of 

De»hrujár, va. V. Detmoronar 
Desbuchar, va. to disclose 
one's secreta ; case the Ito- 

Desbulla, tf. the part of an 
ovstcr that reinaras on the 

Desbullár, va. to extract an 
oyster from íts sheli 
Désca, tf. tar-pot 
Descabal, a. imperfect 
Descabalar, va. to pilfer 
Descabalgar, vn. to dismount ; 

va. to dismount 
Descabellado, da. «. dishevel- 
led, rlolent 

Descabellad tira, tf. the act 
! and effect of tossing the 

Descabellamiento, tnu V. Det- 

Descabellar, va. to dlsorder or 
undress the hair 
Descabellarse, or. V. Detgre- 

Descabrestrár, va. to unhalter. 

V. Detencabeetear 
Descabezado, da. a. beheaded, 

Descabezamiento, tm. the act 
of beheading 

D escabel ir, va. to behead ; 
pnt an end to; surniount- 
Deteabexar el sue lo, to take 
a nap; vn. to termínate; 
vr. to screw one's wjts 
Descabritar, va. to wean goats 
Descabullirse, vr. to sneak ofF 
Descaderar, va. to sprain or 
dislócate the hip 
Descaklildr, va. to cut ofF the 
loosa threads of the warp 


Descaecér, vn. to decliiMb 
droop, decay ; edge away 
Descaecido, da. a. weak 
Descaecí miénto y Descalco!» 
énto. tm. weakness, dési . 

Descalabazarse, or. to puzzle 
one's brains 

Descalabrado, da. u. injured 
Descalabradura, tf. contusión 
ln thehead 

Descalabrar, va. to wound the 
head with a blow ; lmpeach 
ones character 
Descalabro, tm. a calamitous 

Descalandrajar, va. to rend 
one's clothes 

Descalcafialár, tía. to smoolh 
Descalcañar, va. to cut otF tha 
talons or Ueels 

Descalcéz, tf. nudity of tha 

Descaí laddr, tm. V. Herrador 
Descalostrádo. da. o. having 
past the days of the first 

Descálzalo, da. a. barefooted 
Descalzar, va. to pulí ofF the 
shoes and stocklngs ; ra- 
ra ore an impesllment; vr. 
to be barefooted 
Descalzo, za a. barefooted 
Descaminado, rea. V. Des- 

Descaminar, m. to misgulde, 
seduce one from his duty ; 
seize upon goods not having 
palu duty 

Descamino, tm. seizure oí 
goods for which no duty 
was paid ; the goods thus 

Descamisado, da. a. naked 
Descampado, da. a. disen. 


Descampar, vn. V. Eteampar . 
Decansádamente, ad. casily 

Descansadero, tm. place of 

Descansado, da. a. procuring 
rest or ret>ose 

Descansar, vn. to rest from 
labour, pause ín the cueca- 
tion of a thing; re»t, re- 
pose; be mterred; va. to 
aid another m labout 
Descánsa (A'l Harriáro, ad. 

convenicntly, handsoiuely 
Descanso, tm. rest ; cause of 
tranquiUity ; undress of 
ladie, ; day of rest; haltlng 
day fur soldler» on a tuaich 




De*cnnteár, va. to smooth an- 
or romero 

Desranterár, va, to take ofF 
therrust of any thing 
Descantillar y De^cantonár, 
va. to pare otf ; su b trac t 
part ÍToin a tota! 

Descañár . break the ann 
or leg 

Descañonar, va. to pluck out 
the fcathers of* a birj ; 
shave cióse 

» Descapár, va : to «trip one of 
his cloak 

Descaperu/árse, vr. to unco- 
ver one’» head 

Descapillar, va. to ahake otr 
the hood 

Destarado, da. a. impudent 
Desea rárse, vr. to behave in 
an impudent or insolent 

Descarga, the act of dis- 
burthening; volley ; un* 
loadiug of the cargo of a 
ahip. Descarga de mi tuina, 
clearance at the custum- 

Descargadero, rm. wharf 
Descargador, va. whartinger 
Descargadora, \f. the act of 
taking bone> out nf mcat, 
to render it moreu*eful 
Deuargár, va. to alleviate a 
burthen ; un load firc-armx ; 
to unship a cargo ; va. 
disetn bogue , rr. to as'úgn 
a cau't of non -appcar anee 
when sunimoned ; re»ign 
one s place 

Descargo, sm. exoneration. 

acquittance, plea 
Descargúe, sm. alleviation 
from any burthen 
Descariñarse, vr. to lose the 
love or atrection for a 

Descariño, sm. coolness 
Descarnad. »r, sm. instrument 
with which the He*h is re- 
moved from a tooth 
Descarnadura, sf. the act of 
removing the tlesh 
Descarnar, va. to sepárate the 
ilesh from the bone ; take 
away part of a thing ; vr. 
to run through one» for 
tune to the advantage of 

De»cáro, sin. impudence 
Descarriamiento, sm. the act 
of luslng one’s w ay 
Descarriar, va. to iead astray ; 
•eparate cattle one ñon) 


another ; vr. to be dis> 

Descarrillár, va. to tear the 
jawt asunder 

Descarrío, sm. the act of go- 
ing astray 

Desear* ár, va. to discard ; vr. 

to excuse one’s »elf 
Descárte, sm. the cards dis- 
carded, the act ofdiscarding 
Descasamiento, sm. divorce 
Descasar, va. to divorce 
Dcscascár, va. to decorticate ; 

vr. to break into pieces 
Descascarar, va. to decorti- 
cate ; vr. to come olf 
Descaspár, va. to scrape otf 
the fleshy parís of a hule 
which i» half dressed 
Descasque, sm. decortication 
Descastar, va. to lose the cast 
Desean. tábido, da. a. applied 
to tho»e who have lost Iheir 

Descaudilür* va. to be con- 

Desee bár, va. to un prime fire- 

Descendencia, sf. descent 
Descendente, sm. desrendant 
Deseen dér, vi», to desceñó ; 
ex pacíate on a subject ; iet 

Descendida, tf. de>cent 
Descendióme, a descendant 
Descendimiento, sm. the act 
of descending 

Descensión , sj~ descensión 
Descenso, %m. descent 
Descénta, sf. descent 
Deseen idúra. sf. dhjunction 
Desceñir, va. to ungird 
Descepó?, va. to eradicate 
Descerár, va. to take the emp- 
ty combs from a bee-hive 
Descercado, da. a. open 
Deseen adór, sm. l\e that 
forcé» the enemy to raise a 

Descercái, va. to destroy a 
wall ; to obligo the cncii y 
to raise a niege 
Descérco, sm. üie act of rals- 
ing a » ege 

Descerr ajado, da. a. corrupt 
Descerrajada ra, #/; the act of 
taking olf fastenings 
Descerrajar,»’*. to take oír the 
lock» of a door, chest, or 

Dtfscerrumárse, rr. to be 
wrenched or dutorted 
Descervigár, va. to twi»t the 


Descetranái , va. tokrunr tfm- 
ber to its very heart 
Descifrador, sm. decipherer 
Descifrar, va. to deriphei 
Desciinentár, va. to pulí down 
to the ground 

Descmchar, va. to ongirth a 

Desclavador, sm. an i ristra - 
ment for drawing nails 
Desclavar, va. to unnail 
Descoagulár, va. to liquefy 
Descobijar, va. to pulí the 
stem from a grape 
Descobertúra, sj. disco very 
Descobijar, va. to unrover 
Descocado, da. a. t>«»ld 
Descocar, va. to iree treea 
from inseets ; rr to be iiu- 

DescocéT, ra. to dígest 
Deseól o, sm. facedness 
De.codar, va. to rip 
Descogér, va. to unfold 
Dése ogol Llr, vn. to take oct 
the heart of a plant 
Descogoiádo, da. a. having 
the ncck expoed 
De»cogotái, ra. to killa beast 
bf ®ne Now on the na)ie; 
knock olf the hora* of a 
stag at one blow 
Devcolár, va. to dock 
Descolchiár, va. to untwiit a 

Descolgar, va. to take down 
wliat ha» kuuig up ¿ vr. to 
come down gently 
Desí'oligáilo, da. a. witndrawn 
from n league or ooalitton 
Descolladamente, ad. loftíly 
Di collamiónto, sm. V. Lks- 

Descollar, vn. to excel ; vr. 
exceed, outdo 

Descoimiiür, va. to draw or 
pulí out thegTinden 
IVscaloramiéiito, «m, palé- 


Descol arár, va. to discolour 
Descolorido, da. a. palé 
Descolorimiento, sm. paleness 
Descolorir, ra. to discolour 
Descombrar, ra. to reñí ove 
o botarles 

Descomedido, da. a. haughty, 
rude, impudent 
Descomedimiento, sm. rude- 
ness. incivility 
Des« onudírse, vr. to be rude 
Descomí miento, «vr. an &f- 
fected disdain of a thing ^ > 
Descomodádo ó 1 c-comudo, 
da. a. incoinmodious 



Digitized by C 


PescTmodidJd, tf. incom 
ni dity 

Descompadrar, tm. to <li«- 

D-scompasádo, da. a. exre i 
si ve 

Descompasarse, rr. to exceed 
all rule 

Descom¡ionér. va. to rltscom- 
po.e, ilestTor harmuny a- 
inung frieuas ; rr. lo be 
<mt of tem)ier. be indlspot 
«1 or out of arder 
Descomposición, tf. disorder 
Descompostura, tf- ditcora- 
posure, slovenliness, Impu- 

Descompuesto, ta. a. auda- 

Di-comuigddo, da. a, per- 

Deacomulgadnr, na. he that 
proclaims an excotnmum- 

Doteomulgdr, na. to excom- 

Descomunal, a. nncommon 
Descomunión, 4 f. excotnmu- 

Desconccrtído, da. a. disor - 

Desconcertador, na. dlatnrber 
Desconcertadora, tj. disco m- 

Desconccrtár, va. to dUcom- 
pose ; vr. to disagree, lux* 
ate, dlsjoint 

Desconchar, va. to anscale 
Desconcierto, tm. disorder, 
want of prudence, indo- 
lente, flux 

Desconuirdia, tf. discord 
Desconejir, is>. to klll a num- 
ber of rabbíts 

Desconfiado, da. a. diffident 
Desconfióme, pa. dhtrusting 
Desconfiánza, t/i dilüdence, 

Desconfiar, na. to diffide 
Desconfnrmdr, vn. to dissent 
Desconfórme, a. dúcordani, 
unequal, unllke 
Desconfornildóit. tf. dlsagree- 
ment, inequaltty 
De, conocdr y Dcscon otcér, tío. 
to ilisown, be total ly ióno- 
rant of 

Desconocido, da. a. angrate* 

ful, di.gulsed 

Desean.,, ¡miento, na. igno- 

Desconsentir, na. to <Us«ent 
Dest onsidurddo. Jo. a. Incon- 


Desconsolado, da. a. discon- 
solate, sick 

Desconsolar, na. to afllict 
Desconsuelo, na. allllctlon, 
d snrder in tile organs of 

Descontagidr, va. to pur.fy 
Dcscuntaiulénto, tm. V . Da- 

Descontór, na. to discoant 
Descontentadizo, xa. a. dis- 
conten ted 

Disconlenlór, va. to discon- 
tent, dlssatisfy 
Descontento, tm. discon tent 
Descontento ta. a. disoontent 
Descontinuar, na. to discon- 
tinué, lea re of f 
Descontinuo, ua. a. dlsjoined 
Desconvenible, e. dlscordant 
Desconven íncia, tf. incoin- 
modltv, discord 
Desconveniente, pa. discord- 
ing, inconvenícnt 
Desconvenir, na. to discord 
Desconversable, a. unsocial 
Descnnversár, vn. to be unso- 

De.conviddr, na. to revoke 
Descopár, va. to lop olf the 
branches of a tree 

Descorazonar, ua. to pulí out 
the heart 

Descorrhaddr, tm. one who 
tipa ofiTthe bark of a cork- 

Descorchar, va. to deoortlcate 
a cork tree ; break a bee- 
hlve to Steel the honey 
Descorddr, va. to uncord an 

Descorderár, va. to »ean 

Descornó r, na. to dishorn 
Descorrear, tm. to loasen the 
skln that cos er» the tender- 
lings of a deer 

Descorregido, da. a. IncorTi- 

Descorrér, ca. to ílow, retro- 

Descorrí mlénto,rm. the flux- 
ión of any liquid 
Descortés, a. unpolite 
Descortesía, tf- inclvtllty 
Descurte* aódr, tm. one who 
rips olf the bark 
Docortexór, va. to decorti- 
cale, break in a horse; nr. 
to be rude 

Descosedura, tf- unseaming 
Doscosér, ni. to unseam, rip 
Descosidamente, ad. aicei- 


Descosido, ski. rlpplng 
Descosido, da. a. unseamed 
Descostillar, na. to tmke out 
the rihs ; «r. to bll with 
great violence on one's back 
Descostrár, va. to take olf the 

DescostUmbre, tm. disuse 
Descotdr, i-a. to remore a re- 
striction from the use o 
any road or proper y 
Descoyuntamiento y Descoy 
tinto, tm. luxation 
Descoyuntar, na. to luíate th 
boues, vex | vr. to experi 
ence tome vioient motion 
Descree éncia, tf. decrement 
Descrecer, n». to decrease, 
fail, grow short 
Descrccimiento, tm. derreaM 
Descrédito, tm. discredit 
Descrtpusculár, na. to re- 
mo ve the twilight or dawa 
Descrcér, na. ta d.slielleve 
Descreído, da. a. incredulotu 
DescresUr, nu. to take olf the 

Descriarse, vr. to weakrn, 
extenúate, pine 
Describir, nu. ta draw, do- 
te r i lie 

Descripción, tf- descri]itlon 
Descriptivo, va. descriptivo 
Descripto y Descrito, ta. m, 

Descrismar, va. to gire one a 
IHosr on the bead 
Descristianar, va. to enrage 
Dcscniclficár, na. to taka 
from a crucifix or crosa 
Desc rucár, va. to undo tbo 
iurm of a crosa 
Descuajar, va. todlsiolve 
Descuajo, im. eradicmtlon 
Descubiérta, tf. pie wlthcul 
an upper crust ; recogni- 

Descubiertamente, ad. openty 
Descubiérto, tm. the whole of 
á dlscovery ; the uncov«red 
part of a house ; balance of 

Descubierto, ta. a, uncovered 
Descubridero, ros. ominen co 
Descu bridór, ra. i. ditcoverer, 
in vestí gatoe 

DescubrUniénto, tm. difea- 

Descubrir, na. to uncover any 
thing, di>cover,find out,ex- the sacra ment to Pub- 
lic srorship ¡ Da* u.'irir la ti- 
errazo make the land i Da- 
cubrir ti campa, to rocoimoO- 


tre; trr. to uncovor one's 

Descuéllo,zm.excessi ve height 
of an animal 

Descuénto, im. sum paid in 
art of payinent of a debt, 

Descuernacabras, sm. coid 
north wind 

Descuerno y Descubro, sm. 
V. Drsayrc 

Descu. dado, da. a. careles*, 
unwary, slovenly 
Descu iddr, va, to relieve from 
, care, remier careles* ; vr. 

to l#e forgetful of one’s duty 
Descuido, im. Indolence, want 
of attentiun, inmrudence 
Descuitado, da. a . living with 
out tronblc or care 
Descultizár, va. to frce the 

Dexmnbrádo, da. a, level 
De»cutnplír, va, not to fullil 
<»ne’s duty 

Descúra, </’. V. DescuiJo 
Desdar, tw. to untwist a ro|>c 
Desde, prep. aince,aftcr,from ; 
De ule aquí, IVoni tilia place ; 
Desde allí, l henee ; tul. V. 
Después Je 

Desdecir, va. to give the Ue 
to ; vn. to derenerate, dif- 
fer ; vr. to gainsay 
Desden, «wi. disdain/atfront 
i>esdentado, da. a. wilhout 

Desdentár, va. to draw or 
pulí out teeth 

Desdeñable, a. contemptible 
Desdeñaudr, ra. *. une who 
scurnt or dudain* 

Dcadcñár, ra. to «Uidain ; i r. 

to l>e disdainful 
Desdeño, sm. scorn 
Desdeñoso, *a. a. disdalnftil 
Desde vaiuir, va. to un wind or 
undo a clew 

Desdicha, tf . inisfortune 
Desdichado, da. a. unfortu- 

Desdtnerir, vn. to rob of mo* 


Dc#lohlár, va. to take out the 
fold»; resume the thread 
of a speech, explota 
Desddn, sm. sillines* 
Desdonádo, da. a. gracelexs 
Desdonár, va. to take back 
wliat had been given os a 
presen t 

Desdorár, va. to take ofT the 
gilding of any thing 
Do-dormido, da. a. alarmed 


Desddro, sm. dislionour 
Deseáhle, sm. de* ¡rabie 
Deseadrfr, sm. he who de- 
aires or wishes 
Deseár, ra. to desire, claim 
Desecamiento, sm. cx&icca- 

Desccánte, pa. dryinp 
Destcár, va. to dry, stop 
Desecativo, va. a. desi cea - 

Desee Indamente, aJ. vilely 
Doechár, va. to deprecíate, 
reject, refuse, ex peí 
Desécho, sm. residue, reftise 
Desedificar, va. to demoiish, 

De*eguída, sf. a prostttute 
Desellár, va to unseal 
Desem ballestár, va. to dispose 
to a descent 

Desem banastár, ra. to take 
out of a oasket what it con- 
tair.s ; draw the sword ; tr. 
to break out or loose 
Desembarazado, da. a. free 
Desem tiarazár, va. to free, on- 
burtheti ; vr. to l»e extrico- 
ted froin difflculties 
Desembarizo, sm. freedom 
Desembarcadéro, sm. land* 

Desembarcar, va. to unship ; 

vn. to disembark 
De>embdreo, sm. di-embarka- 
tion ; landing place at the 
top of a flight of stairs; 

I>e .enibargáilamentc,üd. free- 

Desembargar, va. to remove 

De.- embargo, sm. the act of 
removing an impedlment, 
the act of raising an em- 

Desembarque, sm. dbembar- 

Descmbarrár, ra. to clear any 
thing of mud 

Desem hoúlar, va. to empty a 

Desem bebecérse y Desemlie- 
bér, vr. y n. to recover the 
use of one’s sen*es 
Desem beh-sine, vr. to f eco- 
ver from amazement 
Desemblanza, V* V. Deseme- 

Desembocad tiro y Desemboca- 
dura, $. the niouth of a 

Desembocar, vn. to diaeni- 



Desembolsar, va. to etnply a 
purse, dUbnrse 
Desem bdlso, sm. disburse- 

Desen. borrachir, va. to grow 

Desemlxscánri vr. to get out 
of the woods 

Desem box á remove the 
zilk-podsfroin the souihem 

Desem Uizár, va. to un mutile 
the face 

Desembozo, sm. the nct of un- 
muflling the face, freedom 
of »i»eech 

Desen» bra vecé r, vn. to tame 
I >escm bravee, i miénto, rm. the 
act of taming 

Desembrazar va. to dart or 
throw wi*ajK>ns 
Desem briagár.-e, vr. to grow 

Desembridar, va. to unbrid’e 
a horse 

Desem buchár, t*a. to dtsgorge 
Deseinbudár vn. to draw out 
any thing as if it wcrt 
through a tu uncí 
Desemejante, o. dissimilar 
Desemejanza, sf. dbshnüi- 

Dwemcjár, vn. to 1* dissimi- 
lar ; va. to tnask 
Desempacár, va. to unpack ; 

rr. to gruw ralm 
Desem pac hár.-.e, vr. to dis- 
charge indigestión» from 
the stomach 

Desempacho, rm. forward 

Desem padrár, va. to vleprive 
one of bis fatlier 
Desempalagar, va. to clesn 
one’s )>alate 

Desempañar, va. to clenn a 
iooking-glass which is tai- 

Dc*emp»pelár, va to take any 
thing out of the paper in 
which it was wraj#ped up 
Desem paquetár, va. to un- 

Descmparejár, va. to un- 
match ; vn. to part 
Desemparvár, r»a. to heap or 
store up grain 

Desempatar, va. to make un- 

Desem pedradór, nn. dilapi- 

De>empedrár, va. to undoj 
break up the pavemeutj 
frequent a placo 

•igitized by 


Desempegar, ra. to take off 

the pitch from an; thing 
Dc*em|«ñár, va. to redeem, 
perforen one’s duty ; affalr 
Desempaño, ik. the «ct oí 
redeemlng a pledge, per- 
formance of an obligation, 

D¿etn|ieorárse, vr. to recover 
trom sícknea 

JDwemiiererár, va. to relin- 
qulsh habita of lazine&s 
Desempolvorar, va. to dust 
Desempotrár, va. to remo** 
the prop» which support 
an; thing 

Deaem poiofiár, tu. to expel 


Dewtmpulgir, va. to unbend 
a bow 

Desenalbardar, va. to take ofT 
a pack-saddle 

Desenamorar, va. to de»tro; 
lotre ¡ vr. to telinqulsh 
trae’s opinión 

Desencabalgado, da. a* V. 

Desencaltesirár, va. to dlt- 
entangie a beast from the 

Desencadenar, na. to unchain 
Desencalabrinar, tío. to re- 
mowe duzjness 
Desenoateár, no. to loasen 
what wat caked 
Desencallar, va. to set a ship 
alloot which haa struck on 
a rock; ground 
Desencaminar, va. to go futra; 
Desencantar, va. to disen- 

Desencatarár, va. to draw 
from a baUotlngbox the 
ñames of persona for an of- 

Desencinto, im. disenchant- 

Desencapotar, no. to ttrip eme 
of hisgreat coat; vr. tola; 
asi de looka of displeasure 
Desencaprichar, tw. to dis* 

■ so ade from error 
Desencarcelar, va. toletease 
from confinement 
Desencarece», va. to tewer 
the prica of an; thlng 
Desencamir, ra. to take the 
fat from dojfa meat 
Desenca*tir, khe tha caw 
Desencastillar, va. to drhre 
out of a castle 

Desen caxam tentó j Deten- 
edle, rm. aet of Alatli. Itleg 
as unoasiug 


Deten caldr, va. to tan a 
thing out lta place 
Deven carondr, va. to unpack 
Desencerrar, va. to free from 
confinen! ent 

Desencintar, va. to untte 
Desenclavar, na. to draw or 
take out nalla 

Desenclavijar, to take out 

De-encogdr, ra. to spread 
Desencogimtento, «m. expe- 

Desencoldr, va. to unglue 
Desencolerixárae, vr. to grow 

Desenconar, tas. to cure an 
Inflammition j vr. to make 
mi Id 

Desencdno, tm. settiing or 
mitlgating anger 
Desencordar, va. to onstrlng 
Desencordelar, «a. to untte 

Desencorvar, va. tostraighten 
Desencrespar, va. to uncttrl 
Desen deraonür ; Desendi- 
ablár, va. to exorclte 
Desendiosar, va. to humbte 

Desenfadaderas, ef. pl. Tener 
desenfadaderas, to take 
meons to estríente one‘a 
aelf from dlfficultles 
Desenfadado, da. a. free, wide 
Desenfadar, no. to abate an* 
pee ¡ vr. to be entertained 
Detenftdo, tm. freedom, 
calmil est 

Desenfaldarse, vr. to let fall 
the traln of a guwn 
Desenfamár, va. V. Disfamar 
Desenfardar ; Desenfardelar, 
va. to unpack 

Desenfatuar, va. to ande- 

Desenfrenamiento ; Desen- 
freno, rm. unruliness 
Desenfrenar, va. to unbridle; 
or. to give a loase to one’s 

Desenfundar, tw. to take out 
of a bag, bolstcr, pillow. 
case, flte. 

Desenfurecerte, vr. to grow 

Desengañado, da. m. onde-, rioplcabte 
DeaangaAaddr^m. ondeceiver 
Desanpsfiir, va. to undeceire 
Desenganchar, tw. to unhook 
DaaettgaAifilr, va. to disen - 
gagr from thegrasp 
TVtñganu ; D esa ngafr a mian - 


to, em. the act ct and*, 
ceiving, the mere trutb, 

Desengairafar,tw. to anfruten 
from claws tur eteoebed fin- 

Desengarrar, tw. to tmravel 
Desengastar, tw. to take a dia- 
mond out of a ring,or other 
thing, where it waa set 
Desengoznar, va. la unhinge 
Desengrasar, tw. to take out 

Desengrosar, va. to extenúate 
Desengrudar, tw. to sarape 
or ruh off the paste fkum 
an; thing 

Desen hadar, va. to remore 
the dixgust of an; thing ; 
ve. to be rendered pleased 
Desenhebrar, tw. to unthread 
Desenhetrábte, a. extilcabte 
Desenhetrar, va. to disen tan. 
gle the hair 

Desenhornar, va. to take out 
ot the oten 

Desepkexir, tw. to untaddte 
Desenjaular, tw. to free from 
• «Me 

Desenlabonar, no. to unchain 
Desenladrillar, va. to take up 
floor tiles 

Desenlatar, va. to unlace, dis- 

Desenlosar, tw. to take up a 
floor made of flags 
Desenlutar, tw. to leave off 

Desenmarañar, ve. to disen- 

Desenmohecer, «a. to rnb off 

Desenmudecer, tw. to remore 
an impedlment of specch 
Desenpjár, ns. to appease an- 
ger j vr. to recreate 
Desendjo, tm. abatement of 

Descnojdso, sa. a. that which 
can assuage anger 
Deitefto, un. V. De signio 
Desen o u ademár, va. to mi- 
bina V. ¡upsíetdr 
Devenrai anido, da. a. unrea- 

Desenredar,», to disen tanate 
Desenredo, em. disentangte- 

Desenrollar, tw. to unroll 
Desenroñecér, va. to take off 
the niit from metal 
Desenroquecér, va. to free 
froto hoarvenasa 
103 < 


Desentaban dr, va. to change 
the sheet* 

Desensañar, va. to assuage 

Desensartár, va. to unthread 
Desensebar, va. to itrip a hc- 
goat of his fat 

Dcscnsenár, va. to take out 
oí the breast 

Desenseñado, da. a. untaught 
De-enseñainiénto, tm. ignor- 
an ce 

Desenseñar, va. tounleam 
Desensillar, va. to unsaddle 
Desensoberbecerse, vr. to be- 
come hnmble 

Desensortijado, da. a. luxated 
Desentablái, ra. to rlp off 
plan lis ; erobroil an afTatr 
Desentalcngdr, va. to unbend 
• a cable 

Des entender tí Desentenderse, 
vn. y r. to fcígn not to un- 
derstand a thing 
Desentendido, da. a. feigned 
Detemerradtír, tm. he who 

Desenterramiento, tm. diiln- 

Desenterrar, va. to unbury 
Desentierramuertos, tm. ca- 
luinniator of tile dead 
Desentoldar, va. lo take away 
the awning 

Desentonación, tf. dissonance 
Desentonamiento, irn. disso- 

Desentonar, va. to humble; 
vn. to be out of tune; vr. 
to be of a coarse address 
Desentono, im. disharmony 
Desentornillar, va. to unscrew 
Desentorpecerse, vr. to be 
freed trom torpor, bccomc 

Descntrañamiénto, im. the 
act of gislng any thing as 
a proof of love 

Desen ti añár. vo. to eviscerate 
Desentristecer, va. tu banish 

I'esentronliár, va. V. Dettro- 

Desentropezdr, va. V. Desem- 

Desentumecerse, vr. to be 
freed from numbness 
Desentumir, va. to free from 

Desen vayndr, va. to un- 
shcath, expose to view i 
vn. to strip 

Desenvelejar, va. to itrip a 

vessei of her tails 



Desenvendar, va. take ofT fil- 
lets ot hands 

Desenvergar, va. to unbend a 

Dcsenvioldr, ra. to consécrate 
a church anear 
Desenvoltúra, tf. «prlghtli- 

Desenvolvedtír, mt. unfolder 
Desenvolvér, va. to unfold ; 

vr. to be forvrard 
De.envuélta, tf. a íorward 

Dcsenvutílto, ta. a. forward 
Descnxalmár, va. to unhar- 

Desenzarzar, va. to disentan- 
gle from bramble 
Deseñar, va. to make signsto 
announcc any thing 
Destío, tm. desi re, vrish 
Desetíso, sa. a. dcsiroui 
Desequido, da. a. dry 
Desercidn, tf. deserlion 
Deserrado, da. a. free from er- 

Desertar, va. to desert, to se- 
párate from a body 
Deserttír, tm. a desertor 
Deservicio, mt. dlsloyalty 
Deservidtír, tm. he who fails 
in serving another 
Deservir, t a. not to perfoim 
one’s duty to the sovereign 
De cslabondr, va. to cut the 
links of a chain 
Desespaldar, va. to vround 
the shoulder 

Deaesperacltín Desesperdnda, 
y Desesperan i a, tf. despon - 
deney, despair 

Dcsesjieranzdr, va. to despair 
Dcseqierdr, va. to daspair; 
va. to tnake one despair, 
vr. to sink into the uunost 
despair, fret 

Desesterar, va. to take off the 

Desestero, tm. the act of tak- 
ing off the malí 
Desestimación y Desestima, 
tf. dlsrespect 

Desestimadúr, ra, i. contcm- 

Desestimar, va. to disregard 
Desestivár, va. to alter the 

Dejfacedtír, tm. destróyer 
Desfalcar, va. to defálcate 
Desfalcazár, va. to untwist a 

Desfalco, tm. diminution 
Desfallecer, vn. to pina 
Desfallecimiento, tm. languor 


Desfamar, va. to defame 
Desfavorecedór, ra. t. con- 

Desfavorecer, va. todisfavour, 
despise, Injure 
Destacar, va. to ungird 
Desterrar, va. to free from 

Desfiguración y Desfigura- 
miento, t. deformation 
Desfigurar, va. to dixñgure, 
disguise; vr. to be dish- 
gured hy possion 
Deslilachár, va. V. Deshila- 

Destiladtíro, tm. adeftle 
Desfilar, va. to ravel ; vn. to 
decrease the front 
Dcsfixár, unsettle 
Des.flaqucctírsc, vr. to be cma- 

Desllaquecimitínto, tm. lan- 

Destlecár, va. to remove tita 
flakes of wool 

Desflemacidn, tf. dephlegma- 

Desflemar, va. to dephlegm ; 
vn. to brag 

Desllocár. va. to ravei out the 
ends of a piece of stuff. V. 

Desflorainitínto, im. violation 
Desflorár, va. to pulí out the 
flowers In a garden or flow- 
er-pot ; dellower, tamish 
Desflorecer, vn. to lose the 

Desflorecimiento, tm. falling 
of the flowers 

Desfogár, va. to vent, modé- 
rate* passlon or desire 
Desfogonár, va. to burst tl:e 
vent of a cannon 
Desfogue, tm. the act of foam- 
ing out one’s passlon 
Desfollonar, va. to itrip off 
the úseles* leaves 
Desfondar, ra. to hreak ti 
bottom of any vessei 
Desformar, va. to disfigure 
Desfortalecer, va. te disman 

Desfrenar, va. to unbridle 
Desfrutar, va. to gather or 
collcct the crops, exhauxt a 
soil ; profit hy 
Desfrúte, tm. uie 
Drsf undár, va. V. Detevfun- 

Desgajadura, <f. disruptlon 
Desgajár, va. to lop off tha 
branches of trees, break la 
piece* ; vr. to be disjoúied 



Desipilgadéro, m. a rugged 

Desgalgado, da. a. precipi- 
tatcd; light 

Desgalgar, va. to precipítate 
Desgana, tf. disgust 
Desganar, va. to deprife of 
the desire of doing soine- 
thing ; vr. to do with re- 
iuclance Ihat which was 
before done with pleasure 
Desganchár, ra. to lopoit'the 
branches of trees 
Desgañifarse, Desgafiitárse, y 
Desgañírse, vr. to shriek 
Desgargamilládo, da. o. cow- 
ardlv, etfeminate 
De.gargantdrae, vr. to become 
hoarse by bawling 
Desgargolar» ra. to shed the 

Desgaritarse, vr. to lose the 

Desgarrado, da. a. iicentious 
Desgarrada r, ra. *. tearer 
V «garrdr, va to rcnd ¡ vr. to 
retire ; to gire a loose to 
one's passiona 

Desgarro, rm. laeeration ; 

impudence, idle boast 
Desgarrdn, rm. a largo rent, MI. to ( ansume, 
corróete ; vr. to ruin one's 
self b> extravagant expen- 

Desgatár, tvi. to destroy cata 
Duxgay're. rm. a gráveles* 
mien.gesture; Al drtgayrc, 
arte* terlly 

De-glosir. va. to blot out the 

DesgUlse, rm. act of blotting 
or lalting away a comment 
Desgobernado, da. o. di go- 

Dosgolsernár, ra to orerset 
the order of goveminent, 
dislócate; vr. to alfect r¡- 
diculous motion-s in danc- 

Desgobierno, rm. mismanage- 

Desgolletar. ra. to break off 
the neck of a resael 
Desgonrdr, va. to anease 
Desgorrarse, vr. to poli ofT 

one’s hat 

Desgotnr, ra. to draln off wa- 
ter. V. Agotar 

Desgoznar, va. to «nhinge ¡ 
vr. to be dial oca ted, be torn 
in pieces 

Desgracia, tf. mlsfortune, en-i 
irnty, unpleasantntsi 


Desgraciido, da. n. unfortu- 
nate, disagreeahle 
Desgraciar, va. to displease; 
vr. to disgrace, be out of 

Desgrado, da. a. degraded 
Desgramdr, va. to pulí up the 
grass b) the root 
De-granár, va. to take out the 
graln fiom the ears of cotn 
Desgranzár, ra. to sepárate 
the hu-sks from the grain 
Desgreñár, va. to dishevel th j 
halr, discomposc 
Desguamecdr, ra. to strip 
ciothes of trinimings, de- 
prive of ornament ; unhar- 

De-guarnir, va. to unrlg the 

Desguínce, rm. the knlfe 
which cuts raga in pnper- 

Desguindarse, vr to slide 
down liy a rope 
D- sguinzdr. va. to cut raga in 

De-guisddo, da a. cxcessivc 
Desbatado, da. a. uufortu- 

Deshabitado, da. a. deserted 

Deshabitar, ra. to quit one's 
house. unpeople 
Deshabituar, va. to disuse 
DcsliabituacMn, rj. disuse 
Deshacedor, rm. DeihaccJor 
de agravios, repairer 
Deshacér, va. to destroy the 
fonn of a thing, consume, 
cancel, melt, divide, lo-scn, 
discliarge from servlce ; vr. 
to grieve, excúlpate one's 
self, disapi>ear 

DcshacimiOnto, rm. destruc- 
tinn. V. Deeaearicgo 
Dcshdldo, rm. V. Marero 
Desharrapado, da. a. sliabby 
Desharrapamiento, rm. mi 

Deshebiliar, va. to unbuckie 
Deshebrar, ra. to unthread 
Deahecha, tf. simulalion ; l« 
sue of a road 

Deshechizar, va. to disen - 

Deshecho, cha. a. undone, 
|>erfectly mixed 
Dcshechüra, t). Oestmction 
Deshelar, en. to thaw . to 
overeóme one’s obstinacy 
Desherbar, va. to pluck up 

Desheredamiento, rm. diain- 
heriting ' 



Desheredar, na. t dkinherKj 
vr. to degen erate 
Deshermanar, vr. to viólate 
the love due to a brother 
Desherrar, vas to unchain 
Desherrumbrar, va. to cleer 
any thing of rust 
Deshilacliar, va. to ravel 
Deshiladiz, rm. re fu se of silk 
Deshilado, rm. open-work 
Deshilado, da. a. marchingbi 
a file 

Deshiladdra, tj. npping 
Deshilar, va. to ravel, reduce 
Deshilo, rm. act of obstnict- 
lng the communicatioo of 

Deshincadúra, tf. act ofdraw- 
ing any thing fixed 
Deshincar, to. to draw a nuil 
Deshinchadúra, f/'.act ofabat- 
ing a rwelHng - 

Deshinchar, ra. to reduce a 
swelhng ; vr. to be remov- 

Deshojaddr, rm. a stripper of 

Dcr.hojdr, tw. to atrip off tjie 

lea ves 

Deshollejar, va. to decortleate 
Dcshollinaddr, rm. chimnry- 
swee]>eT, instiument for 
sweeping chimneys 
Deshollinar, va. to aweep 

Deshomhrecdrse, vr. to shrug 
up tí:e shouldtTS 
Deshonestar, pu. to dishe- 
nour, di. figure 
Deshonestidad, tf.lmmodetljr, 

Deshonesto, ta, a. immodest, 
Dcshontír, rm. dishonour 
De.hunordr, ra. to di.honoar 
Deshdnra, rf. dishonour, dl»- 
grace, seduetion or defio- 
ratlon of a woman 
Deshonrabuenos, rm. calum 

Deshnnrnddr, rm. dishonourer 
Deshonrar, va. to affront.dis- 
honour, scorn, seduce 
Deshonrdso, sa. a. dishonour 

DerhcSra, rf. an unseasnnable 
time, A' Derhdra, untimciy 
Deshorádn, da. a. untimely 
Deshonidr, va. to take out of 
the oven 
Deshospedado, da. a. destituía 
of iodglngs 

Dvtl.ospedamiénto» rm. lnhos- 

m - 



Deshuesár, va. to rld of boncs 
Deshumano, na. a. inhuman 
Dediumedecdr, ra. to «flé- 

Pésate. a. V. Desidioso 
Desirábtc, a. dcsirable 
Desidia, i]'. idleness 
Desidioso, u. a. la/y 
Drviérto, ta. a. der.ertcd 
Dedérto, im. desert 
Pesignát, va. to design 
Designio, sm. design, road 
Dcdguál, a. unequal, unllke, 
uneven, arduous, cxcessive 
Desigualar, va. to makc un- ; vr. to exccl 
De-dgualdiíd y Dcsigualéza,»/. 

inrquahty, wrong 
Desimaginár, tu. to blot out 
oí toe mind; vh. to be 

Pesimpre-lonár, va. to un* 

Dcslnclinár, va. to disincllne 
De* incorporar no, vr. to repá- 
rate oue's sclf froni a so- 

Destndíciar, va. to eflacc 

Desínticionár, va. tofree froxn 

Desinflamar, va. to cure or 
rentove an inflammatlon 
Desinsacular, uo. to draw loD 
fox kome place 

Desinterés > Desintetesamién- 
to, 4ti». dLdntcrcsteilnes* 
Dednrercsádo, da. a. dUin* 
tereí ted 

Dcsiutcstindr, t m. to etUcc* 

Desí ño, sm. V. Pesian to 
Des'htimiifntojr De»iaténciajJ. 

Desistir, t»f«. to dciUt 
Desjarretadcra, tf*. a hookcd 

Desjarrctár, va. to hough 
Desjarréle, sm. act of liough- 

Desjuntamiento, sm. separa- 
tion, dijunction 
Dnjuntár, va. «o divide, va. lo retiart an 

JJesJütwnár, va. to anhnk; 
vr. to retire 

PetUmir, va. toclear of mud 
I)c»láiir> i<lo i da - a ' laB R ul<1 

Deslastrar, va. to unballait 
Drala’dt, rJ. lo talco the lath-s 
out ai a Uullding 
De*lavl lo, da. a. ¡mpndcnt 
Dvjlavudur», '/■ wasldnj, 


Dcslavtfr y Deslavazir, va. to 
wasb, takc away the colour 


Deslazar, va. to unlace 
Drsieál, a. dislotal 
Desleal tád, sf. disloyalty 
Dcslcc.hugadiir, sm. jnuner 
Desleidura, sf. diluuon 
Desleír, »v». to dilute 
Deslendrar, «w. to clear the 
hair of nlts 

Deslenguado, da. a. loqua- 

Dc*lenguarolénto, «tn. loqua- 

Deslenguár, va. to cut out the 
tongue ; i r. to slander 
Desliar, va. tountiea bundlt 
Dedigadúra, 4/’. ilhjunctiun, va. to loosen 
Deslindadór, nw. he who 
mar les boundaric* 

Deslindar, va. to roark the 

Deslinde. Deslindamiento y 
Dedindadüra, s. demarca- 
tion . 

Desliñár, va. to citan cloth 
before it goe» to the presa 
Desliz, un- *Up. the act ofalip- 
ping; meicury 
Dcsllrdble, a. that which can 
ti i I» 

Dosliradíro, *>n. a. «Uppcry 

Deslizadizo d Disllzadéro, ra. 

o. il¡|>l*'‘J . , 

Dediaaintdnto, im. act of 
tnakini; .Uppcry 
DeOizár, va. to dfp 
Dcsiodr, va. toblame 
Dcsloindr, va. to break Uic 

baclr , 

Deslucirlo, da. a. unauoraca 

Desludmiánto, rtn. disftrace 
Deslucir, va. to tambh 
Deslumbramiento, y Deslum- 
bre, #m. confudon elther 01 
the or mind 
Dcslumbrár, va. todazzle lite 

Deslustraddr, mi. tarnUner 
Deslustrar, tu. to tarnish 
Deslustre, mi. spot which ob- 
scurcs the lustre of a thing, 

Deslusirúso, aa. a. ugly 
Desmadejamiiínto, tm. lan- 

Desmadejárse, vr. to langulsh 
Desmajolar, ia. to pulí out 
riñes by the rooU i untie 
the shcre-strlng» 


DesmalTaddr, m. he whf 
breaks a coat uf malí 
Desmalladúra,*/. act of break- 
ing a coat of mail 
Pesio allá? , va. to destroy a 
coat of inoil 

Desmamá r, va. V. Datclar 
Desmamonar, tw- to cut olí 
young *hoot» 

Desmán, *m. inisbeha^our, 

Desmanarse, vr. to Ktray floro 
a dock or herd 
Desmáncho, sm. dubonour 
Desmán dado, da. a. V- Veso 

Destnandár, va. to repeal aa 
order ; vr. transgres» the 
bnuudft of judie*, di^bar.U, 
stray froin the flock 
Desmanear, va. to unfetter 
Desmán gorreár, va. to take 
the lumdle ofV any tlung 
Dcsmar.otádo, da. «1. con- 

De&inantecár, va. to takc oír 
the butter 

Desmame l.txlo, a. disman- 

Desmantelár, va. to disman- 
tlr, aban don, unmast 
Desmaña, a^kwardnes», 

Desmahiülo, da. a. unhar.dy, 
lary, idle 

Desmarafuír, ra. to dUen- 

Desmarojadór, sm. he who 
take» The rind olí* olives 
Di^marnjár, va. to take the 
glutinous rind ÍVoin olives 
De>marrldo, da. a. > wl 
Desmatar, va. V. Descuajar 
l)e>ma%ádo, da. a. d.^rnayed 
De>ma)ár, vh. to l»e dí plrit- 
cd ; va. to dhpirit j xr. to 

Desir.áyn, sm. swoon 
De>ma/aliUlo, da. a. vreak 
Desmedido, da. a. unpropor- 
t ion able 

Desmedirse, rr. V. Desmán* 


Desmetlrár, vn. to 
l)esmédro, sm. dimbmtii»n 
Deátnejorúr, va. to debase 
Desinelancollrár , ra. to chccr 
Desntelár, ra. to take the 
honey from a hite 
Desmclendr, va. to dishetel 
Desmembración y Pesincm- 
bradura, tf. ditUion 
Desmembradór, ra i. * 

igitized by Go 



Desmembramiénto, the 

•el of dlsmemberlng 
Dismembrar, tu. lo dismem- 

Desmemoriarse, vr. to be for- 

Desmenguar, va. te lasen 
Desmentid*, tf. llie set of 
giviiig the lie 

Desmcntidór, un. be who 
convict» eme of • Cslse- 

Desmentir, ni. to glve the 
lie, counterfctt, exrcl 
Petnicnuuiblr, a. friable 
Dcsmenurádor, r*. i. a teru- 

Desmenu/dr, cu. lo crumble 
Desmeollar, ni. to Uke out 
the marrow 

Desnieveccdór, rm. one who 
fa Unworthy or unileserving 
of « thing 

Desmerecer, t,i. to be un- 
> worthy of a tliing 
Desmesúre, tf. exceu, iniptl 
dencc, insolen ce 
Desmesurado, da. a. huge 
Desmesurarse, vr. to be for 

Btunl|pjir, ni. lo crumble 
Desmigár, na. to crumble 
bread, to fry in a pan 
Deaminuir, va. todirainkh 
Desmirriado, da. u. lean 
Desmocár, en. to «¡ve the 

Desmócha, tf. the act of lop 
plng olf, diminutlon of a 
great part of ■ thing 
Desmochadura, tf. V. Drr- 

Desmochar, os. to lop ofT 
Desmoche, «a. mutllation 
Deomlctio, ni. heap of tliing- 

Desmugar, t n. to musen 
Desniégúe, un. the act of 
caating the head, In deers 
Desmolado, da. a. toothles» 
Desmoler, , a. to dures! 
Desmontar, en. to feil srood ; 
uncock Hre-arm»;dismoiint 
• troopof horre; vn.todis. 

Desmónte, un. that vrhich 
has finen cut down 
Besin oronadíxo, xa. a. earily 

Desmoronar, ra. to dcstroy liy 
- titile and little 
Desmostár, va- to separata the 
ttiust (rom the (.rapes 
Desmostolar, va. lo aimíaWh 


Dfsmotdr, na. to clear cloth 
ef knoti and coarte napa 

Desmuflo, rm. Inas of grinderij Desopilar, va. to dcvmpiUte 

Desrmigerár, va. .to sepárate' 
ftom a wifa 

Desinugradór, un, an instru- 
ment whlch seises to olean 
cloth of prense 
Desmugrkr, vá. to «lean wool 
or cloth of 
Desmulllr, to discompoee 
an» thing soft or blattd 
Desmurado!, m. mou-er 
Desmuir, t u. to pkk olives 
Dc .narigár, va. to cut oí! the 

Desnatdr, na. to «Huí mllk, 
tale the cholees! pan of a 

Desnaturalizar, ra. to divest 
of the tighta of naturalixa 

Desnecesario, ría. a. unne- 

I'e.ncgír, va. to contradict 
Desoervdi, te. to enei"vate 
Desnevitio, da. a. vrithout 
snow ; thawed 
Desnevar, ce. to thaw 
Desnivel, un. unevennest 
Desnivelar, ro. to malte un 
even or unequal 
Desnacár, vm. to break the 

Desnudadór, rm. one tila! de- 

Desnudar, tai. to denúdate, 
tjmrig ; vr. to undress 
Desnudé*, y; nodity 
Desnürlo, ría. a. nuk*vl 
Desobedecér, rir. 16 disntiey 
De-obediencia, tf, dUore* 

liesoliediénte, pa. dlsolterUent 
Desobligar, tur. to reieasc* trom 
an ohllgatinn 

Desucasiottado,da. o* untime* 

Desocupación. tf. lei.ure 
llesocupár, va. to evacúate; 
vr. to dkengage one’s self 
ftom a business 
Desoír, ra. topretend not to 

Desojarse, nr. to iook intent- 
iy; tireak 

Desolado, da- a. desoíate 
Desoladrir, re. ». V. Andador 
Desoldr, i«. to desoírte 
Desollado, da. a. toiward 
Dcsoliador. rm. mu- who tiay» 
Desolladura. tf es curial ion 
Desoiiav, cu, to tlav, -k¡n 

i va. to dtscount m í 


deduct «n ounce se ame* 
in tbc pound 

Desopinar, va. to defame 
Desoprimir, va. to fiee froté 

Desorden ó Desordenación, a. 

dísoider, eicess 
Desordenado, da. a. dlsorderly 
Desordenar, va. to distuibó 
V. Otgratlar; vr. to be i<* 

Desorejado r, ra. r. one who 
ero(ts oír the ears 
Desorej.nnién'o, rm. act of 
cutting off the ears 
Desottjár, t». to croji or cut 
tur the ears 

Desorganizar, va. to disor- 
K aníme 

Desorienta.-, va. to depTlve of 

Desorillar, va. to cut off the 
selvage of cioth 
Desortijado, da. o. sprnined 
Desortijar, va. to hoe planta 
the flrst time 

Desosar, ta, to deprive uf the 

Desovar, ve. to .pawn 
DesOve, rm. act of tjits iiing 
I e-rjv llar, ra. to uui-lcw 
Despabiiadéras, tf. ¡>1 .r.-jf, 

Despabilado, da. a. utilc. 1 ; 


DespnliKadór, rm. nc wl.o 

Despabikidtlra, tf. a snuü -f 
tl«e caixiie 

Despabilar, os. to sn.fl a 
candle ” 

Dcsj»at>flo, rm. V. D.t, 

tíuru hadérai, tf- p<- c’rly 

Despai luulór, rm. e x ;s ( ■ . r 
l'espnchar. r«. to di i>ch, 
decide and expediii un» 
sell, ex|>eitite 

Despacho, rm. expedlent, dis- 
pat.h, cabinet, a Milu, t an- 

Desp.u hurrddo, da. a. picucd 

Despai hurriír, va, topres- to- 

De>|>dek>, «tí. insensitity, u«. 
t mially 

|)es|acin, ¡al. rj. vfl !y 
Desjiaelto. ad. Vcry st.fily 
I)e pairo, mor . gvmlv 
lie-papado, da. ». immii al 
llcspagaiuleniu, rm .- ni.gusr 


Deipaglr, ivj. to dlapleuse 
Despajadura, tf. winnowlng 
Despajir, va. to winnow 
Despi npia. act of winnowlng 
Despaldirae, vr. to dltjulnt 
Ine shoutder blade 
Despaldillár, va. lo d ¡alócate 
or break the vlvoulder or 
back of any animal 
Despalmaddr, im. careenlng 

De-palmdr, na. to clean and 
pay the bottoma of ahip» 
Despampanad*, mi. primer 
of vine* 

Despampanar, na. to prnne or 
cut off the shoota of riñes 
Despanido, da. a. breadles» 
Despartir, va. to remore the 
corn from the field after it 
. haa been rcaped 
Despaocijár y Despanzurrár, 
va. to burat the belly 
Despaiadr, va. to carry the 
head too high | applied to 
a horse 

Despadr, na. to icatter 
Desparecer, va. to di*appear ¡ 
vr. to be onllke 
Desparejar, va. to make un 

Deaparpajir, va. to nndo In a 
duorderly manner 
Desparpajo, tm. pertnesa of a 
apeech or action 
Deaparra mido, da* a. vide 
Desparramador, ra. t. dla- 
p tntr 

Deapar ramir , tm. to aoattcr ; 

vr. to be diaalpated 
Deapartiddr, tm. paclfleator 
Despartir, va. to part, diride 
Desparrár, va. to take the 
aheares uf corn out of the 
atack to be threshed 
Desp&sár, va. Dttpatar un 
cabt, to unreeve a cable 
Deapasionirse, vr. to allay 
one'a pesslon 

Despasmirse, or. to recoser 
one'a telf from a rtupor or 

Despatarrado, da. a. Quedar 
una i dtxar le dttpatan osle, 
to leare orre «at onls hed or 


Despatarrár, tm. to atienes j 
vr. to alip and fall on the 
grouml, be atupiñed 
Despatillár, r*. to cut grane» 
Dmp.tresár, va. to anuíT the 

Deiparorlr y Irse, va. J r. to 
be terrifiod 



Deapeaddra, tf. tire atate of 
one’a fect being bruised 
wllh travel 

LDespeamiénto, tm. act of »ur 

D-rspeárve, vr. to be aurbated 
Despechaddr, m, extortioner 
Deajiechár, va. to enrage ; vr. 

to fret, despair 
Despicho, tm. lndlgnatlon, 
asperlty, dejection, deceit 
Devpechugadúra, tf. act of 
cuttlng off or uncos ering 
the brea»t 

Despechugir, na. to cut off 
the breast of s fowl j vr. to 
uncorer the brea t 
Deapedaxaddt , ra. i. disaector 
Despedazamiento y Despcda 
zaddra, t. laceration 
Deapedazar, va. to cut lnto 

De. pedida y Despedlmiinto, 
a. the act of taking tease 
Despedir, va. to emit, discard 
remore, pay off a ahip's 
eres» ; vr. to take leare 
Despedrar, y Despedregar, va. 

to clear a place of atonea 
Despegible, a. dtasofuble 
Despegidn, da. a. dssgusting 
Despegad lira, tf. diaaolring 
Despegmmlinto, ana. V. Dtta 

Despegar, va. to ungtue ; vr. 

to grow diapleased 
Despego, tm. aaiierity, di»- 
pleasure, aversión 
Despejadamente, ad. readly 
Despejado, da. a. clear 
De.pcjár, pa. to remore im- 
pedí menta; vr. torheerup 
Dr,|iJo, tm. the act of clear - 
lng away Impedimenta ; 
Despclleiadilra, tf. scratch 
Despellejar, va. to akin 
Despeluzar y Despeluanár, na. 
to make the liair atand on 

Despetúzo, tm. etectlon of the 

Despenir, va. to relieve hora 

De»|*endeddr, ra. a. a apend- 

Despender, va. to apend 
Despinta. tf. pantry, market, 
«ewardN ro im, tanler of 
provisión» for daily use 
Despenvár, na. to be torry íbr 
one’* thought» 

De pen serla, tf. office of atew- 
axd, dispensar 


Despeñadero, tm. predpicc 
Dea|>enadéro, ra. a. frt to be 

Despeñadizo, xa. a. capabla 
of being precipítated 
Despera. •. va. to precipítate 
Despeño y Despeñamiento, 
tm. a precipítate fali ¡ di- 
al rticea 

Despepitarse, vr. to vociférale 
De»].erir, na. V. Dttts¡.crar 
De»|*ercudlr, va. to clean or 
waah sthat it greasy 
Dra|>erdiciádo 6 De»|>erdlcl- 
adiSr, ra. t. apendthrift 
Desperdiciar, va. to aquende* 
Deaiierdlcio, tm. prodigaiity, 

Desperdigar, tur. to sepárate 
De»|>erecer*e, vr. to erare 
Despe,, vr. to atretrh 
out one’a limba on being 
roused lkom aleep 
Despertilir, vr. to tose the 
po-ture of a protile fine 
Des |»e mida, tf. a motion in 

De.pemádo, da. a. sreary 
Despemár, va. to cut off onrt 
lega, present the use of the 

Desperpentir, aa. to cut o IT 
with one atreke 
Det|>ertaddr, ra. i. one who 
awakes, alarm beil in docks 
Despemár, na. to awake, en- 
li ven ; tm. to awake, revive 
Desperté*», af. cognition 
Depesir, tm. ditpteasare 
Dea|>e.tañárte, vr. to pluck 
out the eyelaahes ; look 
steadfmstly al any thing 
Deapeynir, tm. to entangle 
D»pexir,uu. toavrwnge atonte 
at a proper distance 
Destazo, tm. diminution of 
one end of a tube or pipe. 
netprzat, fices of stores 
DcsjH-zonár, ra. to cet otf the 
end of a thing, divide ; vr. 
to hreak off 
Despieir*e,rr. totake rerenge to clear a place 
orthieve» ot roldéis 
Deipirnrazir. va. to begin to 
píck the Hgs 

Despichar, va. to expel or di». 

charge moisture or hurnour 
Despidida, tf gutter 
Despidiente, >m. V.Kxpedicnh 
Despido, tm. dlspatch 
De píérto, ta. a. awake, vigi. 

lant, strong, bri»k 
Detpiifarrádo, da. a. raggcd 


DespllTarrár, na. to dcstrnv 

vi ith slovenliness 
Despilfarro, tm. slovenline&s, 
wa>.te, mkmanagetnent 
Despinces \ Despinzas, t. pt. 

t wtr/m. V. Pinza* 
Despintar, tvi, to efiace vrhnt 
ls paintcd ; vn. to dtgetie* 
rate; to I* deceived by mis- 
ta king one can! for a r. other 
Despinzudéra,^. wnman that 
'pfucks theknots off cloth; 

tól'iníár, va, to pick ofTthe 

Despicjár, na. to 
Despique, «vn. vengeance 
Despiri ráelo, c’a «. languid 
Despizcár, va. to cemminute . 
»r. to u*e be.»t vn* 
dea venir s 

Desplacer, rm displcasure 
P’espluttfr, va, to displrase 
Pe plantación, </. eradicatkn 
Desplantar, va. to eradkate 
Despunte, ara. an obilque 

Desplatár, ra. to sepárate 
sil \ct from other substanres 
Desplate, tm. the act of sepa- 
ral ine sil ver from other 

Be>p!ayár, m. to retire from 
the ¿hore as the tlde 
Desplegadura, tf. expliration 
Desplegár, va. to unfbld, es- 
pand, unfurl 

De plégo, sm. open declara- 

Dc^plr márfe, ir. to hulge out 
Desplomo, tm. the bulging or 
. juttinpout of a wat! 
Pcsplumadúra, </. dc-pluma- 

Desplumar, va. to eleplnme 
Despoblación y Despoblada, 
sf. depoputation 
Despoblólo, «m. desert 
Dcspohl.iclór, tm. dej epulator 
DespoMár, va. to depopulate ; 
xn. to viilulruw from a 

De>p«’jnddr, ra. s. despoilcr 
Despojar, va. to de*|*dl ; vr. 

*° undresa, rHlnqul-h 
Despojo, «tu. spoliatlon, plur- 
cler ; «/. giblets, relies 
Pfsiwlvar, 1*1. to remóte the 

Desjiolvoreár, ra. to dust 
Desponerse, vr. toccate laylnjz 

Desportillar, va. lo hreak the 
neck of a bottle, &c. 

DES - 

Dcsposíj a», V- vi. V. Eipm i- 

mi i 

Desposado, da. a. liand-cufl'. 

Desposar, va. to marrj ¡ ir. to 
lie betrothed 

Desposeer, va. to dúposseu 
De poselmidnto, ini. act of 

Des|iosúrio, on. n mutual 
ptonil-e ofmarriage 
I'éspota, tm. a despot 
Despótico, ca. a. de. potic 
De-.potiqui-y, tj. de.potic 
potril, pride 

Despotismo, tm. despotfm 
I)ds|oio, mi. tlespot 
Deslio! riiár, rm. uitnll .neón 
siderate y 

Despnciilile, a. conicn ptiMe 
Dc!|.reciddor, ra. .. tleiue 

De pie ¡ár, va. to deprecíate ; 

vr. totlisdain 
I espréi ¡o, <m. disrig.rd 
Desprender, i a. to unt’asten ; 

rr. tu pie »aj 
D esprendimiento, ni. allcna- 

Desprevención, tj. inipru 
den ce 

De. prevenido, da. o. unpro- 

Desproporción ár, va. to dis- 

Despropcaitddo, da. a. ali-nrd 
Despropósito, tm ahsurditv 
Deij roveér, ni. to de) of 

Dcpiovildo, da. a. unnrovi 

De.pi oveltn lento, tm. |ti ur\ 
Despuáhlo, tu . < e| opuiaili.n 
Desmónte, tm. V. Marito 
liesJ'Ué- , ud. af; er 
Despulsar, rn to lea re wltf. 
out ai.y vigour ; vr. to U- 
sorel}’ ve sed 

Dts) lili ár, va. V. Etjivmar 
Dcs| uet.dt.ra, < . tl.e att of 

Despuntár, ra. to Miinl, don- 
fie a cape; en. to 
talents and linou ltdse 
Desquai'eniár, en. to tu lui d 
Desquadrilládo, da. «. >e| a- 
rated from the ranks nr 

r-eu]uadrilMr.r, rr. to U- 
sptaimd in the l’aurche 
Di M|Uarti/ár, i a. to q^an.-r, 
caí ve 

Po*i;u i iár, i«; to urhiree 
Desquleri'o, da. u. le f. 



Desquljcrár, m. tocut tlmhcf 

on fu ti, sides 

Desqi lladdr, tm. V. Et^.ila. 


I t-cjuilatór, «o. to diminUh 
tlit ii.tilnalc valúe ofgcjld 
1‘tsqiiltaV, »«. to n*trievf or 
rtpiiir a los*; rn. lo bv •- 

Dc^ cjuiti*, rw. cení i'cnsat ion j 
n venj^y 

Pequi\nr¿r, no. lo l<rcnk ilie 


1 israhotir va. to clit off the 
tails « I lamí sor shtcp 
lí, mí. \ f P.itjur 
I • r /« i dl p, i>. ui Tca-i n;*ble 
I • sre, litio, tía. a. t'iso t.'erljr 
¡ v. jcgiar t, ir. to le im gu- 

l e ullrgár, rw. to 1c Me vn 
inu* «le Ultnj»- bj e 

' orn» 

i » £•' ]•!• ai óí , t . dishorrur 
1 es i car*. . ir. to tumlrle 
I C‘«KÍl( np» on rerks 
Dr.'iirm, va. lo umurl 
Desroi ifi, ia. io hp i cc,\>e4 

l oro, va. to n aím (he 


1 Cht cnncrlo, tn t. del<teh« 

n ni 

I « r, un. lo defac h a body 
c f troops frem the n a.n 

I tsndaddr, tm. a kh d of 
n th's huinnicr 
De ? aj in e nt , tm. e un ent 
T ul 1» g a n. w miarse 
1 . &t. bit : tu. t<> e o :nsk verle 
I •* > ■ jéi i , «i . une v i o urdir- 
ak - .: vork liy tn*k 
De. Ujo, n> . ni rieriak u\g of * 
v< »1 bjr ia>k ; paitp.ien of 
• HrV \e . 

l e taloi di, t*/. to t'eprive of 
•ion e.» l-teh 
l i pi.r, va. te; une over 
1 «tai . r. va. lo pulí cicrAn 
imd v alis 

I e l. J O, ttV, BCl Of UI CCAtT- 


1 i ajar. r«. to d mivib! ihe 
tari all.vtd in vHi;l:irc 
ai y il Ji g * 

J e>t.iia- e » ttr. he vhe> • uta 
< uñ il inpr in pitee*. 

Jti n/. to cut any :1 ing 
in pie. es 

1 e^it I r.i tu. to unroof 
lirsirjar; va. lo lint lie 
i er tellár. Mi. lo j * t r e-ltt 
i r«<|> bj drop; rr. lo teigcC 



Docté the xct of flowlrlg 
out bj ilrops ; íparkle 
Dextemplánza, tf'- uiueaMm- 
abUni . disoriler, altera- 
tiun in the pulse 
Destemplar, ra. to distemper, 
«ÜNtnrt ; vr. to be rufOed, 
grow blunt 

Destémple, rm. discordante 
Destendér, ra. to fuld 
Destentar, tu. to free froto 
Desteñir, tu. to fade 
Desternillarte, vr, to break 
one’s inut.cles, rm. t retirad 
part of the tosen 
Destellar, ra. to banish,exiiel 
Desterronar, ra. to break the 
closls in tields 

Dcstetadúra, tf. pointed ln- 
atruinent placed on the 
teats of cows to pretent 
the calves froto sucking 
Destetar, ra. to wean 
Destéle, m. ablactation 
Desteto, im. number of wean- 
lings, the place where new- 
lyweancd moles are kept 
Desteaér, va. tounweave 
Destiempo, rm. an u oseas on- 
able time 

Dcstiénto, rm. turprUe 
Destiérro, rm. exile 
Destilación, tf. dlstlllatlon, 
the act of extracting by the 
tire orstill 

Destiladera, tf. a stJU, an in- 
genlous devlce 

Destilador, rm. dlstlller, fil- 
teriug-stone, alembtc 
Destilar, vit. to drop, extract 
by the tire or ilill, filter 
Destilatorio, rm. distillery, 

Destinación, tf. destiny 
Destinar, va. to destine, ata- 
tlon ships 

Destino, rm. destiny, fate 
Destiño, rm. piece of unlinlsh- 
cd honey comb ln a bechive 
Destirar, va. to slacken 
Destitución, tf. destltution 
Destituir, ra. to deprive 
Destocar, va. to uncoif 
Destorcér, ra. to untwlst, 
rectify what was not right ; 
vr. to lose the way 
Deitomilladdr,,m. instrument 
used to unscrew an) thlng 
Destornillar, va. to unscrew 
Destosérse, vr. to feign a 

Destrabar, va. to unfetter 


Destrádo*, tm. p /. a coarte sor t 
of woollen carjkcts 
Destrál, tm. a tmall axe 
Destral ero t/m. one v* ho xnakes 
ases and hatchet* 

Destramár, va. unweave 
Destrejár, v». to wrebtle 
Destrenzar, un do a tres» 
of hair 

Destrero, ra. a. V. Diestro 
Dest*é;» y «jestré/, dexte- 
rKy Sillín fencing 
Destn, jr t va. to unbowel 
Destripaterrones, m. bazrow- 
cr, dod beater 

Destriunfar, va. to extract all 
the trumps in tome gomes 
at cat ds 

Des'rizár, va. to minee ; vr. 

to break the heart 
Destrocar, ra. to retum a 
thing bartered 

Destrón » sin. a blind man's 

Destronár, ra. to dethrone 
Destroncamiento, rm. dtlrun 

Destroncar, ra. to detruncate, 

Dcstiopár, ra. to sepárate 
troops or flocks Into single 

Destrozador, ra. t. destróyer 
Dcstrozár, ra. to destroy, rout 
Destrozo, im. the act of de- 
stroying, havoc 
Destrucción, </. dcstruction 
Destructivo, va. a. destructivo 
Destructorio ría. a. destroying, 
that vrhich destroys 
Destruible, a. destructible 
Destruidor, ra. t. destróyer 
Destruir, va. to dflstrogr, refute, 
depríve one of the mean* of 
camine a livelihood 
Destruyante, pa. destroying 
Destur bar, va, to tum out 
Desubstanciár, va, to enervóte 
Desucación, </. act of extract- 
ing the juice 

Desudir, va. to vripe ofT the 

Desuellacaras, stn.impudence, 
an impudent person 
Desuéllo, tm. the act of flay- 
ang, extoition 
De suérte, ad. thus 
Desuncir, va. to unyoke 
DesuniOn, </'. separation, dis- 

De: unir, va. to sepárate 
Desufiár, va. to tear oiT the 
nailv vr. lo plunge into 


Pesurcúr, va. to remove fhf* 

Aesurdír, va. to unvreave 
cloth, unravel a plot 
Desusár, tu. tu di? use 
Desü .o, im. disuse 
De súso, ad. froni above 
Desustancidr, ra. to enérvate 
Desvaluír, ra. >o take aaay 
the withered pai t tf a plent 
Desvaido, da. a. tall 
Desvalido, da. a. helplest» 
cager, arden t 

Desvaían liénto, tm. derelic- 
tion, t 
DcsvalOr, svi. cowardice 
Desván, sin. garret 
Desvanecer, i a. to divide into 
impera eplible parts,iemovej 
vr. to varUh 

Desvanecímiénto, tm. pride 
Desváno, tm. a gairet 
Di svaporizadéro, m. place ib» 
evaporatiug any thing 
Desvarar, ni. V. Res: atar, to 
put a ship in motion that 
w as aground 
Des variable, a. variable 
Desvariadamente, ad. ravlng» 
ly, diH'eienily 

Desvaí iádo, da. a. delirlou6, 
disoidcily, unlike 
Desvariar, rn. to delirate, de- 
viate, dtsunite 

Desvario, im. delirium, in- 
e«iuahty, disunion 
Desvaynár, va. to unsheatta 
Des. veiiád o, da. a. unprohibit* 

De»v edár, va. to revoke a pTo- 

Desveládo, da. a. watchful 
Desvelar, ra. to keei> *«*eke; 

vr. to be watchful 
Desvéle, m. want of sleep, 

Desvenár,t a u. to clear the velni 
of tlesh 

Desvene ijár, ra. to disunite; 

vr. to lie ruptured 
Desvenriár, va. to take ofT a 

Desventaja, <f. dbadvantagt 
Desvcntár, vu. to vent 
Desventura, tf. misfertune 
Desventurado» da. a. unfol tú- 
nate, stupid, r.iggardiy 
Desvergonzádo, da. a. unpu- 

Desvergonzarse, vr. to act in 
an impudent xnauner 
Desvergüenza, i), impu- 

Dcsvezár, ra. to cut the vcung 


■hont* of vine* near the 

Desvulr, va. tods.usde 
Desvío y Desviamiénto, rm. 
the act ofdtverting, aver- 
sión, displeasure 
Désvi rár, IY1. to pare off the 
ture parí of a solé 
Det-rgiir, na. to d-.flower a 

Desvirtuar, t*i. to tako the 
sulntance from any thing 
De-vivirse, vr, to love oxees- 

Jlesmlveddr, rm. instrument 
os- d by smitha 
Desvolver, na. to unfold, 

Dcsxugár, va. to extract the 
jujee Brom any thing 
Desyutclr y Desyungir, va. to 

Di-aro ir, m. to wound or 
hurt the foot 

Dcszurntir, va. to extract the 
juice or sulMtance y Detayar, va. to dr- 

Detalle, rm. deta-l 
Detenedor, ra. >. delainer 
Deteoér, eo. to atop, arreat, 
re:a ! n ; vr. to be detained 
Detenido, da. o. aparing, 
nlggxrrtly, tlnw 
Detentación, «/V embezale- 

Dctcntarldr, rm. detalner 
Detentar no. to detain 
Dctergénte, a. detergen t, a. WuT e 
Detei iorár, va. tn deteriórate 
Deterioro, rm. thlng Impair- 
ed or deteríorated 
Deterni ¡nacida, tf. forward- 

Deterinlniído, da. a. revolóte 
Determinóme, rnt. determines 
Determinar, ra. to determine, 
dlstingu tah, appoint, decide 
Destenn i nativo, va. o. deter- 
. minative 

Detersión, qf. putrefaction 
Detersório, ria. a. deteraive 
Deteatár, tw. to detest 
Detienebuey, rm. rest-harrow 
Detonación, tf. noiae 
Detracción, g* detractloo 
Detractar, na. to detract 
Detractor, rm. detractor 
Detraér, va. to detract, alan. 

der, vilify 
Detris, atl. behlnd 
De través, ai. athwart 
Detrimento, rm. detrlmcnt 


DeOda, tf. debe, fault, that 
which has aifmity 
Dea (lillas, tf. pt. petty debts 
Detldo, da. t. parent, kindrrd 
Devdtir, ra. r. debtor 
Devalar, na. to I* driten out 
of the rlght t ourse by the 
forcc of a current 
Devanadera, tf. reei. Dtva- 
» mirra de trofpr, dock-reel 
Devanaddr, «. winder ¡ qulll 
Devanar, la. tn reel 
Devanear, no. to rare 
) evanéo, rm. delirium 
Devantrfl, rm. apron 
Devastacidn, tf. devastación 
Devastir, na, to desoíate 
Devengar, na. to nhtain as the 
rt-ward of labnqr 
Devino, na. «. V. Adivina 
Devocidn, t r . devotlon, prayer 
Devoolondrlo.rm. prayer-hóok 
Devncionéro, ra. a dévotlonal 
Devolvér, isa. to retum a 
cause te an inferior court «o 
be trled anear 
Devoraddr, ra. s. devourer 
Devorar, mi. to devour 
Devoróz, a. voracioua 
Devdto, ta.a.devout, exciting 
de\o ion 

Dóxa.e/. prominen ce between 
two tí.-ure» 

Dexacidn, tf. ahdication 
Dexadéz, tf. State of being left 
Dexddo, da. a. ilovenly, de- 

Dexadór, rm. prorreator 
Dexamiénto, rm. abdication, 
indolence, languor 
Dexár, va. to leave, permit, 
for-ake, commit. Drrar et- 
eriza. to leave in writing, 
leave ott', leave a legacv. 
Derar airar, to excel ¡ vr. 
not tn take core of nne\ self, 
ahandon one's self to. Dex- 
arre ver , to appear 
Dexatito, va. a. la /y 
Déxo. rm. abdication, end, 
nrgligence, re.ult 
Dexugír, ra. to extract the 
Juice or subxtance of any 

Dezmar, na. to pay tithes, col- 
levt tiíhes! 

Dezmatório. rm. place tn 
which tithes are coüected, 
tithing, tithe gatherer 
Dezmerla, y Dezmla, tf. tlthe- 

Dezméro, rm. one who pzys 
tithes, a titilar 
Día* rm. day. Ditu carnicv- 


lartM, dog-daya. Dia de ttyt*. 
*»o, fast-day. tk día, t tf 
dnj* partió, a cloud/ 

I ri.iy, dull, gloomy day 
Diabla, ad . cArelessly 
: Diablár, ra. to act the pait of 
a devil 

Diahlávo, ttn. a great devll 
Diablillo» m. an acate clerer 

Dtáblo, itn. devil, an ngly per» 
son, Rubtle f»ersott 
Diahlotfn ó l)i,il*oI n, rm. a 
Rort of vweet-meat 
Diablura, tf. a diabolical un» 

DlahdÜro, ra. a. diabólica) 
Diarata'icón. im. a universal 

Diacitrdn, rm. lemon-peai 
preserved fn Migar 
Diaconáto y Diaconádc, m* 

Dlftconfa, tf. deaennry 
Dtip oní*a, tf. deaconnest 
Diácono, rm. dearon 
Diadéma, tf. a di.vlem 
Diáfano, na. a. tran.sparent 
Diaforético, ca. a. díaphoretlo 
Dlafágma, un diaphragm, 
división of the no-trila 
Di.igonál, n. d agonal 
Di agid fien, tf. sketch 
Dialéctica, tf. iogic 
Dialéctico, *m. professor of 

Dialéctico, ca. a. iogical 
Dialécto» jm. ilialect 
Dialogal, a. colloquial 
Dialogi/dr, ra. to vrrite dia» 

Diálogo» m. dialogue 
Diamantddo, da. a. Ixdonging 
to a diamond 
Diamátite, m. diamond 
Diamantino, na. a. adaman» 

Dlametrá!, a. diametrlca! 
Didnietro, im. di.imet^r 
Dinmdn, tm. a kmd of yeliow 


Diána, tf. kiml ofbcaf of drum 
Diaprea, tf. a sort of round 

Diário, sm. Journal 
Diário, ria. a. daily 
Diarista, «n, dlarist 
Diarrea, tf- di.irrhcea 
Diáspero ó Diáspro. tm. jaspee 
Dihuxidifr, i. one who designa 
figures, graver 
Dihuxánte, pt¡. delineating 
Dlbuxár, m. to draw 
Dibuio, m, desistí 


tHraddád, pertnes» 

Pícclrfn, </*. dktion 
Ilíccionário, sm. dictlonary 
Dírha, *f. happiness 

I>í« hsfrácho, sm. a vulgar, 
low expresión 
f)í« ho,*m. iiayingt declararon 
Pichoso, ja. a. happy 
Diciembre, nn. December 
Diríplína, discipline 

Dirtido, a tille of dignlty 

o r hnnour 

Díetaddr, m. dictator 
Dictadura, *f. dignitjr or office 
of d xiator 

Relimen, sm. an opinión, 

Olctír, ra. to dellver one’» 
thoughts to anoiher «ith 

DirtatdrkH ria. a. dictatorial 
Pirtério, sm. sart a m 
I)jóirtic« ó DidasráJlco, ca. a. 

Diente xn». tooth, fang or 
tu*k of wild ! «oars. Diente 
incisi"o, fore- tooth. Diente 
de Ivho, liumisher ; t>/. the 
inden ted edges of instru- 

r>ié*tra, t> e rirht hand 
•Dtd*tro, tra. a. Hght, not left » 
dexterous ; aly ; fax curable 
th& tro, sm. ankilful fvncer 
Db'fa. sf, diet ; daily wilury of 
judge* and other office rs of 
the Inv 
Did*. sm. ten 

Dioriochéno, «n. an anclent 
nfiver rom 
D»o/mni, a. decimal 
Difxmár, ra. to chantise every 
tenth «me of manjr deLin- 

Dic>méro, sm. he who par» 
or rec-hes the tlthe 
Ptarivesioo. na. a. that which 
i* ten month* 

IJie/mo, xrr». tlthe, duty of ten 
ner cent, pald to the klng 
D’fimadúr, »w. a def.imer 
Plfamár, va. to defame 
ífif itnaYdrio, ría. a. defama* 

Diferencia, s r . diffurcnce, the 
d *prop'»rtion hetwcen one 
thin£ and another 
Direrenciir, va. to differ ; tm. 

, to dlssent ; vr. to distln- 
puish one’» &elf 
Diferéute, a. difTcrcnt 
DifVrfr, t*«. lo defer ; tm. to 

DiOcil a. difTicult 



Dificultado., rm. ore who 
«»rls dllBcuities 
Diticultár, ra. lo ralse dlffl- 
eulttes, render difiirult 
Dificultoso, sa . a. difTicult 
Dlfida, idn, $f. manifestó 
Difidencia, tf. dlffidmce 
Dilidénle, a. diffident 
Ditinfr, y Difir.ccér, va. V. 

DcfWge, nn. dross of roeited 

DifUgio, tm. V. K/upio 
Difundir, ra. to difluse 
Difunto, ta. a. dend 
DlfusiOn, tf. diffiision 
Difusivo, va. a. difTuslve 
Difuso, sa. a. difluse 
Digerible, o- discutible 
Digerir, ra. to digest 
Digestible, a. digestible 
Digestión, tf. digestión 
Digestivo, va. a. dígestive 
Digisto, rm. dicest 
Digíto, rm. diglt, any of the 
nutnher. exprnsed by sin* 
gle figures 

DigladUr, va. to fight vrlth I 
the svrord in single eom- 

Dignacidn, if. condetcenslon 
Dignarse, ir. to cnrdescend 
Dignldád, tf. dlgnlty, ad- 

Dignificar, ra. to dlgnify 
Digno, na. a. meritorios!, 
condign, tuitable 
Dlgrcssidn, yf. d prensión 
Dl'arrrár, tvi. to lacérate 
Dilacidn, t f. delay 
Dilapidador, rm. dilapidator, ra. to dilapídate 
Dilatable, a. dilatable 
Dilstaddn ^f.dllatatlon, even- 

DilatOdo, a. V, Mionerom 
Dilataddr, ra. t one who di- 
lates or e tienda 
DiUtár, r.t. to dilate, deter; rr. 

to etpatiate on any snbject 
D latativo, va. a. that «hich 

Dilatorio, ría. a. dilatory 
DilecrlOn, tf. dilectlon 
DilOcto, ta. a. loved 
Dildma, sm. dilemma 
Diligencia, if. dillgence, actl- 
vits ¡ retum of a writ ; du- 
tv, love, dilection 
DillgOnrlár, «>«. to endeavour 
Diligenciero, sm. agent, ap- 

Diligente, a. diDgent 
Dilucidación, tf. exp l a n a tic 


DiluctdadOr, tm. ha who di- 

Dllucidir, va. to dilucídate 
Dilucidario, sm. explanatory 

Silúculo, sm. the slxth part 
in wlilch the nlght is di- 

Diluénte, jm. diluent 
Diluir, va. todiluteany thln 
Diiuslón, tf. V. I/asüm 
Dllus/vo, va. a. delusiva 
Diluviar, ra. impera, t* raia 
llke a deluge 
Diluvio, tm. delug. 
Dimanación, tf. act of tuuing 

DI manir, tm, to xpHng frora 
Dimensión, tf. dimensión 
Dimenslanil, a. belonging to 
the dimensión 

Dimididr, va. to divide into 

Diminucldn^f. contraction of 
the diameter of a column 
as it ascendí 

Diminuir, ra. todiminhb 
Diminutivo, va. a. diminutivo 
Diminuto, ta. o. defectivo 
Dinibddn, tf. dlmission 
Dimisorias, tf- pf. dlmissory 

Dimite, ras. dimity 
Dimitir, ra. to give up 
Dinastía, tf. dyrasty 
Dinerál, sm. weight used by 
assnyers . 

Dinerillo, sm. a tmall copper 

coi n 

Dine.-ista, tm. money-hunter 
Dindro, tm. coin, standard of 
silver. Tener dinero, to be 

DinerOso, ta. a. moneyed 
Dineruiílo, sm. small coin 
Dingoioddngos, tm. vrord 
without meaning 
Dintel, sm. lintel 
Dintelár, va. to make lintel* 
Dio< esáno, na- a. belonging t 
a diocess 

Diócesis y Diócesi, tf. dloces* 
Dionfsia, tf. ■ kind of black 

DiOptrha, tf. dioptrics 
Dios, sm. líod ; an ido). Af 
DüU d anda con ZMos, fare- 
well. Por Diot, Bar God's 

Diosa, tf- goddcss 
Dioseár, vn. to cialm divine 

DioseHUa y Diosecítc, *m- 
CupUi . 



DipWe, tm. diploe 
DipUSme, <m. diploma 
Diploma tic», */. diplomac. 
Diplomático, ca. a. diplo- 
mitlc; privilcged 
Dipsdro, tm. 

Dípsas, tf. kind of scrpent 
Díptica, co. t. diptych 
Diptongar, va. to unite two 

Diptdngo, tm. diphthong 
Diputarían, tf. dcputauon 
Diputado, tm. dcpulj, assig- 

Diputár, tai. to depute 
Dique, tm. dike 
Dirección, tf. illrection 
Directamente y Di ríete, ad. 

Directivo, va. a. directive 
Directo, ta. a. diiect, clear 
Director, tm. director, preai- 
dent ; cotí fes sor 
Directdrio, ría. a. directiva 
Directorio tm. dircctury 
Dirigir, va. to guide; dedí- 
cate a work ; gorern 
Dirimir, ni. to uissolve ; ad 
just difiéreme», annul 
Dirulr, va. to ruin 
Discantar. va. tochaunt, com- 
puse verses ; desean! 
Diacánte, tm. treble, concert, 
a ainaíl cuitar 
Disceptacldn, tf. argument 
Disceptir, va. to dispute 
Discemlddr, tm. he who dU- 

Dlscetnin.iento, tm. disccm- 
mem ; appointment of a 

Discernir, va. to dltcern j 
appoint a guardián 
Disciplina, tf. discipline, or- 
der. correctton inflicted 
upon one's self 

DUciplinábte, a. ditciplinalile 
Disciplinado, da. «. marbled 
Disciplinante ja. disclpliner 
Disciplinar, va. to discipline, 
drill, chástise 

Dlacipuládo, tm. number of 
achulan who freijucnt the 
same .choul, erlucation 
Discípulo, la. t. dlsclple 
Disco, tm. dlsk, a i.i.oitj face 
of the sun or moon 
Díscolo, la. a. unteachable 
Dtscoldr, a. rarjegated with 
different colours 
Discontinuo, a. a. discomünu- 
ed, separated 

Discordancia, tf. dlxagree- 


Discordu, r». todlsconl 
Discorde, a. discordant 
Dtscdrdia, tf. discord 
Discreción, tf. discretion, a- 
cuteness of tnind 
Discre|>áncia, tf. ülscrepance 
Discrepar, vn. to diliVr 
Discretear, vn. to be dls- 

Discreto, ta. a. discreet, in- 
geniuus, sharp 

DiscretOrio, tm. meeting of 
the seniors of religious bo- 

Discrimen, tm. harard 
Discdtpa y DisculpaciOn, tf. 

a|>ologj, plea 
Disculjiár, ra. to excuse 
Discurrir, rn. to gad ; disctiss ; 

va. inven!, dedure 
Discursdr, o», to discourse 
Discurslsta, tm. one who dis- 
cusses any hubject 
Discursivo, va. o. discunive 
Dbcúrso, tm. ramble ¡ tatio- 
rlnatlon, dissertatlon 
Discusión, tf- disrusslon 
Discutir, na. to disruss 
Disecación, tf. ditsectlon 
Disecador, tm. dlssector 
Disecár, va. to dissect 
Disector, tm. anatomist 
Diseminar, co. to dissemi- 

Disensión, tf. dissention, the 
cause of dissention 
DisOnso 0 Disentimiento, tm. 

Disentería, tf. dysenterj 
Disentérico, ca. o, belonging 
to the dysenterj 
DLsentlr, dissent 
Diseüadór, tm. designer 
Diseñar, co. to draw 
Diseño, tm. design, delinea- 
tlnn, picture. V. Dtti^nio 
Disertación, tf. dissertatlon 
Di vertedor, tm. dissertator 
Disertar, ca. to dispute 
Diserto, to. o. elnquent 
DisfamaciOn, tf. defamation 
DisfámadOr, tm, defanier 
Disfamar, va. to defame 
Disfamia, tf. defamation 
Disfavor, tm. diuregard 
Disforme, a. deform, huce 
Disformidad, tf. detbrmity 
DisfrO/, tm. mask 
Disfrazar, ra. to disgulse 
DisgtegacWn, tf. separation 
Disgregar, ivi. to sepárate 
Disgrega ti vo, va. n. riisjunctíve 
Disgustar, co. to disgust j vr. 
lo be dl.pleaaed 


Disgustólo, mu dt&ptamHT* 
Disgústo, rm. disguct. 
huinour, sorrow * 

Phg\lst('*0, Sz». tí. clívgtJFtful 

DUidénte, a. y. i. (li&útfont 
Dixflalx», tm. a word of twe 

Disímil» a. dissimilar 
Disimilár, o. unequal 
Disimulado, da. a. disf<*mb!*d 
Disimulador, ra. i. a dissem- 

Disimulár, ra. to disvemble, 
cloak, hide, colour 
Disimulo, «m. dissimulation 
Didjkáble, a. easily dhsipated 
Disipación, tf'. dKsipalion , 
separation of the parti 
which composed a wholt 
Disipado, da. a. di^ipated 
Disipador, ra. s. spendthriík 
Disipár. ra. to dissipate 
Di&ipulárse, rr. to !>e diseased 
with the erytipelas 
DUláte, tm. nonsense 
Dislocación y Dislocadúra^ 
tf. ilislocation, luxation, a 
joint put out 

Dís1oc4xm». rr. to be dislocated 
Disminución, </. diminution J 
ditease Ir horses* hoofk 
Disminuir, ra. to diminUli 
Disociar ión, tf. disjunctian 
Disociár, va. to disjoin 
Disolúble, a. dissol oble 
Disolución, tf- dissolutlon 3 
looscne*s of matine» and 
n. oráis 

Disolutivo, va. a. dissolvent 
Disoluto, ta a. dissolute 
Disolvente, tm. dissolvent 
Dbolvér, va. to loosen, dte» 
solve, meit, intemi|it 
Dlsdn, tm. hanh dbssonant 

Disonancia, tf. dissonance 
Disonánte, a. dissonant 
Dúonár, vn. to dlsagree la 
tound, discord 
Dísono, na. a. di&sonant 
Diüpár, a. unhke 
Di'paraddr, <m. one that dls* 
charas a gun; ratch in 
dock -work 

Db parar, i»a. to discharge a 
gun ; tm. to talk nnnsense; 
vr. to run headlong 3 sto<tp 
D sparatddo, da. a. ahsurd 
Disparatar, va. to act or talk 
In an al*urd mar ner 
Dispardte, tm. nórmense • 
Disparatorio, tm. spcech fuU 
of non sen se . ■ 

Dúparcialidid , tf. seperattoa 



Difptrhiid, p. dispar '.tj 
Divpdro, im. tlischarge ; non- 
ton se 

DU;xítidlo, im. excesslve ex- 

Dis|<én»a, sfi dispense 
Dispetisáble, a that maj be 
dispensed with 
Dispensación, p, dispenta- 

Dispensador, nu t, one who 
grantv a dlspensatlnn 
Dispensár, no. lo díctense 
l)is|iorsi*jn, p- dl>i>enion 
Distidrso, «a. a. disponed 
Displicencia, p. displeasure 
Displicente, a. displeasing 
Disponedor, ra. t. one who 

Disponer, ni. to arrange, 
dispase af ; na.toart ftee- 
Iy f vr. to p reliare nne's self 
Disponible, a. disponible 
Disposición, p. disposition ; 
projKirüon ¡ power ; tcn- 
demy : trim of a »hip 
Dispositivo, va. a. dispositive 
Dispuesto, ta. a. comelj 
Dispúla, p. di'pute, contest 
Disputable, a. disputable 
Disputador, tm. disputant 
Disimtár, ca. to dispute, re- 
si si ¡ ra. to argüe 
Distánda, p. distan ce, dif- 

Distánte, a, distant. ofT 
Dbtdr, ra. to be distant ¡ be 

Disten nindr, ra. to divide a 
r terrltory 
Dístico, tm. distich 
Distinción, p. ditference ; 

privllege; order 
Distinguible, o. diatingulsh- 

Distinguido, a. dhtlngulshed 
Distinguir, va. to disiinguish, 
< ditcern ¡ ret a peculiar 
valué on; clear up¡ va. 
tn di tinguish toe'» self 
Distintivo, va. o. dlstinctive 
Distintivo, vas. a nistmetive 
i mark , 

Dis Into, ta «. dislinct 
Pi-tinto, sai. in.tlnrl 
DitttOclo, tm. dissoiution of a 

Distraer, iu. to distraed ; te- 
duce frum an hone-t life 
Distraído, da. a. dUsolutc 
Dis.raimiénto, tm. distrae- 
tion ; a litentious life 
Distribución, f. ilistnbution, 
projier collocallon 

Doceno, na. a. twelfth 
Distribuidor, «ai. diitrilmter 
Disiriliufr, m. to dislribute 
Distribuiente, pa. distributor 
Distrito, vat. disttirt 
Disturbar, r •- tn disturb 
Disturbio, tm. di turbance 
Disuadir, na. to dis.uade 
Di-tjasfvo, va. o. dissuaslve 
DUuria, </: dvsury 
Disyunción, p. diqjunctlon 
Disyuntivo, va. u.dl junctive 
Disjún'o, ta. a. separufed 
Dit rómbico, ca. a. dithyram- 

Diurético, ca. o. diuretic 
Diútno, na. o-diurnal 
Diúrno, tm. a cathobc prayer 

Diuturrldád, p. dlutitmlvy 
Díutúmo, na. a. Leingof a 
Iong duration 
Divagóme, im, vagrant 
Pivngár, ra. V. Vagar 
Diván, tm. divan 
Divergencia, p. the act or 
state of dlverglrg 
Divergente, a. divergent .. 

Di ver sitió d, »/. d ver- ity 
Diversificó*', ra. to diverslír 
Diversión p. diversión 
Dlver. ivo, va. a. divertiré 
D verso, ta. a. diverse 
Divcrsório, «m. lnn 
Divertido, da. *■ amuted 
Divertimiento, tm. amuse- 
ment, avoca'tnn 
Divertir, va. to d vert the at- 
t «ilion, amu e 
Dis id Ordo, tm. dividend 
Ditididúro, ra. e. divisible 
Dividir, tía. to d.vide, d> tri- 
bute; vr. to wuht.'raw 
one's self ftom tbe ton pa 
nv of 

Divieso, v*t. a n orbid swei- 

DlvínaciOn, p. divínation 
DMnaturio, ti», a. be oí ging 
to tbe art of divínation 
Divinidad, p. d vii ity, thv 
SupTeme B ing, fila g. d ; 
w ornan of exqui ite beauty 
Divlnl/ár, va. to deify 
Divino, na. «. divine 
Divino, na. t. V. Ad vino 
Divisa, p. Inhertame; de- 
vine, motto 

Divisó r, tai. lo dcscry at a dis- 
tan ce; to vary 
Dlvlsero, tm. heir wlio is 
not of a noble extiaction 
Divisibilidad, p. dlvhibillty 

Dlviiílile, a. dmsmte 
División, t . división 
Dltltivo, va. o. divisible 
Diviso, sa. a. dividid 
Divisor, rm. tbe number 
given bv which tbe divi. 
dend is 'ditlded 
Divcorio, ría. a. belonging 
to divMons 
Divo, va. o. divine 
Divontár, va. to d'vorce 
1 ivOroio, tm. divone 
Diiulgálde a. that which 
maj be dlvulgid 
Divulgación, p'. publicatlon 
Divulgador, ra. i. divuiger 
1 ivulgár, ra. to publish 
Dix 0 Dixe, tm. relia». Dixtt, 


1)01 ía, p. an ancient Spaniab 
gnld coln 

Dobladamente, ad. doubty, 
doci ítfullj 

Dobiat illo. Ha. a. short and 

Dobladille, tm. hem 
Dobládo, na. measure of the 
fold in cloth 
Doblado, da. a. strong 
Doiiladúra, p. fold ; led horte 
In battie ; malicious fabri- 

Doblir, uu. to doulile, fold, 
bettd ; toll the jiassing 
bslt. Doblar la rodilla, to 
ki w|¡ «ni. to swerve from 
just ce, vr. to be lid away 
Ity be ouin onofimother 
DOblc, a. aoubte, strong 
Dóble, tm. ciesse: toll of the 
pa- ing bel! 

Diib'Oi álle, a. that which 
maj br doublrd or foldetl 
Dotib g d xo, xa. a. fit to be 

Do', e ó , t> a. to bend ; rt- 

Dobl ía, p: deceit 
D hiele a that which Is be 
■ ween d- tibie and singla 
* . factiiious »*m 
Dobl /,sm- ciea- e; dlssimu- 

D I lo. sm. dorblr 
Do' Un, tm, doi blon. Dob- 
loa dr vi ta, paunch of a 
bu llock orco» 

Doblonddá, p heap or large 
qunntlty of dobtons or 

DOce, tm, tvtelre 
Docena, p. doten 
Docenól, e. that which h sokd 
bj doten* 


Docefiói, a. that whlch con- 
aiste of 1! jrars 
Ddcii, a. dcK ÍIr, ductite 
lidid, tf. docillty 
ámente, ad. Iratnedlr 
r»<5cto, ta. a. learned 
Doctdr, ra. r. docto ; wlfeof 
a phytlcian 

Doctdra, tf. a rain «aman 
Doctoral, a. relating to a 

Poctoramlénto, tm. the act 
of gradualing as doctor 
octorándc, ata. one who is 
on the potot of taking out 
hl* desees 

Ooctorár, va. to gradúate 
Poctorcfllo, m. quack 
Doctorear, na. to doctor 
Doctrina, tf. doctrine, srience 
Doctrlnaddr, ra. z. inatructor 
Doetrlnál, m. catechUm ; 
a. doctrinal 

Doctrinár, va. to teach I break 
Ira h oríes 

Do< trinéro, mu teacher of the 
Christian doctrine 
Doctrino, tm. an orphan edu- 
cated In a college 
Documento, tm. initnirtion ; 

document, writing 
Dodránte, mt. berengo pre- 
parad from nlne ditferent 
ingrediente i measure of 
iwelve taches 

Dogii), irn. rope lled round 
the neck .. 

Dogma, tm. dogma 
Dogma ruta, mi. dogmatist 
Dogmatixadrfr y Dngmatl- 
ránte, tm. dogmatist 
Dogmatizar, va. to dogma- 

Dógo, m. terrier 
Doladéra, o. applied to a coo 
per 5 adíe 

Doladijr, tm. lolner 
Doldje. tm. the uriñe «hich 
the nave* of pipe» ¡m- 

PoMrriaa y Do lime», t. pl. 
nidden rice» and defecti ín- 
cluent to horren 
D-dir va. to plana rrood or 


Dolencia, tf. djteaae 
Dolér, I N. to fed pato | be 
imwi'Hng to act| vr, to 
he Mirry, lament 
Doliente, a. -uflfertag or la- 
bmtrhig under a compUint 
Dotando, tm. kind of lona 

Doliú.so, sa. a. totry 


Polista, tm. sufferer 
Pdlo, tm. fraud, decelt 
Doldr, mi. pain, aüiiction, re- 
pentance, rape 
Dolorido, da. a. dolcful 
Dolortdo.mi. the chief moum- 
cr j one In pato 
Dolorífiro, ca. o. causlng pato 
or grlef 

Dolordso y Dolorldso, as. a. 

Doldao, *a. a. deceitful 
Domáble, o. tameabie 
Domaddr, ra. ». tamer 
Domadúra, tf. act oftamlng 
Dominio, tm domain 
Pomár, ra. to tame r subdue 
Ddmho, m. dome 
Domefiár, ra. to reclaim 
Domest jcáltlc, a. capable of 
being domesticated 
Domes 1 Icir, bu. to domestí- 

Domestlridád, </l domestielty 
Domestico, ca. a. belonging to 
the hnute 

Doméstico, mi. «erran» who 
Uves In thehouse 
Dome tlquézy Domestiquéra, 
(f. meeknesa 

Domiciliado, da. a. receired 
a< a Citizen of a place 
Domiciliário, mi. inhabitant 
Domiciliarse, vr. to establlsh 
one’s self in a residen re 
Domicilio, mt. habitation 
Dominación, tf. dominión 
Dominador, sur. dominator 
Domlnánte, a. domlnant 
Dominér, va. to domincer ; 

to rise above others 
Ddmlne, rm. master or tea- 
cher of grammar 
Domingo, mt. Sunday. Do- 
mingo de rumor, Palm S|tn- 

Domlnguéro, ra. a. belonging 
*o 'beSahlnith 
Dominica, tf. Sunday 
Dominical, a. belonging to the 
Dnrd's day 

Dominicano, na. y Dominico, 
ca. a. belonging to the Do- 
minlcan friar» 

Dominio, mi. dominión 
Don, tm. a don, tille; gift ; 

Don de gentn, tm. natlonal 

Don de aciérto, tm. glft of 
Dóna, tf. lady 
Donación, tf. donation 
Donfdo, a. lay-brother 


Donr.ddr, ra. >. donar 
Dondr, ra. to bestow 
Donatário, tm. doñee 
Donatísta, a. donatist 
Donatiro, tm. donntive 
Donaj’te, rm. grace, vritty say. 

ing, pieasant jest 
Donayróso, »a. a. pieasant 
Doncél, tm. a man who ha» 
not carnaUy known a «ro- 

Doncélia, tf- maid, lady* 
maid ; snake-fish ¡ the hura- 
ble plant 

Donreiléz, tf. rirginlty 
DonceUiduéiia, tf. an oid 
maid who m arries 
Doncellóna, tf. a sibyl 
Doncellueca, tf. an oíd maid 
Donceltuéla. tf. ayoung maid 
Dónde, nd.V.A donde. where ? 
whither ? De donde f from 
what place ? Hdcia donde t 
towards what place ? 

Don dlégo de noche, mt. 

Jalap , marrel of Perú 
Donerilléro, mi. a swtadler 
Donosidad, tf. gracefutness 
Donosílla, tf. prece of piaitad 

Donóso, sa. a. gay, witty 
Donosúra, tf. witty saying 
Oófia, tf. lody 

Doñeár. vn. to pass the tim» 
much with w ornen 
Doradilla, tf. common «pleea- 


Doradillo, zrn. fine brasa wir» 
Dorédo, da. a. giit 
Doraddr, mt. gilder 
Doradúra, tf. giiding 
Donil, mt. fly-catcher 
Dorér, ra. to gild 
Hordas, tf. a sortof musito 
Dore indi, mi. a sort of flor 
ered muslin 
Ddrico, ca- a. dorio 
Dormida, -f. repose 
Dormideras, tf. pl. sieepine 
Dormidéro, ra. a. sleepy 
tm. place where cattle re 

Donrridór. tm. a great ilcep 

Dormidos, i. pl. clampa 
Dormitifira, tf- tleep 
Dormlénte», mu pl. V. Dar, 

Dormilón, na. t. a dolí tieepy 

Dormir, ra, to slccp ; clamp 
a res sel ; vr. to be evos, 
come by «ieep 
Dormitár, rm todoae 

Dormltl.*. ««Vori 6300 * I m . 

„¡SB*. ».«*-> “SSS&'" . 

l)jrnA]o, ««- troug» 1 tbnucbmo. 


anj *ing ¿ , mano», 
turo by two , , 

5 °“™* “• h ÍT'?. T> 


Uos*xirt.| — -- 
Doscientas, UA * 


tatioo, munitiOO oí ■ 
tm» .. 

DoUddr, ra- *• donor 
Douíl, «• relating to » P 011 
, ordowry 
Dolár, va. to poitlon 
DOte, *. portion gi*en » 


DotOr, m- doctor 
Dovélu, tf. kej»tone 
Doveláge, «”>■ «ti** 0 * 

alones foi an aren . 

Dovela», •« t ‘\ hcW *e 
curve» for a keystone 
Dozabido, da. o. twdw 
Doiavo, va. »• ‘he tweinn 

Drába, «f- vrbitlow 
Drácma. <f- a drachro 
Dragóme, »’”• *° at 

Drf g o,.« 1 d^:n 

Dro”» 1 ’ *m. ointmen» 
f¿r takingofl hairfc 
Druida. Dnnd 
D™a, */• khtd of person» 1 

Duítn, tai. V. D/wct 
Dúba! tf. *all or enclosure 



Ducal, a. ducal 
Du catón, «m. an ancient gold 

Ddc^,^rut ¡S t»al e btplec. 

of land rcaped by 

Ddcho?cha. o. de»>»^* 
Dueiéntos, ta». o* ‘ w0 nu 

Ducír, cu. to guide 
Dúctil, a. ductile 
Ductilidad, <T- d “ ctll ‘7 0b<! 
DuctOr, «wt. gulde ;JW» 
Ductor, conductres* 

Ddda, tf- doubt 
Dudible , o. dubtoju 
Dudár, IV». to doubt 
Dudoso, »a. a. doubtful 
Duéla, tf. »tave 
Duelista, ««• duetlirt 
Duéla, •>". duel, *9**°*’ 
uain i Duéfc«, trouble» 

e. . ’ f.irv 

tragacanto uain i Uuíva. 

Drágo, tm. dragon-trtfl I 0 u énde, tm. clf > . 

Dragón, tm. an oíd Duéndo, da. a. dome»tte 

jt&ugoa marino, sea-dragón. „ uíña> tJ _ m aiden lady 
white spot In the pupu* of Uuefliia( an oíd widow 

borje»' ejes - Duéño, «m. owner 

D^iír- ^ “ 

ancient gun 

Dragonedr, vn. to d, j3^mg 
Dragón tino, na. a. beioubu t, 

to a dragón | Dulcedumbre, «. 

Drama, rm. drama Dulcémele, im. dulclme» 

Dramático, ca. a. dramática Dalcificánte, pa. dulclíy* 
r. . .i,- V* Derecho to svreeten 

"horres and nuiles which 
grace on tbe same jiasture 



Dramático, ca. **• -*r - 
DOno,*m. a kindof venoinou» 

DriS--^- habard. 

DVlf r, ra to host or baúl 
U|» the ya’fd-'* 

S r r^, d 7 • druggUt’» 

Drogué» 0 , «"• druggUt 


Dulcémele, «"• «“‘v 
Dulciticints, pa. B 

Dulciticár, ru. to sveetcn , 
DulcliOno, na. o. ‘'T'J *V?te- 
Dulclr, cu. to gtmd píate- 

DuC <f- -oralúP of the 

Dub'inán, «m. long robe vrom 
bv tbe Turk» 

Dulramáia, a. zoody nigbt 

DUX , 

Dulrdyna, tf. a mtulcal arinrS 

d^T». «• ,J - 


DuUorár, «a. to sivec-ttm 
Dulzura y Dulcdr, *• 

ness, pleasing manner oc 
speaking or vrritíng 
Duliurár, ro. to dulcifj 

gu^;:^^°b^«. pa* 
Du^.C/;»^ of ’' h, “ 

cotton stutt ,f>y, 

Duodécimo, ma. a. twelfW 
Duodécuplo, pía. «• l ci 
times doubled 
Duodeno, na. o. twclfth 
Duomesino, na. o. relating 
two rr.onths 

Ddp'la, »/. a doubte portio» 

Duplicado, na. duolicate 

Duplicár, ra. to double, r« 


Duplico, o. double 
Duplicidad, <f. dupl.clty 

Ddplo. tm. double, duple 
Duque, ««. duke 
Duqueclto, «ta. aj*tty duke 
Duquéva, tj duches» 

Dura, duiation 
Duráble, «.durable 
Duración y Durida, tf* 
tion, continuance 
Duradero, ra. a. laatlng 
Durado r, ra. a. duraW 
Doráodo, »,rt. kiiul ofdooi 
Durante, tm. dunng 
üurár, vm. to iav» ., ^ 

Dutarnllo, tm.* »maU P«ac* 
Durazno y Duraznéro, tm. 

Durézí ’ífr hardnes», itadl- 
no»», durarse, want of .oft 
ness, tuinour 


ed, .tubbom, rude, rany 
iug a »tdl' »ail 
Duro, im. dollar 
Dur. ó DutidungapétB, 

kind of cotton stult 


Duunviráto. »»< 

Duv m. duke, dof* 




pa Pues, i ntcrj. of infcrence 
or inquiry 

Eal, m. an amphibiona ani- 
mal of India 

Ebaniticár, ui. lo poliih like 

Ebanista, rm. cabinet makcr 
Ebanistería. tf cabinet work 
E'baitu, un ebony 
Ebriedad, tf. ebricty 
E'brio, ria. a. inebrlated 
EbriiKn, *a. «: intoxicated 
Ebúrn», >m. íto ry 
Eccehómo, tm. image of Je- 
ras Christ 

Ecetuár, iw. V. Exceptuar 
Echacorvear, va. lo pimp 
Echacorvería, </. act and pro- 
finsion of a plmp or pro- 
co rer 

Echacudrvos, tm. pimp 
Echáila, tf. cast, ilie act of 
throwing one'» self or. the 

Echad aro, m. a place for resl - 

Echadillo, tm. Infant cxpos- 

Echatlíio, xa. a. su borneó to 
pry into otber |>eople’* ac- 
lions ; suppodtltious ; cx- 

Echador, ra. i. one who casta 
Echadura, 1 tf. the act of lay- 
ing one'* »elf down ln anj 
place, aquat 

Echame mo, tm. projectlon 
Echar, 1,1. to ca-t, tum or 
drive awav, shoot, apply, 
habble, impute, Incline, 
dlstribule, ptthlish, pruj-cee, 
take a ruad. Echar ü 
i á pi/ue, to alnk a ve-sel. 
Echar a trompa y talega, to 
ta'k ul 
mirarlo, to creare. Echar el 
anda to casi anchor. Echar 
en tierra, to latid ; a. to He 
down un one'* bed, yitdd 
Eclesiástico, m, clcrgy man ; 

a. ei 
Kcllpáble, a. that mar be 

Eclipsar, 0,1. to eclipfe 
Eclipse, sm. eclípse 
Eclfp-ás. tf elll; *1* 

Eclíptica, ,/ ecliptio 
K'cluga, tf- ir logue 
E'co, aw. echo) hole ln a 
hor-e s sale 

Economía, tf. ecanomy 
Economizo, ca. a. economical 
Economista, tm. economlst 

Ecónomo, «m.curator or guar- 

Ectlpo, rm. ectype 
Ecuménico, ca. ai universal 
Edad, tf- age, an; period of 


Edecán, tm. aide-de-camp 
Edema, tf. a white, «oft tu- 

Edumatóso, sa. a. ccdematous 
Edición, t/- edition 
Edicto, tm. edict 
Edilicacbin, tf- conatTUCtlon, 

Edibcadór.ra. t. one wbocdl- 
He» or constructs 
EdiUcánte, a. edlfylng 
Edilicár, na. to construct a 
building; edify 
EdiHcatlvo, va- a. exemplarj 
Edificio, m. ediñee 
Edil, ira. edile 
ErliUdád, tf- edileship 
r.ditdr tm. editor 
Edredón, rm. dder-down 
Educación, tf- educatlon 
Educador, ra. t. Instructor 
Educando, tf- joung person 
that enters a co lege or con- 
ven t to be educan d 
Edutándo, da. «.ya. educar - 
' Ing, mstructing 
Educar, va. to edúcate 
Educción, tf- tduction 
Educir, va. to educe 
Electivo, va. a. effectlve 
Efecto, tm. eflect, pnrpose ; 
¡d. luso:*, good*. En efecto, 
m tu r 

Efectuó I, a. elfectual 
Efectuar, ra. 10 etlcctuate 
Efemérides, ti. p 1 - ephe.nerl. 
E. ternero, tm. a lili g wb ch 
begm- and end> in o e da* 
i.fen.inái , va. to . tlemi ,aie 
Efervescencia, ti- eiierve*- 

Eluácia, tf. efficacy 
Eticíu, a. efhcaciou* 
Enciencia, tf. etfi. ience 
Enciente, a. eftlcicnt 
Ef gie, tj. eiflgy 
Efímera, t/- cphemem, eny 
thmg of a short dur.u Ion ; 
an inseet that Uves bul one 

Edorecáncia, « . efllnrescrace 
Kilo- nula tf- ellUo-ucr 
Efluvio, rm. erllovium 
Elluxlón y Eftúso, t. exhala- 
_ lion, evapora ion 
Elogio, im. -ubterfuge 
Ktutgéncia, tf. ellidgenee 


nfumHr, tw. to efThse 
Efusión, tf. effuslon; ronfl- 
dential disclosure of sentV- 

Efúso, sa. a. edu có 
Egestád, tf. necessity 
E gestión ,• «f. ege-tion 
Egílope, tf. wild bastará oat 
Egipciaco, Egipcláno, y Egip- 
cio, a. Eeyptlan 
Eglra, tf. hegira 
i- «loga, tf. eclogue 
Egoísmo, «el. egotUm 
Egoísta, tm. egotist 
Egregio, gia. a. egregious 

Egresión, tf- egresión 

Egrisdr, ca. to grind and pe- 
llsb dinmonds, a. V. taual 
Kgualár, na. V. ¡/(valar 
El, Ella, Ello, yrst. be, sbc 

E'la, ad tlrmon. there she is 
Elaborar, ra. to elabórate 
Elación, tf- elallon, magnani- 
mity, clemti ,n 
Elasticidad, tf. e’astlcity 
Elástico, ca a «l-istic 
E atine, tf- smocth *peedwel> 
Elil o, la. a. pre-un,, tuous 
K'fclte, rm. a ostate 
E le, ad. demoa sre tilia 
Hielo riño, i . heliel orne 
Elección, ti', el ctlon, volun- 
tar; prefci ence, cholee 
Electivo, va. . , e eclive 
Electo, ta. elect 
Electo, tm. a chct 
Eleciúr, tm. e ector 
Electo á o tm. electorate 
1- tec'orál, a. el.vii.tal 
Ktectr ci árl, f. electiicitj 
E detric ca. n. * lectTÍc 
Electtfx tf el < • ra - 
E'ectri.ár, i a. to ekctrify 
E cetro, tal el ctrc or ant- 
ber; a mlved torva' of four 
part- cold «un One of sil ver 
Elucrrónietr.i, tm. an eleciro- 

Electuárln, rm. elettuary 
El* filnte, ti. «. ele h mt 
£1 f.mtfno, na. a. le hantina 
E'ey.incla, \t. etg neo 
Eli filote, a. ele ant 
Elegía, tf. »n elegy 
Klegláco, ca. a. elegiarf 
Eleulble, a. eli tble 
E egído , tm pl. the elect 
E . glr, tsi. to choo-e 
E'tego, g i. a. o ourp.t'jl 
EU-incntá io, da. o. partaklng 
of tile nature of elementa 
- .117 


Elemcnt.11 y Elementar, a. 

elemente!, essential 
Elemento, «ni. elemcnt ; any 
thing whlch i» the 


Elt*nió-.ina y Elemósna, </*• V. 

I. i moa mí 

Elenco, sm. índex; a sort of 

Elcto. i<\. a. .astonished 
Elevación, sf. eleration, rise, 
extasy, altitudc 
Elevado, da. a. elevated 
Elevamiento, * m. elevation 
fclevár, tur. to raise ; vr. to be 
enraptured, be elated witb 

Electo, ta. a, elected 
Elidir, va. to weaken 
E* igf r,ra. to choose 
Elíptico, ca. a, elliptic 
Elídeos Campos, im. pl. ely- 
sian fields 

EliXáhle, a. capable of bemg 
made an elixir 
Elixaclón, sf. clixation 
Elixár, va. to boíl vegetable 
Elíxir, «m. elixir 
E'lo, rtd. d emita, behold it. V, 
Ve; ale 

Elogiadór, «m. eulogist 
Elogiár, va. to praise 
Klógio, «m. an eulogy 
Elogkta, im. encomiast 
EUxjdéncia, </*. eloquence 
Elooüéntc, a. eloquent 
Eludir, va. to elude 
Emanadéro, im. source 
Emanante, a. emanating 
Einanár, vn. to emanate 
Emancipar, va. to emancípate 
E'intnuel, *m. Immanuel 
Embabiamiento, sm. ¿tupid- 
ity ; distraction 
Embachár, va. to píen sheep 
to l>e shorn 

Embadurnar, va. to besmear 
Kmhaidór, ra. t. sharper 
Embaimiento, delusion, 
illndon, decelt 
Embaír, va. todec. ir* 
Embal.tdór, «. packer 
Embaí. tge, sm. packing 
ErnbaMr, ra. to embale 
Embaldosado, sm. tlle-floor 
Emlmldosdr, va. to floor with 
tile; or flags 

Embalijir, va. to pack up into 
a portinariteau 
Emhallenaddr, im. stay-ma- 

Emballenar, t*a. to stlifcn 
w¿U» whalabone 



Emballestado,**!. contractlon 
of the nerve» in the feet of 

Embalsadero, im. pool ofstag- 
nant water 

Embalsamadór y Einbalsa- 
méro, im. cr.e who profes- 
ses the art of embalming 
Embalsamar, va. to cmbaltn 
Embalsar, ra. to diive cattle 
into a pool of stagnant wa- 
ter to refresh thein 
Embalumar, va. to load une- 
qualJy ; vr. to embarraos 
one’s nelf with business 
Embanastar, va. to put into a 

Embaracillo, sm. a slight em- 

Embarazado, da. a. embar- 

Embarazador, ra. #. embaras- 

Embarazir, va. to embarras» 
Embarazo, sm. impediment ; 

Embarazólo, sa. a. difTicult 
Km bar ba>cádo, da- a. diificult 
Embarbascár, va. to throw 
hellebore, dcc. into water 
to ítupefy t sh ; vr. to be 
entangled among the roots 
of plants 

Embarbecer, va. to haré a 
beard appearing 
Embarbillar, ia. to join planks 
or beams together 
Embarcación, </*. vessel or 
shtp of any size, ein bar ca- 
tión, navigation 
Embarcadero, sm. quay, 
wharf, port, harbour 
Embarcador, #m. one who 
embar ks or thips goods 
Embarcár, va. toeinbark ; vr. 

to go on shipboard 
Embarco, sm. cm bar catión 
Embargadór, sm . one who sc- 

Embargante, pa. arresting 
Embargante, (No), ud. not- 
Embargar, tu. to arrest 
Embargo, sm. embargo 
Embarnecér, vn. to grow 

Embarni/adúra, sf. the act of 

Embarnizar, va. to vamUh 
Embarque, sm. embarcation 
Etnharradór, sm. plasterer 
Embarradura, sf. the act of 
ove^aying with pb&ster 
Embarrar, va. to oreriay with 

EMB ’ or mortar; er« 
moQnt üpon trecr 
Embaí rilar. m. to barrel 
Em basamento, sm. 
Embastar, ra. to put a pack* 
saddie on a of tumben 

Embastecer, vn. to becoine 

Embále, sm. the cLiAhing ot 
wave> agaimt rock» ; a tresh 
gcntle bree/e 
Embaucador, sm. sharper 
Embaucamiento, sm. ilecep- 
tion, illu.don 
Embaucar, va. to delude 
Embauco, sm. artfu delusion 
Embaular, va. to pack up in 
a trunk 

Embausamiento, sm. amazo» 

Etnbausonár, va. to make one 
stare with wonder 
Emhaxáda sf. embassy 
Einbaxadór, sm. ambassador 
Einbaxatdrio, ría. a. belong* 
ing to an ambassador 
Embazadór, sm. one who 
thades or darkens a colour 
Embarár, va. to shade ; ou. 
to be amazed ; vr. to fa- 
tigue oríes self 
Embebecer, va. to astonisli ; 
rr . to be struck with ainazc- 

Embebecimiénto, sm. amare* 

Embebedór, ra. s. imbiber 
Embeber, va. to imbibe, 
dreni h, rqueezc ; ra. tu 
shrink ; vr. to lie enrnp- 

Embelecador, ra. s. Impostor 
Kmbclecár, ta. to deceivs 
Embeleco mu fraud 
Embeieñádo, ila. a. enraptur 
ed, stu|*clied 

Emlieleñar, va. to stupefy 
Embele%amión;o, sm. amaze* 

Embelesar, ita. to amare 

Embeleco, sm. amazement, 
object of amazement 
Embellaquecerá, vr. to be 
low minded 

Emliellecér, va. to 
Emlieodár, va. to ¡ntoxicate 
Emberár , rn. to begin to haré 
a ripe colour 

Embermejár, ra. to gire i 
red colour 

Embermejecer, va. to dyt 
red ; vn. to blush 
Embóro, sm. colour of grapa 
which are growing rip« 


Bmberrl nchárse, vr. to fly ta- 
to a violent passion 
Embestida, qf. assault 
Embestidor, tm. one who 
makes Importúnate de- 
mam ts 

Einbe-.tiddra, qf. act of Im- 

Embutir, va. to assail 
Embetunar, va. to cover with 

Einbcudár, va. V. Emborra- 

Embljár, va. to paint with 

Erabidn, «a. a violent blow 
Emblandecer, uu. to moist- 

Emblanquecer, va. to whlten 
any thmg; vr. to grow 

Emblema, rm. emblem, an 
occult represenlatlon 
Embobamiento, tm. admlra- 

Embdbar, va. to attract ; vr, 
to be ¡n suspense 
Embobecer, en. to becomc 

Embobecimiento, íwt« (tupe* 


Krabocadéro y Embocador, 
tm* mouth of a channel 
Kmbocádo, da« a, applied to 
wine vhicb ig pleasant to 
the taste 

Embocad úra^r. act ofgetting 
In by a narrow juassage 
Embocar, va. to enter any 
thing by the mouth 
Embodarse, vr. to be marrad 
Embolar, va. to put baila on 
the ends or tips ot'a bull's 

Embolisma ddr, ra. a. detractor 
Embolismar, uu, to propágate 
malicíeos sarcasms 
Embolismo, tm. emboüsm 
Embolo, tm. embolas 
Eiubobár, m, to put money 
lnto a pune 

Embondr, ra. to make good 
or Ano 

Embdno, rm. the act of dou- 
bltng a ship’s bottom aud 
lides with planks ¡ linlng 

Embofiigir.uu.toplastai with 
tow -dung 

Embdque, tm. passage of a 
hall through an arch or 
strait part 

Embornales, tm. pl. tcupper- 

Emborrachaddr ra. a. Intox- 


Icatlng ¡ t. one who makes 

Emborrachár, tío. to intoxí- 

Emburrtfr, uu. to stuff with 
goat's lialr ; comb the wool 
a second time 

Emborrascar, eu. to proroke 
Emborrazár, va. to tie pieces 
of fat ¡Kirk on the body of a 
fowl to serve as baating 
Emborrlcárse, vr. to be stu- 

Einborniár, va. to gire the 
first combing to wool 
Em bo .oída, cj. ambuscade 
Emborna, úra. 4J'. act orsitu- 
ation ufan ambuscade 
Emlwscar, vr. to retire lnto 
the thickest part of the lo- 

Embosquecer, vn. to become 

Embotaddrpm.he who blunts 
the edges of swords, ice. 
Embotadura, cf. the act of 

Embotamiento, em. the act of 

Embotár, va. to blunt 
Emboiellár, uo. to bottle 11- 

Emboticár, tu, V, Almace- 

Embotijar, va. to lay a stra- 
tum of potsherds ¡ vr. to 
' swell, be in a passion 
Embovedado, da- a. arihed 
Embotár, va. to arrange 
branchés for silk-worm» 
Embdxo, <m. the shed erected 
for the sllk-worms 
Emboza, el. incqualities in 
the bollom of barréis 
Kinluzádo, da. a. covered 
Embozar, va. to mutile the 
greatest part of the face 
Embdxo, m. eovering for the 
face, tire act of muffling 
the greatest part of the tace 
Embdxo (lie,) ad. Incógnito 
Embracilado, da. a. carried 
ahout in the arms 
Embragar, va. to sling 
Embravecer y Kmbravár, tu. 
to enrage ; tm. to liecome 
strong ¡ vr. to become furl- 

Embravecimiento, na. fury 
Embrazadura, qf. clasplng of 
a sliield or bitckler ¡ em. 

Embrazar, ra. to clasp a 
shield. V, Abracar 


Embreár, va’, to pay a shlp 

with piteh 

Embregáis*, vr. to qu artel 
Emhrenárse, vr. to lude une's 
self in thickets 
Embriagár, cu. to Intoxícate 
Embriago, ga. a. ¡ntoxicaled 
Embriagad/, tj. intOkicatioit 
hmbriár, va. to tos. in the alr 
Embridar, va. to luidle 
hmbridn, m. embrju 
Embrocár, va. to put out ai 
one vessel mío another 
Embrochádo, da. a. eiubioi* 
dererl with goldor silver 
Embrolla d Embrollo,#, ti and 
Embrollador, ra. y l.mbrol- 
ldr, t. one who entanglai 
Embrolló/, va. to entangla 
Embromádo, da. u. nristy 
Embromador, ra. i. one who 
deceives by artful tricks 
Embromár, tu. to excite dis- 
putes, deceive with fallad- 
ous words 

Embroquelárse, vr. V. Abro - 

EmbrosquKár, va. to put cat- 
tle into a fold 
Embrujir, va. to bewitch 
Embrutecer, va. to slu|>efy 
Embuchádo, im. a -ort of 
large sausage- 

Embuchar, va. to stufl' with 
minced |>ork or other ineat ( 
to erara or stutl' the sto- 
mach of animáis 
Embudaddr, rm. fíller, ra. to put a funnel 
in a wine bag 
Embudo, em, funnel 
Embudista, <ni. man who; deceiver 
Kmburujár, ra. to juinble 
Emburriár, w. V. Empujar 
Embiiste, #m. fraud. Ént- 
Iniatec, gewgaws, baublea 
Embustear, vn. to make fre 
quent use of t'rauds 
Embusteráxo, rm. a great im 

Embustero,ra. y Kmbusliddr 
#. impostor, hypucrita 
Embustir, -sí. to cheat 
Embutido, #m. inlaid w„rk 
Embutir, nu. to ¡nl;v> , juinble 
Emelga, cj. a large furrow 
k.melgár, va. to make largo 

Kmendálite, a. amendable 
Emendar ido, qf. amendiuenl 
Emendnddr, m. he who a- 

Emendár, va. to amend 



Emergencia, tf. emergency 
Emergente, a. emergent 
Emérito, a. emeritus óreme 

Kmerdón, tf- emersión 
Emético, ca. a. etneiie 
Emienda, tf. amemlment, 
cha-stbcment, rotn)ietua- 
tion, salisfaction 
Emigri lo, da. a. y *. emi- 
gra: ed 

Emigrár, t m. to emlgrate 
Emína, tí- inea&ure ; ancicnt 

Eminéncia, tf» eminente ; ti- 
lle given to cardinal* 
Eminenclál, a. eminential 
Km i nén le, a. emínent 
Eminentísimo, a. title of the 
R/imidi cardinals 
Kml-ário, xm. embuij 
Emi ión, tf. cm¡s*ion 
Emitir, va. to emit 
Emoliente, a. einoilient 
Emolumento, *m. emolument 
Empnrir, va. to pack u¡> in 
chests ; i;r. to l>e tullen 
Empachado, da. a. surfeited 
Empach ír,i« impede, per- 
plex, turfeit ; vr. lo be a- 

Empicho, iwi. bashfulnots, 
einbarrassment, turfeit 
Empadronador, tm. enroller 
Empadronamiento, im. llst 
oí |*ersons Hable to pay tax- 
e». V. Padrón 

Kinp id-onár, va. toenter in a 
regkter the ñames of tho%e 
who «re liable to pay ccr- 
tain taxes 

Üm pal rigamit'nto, tm. turfeit 
,Empal igir, va. to cloy 
Emp.dlgu. tm. Miifeit 
Einpal »g<5*o, sa. a. * jue imish 
Empal r, va. to e.npale 
Empaliar, na. to h«mg with 
tapjstry a church, ckoitter, 
or nther place, thrmigh 
wllich a proccvsinn p:iv,c» 
Empali/ida, tf'. palixule 
Km>»allctádo, tm. netting 
Kmpalinár, va. to Joln ihe 
end» of twu plects of tiiu- 

Em palomar, va. to sew the 
boit-ro¡»c to ih? sail 
Empana lo, «;*. ni ?at-pie 
Km punido, tm. centre room 
Em punir, na. to cover with 
pu.e; ¿ow grat n 
Empandar. na. to bend Into 
an ari‘1) 

Empandillar va. to bidé 



Empanlcir, m. to furl 
Empantanar, su* to sub- 
merge, bemire 

Empañar, va. to ewaddle, 
cover with clouds 
Empapagayárse, vr. to lie bent 
like the beuk of a parro t 
Empapdr, va. to toa* ; vr. to 
imbibe, lie in a trance 
Empapelador, tm. paperer, va. to wrap up in 

Empapirotado, da. a. full 
Empapirotado, da. a. lufty 
Empapirotar, va. to adom 
Emp.ipujir, va* to fíll up to 

Empaque, tm. the act of park- 

Ktnpapiefaddr. tm. packer 
Empaquetar, va. to pack 
Empar imentii, va. to adom 
Emparainénlo ó Empara- 
mento, tm. sequesrration 
Emp.irir, va. to oque»tntt 
Emp irchár, va. to cover with 
a plastcr 

Emparedado, <la. t. cloisterer 

E. n¡iaredamiénto, tm. con* 
fincment ; cloister 

F. mpar«üUr, vn. to confíne 
E.r.parej idiir, tm • l o wh> 


Emparejadura, tf. cqualixa- 

Emparejar, va. to match ; 

va. to put ábreos t 
Emparentar, na. to 1)« rclated 
or allied by raarrmge 
Emparrado, tm. arbour made 
with the branchta of prop- 
ped vinel 

Kmparrár, va. to embower 
Emparvar, va. topnt grain in 
order to be tara hei 
Empastar, tur. to paste ; co- 
ver plentifuily with tolours 
Empatar, ra. to equal. checl, 
cut thort a spevch 
Empáte, Jim. equality, stop 
Empavesada, tí- waUt clothet 
Empavecár, va. to 
waist clotnss on the sido» ct 
a nhip 

Empecer, va. to hurt 
Etnpcchár, va. V. Impedir 
Empecí! Me, a. hurtful 
Empedernir, ra. to iudurate, 

^ vr. to be |>etrified 
Einjietlr ido, tm. pavement 
Empedrador, tm. pavor 
Empedrár, va. to pave 
Empega, tf. varnUh of pltch 
Empegaddra, tf. the rarnhh 


ofpitch which U put o* 

Empegár, va. to pitch 
Enipcgnntár, va. to marfc 
with pitch 

Empelár, va. to get hair 
Empella, tf. offowU ' 
upper leather of a shoe 
Einjiellár y Em¡>ellér, t-a. to 

Em|>ellejár, va. to corer with 

Emi»el!dn, tm. push 
Empelotársc, vr. to quarrel* 
to lie vcxed 

Empeñar luir, va. to adora 
wiüi plumee 
Empenta, tf . prop 
Emiientlr, va. to push 
Empeña, tf. upper leather of 
a shoe. V. Pella 
Em;*eñ.ir, va. to pawn, en- 
gage ; ir. to blnd one*s self 
to fulfíl, contract, j»erslst, 
interce* e ; be erabayed on 
a lee-shore 

Empc-fio, tm. obligatlon con 
tractcd by pawning ; en. 
gagement, carnes! desire, 
boldnev», lirmness, protec* 

Empoorárv va. toimpair; vn* 
to grow worse 

Enip.-oueáecér, vn. to grow 

Emperador, tm. emjieror 
Emperatriz, ^/*. em prest 
Emiierchdr, va. to susjiend 
on a p.»rch 

Empcregilárte, vr. to be a- 

Empw retir, rn. to be lazy, be 

Emper. cilio, da. a. to be 
dressed in style 
Emi«cnfolládo, da. a. covered 
with ribbont and orna- 

Emperifollár, ra. to decórate 
Ein|>emido, a. liien ó mal em- 
pernado, wcll or *11 nailed 
Em|icrnár, va. to bolt; te 
mend stock ngs 
E npéro, Can], yct. V'. Pero 
Emperrada, tf • a {? ana ® 

at carda 

Empcrrárse, vr. to grow inad 
Ein}*c>adór, tm. handful of 
ruahes utad by weavert for 
trnnming their yarn 
Empetro, mi. crow-lierry 
Empéyne, tm. gToin, instep, 
lioofofa beast, ringworml 
íl jwcr of the cottun plaut 


Empeynoso, mi. a . futí o ( ring- 


Empeyrfr, ra, lo begin 
Emplear, iv#. lo tiai>£; vr. to 
be loo much atioched to 
an* tliir.g 

Empicotar, »v/. to pillorj 
Km) iotlro «m. paving 
Km I da. .#• tlevafed 

Empiiíadiha, \j. exaltation 
Eiupinainiento, ¿m. erectton 
Empinar, ra. lo raise» drink 
„ imirb ; vr. to stand on tlp- 

Empino, sm. elevation 
Emi iolar, r#i. to he ihe legs 
of hawk.s with Jcsm’i 
E mpüvo, tvt. empyrean 
Empíreo, rea. a. empyreal 
Empírico, sin. quite k 
Empizarrar, va. tosíate 
Emplasiadúra y Emplasta- 
miento. $. pla^tering 
Emplastár, va. to apply plus* 
ters, paint ihe face 
Emplástico, ca. o. glutinous 
Emplásto, xrn. plaste i 
Emplaxaddr, *m. lummoner 
Emplazamiento y Empiázo, 
im. KUimnoiis 
Emplazar, «a. to suintnon 
Emnleár ,?•«. to purchase, em 
ploy, consume 

Emplénta, s . piece of mud- 
wall made al once 
Empleo, tm. purchase, em- 
1 íoy, swectheait 
Empley'ta, *J. V'. Pin fia 
Emuleytéro, ra. s. one who 
plaits and sells ba*s-weed 
Emplomado, roof cotrcred 
with lead 

Emplomaddr, un. he who 
covers with load 
Emploniár, ra. to corer with 

Emplmnár, tvi. to adom with 
plumos ; ni. to tnoult 
Emplumecer, ni. to bcghi tn 
get featberi 

Empobrecer, no. to impo- 
VCmh ; rn. to become |»oor 
Empodrecer, r». to comipt 
Empollado, da. a. hatched 
Emjiollár. va. to brood 
Empoll.idúra, tf. brood of 

Einpohár, va. tojtowder 
Emponzof ador, ra. #. polson- 

ErrponroFár, ra. to poison 
Emporcár, va. to soil 
Emporio. #rtw. a grcat mart 
for ihe ule of mere handisc 


Empotramiento, tm. the mct 
of scarHng two timben to- 

Empotrár, ra. to mortlse 
Empozár, ra. to throw into a 

Empradizárse, vr. to become 

Emprendedor, im. one who 
attcmpt» an undenaking 
Emprender, ra. loenterpríse, 
take, míe 

Empreñar, na. to pres* 
Emprefiár, va. to imprég- 

Empresa, tf. symbols, ínter- 

Emj>re>.tário, Emprévtldo, <5 
Empréstito, jm. loan, tax, 


Emprestilladdr y Emprestil 
Itín, im, borrower 
Emprestillár, t«. to borrow 
Emprimado, tm. lavl comb- 
ing to wool 

Kmprimár, va. to print Unen 
^ or cot on, examine, ra. to place one 
in tbe lirst rank at a feast 
Empurliár, ra. to put vkeins 
ot throad into a Ive 
Einpuévta (De), ait. V. Par 
Delta. t 

Empujan liento, tm. the act 
of pushing aw.y 
Empujár, ru. to more or re 
tain with forre, vhove otf 
Entpúje y Empújo, tm. im. 
pul ion 

Empujón, un. impulse 
Empulgái, i-o. to ►tretch the 
cord of a rrosx-bow 
Empulgueras, t . pl. wings of 
a croMt-liow ¡ invtrument 
with wlurh the thumbs ale 
tied together 

Em puf ador, ra. craxper 
Empuñadura, tf. hllt of a ¡ 
.word ; Empitfíarturat tltl 
graiH, head-eatinps 
Kmjiufíir , va. to ve i /c br the 
handle, obtain an employ 
Einpuyárve, vr. to ptick oné s 
telf with nail. 

Emuladdr, ra. «. emnlator 
Kmulár, va. to emulate 
Emulgénte, a. eniulgent 
K'mulo, <m. coinpelitnr 
Kmubidn, rj. emulsión 
Emunrtdriov, tm. yt. emunc- 

Emundacidn, tf. clvanving 
Km. Prin. of time and place, 
In. Katar pm Loui.rct, to 


be In London : En aAttmth. 
for the futute 
Enarerár, ra. to Steel 
Euareytárve, rr. to become 
oily or ranctd 
Enagcnáble, a. alienable 
Enajenación y Enagenaml- 
énro, t. alienation. change 
of affection, diiorder of the 
mental farultiev 
Enagenár, iw. to aliénate, 
transpon ¡ ,-r. be deprived 
of the u*e of reason 
Enaguarchádo, da. a. load, 
with water 

Enngnarrhár, ra. to fill of 
load with water 
Enaguas, \f. pl. a sort of 
Unen under-petticoat, un* 
der-waislcoat ofblaik baix. 
Enaguarár, va. to irrígate 
Knaibár. va. to hrat iion to 
such a degree kv tq makc it 
apurar white 

Enalliarddr, ra. to lay a pack- 
saddle on lieavts of burthen 
Enalforjdr, va. to put into ■ 
saddle liag 

Enalienáble, a. unalicnable 
Enalni.igrddo. da. a. coluured 
with ochre; vile 
Enalmagrar, ra. to cover wilh 

Enalmcntfr, t*a. to rrown a 
wall with indenttd batlle- 
ments or vtr.all tul reta 
Enamarilletérse, rr. lo b.- 
come vcllow 

Enamorada, g'. provtilnte 
Enamoradizo, xa. a. ¡ucl.ued 
to love 

Enamoraddr, rm. lover 
Enamoramiento, ^,n act of 
enamour ng ® 
Enaiuorér.tvi. to exrlte, or in- 
vpive love, niuke love ¡ vr 
to be ¡n love, ra. to widen 
Enangostar, ra. V. 
Entino, im. ducrf 
KnarU.ldr, va. lo hoist 
Enarcár, va. to hsop barre!. 
Enardecer, va. to fire wim 
pasa on 

Enairrr.i itSn, gf. plaster, 
to whiten wall. before 
pninttng tbem 

Enarenar, vrt. to fill wilh 
stand ¡ rr. to run on thot. 
Enannongr. va. to i site ; rr* 
to i i-e oii tile bino feet 
línarraeion. tf. nnrrntioil , ra. tonnrrate 
Enartár, ra. to dcevir. 



Enastár, va. to put a handle . 

lo any instrumcnt I 

En A.vúnasi a»L without liar- | 
mg t.tken any food 
En Bálde, ad. in vain 
Encabalgamiento, *m. gun- 

Enoabalgúr, va. to parade on 
hor*e back ; va. tu provide 
hor c% • 

Eiicabcllár, take a wig 
fincabellccér, nn. to have a 
nice lie id id" hall 
Encube»trár, va. to lead a 
l>ea»t by the halter; vr. to 
be entangled in the halter 
Encabeí.nnitínto y Encabezo 
namLnm, tm. list of per 
son» hable to pay a certain 

Encabe? ár y Encabezonár,tu 
to register taxes ; vr. to 
a ree to pay a certain sum 
by way of taxes 
Kncahriár, va. to preserve 
tínsber for roofing 
Encabritár.-.e, vr. to lise on 
the hind feet 

Encabronar, va. tocuckold 
Ene cliár, tui. to fi\ any tliíug 
in a «rail or box 
Encadenad lira y Encaden»' 
miento, t. caten jtion, State 
of being linkeil or connect 
cd toguther 

Enc.ulemír, va. to catenate 
Kncaroér, va. V. Parir 
Encalabo/ár, va. to put onc 
int » a pri&on 

EncaUbriár ó Encal abrí nár, 
tu. to attvct the hcad witli 
aoine unplaasant sinell 
Encaládn, tf. piece of the 
trimmiqps of a*addle 
Enea adór, *m. pit into w.’ilch 
hale-, .ue put 

Encaladura, tf» the act of 
w hiten ng wlth lime 
Encalar, va. to cover with 
p.ttster ; thrust into a pipe 
Encalladero, mi. shoal 
Encallár, vn. to get on ahore 
0:1 a wmd-bank 
EncaUecér, vn. to gct corns 
on the feet 

Encallecido, da. a. troubled 
with corns 

Encal lejonár, iu. to put any 
thinginto a narro» Street 
En r-nlleirár, va. to under- 

¿nculmaddra, tf. suflbeation 
of a hor>e 

Encalmarse, vr. to be worn 



out with fatigue ; be be- 
cal med 

Encalostrárse, vr. to makethé 
ynung fcick by sucking the 
first inilk 

Encal vár y Encalvecer, vn. to 
grow bald 

Encamarados, im. pl. cham- 
berí in can non 
Encamarar, va. to store up 

Eucamdrse, vr. to go to bed, 

Encambijár, va. to conduct 
water by mean» of archetl 

Encanibrár, va. to put In a 

Encambronár, iu. to endose 
with hedges of branibles, 
strengllien with iron ; vr. 
to walk stately 
Encaminadura o Encamina- 
midnto, s. the act ofputiing 
in tlie right road 
Encaminar, va. to guide ; i *r. 
to proceed 

Encaminada, tf. oamlsado 
Encalmarse, vr. to put a 
shirt over one's clothes, in 
order to make a cainUÁdo 
Encamorrárte, vr. to embroil 
onc» selfln disputes 
Encampanádo, da. a. bel] 

Encanalar <5 Encanallar, va 
to convey through pipes or 
Encanár>c, vr. to grow sen se - 
less with fear or crying 
Encanastár, va. to pack up in 
canktersi ba-.kcLs, or liam- 

Encancerársc, vr. V. Cance- 

Encandecér, na. to hcat any 
thingto a white hcat 
Encandelár, va. to bud, as 
tiees, ms’.cad of ttowering 
Encandiladera ó Encandila- 
dora, tf. procures*, bawd 
Encandilado, da. a. high 
cocked ; Applied to hati 
Encandilar, va. to da/zle with 
the iight ufa ca adle 
Enc anecer, vn. to grow grey 
Encanija! niénto, im, weak- 

Encani;árse, vr. to plne 
Encanalar, tu. to ravel silk, 
woollen, or linea thrcad 
une ven 

Encantación, tf. enchant- 
mcat, charo), spell 

ENC ’ 

Encatadéra, tf. sorcoress 
Encantado, da. a. haunted 
Encantador, ra. f. enmante* 
Encantamento o Encanta 
VTiiónto, im. enchantment 
Encanta r, va. to encliant 
Encantarár, va. to put into a 

Encanto, tm. charm, >^cll 
Encantusár va. to coax 
Encabado, im. conduit of wa- 

Encabaddr, ra. t. one who 
winds the silk on quilla 
Encañadúra, tf. hedge inade 
ofeaneor reecU; conduit 
Encabar, va. to endose a 
plan tal ion with a hedge 
inade of cañe ; convey wa- 
ter through conduit* or 
pipes ; t*w. to form or grovr 
into stalks ; applied to 

Encabonádo, tm. wlnd hlow- 
ing through a narrow pas* 

Encañonár, vn. to l»cgin to 
grow fledged ¡ va. to put 
into tubes or pi)>es 
Encanutar, tu. to Ilute ; vn 
to form straw 

Encapacetádo, da. a. eovercil 
with a ticlmet 

Encapachar, va. to put inte 
a frail or basket 
Encapádo, da. a. cloaked 
Encapa/ár, va. to collect onr 
put into a basket 
Enca|»eruzárse, vr. to cover 
one’s head wlth a huod 
Encaphladúra, tf. tie of a 
bhroud or si ay 

Encapillir, ra. to bx the 
standing rigglng to tlie 
mast hcad 

Encapirotádo, da. a. wearing 
a cloak or hood 
Encapirotar, va. to hood a 

Encapotadura y Encapota- 
miento. V. S r >!'rrcijo 
Encapotar, ra. to cover with 
a cloak or great coat ; vr. 
to lower, applied to the sky 
Encapricharse, vr. to indulge 
in whinu 

Enrapuchár, *»a. to cover any 
thing with a hood 
Encapuzár, »u. to covei with 
a I ang gown 
Kncarádo, da. a. faced 
Enraramadüra, tf. helght 
Encaramar y EncaramÜ’c^ 
tár, tu. to raUe estol 



Encarámenlo, tm. the act of 
faclng or alltllltg 
Enoarár, rn. lo fa -e, come 
face lo face ; va. to aiin 
Encaratulado, da. a. maskyd 
Encaratularse, vr. (o or ow's self 
Enoirtio, im. puinter, a dng 
Encarcavinar, tsr. to dnfect 
wlth a pestileritial smeil 
Encarra rudo da. a. arrned 
wlth a qulvcr 

Encarcelación, tf. íncarcera- 

Encarecía dito. ta. a. confined 
Encarcelar y Encarcerár, ra. 
to impilson 

Encareceddr, na. praiser 
Encarecer, no. to raise the 
price of comntodHles 
Encarecimiento, *wt. en- 

Encargadamente, oo. grcatly, 

Encargár, in. to recommend 
JSncárco, »m. charge, office 
Enoanhársc, vr. to become 
passlonutcly fond of 
Encamación, tf. tncarnatlon, 

Encarnadino, na. a. of a red- 
dtsh colour 

Encarnado, da. a. dyed flesh 
colour ; incamate 
Encarnadura, tf. tho natural 
sttite of flesh In iivlng fio- 
die», wound 

Encarnamiento, m. rccover 
ing flesh 

Encarnar, vn. to incam ; ra. 
to incaroadine, wound, 
embody ; vr. lo unite one 
tlúng wlth anotlter 
Encáme, «rn. lirst leed given 
to doga of the en tralla of 

Encarnecer, va. to groar fat 
and fleshy 

Encaro rudo, a. blood-shot 
Encarniramlónto, ara. crueltjr 
Encarniutr, ou. to tiesh, pro- 
rokes vr. to be glutled 
wíth flesh 

Encáre, tm. the act of Tiew- 
Ing stedfhstly 

Encarrillar, na. to dlrect ¡ vr. 
to le funled or eotsnglcd 
on the ht .ivcof a block 
Encai ru'cido, tm. ancient 
icinil of silk stuff 
Encarrujarse, vr. to 1* comí- 
gated, curlcil, or wrinkled 
Encartación, r.-. rirrolment, 
vassulage, ¡>¡. places ad- 


Jqlnlng tl,e province of Bis- 

Encartamiem •>, a m. outlawry 
Encartár, ra. to ouiiaw, In- 
elude : vr. to receive a card 
whicb spoiLsagame 
Encarturltár, ru. to till car- 
tridges with jmwder 
Encasaménto, tm. melle 
Enra,. amiento, un. repara- 
tion of rulnoua bouses, 

Encasár, tai. to set a díalo- 
catcd bone 

Encasc.ilicládo, da. a. filled or 
adomed with bella 
Encascotár, ra. to corer with 
a layer of rubbísh 
Encasquetár, ra. to put on 
one's hat cióse to the head ¡ 
vr. to |ienbt obttmately ln 
maintalning an apinlon 
Encastar, va. to tueliorate or 
lmprove a race uf anímala 
Encaatilládo, da. a. forUiied 
with dlHcrent castle* 
Encastllladár, ra. i ore who 
shuts himself up in a castle 
Eucastillamli.'nto, *m. act of 
ahutt ng up ln a caatle 
Encastillar, va. to fórtify with 
castles; ra. to make the 
ccll of the queen-lns: in bee- 
hives; iv. to shut one's 
sclf un ln 3 castle, by way 
of dcfence 

Encastrár, ra. to mortlse or 
scarf picces of tlmbcr 
Encatusar, ta. V. Eagatatar 
Encáustico, ra. «. cu, austic 
Encáusto, rio. enainellin|C 
Kncavárse, vr. to incave one's 

Encasa, ,r. silabe hands 
Encaxndór. tm. he who en- 
Chase, ot inserta 
Encaxadúri, tf. the act of en- 
closingonethingin another 
Encasár, va. to enchae, in- 
troduce soinetliing with 
ctaft, decelve; vr. to thrust 
one’s self into soine narros» 
place » 

Encáre, int. the act of adiust- 
ing one thmg to auothrr ; 
lace, inlaid work 
Encaxerado, da. u. entangled 
on the sbeave of a bloc* or 
pulley j Applied to a mpe 
Encaxonádo, tm. mud-woll 
Encaxonár, na. to put or pack 
np ln a Imx 

Encclvulamientíi, tm. stirfeit 
Enccbadárse, vr. to be sur- 

ENC - 

felted with bariey, and toM 
ter drunk immrdialeiy of- 
ter ¡t 

Encetór, t u. to htde ; «r. to 
conrea! one* self 
Encella, tf. a cheesc wattle 
Encellar, rsi. to mouUt curda 
or chcese In a watite 
Encenagado, da. a. mixed or 
filled wlth inucl 
Encenagamiento, m the act 
of wallowing in dirt <* 

Encenagárse, vr. to watiow la 
dirt or mire 

Encencerrado, da. a. carry- 
ing a wether bell 
Encender, ru. to kindle, act 
tire to 

Encendido, da. a. inflamed 
Encendimiento, nn. hacen* 

EncenUár, ue. to Hll or corer 
wlth adíes 

Encensár <1 Encensuár, ra. to 
gire or take at lawful ln- 
terest ; to Icase 
Encénslo, tm. V. la -i rata 
En cent ador, tm. beglnne» 
Encentadúra y Enoentamián- 
to, i. the lirst atteinpt ot 
any thlng 

Encentár, cu. to begln the use 
of any thing, to cut 
Encepadúr, m. stocker 
Enccpár. va. to put in the 
»ti» ks, stock a gun ; va. 
to take root 

Encerado, tm. oil-doth, olí- 
skin, (nri'auling 
Encerado, da. a. wnx-colour» 
cd.tlilck, lhickened 
Enccram ¡énto, tm. act of 
waxmg pajier, rioth, íce. 
Enccrár, w. to stillén with 

En ernadár. m. V. Aernuular 
Encetotár, ru. lo «ai thrend 
Encerradero, na. place for 
keeplng sheep betón» or af- 
ter Ing 
Encerrado, da. a. brief 
Em-rrradór, m. one who 
shuts or lotVs up 
Encerradura, tf. doister 
Encerramiento, ,m. i luUter, 
prisdn, jail, enclo-tire 
Encerrár, ra. tu lock or slmt 
up, conlidil ; vr. ln with- 
dru» from tlie World 
Encerrona, tf. a voluntary 

Encestái, va. lo galher and 
put in a baste! ; derrito 


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Bnchanrletfr, tía. to pul on 

Enchapimblo, da. a. mulé in 
the nianner of paiten. 
Enrharriitxe, rr. to 1* cover- 
ed with water, to l>e inun- 

Enehnvrtrfr, en. Rncharrtar 
un ¡jtrnv, to forelock a bolt 
Enchicar, ib. V. Achicar 
Encía-, ij. ¡d. pimt 
Enríe Uro, c*. a. ettcyclic 
Ene icio] H^dia, tf. encyclopie- 

Encierro, >m. eioister, priaon 
Encima, ad. aboce, over, at 
the to|i, liesides 
Encimir. ni. to ridse high j 
rr, to raise one'* »elf ujicin 
Enciméro, ra. a. tliat whtch 
l» placed over or u)»n 
Enema, tf. ever-jpreen oak ó Encinar, *m. wood, 
consist i ii|* of ever-ifreen oak 
Encinuir, ivt. to fptmivh or 
ulorn with ritibon* 
Enclaustrado, da. «. *hut u)> 
in rio I. ter> 

Encía » achín, tf. act of nalling 
or lixiiiK 

Enrl.iv.1r, ra. to naU 
Enclavijar, ni. to unite or 
Join clo-cly 

Kmk-r>.¡ue, un. one who i> of 
a weak or feeble roiutitu- 

. Enclorldrsc y Eneloqnecfrae, 
vr. to cluek, applied to hens 
EneutuCr, va. to cocer or 
hateh eKg« 

Encobijar, nt. V. Cubijar 
' Encobrado, da. a. cop|ierj 
Encoclar, un. to be dis|Kxted 
to iluck 

Encogér, ra. to rmttntct | vr. 
to t« iow spirited. humille 
on*'- -elf 

Enmatdo, da. a. pusiUanl- 

Encogimiento, rm. ron trac - 
tío , lowne— of -pirita, hu- 
niilitc, •iuhinioáon 
Enoohctit lis da. a. envered or 
overtald with nquiba 
EneuheUr, tw. to cover wlth 

Encol.idúra d EncoUmidnto, 
t. the act and eHéct of 

Encolar, ni. to ({loe 
Encn'erizdrte, vr. to be in a 

EncomencUblc, a. recottim en- 



Encomen d/ülo, un. casial of 
a chlef m a nillitary order 
Encomendamiento, in. V. 

Encomnnlír, ra. to recom- 
mend, praise ; r«. to ttold 
> eommandery In a mili- 
tare order ; v*. to commit 
one'a «Hf to another'a pro- 

Enmmendéro, un. agent 
Encomenzir, va. V. Comrn- 

Encomiástico, ca. a. enco- 
lo UlsIíc 

Encomienda, tf. commit- 
tion, c-harge. mestage, com- 
manderj in a tnlhtary or- 
der, patlonage ; Enfrniítn- 
da i/e Miu/íag», dattbdllly 
Encdmio, m. pralse 
Enrompadrár, ra. tocontract 
affinitj hv godfalher 
Enconamiento, m. inflam- 

Enconftr, ra. to inflame 
Encono y Knconfa, t. male- 
rolence, rancour 
EnconÓMi, sa. a. apt to cause 
an inllamniation, hurtful 
Encnnrear, ni. to put the 
proi«.-r nuantity of oii on 
wool to be carded 
En Contra, ad. against 
Encontráiile, a. that which it 

Encontradizo, za. a. meeting 
each other by appoint- 

Enrontrádo, da. a. oppasite, 
In fkont 

Encontrar, r». to meet i va. 
to ti mi bj chance ) vr. to 
encounter ln an hostile 
manner, meet at the carne 

Encontrón, m. push, shock. 

violent ron conree 
Encotietáilo, da. u. boastfui 
Enropetiir, ni. to raicé the 
hair high, at in a toupee 
Encorai luir, tvi. to pul in a 
leathcr liag 

Encorado, da. a. wrappcd up 
In lenther 

Encomiado, da. a. etcet'ively 
hiuighty, lot.y, arroban! 
Encorajar, ra. to anímate 
Encorar, ra. to cover wlth 

Encorazado, da. a. rovered 
with a cuiratt 
Encorchar, m. to hire liees 
Encorchetar, «a. to hook 


Encordár, ra. to «trlng musi- 
cal iiistnimenU 
Encorüt lár, ra» to tie or bind 
with roids. 

Encordonado, do- a. adomed 
with corda 

Ent ord' nár, ra. to put ruvw 
nin stting* to a pur&e or 
other thing 
Encorecer, nt. to *kin 
Encoriac «in, \f. act of dio* 
ning over a --ore 
£neom¡j.unéiito, i». V. Cor * 
n ¡jurar uto 

Encornudar, ro. to l*gin to 
get lioniü ; ra. to ruckcld 
Encuro/ár, ra. to rover tho 
head with a coraza, worn 
liy criminal* cmulemned 
bj the InquUlilon 
Enroqioiár, ni. V. luo*r\iorar 
Encorralar, tu. to keep in o 
yard, ayqitied to cattla 
Etuorrcr, ra. V Imitrrir 
Encortiir, ra. V. Atvrlar 
Enrortinár, ra. to |iroridjt 
with curtains 

Encorvada* *J\ the act ot 
bending or doubling tho 

Encorvadura y Encorramv 
énto, «. act of iiendutg to # 
erooked shajre 
Encorvár. ra. to incurrato 
Encostarse* rr. lo stand m - 

Enco-tradúra, \f. crust 
hncontr«ir, »•»/. fo rough*citt 
with inortar, incrust 
Encovadúra, tf- act of dep>- 
siting in a cellar 
Encovar, ra. to |>ut or Uy up 
in a cellar 

Encorarse* rr. to grow lamo. 

I>e selzed with a lit of lu- 

Encrasar, ra. to fatteir 
Encrespador, mh* crUping- 

Kncre-padúra y Encrespa- 
mitfnfo* m. i*ris|«ati«m 
Encres|»ar, ra. lo curl ; vr. 
Ijecoiue rouiih and ix?Í5teT- 
ous, Applied to the sea 
Encrespo* tm. the act and ct- 
fect of curtí g 

Encrestas lo, da. n. adornad 
with a ciest, lofty 
Encrestarse, rr. to get tho 
contb, Applied to a young 

Km r i nado y Ene ti-nejáda, 
tln. a. pía twI, tiraiiled 
Encrucij-ul.i, tf. ctmwu, 

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Kncrudccir. va. to mate a 
«round «r», Irrítate ; vr. 
to be enrzged 

Encruelecer y Encrudelecér, 
vo. to excite to erueltles 
Encubar, cu. to pul líquida 
into cas ti, barréis, &c. 
Encubertar, fu. to overspread 
with a covering of cloth 
or tille ; cr. to drest and 
arm otie's telf for defence 
of the hody 

Encubierta, tf. flrand, deceit 
Encubierto, la. a. V. Cnhurlo 
Encubred(xo,za.a. that whicb 
can be concealed or hidden 
Encubriddr, ra. t. concealer 
Encubrimiento, <». conceal- 

Encubrir, va. to bidé 
Encucdr, va. to gather ñuta 
and tilbertx, and atore tbem 

Encutfntro, m. knock, the 
act of golng to meet or *ee 
any onc ; opposition. En- 
cn-ntrot, temples of a loom 
Encuitdrae, vr. to grieve 
Ecculatár, va. to place in a 
hive honey-comb whicb 
«ras formed after it wat ful! 
Enculpár, va. V. Cu/par 
Encumbrado, da. a. high 
Encumbramiento, un. the 
act of raising, height 
Encutr)br4r, va. to raise, ele- 
vate ; or. to be raised 
Encurtir, ra. to put a chlld 
in the eradle 
Encurtir, va. to coin 
Encurefiido, da. a. put into 
the carriage or stock 
Encurtir, va. to souse ln 
plckle or vinegar 
Endéble, a. feebte, weak 
Endecágono, im. pnlygon of 
eleven angles or sides 
Endeca Itabo, ba. a. eleven 

Endecha y Endechas, tf. 

dlrge, doleful ditty 
Endechadera, tf. V. PíaM- 

Endechdr, ra. to idng funeral 
son» ln honour and prait; 
ot the dead ¡ vr. to grieve 
Kntleehiiso, sa. a. moumfut 
Endemic >, ca. a. entiende 
Endemoniado, da. a. posses- 
sed with the devll 
m Eudemiár, va. to possess 
with the devil 

Endentár, oa. to Joln with a 


Endentecer, vn. to cut teeth 
I-Indebido, da. a. damaged 
Enderecéra, tf. dlrect way to 
any place or thing 
Enderezaddr, sm. cuide 
Endereradút a,tf. the straight 
and rlght toad 
Enderezamiento, m. guid- 
ance, dlrect ion 
Enderezir, oa. to guide, rec- 
tify, address ; vn. to take 
the direct road ; or. to b^ 

Enderezo, tm. the act of di- 
recting a letter 
En Derreddr, ad. round abont 
Endeudarse, oa. to get ln 

Endiablada, tf. masquerade 
Endiablado, da. a. ugly 
Endiablár, va. to possess with 
the devil 

Endlbia, tf. endlvo 
Endllgaddr, ra. a. pandar 
Endilgár, oa. to pandar, pro- 
cure, facilítate 
Endiosamiento, en. haughtl- 
nessj ecstacy, abstraction 
Endiosar, va. to deliy > or. to 
be elated with prido 
Endonir, oa. V. Donar 
EndoMr y Endorsar, va. to 
endorse a bilí of exchange 
Endo.ehír, ra. to hang cúr- 
talos , 

Endito 6 Endino, na. en* 
donement of a bilí of ea- 

Endriago, tm. fabulous mon- 

Endrina, tf. sioe 
Endrino, tm. sloe trce 
Endrino, na. o. of a sloe co- 
ló ur 

EndrimU, tm. V, Bernia 
Enducir, va. V. I aducir 
Endulzamldnto, na. üulciH- 

Endulzar y Endulzorár, oa. 
to tweetcn 

Enduradir, tn. mi ser 
Endurar, ou. to harden, en 
dure, delay, put olí' 
Endurecer,»!, to make hnrd ; 
to-. to becoine rigorou» or 

Endurecido, da. a. hardenetl 
Endurecimidlito, na. hard- 
nesi j ob&tinacy 
Enea. tf. cat's-tail 
Enrílico, ca. a. l>c!onging to 
the number of nine 
Euebrái, tm. plantution of 
Juniper treos 


Enebrina, tf. fruit of the Ja* 

Enebro, tm. jani per -tree 
Enechádo, da. a. exponed, m 
Enéldo, tm. dill 
Enemiga, tf. enrnlty 
Encmigáble, a. inimica! 
Enemigarse, vr. to be ln l 
»tate of en mi t y 
Enemigo, ga. a. inimica! 
Enemigo, r?«. enemy, tiend 
EnemUtád, tf. enmíty 
EnemUtár, va. to make mi 
enemy ; vr. to bccome un 

E'nco, ea. a. braren 
Energía, tf. energy 
Enérgico, ca. a. energetfc 
Energúmeno, na. t. perdón 
po* evsed with a devil 
Encrizár, va. V. Erizar 
Knéro, tm. Jantmry 
Encrvár, va. to enerrate 
Kne&ir, va. to white-wa'.h 
Enexár, va. to put an axfe 
tree to a cart or carriage 
Enfadadizo, xa. a . irritnMe 
Knfadár, va. to vex, mule>t 
Knfádo, tm. trouble 
Enfadoso, ha. a. vexnfiotin 
Enfaldar, va. to lop off .he 
Jower branches of tree»; 
vr. to tuck or trun* op the 
sklrU of oneV» clothes 
Enfálde, tm. act of tuck'ng 
or trus&ing up one\ clothes 
Enfangarse, cr. to touch 
ground in a miry or m»d- 
d v place 

Enfardador, tm. a pac ker 
Knfirdár, t*a. to park 
En tari leí ador, tm. packer 
Enfardeladúra, ti', act uf 
packing or emüaling mor- 

Enfardelar, va. to hale 
K'nfiuift, tm. empltaais 
Enfático, ca. leal 
Kntvrmdr, tm. to fail HI ; va 
to maLe »it*k, cau*» da 
nía ge, wcakcn 
Eufermcddd, tf • infirrolty 
Enfermería, tf- intirmary 
Enfermero, ra. ». per*«m who 
ha» the care of the xlck 
Enfetmixdr, va. to niake»lck 
or infirtn 

Enfermizo, xa. a. ínfirin 
Enfermo, iua« a. itilirm* 

Enfcnnoseár, va. V. ffermo- 

Enferozár, ra. to irrítate 



Enchancletar, va. to pul on 

Enchapinário, da. a. made in 
the manner of patleni 
Enrharcárse, rr. to I* cover- 
ed vrith water, to be inun- 

Enchnvetár, vn. Fnchareiar 
un perno, to forelock a bolt 
Enrhlcár, tu. V. Achicar 
Encía>, ej. /»/■ gutns 
Kncfrlico, ca. u. encjclic 
Enciclopedia, tf- encjrclojw- 

Enciérre, m. clolster, prlson 
Encima, ad. alxive, over, at 
the top, besides 
Enrimár, r a. lo ralse high ¡ 
pr, to rai.e one's self u|x>n 
Enciméro, ra. a. tliat which 
U placed over or opon 
Encina, cj. ever-ipreen oak 
Knrinál 4 Encinar, *m. wood, 
consistln;; of ever-Rreen oak 
Entintár, ivi. to RKrnixh or 
adom with rlbbons 
Enclaustrado, cía. a. chut up 
in clolster» 

Encía v-tcjiln, cf. act of nailinc 
or lizln# 

EncUvár, va. to nail 
Enclavijar, cu. to unlte or 
join dosel} 

Enclenque, «m. one vrho I» of 
a weak or feeble comtltu- 

. Enclodárse j Encloquecérie, 
vr. to ciuck, applieu to hens 
Encutiár, vn. to cover or 
hatch eRS» 

Emoliijar, «n. V. C. Jijar 
' Encobrado, da- a. copiier} 
Encoclar, vn. to be ülsposed 
to i luck 

Encoger, ra. to rontrnd | vr. 
to lie low vpirited. humble 
one's self 

Encogido, da. a. piuiUanl- 

Encogimiento, rm. contrae- 
tío , lowtiess of splrita, hu- 
mllit}, submission 
EnOoliétii lo, da. a. covenal or 
overlabi with squihs 
Encohetár, t«. to cover with 

Encoladúra d Encolamiento, 
i. tbe act and ettéct of' 

Encolar, vn. to plue 
Eneo erizarse, tir. to be In a 

Enconienddble, a. recommen- 



Encomendado, rm. vasta! of 
a chief ot a uiilltai} order 
Encomendamiento, cm. V. 

Enconiendir, t>«. to recom- 
mend, praise ; rn. to hold 
a coinmandery In a mili- 
tar} order; n. to commJt 
one's self to another’s pro- 

Kncomendéro, rm. agent 
‘Encomenzár, va. V. Curan»- 

Encomiástico, ca. a. ene o- 

Encomiénda, cf. commis- 
sion, rharge. message, com- 
mander} in a militar} or- 
der, pat ion age ; Encomien- 
da de tan/iap», daffüdill} 
Enrdmlo, ara. praise 
Encompadrar, ra. tocontract 
aifinitv bv godfalher 
Enconamiento, ara. lnflam- 

Enccmár, na. to inflame 
Encono j Enronía, ». mtde- 
volence, rancour 
Enconoso, sa. a. apt to canse 
an iiitiamniatlon, hurlful 
Enconrear, na. to put the 
pro|>er quantit} of oil on 
wnol to be carded 
En Cdutra, ad. agalnst 
Encotitráble, a. that which is 

Encontradizo, za. a. meeting 
each other bjt appoint- 

Enrontrádo, da. a. opposlte, 
In front 

Encontrar, ra. to mect i «o. 
to Hnd b} cltance ; vr. to 
encounter In an hostile 
manner, mect at the same 

!••*« t , , 
Encontrdn, *»«■ push, shock, 
v kilent concourse 
Encopetado, da. a. boostful 
Encopetar, ni. to raise the 
huir high, as in a toupee 
Encnrai liár, va. to put in a 
leather hay 

Encorádo, da. a. wrapped up 
in leather 

Encorajado, da. a. excetsivel} 
hauglity, lol':y, arrogant 
Encorajár, ra. to anímale 
Encorar, ru. to cover with 

Encorazado, da. a. covered a cuirass 
Enron hár, rn. to hice liees 
Encorchetar, tu. to hook 


Enrordár, r/i. to atrfng musi- 
cal instnnneiiu 
EncordtUr, ra. to lie cr bind 
with roidv 

Encordonado, da. a* adomed 
with corda 

Encord* nár, tv?. lo put run- 
nin strings to a purse or 
other thing 
Encorecer, m. to skln 
Encoriac *ín, \f. act of vkin» 
ning over a «re 
Encomijaroénto, «*». V. Cor- 


Encornudar, r*». to hegin to 
get lionts ; ra. to cuckcid 
Encoro/ár, ra. to cover tho 
head with a curozn, worn 
by criminal* condemned 
by the Inquisición 
Encorporár, w, V. incorporar 
Encorralar, i«. to keep In a 
yard, Applied to cattle 
Entorrér, ru. V r lumrrtr 
Kncortrfr, ra. V. Arvr/ar 
Enrortinár, »ii. to providr 
with curtainn 

Encorvóla, </« the act ot 
bending or douhling tho 

Encorvadura y Encorvara Y 
énto, *. ati of lieuding lo S 
crooked shape 
Encorvár, ra. to incunrato 
EncoNtár.'ke, rr. to ^tand i® 

Enco>tradúra, tf. cru*t 
hncohtnir, »•»/. to rough-c«tl 
with mortar, lucrust 
Encovatlúra, d* act of deju* 
hiting in a cellar 
Encovdr, ra. to put or lay up 
in a cellar 

Encorarse, rr. to grow lamf. 
be seUed with a tit of 111- 

Kncrmsár, ra. to fattun 
Encrespador, aw, cr¡í»pinf- 

Encrespadura y Encrespa- 
mienfo, m. crispatimt 
Encresprir, ra. to cur!; rr- 
l>ec(Mue rough and l>oister- 
ous, appüetl to the *ea 
Encrespo, muí. the act and ef* 
fect of ciirll g 

Km restátto, da. </• adomed 
with a i-.ted, lofty 
EncreNtíirse. rr. to get tht 
comí», Applied to a young 

Encrinádn y Kncrisnejádo, 
da. o. pU tetl, hraided 
Encrucijada, V* cru^waj 


Kncradecdr, va. to make a 
wound worse. Irrítate j t>r. 
to be enraged 

Encruelecer y Encrudeleedr, 
va. to excite to crueltlea 
Encubar, va. to put liquíds 
into», barréis, íec. 
Encubertar, va. to overspread 
wlth a covering of ctoth 
or silk ¡ vr. to dress and 
arm one's self for defence 
of the body 

Encubierta, tf. firaud, deceit 
Encubierto, ta. a. V. Cnlncrto 
Encubredfio,xa.e. that whlcli 
can he concealed or hidden 
Encubridor, ra. >. concealer 
Encubrimiento, a», conce al - 

Encubrir, va. to hlde 
Encucdr, va. to gather ñuta 
and filberta, and atore them 

Encuentro, tm. knock, the 
act of gulng to meet or aee 
any one; opposltion. Bif 
ea-ntraf, temples of a loom, pr. to grieve 
Ecculatdr, t u. to place in a 
hive houey-comt» which 
«a> formed after it was full 
Enculpár, ru. V. Culpar 
Encumbrado, da. a. high 
Encumbramiento, sin. the 
act of raising, height 
Encunjbrlr, va. to raise, elé- 
vate ; pr. to be raised 
Encunár, va. to put a ckild 
in the eradle 
Encufiár, va. to coln 
Encuréña lo, da. a. put Into 
the carriage or stock 
Encurtir, va. to aonsa ln 
plckle or vinegar 
Endeble, a. feeble, weak 
Endecágono, a m. polygon of 
eleven angle* or sides 
Endeca ilabo, ba. a. eleven 

Endecha y Endéchas, tf. 

dlrge, doleful ditty 
Endechadera, tf. V. Plañi- 

Endechd r, n>. to slntj funeral 
songa ¡n honnur and praisc 
ot the dead ; pr. to grieve 
Kuilechilso, sa. a. mournful 
Kmli'micn, ca. a. endcmlc 
Endemoniado, da. u. puuet- 
sed wlth the devll 
a Endetnidr, ra. to posteas 
wlth the devll 

Endenidr, cu. to join wlth a 



Endentecer, vn. to cut teeth 
Endefiádo, da. a. damaged 
Enderecéra, tf- dlrect way to 
any place or thing 
Enderezaddr, tm. cuide 
Endereradúia,</*. the straight 
audrlght toad 

Enderezamiento, na. guid- 
ance, dlrection 
Endererár, va. to gulde, rec- 
tity, address ; vn. to take 
the dlrect roed j vr. to 

Enderéxo, tm. the act of di- 
recting a letter 
En Derrvddr, ai. round Bbont 
Endeudarse, va. to get ln 

Endiablada, tf. inasquerade 
Endiablado, da. a. ugly 
Endiablar, va. to possess wlth 
the devll 

Endibla, tf. endive 
Endllgaddr, ra. «. pandar 
Endilgar, va. to pander, pro- 
cure, facilítate 
Endiosamiento, en. haugh ti- 
ñes» ; ecstacy, abstractlon 
Endiosar, ca. to delfy j vr. to 
be elated wlth pride 
Endonár, va. V. Donar 
EndoMr y Endorsar, va. to 
endorse a bilí of exchange, va. to hang cúr- 
talos , 

Enddso d Enddno, m. en- 
dorsement of a bilí of ex- 

Endriago, tm. fabulous mon- 

Endrina, tf. sloe 
Endrino, en. sloe-trce 
Endrino, na. a. of a sloe co- 

Endrdmb, en. V. Bernia 
Enducfr, va. V. Inducir 
Endulzamidnto, en. dulcid- 

Endulxár y Endulzo rír, va. 
to swecten 

Enduraddr, m. mlser 
Endurar, va. to barden, en 
dure, delay, put olt' 
Enduiecdr,i«i. to make lmrd ; 
vr. to becoine rlgorous or 

Endurecido, da. a. hardenetl 
Endurecimiento, >«. hard- 
nesa ¡ obstlnacy 
Enda, tf. cat's-tall 
Eneátlco, ca. u. belongíng to 
the number of nine 
Enebral, tm. plantatlou of 
Juniper Ureas 


Enebrina, tf. firuit of the jé* 
n i j >er - 1 r ee 

Enebro, í 
Enechádo, da. a.expoted, m 
Enéldo, im. dill 
Enemiga, tf. enmity 
Enemigáble, a. inliñical 
Eneraigárse, vr. to be ln a 
•late of enmity 
Enemigo, ga. a. mimlcnl 
Enemigo, rm. cnemy, tiend 
EnemUtád, tf. enmity 
Encmistdr, va. to make na 
enemy ; vr, to becoine ou 

E'neo, ea. a. braren 
Energía, tf. energy 
Enérgico, ca. a. energetic 
Energúmeno, na. $. ptrrran 
pon evsed wlth a devil 
Enerizár, va. V. Erizar 
Enéro, tm. January 
Enervár, ra. to enerrste 
Kne&ir, na. to white*wa*.h 
Enexdr, tw. to put an axfe 
tree to a cart or carriage 
Enfadadizo, w*. a . irritable 
Enfadár, va, to vea, mole* 
Knfádo, tm. trouble 
Enfadoso, Ra. a. vexat&mia 
Enfaldár, va, to lo]> oft* ib# 
lovrer branehes of tree» ; 
vr. to tuck or trun* wp the 
sklrt* of one*z clothe» 
Enfálde, sm. act of turk'ng 
or tru&sing up one'» rlothe» 
Enfangare, vr. to tooch 
gmund ln a miry or mud- 
dv ptaee 

Enfardador, tm. a packer 
Knfardár, va. to parle 
En fardel ador, sm. packer 
Enfardeladúra, tf. act of 
packin^ or emlialing incx- 
chandi e 

Enfardelar, ra. to hale 
E'nfa-U, tm. emphaxis 
Enfático, c.*t. a., leal 
Enfvrinár, va. to fail ill ; iy* 
to make »it*k # catue ría 
mnge, weak en 
Enfermedad, tf. infimilty 
Enfermería, tf. inlirmary 
I nferméro, ra. ». per*on who 
ha» the car** of the slrk 
Enfetmizár, va. to make»ick 
or lníirm 

Enfermizo, va. a. infirm 
Enfermo, ma. a. inlirm, 

Enft'i inoseár, ra. V. Hermo- 

Enferozár, ra. to i míalo 



Kr.fervorecér y EnfenrorlzJr, 
va. to hcat 

Enfes tár, ra. V. Enhestar ; 
v r. to rebel 

Enfeudación, *f. Infeudation 
Knfeudár, feufF 
Enfidr, va. to trust in another 
finlielái, va. to put in a ba- 

Enfierecido, da. a. furíous 
Knfilár, ui. to continué as if 
United in a tile or Une; 

En Fin, ad. in Tne 
Enfíta, eJ\ fruid, deccit 
Enfiteúta, «ni. Emphytcuta 
Knfiteuticário, ría, y Enfittíu- 
tlco, ca. a. einphyteutic 
Enflaquecer, va. to weaken 
Enflaquecimiento, «m. atten- 

Enflautado, da. a. turgid 
Enflautador, ra. «. inciter 
Enflautar, va. to Inflate 
Enflechádo, da. a. ajqdied to 
a bent bovr or arrow ready 
to discharge 

Enflochá^tcs, sm. p!. ropes 
which lie aero» the shrouds 
Enflorecer, va. to adorn or 
deck with clowers 
En fon sido, da. a. free and 
exempt frora ail charges 
and tares 

Enfarda, </’. vlolence done to 
any person 

Enforndr, va. Enhornar 
Enfortalecér, va. V. Fortale- 

Enfo-cádo, da. a . brow-beat- 
cn, confuscd, entangled 
Enfoscárse, vr . to be uneaxy 
Enfranquecer, ra. to frank 
Enfraquccér, va. V. Enjta - 

Enfrascan* lünt o, sm. the act 
of being entangled between 
br amble* and briers 
Enfrascársc, vr. to be entan- 
gled between br ambles and 
’ briers 

frayiár, ra. to make one a 
mouk or friar 
Enfrer.adór, sm. bridler 
Enfrenamiento, m. the act 
of bridling a horse or put- 
tlng on the bridle 
Bnfrenár, va. to bridle, curb 
Enfrénte, a>L o ver ugainst 
Enfriadera. \f'. cooier 
Enfriadero y Enfriador, sm. 
conling place 

Knfriamiénto, im. re frlgera- 



Enfrhir, va. to cool 
Enfroscárse, vr. V. Enf rat- 
ear te 

Enfuciár, «mi. V. Confiar 
Eniundadúra, tf. tlie act of 
casing or putting luto ca- 

Enfundar, va. to case, fill up 
tothe brixn, inelude 
En fundón, ¡ \f. V. Infundan 
Enfurecer, ra. to irrítate; 
vr. to race, applied to the 
wind ana sea 

Enfurruñarse, vr. to grow 

Enfurtir, va. to full or mili 

Engabanado, da. sm. covered 
with a gaban 
Engáce, sm. connexion 
Eugafár, va. to bend a cross- 
bow with a hook or lever 
Engalanar, ra. to adorn, 
dress a ship 

Engalgár, va. to pursue close- 


Engalládo, a. erect, haughty 
Enganchador, m. a crimp 
Enganchan» iénto y Engánche, 
sm. act of entrapping 
Enganchár, va. to hook, en- 
trap, crimp 

Engandújo, sm. twisted 
tim ad lianging From frlnge 
Engañabobos, sm. impostor 
Engañadizo, ra. a. decepti- 

Engañador, sm. cheat 
Engañamiénto y Engañánza, 
V. Engaflo 

Engañapastdr, sm. kind of 

Engañár, va. to chcat ; vr. to 
be deceived 

Engañifa, sf. deccit, trick 
Engdño, sm. deceit, fraud 
EtigañOso, sa. a. deceitful 
Engarabatar, va. to hook ; 

vr. to grow crooked 
Engarabitarse, vr. to climb 
Engarbárse, vr. to perch on 
the highest branch of a 
tree ; applied to bircU 
Engarbullar, ra. to cntnngle 
Engárce, sm. catenation, 
cióse unión or connexion 
Engargantár, ra. to put any 
thing into the throat 
Engargolar, ra. to iit the end 
of one water-pipe into 
that of another 
Engaritádo, da. a. '•heated 
Engaritar, va. to fortify 
Engarrafuddr, $m. grappler 


Engarrafár, va. to claw, grap- 
pie with hook* 

Engarrotár, va. to squeeze 
and press iiard. V. Abar- 

Engarzadór, *m. one who 
links or enchains 
Engarzar, va. to enchain 
Engasdjár, va. V. Agasajar 
Engaitador, sm. enenaser 
Kngastár, va. to enchase 
Engáste y Engastadura, e 
the act of enchadng or in- 
fixing ; the hoop or enve- 

Engatádo, sm. a petty robber 
Eugatár, va. to cheat in an 
artful or dexterous man- 

Engatilládo, da. a. high- 
necked, applied to horse* 
Engatusan» ionio, on. decep- 
tion, cheat 

Engatusár, va. to trick with- 
out intention to rob or hurc 
Engarillár, va. V. Agavillar 
Engay tadór, sm. decei ver 
Engaytár, va. to cheat 
Engazadór, ra. i. V. Engar • 

Engaza miento, sm. V. En • 


Engazár, va. to enchain, 
spllce an end of a ropa 
in a circular form about a 

Engendráble, a. that may be 
en gen dered 

Engendradór, ra. t . one who 
engenders or produces 
Engendrár, va. to beget, pro- 

Engéndro, on. fcctus 
Engéño, *wi. V. Ingenio y 

Engihár, va. to crook 
Engilmár, va. to plck up * 
ma»t which is floating in 
the sea 

Engimelgár, ra. to fish a 

Bngína, sf. quinsy 
Engoládo, da. a. collared 
Engolfar, vi*, lo enter a gulph 
or deep bay ; vr. to be en- 
gaged m arduous under- 

Engol lar, ra. tomakeahorse 
earry his head ar.d neck by 
means of the bridle 
Engolletarse, vr. to elatc ^ 

Engolo'lndr, va. to inspire ñ 
longing tor any thing 
Engomadero, ra. ci. that máj 


“be stifTened with starch or 

Engomadtlra, act of gum- 

Engomár, va. to gum 
Engorir, va. to acldle 
Engordadero, sm. a stall or 
Rty to fatten hogs 
Engordaddr, «wt. one trho 
makes it hU solé business to 
pamper himseif 
Engordir, va. to pamper ; 

vn. to grow fot, get rich 
Engorgetádo da. a. paled, or 
pali*aded breast high 
Engorroso, sa. a. troublesome 
Engorro, «tn. impediment 
Engoznar, va. to hinge 
Engrandar, vn. V. Agrandar 
Engrandecer, va. tu augment, 
promote to a higher atation 
Engrandecimiento, m. in- 
ervare, exaggeration, am- 

Engranerür, va. to endone In 
a gran.iry 

Engranujár, vn. to be ñlled 
with grain 

Engrapar, va. to se cu re, va. to grease, stain 
with grease, dres.s cloth 
Engravedar, va to assumean 
air of dignitr, to aliect gra- 

Engredar, ra. to bedaub with 
marl or fuller'» earth 
Engremiénto, «tn. presump- 

Engreír, ra. to encourage any 
one’s pride and )>etu lance ; 
vr. to deck one» self in 

Engrifarle, vr. to l>e in a pet 
Engro.sár, tn. to tnake any 
tning fat and corpulent ; 
vn. to grow strong 
Engrudaddr, sm. pa->ter 
Engrudan) ¡(hilo, un. act of 

Engrudar, ra. to fasten with 


Engredo, «m. parte, cement 
useit to stanch the planks 
ofa ship 

Engn onecerse, ir. to clot 
Engualdrapar,, va. to capari- 
*on a hor»e w th trap- 

Enguantado, da. a. wearing 

Enguantarse, vr. to make too 
much use of glnvcs 
Enguedejado, di. a. d ressed 
in atyic, fuli dreased 


dngu ijarrar, ra. to pare with 

Knguillár, #vi. to wind a thin 
rope around a thirker one 
Enguirnaládo, da. a adomed 
with garlands 
Enguizgar, va. to excite 
Engulliddr, ra. #. devourer 
Engullir, ra. to devour and 
bwallow meat without 
chewing it 

Engurrufiárse, vr. to be me- 
1 ancho! y 

Enhacinár, i a. V. Hacinar 
Enhadár, va. V. Enfadar 
Enhambrecér, vn. lo be hun* 

Enhar inár, va. to cover or be- 
sprinkle willi flour 
Eiihastiár, va. to dhgust 
Enhastillár, ra. to put arrows 
in a quiver 

Enhebrár, va. to tliTcad a 

Enhenar, ra. to covcr with 
hay, to wrap up In hay 
Enherbolár, ra. to poison 
with venomoiu herbs 
Enhestaddr, «ni. he who e- 

Enhestadúra y Enheatamién- 
to, s. cree t ion 
Enhestár, ra. to erect 
Enhetiadúray Knhetramicn 
to, «. entangling 
Enhieiár, ra. to mix with 
gall or hile 

Enhiládo, da. a. well arrang- 

Enhüár , va. to thread, direct 
Enhorabuéna, </. congratula 

Enhornár, va. to pul Into an 

Enhotár, ra. V. Aluzar 
Knhuecdr, ra. V. Ahuecar 
Knhuerár, ra.tu addle 
Enibár, va. V. inhibir 
Enigma, «m. enigma 
Enigmático, ca. a. enigmatl- 

Enigmatiza, rm. enigmatist 
Enjaezár, va. to caparbon a 

Enjaguár, va. to rinse the 
mouth and teeth. V. En- 

Elija! begaddr, ra. «. whitc- 


Erdalbegár, va. to whlte-wjuh 
Enjardinar, ra. to put a blrd 
of prey into a meadow 
Eniarctádo, «tn. gratings 
Enjaulár, va. to cago 


Enjorgninar^r, vr. to be 
stained with ftoot 
Enjoiár, va. to adom with 

Enjoye! ádo, da. a. applied to 
goíd or silver used in jew- 

Enjoycladdr, sm. enchaser 
Enjuagadientes, «tn. mouth* 
tul of water or wine for 
clennsing the mouth after 
a meal 

Jínjuagár, va. to rinse tlie 
mcuth and teeth, rime 

Enjuágue, «m. a liquid used 
to rinse the mouth and 

Enjuanetádo, da. a. troublcd 
with coma 

Enjuiciar, ra. to prepare a 
cause or law-suit for judg* 

Eujúllo, sm. the cloth beata 
of a lootn 

Enjunrár, va. to tíe with 
ropes tnade of rush 
Enjuram lento, sm. a legal 

Enlabiaddr, ra. s. wheedlec 
Enlabiár, ni to whetdic 
Entibio, «m. suspensión 
Enláce, sm. connexion 
Enldciír, r»i. to be HUI ; « r. 
to wither 

Enladrillado, «m. parement 
mnde of liles or brieks 
Enladrillada, 'ni. tiler 
Enladrillar, va. to lloor or 
pave with tiles or brick» 
Enlar'ár, tu to cover land 
with süine 

Enlanido, da. a. covered oc 
supplied Hith wool 
Enlardar, vu. to liaste 
Enlárgues, sm. y!. roj-e-emU 
fas tened to llic head of A 

Enlazadór, ra. «. hlndt r ' 
Enla^annOnto y Enluzadúr.% 
«. cor.r.exion 
Enlazar, imi. to blnd 
Enlevár, ra. V. E erar 
Enlexiár, ra. to tnake into 

Eniigár*e, t t. to be united by 
a glutinous sukv-tanté 
Enlixár, va. to vitlate 
Enii/ar va to provkle a loom 
with leathe» 

Enilentecdr, vn. to k ofien 
Enlod.idúra, «i. act uf daub* 
ing and tilling up with 
< mud 



Enlodir, va. »o bemire, ttop Enmudecer, m. (o grow Enrc-Mso, a. full of maree 
up a vesvel with cía; dumb ; va. to hmh Enrejáilo, un. trellis, kiitd of 

Enloquecer, va. to enragc Ennegrecer, va. to btacken . opcn lace 

en. becomc enraged Ennoblecer, «vj, to ennoble Enrejar, tu. to lir a gratlngto 

Enloquecimiento, am. enrag Ennudecer, rn. V. Amularte acmdow, tix the plough 

ing Enodacldn, a . Illustratíon shire, ina e a trellis 

Enlucir, ni. to flag or lar a tvnddlo, m. fawn Enreve .í.lo, da. a. V. Rn* 

(loor with flag» Enodrfila, a. barren hen a.u.’o 

Enlozanárse, vr. lo boact of Enojadizo, za. <l. frelful Knriadilr, tm. one who steepa 

one'-, dexterltv or strength Enojante, pa. he who «exea Enndr, iu. to steep or put 

Enluctrnár, va.V.D i'uml rur Etiojdr. va. to vex, moleít, of- hetnp and iiax m water 

Enlticlddr, am. whltener fend; vr. to lie fretful Enrielar. nr. to make ingota 

Enlucimiento, im. the white- Endj i, am. frelfulnesi ofgold or silver 

waahing of a wall Enoje o, 93. o. olleti-ive Enripiír, no. to KI1 up the 

Enlucir, va. to white wash a Enojuélo, tm. vlight Jieerish- cavuie* of any thing 

Wall ; to clean píate ne.s Enrlqueccdór, ra. a. one whv 

Enlustrecer, wt. to clean En orfanecido, da. a. V. Hu- enrlches 

Enlutár, tai. toput in moum- e'rfano Enri juecer, va. to enrlch, 

lng, »eil Endrrne, a. enormous, wlcked ad irn; m. to grow rich 

En machambrar, rn. to scarf beyomt measure Enriqueño, ña. a. helonging 

pteces of tlmber togetber Enorm dád, tf. cnormity to llenry 

Enmaderamiento <5 Emnade- K niñera, t/: jirimrose Enriscádo, da.11. mountainoo» 

ración, 1. cover of wood Enoyár, un. V. Enojar Enri, car, va. to place on the 

Enmaderar, l a. to roof a En ja», ad. afier ton of mountaim; vr. lo 

house with t.tnber Enquademaddr,am. liook-bln- t ike refuge among rocks 

Enmagrecer, en. to grow lean der Enrimrár, iw. to ñx the but- 

Enmalecér, 101. to fjll sick Enquadernár, va. to bind end of a lance In the nort 

Enmallctddo, da. a. fouled books Enrixdr, va. lo curl, to Irrítate 

Enman.ár, va. lo cover with Enquevta, tf lnquest Knrobrescido, da. o. hard and 

a blariket Enuuíciádo, da. a. hung upon etrong 

Eumiír, va. to wet the salís . muge* Enrobustecér, eo. to maks 

Enmarañar, va. to entangle Enqulciár, va. to hlnge robu»t 

Enmaráñe, vr. to take tea- EttnuiHotrárse, vr. tobejum- Enrndár, va. to bteak on tha 

rootn bltd together wneel 

Enmarilnr, rn. to marry Enqnlrfdion, am. compen- Enrodetádo, da. a. armed 

Enmarillecerá, vr. to beoome dium with a Orel d 

palé nr yellow Enmnidda, tf. hut comed Enrixlrigonár, rn. to prop 

Enmaromár, va. to tie with with the branches of trees, vine, with pnst* 

a rope shed Enrmnár, no. to blunt 

Enma-carár, va. to mask Enramár, va. to cover with Enrdn*r,ro. to throw rubbtsh 
Enmcchár, ru. to rabbet the branches of trees in any place 

Enmelit, rn. to bedaub Enranciárse, vr. to grow ran- Enronquecér, va. lo maka 

Enmendádamente, ad. ex- cid hoarse; ni. togrow hoarse 

actljr Enrarecer, va. to thin Enronqnucimiento, am. V. 

Enmendad. ir, am. corrector Enruedo, da. a. smoothed Raiv/acra 

Enmendadura y Enmenda- Enrasar, un. to xmooth ; vn. Knroñir, va. to lili with acabe 
miento, V. Bnmíenla to lie bald Euro-ár, va. to tinge 

Enmemiár, va. to correct, Eurayár, va. to flx ipokex in Bnroscár, rn. to tvvine 

repair, compénsate a wuect Enroxár o Enroxecér, va. to 

Enmerdir, va. to dirty Enraygjnár. va. to (ix bass- make irun red hot, tinge 

Enmienda, tf. emendation, weed in silk-worm sheds Enrube.cér, va. to make revi 

reward, premium for the worma to begin to Knmbiaddr, ra. *. that which 

Enmlénte, tf. V. Memoria «pin has the power of making 

Knmocecér, ni. to recover Enredadera, tf. bell-blnd re I 

the vigour of youth Enredddo. a. entangled, foul Enrubiár, ra. to tinge 

Enmochlgudr, va. V. MitUi- Enredaddr, ra. a. one who en Enrubio, am. rubefaction 
I Júa r ta .glcs, tattler Enrudwer. va. to make dol) 

Enmohecerse, vr. to mould Enrizamiento, am. entortil- Enru necér rf Enruinejcér, 
Enmollecér, va. to sofien lailon vn. to liecoine vi le 

Enmondar, no. to clear oft" Enredár, ra. tn entangle, play Enru mecida, da. a. ruined 
the knots frorn cloth In tricks,.>ow lU.corti Ensabanar, va. to wrap up la 

woollcn man u tactor ¡e» Enredo, am. the nct of In- ilieets 

Enmontadúra, tf. elevation snaring, perjilexlty, false Ensacar, ra. to cncluM or put, va. to gag hood in a xack ' . 

128 • 


! Ensefilble, a. thatwhichmay 

KnsaUda, */. salad, mcdley 
Ensaladera, tf. «alad-dish I 
Ensaladilla, Af. dry sweet- ' 


Ensaladtsta, rm. green-gTocer 
Ensalma, tf. pack-saddle 
Knsalmadéra, «/. sorceress, 
abeautit'ul voman 
Ensalmador, ra. t. Iwne -set- 
ter, one who pretenda to 
cure by charma 
Entaltndr, m. to set dlslocat- 
ed bones ¡ enchant j malte 

Enaálmo, rm. enchantment 
Ensalobrárse, vr. to become 

Ensal «ajár, va. to brutallxe 
Ensalmador, rm. exalter 
Ensalzamiento, rm. exalta- 

EnutUár, va. to exlot, mag- 
nify ¡ vr. to boast 
Ensamblador, rm. jotoer 
Ensambladura, j Knsambláge 
ó Ensamble, r. joincry 
Ensamblar, ra. to join p eces 
of wo ni together 
Ensánoha, tf . extensión \ Bit’ 
tduehiu, gores put in clotba 
E.isanch.ír, va. to widen, ex- 
tend ; i r. to asadme an air 
of imjiorUnce 
Ensanchamiento y Ensánche, 
rm. düatation, outtet of 

Ensandecer, en. to torn mad 
Ensangostar, va. to narrow 
Ensangrentaraiento, rm. staln 
of blood 

Ensangrentar, en. to iinbrue, 
aggravate a criminal ac- 
tion j vr. to be over-zea- 


Ensdnno, rm. V. /i -nutrió 
Ensañar, va. to irrítate 
Ensamecér, v». to get the 

Ensartar, va. to strlng 
Ensayador, tm. an assayer, 
prompter on the stage 
Bnsayár, va. to assay precióos 
motáis ; mstruct, rehearse 
a iday, examine , 

En -ay o Ensáye, rm. assay 
Ensayo, rm. assay, trial, re* 
Uear-al of a p!a> , *s»ay 
Ensebar, ru. to gretue, va. V.Bmbotcar 
Ensenóla, tf. creek, cove 
En-.cniida, a. havlng the form 
of a bay, creek, or gulf, na. to imbosom 
En-eña, r/. standard cuiour» 

be tauglit 
Enseñadéro, ra. a. susceptible 
of instrncrton 

Enseñado, da. a. taught, ac- 

Enseftaddr, ra. r. teacher 
Enscñán/a <5 Enseñamiento, 
r. teachlng 

Enseñar, cu. to teach, show 
the way ; vr. to be innred 
Enscfioreadár, rm. he who 
Enaefioreár, ra. to dotninecr 
Enserdr, oa. to cover with 

Enseres, rm. p!. chattles 
Enserio ntido, da. a. enraged 
Enseirindr, va. to varnlsh 
Ensildr, va. to preserve grain 
in a place under ground 
Ensillado, da. a. botlow- 

En» lladúra, tf- the put tm 
which > saddle k placed on 
a hone 

Bndllár, va. to saddle, exalt 
Ensoberbecer, va. to make 
proud ¡ vr. to become bok- 

Ensogar, va. to tie with a rope 
Ensolerár, va. to tix stook to 

Ensol veddr, ra. r. resolver 
Ensolver, oa. to jurabte ; vr. 

to be inchided 
Ensapdr, va. to make soup by 
steeplrtg bread in winc 
Eusorúamídnto, tm. deafness 
Ensordecdr» ra. to make 
deaf ; im. to grow deaf 
Ensortijar, oa. to ring 
Ensotarse, or. to conceal one' 
self in a thicket 
Ensuciaddr, ra. t. stainer 
Ensuciamiento, rm. act of 
Ensuciar, tm. tostain; vr. to 
dirty one’» clothes, ¿cc.’al 
low one'* self to be bribed 
Kn-uéño, tm. sleep 
En súma, ad. In short 
Ensuyár, oa. V. Emprender 
K'nta, V. Dente y Hdvia 
Entablación, tf. register 
Entablado, tm. (loor made 
of boards 

Entablamento, rm. roof 
boards, shed 
Entablár, va. to cover with 
boards ; bring an afiair on 
the tapia 

Entablillir, va. tosecuremlth 
sroall boards 


Entalamólo, da.o. hnng vtO» 

Entalamad tira, tf. awning of 
a boat, dtc. 

Entalamar, va. to cover with 

Entalegar, va. to put Intoa 
bag or sack 

Entatingár, ra. to clinchtb* 

Entallible, a. capableof beit* 

Ent d'addr, rm. Sculptor 
Entalladura y Entallamiento 
r. sculpture 

Entallar, va. to sculpture, en- 
grave; vn. tosliapea thlng 
so as- to fit It to tlu* body 
Entalle, tm. the work of a 
M-ulptnr ot cngraver 
Entallecer, r». to shoot out 
En tinto, ad. in the mean 

Entapizar, va. to hang witb 

Entarimado, rm. boarded 

Entarimar, vo. to cover a floor 
with boards 

Entarquinar, va. to betnlre 
E'nte, *m. entity 
Entecado, da. <t. stifP 
Enteco, ca. a. inftrm 
Entejado, da. a. made in the 
form ot shape of tiles 
Entelarañárse,vr. to bccloud. 

eil or overead 
Entelerido, tía. a. fearful . 
Entena, tf. lateen yard 
Entenado, da. r. child of a 
fortner marriage 
Entenderás, tf. pl. judgment 
Entendedor, ra. r. one who 
under stand* 

Entender, ra. to understand, 
remark, reason ; tm. to be 
engaged In any thing; t® 
intend ; vr, to have som 
motive for doing any thin 
Entendido, da. a. wlse 
Entendí lento, rm. under 
standing, explanation 
Entenebrecer, va. to obsenre 
Enterar, va. to reimburse; 

infurm, acquaint 
Entereza, tf entíreneut, rectl - 
tude, fortitude, haughtl- 
ness, presumption 
Enterizo, za, a. entire 
Enternecer, va. to soften ; 
vr. to be moved to compás- 
slon - 

Enternecimiento, rm. plty 
Entéro, la. a. emir* orín tire, 



«ferfcct, souud, Just, itrong, 
Jnformed, Caball o t filero 
itone-hurM', ronstant. Por 
cni / r . i , **11*11017 
Enterrador, im. grnve-digger 
Enterramiento, im. intcr- 

Enteridr, »•«. to Ínter 
Entecadamente, ad. intenséis 
Ente ár ra. to eSktcnd 
Entib.idi r, who &hor • 
01» mines 

Entibar, «ti. to rest ; va» to 

I m» 

Enlibtadéro, tm. cooler 
Entil iár, va. to cool 
Entibo, tm. stav, shore 
Entidad, tf c. tiiy 
Ertierro, j»i. burial, tomb 
Entigrecér.*e, rr. to be u* en* 
ragvd as n tiger 
Entinrfr, i«. to tinge 
Entuitár, va. tn stain with 
ini., tinge a dilferent colour 
En ixmír, va. to revile 
Entubar, na. to corer with 
an awning ; vr. to dres* ur 
clolhi* |»ompously 
Kntomecér, r«. to swcll 
Entoini/ 4 r, va. to lie h»v> 
corda ar.utnd ¡io-t>* or lath.s 
Entomología, entotnology 

Entonación, modula! ion, 

the art of blcwing thc bel 
low» of an organ 
Entonador, im, organ-hlowcr 
Entonár, tvr, te» tune, blow the 
bel ow» of an organ 
Ehttfnce* y Entérico, ad. tlien 
* Kntcmelár, t *»/. to harrel 
Entibio, fui. the act of in* 

Enternecerse, vr. togTOW fbol- 

Entorchado, im. a twi* .*». 

Entorchar, va. to twLt a 

Ent« rmeclmlénto, im. terpor 
Entornar, ni. to turn 
Enton.illár. vi. to mnle anr 
thing In the fbnn of a 

Entor|*ecér, va. to benumb 
Entor]»ecÍii»Íénto,.rwi. tortor 
Entortadura, tf. crooacdnea 
Entonto. ur. lo bend; pulí 
out an ove 

Ento.igár y Entosicár, va. V. 

Snttáda, tf. cntrance, cntnr ; 
' concour.a; of |*er*on* 5 ha 
tima o ; a leak ; .a good 
har.d at card»; '.cdpu. 



I Eufrddax, the temple* 
Entrador», fu 1. a nanow en* 

! trance mto a place 
Entrámtro^, bu. rrw.f /.both 
Entrampar, va. to cntrap ; 

vr. to bofTOW money 
Entránte, xm. ongle ; one who 

Entraf ál le, a. Intímate 
Entrar ár, »>«. to reicive in a 
friendljr mamut j vn. to 
penétrate to thc core; vr. 
to contract intiinary 
Entráfta», tf pl. ent rail* 
Kntrafiirár, vi. to love 
Entrapóda, tf. a coarte scar- 
let cloih 

Kntrapr J ir,t'a. to tic with r*g* 
Ent rapar, va. to powder thc 
liair to deán it ; vr. to te 
covered with dust 
Entrár t i*, to cnter, com- 
mence ; he clAA*ed ; va. to 
put one thing into another ; 
to invade; to gain upon a 
▼evhel steenng the same 
coutm». Entrar d uno, to 
prevalí u]»on one 
Entrdtiro, xm. entrance of a or nun 

E'ntre. jirrp. hetween ; in 
Entreabií., v .. to half open a 

En.námho, cha. a. neither 
wide ñor htrait 
Entrecano, na. a. betwccn 
hl.ick and grey 
Entrecavar, ra. to dlg shal- 

Entrecejo, xm. the «pace be* 

^ tween the two eye-brows 
Entrecírca, tf. «pace hetween 
one endosuie and another 
Entrec.élo, xm. awning 
Entreclaro, ra. a. slíghtly 

Entrecoger, va. to catch 
Kntrcodr«>* xm. clianoel 
Entro- ortár, va. to cut In the 
m id. lie, ra. to rear plants 
amone othen* 

Kntrct u'ldértas d Entn puent- 
es t. pl. betwcen docks 
Entrecuésto, xm. back-hone 
Entredecir, ni. to interdict 
Entredicho, .*tn. interdictinn 
Entredoble, a. ncitlicr doublc 
ñor single 

Entrefino, na. a. be tween 
coar.-e an«l fine 
Entrega, tf. delivery 
Entreos Wir, xm. ddirerer, 


E’itregnmldato, xm. dellvrrj 
Entregar, va. todeliver con- 
*ign to prl on ¿ rr. to de* 
liver one'* self up; to Lake 
p n w a i ion 

Entripo, *m. delivery 
Eutrejuntár, va. to nail the 
panneU of a d»or to tlie 
c oss-bar» or ledges 
Entrcla/ár, ra. to interlace 
Ent lelíf space of ground 

betwecn the row« of vine* 
or oliven 

Entrelistado, da. a. that 
which is stri|H*<l 
Entrelucir, ra. to gllmmer 
Entre manos, ad. In hand 
Entiemédla?, ad. in the mean 

Entremés, xm. an interlude, 

Entremesear, va. to act apart 
in a fuñe 

EntreineTsta, jrtn. píayer of 
^ furersor inrerlude. 
Entreméter, ra. tn put one 
thlng betwcen othera ; vr. 
to tal e charge of. Inter» 

Entiemctido, xm. an inter- 


Entremetimiento, xm. Ínter* 
position, intermetldling 
Entremezcladúra, tf. Ínter* 

Entremexc!ár, ra. to inter- 

Entrcmíso x Entremíjn, xm. 
a long bench on whieh 
chevse* are formed 
Entremorir, m. to die awaj 
by defrree* 

Kntrenirfr. va. to put rodi In 
a t»ee ldve 

Entrenzár, va. to plalt hair 
Entreoír, va. to hear withon 4 
perfectly understanding 
what |s sald 

Ent» eordii lirio, ría. a. mid* 

Ent repartido, da. a. rompo*» 
ed of ser eral pannels 
Kntrepáfio, xm. pannel 
E o treparecérse, vr. to be 

Kntrej*e> húga, tf. smaü piece 
of He*h on the breas! of 

Entrcpelir, va. to variegate 
^ hair 

Entrepernar, p»i. to put the 
legs hetween tho e of other* 
for the case of «itting 
Entretalles, xm. pl. the wool 


whlch mnaini In tbe comb 
after combing 

Entrepiernas, tf. pl. openlng 
bctvern tile legs 
Entrepernar, ra. to Interpole 
Entrepuentes, betwcen 

Kntrepunxadúra, tf. prlcking 
paln of ,m unripe tumor 
Entrepunrdr, to. to priek 

EntrereuglOn, **n. lnterllne 
Entrerraglonadúra, </'. In- 
ter! ineation 

Entrerenglonár, va. to inter- 

Entresacar, no. to choose out 
of a mitnber of tilinga 
Entrescúro, ra. a. tomewhat 

Entresijo, tf. mesentery 
Entresuelo, nt. a tmall robra 
between two stories 
Entre, u r to, na. ajiace be- 
tween Funrows 
Entretalla y Entretallado», 
tf. teulpture in bass-relíef 
Entretallar, va. to sculpture 
ln bitsso-relievo ; to cut 
Entienda, tf. buckratn 
Entretelar, va. to jiut buck 
ram between the limng and 

Entretenedor, who en- 
te rt alna 

Entretener, va. todelay; al- 
lay paln ¡ vr. amase ¡ to 
amuse one's self wlth play- 
ing at carda ; joke 
Entretenido, da. entertaining 
ment ; pav ; delay ; fun 
Kntrctesedurs, tj. intertex- 

Entrete xér, va. to tlssue, ln- 
tennix, In.sert 

Entretexímiénto, tm. inter- 

Entreuntar, va. to anolnt 

Entrerenírse, vr. to dilluse 
Entrerenlr, no. V. Intervenir 
Entreventana, tf. apace be 
^ tween Windows 
Entrevar, tes* to ha ve a 
glimpoe of 

Entreverado, da. o. ínter ltned 
wlth fat and lean 
Entreverar, na. to intérnala 
Entrevista, tf. interview 
Entreierír, no. to inaert 
Entricddo, da. a. perplcxed 
Entrlcar, va. to entangle 
En tricado, da. a. ln trícate 


Entripado, da. a. contalned 
ln the entrada 

Entripado,, dlssembled 

Entristecer, va. to sadden ; 

vr. :o grow and ¡ wlther 
Entristecimiento, tm. be- 
coming reelancholy 
Entronar, tro. to cnthrone 
Entroncár, m. to lie descend- 
ed from the same stock 
Entronerár, va. to drive the 
liall into the hule of a bil- 

Ent roni/acMn,t/'. elevalion to 
a throne 

Entronizar, va. to en throne, 
exalt ; vr. to be elated 
Entrdnque, <n. cognation 
Entrenar, va. to gather or 
put up erain 

Entrucbáda, tí'. a clandeatlne 

Entruchar, va. to decoy 
Entruchón, sai. decoyer 
Entuertos, tm. pl. after-palns 
Entullecer, ra. to be ciipplcdt 
va. to stop 

Entumecer, va. to rwell, be- 
numb ¡ vr. to rise high 
Entumecimiento, rm. swel* 
llng, torp .r, deadnes» 
Entumirse, vr. to becoine tor- 

Entupir, va. to make torpld 
Enlubiir, ni. to muddlej 
obscure ; vr. to disotder 
Entuaiasmár, va. lo cntap- 
ture; vr. to becoine en- 

Entusiasmo, sai. enthuslaxm 
Entusiasta, tm. enthuséast 
Entila, t,i. starwort 
Enumerír, ra. to enumér- 

Enunciar, ni. to enuncíate 
Enunciativo, va. a. enuncia 

Envalentonar, ra. to encou- 
rage; vr. tu becoine coura 
g uau 

Envanecer, va. to makc valn 
Envarado, da. a. deadeued 
En* ar amiento, sai. deadness ; 

a numtier of petty oflicers 
Envarir, ra. to lienumb 
Envasador, sai. fillcr, fun- 

Envasdr, va. totun; ditnk to 
ex cesa 

fiuvayndr, va. to sheath 
Envedijarse, vr. to gfct en- 
tangird j wrangle 
Envejecer, no. to make oíd j 


vn. to pow oíd ; vr. to bt 
of an oíd date 

Envejecido, da. a. grown otd| 

Envejecimiento, sai. oldnesa 
Envenenador, ra. s.a poitoner 
Envenenar, ra. to enrenoni ; 
to reproach 

Enverdecer, tm. to grow 

Enverdlr, na. to tinge green 
Envergar, ra. to bend the 
salís to fasten thern to the 

Envergonzar, va. V. rtver» 

Envergues, rope-bands 
Envés, sm. the wrung side of 
any thlng; shouldcia 
Envesado, tm. the lleshy part 
of hldea 

Envcair, va. to overret 
Envestir, ra. to intest, a- 
dora ; ¡nomínate ¡ cover • 
vr. to accustom one's self 
Enviada, tí. mesaage 
Knvladizo, xa. a. mlsaive 
Enviado, sai. messenger 
Enviír, va. to send. Iraní- 
mit, gire, exile 
Envidar, ra. to vltlate, ra. 
to haTe luxutious folioge 
and Uttle fruit ¡ rr. to be * 
be exceadrely fond of 
Envío, osdrae, vr. to vltlate 
Envidador, rm. gnmbler wbo 
induces otliers to gamble 
Envidia, tf. envy 
Envidiable, a. cnvlablc 
EnvldiadOr, ra. s. an envioua 
per sen 

Envldiár, ra. to enry 
EnvitiiOso, sa. a. en viral 
Envilecer, ra. to villfyj or. 

to degráde one's self 
Envinado, da. a. having the 
tasto of wine 

En vinagrá to put vi negar 
tu any thing 

Eminár, ra.tu tnix wine wlth 

EnvirOr, va. to clasp or unlte 
tngether cork wood to r<irm 
a bee-hire 

Enviscar, ra.tu glue t irTltatet 
vr. to be glued wlth bitU- 

Envite, sai. Invltation 
Enviudar, tu. to become • 
wldower or widow 
En volcarse, vr. V. Xnval- 

Envoltorio, rm. bundle m 
clotbes , fault ln cloth 



Knvoltúros, swaddling- 

Er.vnlvnk'ro 1} Envolveddr, 
iw. wrxpper 

Envolvér, va. to lnwrap ; vr. 
to b« involvtd 

Envolvimiento, tm. the act of 
Inwrapping or envefoping 
Bnruúllo, ta. pp. irrtg. in- 

Enxal*madúri, tf. V. A '.abo 

Enxabonár, va. to soop 
Enxálma, tf- kind of pack- 

Enxalméro, t m. pack-saddie 

Enxambradúra, tf. king-bcc 
of a hlve 

En xam tirad : ro, mi. place 
^ whorc bees collect 
Enxainbrár, va. to gather a 
scattered swarr» of bees ; 
»». to breed a new h ve of 

EnxambranSn, tf. svarmlng 
of lieea 

Enjámbre, <«, swnrm of 
beca, cruwd 

EnxartUr, vil. to put the 
ta< lele aboard the ship 
Enxebár, va. to ileep in lie 
Enxebe, -un. act of bucking 
Enxéíio, nn. kind ofjack for 
tumiug a ipit 

Enxergár, va. to set about a 

Enxerído, da a. benumlied 
with coid ; budded 
Enxcrlddr, tm. one who huds 
trees by inserí ion 
Enxeridúra y Knxerimiínto, 
t. act of budding trees 
Enxerlr, cj. to luid, graft 
Enxerturidn, tf- insertion 
Enxertál, tm. nurscry of ¡no- 
culated tirult trees 
Enxertár, va. V Inxrrlar 
Enxugadár, ra. t. drier, round 
horse for drying Unen 
Enxugir, na. 10 inake drv, 
wipe olí' tnoisturc ¡ vr. to 
dry np 

Enxúllo, tm. a wenver \ beam 
Enxúmli.i, tf. fat in the insiüe 
of fowl* 

EnxundidbO, sa. a. fot 
Eilxutdr . va. lo dry with lime 
Enxuidz, tf. xiccity 
Knxúto, ta. u. driért 
Enluto», un. j,l. small dry 
bnuh-woud for ligluing a 

Enyesar 1 t a. to plaster 

13 8 


tnyescárse, vr. to jecome 
inflan) ed 

Enyugar, va. to yoke cattle 
Knzar/ádo, o. curlod 
Enzarzar, na. to llirow amone 
brambles and briers ¡ nr. 
to be entangled amoug 

Enzavnárse, nr. to look rlde- 

Enzurronár, va. to put in a 

Epdcta, tf- epact 
Epián, tm. sort of venereal 
discasc in America 
E'picamente, ad. in an epic 
or heroK manner 
Epicddio, epiceditim 
Epicdno, na. a. epicena 
Epiciclo, tm. eph-ycle 
E pico, ca. a. epic 
Epicúreo, rea. a. cpicurean 
Epidémia, tf- an epidemic 

Epidcmi.1l, a. ejiidemic 
Epidérmls, tf. epidermis 
Epifanía, tf., epiphany 
Epigástrico, ca. a. epigastrio 
Epiglótis, tf. cartllage of the 

Epígrafe, tf. title 
Kp grima, t. eplgram 
Epilepsia, tf. epi'epsy 
Epiléptico, ca. Epildctico, ca. 
a. epileptic 

Epilog.1l, a. compendióos 
Kpilogár, ta. to recapitúlate 
Epiloglsino, tai. ralculation 
Epilogo, tm. epilogue ; reca- 

Kpiquáya, tf. a mild and pru- 
dent ínterpretation of the 

Epi.copádo, sm. eplscopate 
Kpiscopál, a. episcopal 
Episcopológio, tm. a ihrono 
logical lüt of bisiiops 
Episiidico, ca. a. episodio 
ptsádio, tm. episode 
Epístola, tf. eptstle 
Epistolar, a. epistolar; 
Epistolario, tm. collectbm of 
cpbtles, volume of letters 
Kpistdlero, ca. a. epistoiarv 
Eplstdlico, m. priest wlio 
slngs ib* eplsiles 
Epitálio, tm. epitaph 
Epitalamio, rm.epithalamium 

Kpltasis, tf. epitasls 
Epíteto, tm. cpíi het 
Epítima, tf- epithem 
Kpltirpár, ta. to apply an epl- 

Epítimo, sm. flower of thvme 


Epltomádamcnte, ad. brlefly 
Epitomdr, t *a. to epitomi** 
Euítome, sin. epitomo 
Estoca, tf. opoch 
E'podo ó E'poda, i. epod* 
Epopéja, tf. epopee 
Epóto, ta. a. intoxic a !ed 
Epulón, <m. an epicure 
Equáble, a. equable 
Equ ación, tf. equat on 
Equidór ó Equatór, sm. equ a* 

Equarflmldid, tf. cquanl* 

Equántc, a. equal 
Eqóéstre, a. equestrian 
Equidad, tf. equity # 
Equidistáncia, sf. an equal 

Equidistár, vn. to be equldlg» 

Equilátero, rn. a. equilateral 
KquiÜbrár, ni. to equipobe 
Equilíbre, a. balanced 
Equilibrio, m. equilibrium 
Equino, sm. a h«lge«hog ; a 
.shell Hsh 

Equinocciál, a. equinoctial 
Equinoccio, sin. cqtiinox 
Eqaipügc, sm. HU]»¡4y of ererj 
thmg necessary lor a voy* 
age ; ship'a company 
Equ pár, rm« to Ht out 
Equiparación, tf. coinpari* 


Equiparar, va. to compare 
Equipolencia, tf. equipolencc 
Equipolente, a. equi valen t 
Equiponderar, tm. to equijam- 
(Ser ate 

Equitación, tf. liorsemanship 
Equitativo, va. a. equitable 
Equivalóncia, tf. ¿oit)]>cnsa 

Equivalente, a. equ i valen t 
Equivaler, vn. to l>e of equal 
valué and price 
fijipiivocarjón. tf. mfotake 
Equívx'amente, ad. ambigu- 
oudy # 

Equivocár, tvi. to u^e ambi* 
gumu language 
Equívoco, ca. a. Ambiguous 
Equívoco, sm. an ambiguous 

E'ra, tf. era, age, spot of 
«round for tlirediing comj 
bed in a carden sown witli 
Mitad* seeus, »\c. ¿lee. 

Erst 1 , sm. two-year oíd ox 
Erár, va. to lay out gardeit 
ground for gxowing gar* 
den stufT 

Erario, tm. cxchequer 



Entilo, rU. a. Uabl* lo paj 

Ercér, va. V. Devantar 
Erección, tf. foundatlon and 
erectlon of a buliding 
Erectór, «a. erecter 
Krécha, tf. satisfartioa 
Eremita, m, hermit 
Eren. (tico, ca. o. Militxry 
Ercmitório, na. hermitage 
Krguír, m. to erect; vr. to 
be elated wllh pride 
ErUl y Kriáxo, xa. a. un- 

rícóra, tf. klad of bul with- 
out a roof 
Erigir, va. to erect 
Brío, ría. a. un|iloughed 
Erísimo, tm. hedge niustard 
Krisi|H_-!ár, va. to cause eryal- 

Krízddo, da. a. that whlch is 
covered wllh bristlei 
Eri/amiónto, un. act of aet- 
tlng on end 

Erixár, va. set on end ; vr. 

to stand on end 
Erizo, tm. Iiedge-hoffj the 
prlckly hu»k of a ciiesnut ¡ 
rougii water, thíatle 
Ernmdiir, tm. destróyer 
Ermár, va. tode&troy 
Krmlta.íf. hcrmivoge; tavern 
Ermiiiño, tm. hermit 
Ermúnio, tm. ancient Im- 

Erogár, va. to distribute 
Erog.itóriu, tm. pipe 
Erosión , »j . erosión 
Erótico, ca. a. belonging to 
toe passion of love 
Erotismo, im. a vioient love 
Krotomanía, tf. erotomania 
Errabundo, da. a. wandering 
Erradicar, va. to erad i cale 
Erradizo, xa. a. wandering to 
and fro 

Erró lo, a. erring 
Enráme, pa. errant 
Errar, 10. to err ¡ tm. to ram- 
bla about without knowing 
one’a way 

Erróla, «/. error In vnriting 
or pr nting 

Ernitli o, ca. a. wandering 
Ertdiil, a. wavering 
Ertix, tm. coai madeof the 
atolles of olives 
Erróneo, nea. «. erroneou* 
Errór.rm. deceit ; deticlcncy I 
error of lite pro» 
Erubescencia, tf. ahame 
Entctár, va. to lielch 
Erúcte, un. V. Uc¿iUiJv 


Rrud’dón, tf. eruditinn 
Erudito, ta. a. erudite 
Eruginóso, sa. a. that whlch 
la thick and knotty ; rusty 
Krumnóso, sa. o. laí.orious 
Erupción, tf- eruptlon 
Eruptivo, va. a. eruptiva 
Erutár, en. to eruct 
Erúto, tm. belch 
Erráto, tm. hog’s fennei 
Ervelláda, tf. bean-trefoil 
Ervflla, tf. seed of the bitter 

Bsbatimentá to delinéate 
a shadow ; tu. to cast the 
ihadow of one body ou 

Esbatimento, tm. shade in a 

Esbeltéxa, tf- a tall and cie- 
gan! stature 
Ksbélto, ta. a. tall 
Esbirro, tm. bailiff 
Esbózo, tm. sketch 
K'scn, tf. food 
Escatiechír, va. to souse 
Escabeche, tm. sousc, plckled 

Escabói, tm, foot-stool 
Escábro, tm. a kind of scab ¡ 
the larga amphtb ous «rali 
Escabrosearse, vr. to be of- 

Escabrosidifd, tf. ¡nequality 
Kscabróso, sa. a. rough, rude 
E-srabullimiénto, a ... eva- 

Escabullirse, vr. to csrajie 
Escacódo, da, a. checkered 
E-cócho, tm. thomback 
Escita, tf. stair-case, Uddcr 
mude of ropes. Ktcula de 
In t-4.HU*, poop-ladder j 
port ; scale 
Escullida, scalade 
Escalado, da. a. applled to 
fish cut open to be cured 
Escaladór, tm. he who acales 

Escalan .lónto, tm. act of 
scaling walls 

Escslámo, tm. thole or thoai 
Escalóme, pa. scatlng 
Escalar, mi. to «Cale 
Escaldada, t*. prostituta 
Escaldado, da. a. fearful 
Escaldar, va. to burn 
Escaldrántes, tm. pl. keveis 
Eacaldrido, da. a. cunning 
EscaMufür, va. to take broth 
out of the pot when lt b 

Escalen Umtónto, tm. inilam- 
mal ion 

M 2 


Escalentar, tm. to fbraent tha 
natural heat 

Escalara, tf. stairs, larider 
Escalerilla, ta. tf. drencliing 

Escálela, tf. engine for rala- 
ing cannon and mor tara on 
theJr carrioles 

Escalfador, tm. a barbe*** pan 
for keeping water warmj 
chati ng-di>h 
Escalfár, ta. to warm 
Escalfaré tes, tm. pl. a kind of 
wide boots 

Escalfé ta, tf. chafing-dish, 

Escálio. tm. land abandoned 
for t llage 

Escalimáix*, i»r. to be worked 
out of the seamj of a ship 
Escalofriado, da. a. shivering 
Escalofrío, tm. lndU)>oidüon 
atteudod wiib shiveiing 
Escalón, tm. stop of a stair 
Escálplo, im. currler's knifa 
Escáma, t'* se ale, a ¿malí 
*ca!y pie-ce 

Escamada, tf. embroidery in 
tigure of acales 

Escamado, im. work wrought 
wirh the figure of cales 
Escama-, tvi. lo scale fistif 
mi. to embrofcler scale or 
she’t fashion ; vr. to be of- 

Escamhronál, tm plantation 
of buek thor.i* 

Escamé!, tm. instrument used 
by sword-maker* 

Escarní ta, tf. a iight cotton 

Escamochos, tm. /#/. lea v inga 
Kscamónda, tf. pruning trece 
Escamondadura, tf. u»elcsa 
branche?. of tree» 
EscamomUr, va. to pruna 
trees of iioxious excrescen* 
ce» ; to deán 

Escamondo, tm. clearing 
trees of tlieir Useles* 

E&namoneádog a. relating to 

Escamonearme, vr. to be ti- 

Escamó -o, sa. a. scaly 
Escampado, a. V. D.icam* 


Escampár, va. to cea^e rain- 
Ing, lea ve offworkmg ; tm* 
to deán out a place 
Escampo, sm. ce^NOtion 
Escamujar, ta. to jnune oüvt- 
troo* - 

1 » 


Escamüjo, rm. a Inpped-ofT 
branch of an «live-tree 
Escanciar, rn. lo jN»ur vine 
frotn one vosmíI mío ano* 
ther ; tm. to drlnk vine 
Eftcámla, tf. sjielt-wheat 
Etcamialár, tm. apartment 
for the rompan 
EscamUli/ador, un. gconda- 

Escandalizar, m. to scanda- 
IIÑb ; er. to irrítate 
EscamUlizutivo, va. a. »c¿n- 

Escandallár, rn. to sound 
Escacdálln, im. dee|» sea-lead 
Escándalo, 4 w scandai ; ad- 
miración, tumull 
Escandalosa, tf. fptfT-sail 
Escóndalo o,sa. a. scawlalou» 
Escandecértela, /. an ger 
EiOituicn^r, «vi. to irrítate 
Kftcaiulelár, »m. the -ccoiul 
cabio in a row-galloy 
Ercamár, «vi. V'. Encintar 
Baca itfUar. ivi. to troce Unes 
on wolU to malte them of 
diHerint colours 
Esc a ero, *m. -keeper 
Ekcáúo, rm, tiene h with a 
baek ; sheer rail 
Escañuelo, un. «.malí bench 
plarcd it the feet 
Escapada y KsoapainiéntO» r. 
escape, ífiight 

Escapar, rn. to escape, va. 

to líbente tfrom danget 
Escapará le, im. cuphoard 
Escapatoria, r . e .cape 
E»ca}«e, mía. e*ce|«e, subtei- 
futa*« escaj>dinent 
Escápu. tm. shaft of a column 
wtthou: bascar capital 
Escapulái, nt. to douhte or 
clear a cape * 1 
Escapulario, tm. scapulary 
Escaque. , tn.ii/. checkervork 
of a draught-boartl 
Escanvu ádo, tía. a. checkered 
Eacaqüeár, «vi. to pluy at 
che- «i draught* 

E&rára, tf. the scurf nr scab 
vhirh for ni* round heallng 

Escandía jo .ir, rn. to crawl to 
and fro like liMCb» scrawl, 

Escarabajo, rm. nirkname 
giren t.» nn ill-*ha)H.d ;>er- 
1011 ; twUtovl throads In the 
warp of dnth 

Escar.ifulliír, t'ii. to decclve 
fcs «r iimju. «rn. ilnj. ro. 
Bttaraimutsir.rx.lo Airinl.h 



Esraromúzo, <f. a sklrmUh 
er, disputer 

G*raramu/ár, »*z. to skitmi&h 
Kscarapéloy Escarapúlla, tf. 
dispute whirh termínate* 
In blows; cockade 
EscarAfieldrse, vr . to dispute 
E>rártui, nf. i.cart 
Escarbadéro, it/t. piare where 
Ixiars, wolve», and olhet 
animáis scratch the ground 
Escurhadiéntes, un. * . Ai mi- 

Eaarbadór, rm. scratchcr 
Estar baortja.%, m. ear-oick 
Escarbár, tu. to «crotcn the 

Ksr.'irbo, tm. act and eirect 
of scraping 

Escarcela, tf. a large |toUc)l 
fasa ned to the giidle; ar* 
tnour which cover* the 

Escarceo, tm. small liroken 
vares nccadoned by cur- 
rents. Etcurccut, bounds of 
Hpirited bornes 
Escárcha, </. vhite frost 
Escarchádo, tm. a kiiid of 
twlst. Etcarifuldust ict 

Escarchar, tm. to be frozen ; 
thf* to curl 

Kscárcho, im. red surmullet 
Escarchdsa, t¡. ice-plant 
Escarcina, tf. a kind of cut- 

Escarda, tf. veed liook, the 
act of weedin^ con» tieldv 
E»cardadéra, tj. voinan em* 
pío ved to clear cora tields 
of wet*d* ; hoe 
Escardaddr, un. veedor 
E cardadora, 4f. hoe 
Kscarddr, va. to uetil cora- 

Escardillo, lia, 4. thistlcdown 
E .cariaddr,fm. kind of punch 
u*ed by cop]>er»miihs 
E-carizár, va. to clear from a 

Eu-ariadúr, rm. i ron instiu- 
ment for poi.shm^ combi 
Esi arláta, tf. scarlet 
Escarlatln, tm. a coa r se kind 
of velvet 

E«t*arnieiiadór, *m. V. E'cur- 

Escarmené.*, va. to pick wool, 
to fine 

Escarmentar, tm. to he tutor- 
ed by cx}>erience; va. to 
conect sevcrcly 


E-scarmiénto, tm. wiming • 


Escamercddr, ra. t. scofffer 
Escarnecer, w* to acofT 
Escnniedmiénto, « »»*. &coffing 
Escárnlo, tm. -sCotT 
Escarola, ti. «ulive 
Escarolar, ru. V'. Al chngar 
Escarótico, ca. a cau&tic 
Escarpa, «1. scxrp 
Est ar pádo, da a. -lojied 
Escarjmr, »v«. to join tiniliert vorks of sculptur 
Escarpólo, rm. a rasp 
E*cárpia, t¿. tenter 
Escarpar, ra. to fasten with 
ho««k-hcaded nail* 
Escarpidor, tm. comb with 
lar^c wide teeth 
Escarpín, tm. soc k 
Escarza, tf. a sore ln the hooft 
of horse» 

Escarzano, na. a. applied to 
an arrh 

Escarzar, va. to cástrate bce- 
li- ves in Fetiruary 
Escárzo, rm. blackish groen 

G^cárzo, za. a. lame on ac« 
count of sores in the hoof 
Escaseár, ru.togive sparing- 
1 > , «pare ; m. to grow leas, 
grow scanty 

Escasez y Escaséza , tf. sean» 

Est á o, sa. a. small, sparing, 
scanty, defectire 
Escatimádo, da, o. Uttle 
Escatimár, va. to rurtail, rl- 
tiate, examine closely 
EscatimtSso, sa. a. cunnlng 
Esc.mpíl.rm. armour of quilt» 
ed col ton 

E^caydia, tf. paste vhich re- 
ftemble* marble 
Escéna, ^f. stage, arene; bed 
and shepherdVhut 
Escénico, ca. o. ícenlo 
Esceníta, «1. one who llrt 
ln a tent 

Escenografía, tf. scenogra 

Escenógrafo, rm an instru- 
ment for representing per- 
spcctivc views 

Escepticismo, rm. sceptichuu 
Escé]»tito, ca. a. sceptic 
Em iatório, rm. au histrutnent 
for making sun-dirl* 
i scióna, V. anecies of crav 


Esc ! ó lo, tm. sciolist 
Escft co, ca. n. nativo orbe* 
lungiug to Scythia 


Esdarecér, «.to llgliten j m. 
to dawn 

Esclarecido, da. *. ilIustTloui 
Esclarecimiento, tm. dawn 
Esclavina, tf- a loug robe 
worn hy pilgrims 
Esclavitud, tf- slavery 
Esclavizar, va. to makeone a 

Esclávo, va. i. «lave ; a mem- 
ber of a oonfratemlty 
Esclusa, tf. lock 
Escdas, kj\ vi. rung-heads 
Escdba, tf. broom . knapweed ; 

north and north-west wind 
Escobdda, tf. theact ofsweep- 
lng slightly 

Escob íjo, tm. the rcmaini of 
an oíd broom 

Escobár, tm. a place where 
brooms grow 

Escolar, ra. to píele grapes 
from tiie rape ; to swcep 
Escobazár, t»i. to tprlnkle 
water ln drops with a 

Escobéra, tf. broom 
Escobé ríes, tm. rj. hawses 
Escobeta y Escobilla, tf. 
brush ; sweepings of gold 
or sllver in a work sbop 
Escobina, im. chips made in 
boring any thing 
Escobén, «vi. an oíd halr 
broom, brush 

Kscbbos, tm. pl. brusliwood 
Escocer, va. to cause a sharp 
Hvely pain 

Escocés, sa. a. Scot, Scotch 
Escocí miénto, tmV.Etcoxor 
Escdda, tf. an edged hammer 
Escodár, va. to hew stones 
wlth an edged hammer 
Escofia, tf. V . Cofia 
Ejcofiár.ou. to adom the head 
' wlth a net 

Escofieta, tf. woman’s head- 
dren of gauze, .ve. 
Escofietéro, ra. t. milllner 
Escofina, tf. rasp, w Iré- brush 
Escoilnír, ua. to rasp 
Escoddn, ni, V. Garbín 
Escogedor, ra. #. selector 
Escogér, ua. to cboose ' 
Escoglmlénto, tm. cholea 
Escolár, IM. acholar ; a. acho- 
la. tic 

Escolár, vn. V. Colar 
Escolástico, ca. a. scholastlc 
Escolástico, tm. a professor tf 

Escoliador, re, annotator 
EscolUr, va. to gloss 
Escoliarndso. sa. a. harxh 


Escolimado, da. a. weak 
Escolimoso, sa. a. diffirult 
Escdlio, re. scholion 
Escoltár, ra. to strike upon a 

Escolléra, tf. rocky place or 

Escollo, tm. a hidden rock 
Escolo|>éndra, tf. fish 
Escdlta, tf. escore 
Escoltár, va. to escort 
Escdmbra, <f. purgatlon 
Escombrár, iw. to remove ob- 
starles, putify 

Escdn.bro, tm. rubbish, a 

Escomenzár, va. V. Cnmmzar 
Escomerse, vr. to be worn 
out wlth use or time 
Escdme, »m. comer 
Escondedero, tm. a hiding or 
lurklng place 

Escondedíjo y Escondedrijo, 
tm . concealment 
Esconder, ea. to hide, inelude, 

Escondidas (A') y A' Escon- 
dadillas, ai l. privaiely 
Escondidljo, sni.V. Etonulrija 
Escondido (En), ad. privatefy 
Escondimiento, re. conceal- 

Escondite, tm. concealment 
Escondrijo, re. concealment 
Escontréte, tm. prop, stay 
Esconzado, da. a. angular 
Esconeradúras, tf. pf. planks 
naíled to tbe aldea of the 

Escopéros,zm.pí. pltch-brush- 
es for paying ships 
Escopéla, tf. tirelock 
Escopetár, ra. to dlg or hol- 
low out gold mines 
Escopetazo, tm. gun or mus- 
ket ahot 

Escojieteársc, vr. to discharge 
íirelocks at each other 
Eacajieteiia, tf. Infantry arm- 
ed with muskets 
Evcopctéro, re. tnusketeer 
Escoplr, ra. V. Escupir 
Escopleadúra, tf. niortise- 
hole made in (linber 
Escoplear, va. to ehisel 
Kscdplo, roí. chlael 
Escdpo, tm. seo pe 
Escdra, tf. that part ofa shlp’s 
side which makea the most 
reaistance. Etcdrat, altores 
Escordr, tía. to prop, wedge a 
cliest, ice. 

Escorbútico, ca. t. porson af- 
fectesl with scurvy 


Escorbútico, ca. a. scorbutls 
tscorbúto, tm. acui vy 
tscoreliapín, re. passage- 
boat, terry 

Evcort-hár va. V. Enaltar 
Esciirche, tm. decreaae of a 
tuberous body 
Eacdrla, tf. dross 
Escoriación, tf. inrrusiatlon 
Escorié 1 , re. an exhausted 
mine of gold, silver, ftc. 
Escoriárse, vr. to excoríate 
^ one\s selí 

Escorpina y Escorpéra, tf. 

Escui pidn, *«t. scorpion, kind 
of iish, slgn in the rodiac 
Escorzdr, ra. to contract tJife 
rite of a figure; tbrm a 
dqiressed ardí 
Escorzonera, tf. vlpcr-root 
Escoscarse, vr. to scratch 
one’s self 

Esodta. tf. sheet tope 
Escotado, re. a tort of tires* 
formerlj worn by women 
Escotadúra, tf. sloping of • 
■ jacket or pair of star» 
EscoUr, ra. to cut out tfotbea 
so as to make thcm lit ; 
pay one’s share tf tazos ; to 
extract water 

Escdte, tm. sloping of a jack- 
et, tucker ; one’s share ofa 
reckonlng at a feast, &c. 
Escotéras, tf. pl. shect-holea 
Escotéro, ra. a. firec 
Escotilla-., tf. pl. hatchea 
Escotillón, im. sruttle 
Escofines, re. pt. top-tail- 

Escotomíá, tf. dizzlness 
Escozor, tm. a. smart pungen t 

Escriha, im. scribe 
Escribanía, tf. office or «n- 
ployment of a notary ; xcru- 

Escribano, tm. notary, clcrlt 
at a pulilic office, peionan 
Escribidme, tm. amanuensis, 
authar, writer 

Escribir, ra. towrite; rom- 
pose literary Works ; enrol 
Escriño, re. xort of hamper 
made of straw, .ve. 

Escrita, tf. a kind tf Iish 
Kscritlilas,tf. pl. lamín' stones 
Escrito, tm. book, a slgned 

Escritor, tm. writer, copylst 
Escritorio, re. scru toire, 
press, office, study 

Escritura, tf. writíng, deed 


Escriturar, va. to btnd one's 
■elf bjr a public Imtniment 
Escriturario, m. a professor 
of dlvlnity 

Escrófula, |f. ser afula 
Escrofuloso, ta. a. vTofulou* 
Kscrdt a, oh. «crotum 
Escrudiñdr, va. to Inquirr 
Eacrupulé.a, m. a slight 
duubt or «crupié 
Escrupulillo, tm. slight hesi- 

Escrupulizar d Escrupuleír, 
*m. to «crupié 

Escrúpulo, wt. doubt, sera- 
pulosity, «crupié 
Escrupulizo, «a. a. scrapulous 
£»crutariút, m. «crutator 
Escrutinio, un. scrutiny 
Esciiitiñudór, nn. scrutator 
Escúcha, tf. sentinel, a listen- 
ing place, scuut ; a small 

R«ciirh.tddr, ra. t. hearer 
Escuchante, pa. Ilstener 
Escuchar, ra- lo listen t to be 
highly gratllied with one*» 
own eloquence 
Escudar, t>a. to shield, pro- 
tect from danger m 
Kscuiler.tge, un. escuage 
Escude: eár, «ai. tu huid tene- 
ments by escuage 
Escuderia. tf- «ervlce of a 
squire or thield bearer 
Escudero, tm. «hiehl-liearer ¡ 
gentleinan descended from 
«orne illustriou, farailj ; 
page vr lio .ittends a lady 
E.cuiterón, tm. squire puiléd 
wlth vaolty 

Esciidi-tc. tm. puset ¡ «hite 
iraler i i Ir. Y. S atajar 
Escudilla, V- porriitgc-r 
Escudillar, ra- to pour out 
bruth itrio iKjrrlngers 
Escudfto, tm. a golil cotrt 
Escudo, jrn. shleld, «cuteheon 
of a lock , patrón age, back 
of a wüd, guste). F.t- 
tutb Je fio, so, stern-scutch- 
eon, a crown 

Escudrifidhlc, a. inrcstigalile 
Escudriñador, ra. s. prier 
Escudriñar, tai. to «esrch 
Esculla, tf. «cliotil. un vcr.ity 
Bsruérzo, tm. toad 
Escueto, ta. rt. ilisengaged 
Btcufulárla, tf. ligwort 
Kscutladdr, tm. in oil-mlllí 
Escullirse, rr. to slip 
Esculpidor, m. V. Escultor 
Esculpir, uu. to sculptuie 



Escultor, tm. «culptor 
Escultor», tf. femóle sculptor 
EsCuIiútr, «/. scolpture, car- 
retí work 

Escupidora, tf- spitting box 
E»cupldtíro,xm.spitt ng-place 
Escupido, tm. V. Eij. uto 
Escupidor, ra. i. a great spit- 

Escupidora, tf. the act ofsplt- 
ting, spittle, elfloremence 
Escupir, >'a. to spit ; break 
out In theskln. Recupirlat 
rtivptu to work out the 
tutkuin from the seatm 
Escupiu j Escupitina, tj. V. 
Sai va 

Escurár, ra. to scour cloth 
Escúras (.Vh ad. ohscurely 
E curlza y EscurttUd, tj'. V. 

Oh rritri rii id 
Escúrra, tf- buiToon 
Escurribanda, tf. diarrhtra, 
«cutile liUstle 

Escurridizo, ra. a. slippery, 
hard to boltl 

* 5 ecurriiM:as y Escurrimbres, 

<f- W- d™K'> 

Escurrimiénto, fin. V. Dethx 
Esi urripa, t . (Hot,) cardinal'» 

Escurrir, ra. to drain ofl* U- 

3 ñor to the dreg, ; en. to 
rop, siip 

F.-cú O Eicutflla», tf. pl. 

Esruyir, tm. purrejor of meat 
to the palace 

E'se, i . Iink of a chatn of the 
ligttre of Ibis Inter 
E sc, E'sa, E'»o, proa. Jera. 

Bsíocta, m'. essence 
K-enruil, a. esstmtial 
Escnciár se, rr. to be tnlimate- 
ly united, to gruw essen- 

Edera,\f.sphere, giobe, quaa- 

K .ler i!, tf. spberlclt; 
Esférico, c n a. spherlcal 
E (crista, «a. astronnmer 
B Fcniytle, tf. -pheroid 
Esfinge,»»*, «phinx 
Esfi ita, tm sphincter 
Esil .rccOr O Ktlorecér, tas. to 

Esforrocino, tm. sprlg shoot- 
iog otit of the truttk 
Esforzado, tm. one of the 
Ixkik- of the cl*d law 
E forrado, da. a. strong 
Ksfnr/ador, ra. ». exciter 
Estarcir, ra. to xtrengthen] 

vr. to exert 000*1 self ; b» 

Esfuérzo, tm. courage, eifort, 

Esfumido, tm. the first sketch 

of a painting 

Esgambéte, tm. V. Gambeta 
E j;. urdir, ra. V. Atender 
Esgrima, tf. fencing 
Esgrimidor, tm, fencer 
Esgrimir, tm. to practise tha 
ure ui wcapons 
Esguardir, ua. V. Tocar J Mi- 

Esguarahle. a. fordable 
E.guacar, va. toibrd 
Esgúcio, tm. copeare moulck- 

Esguín, tm. young salmón be- 
fore eutering the sea 
Esguince, <m. movement o t 
the body to aruid a hiew { 

Esgutxaro, un. a poar mlsers 
abte felfow. V. Suito 
Eslalidn, tm. link, Steel fue 
striUng tire, Steel fur edg- 
ing kntves 

E .iabonár, va. to Imk 
Eslinga, tf. sling-ro|ie 
Kslingár. va. to sling 
Eslórati Eslútia, tf. length of 
a shlp from the ,iem to the 
«tero post 

Esmalequén, »m. sort of linea 
KsmaltniltSr, tm. enameller 
Esmaltar, va. to enamel 
Esmalte, tm. enamel ; an a- 
rure culour, made of |>ast« 
Esinarrha»r>, «m. hully 
Esmarido, «m. asmall sea-fish 
K.incr.ldo.da-o. high-tinishcd 
Esmeralda, tf. an emtTald 
Esmerar, ra. to polhh ¡ rr. 
to endeavour to attain emi 

Esmeril, rm. emery ; small 
plece of ordnance 
Esmerilar, tvj. to humlsh 
Esmerilara, <m. stiot of a pun 
Esinfro, mi. carcfttl attentioa 
K moladcr.t, tf. «hetstoue 
Estlfago. ttn. the 
Esütro, tra. proa. Jim. thlsot 
that otber 

EspahiladúriU, tf- fl- «nuftkr* 
E.paliilár, ra. to muti a can- 
ille. V. D.t 
Espaciar, va. to extend i rr. 

to walk to and tro 
Espdclcu, ra. a. V. Artiga 
E>|>aclo, rm. «pace, sluwnesn* 
recreaUon ¡ musical Unlet- 


v»l ; typc which separatas 


B>pu'¡osiclád ( </*. «pacious- 


Ivip.icióso, a, spaciouft, slow 
tív,)Ád.\, swonl f at« of 
sp&de« ( swonl'tiith* Espi- 
das, KpaUe^ <me of ihe su ts 
at carda 

Espadachín, im. hulty 
B'patlátl >, da. a. armetl with 
a sword 

Expadáña. */. reetl-mace 
K-.pad.if áda, *f. tlow of liquor 
nut of a Watel 

Espadaftár, r»r. to divide into 
long tiltil sJip» 

K' padar, r *u to break hemp 
or rtax 

E> pallarte, sm. sword -fish 
E^paiici ta, swonl cutier a 

Espadero, im. sword -cutler 
E. padilla, *('. insignia of the 
order of Santiago ; swing- 
«ttaff u -.i In breaking 
hemp ; a sin al I oar ; ace of 
upado- ; 
Espadillar, mi. to bréale or 
scotoh hemp or Hat with a 

E%padi lla/o, «n. adverse for- 
tune at carda 

Espadín, <m. a small short 

Espadón, sm. a largo sword ; 

Espadrapo, sm. kind of cere- 


Espagíneo, ca. a . telonging 
to ti ve art of chein.htry 
Espaís ***. /»/. spahls 
Kspálda, «/. shiHilder. RtjxU • 
das, Uack. A * rsprhlas, at 
eue’s back. S > re mis m* 
yaMus, at my et|*cnse 
Espaldar, «tn. hark-plet*eof an 
arinour ; espalier in gar- 
dens. Escaldare*, pieces 
of ta|>e»try 

Bxpaldarct'te, tm. piece cf an- 
clen t armour 

Espaldarón, im. anclent ar- 
mour fbr the thoultler» 
Kspaldér, sm. the Hr»*t or stem 
rower In a gal ley 
Espaldera, n/‘. espalier 
Espaldilla, sf . shoulder-titade 
K»)»aldif elidido, da. a. * t retel i* 
ed oti une’» bac> 

Espaldón, sm. entrenchment 
Espaldudo broad-slioul- 

EapaJcra, \f. espalier 


Espaltn aclara, tf- hoofs of 

E.palmdr, ra. lo clean and 
pay a ship’s botiom 
Espillo, un. dark-coloured 
palnt ; tale 

Espantable, a. frightful ; ez- 
t-cllent, admirable 
Espantadizo, za. a. timld 
Espantador, ra. i. bug-bear 
Espantajo, im, scnrccrow 
Espantamdsras, im. net put 
on horses to scare twi> files 
Espantanublados, tm. a rake 
Espantir, ra. to fHghten; vr. 
to be surprisol 

Espantavillanos, im. sort of 
glitteting gaudr stuff 
Espánte, tm. fright, menace, 
atlmiration, vronder 
Espantdso, sa. a. frlghtful 
EspalbSl, im. Spanish lan 

Etpafidl, la. a. Spanlsh 
Españolar, uc. V. Et¡»it¡olizar 
Españolerías, tf. jg. EpanUh 

Españoleta, tf. anclent Spa- 
nlsh dance 

Españolizar, ra. to tmlk the 
bpanish íanguage; adept 
th. customs of Spain 
Es|«., nn. spar 
Esparagdn, tm. grogram 
Esparainarin, im. a setpcnt 
which mounta trees to dart 
on ita prey 

Esparaván, un. sparrow-hawk 
Esparavel, tm. kind of fish- 

Esparcido, da. a. scattered 
Esparcimiéntn,r,n. scattering 
Esparcir, ra. to scatter; vr. 

to ainusc osles seli 
Espargánio, sm. Iiurr-ree-l 
E'pdro, im. gilt-head 
Esparragado, tm. a dUh of 

Esparragar, ist. to guard or 
colleet asparagus 
Esparrago, ™. sprout of as* 
paragus; [tole to supi>ort 
an au-níng 

Esparrague, im. sllk stviH" 
that líirins a cord tli cker 
and stninger titán tatri-ty 
Esjiarragudra, a/; asparagus 

Esparraguéro, ra. i. one «rito 
gatlters asparagus 
EsiMtirancátlo, da. a. wide- 
feggvd . 

Ksparranrárse, rr. to stride 
Esparsidn, tj. Ulssetninalion 


>^pniiát,»m.fieUl of Usas weed 
Esnartétía, tm. a sort of nuW 
aal made of bass-wmi 
Espartería, tf. place whera 
bass-mats ato irta,le 
Espartero, ra. I. one who 
makes anieles of bass-weed 
Esparlilla,</'. handful of baa». 
weed which serves »s a 
brush for deaning anima 
Espartizal, tm. tield on vliis- 
oass-weed is growing 
Espárto, tm. Scdge 
Esjiá.mo, iwt. V. Patmo 
Espato, im, spar 
Espátula, tf. «llce used b 
apotbecarics and surgeon» 
Espaviento, tm. V. Atpariml» 
Espavorido y Espavorecido. 

da. a. frigbtened 
Esjiecetfa, <f. shop where 
•picex are sold ¡ spices 
Esjiecéro, im. one who dea)* 
ni sílices 

Espécla, tf. «pire 
Especial, <t. spccial 
Especialidad, tf. speciallty 
Esi>eclár, cu. to spice broth 
or food 

Es|>dcle, *f. species ¡ mían 
ofany subject in the mind f 
event ; subject of discus. 
sien; cause; feint in fenc* 
ing ; specic 

Especiero, im. dealer in spicel 
Es|tecificac¡cfn, tf. specilica* 

Espccilicar, tvr. to stiecify 
Especifico, «w. íjieciric 
ErpccíHro, ca. ti. s]i«cltte 
Esgrimen, tm. s|>ccinien 
Esjieclrfso, sa. a. neat, sui>er* 
Hcial sjiecious 

Esitectable, a. cimspimou* 
Es|«ctáculo, na. s)eetacle. 
en nhject eminentiy rv- 

Espci tadór, na, s|iectator 
Espectro, un. s|atctre 
E*i>eculaHán, tf. spectilati 
Es, eculatlor, ra. «. specnlalo 
Es|iecuiar, na. to view, ineill 
tate. contémplate 
E.pccutario, ría. a. s|a“-tilar 
Kspmtlatfva, tf- factilty ol 

Especnlauvo, ra. a. sjiccula. 

Espeda/ár, ra. V. ¡>rt¡Hilaxar 
Esjaslirse, rr. V. D.ipc/, r,v 
Espejado, da, n. mirror-like 
Es¡>«jnr, rw. to clean ; rr. to 
view onc’sseH'in a looking- 

B,a “ 137 W 




„ i Brotar, va. «o *py. »*rp 

Espejear, va. to «hiñe Espicbár, va. to prick. 

Ksi>ejeríaitf* t5^ as *' s ^ 0 P , ® *•" * m - a P°^ 

JS-iriasa : transparent leaf 

KuJfcj a klmloT tranca- 

rent svrectmeat ; dirt col- 
¡¿oled rournl tl.e corabs of 
bee-hires in w Ínter 

ggyíjf •• 

Espeluuulrse» vr. to haré the 
h»ir dUheveUcd 
Espeques, «» V 1 - han< ^'’ , kC ! 
Espera, tf. stay. remlw. » 
kind of heavy ordnance, 

Bipcrábte, a. that urhlch may 
be espected 
Kspcr.iddr, im. expectant 
Espetánza, tf. hol-e. anchor 
of hope , « 

Esperanzar, ra. to gire hope 
Esjirrár, va. to hope, *ta>, 

Espcr* éio, tm. lite * c * 
ítrctching ones sclf after 
being rouscd from steep 
Bsperlégo, a. tart applc-trec 
Enferma, V* s V erm 

Ksiiern-.acéil, *>"• «permaeetl 
Espennitico, . a. a. *y«rmat c 
Espertada, tf. e"d ' ,fa 
Esperón, tm. the forecastle- 

Esperdnte, tm. kind of ancl- 

ent fortiflcatlon . 

E.iicsir, la.tothlcken, cióse, 
vr. to «ro* Ihick 
Kspecitívo, va. a. tliat vrhlch 

^ .he power of.hU^unB 

Eq>e-o. sa. « thlc-k, bu'kl,, frequent, slove.dy 
Espesor, tul. Ihlcknes» 

K .¡«sdra, \l- thlckness. thlck- 

cl, fcloven'.inesS 
Eqietainiénio, tm., ra. to *pH , ru" 
{hrough wlth a «wold, to 
tell : vr. to bestitt . ,, . 
Espetera, tf. rack, k.tchen 

Espeto, tm. V. Atildar 
E .pelón, *m. a spU, a large 
pin, >ea pikc 

Espía, •• a »py, warp-rope 
E .piador, «m. soy 

Espichar, ra. ... 

E-píche, tm. a sharp potntesl 
weapon. B.pícke*. |*B* 
Eftplch¿n t *m. wounil witn a 
pointed weapon 
Espiga. tf- car th® rpike ®f 
corn¡ lenon, brad, fu«ee 
of a bornb, spdc. Espida 
de anua, pond-weed 
Espigadera d Espigadora, tf- 


Espirfdo, da. a. tatl, grorrn 
Espigír, va. to car ; va. to 
olean, make a tenor» 
E.pigón, tm. ear of com; 

stinir. polnt of a ciart 
Espiguilla, tf. small edging; 

(lower of some tree» 
E.pilócho, tm. poor 
E.pilorchcrta, tf. sonlld ava- 

E.pín, tm. porcupine 
E.pina, tf- thom , spme 
Kspináca, tf. sjrfnage 
E-plnadnra, tf act of ptkk- 
ing with a thom 
Espinál d Espinár, ««• place 
tull of thorn-bushe» 
Espinál, o- spinal, ronjal 
Espinar, va. to prick sv h 
thorn s ; surround trees witn 

Esplmiro, tm. spme . 
Espinel, tm. a lishtng-hne 
srilh many hooks 
Espinóla, tf- a piece of Spa- 
ni.h poetry ; spinel-ruby 

nish poetry ; spinel-ruby v¡iie’ 

Espine», ea....madeof thoms | W/0> 

Espineta, ti. Espolead. 

Evpinpíula, #/• asinall \>»cce » * t . u „ 
of ordnance 

Eq.ingardáda tf. uround of a 
ball from an etpuiganla 
Espingar.lüro, ««• a gunner 
Espinilla, ti. shin-bono 
Espino, tm. Iiaw-tree 
Espinoso, *a. a. spmy 
E .pinoso, tía. three-sp.neil 

E plnrár, va. to bur 1 I ~{ |otfcrl 

Esp.dn, tm. spy V. K«p> Espolio, 

E.pióte, tm. a sharp pointeu “ i . . , 


exhale, infuse a divine ff* 
rlt, inspire 
Espliéa, tf. dropwort 
E>idrcnque, «"• fc»nelt 
EhPirltár, »•«*. to irrite; vr. 
to be poísci.'wl wtth an evil 
niirit . , 

Espiritóse, sa. a. spir.tuou» 
Espíritu, tm. spirit, soul oT 
man, genius, that vrhich 
gives vigour, lachnaMon, . 
inilammable liquor. Etpt- 
rilut, sphats 
Espirituál, a. spirltual 
Espiritual .lid, 4/. spullualitjr 
Es riritnalista, »« 

treats of the vital spirlts 
Espiriiualirir, i«- «o spirit- 
uali/.e, retine the intcllect 

Espiriludso, se. 

Espita, tf- fa ucet, nppler. 

Espltir, va. to pnt a faucet in 
¿ tub or other vessel 
Espito, tm. peet 
Esplender, va. to shme 
Espíen. lidéí, tf- splendon» 
Esplendido, da. a. spleinlid 
Esplendor, tm. splenduur, 

E»pl único, ca. a- sp'em® 

EhpHéiro, #r*i. lavender 
Esplínque, •"». machine for. 
catehiug sparrmv» 

Espddio, tm. calx found 1,1 


Es|n>li<la, tf- P”ck w * h ^ 
ipur ¡ a large d, aught of 

Espira,#'. *l ,lrc t . tM 
Ehulraciün» Twviration 

Espirailúro, tm. V. Rct¡«ra- 
itero . 

E»plraddr,»»i.lie whoexptres 
or breathe* 

Bátilnilt «í* >piral 
K siiiránte, j»*i. cxptrniR 
E .ninii, **•*• ío expire, bnub» 
I íly out vrith a bla>t ; va, to 

Espolín,, -m. a rielen, jnlck 

Espoleadúra, tf- wuU,k1 ,,,aUe 

with a spur . j, 

Espolear, ni. to spnr, ndte 
Espoleta, Kt- fu ecu» » 

¿malí bone betwcen the 

Espolín, tm. a small M>ool for 

ralsing llowcrs on stuiT, sOk 

Espolhnido, da. a. flowered 
Kspolindr, ni. to «ca.esdk In 

.nólio, tm. the proix-tly 
which a prelatc leaves at 
hi> death _ 

Es»«»e, #*»*. proi»eTty of a 
dccea^etl prelate f 

Espolista, tta.on, «he i&rm» 
lite ffruits of anecete^ 
cal bendice of a tleceaseo 
bisltop . , ule 

Espolón, *,"• sP'T, '! * c . 

¿Mglcof the p.rr otaste™ 

bridge; beakl.end of agU 

by C 


1*»5 chllMaln ; angular a r ck 
Espolvotrár, ra. to powder 
E-|*ilvnrWdr, ik). to scalter 


Xipandtl, tm. V. V/rli-hra 
E'ponitiradddd, tf- spongtness 
E-.pdnji, tf. sponge, pumice- 

Esponjaddra, sC act nfspong- 

irig ; cavity In metal 
Esponjar, mi. to *l*mge } rr. 

to l>e putfed up with prlde 
Esponjdso, ta. a. spnney 
JKsponsd > , tm. yl. rspousnl» 
Esponsalicio, cía. a. belong- 
íng to eq<ousaU 
Espontáneo, nea. a. sponta- 

E-ponldn, tm. spontoon 
Kspontnnáda, ij. aaiute to 
rojal nersonage» 

Esportada ,sf‘. tlut which enda 
(n a basket 

Esportear, va. tocarry In pan 

Esportillero, tm. portee 
Esportillo, tm. pannler 
Espdrtulas, tr. p/.Judiclal &ea 
Espdsas, tf. yl. manacles 
Esposáyas tf- yl. espousals 
Eipdso, sa. a. spouse 
E.prfnga - Balas, </'. pump 

Espudla, $r. tpur. Haza dt 
ttyu Im, groom 
Zspudndi, rnargin or bor- 
der of a rlrer 
Equidna, ti', pannler 
Espulgaddr, ra. i. one teho 
clc.irt» ofT lice or liras 
Etpnlgdr, va. to louat 
Espuma, t< '. fmth, splttle 
K-pumaddra, tí- sklmmer 
Espuma eár, tus. to froth at 
the < uth 
Etpnmáki, tm. froth 
Kspum .ijdso, sa. a. full crf 
froth or tpume 
E»putnánte. ya. foanilng at 
the truiuth 

apumár, va. to sklm ¡ tm. to 
throw mit splttle or spume 
Espumarajo, tm. fiiam 
Bspumdro, tm. place where 
salt- water te coitectad to 

Espumilla, tf. thread-erape 
Espumllldn, tm. silk-crape 
EspumiKo, sa. a. spumy 
Kspúrio, ría. a. spurioua 
Espumár, uo. to sport 
Espurrir, va. to stretch out 
the leg» 

- ESQ 

E»pdto. tm. spittlc 
Esqoddra, tf. square, socltet ; 

squcdion, squadron of shlps 
Ksquadrár, ra. to squ.u e 
K-q ludido, roí. dimensión 
Esquadrfa, tf. squate 
Escuadro, ím. sjiccies of dog- 

Esquadrdn, tm. sqttailron 
E>quadronár, va. to draw up 
troops in rank and tile 
Hsquálo, mi. dog-fi.h 
Esquebrajarse, rr. to become 

Esquila, tf. hillet, note 
Eaqueléto, tm. skeleton, per- 
son who l, very thin, wat ch, 
carras» of a ship 
Esquelin, tm. skillimf 
Esquina, tf. spine of fishes 
Etqudro, sai. a leather bag or 

Esquile, sm. root, «prora t 
Esqulciido, da. o. sketched 
Eiquiciár, va. to sketch , 
Esquicio, «ai. a sketch 
Esquifáda, tf. a skitf ; rault 
of a i cistem 

Esquilar, m. to arm a bost 
with oars ¡ to fít out a ship 
Esquife, tm. a skitf 
Esquila, tf. a srasll bell ; the 
act of sheep - thearing { 

E-quiladiir, tm. theep shearer 
Esquilar, va. toshear sheep 
Esquiléo, sat. sheep-sbearing- 

Esquiümdso, sa. a. fastidl- 

Esqnilmár, ra. to gather and 
in the harrtst 

Esquilmo, sa». harvest ; pro- 
duce of vlnes 

Esquilo, sai. shearing-tlme j 
kind of squirrri 
Esquina, s,‘. comer 
Esquinado, da. a. comered 
Etquinco, sa». kind of serj*ent 
t or crocodile 

Esquiadla, tf. armour for the 

Esqulndncla ó Esqulndncia, 
tf. quinsy 

Esquinante d Esqulnánto, tm. 
kind of aromatic or medi- 
cinal ru»h 
Esquinar, va. to make a cor- 

Esquinazo, sm. comer 
Esqulnraddr.svi. targeapart- 
ment in paper-mills 
Ssquinzár, va. to cut rags in 
■malí places la paper-mills 


Esquipddo, da. a. made boat- 


K-quiptír, rrr. to eqttlp 
Ksquliáza, tf. kind of anctent 

Esquirla, tf- «pHnter of a bone 
Esquitar, ra. to pardnn 
E-quisdr, vu. to shur. ¡ cr. to 

Esquivar, tf. dlsdaln 
Esquivo, va. a. tcomful, »hy. 
Urge, strong 

Ksqutzádo, da. a. Applied te 
spotted marble 
E'st, sm. east 
Estabilidad, tf. stability 
Estable, a. t tolde 
Establear, va. to tame 
Estahleceddr, sm. founder 
Establecer, na. to establUh ; 
vr. to fia one’s self in a 

Establecíante, ya. establlslier 
Establecí midnto, sm. esta- 
' blishment 

Establemente, ad. stably 
Establero d Éstablerizo, sm. 

Establo, tm. stable for h ortos 
and moles, cow-honse 
EstAca, tf. stake. A’ triaca, 
copioosly ; sllp of a tree, 
stick ; pl. tholes, división* 
made In mines 
Estacida, tf. palisades ; place 
for a dueí 

Estacado, sm. field of battte 
Estacar, ra. toput stakes into 
the ground, tic to a stake ( 
vr. to be ínclosed 
Estacha, tf. rnpe fastened to 
a harjioon, to glve the 
whale room to dive 
Estacidn, tf. state. sesson of 
Ote year, liour, station, trl- 
sit paid to a church In ov- 
der to |>ray, businem 
Estacional, o. belonging to ti» 

Estacionario, ría. a. station- 

Estacionfro, ra. a. one who 
frequently performs the 

Estácte, sm. odorlferous 11' 

Estada, tf- stay, sojoura ’ 

Estadal, sm. land measuna 

kind ofomament 
Estadio, sm. race-courea 
Estadista, sm. statlst 
Estadizo, ra. a. stagnant 
Estado, sm. state, rank, «ter- • 
ture, st.itemcntjiulte.ilsm 
138 -J 

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brede miado, statcsman. Ri- 
lados, status of a counpry 
Estadnjo <5 Esladóño, sm. 

Estafa. sf» trirk, deccit 
Estafador» ra. ». impostor 
Estafír. va. to declive 
Estafcro, sm. foot-boy 
Estafeta. sf. courier, general 
post-oíhce for letteTs 
Estafetero, sm. po»t in áster 
Esta frutero, ra. a. carrying 

Estafetil, a. belonging to a 
courier or post 

Estaimbóuc. \f. a kind of 
thamoU'kkin dressed 
E*tála, J'. stable ; sed-port 
Estalacidn, sj\ class, rank 
Estalaje, sm. atay, »ojourn 
Kstalingár, ra. to bcnd a 

Estallar, vn. to crack 
Estallido y Estillo, sm. sound 
of any thing burstlng or 

Estamáies sm. a sortofcloth 
Estainbór, sm. stem-post 
Kst.imbrár, tu, to twist wool 
luto >am 

Estimbre, un. fine worsted, 
fine wool ; warp 
Estamento, sm. assembly of 
lite corles, state 
Estainófia, sf. scrgc 
Estamefiéte» sm. kind of serge 
Estampa, sm. print, the tirat 
sketch of a drawing, prcas, 
trark, pattcrn 
Estampido, sm. ¡mprcssion 
Estampido, da. a. stain)«d 
Unen, cotton, &c. 
Estampador, sm. onc who 
■ niake* or sells prinu, 

Estampir, va. to print, leave 
in the ground an impres- 
tion of the foot 
Estampería, sf. oíTice for 

Estambro, sm. he whj 
mukes or fleUs Ktamps 
Estampida, sf» report of a 

Estampido, sm. report of a 
piece of ordnancc 
Estampilla, sf. a slgnet 
Kstancir , tu. to stop, fother a 
leak, interclu í 

Estañe o, tf. mansión, a sit- 
ting room, s tanza 
Estanciero, sm. bailiíT of a 

Está neo, sm. forestal Ung, 



place where patcnt goods 
are sold exclusively by the 
patentee; stop; rcpoaitory, 
^ tank 

Estánro, ca. a. water fall 
Estandarte, sm. lianner 
Estangúrria, sf. strangury, 
catheter, spring 
Estánque, sm. p«»nd, ha con 
Estanquero, sm. kceper of re- 

Estanquillero, sm. Wholesale 
Estantál, sm. buttress 
Estántc, sm. shelf; a. being 

Kstanteról, sm. centre of a 

Están tipia, sf» phantom 
Estantío, tia. a. stamling im- 
moveable on a spot 
Estardüo, sm. vcs&el with 
inelted |»ewter in wbich 
copper or iron platos are 
imrnersetl to be tinned 
Estafiaddr, sm. tinman 
Estañár, va. to tin 
Estañero, sin. he who works 
andsells tin-ware 
Estaño, sm. tin, iron plates 
covered with tin ; pond 
Estaqnóro, sm. buck or docof 
a year oíd 

Estaquea, sf. a peg, beam of 
a velvet loom 

Estaquillador, sm. an awl to 
bore for |*egs 
Estaquillar, va. topeg 
Estar, vn. to t>e in a place, 
understand, l>c security,be 
of opinión. Rstoy en fus, I 
ain of opinión ; to be, 
undertake. Estar solare sí, 
to be tranquil, to cost. 
Rstar ¡>oró para partir , to 
be reaily to set out — Es- 
tá r^e, vr. to be detained 
Estarcido, sm. outline of a 

Estarcir, tu. tochalk the out- 
lines of n drawing 
Estarna, sf. kind of small 

Estatura, *f. a balance 
Estática, s . statics 
Estatua, sf. ue 
Estatoária, sj. staruary 
Estatuário, sm. statuary 
Estatuir, tu. toestahlish 
Estatura, sf. stature 
Estatutario, ria. a. belonging 
to a statute or law 
Estatúto, sm. statute, form of 


Estáy, sm. st^y, a rop« 

E'ste, sm. cast 

E'dte, K'sta, E'k to, p ron. derru 

En E'stas y en Est<5tras,o¿. in 
the mean while 
Esteba, sf. snake-weed 
Estcbár,t> put the cloth ¡ri- 
to the cauldron to dye it 
Estelldn, sm. stellion 
Estelionato, sm. stellionate 
Es telón, sm. toad-*. tone 
Extern enára», sf. pt. futtock 

Estipa, sf. rock -rose 
Estepár, im. place iilled with 

E>te|*t*rólcK, sm. pl. scupper- 
^ nails 

Estéra, sf. a mal 
E»terár, ra. to cover with 

Esten ár, ra. dnng 
Estercoladúia y Estercolami- 
ento, s. the act of ejecting 
excrcmcnts; the act ot 

Estercolar, ra. to dung ; ra. 

to void the éxcrcmenu 
Estercolero, sm. servant who 
drives the mui k cari, dung- 

Estercolíro, ra. a. stercora* 

Estercuelo, sm. stercuratlon 
E&tereografía, </• stereogTa- 

Estereométria, sf. stereometry 
Estereotipia, sf. the «rt of 
print ng in Ktcrcotype 
Estereotipar, ia. tostereotype 
Esterero, sm. mat maker 
Estóril, a. barren 
Esterilidádp sf slerility 
Ksterilizár, va. to sterilize 
Esterilla, sj. ferret lace 
Esterlín, sm. V. Rncací 
Ksterlino na. u. bterling 
Esternón, sm. breast-bone 
Estiro, *m. a lar ge lake ; 

niatting; a -malí creck 
Esterquéro, *m. V. R tercolert 
Esterqu linio, «m. dunghill 
Estertor, im. rattle in the 
throat of agoniring persona 
Esteva, sf. plough-handle; 
stowage ; rurved bar of 
wood on the bottom of 

E.«tevádo, da. a. bow-legged 
Estezádo, jwi. V. Correal 
Estiár, vn. lo stop 
Estihia, sJ'. luxation 
Estibio, sm. anlimony 

EST . 

Estiércol, rau dting, fiith 
Kstigto, gia. a. ttygian 
Estilar, cu. to use, draw up 
in writingaccording tothe 
usual style or practice 
Estilicídio, rat. stilllclde 
Estilo, tm. míe, style of a 
dial, form of |>roceedlng la 
suit* at law, use 
Estima, tí- esteem, dead 

Estimable, a. estimable 
Eatlmacidn, tf. instinct 
Ksthnadór, un. csteemer 
Kstlmár, va. to estímate, es- 
tren., judge, thank 
Estimativa, tf. power of judg- 
Ing, instinct 

Estimulóme, pa. stimulating 
Kstlmutár, ce. to sting, incite 
Estimulo, un. sting 
Batió, m. the hottest season 
of the year 

Kstiomenádo, da, a. mortified 
Estiomenár. va. to ccrrodv 
Estloméno, raí. mortittrailon 
Estipendiar, va. to give sti* 

Estipendiário, m. stipendiary 
Botipéndio, ni. stiiwnd 
Ksüpticór, va. to u»e or apply 
a styptlc 

Ettlpilddád, »/. stypticity, 

Estíptico, ca, a. styptic, cos- 

Estiptiquez, */. costivenes» 
Estipulación, tf. stipulation 
E.tljiulinte, pe. stimtlator 
Estipular, ca. to m ¡ píllate 
K'tíra, tf. kind of knife used 
by tanner* 

Estiradamente, ad. scarcely, 
vlolentiy, fbrcibly 
Estirado, da. a. extended 
Estirór, t>a. lo dilate, fit, ex* 
tend a dlscourse ; vr. to be 
stietcbed out 
Sstlrdn, tm. pulí 
Estirpe, tf. race, origin 
Estítico, ca. a. V. Ktlijdlco 
Estitiquez, tf. costi venes* 
Estiva, ti', ramraer, stownge 
KalndAi, tf. the barrclUng 
of herrín gs 

Estivadór, tm. packer of srool 
at shearing 
Estivól, a. estival 
Kstivír, va. to stosr, compréis 

Estocada, tf. a stab 
Kstocáfris, tm. stock-fish 
-drexsed srlth mustard 
Eatocór, va. V. Moquear 


Estdfa, tf- quüted stoflT 
Estofado, da. a. quilted 
Estofado, un. stewed mcat 
Extofaddr, tm. quilter 
Estofar, va. to quilt ; paint 
rellevoes on a gilt ¿round ; 
stew mcat 
Estdla, tf. stole 
Estol ¡déz, tf. stupidlty 
Estólido, da. a. stupid 
Estomacal, a. stomachic 
Estomagar, va. to disorder the 

Estómago, un. stomach ; val- 
our, resolutkm 
Estomaguero, raí. stomacher 
Estomatical, a. stomachic 
Estomaticón, tm. stomach 

Estópa, tf- tow, coarse clotl» 
made of tow, oakum 
Estopada, tf. quantity of tow 
íor spinning 

Estopéiio, ña. a. belonglng to 

Estojierói, un. short round- 
heaófd tarpawling nailt; 
match made of tow 
Ksto| dlla, tf. the tinest fila- 
mentuus substance of hemp 
or fia», iong-lawn 
Estopín, tm quick-match 
Esto, en, m. coarse tow 
Est»|>óso, ca. a. belonglng to 

Estóque, im. tuck, cora flag 
Estoquendór, tm. thruster 
Estoquear, va. to Utrust with 
a tuck 

Estoqueo, tm. act cf thrusting 
or stahbing 

Kstutdque, un, güín of the 

Estol badór, ra. i. hínderer 
Estorlrdr, va. tohinder 
Estórbo, un. hinderance 
Estornija, tf. an iron ring or 

Estornino, tm. starUng 
Estornudar, un. tosneeze 
Estomúdo, un. sterautation 
Estornutatdrio, tm. sternuta- 

Estovar, va. V. Ahogar 
Estoycísmo, ras. stoicUm 
Estóyco, ca. e. atoic; ras. 

Estracilla, tf. kind of fine 
biotting pa|ier 
Estráda, tf. causeway 
Estradlóta, tf. ancient modo 
of riding, kind of lance 
Estradidte, ta. a. reiating to 
ridurg with Umg itinrup* 



Estrado, raí. írawlng-room, 
embeiiishment» of a draw. 

Estrafalario, ria. a. siovenly 
Estragado, da. a. emaciated 
by criminal excesscs 
Estragaddr, ra. a. eorrupter . 
Estragamiento, tm. ravage 
Estragar, t u. to destroy, spoil, 

Estrago, raí. ravage, wickeck. 

ness, depravity 
Estragón, rai. mugwort 
Estrambmklád, tj. distortlon 
of the eyes 

Estrambótico, ca. a. strange 
Estramonio, tm. thorn-appie 
Estrangul, tm. inílammation 
in ahorse’s tonguc 
Estrangul, raí. mouth-plcce 
of tcñrd for a haut-boy 
Estra|Mintina, tf. kind of 

Estratagema, tf. stratagem 
Estratificar, ra. to stratify 
Estrellóte , raí. water soidier 
E„trd ve, m. kindof whcelat 
the siilp's head 
Estraza, tf. rag 
Kstrazór, ra. totear or break 
hito pieces 

Estrcchadúra, tf. act ofnar- 
rowing orstraitcning 
Estrechamente, ad, narrow* 

Estrechamiento, raí. tigiit* 


Estrechar, va. to tighten j er. 
to hlnd ones sclf strietty, 
lie intímate with 
Estrechez, tf- straitnes* 
Estrecho, na. stralt or fritb, 

Estrecho, cha. ir. narrow, 
tight. Al etttrcho, nccessu- 

, rlly 

Estrechón, rat. strait, pasa 
Estrechara, tf. narrowneKy' 
intímate famlliarity 
Estregadera, tf. bru»h 
Entregadero, tm. place where 
beasts are aecustomed to 
ruh theinselves ¡ place for* 
washjng clothes 
Estregadura, tf- frlction 
Estregamiento, rat. frt catión 
Estregór, en. to rub one thlng 
against'another, scratch 
Estrella, tf. star, asterisk 
Estrelladera, tm. kindof fry. 

ing.pnn for dresaing eggs 
Estrellido, da. a. stAnry 
Estreilár, a. stellated 
Estrellar, va. todash topieee» * 
M i 


eonfound. Eitredant eon 
uno, to C¿11 out with one 
Estrellara, tf. plain rigglng 
wirnout rnnners 
Entre 1 Uro, tm. star-garer 
Kstrel irir, va. to ctnbellish 
with ..tars 

Estrellón, im. Urge 
hall. KtíriUnnes, crow- 

Estiomecúr, va. to sltake, to 
work hard } vr. to shake fear 

Estremecimiento, im. trera» 

Estiéna ó Estriñas, tf. a new- 
year’s gift, handsel, treat 
on wearing a new suit of 

Estreñir, va. to commcnce ; 

vr. tobegin to put any tliing 
* in exectttton 
lístnírio, tm. commencement 
fjslrénque, m. rope matle of 
basa or sedge 

Estreñido, tía. a. dost bountl, 

Kstrefümidnto, tm. obstruc- 

Estreñir, «a. to blnd ; vr. to 
restrain one’s self 
Estrépito, tru nolse 
Estrepitólo, sa. a. nolsy 
Estriir, ve. to Ilute; vr. to 
be grooved 

Estría», tf. pt. fluting* 
Kstrlbadéro, tm. prop, stay 
K-tribár, t>n. to prop 
Estribara, tf. buitres» ; join 
er’s bench 

Kstribería, tf. place where 
stirrups are kept 
Estrllierdn, tm. prominences 
mide on earth nr -»ood by 
oros* hars, to serve as steps 
Estribillo, tm. beglnnlng of a 
•ong, lauto'.ogy 
Estribo, íir. buitres», stirrur, 
ítep on tito sitie of a cnach, 
staple fiied at the end oí a 
cross-bow. Btlrtbot, stir 
ntp» of a ship 
Kstribórd, tm. starboard 
Kstrlbordirloa, swt. people 
on the siarboard hand 
JCstrlcóte (Al), ai. wlthont 
rule or order 
Estrige, tf-night-binl 
Estrlnga, »f. v. Agujeta 
Ettropnjeir, va. to clean a 
wall with a dry brush 
Kstropalóo, tm. act of rubblng 
a wall 

Ketropékc tm. dishdout ; 

* I4t 


brtuih to clean cullnarj 

Kstronajóso, sa. a . raggcd 
Estropalína, sj\ refute of wool 
Eittropeamiénto, im. act of 

E¡>tropeár, rfl. to maim ; mix 
lime and sand 

E>troi>ecíllo, un. a sTíght 

K&tropéOf m. maim 
Estropczadúra, sf. V. Tro- 

Estropicio, tm. stumb’e 
E.'tnirtúra» sj. stiucture, 

EttruCndo, tm. clamour, con- 
fusión, pomp, fama 
Estruendoso, sa. a . noisy. 

Eitrufr, va. V. Destruir 
Estruxadúray tf. preaalng 
E truxam.énto, tm. compres*- 

Estruxir, ce. to pre«»; vr. to 
be hard pressed 
Estro xón, tm. the iast prcas 
ing of grapes 

Estuación, tf- d° w of Ut* 

E Mónte, o. very hot 
Kstuino, sin. a low gro-tnd 
Estucadór, m. a stucco-plas 

Estueir, ti»- to stucco or 
white-wash any thlng 
Estúclte, «>i«. acusóla or in- 
strument» oontained in a 
case; sntall comb. Estuche 
de I rey, surgeon to the king 
Eítúco, »m. stucco 
Estudiador, tm. student 
Estudiantazo, tm. he who is 
reputed a great acholar 
Estudiinte, tm. student, 
prompter to players 
Estudiantino, na- tt.belonging 
toa student 

Estutliár, va. to study, muse, 
draw aíler a model, or na- 

Estudio, tm. study, room 
where languages or Sciences 
are taught, liall where 
mudéis, and pian», are kept. 
Juez Ju ettuiHo, chance! lor 
of a unlversity ; pl. se lance» 
Estudidso, sa. a. studiou» 
Estufa, tf. a stove, bath, 
brasler for coais, stove 
wlierc pltch and tar are 
heated for use 

Estillar, eo. to warm any 


Estufüro, tm. he who malte* 

Estufilla, tf. muiT ; a small 

Estulticia, tf. folly 
Kstúlto, a. a. fotHish 
Estuosidad, tf. burning 
Estiló»), sa. «. very hot 
Estupefacción, tf. stupefac- 

Estu|icfact(vo, va. a. stupe 

„ f > h ’K . . 

Estupendo, da. a. stujiendous 
Estúpida/, tf. stupidity 
Estúpido, da. a. stup.d 
Estupdr, tm. »ta|nr 
Estupraddr, tm. ravisher 
Kstuprdr, va. to ravish 
Estupro, tm. ravishmcnt 
Estuque, tm. V. Eitucn 
Estuquista, tm. piasteier 
E-turár, to. to dry by the 
forcé of fire, to orerdo meat 
Esturgnr, ni. to polish deifs 

E-turidn, tm. sturgecn 
E'sula, tf. spurge 
Et cútcta, ai. and so on 
E'tcia, le, lo. eonj. sce 
E'ter, un. etheror a-tlter, the 
matter of the highest re- 
gions above 
Etéreo, rea. o. etherial 
Etetnál, o. eternal 
Eternldád, \f. eternity, dore 
tion, continuance 
Eternizár, r,t. to etereire, 
piolong for a lcngth o# 

Etéreo, na. a. etereal 
Kteromancía, tf. di vina tion 
tiv birds 

Etúlio, a. applied to wlnd 
whlrh begins to blow in 
April, and continué* to 

E'tlca, tf. ethics, moral* ; 
heciic fcver 

E'tico, ca. a. hectic ; ethical 
Etimología y E'timo, t. ety 
m. logy, origin 
Etimologista, tm. elymolo. 

ifisl ^ , 

Etimologizjír, va. lo ctymo.o- 

Etiópico, ce. a. Ethiopian 
Etiquúta. tf. etiquette 
Eliquetéro, ra. a. y t. rclaUng 
to etiquelte 
Elites, t!. eagle s-otte 
E'tnico, a. ethnic. V. Gentil 
EulttSIia, tf- < he * ct of ex ; 

prc-ssingonc a IboughU viCh 

Eucaristía, tf- eucharist 
Kucóloglo y Eucólogo, tm. 

Eufonía, ti. euphony 
Euforbio. tm. olücinal vpurge 
Kunóro, tm. eunuch 
Kuripu, m. strait o T the sea 
K'uro, na. tlie east wind 
Europa,, a. Kuropean 
Kutlqui áno, na. a. belnnging 
lo the f«i t of Kutyches 
Eutrapelia y Eutrojitlia, tf. 
nio-leratlon in josts. pas 

Eutrojieiico, ca. o. modérate 
Evacuár ( t vi. to evacúate* 
wcakcn, finlsh a buslne-ji 
Evacuativo, va. a. that which 
has the power o f evacu 
atlng . 

Evacuatorio, Ha. a. that 
which evacúales 
Evadir, ni. to evade 
Eranescér, oh. to vanlsh 
Evangélico, ca. o. evangélica! 
Evangelio, iwt. gospel 
Evangelista, m. evangeiiit 
Evangeli-.tério, tm. priest or 
deacon who chanta the 
bonks of the evangelista, 
gospel book-stand 
Evangcllíír, oa. to evangelice 
Evaporación, tf. evaporation 
Evaporár, on. to evapórate j 
tai. to evapórate: or. to 

Kvaporatório, u. having the 
_ power of evaporating 
Kvaporixór, va. a.yr. to era 

Evasión, tf. evasión 
Evita, tf. klnd of black wood 
resembling ebony 
Evinto, m. event 
Eventuil, a. eventual 
Eversión, <f, dcatruction 
Evicción, tf. evlction 
Evidencia, tf- evidente 
Evidenció**, oa. to prove ' 
Evidente, «. evUent 
Evllósa, tf. klnd of ebonj 
Evitable, a. aroi dable 
Ev tac ón, tf. evitatlon 
Evitódo, da. o. V. Sxeamul- 


Itór, tm. to a re id ; or. to 
free one’s ictf from vassal- 

Eviterno, na. «.durable 
Evocación, »f. evocaUon 
Evocir, ca. to cali out, fo- 

Evolución, tf. evolutlon 
Eiabrúpto, ad. sbruptly 

Exacción, tf. ezaetlon, im- 
post, tas, ex actuéis 
Exácerbór, ni. to irrítate 
Exiriitúd, tf- esaetnaa 
E cáelo, ta. a. ezact 
Exactor, in. tax-gatherer 
E.ágeradór, ra. t. exagger a 

Exágerór, oa. to exaggerate 
Exágerativo, cu. a. exaggera- 

Exagóno, na. a. hexagonal 
Exaltación, tf. exaltation 
Exultar, va. to exalt, pralsc; 

or. »o irrítate one’s seif 
Exáinen, m. examen, care 
and driigence exened in 
soarching out anv thing 
Exámetro, tm. hexaiu ter 
^ verse 

Exáminadór, tm. examiner 
Examinó odo, na. he wbo has 
to be eaaralned 
Examinónte, tm. he who ex- 

Eximinár, oa. to examine 
E singue, a. bloodiess 
Kiiíiljul 0 , la. a. ha ring si x 

Exi'nime, a. spiritteu 
Exárcádo, tm. exarchate or 
v ce rojaltj 
Exfc'rco, tm. exarch 
Exisperór, oa. to exexpe- 

Exáudíbi:, a. grateful 
Exáudirpu. to hear fa*orablj 
Excavór, oo. to excávate 
Excedón'e, a. exccssive 
Exceder, va. to exceed 
Excelencia^ 1 , excellcnce,»* 
eviten cj 

Excelente, a. excellent 
Excelentísimo, ma. a. nptrf. 

most exceitent 
Excelsitúd, tf. excelsltude 
Excelso, xa. a. ele valed 
Excentricidód, tf. deviaüon 
from the centre 
Excéntrico, ca. o. eccentric 
Excepción, tf. excepción 
Excejicionir, oa. to except 
Excepto, ad. except that 
Exceptuór, va. to excrpt 
aueóso, va. a. excewlve 
Exceso, tm. exccsx, intempe- 
ranee, transport 
ExciJlo, sin. destruction 
Exdsa, tf- excise 
Excitír, oa. to excite 
Excitativo, va. a. excitlng 
Exclsmór, oh. to exclaim 
Exclamativo, va. «. axclalm- 


Exclamatorio, ria. e. «xel*. 

Excluir, tu. to escinde 
Exclusión, tf. the act of shot- 
tii-g out, excepción 
Exclu-lva, tf- refuxal ot place 
Exclusivo, va. «. exclusive 
Excugitóble a. imaginable " 
Exrog Mr, in. lo excogitate 
Excomulgado, da. a. cxcoia 

Excnmtilgadór, sus. excota 

Excomulgar, oo. to exccna 
_ muuicate 

Excomunión, tf. excommu. 


Excoriación, tf- excoriation 
fixrrecóncia y Excrescencia, 
tf. excrescence 
Excreción,» . excretion 
Excrementó!, a. excremental 
Excrementicio, cía. a. excre- 

Bxcreraentár, tu. to pnrge 
Excremento, tm. excrement, 
par lides separmted froto 
planta by putrefaction 
Excrementóla», se. a. excre- 

Excretor, OH. to gject the ex- 

Excreto, ta. o. that which |e 

Excretorio, ria. a.excretory 
Excursión, tf. excursión 
Exetirso, set. digressioti 
Excdita y Excusación, tf. ex- 
cuse. Excutat. exemu- 

Excu vahar ÓJ i^m. basket wUh 
a cover or lid of osléis 
Exctisóhie, a. excusable 
Excusadamente, ad. nselessiy 
Excusódo, da. o. tu)>erf1uous, 
pre*. rved, exempted 
Bxcusadór, ra. t. one whe 
performs anmher's fuñe 
tions in hls stead. vicar 
Excusalí, tm. small aproo 
Exiusár, tu. to excuse, es 
emptfrum laxes, shun ; m 
to decline a reqaest 
E íc, tm. axis.axle tree, cen- 

ExAcróbie, a. execrable 
Exécradór, tm. exécrala 
E i íc esmerilo, tm. supere», 
tious imfutian of the sacre- 

Kxécróndo, da. a. execrable 
Exécrór, ca. to exécrate 
Execuclón, tf- exncutiun 
Executáblc, a. perfonnable 


Executadero, ri. a. that may 
be required 

Executante, p a. executor of 
any thing judicially 
Executár, na. to execute, 
oblige one «o pay what he 
0 * 0 , attack withfoul lan- 
guage or other iU usage 
Executtvo, va. a. executire 
Executór, «. an executor 
Executória, «/. warrant ofat- 
torney, letters patent of no- 
' billty, executorship 
Executoriir, va. to obtain a 
veril ¡ct in one’s farour, 
render evident the truth of 
• thing 
Ezecutdrio, ría. a. belonging 
to the apprehenslon of 

Exégótico, ca. a. exegetical 
parison, copy of a Work 
Exemplitr, a. exeinplary 
Kxemplár, va. to tran- 


Exháusto, ta. a. exhansted i 
E x he redacldn .t/ldlsinherison 
Exheredar, va. to disinherit 
Exhibición, tf. exhlbltion 
Exhibir, va. to exhibit 
Exhortador, ra. i. cxhorter 
Exhortil, va. to exbort 
Exhortatdrio, ría. a. exhorta- 

Exhurrár, tía. to disinter 
Exlciál, a. mortal, fatal 
Exíüo, m. ainull level spot, 
commonly intended for 
threshing com 
Exigencia, tf. exigen ce 
Exlgtble, a. capable of being 

Exigid ero, ra. a. that which 
may be demanded 
Exigir, va. to exact, desire 
Exlgüidád, tf- exiguity 
Exi'guo, gua. a. exiguous 
Eximición, tf. exemptlon 
Kxl'mio, mia. a. eximióos 
Eximir, va. to exempt 
Exinanición, tf. debility 

Exempllficacidn, tf- declara- Exlnanldo, da. a. debllitated 
Existencia, tf- exlstence 
Existente, ya. existing 
ExUtimir, va- to bold 
Existir, vn. to exist 
E'xlto, rm. dep&rture 
E'xftdo, im. Exodos 
Exónerdr, va. to exoneróte 
ExApiUtivo, va. a. deobatru- 

Ex6ráble, a. exorable 
EsArbitdncia, t/. exorbitance 
Exorbitante, a. exopbitant 
ExArdsmo, un. esorcisra 
ExArcEta, rm. exorciser 
ExArciriinte, p a. exorc ting 
Exorcizar, va. to exorcise 
Exordio, un. exordinm 
ExAinación, tf. exornation 
clcgaitcc of style 
ExAmár, va. to adorn 
ExArtacidn, tf- eihortatlon 
Ex6térico, ca. a. exoterlc 
Exótico, ca. a. exotic, odd 
Ex pal mido, da. a. vrorn out 
by ose 

Expansión, tf- expansión 
Expansivo, va. a. expansiva 
Expánso, tm. cxpanse, spaee 
between the superior sphere 
of the air and the empy 
rean or highest hearen 
Expatriár, va. to expatríate 
vr. to be exiled 
Expavcceric, vv. to alarm 
one's self 


Exemplificár, va. to exempll- 

Exémplo, tm. example, pat- 
tem. Por exempio, for in- 

ExAncidn, tf. exemptlon 
Exéntár, va. lo exempt ; vr. 

to except one's self 
Eximo, ta. a. exempt, clear 
Exénto, «tu. officer in the 
Spanish Ufe goards 
ExÁquiál. a. exequial 
Exéquias, tf. pl. excquies 
Kxéqutbte, a. attainable 
Exerctír, va. »o exercise 
Exercicio, «wi. exercise, em- 
ploymeot, military evolu- 

Exercitadór, ra. «. exerclier 
Exercltinle, tm. exerciser 
Exercitár, va. to exercise ; vr. 
to apply one’s «clf to the 
fbnctiont of an office 
Exercftatlvo, va a. that 
which may be exerciscd 
Exército, «m. Ofvnj 
Exórgo, tm. exergae 
Exfoliación, tf- exfoliation 
Exfoliár, va. to exfolíate ; vr. 

to lieco me exfoitated 
Exhalación, gf. é.-.halatlon 
Exhalador, ra. *. cxhaler 
Exhalar, va. to exhale ¡ vr, 
to beconxumedjbeexhaust- j 

ed by violent exercise of Expectible, a. illuxtrioux 
tu* body I Expectación, tf- expectation 

*' lil 


Expectativa, tf- right resnert- 
ingsome future thing, nope 
of obtaining a rewird 
Exjiectoráme, a. expecto- 

Expectorár, va. to expectó- 

Expedición, tf- expeditlon 
Expediclonéro, tm. he whs 
supermtends ex|ieditions 
Expedida, da. a. expedite 
Expediente, tm. affair of easy 
discussion, shirt, d spatcli, 
facility, title, preparador» 
Expediente, a. convenient 
Expedir, va. to expedite, di*. 
patch ; or. to retire frous 
the militarj professlon 
Expiifitlro, va. a. apt m ex» 

Expedito, ta. a. prompt 
Expeler, va. to ex peí 
Expeliente, pa. expellíng 
Exiiendedór, ra. *. sjientl- 
thrift, one who coun- 
terfeit money, receiver of 
stolen goods . 

Expender, to. to expend *■ 
Expensas, tf. pl- expense» 
Experiencia, tf- experiencia 
Experimentador, ra. «. expe» 
rimen ter 

Experimentó!, a. experi- 

Ex ver i mentir, txt. to expe- 

Experimento,»*, experiment 
Expérto, U. a. expert 
Expiación, tf- expfation 
Expiir va. to expíate 
Expiativo, va- a- that vhich 
ierre» for an expiatlon 
Expiatorio, rta. a. expiatory 
Explanación, tf- explanation 
Explanár, va. to Icvel 
ExpUjdr, va. to extend ; vr. 

to en Urge opon a subject 
Expletivo, va. a. expletiva 
Explicable, a. explicable 

E x pUcá.lamentc,acf.eipficltlj 

Explicaderas, tf- pl- manner 
in which any thing is ex- 

Expllcár, ra. toexplain ¡ vr. 
M explain or apc ik one’s 

Expticatlvo, va. a explicativo 
Explícito, ta. a. explicK 
Explorador, ra. *. explorator 
Explorár, va. to explore 
Exploratorio, un. probe 
Explosión, tf. explosión 
Expolición, tf. lHustraiion oi 
any son ten ce or saymg 




Exponénte, pa. y i. expositor . 
Kiimét, ni. to expone, ex- 
pound, la; opeo to danger 
Exposición, a. exposltion 
Espodtlvo, ra. a. explanatory 
Expósito, ta. a. exposed 
Expositor, im. expounder 
Expremljo, un. cheesevat 
Expcesir, va. to ex presa, deli- 
néate, sketch 

Expresión, </. expresslon, the 
aet of squeecing out the 
julce (rom succulent ftuit, 

Expresivo, va. o. expressive 
Expreso, xa. a. clear 
hxpréai, im. expresa, packet- 

Exprimidera, tf. a (malí 
presa used by apothecaries 
lo tqueexe out the julce of 

Exprimidero, »wt. a piexx 
Exprimido, da. a. dry 
t Exprimir, m. to xquceze, ex- 
prcas ' 

Exprnvinciál, m. exprovin- 

Expugnadór, m. he wbo 
takes by nsaault 
Kxpugnir, na. to conquer 
Expul-ír, va. to expci 
Expulsión, tf- expulsión 
Expulsivo, va. a. e.xpuKlve 
Expultriz, a that which ex- 
pela or ha> the powcr of 

Ex pungir, na. to expunge 
Expurgar, va. to cleanxe 
Etpurgatório, rm. Index of 
che bonk* prohlbited by the 
inqu isition ; a. expurgatory 
Exquisito, ta. a. exquisita 
K'xtad d E'xtasis, rm. enthu- 

Extático, ca. a. ecxtatlcal 
Ex temporil, a. extemporal 
Extemiioráneo, nea. o. xud- 

Extender, oa. to extend ¡ pr. 
to be extended, swell, com- 

Extendido, da. a. extensiva 


l'abardt, m. louxewort 
r Fábla, V. Filada 
Pubdt, set. a klnd of wind 

Fibrina, tj. Cabricatian, atruc- 


Extendimiento, rm. exten- 

Extenslbillddd, tf. extenaiU- 

Ktenslón, tf. extensión 
Extensivo, va u. exteruire 
Extenso, sa. a. extensiva 
Kxrenuír, ni. to extenúate 
Extenuativo, va-o. that which 
extenúa tes 
Ester dr, a. exterior 
Exteridr, tm. ouiward ap- 

Kxterioridid, rC mark.pomp 
Etterminadórpra. t. extermi- 

Extermtnir, ra. to banlsh, 
root out, u-ar up 
Exterminio, tvu expulsión 
Extérno, na. a. esternal, 

Extinción, tf. extlnction 
Extinguibíepi. cxllnguishabte 
Extinguir, va. to qaench, ,up- 
press, destroy 

Extinto, ta. pp. extinguished 
Extirpaddr, ttn. extirpntor 
Extirpír, va. to extírpate 
Extorsión, tf. extortion 
K'xtra, prep. out, without 
Extracción, tf ex|H>rtation j 
drawing nuinbers in the 

Extractado'r, tm. extracter 
Extiactir, rn. to extract 

Extractivo, va. a. extractive 
Estricto, rm. extract, sub 
staitce extractad 
Extrmctóx. tm. extracter 
Extraente, p o. extractlnr 
Extraer, ra. to extract, draw 
out the chief parta of a 

Kxtrajudiciil, a. extrajudicial 
Extrangeria, tf. the quallly 
of being a stranger ¡ the 
custoins of a foreigner 
Extrangero, ra. i. stranger 
Et trabamiento, tm. aliena- 

Extrahár, ra. to alienare, ad 
mire, censure ¡ vr. to re- 


ture, manufkctory, ■ 6in- 
taatlc idea; Parid di fa- 
brica, brkk-watl 
Fabrica ddr, ra. r. manufac- 


Extraflfxa v ExtraMx, tf- o- 
lien at ion ot altvcuon, un* 
gulanty, wonder 
Extrifio, ha. a. fnreign, rmr% 
extravagant, unwelcotne 
Extramdlnirio, ría. a. extra* 

Extraordinario, m. extraer* 

Extravagáncia, tf. extrava* 

Kxtravaginte, a. extravagant 
Extravasáis*, vr. to extravá- 

Extra venido da. a. furced out 
of the mui 

Extravenarse, vr. to let out 

of the veilis 

Extravidr,i,i. to mixtead ¡ it. 

to dcviate from rectitude 
Extravio in. deviación, ilro- 

Ex tremidas, tf- pt. the time 
of inaking cheeae 
Extremido, da. a. extreme, 
facettous, cheerful 
Extremir, va. to reduce to ifi 
extreme, finish, sepárate t 
vr. be punctual. persist oba- 
tinatcly in an enterprlse 
Extreinnuncidn, tf. unct on 
Extreméno, fia. a. belonglng 
or relating to Eitremauum 
Extrein dad, tf. extremity 
Extremo, mu. a. extreme, 

Extrémo, tm. extreme, the 
wlnter or summer of mi* 
grating ftocks 

Extremoso, sa. a. Extremo- 

Extrínseco, ca. a. extrinsie 
Kxturbár, ra. to expal 
Ei&beránrLa, tf. exuheraneu 
ExCilierinte, a. exuberant 
Exúbcrir, tm. to be exube- 
rated ; va. to exuberate 
Exfilrerár, ra. to ulcérate 
Exaltación, tf. exultation 
Exrdlo, tm. offerir» to Gil 
in consequen ce of a Tow 
E'xula, tf. spurge 


Fabriednte.nn.bnilder, raaig 
Pabririr, va. to bulld, mana* 
facture, contrive 
Fabril, a. belonglng to manu - 



Fabriquero, tm. manufaotu- 
rer, jiersoh rhargeri vrltli 
taking care al chuiclt 
huí lili ngs 

Fabóco y Fahúca, t. bcech- 
. inast 

Fabuéno, im. westerly wtnd 
Fábula, tf. rumour, liction, 
fable, laughirig.stock 
Fahulaclón, tf. conversation 
Fabulador, m. yiuthor oí fa- 

Faliulár, va. to fable 
Fabulista, tm. faliullst 
Fabuloso, sa- a. f.tbulous 
Fáca, tf. V. Haca 
Faccénda, rm. btisy-body 
Faccidii, tf. militury exploit, 
faction, |>eople of Ihe same 
tradc, táce ; Faceiuiir*, fea 

Facrionirio, ría. a. belonging 
to a pan y or faction 
Faccioso, sa. a. facticias 
Facccidso, sa. tu fatvtious 
Facedor, ra. i. V. Hacedor y 

Fac ría, if. communlty of 

Facíro, ra. a. relating to pas- 

Fices, lf. pl. V. MexiUat 
Faceto, ta. a. rnerry, witty 
Ficha, tf- face. V. Traza 
Ficha á Ficha, ad. face to 
face. En Ftlcha, backed 
Fachida, tf. fáyade, frontis- 
plece of a boolt 
Fachenda, a. asín 
Fachendeír, va. to'aflect hav- 
ing muclt important busi- 

Fachendista, a. y i. nne rain 
and ostentatlous 
Facliín, tm. a poner 
Facial, a. intuitivo 
Fieles, faces of crystals 
Fiel), a. fucile, uliant, easy of 
accesq frall . 

Facilidad, qf. facUity, incoe 

Facilitación, tf. ftriiity 
FacIHtir, va. lo facilítate 
Fácilmente, ad. eaaily 
Facinerdso d Facinordso, a. 

facinorous, wicked 
Faciatil, rm, choristei’s dcsk, 

Fioo, m. a pony 
Factible, o. inasible 
Facticio, cía. a. factltioui 
Factor, nn perforrner, factor 
Factorige, rm. factor ag» 
Factoría, tf. fartnry 


Factonrir, va. to establish 
commerce by factors 
Factura, tf. faetnre, involee 
Facrurir, ra. to note on mer- 
cliandlse the amount of the 
prime lint 

Fácula, zf. bright spot on the 
sun's <IUk 

F acullá. i, tf. faculty, forcé, 


Facultativo, va. a. belonging 
to some taculty or Science, 
enuiting |iower ; that may 
lie done or omitted at ptea- 

Facultií-o, sa. a. rlch 
FacinriLa, tf. eloquence 
Fdda, tf. a sinall apple ofthe 
pippin klnd 

Faena, tf. work fatigue, 
duty on board of shlps 
Faetón, írir. phaCton 
Fagina, tf. fascine, faggot 
Paqináda, tf. collection of 
fascines or faggots 
Fajo, am. V. Haz 
Falacia, tf. fallacy 
Falagir, tai. to soften 
F alagQiño, fia. a. lovely 
Falange, tf. phalanx 
Faiangia i Falangio, i. a ve- 
nomoua spider 
Falaríde, tf. canary grass 
Fálari* d Fáleris, t. kind of 
small duck 

Faláz y Falice, o. deceltful 
Falleba, na. llounce 
FáKa, tf. a small wedge of 
wood used by cafpenters 
Faicádn, da. a. liooked 
Falcar, na. to reap 
Falcarlo, trn. Román soldier 
armed «ith a falchlon 
Fálcas, rf pl. walst-boards 
Falcarár, taz. to whip a rope’s 
end with pack-thread or 

Filce, tf. slckle, fálebion 
F alelóla, tf. fomrth pan of an 

Falcón, na. anclen! piece of 

Falccnéle, rm. falconet 
Filda, <f. skltt, train, brow 
of a lilll, leaf of a hat, 
that pan of the beliy whlch 
coven the guts of animáis) 
Faldat, I>et ticoats 
Faldamento, na. fold, flap 
Faldir, na. tasaea 
Faldellín, »m. a short under- 
pettlcoat, an ornamental 
cover ing for be asta of bur- 


Pabldro, Ta. a. be’ongfng t» 
tile lap ; FcrriUo f atiero, 
lap dog 

Fallióte*, tf. pl. toaseis 
Falil irórto, ta. o. short sklrts 
Faldón, na. a leng tlowfng 
skirt, banal, a wom out 
miil-stone of a hnrse-iniU 
Faldriquera, tf. pocket 
Faldulirlo, tm. an oíd tatter 
ed garment of aromen 
Falencia, tf. vrant of sccurity 
Falib Ihlid, tf. fallibility 
Falible, a. fallible 
Pálidamente, ad. valnly 
Falimiento, un. deceptior» 
PaHr, va. to fail in the per- 
formalice of oue’s promioe 
Filia, tf. a deféct, a sort of 
light loose cover 
Falladór, ra. l. V. Hallador 
Fallir, ta. to trump; v. im- 
ptrt. to be dciicient, V. 

Falleba, tf. an irán instiu- 
ment for 
Fallecodór, ra. u, peri. hable 
Fallecer, on. to f.ill, die 
Fallecimiento, ras. fault, de- 
cease, death 
Fallido, da. a. deceived 
Filio, m. sentence 
Falsa- Amina, tf. prevenler- 

FaUida, tf. V. Catada 
Fabário, ría. a. falsifying, 
aecustomed to tell faW - 

Falsendir y Folsaddr, ras. 


Falseár, va. to fatsify, plcrre s 
Faitear la Uave, to coun- 
teriélt a key ; on. to black- 
en, not agree in tound, bol- 
lo» left in seats to make 
them easy 

Palsedid, tf. falsehood 
Falsete, m. falnt treble la 

Falsificaddr, ra. I. falsifier 
Falsificir, ra. to fáldfy 
Fálso, sa. o. false, untrue, 
viclous, producing nofmit, 
defectivej De falto, (álaely 
Fálta, tf. fault, delicieney in 
the vreight of coin, default ; 
Sin fulla, witliout fall 
Faltir, tm. to be deHcient, 
not to fulfil one’s promuc, 
neeA, todle 

Falcóla, tf. a slight fault 
Filto, ta. a. wantlng, misera- 
ble, mad 

Faltrero, ra. s, pickpocke» 


Faltriquera, tf- pocket 
Falúa y Falúca, tf> boat, 

Fáma, tf. report, fame 
Famélico, ca. a. hungry 
Familia, tf. fámlly, reí Igloos 
order, numher of servantr. 
Famlbár, a. familiar, well 
known, agreeable 
Familiar, na. xcrvant, offlcer 
of the inquisition, college- 
scrrant, demon, intímate 

amiliarcítn, nn. servant- 
boy, one who afte<£* great 

Familiaridad, tf. familiar! ty, 

Familiarizar, va. to familiar - 
i»e ¡ vr. to become familiar 
Fimis, tf* a kind of gold 
cloth or brocude 
Famdso, a. famous, noted 
Famulato y Famulicio, tm. 

Fámulo, mu senrant of a 

Fanál, tm. poop-lantern of a 
cotnmodore'i ahip, lantem 
of crysial 

Fanático, ca. a. fanatic 
Fanatismo, tm. fanatlciam 
Fandángo, mu a liveiy Spa- 
ni sil dance 

Fandanguéro, mu fandango- 

Fanega, tf. measure of grain 
of about a lumdred weight, 
eatent of lllled grounil 
Fan egida, tf. extern of ara- 
ble land 

Fanfarreir, vn. to bully 
Fanfarria, tf- empty arro- 
rance of a bragger or 

Fanfarrón, tm. a bully 
Fanfarrón, na. a. boasting 
Fanfarronáda, tf. boast 
Fanfarronáxo, xa. ti. great 

FanfarTonedr, rn. to bully 
Fanbtrronerla,tf. fanfaronade 
Fanfarronesca, tf. manner of 
a fanfaton 

Fanfurriña, tf- paaaion or 
Fangar, na, mire, ffen 
Fango, na. oory bottom of 
the sea 

Fino, »»n. temple 
F an taseár, ca. to fancy 
Fantasía, tf. fancy, fictlon, 
presu mption 

Fantasioso, sa. a. fintas tic I 


Fan tiima, tf. phantom; tm. 

a valn prcsumptuous man 
Fanta.mdn, tm. a presurap- 
tuous coxcomb 
Fantasmondzo, tm. a hnge 

Fantasticár, vn. V. Fanlatear 
Fantástico, ca. a. fantastic 
Faquín, m. jiorter 
Fdra, tf. a kind of serpent 
Farachar, va. to beat or clean 

Farallón, «i. small pointed ln the sea 
Faramarálla, tf. impositlon, 
tale calculated to excite 
wrangting, praltliñg; tm. 

Faramallcár, vn. to tattle 
Faramallero y Faramallón, 
«ni. tattler 

Farándula, tf- profession of 
a low comedian, a low 
mean trade, stratagem 
Farandulero, «m. actor, idle 

Farandúllco, ca. a. relating to 
a low comedian 
Faraón, nn. game at canls 
Faráute, tm. messenger j in- 
terpretert principal ma- 
nager; a meddling feiiosr 
Faic nadór, tm. one who 
ktutfs any thing 
Fárdi, tf. duty, tax 
Fordáge, tm. equipage 
Fardár, va. to furnish or 
«upply with clothes 
Pardél, tm. bag, kntpsack 
Fartlelería. tf. baggagc 
Pardillo, tm. a small bundle 
Fardo, nn. hale of goods 
Farellón, tm. cape, rock 
Fárcs, tm. pt. church serrice 
«ung in the holy week 
Farfala, tf. flounce 
Fartalló-o, sa. a. stammering 
Farfante y Farfantón, tm. a 
boastmg, bragging babbler 
Farfantonada y Farfantonería, 
tf. idle boast 

Fárfara, tf. membrane which 
cover* the «hite of an egg 
Farfulla, tm. a stammering 
talkative perdón 
Farfullador, tm. xtamir.erer 
Farfullár, i-o. to talle quick 
and stammeringly 
Farináceo, ea. a. fartnaceons 
Fannétax, tf. pl. frittnrs made 
ot flour, honey, and «ates 
Faringe, m, guUet 
Farisaísmo, mu the uct ol 


Farlsay'co, ca. a. PharUaical 
Farisóo, nn. 
Farntácia, tf- pharmacy 
Fármaco, tm. V. Midi co- 

Farmacopea, tf. pharmaese 

Farmacópola, tm. apothecary 
Fáro, nn. a light-house 
Fanl!, «os. lanu-rn 
Farolero, tm one who makc* 
lanteins, lampligbter 
Farolillo, to. co. tm. Indian 

Farón, tm. lantern 
Farotona, tf- a tall slovenly 

Farpado, da. a. scolloped 
Fárpas, tf. ff- notche» 

Fárra, tf. klnrl ol Hsh 
Fárrago, mi. fárrago 
Farraguista, tm. one wh# 
disorders thing* 

Fárro, tm. peelrd barley, a 
suri of wheat 

Fárxa, tf- far ce, company of 

Fartállco, ca. a. belonging 
to Fhar salía 

Farsánte, la. «. low comía 
actor, or actress 
Fsr-Óio, tm. nuilled jacket 
Fartár, va. V. Hurtar 
Fárte y Fartál, nn. fruit-tart 
or pie 

Fartriquéra, tf. jiocket 
Fas (ror) ó por Nefas, ad. 

justly or unjustly 
Fascál, «rn. shock 
F óseas, ad. V. Hatta and 

Fisco», tf. pl. fasces 
Fascinación, tf. impositlon 
Fascinadór, ra. ¿. fascinater 
Fascinóme, pa. fascinater 
Fascinár, ••«. to fascínate 
Fásoles, «m. pl. Frenchbenn* 
Fasquía, tf- ledge of boards 
four or fie* incites wide 
and one inch thick 
Fasquiár, va. to loathe 
Fástay Fáta ¡prep.V. Hatla 
Fastiál, tm. pyramld placed 
on the top of an «I luce 
Fastidiar, va. lo loathe 
Fastidio, tm. squeainiüiness, 
distaste, di-gust 
Fastidiólo, sa. a. fastidious 
Fastigio, tm. pinnacle, tirón- 
tispiece of a builiUng 
Fino, i m. haughtmest, splcn 
dour ; Fattnt, fe as ti 
Fastóso y Fastuóso, sa. a. 



Futí!, o. fatal, unfortanat» 
J'utaliddd, 4/. fatality 

) 'atal i v i -10 im. UUlium 

Fatalista, tm. futahsl 
Fatid .CO, ca. a. futí di cal 
Tatí^a y Fatigación, tf. toil, 

% auguish, grief 
Fatigador, ra. t. molester 
Fatigar, ni. to fatigue, lay 
waste l» v wadike incursión. 
vr. to Ih* in a hurrjr 
Fatigoso, »a. a. t tremóme 
Fatür, tm. pcrformcr 
Faturfa, tj. fcctory 
Fatua, »j : a úlly hypocritical 

Fatui dd, tf. fatuity , a s tupid 
% upeech 

Káiuo, tu a. a. fatuoui 
Fatúra, tf. invoice 
Fáuces, tj'. pl. fauces 
Fáufau, tm. ktatelineu of de 

Fausto, ta. a. happy 
Fausto, tm. spleudour 
Faustoso, sa. ti. fastuous 
Fautdr. ra. t. fautor 
Fautona, tf. aid, favour 
Fávo, tm, cake of ycllow wax 
Favonio, tm. we&tcrly wind 
Favor, tm. favour, honour, 
corapliment; A f J'avór, by 
favour of 

Favorable, a. favourable 
Favorecedor, ra. t. fautor 
Favorecer, va. to favour, 
grant favouni; vr. toenyuy 

Favorito, ta. a. favourcd 
Plisa, y. barvUge, burder 
Faxaiiúnt, tf. patcbed cluthes 
rolled round a robe to pre- 
serve it 

Fáxas, tf. jil. ítutr-rolleri a- 
round the lcg», giróles 
Faxar, va. to swathe 
Faxdrdo, tm. kmd of ineat 

r^xeácio, da. a. that which 
has ghdles 

Fax ero. tm. a knítted svrad- 
dling band for children 
Fito, tm. bundle; Fdxot, 
swad iling cluthes 
FaxuHa, tf. sinall bandage 
or ruiler 

Fayádo, tm. a small garrct or 
luinber rooin 

Fayánca, tf. positlon of the 

Payan o, tm. a flat baskct 
inade of osicr 
Fá)*a, tf. band j V. Fura 
Fay bán, na. t. pheatant 


FEM , 

, Faysár, va. to bind with a 
rol ler 

Fáz, tf. face, front 
Faxáfta, tf. V. Hazaña 
Fazoléto, tm. handkerchief 
Fé, tf'. faith, conlidence, pro- 
mue given, asseveratiou, 
certifícale» honour ; Dar 
Je , to attest ; F.n fe, con- 
sequen tly 

Fe (A') ad. in truth 
Fealdad» tf. uglmess 
Féamcnte, ad. in an ugly 

Feázo, xa. a. very ugly or de 
Féble, «i. vreak 

Feble, tm. frailty, ligbt mo- 
ney or coin 
FeWedád, tf. débil i ty 
Febo, tm. Plucbus 
Febrera, ej. V. Cacera 
Febrero, tm. Fcbruary 
Febrifúgo, g i. a. febrifuge 
Febril, u. tebrile 
Fecdl, a feculent 
Fecha, tf. date of a lettcr or 
other writing ; Larga Jecha, 
oíd date 

Fechár» va. to shut up, date 
Fócho, tm. action ; Fecho de 
azocar , che>t of sugar 
Fechoría ó Fechuría, tf. ac- 
tion, fact 

Fechúra, tf. structure 
Feculento, ta. a. feculent 
Fecundár, va. tofcxtilize 
Fecundidad, tf. fccundity 
Fecundizar, va. to fecúndate 
Fecúndo, da. a • fecund 
Feiieratlvo, va. a. federativo 
Fot* ¿a, tf. ugünesfc 
Felandrio, tm. water-hein- 

Felibóte, tm. fíy boat 
F elicidád, tj. felicity 
Felicitar, va. to make happy, 

Felicitación, tf. congratula 

Feligrés» t. pari&hioner 
Feligresía, tf. diatnct of a 

Feliz, a. lihppy 

Kelódri*, tf. evergrcen-oak 

Felonía, tf. tieacnery 

Felpa, tf. plush 

Felpádo, da. y Felpúdo, da. 

«. V f . AJ Upa do 
Felpilla, tf. corded silk fbr 
Femenil, a. feminlne 
Femenino, na. a. feminlne 
Funentídoj a. faise; #• Uar 


Femíneo, nea. a. femlnin. 
Fendiéntc, tm. gash 
Fenecer, en. to termínate, 
degencrate, dic; va. to £i- 

Fenecimiénto, tm. cióse 
Kencdál, tm. haj-lott 
Fenlgeno, na. a. having the 
natuie of hay 
Fénix, im. Fhóenix 
Fenómeno, tm. phucnnmenoa 
Féo, ea. a. ugly, immodcst 
Feracidid, 4/. téracity 
Ferál, a. gloomy, sad 
Feráz, a. tértile, abur.dant 
Féretro, «m. bicr, cotttn 
Férla, tj'- any day of tlve 
vreeV, evceptinc Saturday 
and hunday ; a tair, re>t 
Feríál, a. bclongmg to fain, 
relating to the da>« of the 

Feriante, tm. one who trades 
at fain 

Feridr, va. to sell, gire fair- 

Ferino, va. a. vild, sarag. 
Ferifn, tm. an ancient coin 
Ferlingótos, m. j>l. k.nd at 
parir so called 

Fermentar, to. & un. to fer- 

Fermentativo, va. a. fermen* 

Ferménto, »m. fcnnent 
Femandína, 4 f. kindof Unen 
Ferocidad y Fcrocia, t]'. fe- 

Feróz, a. ferociou. 

Férra, tj'. V. Farra 
Ferráda, tf. iron club 
Ferrar, va. to gamish with 
points of iron 
Férreo, rea. a. férreo its 
Ferrerla, tf. iron-work 
Ferreruelo, tm. a long cloak 
with a collar 

Ferréte, ttn. bumt ropjter or 
brea used to colour or statn 
gla.v,, tnurking iron 
Ferreteado, da. a. gamished 
Ferreteár, t <u. to bind 
Ferrlticarse, t.-r. to be coo- 
verted into iron 
Férro, tm. anchor 
Férron, tm. iron-manufao* 
turer, iron-rnonger 
Fcrrugtneo, nea. a. ferrugi- 

Ferrugiénto, ta. a. bclonging 
to or containing iron 
Ferruginóso, h. a. irony 
Fértil, a. fertile 
F'crtilaUd, tf. fertility, plenty 


Fcrtlllrir, va. to fertlllse 
Férula, tf. férula 
FeruMeoo, ea. a. like a férula 
Férvido, a. fervld, ardeut 
Ferriénte, a. fervent 
Fervór, tm. tervour 
FervorclUo, tm. a slight fer- 

Fervorizar, va. to heat 
Fervoróso, va. a. fervcnt 
Fevtejaddr, ra. t. feuster 
e.iejdr y Festeár, tu. to en- 
tenain, court 

es tejo y Feudo, tm. a civil 
or polUe etpretslon of jojr 
for the happines* of ano- 
ther } courtship 
Fustero. tm. director of church 

Fe.tln, tm. fcast 
Festinación, tf. féstination 
Festividad, tf. fésttvity, so- 
lesnn mannerufcelebrating 
some event 

Festivo, va. o. festive, festi- 
val ; Diafrttivo, holiday 
Festón , na. garlaud 
Fétido, da. a. fetid 
Féto, i m. fa;tus 
Feudal, a. feudal 
FeuriaLidid, tf. quallty of a 
fief or feudal estáte 
Peuddr, m. V. Eifudar 
Feudatárlo, m. fcudutory 
Feudlsta, tm. author who has 
written on ices by vrhlch 
lauda are held of a superior 

Fétido, tm. fief or fee, tribute 
paid to a feudal lord 
Pitido na. bail 
Fiador, ra. t. one who trust» 
auother, surety, kind of 
linall lace, in.trument with 
vrhJch anj thlng ls made 

Flambrtír, ca. to fry meut, 
and leave lt to cool fur 
. eating 

Fiimbre, un. dressed raeat 
wrt to tool} a. of a long 

Tambréra, tf. coid meat, 
foolLsh tpeech 

Fiambréro, tm. one who take» 
cara of the lardcr 
Fiinza, tf. caution, rever- 
sión, bond 

Fitir, t*r. to hall, trust ; en. 
to confide 

Fíat, tm. consen t, brief order 
of a Judge or magistral* 
Fibra, tf. tlbre 
Filtróse, ti. a. fibrous 


Fíbula, tf. buckle 
Ficción, tf. tivtiun, falseliood, 
grlmacr, sttatagcm 
Fice, tm. whiting 
Ficha, tf. small piece of Ivory 
for inounting a cañe 
Ficticio, -da. t. fictitlous 
Ficto, ta. a. feigned, vain 
Fidedigno, gna. a. worthy of 

Fldelconilsirio.rm. trastee 
Fideicomiso, tm. trust 
Fidel ¡dád, tf. fideUty . 

Fideos, tm. pl. paste eom- 
posed like vennicelll 
Fiebre, tf. fevcr 
Piel, a. faithful, trae 
Flól, tm. clerk of the market, 
needle of a balance, pivot 
of a iteelvard, pin whlch 
keeps the two blades of 
sciison together 
Klelírgo, tm. the office of 

Fieldád, tf. place and am- 
pio; ment of the inspector 
of weights and meusures, 

Fleltrir, va. to felt, itulF a 
saddle wlth short hahr 
Fieltro, tm. felt, siutout 
Fiemo, tm. dung, manure 
Fióra, tf. a wild lieast 
Fierabrás, tm. bully 
Fleréza, tf. fierceness, dcfor- 
mity, ugliness 

Flóro, ra. a. fierce, ugly, huge 
Fieros, tm. pl. fierce threats 
and bravadoes 
Fiírro, tm. irán 
Fiesta, tf. fcast ; Flota doble, 
a double fcast In the 
church ¡ pl. holiday» ; Fi 
rstiu rtalct, royal festival! 
Flgmónto, tm. any thing 
made of potter*» clay 
Figo, tm. fig 
Figón, tm. eating-house 
Figonera tm. one who keepa 
an eating-house 
Flguéra, tf. Hg-trce 
Figuerál, tm. plautatlon of 
Hg- treta 

Figulino, na. a. made of pot- 
terV clay 

Flgúra, tf. figure, face, sta- 
tu* ¡ Figura de proa, head 
of a shlp ; t. rom. person 
of a ridiculous appearance ; 
tf. pl. characters rcpresrnt- 
ed on the stage, musical 

Figurable, a. that whlch may 
be figurad 


I figurilla, tf- an antlc postura 
Figurádo, da. a. figurativo 
Figurtil, a. bclongmg to ti» 
gu res 

Flguránza, tf. rcsemb|ance 
Figurar, tu. to figure, adora 
with figures ; or. to con* 

Figurativo, va. a. figurativa 
Figurería, tf. V. Murta 
Figurero, tm. mlmic 
Figurón, tm. a huge figure 
of a ridiculous appearance 
FU, tm. needle of a balance, 

Fila, tf. a long row of per- 
sona or things, a Une uf 

Fllaciga, tf. rope-;arn 
Filacterla, tf. phylactery 
Piladiér, tm. a small Ixsat 
u»ed on the river t.aronue 
Filadla ó Filaro,t. fenret-sitk, 

Filaménto, tm. filament 
Filara lónto, tm. spinnlng purt 
of a manufactory 
Fllán drías, tf. pl. worms brtd 
in the Intestinos of birtU 
FUanlrópla, tf- philanihropy 
Filar, o. thieadan 
Fil aróte, tm. nettlng 
Filis! lea, tf. rope-yam 
Filatería, tf. verbodty 
Filatero, tm. a verbo.e speaker 
Fliáucla, tf- se f lore 
Filderretór, tm. sort of super* 
fine camblet 

Filell, tm. a very thln woollen 

Fileno, na. a. dellcate 
Filéra, tf. row, Une 
Filóte, tm. llera, a small spit 
for rnasüng, welt of a »boe 
FUeteir, va. to adora with 

Filetdn, tm. kind of em- 

Filiación, tf. fillatlon, ralo* 
tlon of a community to a 
superior lord 
Fttiál, a. filial 

Filiár, va. to prore one*s de- 
seen t J tu. to enrol a sol- 

Flllbóte, tm. fly-boet 
Filicida, tm. murderer of 
one's o-vn son 
Filigrana, tf. fillgreo 
Fililí, tm. fineness 
Filipichín, tm. kind of ttamp 
eil woollen clotti 
Filis, tf- grave, gewgaw maika 
of clay 




flllatóo, tea. a. p'.fnintic 
Filo, »m. thread, equIpoUe, 
eilge of a sword¡ ítfc ru- 
hiño, wire cdge 
Piiodiixó, <n. ivrson wcddrd 
to hls own opinión 
Filología y Filológica, tf. 

R> {¿logo. tm. phPoioger 
Fiiomóna, tf. nlglitingale 
Kilonfo, 'm. kind of opiate 
Ftlosóda, tf. ailk and worsted 

P.toaofadór, ra.«. philosopher 
FilosoCít, tu. to philosophise, 
play the philosophcr 
Filosofastro, *m. a pretended 

Filusotía, *!'. philosophy 
riloxitiro. ca Filósofo» a . 

Ftló-ofo, tm. philosopher 
FilotímU, «/‘. a modérate de- 
NÚre of honour 
Filtrar, va. to tílter 
Filtro, itr . filter, philter 
Fimbria, nf. ed^e or lower 
i>art oí any garinent do'ib- 
led ¡a 

Fimo, <m. human excrement 
Fin *»/». enü ; Aljin , at last 
Fioádo, da. a. doad ; *• per- 
son demi 
Fin4l, a. final 
Finál, tm. end 

Fin btár, i-u. to finish; m. 

to be f»ni>hed 
Finamente, ad. flnely 
Pin imidnta. im. death 
Finir, un. to die^ vr. to long 

Finca, tf. security 
Fincábie, a. exl&ting 
Finrár w. y a. V. Quedar y 

Finéza, \f. ftneness, exnres- 
fion of friendship or ¡ove, 
dehcacy, fñendly zeal 
Fingido, da. o. feigned 
Flnj»i(l>»r, im. disseinbler 
Fingí micénto, im. simulation 
Finufr, va. lo felgn, faney 
Finíble. a. capable of being 
fml hed 

Finiquito, im. cióse of an ac- 
count, final receipt 
Finítimo, nía* a. Uorderíng 
Finito, ta. a. fmite 
Fino, na. fine, delicate» ex. 

cellcnt, afFecilonate, acate 
finta, tf t tx paid to govern- 

Fipúra, * f. fin en esa 
Fio, tm. son ; V. ¿lijo % 


Fique, am. a filaceoua sub- 
ufanee, reserablmg hemp 
Firma, tf. sign-manual, col- 
lar of a shirt 

Firmainénto, un, linnament, 
rop, support 
F rmántc, pj. supporter 
Firmiir, o a. to sign, aiGrm¡ 
or. to styie one’s self 
Firme. u. firm 

Pirmóaa, tf. Hrinnets ; gold 
or silver clasp 
FUcál, tm. altorney -general 
Piscái, <r, belonging to the 

Fiscalía, tf. otlice and busi- 
noe, of a fiscal, tf. .late of tlie 

Fiscalirár y Fiscaleár, t a. to 
accuse of a criminal oiTenre 
Fisco, tm. fia:, tisoal 
Fisetér, <in. the nniall blunt- 
headed olíale 

Fisga, tf. harpoon with three 
hooks for catrhing 
Fisgador, ra. t. harjtooner 
Fisgar, 0,1. to mock ; Aah 
with a harpoon 
Fisgón, na. «m. y J. punster 
Física, ti', physics 
Físico, ca. u. physlcal j na- 

Fideo, tm- naturalUt 
Flsil, a. brittle 
Fisonomía, tf. physlognomy 
Fisonóinico, ca. a. ph/siog- 

Fisonomista y Fisónomo, tm. 

Ffatigo, tm. fistic-nut 
Fistol, tm. a crafty cunning 

Fistola, tf. fístula, a sinuous 
uloer oallou. wlthin 
Fístula, tf. pipe or rondult 
through which water runa 
FLstuliWi, sa. a. fistulous 
Fisura, tf. fissure 
Filete, m. a sort of cale 
Fito, »tn. V. Hito ií Mojoa 
Fita, tf. kind of hinge 
Fixación, tf. flxation; the 
act of posting bilis, fitc. 
Ffxamente, ai. UrmJy, ln- 
lensely, attcntlvely 
Flxór, va. to fi x, cstablish. 
As volatile xplrllx or salts ; 
or. to fía or settle itself in 
a place 

Pixónes, tm. pl. cheek. of a 

Fiióxa, tf- ti rm neta 
Fizo, xa. a. fued 


Fideo, ra. o. iank : dejected | 
frail ; Hactr un Jluco trr- 
eirio, to do or serve an 1 U 

Flacilra, tf. meagrenesa 
Flagelante, tm. Ilagellant 
Flagelo, «m. la-h 
Flagtclo, tm. Ilagitiousnaaa 
Flagicióso, aa. u. flagitioua 
Flagrante, pn. fl.igrant 
Flagrór, km. to bum 
Flama, tf. llame 
Flamónle, a. tlaming; qul« 

Flaineár, en. to shiver 
Flamenquilla, tf. dish of a 
mlddling site 

FUinoo, «ta. a kind of yellovr 

Flámula, tf. awcet-scented 
vlrgln’s bowcr 
Flanco, tm. flank of an army 
side of a shiu 
Plañóla, tf. flannel 
Flanqueár, ca. to flank 
Flaón, tm. custard ; piere of 
gold or ailver ready to b« 

Flaquear, en. to flag; grow 
spiritieii«¡ alacien in the 

Flaquecór, tm. V. Enjlayucttr 
Flaquéaa, tf.leaixness ; weak- 
ness ; lmportunity 
Flásco, tm. tlask 
Fláto, tm. blast of wind , 

Flatoso ó Flatuóto, sa. a. fla- 
tuous, wintly 

Flatulónto, ta. a. flatulent 
Flauta, tf. a Dutrh llight ¡ 
Ilute, pipe of an organ 
Flautá<lo, da. a. resembling « 
ti ule 

Flautádo, «m. stop In an organ 
Flautóro. tm. one who malea 
Ilutes, pl&yer on the Ilute 
Flautista, tm. player of the 

Flávo, va. o. of a fallow ce 
honey colour 
Flóbil, a. moumfbl 
Flebotomía, tf. phlebotomy 
Flebotomiáno, tm. one whoóe 
profession Is to bleed 
Flebotomixár, va. to bleed 
Flócha, « '. arrow ; any thing 
which stlngs 
Flechadór, tm. archer 
Flechaduras, tf. pf- ratllnga 
Flechar, h. to datt, wound 
or kill with a I»» and ar- 
row ; on. to have a bow 
drawn reiily to shoot 

T . 


Fie Mst», im. pl. raillngx 
Flechería, tf. body or party 
or «reherí and bowmen 
Flechóro, rm. archer 
Flóoo, tm. flock 
Flógmx. tf. phtegm 
Fiegmá-lco, ca.<i. phlegmatlc 
FlegniJn, tm. phleginon 
Fióma, t . phlegm, dullneu 
Flcm.Iti.-n. ca. a. phlcgraatic, 
dull, col:), slngglah 
Fióme, tf. Ileam 
Flemón, rwt. phlegm, phleg- 
mon, great róug'ishneaa 
Flemnan. mu a. pituitou» 

Ku*t ó !'Ie/, tm. hulthut 
Fletador, tm. freighter of a 

FleUmónto y FletamlÓnto, 
tm. fi-elghtment 
Fletór, 1*1. to freight ; folíate 
a looking rta-s 
Fléte, tm. freight 
Fleiíhitíilid, tf. flexibülty, 
Flexible, a. Ilerible, docile, 

Flexión, tf. flexión 
Fiéxo, tm. movement of the 
lipa in the pronuncUtion 
of wordi 

Flilníte, m. fly-boat 
Flin, rm. stone u»ed fbr edg- 
Ing and polishlng steel 
Klinflón, tm. a frexh-colourcd 
corpulent man 
Floca.lára, inge 
FIa|UciJo, da, a. frinied 
Fiór, tf. tlower ; the moxt 
excellent or valtiable part 
of any thing; raoat xupple 
part of minoráis ; virginl- 
ty ¡ grain ; trlck ; beautie* 
of pollte literatura; fiar 
de la harina, su|«rtine 
flour; Fiar de t nenio, di- 
reotion of a gale of wind ; 
Flor ti de mano, artificial 

Floróle,, a. pl floral 
Floafeb-ádo, da. o, adomed 
•I* Atraer -de- luce 
Flor» Ido, da. a. ilowerad, 
the flneat flour or meal 
Floreó r, va. to adora xrltb 
flower»; bolt.úft 
Florecór, en. to bloom, (Ion. 
rUb in an/ aget vr. to 

Floreeiénte, pa. flourlshlng 
Florentina, tf. a «iik ttuff 
Floréo, tm. a luxurlant re- 
(iundaney of uselea» wotd»; 
mn paper; idle par time 

Florón», nu flower pot, One 
who deala in artificial flow- 

Floreraóncia, tf. Inflorescence 
Floiéita, tf- fortat 
Floreatéro, tm. fbraxter 
Floróla, tf. border of Moroc- 
ro leather put on the edge 
of a gin ; a peculiar more* 
ment in dancing 
Florctáda, tf. aiap on tbe 

Floróte, raí. fotl 
Floróte, o. rery xrhite and 

Floratóar, es. to garniih wlth 

Florido, da. a. florld ; cholee ; 

Florífero, ra. o. floriíeroua 
Flurilógio, tm. florilegium 
Florín, tm. a florín 
FloriiHindio, tm. large Horren 
on cloth of a bad tarto 
Florista, rm. tiorirt 
Florón, tm. ornament reaem- 
bling a large flower 
Flota, tf. fleet of merchant 
■hipa which aail la com- 

Flotadora y Fióte, *. the act 
of itroking 

Flotarnlónto, tm. itrokbig 
Klotór. era. to float; m. to 
xtroke, rub gently 
Fió x ai neme, ni. «lowly 
Floxeór, va. to rlacken 
Fio tcdóJ, tf weaknM 
Floxél, tm. wool ahora flrom 
cloth by the shearer, down 
Floxóra, tf. weaknets 
Klóxo, xa. o. féeble, lazy 
Fluctuación, tf. uncertslnty 
Fluctuóme, |*i. (luctuating 
Kluctuór, na. to fluctuara, be 
in danger of being Io«t, 
bedtate, be in an uncertain 

Fluctuólo, «a. a. fluctuant 
Fluóco, rm. fringe 
Fluónte, pa. fluent 
Fluldóx, tf. ftuidity 
Fluido, d.n a. fluid 
Fluir, tm. to flow 
Flutlóra, tf. latten 
KIuyWI, a. fluriatle 
Flux, tm. fltuh 
Fluxlbilidád, tf- fluldlty 
Flexible, o. fluid, liquid 
Fluxión, tf- Huxlon 
Flúxo, tm. flux ; Flora dt 
palabra J , flow of wordi 
Foca, tf. tea-calf 
Foctno, tm kiadefgeadumd 

by keepen of clephanfi 
Póco,im. fbcut, tbrerail, flash 
of Hre-arrm 
Fófb, fa. a. ammgy 
Fogada, tf. fougiule 
Fogáge, tm. hearth-money 
Fogár, tm. V. Hogar 
Fogáta, tf. bla/e, heat ocex- 
aioned by the fume» ot 

Fogón, rm. hearth, vent of a 
gun, eaboose, gatley 
Fogonózo, rm. llame of the 
priming of a gun 
Fogoaidád, tf- exce» i re *¡«‘ 

Fogtiao, aa. a. fiery, lively 
Fogóte, rm. a Uve cual 
Fogueación, tf. enumerad»» 
of heartlis 

Fogueór, tw. «o fomont; lira 
or discharge a gun 
Foguóra, tf. V. Hagmra 
Foja. tf. leaf 
Folgínra, tf- V. Hnl;ttrtt 
Folgo, rm. a bag marte of akln 
to cover the ftet and lega 
when altting, readlng, or 

Foliatura, tf. rtate of being 
in leave» 

Foliir, m. to number the 
leaves of a book or writlne 
Folículo, rm. follicle or aeed- 
varal of planta 
Folljóne», rm. pl. Caatlllian 
dance to the guitar and 
Fóllo, rm. fallo 
Filia, tf- an irregular con* 
flict In a toumament ; 
medley of thinga 
FoUdcla», »ort of holioW 

Follidos, rm. pl. andent ktad 
of trowrara 

Follige, ras foliare, gaudy 
ornament of trltllng valué 
Foliir, ra. to blow with bel. 
low* ; form in leavea ; en 
to ditcharge wind without 

Po'ióro ó Folletóro, rm. ono 
who make> or telU beUuwa 
Follóla, tf. a wine ineasure 
Follólo, rm. a traall mano* 
acrlpt newxpaper 
Follón, na. <t. feeble, lazy 
Follón, rm. rogue; rocket 
which dlschargea without 
nolae ; branch aprlnginr 
froin the root or truok or 
a trae ; breaking «lod 
Without noise 


Follonería, tf. idleness 
Fomentador, <m. fumenter 
Fomentir, va. lo fomcnt 
Fomento, ;m. fbmcntatlon, 
fuel, patronage 
FJmes, *m. incentive 
F límite, tm. motive 
Fdnas, //. pl. pieces «ew« to 
a cloak 

Fónda. tf- Inn, tavem 
ondáble, o. that may be 
tounded wltli a plummet 
ondído, da. a. applicd to 
pipes or barréis 
ondeadéro, sm. ancliorlng 

Fondear, va. to sound, seareh 
a thip, esamine closely ¡ 
bring up any tnlng ftom 
the bottom of water 
Fondillón,<m.the dregs at thc 
bottom of a cask of liquor 
Fondírse, vr. Hundirtt 
Fondista, «m. victualler 
Póndo, tm. bottom of any 
hollow vessel, bottom of 
ti se sea ; plain or cot vel- 
vet; any thing principal; 
Dar lando, to cast anchor ; 
A' fondo, perfectly 
Fondón, ixu ground of sUk 

Fondúra, tf. V. Hondura 
Túngc, a. bland, soft 
Fonii, tm. funnirl 
Fonsadéra, tf. ancient lar 


Faruádo, va. V. Fontadcre, 
work of a fi»ss 
Fontil, <t. main, chief 
Fontana!, int. source of wa- 
ter, place abounding in 
Kprings ; a. belonging to a 

Fontánche, tm. omament 
worn in the front of tiie 

Forámen, m. hole in the 
under stono of a mili 
Foráneo, nea. a. foreign 
F orino, na. a. exterior 
Forasterla, tf. place for stran- 

Forastero, ra. a. strange, 

Forastéro, tm. stranger 
Fiírca, tf. fbrk 
Forcadór, tm. silrersmlth 
Forcejar, rn. to endeavour 
Forcejo, m. act of forcing 
Forcejón, rn. stniggle 
Forcejado, da. a. »trong 
Forchina, tj. warllke instrn- 
ment in the shape of a 

Fdrcia, tf. V. Farrea 
For ciña, tf trldent 
Ford me, a. belonging to the 

Fotdro, ra. a. comformable to 

Fórfulas, tf. p l. scurf 
Forínseco, ca. a. abroad 
Forja, tf. forge, forging; 

Forjado, «n. piece of gold 
or silver beaten into a leal 
Forjaddr, im, smlth 
Forjad tira, tf. the act ofbcat 
ing any metal luto forro; 

I Forjár, va. to forge, counter- 

j felt 

Forlón, tm. kind of chalne 
with four seau 
Forma, tf. iornt, belng, me- 
thod ¡ host to be cense 
crated by a priest. forma 
para lot quetot, cheese-vat. 
De forma que, in such a 
manner that 

Formíble, j . that whlch may 
be fonned 

Fontanería, tf- the art ofj Formación, tf. formation ; 

making weils, and con- 
ducting water through 
pipes ; pll>es 

Fontanero, tm- well-maker 
Fontaníl, a. fontalls 
Fon tino, na. o- belonging te 

Fontanóso, sa. o. containing 

Fónte, tf. V. Fuente 
Fdque, tm. Hb 
For adir y Foraeir, na. V. 

Foragído, da. a. robbing in 
foresta and woods 
Fprál, o. belonging to courts 
of justice 


twlsted cord of silk, gold, 
ailver, Seo. 

Formaddr, ra. «• ene that 

Formad óra, tf- form 
Formáge, tm. checse-vat 
Formal, a. regular, proper, 
scrious, grave 

Formalidad,*/. formallty, ex- 
actness, cereraony, gravity 
Formalizar, va. tnformallxe; 

vr. to grow formal 
Fotrnir, va. to forro, draw 
up troops ¡ m, to adjust 
the cslges of embroidery 

Foimativo, va. a. fbrmatire 


Formatriz, a. form ing 
Formejír, va. to arranga 
every thfitp in due order 
on board ofshlps 
Formeros, tm. pl. side arche» 
of a vault 

Formicante, a. applied to a 
low, frequent pulse 
Formidable, a. formidable 
FormidoMso, sa. a. timoronv 
Formón, tm. a parhtg chisel 
a punch 

Fórmula, tf- formule 
Formulario, on. fot mulary 
Fomálla, tf. V. Horno 
Poraáza ,tf. V. Homaxa 
Fomecimiénto,- tm. provi- 
sions of a place 
Fornecino, na. o. bastard 
Femólo, tm. a portable lltUe 
oven or fumace 
Fomicadói, tm. fomicator 
Fornicar, va. to fumtcate 
Fornicario, ria. a. belonging 
to fomication 

Fornido, da. a. fumished, ro- 
bust, cor pulen t 
Fornfr, va. to fumish 
Fornltrtra, tf. leather straps 
worn by soldiers ¡ types 
cast to complete sorts 
Fóro, tm. court of justice, 
bar, lordship ; back ground 
of the theatre 
Forragatedr, va. to scrlbble 
Forrige, tm. forage; abun- 
dauce of tilinga of little 

Forrageadór, tm. forager 
Forrageór, va. to fbrage 
Forragéro, tm. a forager 
Forrir, ra. V. AJbrtdr 
Pórro, tm. Uning ; furring of 
a shlp, sheathing; farro 
interior de un navio, ceiling 
or foot-waling of a shig 
Fortachón, na. a. possessed 
of nncommon strength 
Fortalecedór, ra. ». fortlfier 
Fortalecer, va. to fortify, te 
support, corrobórate 
Fortalecimiento, tm. act of 


Fortaleza, i/< fortitndfii va- 
lour, strength, strong hold 
Fórle, avast I 

Fortepiano, tm. piano-forte 
Fottexuélo, tm. a smnll fort 
Fortificación, tf. fortificado» 
Fortificante, pa. fortifflng 
Fortificar, va. to strenglíten 
Fortín, tm. a small fort, tem 
porary forUficatlons for the 
defen ce of a corps 


Fortltüd, <f.V. Fortaleza 
Fortuito, ta. o. fortuitous 
Fort úna, tf. Úbrtune, go«xl 
luck,storm, chance; Probar 
fortuna, to try one'* fortune 
Fortunar, ra. to enrich 
Forzádo, da. a. torced, indis. 

pensadle, stortny 
Forzádo, tm. criminal ten- 
tenced to the galleys 
Forzaddr, tm. ravUher, one 
who forcea or oominiu acts 
, of violente to attam tome 

Forzár, ra. to forcé, enforoe, 
subduc Dy forcé, ravish 
Porzdsa, tf. a decisiva more 
at the gamo of ches* ¡ ne- 
cessity of acting agaiiut 
one', will 

Porzdso, »a. a. indls|*nsable 
Forzudo, da. a. strong 
Fds», tf. pit, grate 
Fosúdo, tm. a large pit 
Posadúra, tf. V. Zanja 

Putál, tm. rhurchyald 
Fosár, t a. to make a pit 
Fikca, tf. a thlck wood or 

Poseo, ca. a. brow-beaten 
Fdsforo, Jtn. phosphorus 
Fosfórico, ca. a phosphoric 
Porteo, tm. a tmall moat. 
Fósil, m. foaJl 
Fcslno, tm. a minnow 
Fdso, tm. pit, bog 
Fóxa, tf. kind of duck 
Ftíya, tf. an oren full of char- 
co 1 

Frfyo, tm. V. Royo 
Frac&tár, en. tocrumble 
FraciUo, tm. downfal, cala- 

Fraccidn, ir. fraction 
Fricción, irio, ría. a. fractional 
Fractúra, tf. fracture 
Fracturar, ra. to fracturo 
Fracúra, tf. V. Flaqueza 
Fraúeár, va. to become a 

Fríga y Fragária, tf. species 
of ra-qiberry 

Fragancia, \f. actual comtnis- 
sion of a n ime 
Fragínte, a. fragrant, presen t 
Pragáta, zf.shlp, ves -el; Fra- 
gata de ga rra, frícate 
Frágil, a. brittle, aecaylng, 

Frjgllidád,*''. fragility. Hable- 
ness to a fault, sin of infir- 

Fragmento, mi, fragment 
Frigoiíno, tm. a lea-túh 


Fragosidad, tf- unerenness of 
a rnad 

Fragúso, «a. a. eraggy 
Fragríncia, tf. fragrance 
Fragránte, a. flragrant 
Frágua, tf. forge, place where 
intrigues are plnttod 
Fraguador, im. tchemer 
Fraguar, ra. to forge metáis ; 

»«. to unlte in a mass 
Fragúra, tf. roughness of the 

Framasdn, tm. freemaion 
Ft-ambuúsa, tf. raspbcrry 
Fram budso ,im .raspberry -tree 
Framéa, tf. javelin, dart 
Francachela, tf. dissol u te- 

Francalete, tm. strap 
Fráncamente, a.t. frankly 
Franca! úr a, <f.frank 
Francés, sa. a. French, 
Frenchman or aroman 
Franchtspán, tm. a perfume 
Franciscano, na. a. fran cis- 
can ; gray-colourrd 
Fránco, em. a franc ¡ fair- 

Fránco, ca. a. frank, free, ez- 
empt, ingenuous 
Franela, tf. kind of fine wool- 
len cloth 

Frange ir, ra. to fringe 
Frangente, na. accldent 
Frangible, a. brittle 
Frangir, va. to break or di- 
vide a thing into severa! 

Frangollár, ra. to shcil or 
grind com coarse 
Frangdllo, tm. pottage made 
of wheat bolled in miik 
Frangúte, im, baleofgoods 
Frángula, tf. berry-bearing 

Frtlnfa, tf- fringe 
Franjár y Franjeár, va. to 

Franqueár, ra. to exempt, 
grntify, disengagej vr. to 
give one’s self up early to 
the desi re of others 
Franqueza, tf. freedom 
Franquía, tf. ottlng 
F ranquicia, tf. exemption 
frotn pajittg Uses, a pri- 
vileged place 

Frásca, \f. dry leaves or small 
branches of tree» 

Frásco, tm. flask 
Fráse y Frási», tf. phrase 
Frasfa, tf. dish made of 
tripes and other ingredi- 



Frisfsts, íwi. one who ls ex* 
treme!/ nice in ttie tue o£ 

Frasquera, tf- bottle-cave 
Frasqueta, tf. frUket of a 

r ratacár, ra. to Uy a mortar 
casing on a walt with a 
square wood en trowel 
Fraterna, tf. a severe repri 

Praternál.o. fraternal 
Fraternidád, tf. fratemity 
rratémo, na. a. fraternal 
Fratricida, i. comp. morder 
er of a brother 
Fratricidio, tm. ftatriclde 
Fraudador, tm. V. D frauda- 

Fráude, tm. frand, deceit 
Fraudulencia, tf. fraudulence 
Fraudulento, ta. a. fraudu- 

Praxinéla, tf. whlte dittany 
& » monkish trick 
Fráyie, tm. friar, plait in íict- 
*ic®*ts i tliat part of a print- 
«d page whlch is white or 
palefor wantof ink; kind 
of sea-fish; pl. a sort of 
be^T . r ^’ c, j n ^ > ^ n S kidnej* 

Fraylecíco, Uo. d íto. tm. w¡Ul 
plgeon j wedge securing 
the splndle ofa silk-reel 
Frayleclllo, tm. cliild which 
wears a friar'* habt 
Fray Jera, </; number of 
fnara assetnbled mgether 
Frayléro, ra. a. friar -like 
Fray ¿seo, ca. a. monkish 
fray lia, tf. monastic Ufe, re. 
guiar clergy 

friar*' * Hcen tiou» 

Fray Iúco, tm. a despicable cr 
contemptlble friar 
Frazáda, tf. blanket 
Frechár, ra. V. Flechar 
rregaddn, tf. friction 
Fregadero, tm. scullery 
Fregádo, tm. the act of dea» 
<ng kitchen utensils 
* retador, tm. scullery, dlsh. 

Fregadúra, tf. the act of rub- 
bing or scouring 
Fregájo, rm. V. BHropaJo 
Fregamiénto, aw». V. Frica- 

Ftegár, ra. to rub one thing 
sgainst another, to scour 
Fregatriz, tf. kitchen-mald 




Fregé ta ; Frcgóna, tf- klt- 


Fregonfl, a. helonging to or 
becoming a kitchcn-wcnch 
Freidura, tf» act of ftying or 
di-evsing in a pan 
Fi*;r im. tn frj or dicss in a 

PrémilOt tm. a loud nolse, no. to curb 
F rendiente, a. enragvd 
F tenerla, >/. business of bri- 

Prenéro, rm. a bridic-makei 
Frene»!, tm. tren ty 
Frenético, ca. a. ntad 
Frcnllür, va. to bridle the 

Frenillo, rm. lm|iedlment of 
the tongue; bridle of tbe 

Prént. nn. bridle or bit of the 

Frenutl, a. frontal 
F rentira, ti. a broad forehead 
Fréntc, tf. forehead; the 
blanli space left at tbe be- 
glnning of a letter ; fore- 
part of a buiUíing ; obverse 
of rota* 

Frío, en, narrow channel 
for the |>as*age of boat* 
FreqUéncia. tf. frequene; 
Frecuentación, tj ■ condition 
of visiling o fien 
Pn-qtlentadór, ra. t. frequent - 

FreqUentár, ra. to fVcqucnt 
Frequéntc, u. frequent 
Fré.»a, tf. strawhcrr; 

Frísal, tf. atravrberry-plant 
Frisca, tf. Timar la fretca, 
to take the air 
Frescachón, na. a. ver; frcsli 
Fie-edl, a. not vrry tresh 
Prisco, ca. o. fre»h, plump, 
brisk, serme. Dinrr-frttcu, 
rcad; n.onc;. Viento /rei- 
no, a f'ti~.h bree-te, tm. cool refreshing 

Frescón, rm. blootn; 

Frescór, rm. frchnnei 
Frescura, */: freshness, flrank- 
nes», screnlt; 

Fresnida, tf- grove or planta* 
tion of ach a 
Flétalo, tm. .cn-tree 
Fresquista, rm a painter par- 
ticular!; emplo;ed in paiul- 
ing in fresco 
Frenillo, u. banded 
Fretdr, en. V Fletar 
Frito, ef. ¡j. ficta 


Frelól, rm. V. Judihuelo 
Frey, prun. app. triar or bro- 

Frévla, tf. a re! i glotis w ornan 
of a militar; otder 
Frejrlár, va. to receive or ad- 
mit in a militar; order 
Frí;le, rin. knight of a reli- 
gión» militar; order ; priest 
liclonging to the regular 

Frez ; Fríza, tf dung, 
ground tumeil up b; the 
snout of a hog or otlier 
animal ; mstling of silk- 
vrortn. when the; are feed- 
ingon mulberr; Icaves 
Frezír, en. to ejeet eacre- 
mentí ; gnaw the 1 caves 
of mulbcrrc trees ; rub in 
order to spawn ; approach 
Friable . a. friable 
Frialdiid, tf. frigiditv, ttold, 
negligence ico, ca. a. freaklsh, chill; 
Fricación, tj friction 
Kricandó, m. Scotch collop 
Fricár, va. to rub, scour 
Fricasé, rm. fricav.ce 
Ftlcción, tf. friction 
Friéga, tf. the act of nihblng 
«iih llar.nel for medical 

Friéra, tf- chilhlain 
Frigidéz ; Friéza, tf- V. Fri- 

Frigón, rm. fire-flaire 
Frlgoriénto, ta. a.V. Ftlolntlo 
Fringilago, rm. V. Alongé 
Hrfo, ia. a. coid 
Frío,rm. coid. cool, concrctcd 
beverage, dulnevs 
Frlolénto, ta. a. chill; 
Frioléra, tf- at> ¡tuignificant 
speech or action 
Frinlíro, ra. a. clilll; 

Frisa, tf. friere 
FrisUdo, rm. sllk plush or 

Frlsadór, rm. frizzler 
Frisadura, tf. act oi ñrizxl'ng 
or sltagging 

Fritar, va. to frlzzlc ; tm. to 
rescinlilc, approach 
Frisó!, rm. French or kldne; 

Frlsón, rm. a large draught- 
hor-c, an; animal of a large 

Frisuelos, rm. pl. dr; French- 

Frita, tf. frit 

Fritada, tf. dish or fried mcat 
or iLsh 


Fritlllrla, tf- frltallary 
Fritóla», tf. pl. fritter» 

Frito ; Frltrtra, r. V. Fritad « 
Friúra, tf. frlgidltv 
Frivolidiid, ti- frivolity 
Frivolo, la. a. frivoloua 
Fróga, tf. brickwork 
Frogkr, ni. to make a Walt 
of brick and mortar; t-n. 
to la; a coat of tnortar over 
the jolnt» of bricks 
Frondosidad, tf- foliage 
Frondoso, sa. a. frondiferou» 
Frontál, rm. front-otnament 
of an altar 

Frontalera, tf- omament for 
the front 
Frónte, tf. front 
Fronléra, r’. fkuntier; fillet 

of a bridle 

Fronterizo, xa. a. bordcrlng 
upun, fronting 

Frontéro, rm. govemor of a 
frontler town ; atl. in front 
Frontéro, ra. a. fiontier 
Frontino, na. a. .ipplied to 
animal* mar licil in the face 
Fníntls, tm. Iroiitiqóece 
Frontispicio, rm. frontirpicce 
Frontón, rm. wall l'rotn 
which «he bowl lebounds 
at ti ves; frontispiece 
Frontudo, da. a. broad faced 
FrontUra, tf- front of a stock» 
ing- trame 

Frotación y Frotadura, tf. 

Froiár, ra. to nib or strok» 
gcntl; «Uh the hand, V» 

Fructéro, ra. a. V. Frutal 
Fructífero, ra. a. fn'ctiferou» 
Fnicliticadór, ra. r. fertilizar 
Fruct.ficár, ni. to fructif; 
Pructuóso, sa. a. fruitful 
Frugal, a. frugal 
Frugalidad, tf. frugalily 
Fruición, tf. íi uitiun 
Fruir, tm. to live in happi- 
ness, to cuyo; 

Fruitivo, va. a. fruitivo 
Frumentáceo, ea. a. trunien- 

Frumenticio, ria. a. belimg- 
Ing to wheat 
Fruncido, da. a. frizzled 
Kruncidór, rm. plaitcr 
Fruncimiéuto, rm. the act of 
pursing un luto corruga- 
tilín» ; hetion, dccelt 
Fruncir, ra. tu gather the 
edge of stufl'or cloth inla 
ptalts ; allect nuxle.t; and 

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Pretléra, tf- metal madc of 
latten tilinga 
Fruslería, tf. trille 
Frusléro, tu. a. trifling 
Ftuitiár, va. to frústrate; vr. 

to be tl¡Mi|>po¡nted 
FnSta, tf- fruí tape ; Fruta de 
tarí n, pancake 
Ftutáge, raí. ftruitage 
Fruiál, u. fruilfbl 
K rutár, rn. to fructify 
Frutéra, tf. fruit-woman 
Frutería, tf. place wbere flrult 
is kept 

Frutero, nc. frulterer, firuit- 
baskct scrved tij> al table 
Frútio, tm. any perennlal 

Fratlcdso, sa. a. api>lied to a 

f lan! with many branches 
rom itk root 

Frutiér, m. purveyor of ftult 
for the royal famlly 
Frutilla, t . sinall frult. round 
ahell uf which robarte, are 

Frutillar, »m. strawlicrrybed 
Frúto, ra. ft-uit ¡ lieuefit ¡ pl. 

aceda, produce of an estáte 
Fu, int,r}. of disgust 
Fúcar, en. a rlch opulent 

Fuégo, •«- fire, any thlng 
burning, rontlagration; e- 
rttptio.i of humour* in the 
akm ; firing of soldiera ¡ 
hearth. ardour ; DarfntgT, 
d un nació, to bream a ship ; 
Futría. Ilghts 

Fuego ¡ Fuego de dios ! ¡nterj. 
bles, me ! 

FuclUr. rm paper omament 
arouud wat ta|ier» 

Fuélle, raí. bel lo w»; leatlier 
cuTtdn of an opeo ehaée ¡ 
Fuelle i, pucker» 

Fuén, m. fountam 
Fuénte, un. tmuitain, a spout 
of water, di h 

Fuéra, o./, witliout, orer and 
above ; Farra de ti, ah*ent 
of mlnd | De fuera, eata- 

Fuén, interj. out of the way 
Fuéro, im. ntatnte- law of a 
country, Jurlvdlrtlon ; Fot- 
roe, charter» granted to a 
province, town, or person ; 
A‘ fuero arcording to law 
Fut'rle, s«. fortiHcatlon 
Fuérte, a. strong, hard. enor- 
raotu, rough, firm 
Fuéraa, tf. forre, fortltude, 
praneness, violen ce, rape. 



mental power ¡ ibrtrm, 
buckram, jtowcr, Hacer 
fuerza dr v Cu, to crowd salí 
Fúga, tf. flight, state of the 
utmost irarfection of a 
thlng, prop, fugue 
Fugacidad, tf. fugacity 
Fúgida de viento, tf. tquall 
or gut>t of wlnd 
Fugár, a. thjt, fueitlve 
Fugitivo, va. a. fugitivo 
Fuida, tf. V. Huida 
Fumiénto, sin. farmer of 
sheep walks 
Fuma, tf. V. Garduña 
Fulanito, ta. i. little m&ster, 
little mis* 

Fu Uno, na, t. snch a one 
Fulgor, »m. resplendence 
Fulgura, tf. V. Holgura 
Fulierésco, ca. a. belonging 
to sharpen 

Fullería, tf. cheating, cun- 

FullOro, sm. tharper 
Pullét, raí. a very small uv 
Fuliglndso, sa. n. fulirinous 
Fulminado, a. wounaed with 

FulmlnadtSr, im. thunderer 
Fulminante, pa. fulminating 
Fulminar, va. to ftilminate, 
throw out aa an ofc¡)ert of 

Fumída, tí- the act of smok- 
ing tobáceo 
Fumante, pa. fbming 
Fumar, ra. to smoke tobáceo 
Fumaráila, blastof smoke, 
a pipcful of tobáceo 
Fumen tdr. ca. V. Fomentar 
Fumigacidn, »/. fumigntíou 
Fumigador, rm. fumigator 
Fomigir, na. V. Humear 
Fumorúlds, tf. pl. cavities (n 
the earth which emlt a nul- 
phureous smoke 
Kurno-idád, tf. fumldity 
Fmini.n, sa. ii. full of smoke 
or fume 

Funámbulo, sin. ro|>e dancer 
Funcidn, tf. employment, 
solemnity, festire con- 
cón r.e of |ieuple, compli 
ment, flight 

Fúnda, s. pltlow case; fbun- 
dation, mouid of a hutton 
Fundación. tf. fiiundatlon, 
origin of a thlng; revenue 
establishad for any purpo»e 
Fundaddr, ra. s. founder 
F undágo, na. raapaitne 
Fundamental, a. fundamen- 
tal, MMntlal, principal 


Fondamentir, va. to lay file 
fbundalinn of a building 
Fundauiénto, tm. fouiuia- 

Fundar, ca. to found 
Fundente, em. tlus 
Fundería, tf. foundery 
Fundible, a. fusible 
Fundfliulo, tm. an anrient 
warlike machine for throw» 
lng stones ; a slmg 
Fundición, tf. fusión, foug 
dery, a complete set 

Funieulár, a. funicular 
Fundidor, sin. luunder 
Fundí ario, raí. slirger 
Fundir, ca. to found or melt 

Fundo, tm. a plece of arabio 
land, set apart for the uso 
of theowner of a .'iim 
Púnebre, a. mountful 
Funepéndulo. tm. pendutnm 
Funeril, a. funeral 
Funerales, tm. pl. funeral 

Funerálias d Funerarias, 
tf pl. V. Funerah t 
Funerario, ría. a. funeral 
Funestar, mi. to saddrn 
Funtfsto, ta. a. moumful 
Funcstdso, sa. a. mcl.tncholy 
Fungdso, sa. a. fungous 
Fúria, Tf. fura-, hmry 
Furi blindo, d.e a. furlous 
Furidso, sa. a. furlous, cacee- 

Furtdn d Forldn, tm. a enach 
wilh four sents, hung with 
leather curtains 
Furdr, sm. fhry, rage, es al ta- 
llón offanc* 

Purriéla, tf- v. Furriera 
Funridr, sm. qimrter-m áster, 
clerk of the king’s mew* 
Furrién», tf. piare of the keep. 
er of the keys of the king’ 


Furricta, tf. hravado 
Furiar, ra. V. Hurlar 
Furtiblc, a Hable to be stolen 
Furtivamente y Furtiva. 

mente, ad. by steaith 
Furtivo, va. u ftmire 
Fiisa, tf. note in musió 
Fusca, tf. a kind of dark «o- 
Ioured duck 
Ftlsco. ca. a. dark- 
Kusibilldád. tf- fusibllity 
Fusible y Fusil, a. fusible 
Fusil, sm. fusil, firelóck 
Fusilazo, sm. musket shot 
Fusilería, tf- body of fualleer» 


Fusiléro, tm. fu» i leer 
u'ión , tf. f unión 
Fusique, m. kind o f snuff- 
box in the shape of a tmall 

Fú-ta, tf. tmall vessel with 
lateen sails; Ihin boardn of' 
irood, kind of woollen dotb 
i' listan, tf. fuitian 
l’uitanéro, m, fusilan manu- 

únte. tm. Cree and boira of 


a saddie; shaft of alance 
or plke; Foundation of any 
thing, substince of anj 
thing ; a vesiel of burthen 
with a flush deck 

Fustéro, ra. a. belonging to a 
fust, Foundation, &c. 

Fustéro, »m. turner or car- 

Fustete, rm. red or Venice 


gabacha, tf. kind of loo» 

< i ahúcho, tm. aloren 
Oaltácho, cha. a. applied to 
persona or thdr property, 
residing at the foot of the 

Gabán, tm. grrat roat with a 
hond and cióse sleeres 
Gahdnzo, tm. dog rose 
Gabardina, tf. kind of cas- 
aock with cióse buttoned 

Oahárra, tf. I ghter 
Gaharréro, tm. dcaler in wood 
and tlmber ¡ llghterman 
Gahárro, in. a morhid swel- 
llng on the pastem of bor- 
les; defcct in clothj de- 
fcct diacovered in goods 
afker they ha*e been bought 
Gáiiata, tí- bowl 
Uabáro, tm* bruiaed lugar- 

Gabela, tf- *ax pald to go- 
renuncia ; on o|>en publlc 
place where exercúes are 

Gahesfna, tf. anclent kind of 

Gabinete ó Gallineto, tm. ca- 
blnet, dressing mom 
Gabidn, tm. aort of cloudcti 
i Huir made of ailk, mlxed 
wiih wool 

Galxite, tm. ahuttlecock 
Gáchas, t [J. aort of fritten, 
any sort of solt pap ¡ A ' 

. ga. hitt, on all t'oura 
Gacheta, tf. spríng in Urge 

Gáclio, cha. a. currated, 

Gachdn, lina. o. y a. pamper- 
as!. graceíul. sweet 


Gachonería, tf. careas 
Gadltáno, na. a. belonglng to 

Gáfa, tf. a kind of hook, used 
to bend a croas bow ; pt. 
can-hooka, spectaclea 
Gafár, va. to hook 
Gafedád, tf. kind of Ieprosy, 
contraclion of the nérvea 
Gafdri d Gafé ti, tm. agrl- 

Gaféte, tm. clasp 
Gáfo, fa. a. infected with a 
ieprosy, ¡ndUposed with a 
contraclion of the n erres 
Gakin, tm. greenfinch 
Gagáted Gagá, V. Ana 

Gáge, tm. challenge, salary ; 

ai. perquLsites 
Gágo, ga. a. V. Tartamudo 
Gájas, tf. al. wagts 
Gájo, tm. branch of a trae tom 
or broken oíT 
Gajdso, sa. a. branchy 
Gála, tf. gala or oourt-dress ; 
Día de gala, court-day, 
pleasing addres» 

Galactite, tf. fullers earth 
Galafáte, tm. an artfui thief, 
hangman, a porter 
Galaméro, ra. a. daintr 
Galán, tm. a fine and well. 
made man, gentleman in 
ful! dren, galiant, actnrs 
who perfonn serlous cha- 
racteri in playi 
Galana, tf. a kind of chick- 
pea ; gay dresslng woman 
Galancete, tm. a little galiant 
Gaiáno, na ; 6 Galán, na. a. 
_ splenididly drexsed, elegant 
Galánle, a. hrave, elegant 
(ialanteaddr, tm. wooer 
Galantear, va. to cauri 


Fustfna, tf. office or plao» 
dcstined to fusing metida 
Fust de, tm. fuxtlc 
Fútil, a. futile 
Futilidád, tf- fbtüity 
Futúra, tf. sunrironhip 
Futurário, ría. a. futuro 
Futuriddn, tf- futnrition 
Futuro, ra. a. futura 
Futúro, tm. fbiure 
Fuyr, en. V. Huir 


Galanteo, tm. the act of ro- 
liciting farour, courtship 
Galantería, tf. gallantry 
Galanura, tj. a sbowy iplen- 
did dresi 

Galápago, tm. freshwatc* 
tortoise ; bed of a plough- 
Ihare ; a conrex frame j 
cleft in a horsc'a foot ; an . 
cicnt militar? machines 
p¡. ipring books of a wea* 
rer's bench 

Galápo, tm. frame fbr twist- 
ing rojies 

Galarddn, tm. reward or re- 
compense for useful serrice» 
Galardonaddr, ra. i. remune- 

Galardonár, ra. to reward 
Galarfn ó Gallarín, tm. a 
mode of countlng by dou- 
bling the numbers 
Gálata, a. nafive af Galatia 
Galavárdo, tai. a tall, lean, 
and weak man 
Galaxia, tf. grey clay 
Galbána, tf. a small sort of 
peas ; sloth 

Galbanádo, da. a. of the co- 
lon r of galbanum 
Galbanero, ra. o. Ury 
Gálbulo, tm. the nut of the 
cy presa- trae 

Galdrecfllo, tm. a kind of 
tlght coat 
Galdrdpe, tm. wheel-rope 
Galdrúfa, tf. a top 
Ualeáto, ta. a. api'lled to the 
prologue or preface of any 

(laleása.q/*. gallea» 

Galéna, tf- galena 
Galénico, ca. a. galenle 
Galenfsmo, tm. doctrine of 

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Gallo, jrm. swnftd fish 
Galeón*», im. yi. armcd shlps 
of burttarn 

Galeoi i, m . galll'it, a «malí 
_ f?a* «y, gutler-'edge 
Galedte, m. galley-»late 
üaléra, /. galle», ves-el wlth 
■ net, wag-pm, row of Iwd- 
In the miii.ik'of a room tor 
the recepliun «f the i ck ; 
pl. puni-bmcnt of rowmg 
on h.>ard of galley- 
Usier ola, tf, gal ley of typet 

COIlip» Cti 

Galerrto, na. waggoner 
Galería «f. gallcry 
Galerí-tn, im. soUtier who 
«loe- duty on board of gal- 

Galerita, tj. crotíd lark 
Galfáiro, na. rugue, swln- 
dle- ; p l. humbailltt- 
Gálga. tf- greyhsmnd bilch; 
(tone roHing down a steep 
hili I kind of itch j back of 
la anchor 

Gálgn, i m greyhound 
Galgueño, na. a re-enbling 
or roncerning a greyhound 
Galiámln, na. song of the 
Ga lie |irle4 ofCybele 
Galio-, na. pl. modela of 

Qalicádo da. a. Infected with 
the venereid dc-ease 
Galicái , in. to Infect with the 
Frecch di-eaae 
Galiclnio, ana- cock-crowlng 

Galieí-mo. <m. gallicl-m 
Gálico, tnt. venereal dl»eaie 
Gallina, tf. i-ilfeting 
Galimár, tu. to pllii-r 
Gálio, xin. lady*- bed-trav 
Galid|iai-, tf. dead uettlo 
GalipóL, na. «hite frankin- 

Gallen-, im. vi. coinpaxsings 
Uallrálira, tf. kind of vessel 
«lili lateen aaile 
Gallad út a, tf. tread 
Qallárila, tf, a kind of alry 
Spanbh dance 

Galfardeár, vn. to plaj wild 

Gallardete, tm. pendan t 
Gallardetón, m. broad pen- 
dan t 

Gallardía, tf- • graeeful alr 
and depurtment. actlelty, 
lilieriliiy of >en :l monta, 

Gallárdo, da, o. gay, magna- 
n muñís, genero ux, brata 

Gallareta, tf- widgeon 
Gallarín, tm. exersaire galn 
or loes 

Gallarón, na. a kind of bus- 

Gallardo, rm. louaevoit 
Gallardía, tf- a coarte gar- 

Galleár, cu. to tread ; en. to 
rai*e the »oice with a me- 
nace or cali 
Galtfga, tf- eoat'i rué 
Gallegáda, tf- number of na- 
ti*es uf Galicia assembled 

Gallego, ga. a. peculiar to the 
people of Gañera 
Gallóla, tf- * small copper 
pan ¡ bi-xuit, mess-bnwl 
GaUirínio, *m. cock-crowing 
Gallina, tf- hen 
Gallmáza, tf- hen-dung, car- 
rlnn vultvre 

Gallinería) tf poulterer'i 
•hop, hen-coop 
Gallinóro, ra. o. preying opon 

Gallinóro, am. poulterer, hen- 
yard, báskrt In which fowU 
are camed to market 
Gnlllnó-o, sa- a. timoroiu 
Oall iiáro, am. turkey 
G.illlpuónte, tm. bridge with- 
. out ralis 
Gallito, am. boau 
Gálio am. rock, dorec; Pata 
He gatos an artful de» ice 
Gallo • bd-que, tm. wood- 

Oallófj, #f. morsel of bread 

E ren lo ptlgrims; pulse, 
ay indolent lile, ltlle tale 
Gallofeár y Gallofdr, en. to 
saunter about and tire upon 

Gallofero, ra. a. beggar 
Gallofo, la. a. idle, la» y 
Gallón, am. Gntomet, festoom 
Gallundéro, ra. a. applied to 
Gálo. am. sweet gall 
Gal- cha, tf- clog, paiten, ca- 

Galón, am. gallonn ; wooden 
otnament on the líder of 
aldps; Guillara, ralis 
fíatonázo, am. lar ge galloon 
Galoneár, no. to lace 
Galnnóro, am. lace or galloon 

Galopár y Galopeár, m. to 


tm. gallop, harty ex 


Galopeádo, da- o. dono la | 
hurryj am. whtpping 
Galopen, am. twabbcr, a catón 
boy, scullion, boy nieanlr 
dressed an expericncM 
and rlerer knare 
Oslóla, tf. V. Galocha 
Galpílo, am. sickly chickert 
Galvanismo, am. galvaniam 
Gáma, tf. gamut, a doe 
Gamárra, tf. a man ingal 
Gamárza, tf- *Bd tipian na 
Gámba, tf. leg 
Gambalúa, tm. a tall, Ul 
sliaped man wlthout ,plri 
Gámbaro, am. a kind uf small 

Gambóta, tf- cresa caper la 
dancing, affccted language 
Gambeteár, on. to caper lika 

Gambóto, am. a kind of qullt- 
ed great coa! 

Gámbo y Gambúx, am. cap 
fot a now-bom cblld 
Gambótes, am. pl coautor» 

Gambóx, am. a smoll bonnet 
for children 

Gamóla, tf- kind of btskd 
Gamella, tf, yoke for oxeo, a 
Urge wooden trough 
Gámma, tf- gamut 
Gimo, am. buck of the folíete 

Gamologta, tf- discourse on 

Gamón, -m. whlte and yellorr 

Gamonál, am. place In whlcfa 
asphodels tlouri-h 
Gamonito, am. young shoota 
springing round treta 
Gamúno, na. a. applied to tho 
skins of deer 
Gamúza, tf. chamóla 
Gamuzádo, da. u. chamóla 

Gána. tf- appetltr, a healthf 
dispos, tlon of the body, ln- 
clination ; Dt tu guau, sro- 

Ganadería, tf, stock of celtio 
Ganadero, ra. o. belonging to 

Ganadero, ra. a. gradar 
Gañido, am. hcad of cattle et 
the same kind, vermb* 
collectlon of bec* of a beo» 
hire I Ganado mayar, black 

Ganadór, am. one who galna 
Ganáncia, tf- gain, proiit 
Uanauciál, o. lucrativa 

1 W 



Banancióso, u. a. lucratire . 
Ganapán, im. a porter 
Ganapierde. >m. a mode of 
playing drafts 

Ganár, »>a. lo Rain, attain, 
conquer, exceed. Ganar ti 
vitnlu, to galo the wealher- 

Ganchero, m. conductor of a 
raft of limbcr 

Gáncho, sm. hook, crook, al- 
lurer, pimp ; an iron hook 
with an eje. Gaucha dt 
bichara, boa t hook. GancAo 
dt la gala, cat-hook. Gall- 
etas dt revirar madero J, 

G anchó to, «a. a. hookcd 
Gandaya tf. lazinru 
Gandido, da. a. seduccd for 
aome eril purpnse 
Gandir, tu. to eat 
Gandujar, va. to iiend 
üanfalonero, tm. gnnfatonler 
Ganfanón, m. ganfalón 
Ganforro, ra. a. vagrant 
Gánga, ti. the Uttle pin-tailed 


G angarilla, tf. andent com- 
pany of atrolling playera 
Gangóto, sa. a. tpeaking 
Ihrough the nose 
Gangrena, tf. gangrena 
Gangrenárse, ir. lo become 
gangr enema 

Gangrenoso, 1 .a. a. gangrenous 
Uangutár, ta. to anutfle 
Gánguil, tm. a aort of large 

Gandso, ta. a. dcalroui 
Gansarón, tm. gotling; tall 
thln man 

Gánso, ta. a. gander, goose ; 

tall atender pcrwn 
Üánte, tm. a klnd of Unen 
manufacturcd in Ghent 
Ganzúa, tf. picklock, thlef 
who plcks lockij execu- 

Ganzuar, tu. to plrk a lock 
Gañán, m. tervjnt of a sliep- 
herd, day-lalourer 
Gañanía. tf- number of day- 

Gañido, sin. howllng of a 

Gañiles, tm. pl. fauces 
Gañir, ra. to yelp, croak 
Cañivete, tm. penknife 
Uañdn y Gañóte, tm. organt 
in the interior of Ule 
throat ; klnd of frlttert 
Oilpa, tf. honeyflower 
Oaiabaleár, va. to hook ■ 



crawl ; ntt tergiveriatloru 
Garabatillo, tm. alfficulty of 
-raeuatlng any pee can t 
matter from the lungt 
Garabato, tm. pot-hook, hook 
to hang meal on ¡ an at- 
tractive graceful gaitj pl. 
ill-formed lettert 
Garabatdro, ta. a. clegant 
Garambáyna, tf. extravagant 
fiuery in drett; pl. gn- 
macet ; pothooks 
Gatántc, tm. guarantee 
Garantía, tf- warrantry 
Garañón, rm.jack-aas; lcrher 
Garapicho, tm. kmd of drett- 
ed meat 

Garapiña, tf. the congealed 
paineles of any liquid ; a 
klnd of hlack lace 
Garapiñar, tu. to ice 
Garapiñera,^! resti-l in which 
liquida are congealed 
Carapfta, tf. fishing-net wlth 
tmall nietbes 

Garapito, im. tmall insecta 
Garapúllo, im. dart made en 

Garatúta, tf. a tort of game 
al carda ; cares* 

Garavito, tm. a tlall 
Gárha, tf. a theaf 
Garbanzál, tm. a piece of 
gTound town wlth ehick- 

Garbanzo, tm. chick-pea 
Garbár ó Garbedr, iu. to form 
thcaves j seize; rn. to af- 
fcct an alr of d gnity 
Garbdña, tf. common heath 
Gártúa*, im. pl. a tort of ra- 

liarbilladór, tm. riddler 
Garbillar, tu. tn garble 
Garbillo, n». riddle 
Garldn, tm. coif made of not- 
ar ork 

Garbillo, mr. aouth-weat wlnd 
Uárlro, tm. a gentcel way of 
dolng tldngs, a gen t lemán - 
likenir] frankness 
Garlúto, -a. a. genteel 
Garbullo, tm. crowd 
Garcero, tm. heron-hawk 
G arces, tm. main top-tail 
Garceta, tf- a young heron ; 
hair which falla in lockt ¡ 
|io!n» or reef-band 
Gardúja, tf. barren stone 
llirown away in quickrólver 

Garduña, tf. martin 
Gordúño, tm. he or malo 
martin ¡ filchec 


Gárfa, tf- clnw 
Garfádo ó Garfiada, tf- ib* 
act of clawing 

(iarfeár, vh. to ute a drag- 
hook for gettlng any thiug 
out of a well oí river 
Gárfio, tm. hook 
Uargageáda, tf- xpitting 
Gargageár, en. to tpawl 
Gargngéo, m. tpiliing 
Gargaját, tm. place lull of 

Gargajiento, ta. a. xpitting 
Gargdjo, tm. «piule ; an 111 
formed child 
Gargajóto, ta. a xpitting 
Garganchón, tm. V. Gar- 

Garganta, tf. throat ; instep; 
mountoln-flood; sweetmo- 
dulation of the voice 
Gargantead Oras, throat* 
•eizingt of the blocks 
Gargnnteár, ra. lo qnarer 
Garganteo, im. quavering 
Garganteas y Garganterla, 
tf. V . Glotonería 
Gargantilla, necklace wora 
by w ornen 

Gargantón, na. a. greedy ,* 
Gárgara, tf. noite made by 

Gargarismo, tm. gargarism } 
the act of wa-hing the 
throat wlth medie* ted 11- 

Gargarizdr, na. to gargle 
Gárgol, tm. groote 
Gárgol, a. empty, «dille 
Gárgola, tf. spout of a gutter 
in the form of an animal ; 

Gargtiéro ó Garguéro, tm. 

gullet, wlndplpe 
Garifo, fa. a. V. Xarifb 
Garióñlo, tm. clore trec 
Garita, tf. «entry box 
Garitero, tm. matter of a 
Garito, ,m. gamlng bou se 
Garinddr, ra. t. babbler, va. to babble 
Gallito, tm. weel, añore o t 
trap In general 
Garlócha, tí. gnad 
Garlópa, tf. Jackplxne 
Garnacha, tf. robe, di gnity 
of a counaelior; a liquor 
made of honey and winey 
company of atrolling play- 

Gamáto, tm. gamet 
Giro, tm. a klnd of lobtiety 
brine for hah or meat 





Girra, tf. clan of a «lid beast. 

fítnlr dt U garra, filchcn 
G arrifa, tf. tnael forcooliug 

Garrafál, a. great, rast 
Garrafiñar, va. to grapple 
Garrama, if. duty anciently 
paid by the Muors; impo- 

Garramir, va. to rob 
(tan anc ho, m. branch of a 
trec brokenoff 
Garrapata, tf. tlck, the lóate 
or dogs and sheep ; a short 
little pcraon ¡ bumballift' 
Garrapatear, rn. *o scrihble 
Garrapato, tm. a kirnl of 
moths ; pl. pothooks 
Garrir, ra. to drag 
üarridíta, rf. elegnnce 
Garrido, da. a. handsnme 
Garrobal, tm. plantation of 
carob trees 

Garroldlla, rf- chipi of rarob- 
tree* used to tan leather a 
reddUh yellow 
Garrdbo, tm. carob-tree 
Ganrdcha, tf. goad 
Garrochada, rj. prick «Hh a 
goad or «|«ar 
Garrocheador, rm. goader 
Garrochón, rm. apear 
Garrófa d Oarróba,tf.smooth- 
tare ¡ fruit of the carob- 

Garrón, rm. rpur of cneks and 
othcr hirds, talón of a bird 
of prey 

Garrotázo, rm. b!o« «ith a 

Garrotdl, rm. a large hazel 

Gürróte. rm. rudgcl ; ctran- ion ; haz el basket 
Garrotlllo, rm. quinsy 
Gárrúiha, rf. pulley 
Garruchón, rm. body of a 
coach «ithout tlrapa and 

Gartúchoa, rm. pl. cringle* 
Garrido, da. a. nerroui 
OarrulacUn, rf. garrulity 
Grmiladór, ra. «, a garrulout 

Garrulár, rn. to rhatter 
Gárrulo, la. a. chirping, chat- 

Garulla, tf. ripc granea «hlch 
remaln ln the baaket ; rab- 

Girra, rf. heron 
Girzo, rm. agarlc 
Gárzo, xa. a. blue Cyed 
Garzón, rm. lad, boy 1 adju- 


tant tn the life-guarda of 
the king of Spam 
Garroneir, tm. to make a pa- 
rade of boylsh actiona 
Gal zonta, rf. boyish action 
Gamita, tf. night - heron } 
plumogc «orn aa an orna- 

Uisa, rf. gauze 
Gasconada, rf. gascón ade 
Gasón, mi. V. Ven m. J.arge 
eludí of carth unbroken 
Gastdble, a. that may be 
«asted or spent 
Gastadero, rut. «atted 
Gastaddr, ra. a. ipendthrifl ; 
pioneer ¡ person ientenced 
to public labotir 
Gastamiento, tm. V. Oarto ; 

coiuumption of any thing 
Gastar, va. to expend, «cor 
out gradually ¡ apply to 
lome purpose ; ptunder ; 
digeat ¡ rr. to be «oíd ; grow 
ola, become rotten 
Gásto, rm. the act of spending. 

editor, expenses 
Gita, tf. shc-eat ; dragón- 
«ort ; klnd of ahip ¡ cTouü 
corerlng the top of a moun- 
taln. A' gafar, on all fours 
Calida, tf. clawing; thcft 
eflected in an artful man- 

Gatafúra, tf. cake made of 
herba and sour milk 
Gatatúmba, rf. aflccted civl- 

Gatazo, rm-a large cat; cium- 
<y joke, artfuTtrick 
Gateado, da. a. feline 
Gateamiónto y Gateádo, tm. 

Gatedr, tm. to climb up¡ 
acratclt ; iteml 
Gatera, tf. a cafa hole 
Gatería, tf. number of cata 
brought together in a place 
Gatesco, ca. a, feline 
Gatillazo, tm. gra>p of pin- 

Gatillo, rm. an instrument for 
drawing teeth ; cock of a 
gun ¡ cramp-iron ¡ filchcr 
Gato, rm. cat, skin of a cat ¡ 
a pefty thief ¡ cramp iron ; 
jaok . Gato dt algalia, clret- 

Gatúno, 11a. a. callike 
G atur irlo, rm. mixture of li- 
quoTs «Ithout ait and pro- 

Gaudedmtu d Gaudéte, tm. 

Gáutlio, rm. V. Goto 
GautUrja, rf. a «hite cotton 

Gavanza, rf- flovrer of the 

(rarAnzo, rm. dog-rose 
((avisa, rf. harlot 
Gavéta, rf. drawer of a deak> 
ring ln ailk-«orm iheds 
Givia, rf- maln • top - aall | 
place where madmen are 

Gavidro, rm. seaman who 
vrorks at ihe top-masts 
Gavieta, rf- aruttle 
Gavilin, rm. rparrow-bawk ( 
fine hair-stroke in lettrrs : 
pl. croas bars of the guará 
of a sword ¡ tholes 
Gavilancillo, rm. a young 

Gavilla, rf- «heaf of comí 
gang of suapicious persona 
Gavillero, tm. piare «Itere 
auspicioua persona osse oí- 

Gavina, rf. gutl 
Gavión, rm. gabion, a larga 

Gaviota, rf- gull 
Gáya, rf. tlrlpe of dlllkrtnt 
coloura on atuirs, áte. tro. 

Gayadúra, tf. gamlture 
Gayár, va. to garni.h «ith 
trimmings of a ditfcrent 
colour from the stufl' 
Gayita, rJ. crook 
Gaicano, rm. sea fish used for 
cafa hlng others 
Gáyo, tm. Jay 

Gaydmba, rf. s«eet-scented 

Gaita, rf. bag-pipe, flageolet, 
hand-organ ¡ neck 
Gayterla, rf. a gay dren 
Gaytiro, ra. a. gay 
Gaytéro, rm. piper, fop, lzuck 
Gayuba, tf. bear-berry 
Gira, rf. straps used to faitea 
blockr to the masts, yarda, 
and rigging 

Gazafatón d Gazapatón, rm. 


Gazapdla, rf- clamoroui 

Gazapdra, rf- «atrren 
Gazapina, tf . . assembty or 
vulgar vile pcople 
Gazitio, rm. a young rabblt j 
a riissembllng artful knave 
Gazei, rm V. Cnn 
Gazóla, rf gazel le 
Guita, rf. jareo* 


Gatetór», «m. ronductor or 
vender of a noWspapcr 
Gaxt-tura, tf. *he who nells 

Gazctíita, tm. one who de- 
light* ¡n reading newtpa- 
pi-rs, netrí-monger 
Garlea, un. pL con verted 
Aloort ni Spain 
Giumidr, ra. «osteal and eat 
«id-bits; ra. to coinplain 
Gazmió, m. k tnd of cáncer 
on «he tongue of hawks 
Gaimoñíd a y <j «uno hería, tf. 

Gazmoñero, ra ¡ y Gasmófio, 
fia. a. hy¡>ocriticaI 
Garnár, ra. V. (¡minar 
Gaznate, nc throttle 
Gaznatón, un. blow on the 
thrnat ; paneake 
«razón, <n. common thrift 
Gazpaehéro, tm. he who car- 
ries the dinner to workraen 
Gnzdza, violen! hunger 
Géfe, tm. chtef. V’. Xtfe 
Gehnbrlól, tm. a klnd of real- 
tng wax 

- Gelasino, na. i. applied to the 
teeth leen in taughing 
Gelatina, »f. Jelly 
Uelalinóso, sa. a. gelatinous 
Ge] ir, tm. over*eer who 
weigha or sell* si tk 
Gdosla, tf. jcalousy 
Góma, tj- tieam havlng tome 
bark owlng to iu being 111 

Genial, a. being of the length 
or breadth of a span 
Gime, tm. a span 
Gemela, tf. llower exhalino 
the oiiour of orange ana 
_ Jessamine 
Gewecár, v». to sob 
Geméios, tm. ¡ti. twnu ; ilde- 
beams of the masts 
Gemido, tm. groan, howl 
Getnidór, tm. lainenter 
Germinación, tf. repetltion 
Germiniír, va. lo doubie 
Gómlnls, tm. geminl | a klnd 
of healing plastee 
Gémino, na. a. doubie 
Gemir, vu. to groan, howl, 

Gemdso, xa. a. bxrky 
Genealogía, tf. gencalogy 
Geneaiogista, tm. geneauogist 
Geneárc», tm. head or cliief 
of a famllj or race 
Oeneático, ca. a. gencthlia- 

Generdble, a. gen er able 


Generación y Generáclo, tf. 

generation. nation 
Geneníl, tm. room in apublle 
school 5 a general offleer 
Genetál, a. general 
Generkla^f. beat of the drum 
whlcb calis troops lo arrns, 
slgnal tojoin convoy 
Generalato, tm. gcnerat-hlp 
Generalidad, tf. generality 
Generatif ó Generante, tm. 
' country-house 
Generalísimo, un. generalis 

Generalizar, oo. to generalize 
Generante, ya. genera tor 
Generativo, va. a. generatlve 
Genérico, ca. a. generic 
Género, tm genos, sea. Ge- 
nere t, goods 

Generosidad, tf. heredltary 
nobillty, generosity 
Generóso, aa. o. noble 
Génesis, un. Génesis 
Gcnetívo, ara. V. Compañón 
Gene! Haca, tf. genethliaca a. genethliacal 
(iengibre, tm. ginger 
Genial, a. coinformable to (lie 
geniua or natural «lisposi- 

Genialidad, tf. genialnesi 
Génio, tm. genius 
Genital, o. genital 
Genitivo, va. a. havlng the 
jmwer of generation 
Gen'tiir, tm. begetter 
Genittíra, tf. generation, seed 
or inatter of generation ; 

Genlzaro, ra. a. begotten by 
parents of ditrerent na- 

Genlzaro*. tm. pt. conectan 
and revisor* of the Pope'* 
bulla; janizarics 
Génoles, tm pt. futtock» 
Génoli ó Génull, tm. a light 
yellow paste made of san- 
darac, used by painler* 
OenUll.i, t . ralibíe, mob 
Génte, tf. people, nation, ir- 
my, character. Gente de 
tita ó de buen proceder, 
honest people. Gente de 
trato, tradesmen. Geniet, 

Gentecilla, tf. mob, rabble 
Gentil, tm. gentlle 
Gentil, i. genteel, splrlted, 

Gentil hdmhir, tm. nobleman 
Genllléxa, tf. genteel deport- 
ment, easiness, civiüty 


Gentilicio, ia. a . ¿entile 
GentíUca t ra. a. heathen 
Geutilidád, religión of the 

Gentilismo, tm. gentiliam 
Gentil izar, i*u. to observe the 
^ rite* of the getitUe* 

Gentío, tm. crovrd 
Gentualla, sj\ r Alible, mob 
Genuflexión, genuflexión 
Genuino, na. w. genuino 
Geodesia, tf. geodnrsia 
Geografía, tf. geography 
Geográfico, ca. a. geugraphic* 
Geógrafo, tm. gcographer 
Geománcia, tf. geotnaney 
Geoi náutico, m. geomanccrf 
a, geomantic 
Geómetra, #wt. geometer 
Geometría, tf. giometry 
Geométrico! ca. a. geometría 

(ieomctrlzár, vtu to geomo* 

Gcopónleo, ca. o. ¿eoponio 
Geo>c<j|iia, </. gecKCo|iy 
Gedtico, ca. a, geotic 
(íerámo, tm. cnneV biü 
Gentrra, m. hieiarch 
Gerarquíá, heirarchy 
Gerán¡uico, ca. a . Iiierarchl* 

Gerifáíte, im. gerfalcon 
(¡érca, coarte trieze 
Gengdnza, <■'. jargon. ridicu- 
los and extraordinary wit 
Gerigónzár, ra. to speak a Jat* 

Germané.'ico, ca. a. helonging 
to tiíe jargun of the gmniea 
Germaisía, \f. Jarguti of t lm 
gl|l.iJe^; concnhmage 
Germánico, ca. a. Germanl* 
i >ermáno. na. a . puré 
(iérnien, *»w. genn 
ttermlnár, t n. to germinate 
t ierngliíico, ttn. )iú rng'yphict 
Geroglítico, ca. o. hierogly 

(iérjia, tf. sniall Rterile shoel 
of a vine near the root 
Gerr cote, «m. dj.-.h made «A 
Wan* hed almo- di 
(ierviguilla, tf. klnd of aliort 

(¡esta, tf. common liroom ai , M/. tu gesticulate 
tiotéro, ia. a. plu>ing antio 

(ie>tículár, a. rclating to ¿ta- 

íieAtidn, t ‘. conduct 
(iéiítO; tm. f ace, jpa>ticuUtiflá» 
akpert» likeitea* 


Géta, tf- blobbex-lip ¡ muih- 

Gótico, ca. a. thlck-lipped 

Gctúdo, cía. a. having thlck 

Gialomína, tf. sort of yeilow 

Giba, tf. hnmp ; importunlty 
Gibído, da. c.. rrooked 
GiMr, ra. to oppress, trouble 
Gibóse, u. a gibbotu 
Glferada, tf. cut with a bnt- 
chcr’s knife 

Giga, tf. Jlg, llvely tune 
Giganta ti Gigantea, tf V. 

Gigantázo, xa. t. ahugegiant 
Gigante, ta. «. giant ¡ une su- 
perior In courage or vir- 
tuca ; m. gigantic 
Giganteo, tea ; Gigantesco, 
ca ; y Gigántico, ca ¡ Gi- 
gantlno, na. a. gigantic 
Gigantilla, tf a »ery ihort 
and lusty woman 
Gigantlrdr, tm. tu grow as big 
as a giant 

Gigantón, na. t. giant of an 
cnonuout slxe 
Gigóte, m. minced meat 
Gijas, tf. pl. strength 
Gflbo, ba. a. applicd tosco- 
lour between ahíte and red 
Uliecuélco, nt. a kind of 

sbort coat 

Gllguéro, tm. iinnet 
Glmélga, tf. tish, a pleca of 
timbee in ships 
GlmmLio, im. school 
Gimnasta, tm. m áster of ath- 
letlc exerciscs 

Gimnástico, ca. a. gymnastlc 
Glmnica, tf. acience of gyin- 

Glmnica, ca. a. gymnastlcal 
Glmnosoflsta, tm. gynmoso- 

Ginébra, tf- rattle, a confutad 
damorous noise 
Ginebrída, tj. sort of pufF 
paste gyntpcocracy 
ülnésta, tf. common broora 
Ginestáda, o f. kind of sauce 
Ginéta.thofhce of a «ergtaut 5 
anclent kind of lance ; ge- 
net ; anclent tribute paid 
for cattie j axt of hurseman- 

G loóte, <ot. trooper, any per- 
son who goes on horseback, 
smali fine horse 
GlngUr, m. to eibrat# 
Uipóósc, sa. a. gypseoua 

Gira, tf. sample of xtuff or 
cloth ) teast 
Giráda, tf. gyratlon 
Girifa, tf. cameleopard 
Glrálda, tf. weathercuck bl 
the form of a otatue ; coro 

Glraldóte, tm. turplice with- 
out sleevcs 

tíiránte, tm. V. Novilunio 
Giraulióga, tf. a sort of medi- 
cal confección 

Uirár, tm. to turo round ; to 
remit by billa of exchange 
from one place to another 
Glraaál, tm. firuit of the lac- 

GirasdI, tm. sunflower 
Girél, tm. cap&rison 
Girino, tm. eroteyo of a trog 
Giro, ra. a. handsome 
Giro, tm. gyre ; circulalion 
of specie s circumfercnce ; 
m en ace 

G ir afín», tf. ragout 
Giidfle, tm. clove-tree 
(íirománcia, tf. gyromancy 
Uirtín, tm. facing of a gar- 
ment ; standard 
Glrunádo, da. a. garoished 
with triangular pieccs of 

Girovágo,. ga. a. V. Vaga- 
bundo ¡ tm. w anden ng 


Girpeár, na. to dlg aho-rt a 

Giste, in. barm, yest 
Gitanada, tf. blandishment 
Gitanear, m. to flatter 
Gitanería, tf. wheedllng 
Gitano, na. t. glpsey 
Gitón, tm. ancient copper 

Glacial, a. glacial, ley . 
Gladiator <í Gladiador, tm. 

Glatliatdilo, la. a. relatlng to 
glad latón 

Gladiolo, mu coro flag 
Glagiar, va. to gaggle 
Glandifero, ra. a. glanrilferous 
Glándula, tf- gland , tm. yl. 

Glanduldso, sa. a. glandulous 
G larda, tf. conrsc gravcl mix- 
ed with tand 

Glasé, tm. a sort of bright 
shining silk 

Glaseado, da. a. varleg.ited 
Glásto, ns. woad, dyers’ woad 
Gláucio, ra. a sea-green plant 
Glauco, tm. a kind of blueixh 

Gléba, tf. sod orclodofearO 
turtied up by the piough 
Gléra, tf. V. Cascajal 
Glicdnico, tm. akindof Latín 

Glifo, tm. glrph 
Gldbo, mu giobe, sphere 
Globdso, sa. a. globular 
Glóbulo, tm. glubule 
Globuloso, sa. a. globolou» 
Glória, tf. glory, pleosure j 
sort of tart ; a kind of or 
Gloriarse, vr. to glory in 
Glorióla, tf. summer-housa 
(¡lorifieadór, tm. glorlfier 
Glorificante, ya. glonfting — 
Glorificar, va. to glorify 
Gioridm, sa. a. glorious, ert- 
Joying the bliss of hearen 
Glósa, tf. gloss; note added 
to a document 
Gtcsadór, tm. commentator 
Glosar, tu, to glosa 
Glosirio, tm. gloesary 
Glóse, tm. act of glotting 
Glosogratla, tf. descrlption of 
the tougue 

Glotón, na. t. glutton 
Glotonear, tm. to indulge one’a 
self too much m eatmg 
Glotonería y Glotonía, tf. 

Gluten, tm. glnten 
Glutinóso, so- a. glutinou» 
Gnafállo, tm. cudweed 
Gnónio, tm. gnome 
Gnómon, tm. gnomon ; beta* 

Gnomónica, tf- gnomonics 
Gnomónlco, ca. a. «latine te 

Gobernación, tf. government 
Gobernado, da- a. gorerned 
Gobernador, ra. 1. goveroor 
Uoliernalle y Gobernácuio, 
<m. rudder 

Gobernar, va. to gorero, en- 

Gobierno, tm. goremment, 
distrlct underthe commana 
of a goTenior] the act ot 
Góblo, tm. gudgeon 
Góce, tm. enjoyment 
Gócete, tm. pieee ot ancient 
armour for the head 
Gociáno, na. a. gothic 
Gócha, tf- sow 
Gócho, tm. pig, hog 
Gódo, da. a. gothic 
Gófo, fa. o. ttupid 
Gója, tf- basket in whkh 
gleaners put their con» 

Uóla, tf. guliet ; gorget 



Gdldre, »m. qulver 
Goleta, ef. a kind of email 

Gulfiin, im. V. Smnfar 
Golfillo, ik. a «nall gulf 
Golfín, rm. V. Drlfn 
Otilio, n h. gulf, chao* 
dolí lia, tf. counacllor 
üolilldro, ra. «. coltar-maker 
Gollete, rm. th rutile, the nar- 
row ]>art or neck oí a bot- 

Gnlilio, rm. narro» passage 
«f mountaiiu or rivera 
Golondrina, tf- swallow ; tub- 

Gúlcmdrinéra, tf. owallow- 

Golondrino, <m. a male ««al- 
io» j v agran t ¡ tub-ñ«h ¡ 
a Urge tumor in the arm- 

íjolóndro, rm. desire 
Guio. Aro, rm. gluttun 
üuluseár, t u. lo guilla 
Golosina, tf. glutiony, Golosinear y Go-, t tt. to guille 
Gollizo, «a. tu gluttonous 
Golpdio, <m. a great blow 
Gólpe, rm. blow, «round { 
crowd ; an unfort uñate ac- 
cldcnt. Guipe de mui , surge. 
lie UM guipe, once. Golpee, 

Golpeadero, rm. placa much 
lira tan 

Goljn-addr, ra. #. heater 
Golpeadura, </’. |ic rcussion 
GolpeAr, t tu. to t>eat 
Golt-chiit, rm. ingot of gold 
üoiusmióro, ra. a. gluttonotu 
(idtna, tf. gum 
(iamír, ra V, Engomar 
Gomecillos, wutermen 
Goinirt, if. glutton, sf. puní mines* 
Conuíso, «a. a. guinmy, full 
of «laceu-. hmnouri 
Gtíuce, rm. kind ni hinge 
(Mudóla, tf. góndola 
Gctiiumetrfc, tí gonlnmetry 
Gonulmetro, rm. gonlometer 
Gonomía, tf. gonorrhira 
Gorblón, rm. a kind of flow- 
ered tailély 
Gordal, a. fat, Mg 
Gnrdamt, (f, oil estracted in 
India from the testide* cf 


Gordí ro, xa. a. rery fat and 

Cdr£i, da. a. fat, rich, olly. 
Termo gordo, fat poiü. 

Hallar gordo, to rpeak 


Górdo, rm. fat, niet, larri 
Gordoldbo, rm. great-mullein 
Uorddn, na. o. rary Su and 
coi-pulen t 

Gonldr, rm. corpulence 
(iorddra, ef. pnw, faino* 
Gdrga, tf. fbod of hawk* 
Gorgeaddr, ra. r. warbler 
Gorgeár, mu to w artife ; vr. 
to gabble 

Gorgtjo, rm. trilling 
Gorgcrla <f. cliatter of a 
chlld which beatas to talk 
Gorgdjo, rm. gruh 
jorgnjtho, sa. a. futí of gruta 
Gorgorita, rm. oort of silk 

Gorgorear, m. to cry Uke a 
turkev cock 

Gorgorita, <f. bubble formid 
on water liy the fall of 

Gorgoritear, vn. to warble 
Gorgoritos, rm. pl. quivers of 
the «oice 

Gorgorotada, tf. tbe qoantlty 
of liquid swallowed al once 
Gorgotero, rm. |wd!er 
Gorgudra, tf. a kind of neck- 
cloth ; armnur of the neck 
Gorgtfa, rm. Jardín 
(idrja, tf- thrort ¡ rejoteing t 
henil of the keel 
Gorj.fl, rm. robar of a coat j 
pitee of armnur to definid 
the neck or throat 
Gormar, ra. to vomit ; re 
tum whnt belongs to an 

Gdrra, tf cap ; intrusión at 
fe.iivaU; paradle 
Gorrada, tf. V. Gorretada 
Gorrero, rm. cap-maker j pa- 

Gorretada, tf. «ahita with a 

Gnrríte, »m. cap 
(,ornn ó Gorrino, rm. a «malí 

Gorrión, tm. «parro» 

Gort tañera, tj. i endexvou* fbr 


Gorrista, rm. paradle 
Gorro, r.i*. a round cap 
Gorrón, rm. a |ioor -1 Uílmt ; 
tpindle; unhealthy ni ik - 
worm i round smonth peta 
ble i man giren to de* 

(iorróna, tf. «trompe* 
Gorronal, rm. place fbll of 
pebbles or coaise gravcl 

Gen-mito, rm. a great le cha» 
or rake 

Gdta, tf. drop, a ttnall qum 
tlty of any llquor ; goal* 
G«V i d gata, dio), bj drop 
Gotrádo, da. a. ipottíad 
Gotedr. vn, to drop, gire faf 
dribléis - 

Gotéra, tf- gutter, ntark lefk 
by the diopplrig of rain, 
frtnge of bed-haiiglngx 
Gótica, G otilla, ó GoUu, e0 

Gótic, , ra. a. gothic, noble 
Gottmo, «a. a. goutr 
Gorante, ¡a¡. enjoyer 
Gen ir, tw. to enjoy 
Gdrne, rm. kind of hinge; tta 
iir»t vertebre or Jotat of tire 

Gdxo, rm. joy ; a sprout 
im aóí «a. «. Joyful 
Gó/quey Gtn.utjo.nn. a imtl 
kind of dog 

Gratado, rm. art of engrart. 

Grabad, ir, rm. en gravee 
Gratar, rvi. to en pro ve 
Grabarón, rm. engravins 
Gracdinte, pa. joter, Joker, m. to Jokr, Jest 
Gracejo, rm. joke, Je»t 
Grárla, tf. grace, riegan ce t 
sift ; remúden of a debe 
benevolenre ; a witty aay. 
ing ; ñame ; graiitude tur 
faroers received. liar grá- 
cil i», to gire thankx. Do 
l rdria, gratis 

Graciálde, a. goednatured i 
caslly uiita ned 
< íracíi, a. gtarile 
Gracio-ldád, tf. grarefttlnm, 
fa> etiousnes» 

Graridso, ta. o. grnceftil, fa- 
retU’Ua, lienevolent, gra- 
tuitoua, ridiculous 
Gracióso, «a. i. merrr-andrtv, 
comlc artor or artrem 
Grada, ef. «ten nf a «'airease ; 
steps round an altar; hit. 
ru» . Natdo en la l ruda, 

, hipan the stocks; pl. bal ; 
seats of an ampldiheatre 
Grada, lún, tf. a harmónica» 

Gratládo, da. a. graduated 
Gradar, va. to hatrow 
Gradería, «f. «un of «eatt 
Gradinár, ra to juire *way 
wiih a chisel 

Gradlno, rm. chisel, gravar 
case ] 

m.u, viii—., s*--— . 

d, rm. step of astarr- 
e | valué or quailty of • 


Odng, degrec of klndred; 
plea»ur*. Gradot, minor 
orden In rellgiotu coramu- 

n i t te* 

Graduido, da. a. gradu.tcd 
Grm. aál, a. gradual 
Gradual, tm. a vene rcad 
betw «en theepistleandou»- 
peí al ti .a celebrado» of the 

Graduándo, r*n. candidato for 
académica! degrees 
Graduar, ni. to compare dif- 
ieren t thlng» ; gradúate 
Graf, na. grjver 
Orático, ca u. graphlc 
Oráfio, na. a »h»ie-cutter'* 

Grafi liles, rm. pl. kind of '-At- 

Grafómetro, rm. graphometer 
tiragéa, tf. a kind of «oj 
•malí tugar-plum 
Onda. </• Jay 

Grujido, «,»■ top of the ni lí- 
der, a. belonging to croas, 
laven», or m agine» 

Grajéro, ra. u. applied to 

Grálo, m. jack-daw 
Ora] uno, na. a belomrfna to 

Grima, tf. brake 
Oram.dlita, pot-hanger 
Gramática, tf. grammar 
Gram idcil, a. grammatical 
Gratnátii o, na. grainmarUn 
Gramaticdn, tm. grammarian 
Gramatúiuerla, i . any thing 
belonging to gram mar 
Gramathta, t. profesaor of 
gramin r 

Gramil la, tf. i wooden Instru- 
ir!.» >t for drawing linea 
Gramóao <a. o. gra.iy 
Gran, <i. V. Grande 
Grána, « . grain ; tne timo 
«hen coru, tía», ,c. fortn 
thetr aeed ; cochineal 
Gruñid i, t . ponlcgr Unate 
UrMadin, tf- • granadle!'» 

Granadero, rm. grenadler 
Granadilla, tf. paa-lon lloarar 
Granádo, da. u. Urge, prin- 

Gran .illa, tf. granularon 
Oranár, va. to grow to ma* 

Grenlte, rm. a precioai «tone 
Granatln, rm. kind of anclen t 

Granaron, tf- granularon 


Oran lid»; ¡a, tf. e!k 
Oranilárla, tf- niagnltude 
OraniUU), ra. a. very great 
Grín le, a. great, gránd 
(irán le, rm. g aiulee 
tirán lómenle. mi. great ly 
Gratulara, tf. gr catite»», gran- 
rii-ur, pre-«m menee, tnuet 
Ing of grandeva 
Grandillón, nn. o. exenta veiy 
Urge and blg 

UrandiUjquo, qua. a. making 
use of a lotty or porapuu» 

Grandiotlríid, tf. graatneu 
Grandioso, »a. a. grar.d 
Granddr, rm. ¡ore and bignew 
of thbiga 

Uranrddo, da. a. reduccd to 

Uraneaddr, rm. a kind oí 

Granadr, va. tp roer grain in 
the earth ¡ enerare 
Gtandl, rm. beap ol rom 
Granéro, rm. granary 
Uraneváno, rm. gwt i thorn 
Grangedr, va. to till ; g.tin 
the good-w U of anoUter 
by caree» 

Grangéu, rm. cultiratlon of 
the ground ¡ llattery 
Grangerla, tf. gain, proflt 
Orangdro, ra. r. farmer, dea- 
’erin protitable cotmnod, 

(iranguárdla, tf grand- guard 
Granli o, rm. »mall grain 
Granflla, tf- rough nap on 
eloth ; »mall necd 
Granillo, rm. sitiali grain ; 

gain frequendy ohtatned 
Granildvo, u. a. granuloua 
i inulto, tm. granito 
Uranizáda, tí- cnpiou» tdl of 

Granladr, mi. lo hall 
Granizo, tm. ludí ¡ cloud or 
web In the eye» 
liránj», tf- grange, fárm 
Gráno, rm. grain any minute 
partlcle ; dlrectlou of the 
Abre» of wood ; pimple 
'iraftdn, rm. pap made of 
bolled wheat 
Grandso, tu, a. granulo»» 
Granugiénto, ta. a. fttll of 

„ 8T * in 

Granuja, tf. rljte grapcv «e- 
paiated from the bramhes, 
•tune» of grape» and othet 

Granujido, da. a. fttll of plm 

pira, ftill of aceda 


Granujo, tm. pimplo or li« 
mor in the tlejJt 
(IranuJcKo, sa. tí. icranuloua 
Granular, ra. to granúlate 
(ir;inuY»su, ».a. a grai*u'oua 
U ramiza, tf coi \\ made oftho 
stalk» oí htr.ap 

Ortfiizíi», tf. pl. droia 

OÍ lIlHjii 

Gr atizóne», im. pl. refuse of 

Grviz*k)t aa. a. anplied to 
^ gTa n having inuch refuto 
Gráo, tm. strand, »horo 
< jrá;»a, tf. cramp iroti 
(i ra^, tf. Miet, grea^e ; gnm 
of junifier trre» ; ink parto 
IT»r writin»; 

Graséra, tf. ves sel for holdlnf 
iuk'paste, ve*.scl tor fat or 

(tia«eria, tf. tallow-chandler** 


Granza, tf. quaih> of U\ at 

(íra iiiuo, ta. a. ijrcasy 
GradU.i, i/» pounco 
1 «>a»o, %a. a. fat, 01I5 
Grá-u, rm. fai, g - uM>c 
«irwJiift, sitt. i*/. Kt.t*dith 
( irátan y (tiata^újiu, tf. ia«* 
atniineiit for l>urniJün¿jaít* 
ver, or >11 ver gilí 
Gratar, ra. to burnUh 
iiraiiticaddr, tm. graiiBer 
Gratntrdr, ihi. to reward 
(¡ratfi, rm. head of 4 sail 
GrácU, a.. paii> 

Grattadáto, ta. «. grntuitout 
( iratitúu, t,.. i^ratitude 
iirálo, ta. a. gracefui, grato 

-ratotulda, tf- kmd of ragoul 
Gratuito, ta. a. gratultnu» 
Gtatu achín, -J . clieerful 

re.idme»», congratulatlon 
Gratulár, en. to congratúlate, 
ttr. to rejoice . 

Ora vánen, rm obligados 
perfora! ai ¡y th ng 
Gravár, va to burtnen 
Gravativo, va. u grievoot 
(.íríve, a. welguty, great 
grave, haughty, im|iortant 
Uravedr. va. to weigh 
Graverbid, tf- gravltj 
Uravuduso, -a. u. haughty 
GravUár, vu. to gt a vítate 
Gravd-o, «o. «. gnevuti» 
Ura/n.uiór, ra. i. croaker 
Graznar, v i. to croak / 

Grazmtlo, rm. a croaJt or cate 
Gréba, tf. ancútnt armoor At 



Oréen» tf. O redan ftet 
Ureciánu, naj Gréco,ca;y 
OrecAno, na. a. Greciaui 
GrecUco, a. Greek 
Greciano, tm. Greclsm 
Greclzdr, un. to allcct lo tpeak 

Greda, tf- chalk, mnrl, fUller*» 

G redil, tm. plt wliere chalk, 
or fuller’s earth I» found 
Greddso, u. a. chalk; 
Grefiér, m. keeper of the 

Gregdl, tm. north-east wind ¡n 
the Mtdlterranean 
Gregdl, a. gregarlous 
üregalizár, en. to be nerth- 

Gregário, ría. a. gregsrious 
Gregoriano, na. a. pregonan 
üregoríllo,*m. neckcloth worn 
by woinen 

Greguería, tf. outcry 
Greguisco.-, tm. ¡>t. a wlde 
sor! of breeches 
Gregulzár, tu. to ulk Greek 
Gremio, tm, lap, soclety 
Gréña, tf. elotted -hair, íyiv 
tiiing entangletl 
Greñudo, da. a. dishevclled 
Greñuéla, tf. the lint shoots 
of a vine 

Grísea, </. clatter, av rengle 
G red ble, a. moveable 
Gritas, tf. pl ■ greavea 
Grey, tf. a flock 
Grilobr, va. to fall to leeward 
Gfida, tf. signal to cali soldiers 
to arma 

Gritfgo, ga. a. Greek 
Griéta, tf. crevice, scratehln 

GrieuSso, sa. a. foll of cracks 
Grifado, da. a. applled to a 
oertaín kind of letters 
Grifálto, tm. onall kind of 
‘ culverin 

Grifo, tm. griffin or grlffon. 

Grtfi m, fmaled halr 
Grifen, tm a cock for water lo chirp or squeak ; 
jvr. to shoot 

QriUéra, tf. cricket -cage 
Grillero, tm. he who takes the 
troru olT prlsoners 
Grillete*, tm. p I. shacklcs 
"Grillo, sm. a cricket i slioot 
issuing from ceed in the 
earth. Grittot, irons 
Grillotalpa, tm. mole-cricket 
Grima, tf. fright 
Grlmito, m. a grotesque pos- 


Grímpola, tf. vane 
Griiialde tf. machine of artl- 
ilciai flrework 
Grifidn, tm. a sort of cowi 
wom by religious women j 
apricot ingrafted in a 

Gripo, tf. a kind of vene! 
Gris, sin. mixture of white 
and black ; a grixxieeo- 
loured squirrel 
Gris, a. gray 

üriséta, tj. kind of flowered 

Grla, tf. clamour 
Gritador, ra. t. crier 
Untar, vn. to shout 
Gritería, tf. confused cry of 
many volees 
Grito, rm. clamour 
Gritdn, na. a. vpciferont 
Grdfa, t'. vilo prostituta 
Grdmo, tm. tltc heart of planta 
or trees 

Grtipos, rm. pl. cotton put in 

Gros, tm. ancient money 
Grísea, tj. kind of venomous 

Grosedad, tf. V. Grosura y 

Grosella, tf. currant 
Grosetia, tf. rudeness 
Grosero, ra. a. grasa, rude 
Groaíza, tf. corpulence 
Grdsn, a. coarse snutf 
Grosdr, tm. crassitude 
Grosura, tf. suet, ex tremí - 

Grúa, tf. crane, bend of an 
incurvated piece of timber 
Gruirás, tf. pl. rope-holes 
Gruéro, ra. a. Iielonging to 
birria of prey for cianea 
Gruesa, tf. a gro»s 
Grueso, sa. a. bulky. Urge, 
coarse, rudc, dense 
Gruéso, raí. corpulence, main 
_ part of a whole 
Gruir, en. to crankle 
Grülla, tf. crane 
Grullada, tf, mob, crowd of 

GrulUíro, ra. a. applicd to 
birds of prey in chase of 

Grumete, raí. slilp’s boy 
Grumo, ra». grume, cluiter, 
pitfc af trees. Grumot, 

Grumeso, ut. a. grumy 
Gruñido, tm. grunt 
Gruñidor, ja. <• grunter 
Gruñimiento, tm. grunting 


Gruñir, en. to grunt, cteak, 

Grapa, tf. croup 
Grupada, tf. aquall or gust of 

Gruirá, tf. crupper 
Grú|>o, tm. group 
(írúta, tf. cavern 
Grutesco, tm. grotesqne 
Gniyiie, raí. a kind of rlch 

GuaycainAyo, tm. raacaw 
Guachapear, ra. to pnddlei 
en. to clap as hprses' thocs 
when loose 

Guacha)>ei¡, tm. solid stiong 

Guácharo, ra. a. whinlng, 
xickly, dropsical 
GuacharTáila, tf. a tuddmt 
fall or pluuge of a ihing 
luto nrud or water 
Guachirhles, tf- pl. kind of 
sea fnw) 

Guacia, tf. the tiee or gum 
callcd acacia 

Guadafiones, tm. pl. fetters 
Guailainacíl, raí. piinted 

Guada nnacllcría, tf- mann. 

factory of ptinted leather 
üuadaniacilero, tm. miuui- 
facturer of printed leather 
Guadáña, tf. sithe, a knifia 
used by manuiacturen of 
leather wine-hag* 
Guadañir, va. to inow 
Guadañero, Guadañeoddr, y 
Guadañil, tm. mover 
Guadañen, rat. rnower 
Guadapero, tm. wildpear. 
tree ; a boy who carxiea 
victuals to resimt 
Guadarnés, tw.liarness-roorn, 
Guadixeño, tm. ponlard 
Guadramáña, tf. trick 
Guadúa, tf. kind of largo 
cañe or reed in Peni 
Guaduál, tm. plantaliotl of 
large roeds 

Gunjáca ti* kind of cocoa 
Gualatlna, ti- di>h made of 
lioiled applcs, &c. 
Gu.rldiido, da. a. ydltnrisb 
Gualdo, da. a. gold colour 
Gualdrápa, tf. horse clothy 

Gualdraperos, tm. pl. tlaps of 
the saiis against the mosta 
Uualdrapeéi, va. to put ono 
Ihing opon another 
Gualdrapero, tm. ragamuf- 



Cualdrfne». rm. pt, Hit» oí 


Cuino, m. klnd oí American 
palm -tree 

Cuafiín, a. applled to gold 
under the legal standard 
Cucntida, tf. blcw giren with 
the paln) of the hand 
Guínte, <m. gluve, pauntlel, 
famillarly the hand 
Guantelete, rm. gauntlot 
♦ •cantería, tf a ¿lover*» shop 
Guantero, tm. giover 
(juapao, za. a. bra»e 
Guai>eir. vn to boast of con- 
rage take a pnde in fine 

Guapetón, na. boaster 
Guajtóza, tf. bravery 
Guipo, pa. o. ttout, «pruce, 
neat, gay 

Cuaripo. rm. tub-acid drink 
made in angar-milU 
ttuirda, r. r«m. guard ¡ *f. 
«Jstodr ; obseTrancs of a 
law ; slieet of papcr placed 
at the beginning and end 
of voluines. Guanta alma- 
crn, store keeper. Guanta- ni, goat-lierd. Guarda- 
eaJmat, latlu of the chain- 
walcs. G atirdara rtachot, 

certridge- cases ; fender. 
Guardalado, battlement of 
a bridge. G :ui rdatn aattboe 
de tai trrgat, foot 
ro¡»ea or horse». Guarda • 
mangitr, pantry. Guanta- 
mdno, guard of a sworJ. 
Guardamrcha, match -tub. 
Guanlamimtci, forcster. 
G lutrdattlUu, keeper of the 
priry seal. Guardatal, pa- 
rasol. Guardar, «arda of 
a lock 

tjuirda, ínter]. take caro ! 
Uuardadór, ra. i. keeper, one 
who observes a law, 
Mdnrilalntante, tm. fiirthin- 

Ouardamingel, rm. pantry 
Uoardamateriálea, m. person 

ílon n,ed *° * >urcJuue bul ‘ 

Guardarolónto, rm. cuttody 
Guardamonte, rm. guard of a 
gun-liK-k, ssrord, ,yc. 
Guarda mugir, tf. sczvont nf 

ilie ijucen 

C*« irda¡ ípo, tm. aneient 
picce ot arniour to proicd 
the fiici» 

tluardapiós, tm. tUk pett'coat 
Guardapolvo, tm. any piece 


of cloth or Irather to guard 
againai the dmt 
Guardar, va. to keep, guard, 
fulfil o ne’a duty, protect, 
lmpede ; vr. to be upon 
or.e's guard 

Guardário, rm. klng'r fisher 
Guardéria, tf. the occupation 
of a guard 

Guárdia, tf. guard, «atch. 
Guardia de ttlribor, star- 
hoard watch ¡ tm. noldier 
bclonging to the guarda 
Guardian, na. r. keeper 
Gvni'ltania, -f irusrdianship 
Guardilla, tí garre! 

Guardin de la caña, rm. tiller- 

Guardó™, a. trugal, stingy 
Guarecer, ra. to grow vrell ; 
va. to aid, guard; vr. to 
take refu ge 

Guarescimiénto, rm. heallng 
Guailda, tf. den, haunt 
Guarín, tm. young pig 


Guarir, vn. y a. to 
Guarismo, rm. figure 
Guaríanlo, roa. a. axlthmeti- 

Guarneceddr, rm. hatter who 
cocks hats; one who gar 
niahea a thing with orna 
mental appendagcs 
Guarnecer y Guamescér, ra. 
to corrobórate, garnisb, 
tilín, liintna borres, garrí 
ion a town 

Guarnés, rm. parta or turna 
of a tackle-full 
Guarnición, tf. flounce, guard 
ofasworsl; parrison ; par 
niture ; pl. aneient ateel 
armour of defence; har- 

Guarnicionería, tf. thcp of a 

Guarnicionéro, rm. harneas- 

Guarniél, rm. leather pune 
used by canden 
Guarnir, va. to rcere 
Guirra, tf. tow 
Uuárro, rm. hog, ptg 
Guastár, va. V. Cu asumir 
Guiy, ittierj. oh 1 
Guija, tf- grief 
Uuayiba, tf. fruit of the 
guasa- tree 

Guajícn, na. llgnum Tita 
Guayadéro, rm. place of 

Guayapel ó Guaypín, ra. a 
loose lndlan dreu for To- 


Gusyír, m. to pmm %~ 
Guiyco, rm. rugged 
Gubernativo, va. a. idmhrte» 

Gdbla, tf- gouge 
Gubiadiiia, tf. notch, chan- 

Guedeja, tf. lock of halr fall* 
ing on the temple, iion'a 

Guedelir, ra. todroa tbe halr 
Guedejón, na; y Guedejóso, 
sa. o. bushy 

Guedejddo, da. a. bushy 
Guilde, rm. water-eider 
Guérra, tf. war, art of war, 
profeuion of arras, opiwti- 
tion. Guerra galana, can* 
Guerreador, ra. r. warrior 
Guerreante, pa. wnrrior 
Guerreir, va. to war 
Uuerréro, rm. wanior 
Guenéro, ra. n. martlal 
Guerrilla, tf. skirmi.-h 
Gula, rm. a cuide, perrnit; 
young shoot of a vine ; per- 
lón who lertls down a 
ctmntry dance ; director» ; 
guard of a fan ; pl. traína 
of |»wder in tire wotks ; 
the two stiff Ixmcs of stays. 
Guiadéra, tf. gutde or con* 
ductor in milis 
Gutitlo, da. a. gulded 
Guladdr, ra. r. guide 
Guí amiento, rm. gu Idance 
Guiar, va. to guide, teach,, 
lead a dance 
Guija, tf- pcbble 
Guijarrál, tm. heap of prbblo 

Gnijarréfio, fia. a. pebbly 
hatdy, strong and rude 
Guijirr’o, tm. |>ebb!e 
Guitarrdso, sa. o. pctibty 
Giiijéño, na. a. full of pebblcs, 
hard, difhcult 
Guijo, tm. small pcblile» 
Guijún, tm. a worro that cor 
rodé» tlie teeth 
Guljsisn, sa. a. gravelty 
Guilla, tf. a píen t ¡ful harve» 
Guilláme, rm. rabhet-plane 
GuilletUn, rm. gelding 
Guillóte, rm. husbandman 
who enjoys the produce of 
a farro; tree-na:l; ragrant 
Guimbalete, rm. liandlo oí a 

Gulnchér, va. to prlck 
Guincho, rm. gull 
Guinda, tf. cherry 
GulnrUdo, da. a. hotcMd 



Gu'ndal, itt, cherry tree 
Guindalera, tf. cherry (fardan 
Guindnléta, tf- crank-rope 
Guindalera, tf- hawser 
Guindamáyna, tf- sal u te be- 
tween ahípa 

GuimUr, ra. to lift, match, 
make faat with hawsers, 
hoist ¡ vr. to be suspend- 

Guindilla, tf- «malí kind of 
red ep|>er 

Gulndíllo, im. Indian cherry - 

Guindo, m. cherry-tree 
Guinea, tf- guinea 
Guingáns, y. a kind of cotton 

Guiñáda tí Guiñadúra, tf- 


Gulfincitír, ra. a. winker 
Gulñáno, en. a Utter, ragga- 

Guiftár, tw. to wink ; make 

Guiño. Jet V. Gu ! líail* 

Guldn, en. croe-, royal stand- 
ard, master of ce emunio ¡ 

Guirigiiy, en. gibberlsh 
Guirindola, ,/; bosoin of a 

Guirnálda, tf. garland, pud- 
dening- Guirmhia - W as- 
da, puildening of the an- 

Gulnmldár, tvt. to surroimd a 
tbra-hing-plare with tree* 
Gllisádo, nn ragnut 
Guisador, ra; y Guisandero, 
ra. <• rook 
Guisánte, en. pea 


Gulrfr, ru. to cook ot dren 


Guiso, rm. the teasonine of a 


Guisóte, m. dlsh of nteat 
dressed uountry-fashion 
Guita, tf. a smail hempen 

Ouitár, un. to itw with a 
hem|>eti cord 

Guitárra, tf. guitar ; pounder 
Guitarrero, ra. I. guitar- 
maker, player on the guitar 
Guitarrista, en. player on the 

GuitarriSn, raí. a large guitar] 
an acute knare 
Güito, ta. a. treacheroui 
Gultdn, da. r mendicant 
Gultonedr, vn. to loiter ot 
idle about 

Guitonería, tf. idlenen* 
Guirgár, ra. to excite 
(tuja, tj: arin used by archen 
Gula, tf. gullet, gluttony 
Gulíorla, tf. daínty ¡ éxcess 
in eating and tlrinking; 
kind ot lark 

Gultíno, sa. ti. gluttonous 
Gúmena, tf. cable 
Gumía, if. kind of dagger or 

Gurbión, tm. twlsted silk, 
»'tlk stulT 

Gurbionádo, da. a. made of 
twisted coarse silk 
Gurrár, en. to get clear of 
another shlp 

GurruCilIa, tf. a worthlcss 

Gurruféro, en, a dcformed 
nag or hone 


Gurrumina, oxmlotumn* 
Gurullada, tf. a club, crowct 
Gurúllo, éiñ. lump or kno€ 
Ouruméte. *m tdnp's boj 
Uurúpa, tf. rroup of a lK*r->« 
Gurupéra, tf. crupjier 
Gurvio, va. a. curved 
Gusaneár, rw. to itrh 
GuNdném, tf. place where 
vermln are hred 
Gu aniénto. ta. tt. troubk<l 
with terinln 

Gusanillo, tm. a kind of em- 


Guaiño, tm. mnggot, worm ; 
met-k nerson 

Gusarapiento, ta. a. wormy 
Gu<.ard|Hi, tm. water-wonñ 
Gu>é|ie, tm. kind of polypns 
Gu dóble, a. tastable 
Gustadura, tf. gu-tation 
Gu>tár, va. to t.Lste, enjoy a 
ibin^ with pieasure» ex|«- 
rie.u'e, take a picadme in a 

Gustativo, u. lingual 
Gu-tázo, tm. a great 
Gú-to, tm. tastv, plcasure, 
one'a own wíll, electiou, 
caprice. fiutlot, sensual 

Gustoso, xa, a. tasty, cheerfuU 

Gutagámba y Gutlámhar, -nn. 

GiuunU, a. guttural 
Gurí-mines, tm. p(. noblemen 
who servo as mldsbiproe» 
in the navy 

Gurpatárra, tf. ancknt plaj 
of boy» 


Uába, tf. bean j a k'nd of 
11 mange In horse* and oten 
Habanero, ra. a. natlve uf Ha- 

Habánn, na. ir. applled to to- 
bateo »f llavaunnh 
Habar, ta. Iieanlit-ld 
Habdr, eu. to postatsa, haré, 
takc, hap|ien, extst ¡ vr, to 

bel i.i ve 

Haber, »»•». pro)>CTty 
Habichuela, ti'. rominon 
wliite khlney-hean 
Hábil «. c.ipdlile, agüe apt 
Habilidad, ti. hability, nim- 
bienes-, iiMinct 

Habilltaridn, tf- habllitatlon 
Habüitddo, en. commiaeary 
of a regitnent 
Habilltádor. ra. ». qusllfier 
Hahillrdr, ra. to quaiify, pro- 
vide, aupply 
Hahitátile, n. habitable 
Habitacidn, tf. habltation, *et 
of rooms 

Hahltiddr, ra. i. inhatútant 
Habitante, ¡ta. inhaidtant 
Habitár, ru. to inhabit 
Hábito, en. drew. Sabilnt, 
tire» of eccleslastic!, hahit 
Halútuacldii, jf. habitude 
Habitual, u. habitual 


HahitualitUd, tf. cnstom 
Habituarte, tr. t« be accuv 

Habitúd, tf. habitude 
Habla, tf, siieech, dltcourre, 

Hablador, ra. t. an impudent 

Habladuría, tf- an impertí- 
nent «peerh 

Hablantín tí Hablanchín, na. 

i. a talkative person 
llabldr, va. to njieak, reason, 
harangue, adrise. 
4 buhn rf 4 tienta, to talk at 
rondom. Ha: lar aiío, to 

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talk loud. Hablar i» varar t ¡ 
to tpeak seriuusly 
Hablilla, 0 . 1 '. rumnur 
Habón, tm. laigp Und of 

Ilica, of. pony 
Hacanéa, of. nag 
Hace, tm. V . Ha* 

H acedólo, ra. a. feanble 
Hacedór, ra. i. maker ; tite- 
ar el ; a pood workman 
Hacendado, da. a. applied to 
per-ams of pro|>erty 
Hacen dir, va. to trander the 
|»ro|»eTty of an estáte ; vr. 
to make a purchase of lamí 
In ovdr to settle in a place 
Hacendara, of. publlc work 
Hacendero, ra. a. industrióos 
Hacendóla y iiaccndudla, Of. 

a tritling work 
Hacendóla), sa. a. asslduous 
Hacór, no. to make, put In 
exccution, make upa num- 
ber, agree. gire, inciude, 
cause, resotve, dispone, as- 
aerable, habitúate, obliga. 
Haoer venir, to oblige to 
come ; dress, prow. Hacer 
alar.'e, to revlew trnops. 
Hacer carne, to wound. 
Hacer el bastardo, to veer 
*o a» to bring the ship be- 
fbre the wlmT. Hacer (¡estas 
to flatter. Hacer, juego, to 
be wetl rnalched. Hac r 
ratón, to Join in a toast. 
Hacer morityuetat, to play 
pranks. Hacer fLito, to 
carve. Hacerte 4 h vela, 4 
hacer vela, to set aall. 
Hacerte ilt mi-í, to treat 
otie pently. Hacer fama 
de veta, lo crowd sail. Hacer 
agua, to sprinp a leak. 
Hacer comino ¡«ira po/m, to I 
raake stemway } va. to Ini- 
port, lie, eaist. Haré frío, 
tt is rotd ; vr. to sejuiratc 
Hlcha, of. a largo uper with 
' finir wicks ; hatchet. 
Hacha Je armas, balde- 

Hacheár, va to cut with a 
hatchet ; un. to strike with 
a hatchjt 

Hachero, *m. torch-stand ¡ 
wnod-clearer, carpenter 
Ilicho. sm. fagpot 
Hachón, ten. a Urge torch 
inade of pitch ; kind of 

Har:huéla, tm. a i molí hat- 
(licl vr ai« 


Hiela, ad. torrarás. Hácta 
donde, whither 
IIacidnda,tf. landed propert y , 
estáte. Haciendas apala- 
brada!, poods already be 

Haclénte, pn. agent, doer 
nacimiento, mi. actinp 
Hacina, rf. stack ofeotn plled 
up in sheave» 

Hacinador, ra. t. stack-maker 
Hacinamiento, tm. accumu* 

Hacirulr, cu. to ttack up 
sheares of com, hoard 
Hacino, na. a. V. Avaro y 

Hádas <5 Iludidas, of. pí- 
se i tches 

Hartádo, da. a. fortúnate 
Hadadúr, ra. t. sorcerer 
Hailár, en. to divine 
Hirió, tm. late, destín y 
Hadrúlla, tf. fraud in selling 
and buying 

Halacabúllas y llalacuótdas, 
tm. fresh-waicr saltón 
Hatagadór, ra. t. eajoler 
Halapir, va. to cajole 
Halago, ira. cajolery 
II dagtlófio, ha. a. enclearing 
Halir, ro. to haul 
Halcón, im. falcan 
Halconirlo, a. falcon-Uke 
Halconeit, va. to look and in* 

Halconera, of. place where 
falcons are kept 
Halconería, of. falconry 
Halconero, tm. falconer 
Hilda, of. bag niade of sack- 
cloth, skirt of a parment 
Hnldida, of. skirt full of any 

Haldear.rn. torun alonp wltli 
the skirta flylnp 
Haldudn, da. a. havlng flying 

Halcclie r rm. kind of mackerel 
Haliéto, tm. sea esgle 
Hálito, tm. brcath 
Hallado, da. a. found. Bien 
hallado, very familiar, wel ■ 

Hallatiór, ra. t. fmder 
Hallir, ra. lo tind, observe, 
manifest ¡ vr. to meet oe- 
casionally in any place, be 

Halldzgo y Hallamléntn, «in. 
the act of finding, thinp 

HilhlUa, of. Und of parte tur 


Halldllo, tm. cake baked cm 
or under cindert 
Haló ó Halón, tm. halo , 
Halóza, of. woorlen shoe 
Hamica. of. hainmock 
llamaquéro, im. person wh* 
conducta a hammock 
Haniino, tm. a kind of pink 
cotton stutf 

Hiinbre, of. huoger, scarciij 
and tiearlh of provisión» 
Hambrear, rn. to be hungry 
va. to cause hunper 
Hambriónto, ta. a. hungry 
Hambrón, na. i. a hungry 

Hamidis, of * surt of muslin 
llame/, tf- > distemper in 
hawks or falcon* 

Himpa, of bully, lirzpper 
Haiupéscu, ca. a. vapaliond 
Hampo ó Hampón, a. bold 
Hanega, tj. a dry mensure 
Hanegiria,»;. quantily,of Und 
sown with a. anega of com 
Hanquflla, of. a kind of boat 
Haragán, na. i. idler 
Harapinzo, za. a. very Idle 
Haraganeir, va. to iead M 
idle lifc 

Haraganería, rf. idleues» 
Harapo, tm. rag bangirtg 
duwn frora torn clothcsj 

Harbar, va. to huddle 
Harém, tm. ltarcni 
Harija, of. miil-dust 
Harina, tf. flonr 
ilar nido, tm. llour dissolrnl 
In water 

Harinóro, tm. raeahnan 
Harinóro, ra. a. mailc o t 


HarinóvO, sa. a. mealy 
Harmiga, of. wild rué 
Harmonía, of- liannony 
Harmonista, tm. musician 
Harnéro, tm. a síeve 
Harón, na. a. slow, inactiva 

H trpagón, tm. hariow 
Hatpóo, tm. prappUng-ircn 
Hairlcro, tm. carrier 
H.irtdr, va. to stutf with eat* 
inp and drinkinp, satlake 
Hartúzgo, tm. saliety 
Hirto, ud. enoiigli 
Mirto, ta. o.sufnelent 
Hartura, t . satiety, plenty 
Ha..!/, tr/t. guard or keeper of 

Histn. ad. until, also, even 
iiasiulr, va. to loathe 
Hastio, tm. ioathing 

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HatSca, tf a Urge klnd oí 
voodcn UdlCy a rolling-pin 
llatajár, i *x. to divide catUe 
¡nio flocki or hcrds 
Hatajo, rm. a small hcrd oí 
catt'.e, nx>cmbUge 
Hatear, vn. to collcct onc's 
dothes neceasarj for tra- 

Hatero, rtn. a person who 
caí ríes provisión* to those 
rvho attcud a íloek ol 

atéro, ra. a. applled lo tlie 
animáis that cany the 
shepherd's baggage 
llatíjo, ría. Corel ing orer hec- 

Hatillo, rtn. a few clubes 
Hito, rnt. clothe»; a largc 
herd of cattlet provUitm* 
for ibephcids ¡ ciowd 
Háya, tf beech-trce 
Hayal J Hayedo, r m. planta- 
tion of beech-tree» 

Hayo, rni. ludían stinib 
llayúco, rm. beech ma-t 
u«i, rtn. faggot ; tf- bunrlle, 
fasces ; ontslde or rlght side 
of eloth j surfacc of the 
ground ; front of a wall 
Ifáza, V- ldece of cultlvatcd 

Haríll.ra, tf- a .malí klnd ct 
coasting vcssels 
Hatada. (T. *padc 
Hazadiln, rtn. a largo spade 
Hatalíja, tf- a towel 
lloulín, tf. ovploit, feat, lg- 
noble action 

Hazañería, r*. shovr of scru* 
pulosity and tendemess of 

Hazañero, ra. o. pmdish 
Hazantíro, ra. r. allécted pru- 
dish i tersen 

Hazaftdso, «a. a. vallant 
Hazcdna, tf dart 
Hazmereli, r-n. rldiculous 

He, (id. behold 

He, Ínter.}, ho, what ? 

Hclxltímada, tf *«k. 

Semana, serien years 
Hebin, o. applied to whlte 
grapes ; emptj 
Hebetár, tm. to helietate 
Hebilla, tf buck'.e 
HebllUgc, tm. collection of 

Hehillár, na. te buckle 
Udbra, tf thread of llnen 
yarn ¡ capillament of the 
hlocsotn of plauts ¡ vein of 


mineral» ; fibre ; tough- 
ness. f/eirar, filament* 
Hebraico, ca. a. belonging to 
the Hebrenrs . 

liebraisánte, tm. hebraist 
Hebraísmo, r*n. hebraism 
H ebrio, ca. r. a Hebrew 
Hebréo, ea. a. hebraic 
Hebroso, sa. a. tibrous 
HecaUímlt.» <5 Hecatiímbe, rnt. 

Hcchicerísco, ca. a. rcUting 
to witchcraft 

Hechicería, tf. witchcraft, 

Hechiciro, ra. a. y r. witch, 
charmcr, attractive 
Ilcchizár, na. to bewitch, 
cbarm, picase irresistibly 
Hechizo, rtn. bewitchment, 
enchantiuent, cntertatn- 

Hechizo, za. o. made or done 
on purposc 

Kéchn, cha. o. made, done, 
used. Hecho t‘« Icón, like 
a lion. Viento hecho, steady 

Hécho, rm. action, erent, 
subjcct dlscussed. A r hecho, 
Hechor, ra. r. factor 
Heihdra, tf- act of )>eTform- 
ing any thing, the vrork 
done, eíBgy, vrorkmanshlp, 
Haciénto, ta. a. full of ice» 
Hectúreo, ea. a. belonging to 

Hedentina, tf. stench 
Medir, en. to stink 
Hediondez, tf a strong stcncli 
or stink 

Hediondo, da. a. fetid, Iras- 
cible, pettish 
Heddr, rm. stench, stink 
Medrar, ea. to dig a sccond 
time ahoot the vine* 
Hegíra, tf Hcgira 
Heláhle, a. congealable 
Helada, tf. fro-t 
Heladtna, tf. jelly 
Heladizo, za. o. easlly cun- 

Helado, da. gelld, frlgid 
HeUdo, rm. icc-creain 
Helamiinto. rm. congclation 
Helar, tm. to frceze, be tlupe- 
fied ; vr. to be congeal- 

Hile, Hétele aquí, oct behold 

Heleár, ca. to potni wilh the 


Helécho, r*n. male and ft 
male lem 

Helenismo, rm. hel'emstn 
Heléra, tj. pip. Altana ln 

Helgado, da. a. Jag-tnothírd 
Helgadura, tf. ¡ -f 
the tcelh 

1 [diámetro, rm. hchoinetvr 
Heliosedpio, mi. urart-wort : 
telescope pcculiarly liitnl 
for viewing the sun 
Hellot ripio, rm. prccicus 

Hclxine, tf petlilory 
Hematites, »m. ha;inatlte* 
llimbra. tf. femóle ¡ head of 
hair of «ornen ; nut of a 
scrcu ¡ eyc of a hook 
Ilembrciir, en. to be inclined 
to témales, genérate té- 
males only 

Hembríia, tf a " ,Tt of ««•* 
of very tiñe graln 
liembnino, na. fl. belonging 
to the female tez 
Hemiciclo, rm. V. Scmicir - 

Hemicránea, tf- hemlrra- 

Hcmionite, tf. splecn vort 
Hemisferio, im. hemisphert 
Hemistiquio, sm. hemistic 
Hemorrápa, tf. hemorrhase 
Hemorroidal ,a. hemorrhoicU! 
UcmoTrik) y HtmorróiíUj »• 
kind of scn»cnt 
Henár t un. meadowr of hay 
Hcnrhidúr, ra. *. tU f cr 
Ilenchidúra, //. rcpletlon 
HenchimiiíntOp wu abun» 

Henchir» va, to CU wp* «oe 
cii&cord, produce mUchicf j 
vr. to lili one's se!f 
Hendedór, ra. *. divider 
Hcndedúrá» tf. li^tre 
Hender, va. tosplii, to break 
into pitees 
Hendible» a. 

Hendiente,»*»». down-** í, oicc uf 
a sword or edped lo d 
Henil, m. hay-loft 
Heno, sm. hay 
Hefifr, va. to knead dmt^n 
Hepático, ca. a. hcpatic 
Heptágono, sin. heptapon 
Heráldico, «*a. a. heraldic 
Heráldo, herald 
Herbáceo, cea. a. heibacww 
Heridle, sm. herbaje, pay- 
ment for paituru^e 
Herlwméro, sin. one who renta 
meailovrs or pastures 


f Tcrhajár, vn. to pasture ; va. 

to inclose a tield for pasture 
Herbar, va. to dress skins 
wlth herbü 

Herlxírio, im. herbal, herba- 
rium ; a. herbarious 
Herbará!, sm. pasture ground 
for cattle 

Herbecer, vn. to prevent the 
growtli of herbs 
Hciboládo, da. a. applicd to 
thing-» p dsoned with the 
juice of plants, a* dañera 
erholário, im. herbolist, 

Herborización, am. botamzing 
Herborizada ó Herborizante, 
am. herballst 

Herborizar, vw. to h^borlze 
Herbó*», na. a. herbou* 
Hercúleo, ea. a. Herculean, 

Hércules, tm. epilepsy 
Heredad, af. piece of ground 
wliich i» cultirated and 
bears fruit, hereditument 
Hmxliído, da. a.V. Haondndo 
Heredamiento, im. V . Heren- 

Iieredár, va. to inherlt, malee 
over any Iclnd of property to 

Heredéro, i. hcir 
Hered (tirio, ria. a. hereditary 
Herege, a . rom. heretic 
Hercgía, p'. here>y, liierary 
error, ¡i.junom expresión 
Herén, tm. vctch 
Herencia, aj'. inheritance 
lieredárc.1, tm. heresiarch 
Ilereniólogo, am. wiiter on 

Ileteticál, o. heretical 
Hereticir, vn. lo believe and 
defend pert;naciou-dy any 

Herético, ca. a. heretical 
Hería. /. st rol linc v agran t 
Herida, a*, wound, allliction 
llerid. ro, am. place where a 
wound U inflicted 
Herid.», da, a, wounded, 

Herid ir, ra. a. wounder 
líen miento, sm.actof wound- 
ing, coujunction of vowei* 
in a hv II able 

Herir, va. to wound, knock 
or strike, iníeht ; vn. to 


Hermafrodita, to. am. an ani- 
mal or plant unitmg two 

IJormanáble, a. fraternal 


; Hermnndl, a. brotheriy 
Hermanar, «a. lo match, own 
for a brother ; tm. to frater- 
nice ¡ vr. to love one ano- 
ther as brothets 
Hermanástro^m. half brother 
Hermaruizgo. nn. fraternity 
Hermandád, tf. fraternity, 
conformity, amity, brother- 

Hermanear, ra. to treat as 
a brother 

Hermáno, na. o. matcheú 
Hermdno, na. r. brother, sh- 
ter, brother-ln-law, simi- 
lar) ty ¡ Hermano Je leche, 
foster-brother ; p l. mem- 
bers ot the same religious 

Hermanuco, tm. a grcat bro- 

Hermético, ca, o. 
Herrn osead <5r, ra. e. beauti- 

Herinoseár, va. to beautify 
Hermosllla, tf. blue throat- 

Hermdso, ta. a. beautiful, 
rare, uncommon 
| Her.r.nsúra, tf. beauty 
Hernia, tf. n.pture 
I HernMa, tm. surgeon who 
I applies hi.meif la particu- 
lar to the cune of ruptures 
< HcrodUno, na. a. herodian 
' Héroe, tm. hero 
Heroidddd, tf. charartor 
which constitutcs a heroic 

Heroico, a. heroic, herolcal 
Heroína, tf. Iiero ne 
Hrrukmo, tm. heroitm 
Hérpes, «m. pl. herpes 
Herpé.ico, ca- a. herpetic 
Herrdda, tf- paü 
Herrada, a. applied to water 
in which red-liut iron lias 
been cuoled 

Herr.uléro, sm. place de-.tin- 
ed for marking cattle wlth 
a hoiiron, the act of 
ing cattle with a hut iron 
Herrador, tm. farrier 
Hetradúia, tf. hnrse-shnc, 
collar or necklace in the 
form of a horse-stioe 
Hcrráge.rm. ironwork, horsc- 

Herramentál, em. pouch with 
in .trunienta for shoeing 

Hcrramiénta, tf. set of toots 
for workmen, ironwork. 
horns of a beast 
P 2 


Herrár, va. to garnlsh any 
thing with Iron, thoa 

Herrón, tm. mi red com tor 
feeding horses 

Herrenal d Herrefiál, im. 
place of ground in which 
meslin i* *ovrn 

Herrería, </*. ironworkj, cla- 

Herréro, tm. a smlth 
Herrerón, am. a bad smlth 
Herreruelo, am. stone*chattiff 
Herróte, tm. tag 
Herretuár, ra. to tag a lora 
llerreféro, ra. a. tag-maker 
Herre/uelo, sm. light piece of 

Herriál, a. applied to a kind 
of laige black grapes 
Herrín, am. rust of iron 
Herronáda, aj', a violent blo» 
or strnke 

Herrugicnto, ta. a. rusty 
Herrumbre, af. ru¡»t of iron 
Herruinbróío, xa. a • rusty 
Herventar, va. to boíl ony 

Hervidero, am. ebullitioix, 
kind of water-clock whcm>, 
water bu libios out, muí* 

Hervir, rn. to boíl, be fenrent, 
l»e vehement 

Hervor, mu ebuliition, íef- 


Hervoroso, sa. n. fervent 
Hesitar, vn. to hesitalc 
He*péride y Hespérido, da. a . 

relating to the Pleiades 
Héspero, am. the pionet Venus 
HeterodóxA, x&. a. heterodox 
Heterogéneo, nea. a. hetero- 

Hética y H etiqué/, jf. phthl- 

Hético, ca. a. hectic 
Ili*iá*dro, sin. hexaedron 
Hexágono, tm. hexagun 
Hexámetro, írn. hexatueUr 
llevó peda. *t. V. 7Wj« 

Hez, tf. lees, tiróos, grains O 


Hiádas ó I liados, tf. pl, V. 

Hiánte. a. ap]illcd to a verse 
with a hmtus 
Hiáto. am. hiatus 
Hiberndl ó Hlbernízo, xa. a . 

llibieruár, vn. to be the wia« 
ter sea-son 

Hibierno sm. w Inter 
Hiblaco, sm. Syrian mallo» 


Híbrida, tf. bjbridou» animal 
liicocérro, «n* fabuloua anl- 

Hidálgo, ga. a. noble 
Hidálgo, ga. t. noble man or 
w ornan 

Hidalguía, tf. nobility, noble- 
ness of mind 

Hidra, tf. hydra, poisonous 

Hidráulica, tf. the Science of 

Hidráulico, ca. a. hydraulical 
Hidráulico, tnu professor of 

Hivlria, tf. jar for valer 
Hidrocéfalo, im. dropsy in 
the head 

Hidrodinámica, tf. Science of 

Hidrofiláclo, mu great cavcrn 
fiill of water 

Hidrofobia, *f hydiophobia 
Hidrófobo, mt. i>er»on sutfer- 
ing hydrophouia 
Hidrografía, -t f. hydrocraphy 
Hidrográfico, ca. a. hytiro- 
• graphical 

Hidrógrafo, mx. hydrographer 
Hidrománica, #/^,ui»erstitious 
divinal ion by waier 
Hidrómetra, mt. profanar of 

Hidrometría, tf. hydrometry 
Hidrómetro, im. hydroineter 
Hldroj»esía tf. dropsy 
Hidrópico, ca. a. dlseased 
with the dropsv 
Hidróscopo, mi. mdroscope 
H drostática, tf. hydrostatics 
H ¡drolático, ca. a. hydn*»ta 
ti cal 

Hidrotecnia, tf’ the art of 
making engincs for moving 
and raismg water 
Hiél, tm. gall, hile ; No tener 
hiel, t o be simple and 

Hielo, tm. frost, rongelation, 
cooí nos, a«tom.>hment , 
Hielas, icc*creams 
Hióltro, tm. kind of measure 
Hicmál, a. hyemal 
Hiena, tf. hycn or hyena; 

físh in the Indian sea 
Hiénda, tf. dung 
Hieráclo, tm. liawk-weed 
HierogUlico, ca- a. hierogly- 

Hierosolimitáno, na. a. na* 
tive or belonging to Jeru- 


Hiérro, tm. i ron, brand, ,*tn 
iion instrument to wound 



with J Hierro coludo, cast 
iron ; Tienda de hierro, an 
ironmonger's shop ; Hier- 
rot , irons 

Higa, tf. amulet, ridiculo 
Hígado, tm. liver 
Higáte, tm. kind of pottage 
Higo, sm. fig 

Higrometría, tm. hygrometry 
Higróinetro, im. hygrometer 
Higuóra, tf. fig-tree 
Higuerál, tm. plantation of 

Higuéro, tm. largo tree in 

Hijar ó Ijar, tm. illa, tire 

Hijástro, tra. t. step-child 
Hijé/na, tm. the youngof any 

Híio, ja. t. child, young of all 
Iiving animáis, native of a 
place, a happy man ; Hijo 
del agua, a good sailor, any 
product of the mind 
Hijuela, tf. piece of cloth or 
linen joined to another 
which is too slrort or nar* 
row, pall, a small drain for 
drawing off water ; inven- 
tory, post-man, palm-teed, 
fascine of wood 
Hila, tf. row. Une, tlrin gnt ; 
act ofspinning, lint scraped 
into a soft woolly substance, 
small trench 

Hilácha, tf. thrcads ravellcd 
out of cloth 

Hilachóso, sa. a. filamentous 
Hiláda, tf. row of bricks or 
stones in a buildlng 
H ladillo, tm. ferret silk, 
narrow riband 
Hiládo, tm. spun ílax 
Hilad* ir, ra. t. spinner 
Hilandera, tf. spinster 
Hilandería, tf. place where 
hemp is spun 
Htlandéro, tm. spinner 
Hiiánza, tf. threa/1. Une 
Hilar, ihi. to spin» argüe, fornr 
the pod 

Hilaracha, tf. filament 
Ililá/a, tf. any thing spun or 
drawn out into thrcad, 
yarn ; Hilaza*, til amen ts of 

HUéra, tf. row of several 
things ibllowing one atter 
another, hollow part of a 
spindle, iron piare with 
holes, beani which furim 
the top of the roof 
Hilero, tm. sign of curren ts 


In the tea, thrcad- sel ler 
Hilo, Jim. thrcad, vire; Hila 
d hilo, drop by drop , Hilo 
de una corriente, direction 
of a curren t ; De hilo, di* 

Hilván, tm. ba-ting 
Hilvanár, va. to baste 
Himeneo, tm. epithalamium 
Hminísta, tm. composer o 

Himno, tm. hymn 
Himplar, ra. to roar 
Hin, tm. voice or sound 
emitted by mulcs or horses 
Hincadura, tf. act of fixing 
any thing 

Hincapié, tm. an cfTort madt 
with the foot by tí&ing it 
firinly on the ground 
Hincár, va. to thni*t in, piant • 
Híncha, tf. hatred 
Hinchado, a. vain, inílated * 
Hinchár, va. to till a musical 
instrument with air, swell j 
v r. to sweil, be elated with 
arrogan ce or onger 
Hinchazón, tm. swelling, os- 
tentation, vanity 
Hlncliír, va. to lili 
Hincón, tm. po*t to which 
cables are fa- tened 
Hiniébtro, tm. V. Retama 
Hinmble,a. capable of neigh- 

Hinojál, m. bed or place fuU 
of fennel 

Hinojár, vn. to kneei 
Hinojo, tm. knee, fennel 
Hintéro, tm. table on whi^h 
hakers knead tlieir dougli 
Hipar, vn. to hiccough, be 
harras&ed with anxiety and 
grief, pant 

Hipeár, mi. to hiccough 
Hipérbole, 4 /*' hvjierboie 
Hiperbólico, ca. a. hiperbó- 

Hiperbolizar» vn. to use hy- 

I i ij arbóreo, rea. a. hyper* 

Hinerdulía, tf. worship of the 
Virgin Mary 

II i jarico, tm. St. John's wort 
Hipen cón,sm. St. John's wort 
Hipnál, tm. kind of serpent 
said to occomoh sleep 
Hipo, tm. hiccough, wish» 
dcsire, anger, fury 
Hipocámpo, tm. hippopo- 

Hipoccntáuro tm. V Cern* 



Hipocondría, tf. hypoehon- 
driac aflectlon 

Hipocondríaco, ca. y Hipo- 
cóndrico, ca. a. hypochon- 

Hipocóndrica, m. pt. hypo- 

Hipocrás, <*. liippocras 
Hipocresía, tf. hyisocrlsy 
Hipócrita, a. hypocrisical ; i. 

Hipócrita, «a. a. feigned 
Hipódromo, <m. hlppodrome 
Hipogdstrico, ca. a. hypogas- 

Hlpagststro, mt. hypogaMrium 
H'pógrlfo, im. Isippogritf 
lilpollbónota, «m. south-eajt 
' wind 

Hípománes, >m. tind of pol- 
ios! with tbe ancients 
Hlppomardtro, m. «lid 

Hipomóciio ó Hipomocilón, 
im, folcrum of si Is-eer 
Hlpojsdiamo, tm. hippopota- 

Hípostático, ca. a. hyposta- 

Hipoteca, tf. rrlortgage 
Hlpot cediste, a. capnbie of 
lieing pkdgcd 
Hljiotccár, na. »o pledge 
H potecario, ria. o. beionging 
to a ntortgage 

Hipotenúsa, tf. hypothenttse 
Hipótesi», tf. hjixsthesis 
liiisotósico, ca. a. hypotbetic 
Kirásco, tm. a castratetl 
he goat 

Hirmsir, tv». V. Afirmar 
Hlrme, a. V. F.r itr , 

Hlrsúta, ta. a. hirsuta 
Hlrundindrio, tf V. Celidonia 
H(»r a, tf. birdíime 
liiicál, tm. a luss rope of 
threc strands 

Huo|sedr, M. to iprinkic 
water ahosst 

Hiutpíllo, mi. i ti t of soft linen 
put at the end of a stiek 
and used to wadt the mouili 
of a slck 
Hisópo, tm. hj-toop, water - 

Hispalense, o. natireof or be- 
ionging to Sevilla 
Hispánico, ca. o. Spanish 
Hispanismo y Hispanidad, a. 
Spanith idiosn 

Hispanizar, va. V. Españoli- 

Híspido, da. a. brisdy 
Hispir, va. to beut as egg* 

Histérica, tf. woman troubled 
with hystsnics 
Histérico, tm. hyxterlcs 
Histérico, ca. a. hysterlc 
Histerotómla, tm. an anató- 
mica! djssection of tlie 

Histiodromía, tf. art of nisri- 
gnting by ineans of satis 
História, tf. narratiosi of e- 
vents dclircred with dig- 
nity ; tale 

Histari.ido, a. applied to a 
painting conslsting of vari- 
os» par» harnsoniously 

Historiaddr, ra. y Historió!, 
*. historian 
Historial, a. hl-torlcal 
Hlstoriár, rts. to hl.torify 
Histórico, ca. a. hi-torical 
Historieta, tf. a shott novel 
Historiógrafo, mu historio, 

Historiiin, tm. a tediosa long- 
winsled story 

Hi»trU ( n, tm. actor, buffbon 
Histríónico, ca. <u IsUtilonic 
Histrionlsa, tf. actrest 
Hita, tf. a brad 
Hito, ta. a. Itlack, fixed 
Hito, mu landmark, mxrk at 
which quoite are casi by 
way of amusemeut. A' hilo, 

Hiiilco, ca. a. harsh 
Hobachón, na. a. siothful 
Hobécluts, tm. j .1. plkemen 
doblón, tm. bnt>s 
Hoblonéra, >f. hop-ground 
Hocicada, tf. fall upon the 
face; a smart reprimand 
Hocicár, ra. to Itreak up the 
grotind with the snoiit ; vn. 
to fall headlong with the 
face to the ground; slide 
into crtors 

Hocico, sin. snout ; any thing 
d sjtroporrionably Itig 
Hocscsiuu, a*. tt. long snout- 
eó ; ktnking ssilien by 
thrusting out the lips 
Hocino, tm. Hli, a sort of 
Isalchet ; sklrt of an eml- 
nenre s»-etching towarsl* a 

Hotiquflio, »nt. a little snout 
Hogsino, ad. this present year 
Hogar, tm. hearth 
Hogdza, tf- a iarge loaf of 
liousehold bread 
Hoguera, tf- quick biaza 
Hoja, tf. leaf, any thing thin- 
ly tarasen ; Uasle of a swotd ; 

each part of which arntour 
tras compoted. Hoja de 
l ila negro, iron píate. Ho- 
ja de un libro , leaf of a book. 
Hoja de tocino, tlitch of ba- 
con ; pl. thin cakesof wax. 
Hojas de Ltt puertas , port 

Hojalatero, mu tin-man 
Hojaldrado, a. laminated 
Hujaldrár, va. to make any 
thing of putf paste 
HojiUdie, tf. a sort of paneake 
or paste 

Hojaldrista, mi. maket ofbut- 
tered cates 

Hojari,ca,jtf. vrithered lea ves. 
Useles» trilles 

Hojoár, ivt. to tura the loare* 
of a book ; tm. to form 
metal into sheels 
Hojccér, un. to leaf 
Hojoso, sa; y Hojsldo, da. a. 

Hojuela, tf. a small leaf, pufT 
paste; skis» of olives 
Ifolánda, tf. holland tinen 
Holandilla y Holandeta, tf. a 
lead-coloured glazed linen 
Hoigidamente, ad. widely 
Holgddo, da. a. disproportion- 
ably wide 

Holgdnza, tf- width, breadth, 
re)io*e, amusement 
Holgar, vn. lo rest from la- 
lsout, be glad of, Ite iaid up 
as useless 

Hvlgauin, na. a. ktler 
Holgaran etír, va. to ite idie 
Holgazanería, tf. idlenes» 
Holgín, na. a. V. Hechicero 
Holgueta ó lio; Loira, tf- coun- 
trv-feast ; width, case 
Holladera, tf- art of tram- 
pllng; duty paid for the 
run of cattle 

Hollár, va. to tread upon, pulí 

Hollejo, mi. pcllicle 
Hollí, mi. baisam which i* 
imponed from New Spain 
Hollín, tm. soot 
HolUniento, ta. a. sooty 
lio'.ocaústo, tm. holocatsst 
líomarrirlse, «tu bulibon 
Hombracho, na. a sqisat a:ul 
square thick man 
Homlirdila, tf. V. Herrerillo 
Hómbre, tm. a man, snbject, 
hutband ; hotse, on which 
rlotbe* are bns.hed ; gasne 
at carsls. Hombre bicho, • 
grown man 

Hoisibreár, va. to ríe with 



anothcr ; a^ume the man 
bcftire the lime 
Hombrecillo y llombrezuélo, 
am. nianikin 
Hombrecito* itn. y. uth 
Hombredád, aj'. mascu lino- 

Hombrdra,^/*. plece of anclent 
armour for the shoulder» 
Hombría de bien,#', probity 
Hombrillo* am. guv»et 
llómbro, am. sboulder 
Hombrón, m. a big lusty man 
Hotnbronázo, am. a huge vul- 
gar man 

Hombruno, na. a. manlike; 
relating or belongiug to the 

Ilomenrfge, am. homage 
Homicida, a, cimt. murdercr 
Homicidio, am. murder 
HomicíUo, am. line for wound- 
ing or killing any one 
Homilía, af- horaily 
Homiliadór, am. homilist 
Homiliário, am. collecüon of 
borní! ies 

Homilista, am. author or wrl- 
ter of hom ilies 4 

Hominicaco, am. a cowardly 
coniemptible fellow 
Homogeneidad, af. homoge- 

Homogéneo, nea. a. homogé- 
neo u> 

Homólogo, ga. a. homologou’i 
Homónima, af. hymonymy 
Homónimo, ma* u. equivo- 

Kónda, *f. sling; parbuckle, 
a roj»e 

Hond.i/o, am. cast or throw 
whh a sling 

Hondear, va. to unload a ves»» 

Hondéro, am. *linger 
Hondíjo, am. V. Honda 
Hondfllos am. pl. p teces of 
cloth or Unen whlch form 
the seats of breethes or 

Hómlo, da. a. profound, deep 
Hondón, am. bottoni of a ve*- 
sel w itere dreg* of Uquor 
sen le; deephole; eyeofa 

Hondonada, af. dale 
Hondura, af. depth 
Jíoucstár, rtu to honour, ex» 
cute, palliate 

Honestidad, af- composure, 
houcity, urbanity 
Honésto, ta. a. honest, pare, 
reasonable, just 


Hrfngo, tm. mushroom, fun- 

Ilongóso, u. a. fungous 
Honor, am. honour, digntty, 
reputation ; chaatity in vro 
men. Pala ra de honor , 
word of honour. Honores , 
privileges of rank or birth 
Honorable, a. honotirable 
lionorárlo, ría. a. conferring 
honour; twstowing honour 
without gain 

Honorario, *m. stipend given 
to any one for hi* labour 
Honor i licencia, af. the act of 

Honoritico, ca. a. that whlch 
gives honour 

Honra, ^.honour, reputatlon. 

Honra», funeral honour* 
Honradez, at- honesty 
Honrado, da. a. honest ; ex- 
act in the performance of 

Honrad ór, da. a. honourer 
Honramiento, sm. act of ho- 

Honrar, »vi. to honour, cajole, 

Honrilla, a faUe polnt of 

Honrólo, *a. a. honourablc, 
just, ienlous of one*s honour 
Honró Jo, da. a. liria in inain» 
tninlng one'* honour 
Hontanál, am. fountain 
Hontanar, am. place in whlch 
water rist» 

Hópa, a long cassock with 

Hopalanda, af. train of a gown 
worn by studenta 
Hoiteár, vn. to wag the tall 
Hopo, am. tail witli a tuft of 

Hoque, am. treat giren at the 
conclusión of a hargain 
Hóra, »f. hour ; way inade In 
an hour. Nora horada, 
hour pav-ed over. En hora 
buena , it i* well ; pl. book 
of devotion 

llora, a ', now, at presen t 
Horadáble, a. capable of be- 
ing pierctd 

Horadación, af- act of horlng 
Horadado, am. silkworn.’» pod 
bored through 

Hor adir. va. to bore or pieTce 
from Kide to side 
llorado, am. lióle boret. from 
side to s de; cavein 
Horámbre, am. hole in the 
checks of milis 


Herirlo, ría. a. horary 
Horca, af. a. gatlows, sort of 
yoke pul on the neck ot 
dogs or hogs ; rope of onl- 

Horcado, da. a. forked into 
ditterent branthe* 

Horcadura, a - fbrk of a tree 
Horcajadas, (AO d á horcaja- 
dillas. ud. ¿t*lr ¡de on liorse- 

II orea jad tira, af. Ibrk fortneA 
by the tmo thigh* 
llorc.ijn, am. yoke put on tkt 
neck of inules 
iloveánte, am. hame 
Horcdte, am. a yoke or colla» 
of a horno 

Horchata, af- a refreshln* 
drmk inade of the secds of 
melón!» or pumpkins 
Hórco, am. rope of onions 
Hórda, af. horde, clan 
Mordióte, am. licvcrageof bar- 
ley -water 

Hor fundad, af- orphanage 
Horizontal, u. horizontal 
Humóme, nn. horizon 
llórma, af- mould, inodel 
Hor mero, am. hut maker 
Hormiga, af- di*ea»e of the 
skin , ant, «nmet 
Hormigo, mi. a sort ofragout* 
coarse parta of ílour 
Hormigón, im, a tiñe sort of 

Hormigoso, sa. a. relating ta 

Hoiinigueainiéntn jjr Hormi- 
gueo. *m. act of ítehing oC 
mnving like ants 
Hormiguear, rn. to itch, rúa 
about like ants 
Hormiguero, am. ant-hill ; a • 
relating to ilie Itch 
Hormiguillár, va. to mía 
grains of stlrer vrith salt 
Hormiguillo, am. dlsteirmer . 
whlch tUfects the hoof of 
horses ; lile of voldien» who 
pa s from batid to hand the 
materials for a wotk to be 
ral sed ; mixture of salta 
with .silver 

Hormilla, af. bit of wood, 
bone, or Ivory, of whicfc 
Imtlons are formed 
llornacéio. am. ^tethon wha 
watches crucihles with sil- 
rrer and gold ¡ti the fur- 

1 lonult ho,*»#«. shafl of a minex 
fumóte in which r.ietal it 
íuclted fur line * tatúes 

HOR . 

Hornachaéla, tf- lw>'« «nade 
in » Wall 

Hornilla, tf- a batch 
Hornaguear, tw. ta open tlie 
ground In aearch oí pit- 

Hornaguera, tf pit-coal 
Hornaguero, <1. urlile, coally 
Horná/a, tf. a amall l'umace j 
a yellow gla^s 

Hornáxo, lírt. cake «nade up 
wlih a butter of c£ga and 

Uomeir, va. lo carry on the 
trabe of a baker 
Hornería, ti- trabe of a baker 
Hornero, ra. t. baker 
Hornija, tf. bru.\hwood Imrnt 
in an oren lo heat it for 
balín • bread 

Hornljéro, jmu person who 
tupióle» Itie oren wíth fuet 
Hornilla, tf. stew hole ; pi- 

Hornillo, tm. a amall atore 
Hómo, i m. oren, lime-kiln ¡ 
car i t r In rrhich bees lodge 
Jíoroinetría, tf. horomelry 
Horóscopo, tm. horo»co)>e 
Horquilla, tf. forked atic-k j 
distase which causea the 
ha r of the head to apllt. 
Horquillas, crotches 
Horréndaraente, ai. dread- 

Horrendo, da. a. rast, enor- 
mous, extraordinary 
Hórreo, tm. a kind of granar? 

bullí upon pllaslera 
Horríro, tm. ttore kceper 
IlorribilUUd, tf. horribleneas 
Horrible, a. horrid 
Hórrido j Horrífico, ca. a. 

Horripilación, tf. horripila* 

iíorriplUtívo, va- «- cnuslng 
the balr to stand on end 
vrith fear 

Horro, a. enfranchiaed, free 
llorrór, tm. horror 
HorrorUar, tu. to terrlfy 
Horruróao, aa. a. rerj uuly 
1 lorrúra, tf. teoría, uros, ; 
d rearmes» of a tlilcketj 

Hortdl, na. kltchen (farden 
Hortaliza, tf. garden atutf 
Hortalório, ría. a. V. Exhur- 

Hortciauedr, en. to cnhWate 
an nrcharti 

HorteUno, na. 1. gardener 

Jiortínsc, a. hortensial 


Hortera, tf. a wooden twwl 
Htfcco, ca. a* riark brown, 
suden, boastful 
Hmcd>o, f.A. a. crisp 
Ilasptddble, a. ho&pltAble 
Ho^KHlddoy da* a. Applied to 
a liouve receiving gucst* 
Ho^pedadrfr, ra. «. one who 
klndly entertains guesta 
Hoipedáge, tm. kind iecep- 
tion of gue^ls; an inn 
Hospedamiento, tm. recep- 
tion of gucsts 

Hosj>e<l¿r, va. to receire and 
entertain strangers and 
traveller* ; rn. to completo 
the col logo courset 
líos] cederla, tf. a house ke|it 
at the expense of cornmu* 
mtles and conven t* 
Ifosnedéro, tm. one who 
k indi y recdvei guests and 
strangers; hospitader 
Hospic dno, na. i. poor per- 
son who Uves ina house of 

Hospicio, tm. hospltium 
Hospital, a. hospitahte 
Hospital, iwt. hospital 
Hospitalario, ría. a. Applied 
to the religious communi* 
fies which xeep hospital! 
Hospitalero, ra* i* person en* 
tnisted with ihecare of an 

Hospitalidad, if. hospitalíty 
Howiuüln, 1U. a. darkish 
H os talero, twu inn or lavern- 

Hdste, *m.encmy, host, army 
Host elige, im. V. Mtun 
Hostería, tf\ inn, tavem 
Hostia, tf. victim, host 
Hostiário, tm. box in which 
the bread is kept to be 

Hostiéro, tm. person who 
prepares the host 
H o, tiramiento, tm. chasti&e- 

Hostigár, va. tochastUe, vcx, 

Hostigo, tm. that part of a 
wall which looks towanls 
the south ; the lujurious 
dashing of water agaimt a 

Hoatfl, a. host i le 
Hostilidad, tf. hostillty 
Hostilizar, f«* to commlt 

Hóy, ada tiwUv, the presen t 
time. Boy yor hoy% fhii 

wry d*| 


Hdya, tf. hole; excaratiofi 
for preparing charco*! ; a 
kind uf liroom for clcanm^ 
a ship’s bollo til ; tocket ot 
the eye 

Hoyada, tf. the lowestpaft 
of a íield 

Hoyáncn, tm. gtcat cavity* 
lfóyo, m* hole. V'. Sfjnittrt» 
r/« : inerpjality of a su^ier 

HoyiUo, sa. a. pille*! 

HoyiuHo, tm. diniple in ti e 
chin or cheek 
Hoz, tf. sickle. a dcfile 
Ho/adéro, rm. place where 
hogs tum up the ground • 
Hn/adüra, tf. gTubbtng 
lio/ir, ra. to grub 
Hu, iíd. V . Donde 
Hucdr, ttn. ho«»ker, a resiel 
Hucha, tf. a larp? chext In 
which lalmuring pcmde 
kec|t their clnthes money, 
and other valuable artidev; 
Huchedr, tvt. to hoot 
Iluchóho, tm. word used to 
cali blrds 

Huebra, tf. extent of ground 
which a yoke of oxen can 
plough every day ; pair of 
nudo with a l»oy hlred or 
let r.ut for a day s work 
Huehréro, im. a boy who at* 
tends a pair of mulé* la 
bouriug by the day 
Hueca, tf. notch at tliesmaH 
end of a spindle 
Hueco, ca. a. hollow, emptv, 
tutnid, soft 

If lleco, ttn. notch of a wheel, 
intcrsTil, any vacan t sjwice 
in a buiiding; HII, tlie 
place betwecn the shafts of 
a carrlage 

Hu él higo <í Huérfago, rm, 
difficulty Crl" mtstftiitiig tvt 
beasts and hínU 
Huelga, s?. rest, recrcation ' 
Huelga, tm. breath. Tomar 
funt ¿o, to breathe, respire 
Huella, tf‘. track, f<K>tste)i ; 
act and efféct of treading; 
impression of a thing on 

HuéPo, tm. ground, step ; 
lower part of an animal 1 » 

Huérfano, na. t. on>han 
Huérgano, rm. V. Organo 
Huero, ra. a. empty, ian* 

Huéxta, tf. Vftchen garden 




Huirlo, i m. orchard or frult- 


HuC--h, tf- grave 
liuesarrón, *m. lar ge grave 
Huiv.ii, m. bone, alone in 
fruí! ¡ the part of a lime* 
alone whicn remalns un* 
bunit i tabour. Huttot, 

Huesóso, sa. a. bony 
Huó-pcd, da. r. guest, host, 
inn-keeper, stranger 
Huiste, r,. h&st, an armjr 
üunúün, da. a. Itony 
Hueva, <J Nl'avrn o»' »Uhe* 
Huevar, un. lo lav eggs 
Huevera, V- ovariumof blrd», 

Huevero, ra. r. dealer in fggs 
Huevo, rm. egg, spavvn ; liol- 
low plece ol' wood uted t.y 
aboemake» for thaping 

Hugonote, ta. i. Hugonot 
iluúta, V- Ihght ¡ lióle inadc 
lo pul in ur draw out any 
Ihing wilh facility 
tiuidéro, *m. iabourcr in 
quicksllver mine, 

Huidizo, ra. u. fugitivo 
Huir, tu. lo lly, slip away, 
shun ; vr. lo run au ay 
ifúle, ««. oil-clotíi, oll-tkin ; 

elastic gum 
Hulla, ti. plt-coal 
Huintida, i). V. Ahumaría 
Humanar, vr. lo become hu- 
mane, lie humbled 
Humanidad, </* bumanily, 
corpulenne; pro|H.-nsily Ibr 
carnal pleasures ; human 
vreakneNs, benevolence 
Humanista, rm. liumanUt, 
philologer, gTammarian 
Humano, na. a. human, hu* 

Humareda, <f. a prcat deal 

~* *01 ke, oouiuMun 

1 1 uma/ga, gf. lieart h • tnoney 
Humibu, «ti. inicie 
Humear, m. lo smoke, in- 
llame, be kindled or atiired 

Humectante, pa. moistening 


Humectar, «#o. tomoliten 
Humectativo, va. a. cauung 


Humetiád, tf. humidity 
Humedál, tm. humid mmI 
Humedecer, va. lo moisten 
Húmedo, da; y Húmido, da. 
a. ínoibt 

Humero, tm. tunnel, funnel 
Humildad, tf. humility, 

Humilde, a. humble, low, 
not (all, ignobly born 
Humillacidn, </. sclf-con* 

Humilladero, tm. oratory 
Humilhuidr, ra. t. bumiliator 
Humillar, ru. lo humble ; vr. 

lo become humble 
Humillo, tm. d idease of suck- 
ing pigs 

Humo, tm. smoke, rapour, 
th ni black bilk stutf; j>l. 
familics or houtes in a toan 
or \illage 

Humor, tm. hu morir, efTect ; 
general turn of mind ; good 
r, ature, jocularity 
Humorada, tj. prareful 
sprightlincss ; a uitty say- 

Humor ¿«lo, da. a. ful! of hu- 
mour> ; ncll or ill divpoaed 
Humoral, a. humoral 
llumorosiddd, V* copicuiness 
ot‘ humours * 

UumordíkO, &a. a. humorous 
Humoso, sa. tt. Mr.oky 
Hundible, u. fusible 
Hundimiento, nn. submer- 

Hundir, rn. to submerge, 
ct u>h, refute, ruin ¡ vr. lo 

Hura, tf. furunclc; a nrild 
boai 'it head 

Huracán, tm. hurricane 
Huraco, tm- hole 
lluruf lamente, ud. wildly, 
difluí cntly 

Huraheria, <f Uiyncss, dis- 


Huruf ía, tf. stubhomne&s 
Huráf.o, fia -a. shy, dbdainful 


iWricp, I birlo, Iltiro, 
* natne of llteria 
Ptiiiv, en. an lite* 
I’ui,, */’• ib»*, a bird 



i ledro, tm. kind ofsmall plum 
Icneumón, tm. ichncumon 
Icnografía, */. Ichnogiaphy 
I Icnogratico, ca* a. iebnogra- 


Hurptír, va. lo stlr, ttlr u, 


Hurgón, «ii. |>oker ( thrust ia 


Hurgonada, i J. V. Fttocad. 
Hurgomlxo, «n. a violen* 

H urgoncár, t u. to stir the fi re 
with a poker, make a 
tliru-st in fenti. g 
Hurgo éro, «m. poker 
Hurón, na. t. terrei ; one »h 
piles hilo otlier's secreta 
Huronear, to. lo fem-t, hun 
another in hispiivacies 
Huronero, «. ferret-hole ; 
lurking place «hete a per- 
son con cea Is lmn.-tlf 
lluronero, «a. ftTrel-keeper 
llurrára, \¡. magjiie 
HurUble, o. capaltlc of bclng 

Hurtadillas (A'l > i. Hurti- 
das, ttti. by slea|lh 
Hurtadineros, «n. (Ar.) V. 
Alante ¡a 

Hurtador, ra. «. robber, thirf 
Hurtar, ttt. to steal, t heat in 
wcight or nteaíure, sepa- 
rale, eomniit plagiarj ; vr. 
tu absrond 

Hurtarepa, if, lioy'i play 
Hurto, tm. ihcft, roblery ; 

the thing stolen 
Husida, tf. a ¡pindlcfuU oí 
tincad or worsted , 
liu.áno, rm. a large spindle 
Húsar, rm. a hussar 
Husiliéro, «ti. one who at- 
ienda ihe spindle in oil- 

Husillo, rm. spindle. Husil- 
lo*, drama 

lluslta, rm. a follower of John 

Hu.sineadór, ra, r. srenter 
Husmedr, ru. lo sectil, gucta» 
su*i>ect ¡ t u. lo stink 
Húsnio, rm. smell of mea* 
whieh h sónica hal tainted 
Hil o, rm. a s| ¡r.dlc 
Husttn. m. asturgeoo 
Huta, i/, a hut 
Hutía, rm. Judian rat 


I phlt-al 

Ictiología, ironology 
Icoihk lásta y Iconómaco, m * 

Digitized by C 


Ifcor y Tenrólde, #. a gtect 
I cor Ovo, u a. Ichotoua 
Ictericia, tf. Jaundloe 
Ictcrkiád.1, di ¡ lele rico, es. 
n. Icteneal 

Ictlófagn, ga. a. fish eating 
IrtloiógLa, i/. ichthyolofOf 
l'da, V. deuanure ; act of 
driring a hall out of the 
tnick - tabla, filar, fre- 
quent risita 
I'de, ul kind of carp 
lile». tf. Idea, t bread of a dis- 
entiría, devign, gañías 
Idcil, a. Ideal, mental 
Idciír, tu. to torra an idea, 
ducti*» a tubject on futile 

Idéntico, ca. a. tdentlo 
Identidad, tf. Mentity 
Identificar, va. to Uientiff 
Idísima, un. Idiom 
Idioputla, tf* idiopathy 
Idiota, m. idtot 
Idiotéx, tf. idiotlsm 
Idiv’bmo, tm. idlotlam 
Idólatra, tm. i do Inter 
lóolatrír.tu. to wonhlp ido!*, 

Idolatría, tf. Idolatry 
Idolátrico, ca. a. Idolatróos 
Idoldlo, co, to. rm. darling > 
MoUsmo, rm. idolatry 
I'dolo, tm. ido! 

Idoneidad, tf* aptitud* 
Idóneo, nc-a. a. idaneous 
I’dut, tm. Idtm 

IglósLt, tf. chnrch, hody of 
Ohri .tian* adherí ng to same 
particular fbrm of wonhlp, 
temple, eodeviartlcal «tale 5 
right of impunlty enjojrod 
In rlrarchc* 

Jgodro, ra. a. Ignoran* 
Iguaria, ti', idlencv* 

I'gneo, ea. a. Igneo us 
Ignición, tf* Ignltlon 
Ignífero, ra. o. Ignífera»* 
Ignícola, tf. fire-wonhipper 
Ignito, u. a. Ignltetl 
Ignívomo, mi. a. tpnlvomou* 
Ignominia, tf. Ignominy 
Ignomlnlóso, va. a. Ignominl 

Jgn orine la i Ignoraclón, tf. 

Ignorante, a. Ignoran! 
Ignorir, tu. to be ignorant of 
Jgnóco, La. o. anknown 
Jgoil, o. cqual, leve!, Hite, 
constan t. Al igual, equal- 
% g. a 

Ignita, tf* agremia en t, IrrtL 
A’ lu iguala, equaily 


Igualaban, tf eqtutl ¡rallón, 

Igualado, da. p f. equallcd 
Igualadór, ra. r. equallzer, 

Igualamiento, tm. equallxtng 
Igualár, tu. to equallze, judge 
without anj partlahty, le- 
ve) ; rr. to place one's telf 
upon a level with othen 
Igualdad, tf. eoualitj 
I guiña, tf. 4 kind of llzard 
1 guiri»*, vianda dresved 
and served up 

Ijada, tf* flank, the ílcvhy 
. part of the «ide of a pig ; 
pain in tha vide 
Iladedr, tm. to pant 
IJár, un. flank of an animal 
Ilación, tf* inferen»* 

I !ip*o, rm. a gradual gentl* 
rail | heavenly tnfluenca 
Ilécebra, tf. 
Ilegil, a. 
I legmlídid, tf. Illegality 
Ilegible, m. tt legible 
Ilegitimar, tu. to depriva of 

Ilegitimidad, tf. lllegitlmacy 
Ilegitimo, ma. o. illegal, llle- 
gi tímate 

llevo, sa. a. unhurt 
I IDmto, la, n. «ound, entire 
Ilícito, ta. a. Hílele 
Ilimitado, da. o. unlimited 
Ilíquido, da. a. unllqu.daled 
Iliterato, o. Illitcrate 
Iludir, re. V. Hartar 
Iluminación, tf.fevtive lights, 
hungout ata tokm of joj 
Ilumlnidór, rm. iUuminator 
Iluminir, tu. to illumine, 
adorn wlth ftstive lampa, 
eulighten intellectuaJly, co- 

Ilumina tiro, »a. «. illumina* 

Ilusión, tf- IQusion, sort of 
llvelj i ron 7 

Ilusivo, va. a. delusivo 
Illkto, ra. a. deluded 
llusório, ría. a. drlutive 
Ilustración, tf. üluvtratlon, 
rerelalion, explanation 
IluttTndór, ra. . illustrator 
Ilustrir, tu. te liluvrrate 
Ilústre, a. llluatriotu 
Imigen, tf. image 
Imaginable, a. imaginable 
Imaginación, tf, Imaginad on, 
conception, erroneoot idea 
Imaghulr, ra. to, imagine, a* 
dorn wlth Image* 
Imaginaria, tf. reverre guará 


Imaginario, ría. a. Imagtnaoy, 
fancied ¡ rm. paintsv av 
sculptor of Imues 
Imaginativa, ti. Uncy . 
Imaginativo, va. o. imagina* 

Imaginería, tf- imagery 
Imdn, rm. ioadstone, chama 
Imantár, tu. to touch tha 
marines** compavv - necdla 
with a loadvtone 
Imbeáto, ta. a. unfortunata 
Imbécil, a. weak, feeble 
Imbecilidad, tf. imberility 
Imbele, o. feeble, weak 
Imbibición, t/* imbibition 
Imbiémo, rm. winter 
Irabomíi, tm. vcupper-hole 
Imbricado, da. a. applied ta 
shells that are waved 
Imbuir, 1». to imbue 
Imitable, a. imitable 
Imitador, re. a. lmitator 
Imitar, >u. to imítate 
Iraltatórlo, na. a. imitativa 
Impaciencia, tf. impatienes^ 
vehemence of temper 
Impacientar, na. to ve* ; orí 
lo become impatlent 
Impadénte, o. impatlent 
Impácto, ta. tt. impactrd 
Impalpable, o. impalpable 
Impar, a. unequal, uneven 
lmparciái, a. impartía), with, 
dtawn from *11 voclety 
Imparcialidad, tf* impartia- 

Impartible, a. indivisible 
Impartir, tu. to requlre es- 
•istanre, grant, iinpart 
Impasibilidad, tf* lmpassiM» 

Irapasible, a. impasible 
impavidez, tf. Inlrcpiility 
Impávido, da. a. dauntless 
IinjiccabilicUd, tf, impeccn, 

Im|>eról>le, a. Impeccatiie 
Impedido, da. a. incapahledf 
making use of une, limbe 
Impedidór, ra. t. obstructor 
Impedimento, rtn. intiiedi, 

Impedir, va. to imnede 
Impeditivo, va. «. linpeding 
Imiwlór, ra. to >mpel, incita 
Impenetrable, tt. inipenetns, 

Imjieniténte, a. impcnltent 
Impensado, da. tt. unexpected 
Im|ierór, tm. to commomL 
reign ¡ tu. to comtuand hs 



Imperativo, va. «• Imperatlve 
Im]>eratório, ria. fl> imperial, 

Imperceptible, a. impercep- 
tible .... 

Imperdible, o. Imperdible 
Imperfección, tf.lmperfeclion 
Pmpeifócto, «a. a. imperiert 
IropcTÍái, sin. roof oi a coach ; 

Imperial, a. Imperial 
Impericia, «f- unskilfulncs» 
Império, sm. empire ; dignity 
of an exuperor ; kxnd ol 
Unen , 

Imrerióso, *a. a . imperious, 
povrcrful, overbearing 
Imperito, la. a. unleamed 
Impermeable, a . impermea- 
ble , , . 

Impermutable, a. immutable 
Imperscrutáble,a. inscrutable 
Impersonal, a. Impersonal* 
mode of speaking imper- 

Impersuasible, a. Impersua- 

Impertérrito, ta. o. Intrepid 
Impertinencia, if. iinperti- 
nence, peevbhness, trou- 

Impertí nén te, a.lmpeTtlncnt, 
peevish, fretful 
Impcrturbdblc, a imperturb- 

Impérvio, via. a . Imperrions 
rmpetra, t/i diploma 
Impetración, </*. impctration 
Ixnpetraüór, ra. r. one who 
obtains by entreaty 
Impetrár, i«. to obtaln by 

I'mpctu y I'mpeto, sm. Impe- 
tus, impetuoslty 
Impetuosidid, ij. impetuosity 
Impetudso, ta. a. imiwtuous 
Impiedad, tf. impletj, *ick- 
cdness, cruelty 
Impígero, ra- a. acure 
Impío, pia. a. irapiou* 
Irapíreo, rea. a. empyrcnl 
- • 


Impirco, rea. 

Implacable, a. Implacable 
Implatlcáblc, a. impractica- 
ble, intractable 
Implicación é Implicancia, 
tf. implicatlon 

Implicdr, en. to oi>pose ; va. 

to implícate, inyol *e 
Implícito, ta. a. ImpUclt 
Imploración, tf cnticat. 
Implorar, ea. to implore 
Implóme, a. unfeathered 
Impolítico, ca. o. impolltic 
Impoluto, ta. ¡i. unpolluted 

Impondcráble, a. Inexpressl 
ble , . 

Imponcddr, sm. he who Im- 

Impdnér, ra to impose, 
chargc falsely, advine, ob 
trude falUciously 
Importdble, a. unsupportable 
Importáncia, & importance, 
respectable character 
Importántc, a. important 
Importár, v. imp. to be xm- 
portant, import* amount to 
Impórte, sm. import, valué 
Importunación, if. importu- 

Importunádo* da. a. impor 

Importunár, va. to Impor* 
tune, vex, molcst 
Importunidad, sf . importu 

Iraportúno, na. «. importu- 
nate, importune 
Inmosibilldád, tf. ¡mpossibi- 
lítjr, that wlúch cannot be 
done „ 

ImposiblHtár, va. to disable 
Imponible, a. imponible 
Imposición, tf. impositlon, 
Injunction of any t.tíng as 
a law or duty, clxargc irn 

Impostór, ra. s . impostor 
linpostúra, sf. a false iropu- 
4 tatlon, Impostura 
Impotencia, sf. impotence 
Impo*¿nte, a. impotent, with- 
out power of propagarían 
Impracticable, a. impracüca 
ble, Impassable 
Imprecar, va. to imprécate 
Imprecatorio, ría. a . imprc- 

Impregnáis©, vr. to be >m- 
Impronta, <f- art of print 
ing, prlnting-ofllce 
Imprescindible, a. insepara- 

Imprescriptible, a. tlxat can- 
not be prcscribed 
Impresión, </*. impression, 
maik made by pressure; 
image fixcd ou tlie mind ; 

Impresionar, va. to imprlnt 
Impréso, xm. pamphlet 
Imprcrór, sm. printer 
lmpresóra, sf. vrxfe of a 


Imprimación, <f. primlng 
Imprimadora, sf. brasil* 

Impriinaddr, sm. one vrt'-O 
lays tlie lirst colouis on a able, a. 

be lent 

Imprevisto, ta. a. unforeseen 

a\s uic i»»®* w—— - — 

piece of Unen or toara to 
be palnted 

Impnmár, ra. to prime 
Imprimir, va. to iinpress, im« 
print, put a work to presa 
Improbable, a. improbable 
Improbar, va. to disapprote 
improbo, l*a. a. corrupt ; U 
borious, yet úsele» 
Impropcnlr, ra. to upbraia 
Impropério* xw* cantcmptu- 
ous reproach 

Impropiar, va. to distort tne 
truc sen se of a lavr or word 
Impropiedad* ¡f* impiopriety 
Impropio, pía. a. impTO|xer 
Improporción* sf. dispropor- 

Improporcionádo, da. a. clxs- 
proport ion ate 

Impropriár* vn. to impro- 

Impropriedád,^. ímproprietj 
Improprio, ria. a. improper 
Improrogáble, a. that whicn 
cannot be proroguetl 
Impróspero, ra. u. unfortu» 

Improvtdéncia, <f. improvl» 

Impróvido* da. a. improvl- 

Improviso, sn; ó ImproTUto, 
ta. a. untxj>ectcd 
Imprudéncis, imprudencu 
Imprudénte, a. imprudent 
Impudicicia, tf* unchastity 
Impúdico, ca. a. michaite, 
lcwd, impudent 
Impuesto, sm. tax ; p • Im» 

Iinpugnáble* a. that whiefe 
may be hnpugned 
Impugnación, sf. opposlttc m 
Iinpugnadór, ra. a. one víhe 
refutes or contradiets 
Impugnár, t»a. to itnnugn 
Impugnativo, va. a. impugn- 
ing , , 

Impulsár* va. to impel 
Impulsión, tf. impulsión 
Imi.ul.ivo, va. a. impulsiva 
ImpóLso, sm. Impulse 
Impulsó!-, ra. m. impeuer 
Impune, a. eicmpt from po- 

Impunemente, ad. w**h im* 
Impmüídd, tf. Iropunft, 

Digitized by Googltj 

Impureza, tf. lmpurlty 
Impuridád, tf. impurity 
Impuro, ra. a. impurv, foul 
Imputable, a. imputable 
Imputakiliddd,s/'. imputable* 

Imputadór, ra. t. imputar 
Imputar, va. to impute 
Inacalidble, a. interminable 
Inaccesibilidad, tf. the State 
or quality of bcing inac- 
ce ««ble 

Inaccesible, a. inaccesible 
Inacceso, sa. a. inaccesible 
Inacción, tf. inaction 
Inadaptálile, a. not capable 
of adaption 

Inadequádo, da. a. ¡nadequate 
Inadmisible, ti. inadmisible 
Inadvertencia, </'. inadvert- 

Inadvertido, da. a. inadrert- 
ent, untaren 

Inafectado, da. o. natural 
1 nagendbie, a. inalienable 
Inagotable, a. ¡nexha ustible, 

Inaguantable, a. insupport- 

Inalterable, a. tliat cannot be 

Inalterabilidad, tf. iiumuta* 

Ir al tenido, da. a. unchanged 
Inamisible, a. inamisible 
Inane, (i. empty, void 
Inanición, V- inanitiun 
Inanimado, da. u. inanimate 
Inapagable, u. 

Inapeable, a. that cannot be 
lowcred, incomprehensible, 

Inapeláble, a. without appeal 
Inapetencia, tj'. want of ap* 

Inapetente, a. hanng no ap- 
|>etite, disgusied 
Inaplicable, u. inapplicable 
Inaplicación, tj. indolence 
Inaplicado, da. a. indulent 
Inapreciable, a. inestimable 
Inart. cutido, da. u. inarticu- 

Inasequible, o. that wbich 
cannot he followed 
Inaudito, ta. a. unheard of 
Inauguración, tf. auguration 
Inaugural, u. inaugural 
Inaugurar, va. lo by 
the ilight of birds, inaugú- 

Inaveriguable, a. that cannot 
be asoeruined 

Inbíh, tf. a sort of stuflf 
Incansable, a. indefatigable, 
not exhaustible by labour 
Incantable, a. that cannot be 

Incap.tcid.iil, tf. incapacity, 
want of legal qualiticalions 
Inca|>iz, a. mcapable 
Incardinaclón, tf. adminis- 
tratlon without pmperty 
Incasable, a. unlit fur mar- 
tinge, ta. a. unchaste 
Inc.itólico, ca. a. uncatholic 
incautamente, tul. unwarily 
Incauto, ta. a. incautious 
Incendiar, tu. to kindle 
Incendiario, ria. t. incendiary 
Incendio, tm. tire 
lncendióso, sa. a. fiery 
Incensación, tf. the act of 
perfumíng witli incensé 
Incensar, va. to |>erfume; 

bestow fuisome praise 
Incensario, irn. inccnsory 
Incensurable, a. unblamable 
Incentivo, im. incentive, in* 

Incepción, tf. V. Principio 
Inceptor , im. beginner 
Inccrtidúmbre, tf. incerti- 

Incesable é Incesante, a. in- 
ce atan! 

Incestir, va. to commit incest 
Incesto, tm. incest 
Incestudso, sa. a- incvstuous 
incidencia, </. incidence; the 
direction witli whicli one 
hody stukcs upon another 
Incidente é Incidental, a. 

incident, casual 
Incidente, tm. incident, 
something happeniug be* 
sides the main design 
Incidir, en. to happen 
lnc'énso, tm. incense, pccu- 
lia. revcrence paid to a 
person ; Inriento hembra, 
impuro frankincense 
Incierto, ta. a. unceitain, un- 
st ible, unknuwn 
lncindénte, a. cutting 
Incinerár, va. to bum to 

Incipiéntc, a. beginning 
Incircunciso, sa. a. uncir* 

Incircunscripto, ta. a. uncir* 
Incisión, tf- incisión 
Incisivo, va. a. incisiva 
Inciso, tn. comma 
Judio, sa. a. cut ; V. Cortado 


Incisdres, tm. pl. Incisora 
Incisóriw, ría. a. incisory 
Incitación, tf. ineitatieu 
Incitador, ra. i. iustigator 
Incitamento <5 Incitamiento, 
tm. ¡ncitement 
Incitár, va. to incite 
Incitativo, va. a. incentive 
Incivil, a. uncivil 
Incivilidad, tf. inciviiity 
Inclemencia, t). harslinessj 
inelemeney of the weather 
Inclemente, a. indement 
Inclinación, tf. inclinalion, 
love, tendeney 

Indinadór, ra. i. one who 

Inclinante, a. inclinatory 
Inclinar, cu. to incline, turu 
the desire towards any 
tlnng; vn. to reseinhle; 
c r. to be favourabiy dis- 
poned to ; bow ; liare a 
particular reasou to fullow 
some opinión 

Inclinativo, va. a. inclinatory 
i'nclito, ta. a. f.imous 
Incluir, ra. to íncludc, ailow 
one a sitare iu a businesa 
Inclusa,^. foundiiug-liospilr.l 
Inclusero, ra. t. y a. fuund 

Imlu.iiin, ,/. inclusión, eaiy. 


Inclusivo, va. a. incljslve 
Incidió, sa. u. inclosed 
Incluyente, ;> a. including 
Incoado, da. a. beguu 
Incoar, va. to comineare 
Incoativo, va. a. inchoative 
Incobrable, a. irrecovcrable 
Incógnito, ta. a. unltnown 
Incognoscible, a. impercepti- 

Incoherencia, tf. Incoherenca 
incoherente, a. incoliercnt 
I'ncola, tm. inhabitant 
Incolumidad, tf. incolumlty 
Incombustible, a. incombus 

Incombústo, ta. a. unbumt 
Incomerciable, a. contra 
band ; intractable, harslt 
Incomodar, va. to incom 

Incomodidad, tf, incommo- 

Incómodo, da. a. incommo* 

Incomparable, <t. not to be 
acquired, incomparable 
Incomparádo, da. a. V. la* 

* comparable 

Incompartible, a. indivisible 

- ir 



Incompasible. I"«»™P“ ,V0 ' i 
va a. Incompatttonate 

Jn«mT>aW.ll<ffiu mcom. i 

InStiímllíte, a. Incompatible 
incompelúncia, tf. Incompe- 

I nlmni.ítc'nt e.a. ineompetent 
IncompMto, ta. o- lncomplue 
Incomplexa, xa. a. mcomplrc 
Incomponible, a. incoin 

x »»*»«*«»»• I 

• : : i.;t . if. incoin- . 



ln^posiblUdád; tf- incom 
I ncomposíble, a. incompossi- 
Incomposición, tf- wfl nt of 

iZZ^Me.a. Incom. 

prelien .¡ble 

Incompremtble, o. incom- 

preuib'e . 

Incompuesto, ta. a. simple 
Incomunicable, a. incommu- 
nicable . 

Ineonceptíblc, o. Snconcqitl- 

Incrincemiénte, a- Improper 
Inconcino, na. a. disordered 
I uconcúsamente, aJ. certainly 
Inconcuso, sa. u. incontro- 

Inconducente, ir. i*« ongruous 
Inconexión, tf- want of con 

Inconósó, x&. .«. unconncctcd 
Inconfeso, sa. q- unconfeued 
Inconfidencia, xtf. distrital, 


Incongruencia, tf. lncongru- 


lncongru inte, a. intongnious 
Incóngruo, grúa. a. Incon- 

Ineonmensuráble, a. incom- 


Inconmutable, o. lncommu- 
tül*' c 

conquistable, a.unconqucr- 
nconseq'ldncia, tf. inconse- 
I neo "üjp'cnte, o- ^nte 

InconSderfdo, da. »• Incon- 

siderate . 

Inconsiguiente, a. meonse 

I nüunsi* tíñela, tf. inconslx 

Jncmtmldble, a. inconsolable 
1 neon.tincia, */. Inconstoncy 
Inconstante, o. incoiistant 

17 b 

Incon-truílile, a. whlmslcal, 
tíck'.e, oliscure 

Inconsúlto, ta. «• unadslsed 
Inconsútil. «• teainless 
InconláUle, a. innumerable 
Incontaminado, da. o. unde- 

I Incontestable, a. lncontcsta- 
ble, f-tl-a; . 

j Incontinencia, Incontl- 

i lnrontinénte. a. Incontlnent 
Incontinente ó Incontinenti, 
a.l. instantiy . 

Incontiastóble, «• insur- 

Incontrovertible, o. Incontro- 
vertible . 

Inconvencible, o. mcunvinci- 

Inconvenidncla, tf- inconve- 

Inconveniente, o. Incon se- 

Inconveniente, »m. diiTiculty 
Incon ver-ible, a. unsoeiaUe 
Inconvertible,,!, inconvertible 
Incordio, i*, bul» 
Incorporáble, u. th«t cannat 
lie incoriw>rAt*sl 
Jncorporál* a» incorpórea! 
Incorporar, ra. to incorpo- 
rale ; i r. 1* incorporated , 
salí in company 


Incorpóreo, rea.u. ¡ncorporeal 
incorrección, tf- Incorrectness 

Incorregilulidád, t/* meor- 

IncomSSw?, «• «"'“"‘SIW» 

Incorrupción, tf. incorrup 
I„^¡nib°íK“ >ncor- 

I ncolruptfbíe,a. incorrup tibie 

Incorrupto, ta. a. meorrupt, 
puré of manner» 

Inorasór, va. to inspittate 
Increáclo, da. a . üucreated 

IncredlbUiddd,</-.incrcdibl ity 

I ncredul idád, & Jncredttlitj 
Incrédulo, la. a. íncredulous 
Increíble, a. incredible 
Incremento, un. increment 
Increpación» increpation 
Increpadór» ra. i. chider 
Increpíir, va. to incrépate 
Incruénto, ta. a. vnstained 
with blood 

Incrustár, va. to incrust 
I'ncubo, im. the nigbt-mare 
Inculcdr, va. to incúlcate; 
lock up types; t r. to b« 



Inculpable, «• inculpa|<1_ 
Inctilpádo, da. a. fau liles» 
Inculpdr, va. to acc-use 
Incultamente, uJ. rudeir 
Incultivable, o. incapable of 

Incúlto, ta. a. incult, un- 

Incultüia, tf. «ant of cultura 
Incumbencia» »J- duty 
iiosfd upon a penan 
Incumbir, ri». to be mcum 
' bent U|»on any one 
Incur.lble, «, incuiablo 
Incuria, tf. negligente 
Incurioso, sa. a. negiigen* 
Incurrir, «’»- to Incur 
Incursión, tf- Incursión 
Incdr», ti", uttack 
lncuuír, tu. to accuse 
Indiible, a. «hat caunot ba 
giveu or grauted 
Indagación, tf. indagation 
Indagador, ra. t. InvestigatoT 
Indagar, ru. to scarcls 
Indebido, da. a. undue 
Indecencia, t /'• imlecenc, 
Indecónte. a. indeccnt 
Indecible, a. inexpresable 
Indecisión, tf. Irresolutfcm 
Indeciso, sa. o. irresoluta 
Indeclinable, o. incapable or 
a decline 

Indecóro, »m. indecorum 
Indecoroso, sa. q. mdccoroua 
Indefectible, o. indefectible 
Indefensable, a indefensibie 
Indefenso, sa. a. dcfenceless 
Indeficiente, a. indefectible 
Indefinible, a. ¡ndebnable 
Indefinido, da. a. indehmte, 
nol delermlned, large be- 
yond thc comprchension ot 

Indefinito, ta. a. Indefinita 
Indeleble, a. indelible 
Indeliberación, • • 

inlnation, inadrertencj __ 
Indelibctido, da. a. mdeli» 

Indemne, a. undamaged 
Indenmldád, tf. indemnlty 
Indcninliár, ra. to Indemnirj 
Indcv»endénci3, tf- indciieis* 
dence . 

Indcpendénte o IndepcntU* 
énte, o. independent 
Indescribible, a. indescribible 
Indesignable, a. tliat whlch 
cannot be designed 
Indestructible, a. mdestreo 

tibie . 

Indeterminable, o. indetermi* 



Indeterminado, c!a. a. indc- 
termin.ue, revoluti;, pu- 
sillaniuious, indelinite 
Indevoción,*/: iudevotion 
Jndevoiti, (a. o. indevout 
l'ndex, t. Índex 
Indiana, tf. cliinl* 

Jml.ani/ar, ru. to siicak like 
J ndian v 

Indiano, sm. one wlio lias re- 
ídeil in India, haIkiü 

Ind cación, íi. lndlcntlou 
Indicante, im, syntpton 
indicar, ru lo Indícale 
ImUeaitvo, vn. a. indicalive 
indicción, sf. IndiclUm'; /«. 
dicción Humuitiif Human in- 

l'mlice, i, mark, sign ; hand 
ol' a watcli ¡ Índex ; fore- 

Indiciado, da. a. suspicious 
Jndici.ulór, ra. i. ono who 
entertaius suspiclons, ¡n- 

Indic ir, vn. to glve rcasons 
to suipect, dlscover ottén- 
drr* to tlie magistrales 
Indicio, sm. indication 
I'ndico, -ni. índigo ; V. Añil 
I’ndico, ca. a. ludían 
ludidlo,, fin. a xhort índex 
Indié-tio, ira. a. awkward 
Indiferencia, sf. indillóreuce, 
negiwt, neutrality 
Indiferente, a . indifieront, 
unconcerned, inattentive 
Indígena, o. Indigencias 
Indigencia, sf. Indiyeiice, po- 

Indigente, a. indigent 
Indigestible, a. indigestible 
Indigestión, sf. indigestión ; 

rudeness ol' teinper 
Indigesto, a. indigest ¡ rudo 
Jndigéte, sm. lndigite 
Indianamente, ud. unworthil/ 
Indignante, ya. indignant 
Indignar, cu. to irrítate ¡ vr. 
to lie inllanied wilh anger, 
be inllained 

Indigd diúl, sf. indlgnity 
Indigno, na. a. uaworthy, 
lncongruouc, vlle 
Indiligencia, sf- want of di- 

I'ndio, dia. t. a nativo of 

I'ndlo, la. a. of a blue cotour 
IndiréctM, si', innuendo 
Indirecto, ta. ti. ¡ndirecl 
Indiscernible, a. indiscernible 
Indisciplina, sf. want of dis- 


Indisciplinable, a. .Incapable 
of iiistructlon 

Indisciplinado, da. a. un- 

Indiscreto, ta. a. Indlwreet 
Indisculp.ilile, a. inexcusable 
Indisolubilidad, */: imlissolu- 

Indisolúble, a. indiuoiubte 
Indispensable, a. indispensa- 

Indisponer, ta. to disablc, 
unlit; rr. tobeimllsposed, 
lie |ieevish 

Indispuesto, ta. a indisponed 
Indisputable, a. indisputable 
Jndistincidn, sf. indistinction 
Indistinguible, a. undistin- 

S uishable 

istínto, ta. a. indistinct 
Individuó!, a. individual 
lnilm-JtMafittád é indivlclul* 
iláil, sf. individuality 
Indi vidu di/ár, nt. to specify 

I n<¡ i .sí- individuality 
Indiviiludr, tu. to individúate 
Individuo, mt. individual 
Individuo, dua. a. individual 
Indi visibilidad, sf. indivlsi- 

Indi visible, a. indi visible parts 
Indivisiblemente, ad. insepa- 

Indiviso, sa. a. undlvided 
Imliyudicáble, a. not to be 

Indóci', o. indocile, inüexible 
indocilidad, sf. Indocility, in- 

Indócto, ta. a. ignorant 
I'mlole, sf. disposition 
Indolencia, </. indolence 
Indolónte, a. indolent 
Indomable é Indomenahle, n, 
unt.irncable, bitlexible 
Indomado, da. a. untained 
Indomesticable, a. untame- 

Indo me?. tico, ca- a. untamed 
Indómito, ta. a. untamed 
Indo (ación, tf. lossof a wifc’x 

Indotido, da. a. unendowed, 
ponían less 

Indubitable, a. indubitable 
Inducción, sf. lntluction 
Inducidor, ra. i. inducer 
Inducimiento, sm. induce- 

Inducir, ra. to Induce 
Inductivo, va. a. inductive 
Indulgencia, tf. indulgence ; 
iavour granted by the popo 


Indulgente, a. indnlgent 
Indultar, tu. to panlon, irte 
Indulto, sm. partían, furgivt- 
ness, indull, impost 
Indumento, sm. wearing np- 

Industria, sf- lndustry, inec- 
lluity . b 

Industrial, a. bclonging to 

Industriar, ra. to teach 
Industrioso, sa. o. industri 
oiix, subtle 

Ineliriattvo, va. a. inebriatin 
Inedia, sf. fast 
Inédito, ta. o. not publishcd 
Inefabilidad, sí- inellability 
Inefable, a. inellablc 
Ineticiicia, sf- inelHr.icy 
Ineficaz, a. ineflicacfous 
Inelegante, a. inciegan» 
Inenarrable, a. inexplicabio 
Inepcia, s]\ ¡neptilude 
Ineptitud, if, ineptitud* 
Inepto, ta. a. inept 
Inórela, sf- dullness 
Inerme, a. dlsarmed 
Inerrable, a. inerrable 
Inerrancia, tf. unerrablcneta 
Inerrinte, a. lixed 
Inerte, a. Inert 
Inescrutable, a. inscrutable 
Inescudriñable, a. insondable 
In, .pecado, da. a. unexpect- 

Inestimábie, a. Inestimable 
Inestimado, da. a. that which 
ls without prlce 
Inevitable, a. inevitable 
Inexctisáble, a.' inexcusable 
Incxhaústo, ta. unexhausted, 
full, plemiful 

Inexistencia, sf» existence of 
one thing in an.-itlier 
Inexistente, a. existent 
Inexorable, a. Inexorable 
Inex|ieriéncia, sf. Inaxperi- 

Inexjiórto, ta. a. inexpert 
Inexpiable, o. inexpiable 
Inexplicable, a. inexplicable 
Inexpugnable, o. Inexpugna 
ble, lirin 

Inextingutble, a. iuextin 

Inextricable, a. inextricable 

Infaceto, ta. a. dolí 
lnfaclíble, a. iiifcasiblc 
Infacundo, da. <t. iuclumtent 
Infalibilidad, sf- Inlallibiliiy 
Infalible, a. infallible 
Infamación, sf- siander 
Infamadór, ra. *. defanier 
InfanUr, ni. to defame 



Infamativo, tí. o. thxt whlch 

Infamatorio, Ha a. defama 

Intime, o. lnfamonj 
Infamia, tf. infamy 
Infancia, ff. hifancy 
Infancino, tm. od made ot 
Creen olives 

Infando, da. o. Infamóos 
Ir. tanta, tf- infanta ; ch.ld 
under seven years oíd 
Infantico, tm. temtory or 
revenue asslgned to a 
prince of tbe royal blood 
of Snain 

Infante, t. Infant; a tltle 
eiten to ail the sons of the 
king °f Spain, eveept the 
hetr apparent to the croen ; 
mute letter ; pl. choristets 
Infantería tf- infantTy 
Infanticida, tm. murderer of 
an infant 

Infanticidio, rm. infanticlde 
Infantil, a. infantlie 
Infanzouádo, da. a. pertain- 
inc to a noble 

Infanzonazgo, »m. tenritory 
of a noblemtm 
Infatigáble, o. imlefatigable 
Infatudr, va. *o infatúate 
Infausto, U. a. unlucky 
Infección, tf. infection 
Infecir, tu. V. Jnjicwnar 
Infectár, va. to lnfect 
Infectivo, »a. a. infectivo 
Infecto, ta. o. lnfect ed 
InfecuncUrse, vr. «o bccomc 

Infecundidad, tf. Inrecondity 
Infecundo, da. a. barren 
Infellcidád, tf. misfortune 
Infeliz, a. unhappy 
Inferencia, tf. inference 
Interior, a. inferior 
Inferioridad, tf- lnfcriority 
Inferir, ra. to Infer 
Infernáculo, *m. a klnd of 
boylsh play 

Infemíl, o. Infernal.extreme- 
ly hurtful 

Infcmár, ra. to damn, tcaze 
Infestación, tf- act of infest- 

ing , , . 

Infestar, va. to ¡nfest 
Infesto, ta. o. prejudicial 
lnliclonór, ra. to lnfect 
JnlideUdád, tf- Iníidelltv, 
want of faith ¡ the whole 
liody of ln ti deis 
Infidencia, tf unfaithfolnet* 
inlidtlnte, «. unfalthful 
IniidtU é Infido, da. a.V.Iañtl 

Infiél, o. unfaithful 
Infierno, im. hell ¡ any thing 
which cause* unea iness ; 
refectory in a convent ; a 
large Chemical vessel 
Inligurdble, a. that wbich 
cannot be represen ted by 
any «cure 

Infiltración, tf- infilrration 
Infiltrarse, vr. to inliltrate 
I'nfimo, mo.ii. lowest, abject 
Infinidad, tf- lnfinily 
Infinito, ta. a. infinite 
Inlirmór, ra. to infirm 
Inflación, tf- tnflation, vani- 
ty, haugb tiñes* 

Inflamable, o. ¡nflammablc 
Inflamar, va. to inflame ; vr. 
to liecome red 

Inflamatorio, ría. a • inflara* 

Inflar, na. to Inflate 
Inflativo, va. a. that wbich 

Inflexlbilldáil, tf- inflcxibillty 
Inflexible, a. inflexible 
Inflexión, tf- inflection, va- 
riation of a noun or verb 
Inflictivo, va. a. infllctive 
Influencia, tf. intlucnce 
Influir, ra. to intlucnce 
Inllúxo, tm. tntlux 
Información» tf. Information, 
judicial inquiry and pro- 
cess, brief . 

Informante, tm. ore who is 
peculiarly cbarged to col- 
lect Information respccting 
a person, ra. to form, tn- 
fonn ¡ State a case to a 
counaellor or judge ; vr. to 
take cognizance 
Informativo, va. a. instruc- 
I ti ve 

Infórme, tm. Information 
Infórme, a. informous; not 
perforrned in a proper and 
reblar inanner 
Informidad, tf- Informlty 
Infoitificílble, a. that wbich 
cannot be fortified 
Infortuna, tf. sinistron» In- 
fluence of the star* or 

Infortunado, da. o. unfortu 

Infortdnio, tm. misfortune 
Infosdra, ^fisurfe.t in animal* 
Infracción, tf. infiraction, 
breach, tre.pas» 

Infracto, ta. o. steady 
Infractor, ra. t. one who vió- 
late! a ccmpact or law 

. INH 

Infrarscrito, o underwrHtei* 
Infrangibie, o. infrangibie 
Infructiféro, ra. é lntrugf 
fero, ra. o. unfruitful 
InfructuósO, sa. a. truitlcs» 
Infrunlto, ta. a. torvous 
I'nfulas. tf. pl. omament» of 
sacerdotal or |x>nütical dig- 
nity ; espec tallón 
Infundible, a. infusible 
Infundir, va. to bifuse, in 
troduce, soak 

Infurcloniégo, ga. a. subje 
to pay the ground-rent of 

Infusión, tf- infusión, liqo 
made by infusión inspir*. 

Infuso, sa. o. infused 
Ingeneráblc, o. mgenerable 
lngcniár, ra. lo conceive j wr. 

to work in the mind 
Ingenlatóra, tf. industry 
Ingeniería, tf. engincry 
Ingeniero, *m. conitlver, en» 
gineer, shipwriglit 
Ingenio, tm. genios ; englne; 
ineans ; plough ; J/it-ettía 
de polvum, i»owder-mill 
Ingeniosidád, tf. ingenuity 
Ingenióso, so. o. ingenious 
Ingénito, ta. a. juibcgotten, 
innate, inbom 
Ingente, a. very large 
Ingenuo, nua» a. ingenuous 
Ingerrir, va. to insert, grail 
Ingina, tf. V. Quitada 
I'ngle, tf. groin 
Ingles, sa. o. English 
Inglés, im. English languagw 
Inglosóble, a. that admits no 
gloss or comment 
Ingolicrnáble, a. ungovema* 

Ingraduáble, a. that canno* 
be gmduated 

Ingratitud, tf. ingratitud* 
Ingráto, a. ungrateful 
Ingrediente, tm. ingrcdient 
Ingréso, tm. ingie-s, custom% 
pricc of admittanee, entrj 
Inguinario. Ha. a. inguinal 
Ingurgitación, tf- ingurgita 
tion, va. to ingurgítate 
Ingustable, a. Ingustable, 

Inhábil, a. unable, urokilful, 

Inhalúlidád, tf. inab.fity 
Inhabilitar, ea. todisabie 
Inhabitable, a. uninhabitable 
Inhabit.ftlo, da. a.uninliabited 
Inhallable, a. not to be faund 



«fthcróncla, »f, mlhcrence 
Inherente, a. inhevunt 
Inhibir, va, to inhibit 
Inhibitorio, ría. a. prohibí tory 
Inliiésto, ta. a, entangled 
Inhonestidád, tf. dishunesty 
inhonésto, ta. a . dKhonest, 
indecent, immodest 
Inhonordr, va. V. Deshonorar 
Inhospitable é Inhospitable, 
a. inhospitable, a. un Inhabitable 
Inhospitalidad, tf. inhóspita- 

Inhumanidad, sf. inhuma- 

Inhumano, na. a, inhuman 
tile i ación, sf. ¡nitlatioti 
lniciál, a. iuitial 
Iniciara, rr. to be Initiated 
Iniciatívo, va. a. iniliating 
or producing tnitiatlon 
I ilícita, mJ', V. Ilc/uuia 
] nigtui!, a. V. Desigual 
Inimaginable, a, cannot 
be im.igined 
InimiciVin, tf. enmity 
Inimitable, a . inimitable 
Ininteligible, a. uninfelligiblc 
Iniquidad, 'j\ iniquity 
limpio, qüa. a. iniquitous 
Injuria, tf. an unreasonabte 
nction, .hurt without jus- 
tice, iniíchief 
Injurndór, ra. s. aggressor 
Injuriante, pa. ¡njtirtng 
Injuriár, va, to injure 
Injuruíso, »,a. a. injuriout 
Injusticia, tf. ¡njustice 
Injusto, ta. a. unjust 
In legible, a. ¿Ilegible 
Inllevable, a. i n-up portable 
Inmar uládo, da. a. imtnacu- 

Inmaduro, ra. a. Immature 
Inmanejable, a. unmanage- 

Inmanente, a. immanent 
Inmarcesible, a. immarcessi- 

Inmaterial, a. immaterial 
Inmaturo, ra. a. immature 
Inmediación, tf. contiguity 
Inmcdiiite, ad. innncdiatelv 
Inmediato, ta. a. conlisuons 
liimedic.lble. a. incurable 
Inmemorable, a. Itnmemora- 

Inmeinmi.11, a. 1 inmemorial 
Inmeiihidld, tf. immeiuity 
Inmenso, sa. a. mímense 
In:m n , urdirle, a. tiniuensura- 

Inmérito, ta. a, undeserved 


Inmeritorio, ria. a, without 

Inmersión, tf. Imm endon 
Inminente, a. Imminent 
Inmiscible, a. (inmiscible 
Inmóhle, a. unmoveable 
In modelado, da. a. i ni modé- 

Inmodestia, tf. immodesty 
Inmodesto, ta. a. immndest 
Inmódico, ca. a. suprfluous 
Inmolador, ia t . or 
Inmolár, va. to iinmolate 
Inmortal, a. imn.ort i! 
Inmortalidad, tf. ímmort.v 
iity . 

Inmortalizar, va. to b'timor- 

In mortificación, tf. licen- 

In mortificado, da. a. unmor- 

Inmoto, fa. a. un moved 
Inmovible O InmOvil, a. im- 

Inmovilidad, tf. immobility 
Inmudable, a. ¡inmutable 
Inmueble, a. fixed 
í nmumheia, tf. une lean liness 
Inmundo, da, a. unclean 
Inmúne, a. free, enjoylng im- 

Inmunidad, tf. immunity 
Inmutabilidad, tf. iininutabl- 

Inmutó bl o, a. imrtiutable 
Inmutación, tf. chance 
Inmutar, r*<r. to chance 
Imputativo, va. a. that which 

Tnnarible, a. unliom 
Ir.naci ente, a. that which is 
not boru of another 
I multo, ta a. innate 
Innavegable, a. innavigable 
Innecesario, ría. a. uuneces- 


Innegable, a. incontestable 
InnOble, n. ignoble 
Inr.or entdda, tf. itate of In- 

Inmu no, un. a. tnnnxlous 
Innominado, da. •/. nameless 
Innóto, ta. a. unknown 
Innovador, ra. t. innovator 
Innovar, va. lo innóvate 
Iimumcrabiliddd, tf. ¡nnu- 

Innumerable, a. innumerable 
Innúpta, a. unmarried 
lnohedescér, ra. V. De ¡obede- 

Inobediencia, tf. disobedi- 


Inobediente, a. disoberflent 
Inobscrváble, a. unobsei va- 

liT observancia, tf. ncglect 
Inobservante, a. delicien! ln 

Inocencia, tf. innocence ; 
freedom froin giiilt ím- 
puted, harmlessness 
Inocénte, a. innocent, slmp 
Inoculadór, tu i. innoculatcr, ra. to inocúlate 
Inofenso, sa j. V. ih-to 
Inoficioso, a. u. done at 
improper time 
Inojéta. tf. top of a boot 
I'nope, a. poor, imligent 
Inópia, tf. ¡ndigeiice 
Inopinable, a. unthought of, 

Inopinado, da. a. Inopinate 
Inordenado, da ; é Inordina- 
do, da. a. inordinate 
Indrme, a. enormous 
In Próntu, ad. promptly 
Inquietación, tf. uneasiness 
Inquietador, ra. t. dlsturber 
Inquietár, ra. to disquiet, 
molest, stir up distur bancea 
Inquieto, ta. a. restless, noi- 
sy , anxious 

Inquietud, tf. inquietude 
Inquilinato, tm. right acquir- 
ed by the tenant of a bous© ¿ 
Inquilino, na. s. tenant, one 
that ón certain conditlons 
has temporary possession 
and use oí the pro|»erty of 

Inquiridór, ra. t. inquiicr 
inquirir, va. to inquire, asccr- 
tain by research 
Inqtii-idór, ra. t . ínquirer, 

Inquisitivo, va. a. inquisitiva 
1 indino, tm. a kind of *pun 

InrazomiMe, a. V. Irracional 
Insaciabiliddd, tf. insatiabiot 

Insaciable, a. insatiible 
InS'iculár, va. to iKillot 
Insalubre, a. ins.dubnou* 
Iiwttuhriddd, tf. in^ilubrit/ 
Imanó ble, a. incurable 
Insania, tf. imanity 
In>.1no, na. a. insune 
Inscribir, va. to inscribe 
Inscripción, t . inverintion 
Insculpir. va. to iiisculu 
Insecable, o. not tobe el netf 
In sección, tf. incisión 
Insectil, a. insectil© 

Iiuécto tm. inscct 


Insectil ación, sf. bsdlnüng 
Inseculór, va. fu hallo! 
Insenescen cía, f. quality of 
not be coming oíd 
Insensatez, sf. insensatcness 
Inscn-áto, la. a, in>en>ate 
ln>m.\ihilidád, sj'. Instnslbi- 

Insensible, a. insensible, im- 
perceptible, hard 
Inseparabilidad, f. insepara- 
bl eneas 

Inseparable, a. inseparable 
Insepulto, ta. a. unburied 
luserír, *1 a. t o insert 
Insert dr, va, to insert 
Insérto, ta. a. V. Enxerto 
Inservible, a, unserviceable 
Insidia, sf. ambush 
Insidiador, ra. s. plotter 
Insidiár, va, to plot 
Insulidso, sa. a. insklious 
Insigne, a. notable 
Insignemente, ad, notably 
Insignia, sf. a distinctlve 
mark of honour, mark of 

Insigniiicaeidn, sf. insignifi- 

Ins gnificatívo, va. a, insigni- 

Inslmulár, va, to accuse 
Insinuación, sf. powcr of 
pleasing, exhihition of a 
public instrument before a 

Insimiár, ra. to in.-inuato, 
liint, touch lighrly ou a 
subject ; vr. to gain ano- 
ther's favour anu benevo- 
lenco hy artful merms 
Insipidez, sf. insipidity 
Insípido, da. a. in ipid 
Insipiencia, sf. insipience 
Insipiente, a. ignoran! 
lns’stdnt ia, sf. pe» sisteme 
Insistir, ra. to re>l, persist in, 
dwcll upan in discourse 
I'ns to, t.i a. ingrafted 
ln-ociabihclád, *J'. insocial» - 

I is- c .íblc, «. insociable 
Insolár, va. to insólate; vr. 
to disea-e oni » sclf by the of the »un 

Insoldábte, a. tha t rannot be 
sotdered, irreparable 
Insolénc a, 4f. insolcnce 
Insolentar, va. to tnake bold 
Insolóme, a. insolen t, per- 
forming uncommoii things, 

Insólidum, ad. jointly 
Insólito, ta. a. un usual 

__ m 


Insabible, a. indisoluble, in* 

Insolutundación, sf. assign- 
inent of goods or cí Tecla in 
payment of a ilelit 
Iniiilvéndi, 4/’. insolveney 
Insolvente, a. insol vent 
Insomne, ti. sleepless 
Insomnio, «vi. iiisomnolency 
Imondálile, a. unfathomable, 

Insoportable, a. in&upport- 

Insostenible, a. indefensibie 
Inspección, f. inspection 
Inspeccionar, va. to inspect 
inspector, ra. s. inspector 
Inspiración, *J'. inspiración, 
the act of brealhing luto 
any tbing 

Inspiradór, ra. s. one who in- 

Impirár, ra. to inspire, draw 
in with the breath 
Inspirativo, va. a. that which 
has the povrer of impir- 

Instabilidad, sf. instability 
Instáble, a. instable 
Inláneia, sf. instance or in- 
staney, prosecution ofaaiiit 
Instantaneidad, *J'. instunta- 

Instantáneo, nea. a. Instan- 


Instante, sm. instant ; Al 
instante , iinmcdiately 
In-, tinte, a. instant 
Instdr, va. to previ a request ; 
m. to urge the protnpt 
execution of any thing 
Instauración, f. re>toralion 
In-taurár, va. toverew 
In? tauralívo, va. a. restora- 

In? ligación, s r . instigation 
Iiistigartór, ra. s. instigator 
Instigar, cu. to iustigxte 
In>tiLír, ra. to instill, to in- 

Instinto, jrm. instinct, divine 
inspiración, encourage- 

InslPución, sf. estahlish- 
ment, educalion, cullatkm 
of a bendice 

Instituénte. ya. institutinc 
Instituiddr, ra. s. institutor 
Instituir ,ru.toinstituie,teacii, 
nomínate, determine 
Instilóla, sf. an instituto 
Instituto, 1*1. instituto 

I Instituyóme, pu. institutor 
Instridente, a. pressing 


Instrucción, sf. p recepta con. 

Vejing knowledge 
Instructivo, va. a. mstmetire 
Instructór, ra. s. instructor 
Instruir, va. to instruct 
instrumenta!, a. mstnx- 

Instrumentista, sm. plarer on 
an instrument of inusic 
Instrumento, sm. an ms'ru* 
ment, too!, the agent 
mean* of any ihing ; dee 
Imitare, a. unpleasant 
Iiisub-isténcia, sf. instability 
Insubsistente, a. unable to 

Insubstancial, a. unsubstan- 

Instidár, mi. to toil 
Insuficiencia, sf. insuíBcf 

In»uficiénte, a. insuffícíent 
Insuflár, va. to blow 
Insufrible, a. intolerable 
I'nsula. 4f. Isle ; V. Isla 
Insular é Insuláno, na. a • 

Insulséz, sf. insipidity 
lnsúl-.o, sa. a. insipki 
Insultador, ra. a. insulter 
Insultante, pu. insulting 
Insultar, insult ; vr. to 
meet with an accident 
Insulto, sm. insult, suddea 

Insuperdblc, a. insuperable 
Insupuráble, a. cndless 
Insurgénte, sm. insurgen! 
Insurgir, ra. V. Alzarse 
In urrección, sf. in>uriectío» 
Intacto, ta. a. untouched 
Intangible, a. intangible 
Integtrfl, a. integral 
I'i negramente é rntegrar^ 
ment, ad. V. Enteruments 
Integrante, a. integral 
Integrar, ra. togive irtegrlfy 
Integridad, ad. integrity, en- 
tireness, virginity 
integro, u. entire, candid 
Integumento, sm. integu 
ment, fable, fiction 
Intcllectlvo, va. a. intellec 

Intclóctu, sm. V. InteHiimcim 
Intelectudl, a . Intelectual • 
Inteligéncia, s*. iutelligeiice, 
understamling, cominero# 
of acquaintance, sensc, spl- 

Intel genciddo, da. a. ixv* 

Inteligente, a. intelligent 
Inteligible, a. intelligibk* 


Intemperancia, intemper- 

Intemperánte, a . intemperate 
Intemperie é Intcmpei atura, 
sj. inlein peral ene.>s 
Intempestivo, va. a. unsca- 


Intención, »f. intention, in- 
stihct of hrute* 
Intencionado, da. a. inclined 
Intencionó!, a. desigtu-d 
intendencia, \f\ administra- 
ron, dutriüi of an inten- 

nteiuienta, lady an In- 

Intendente, im. intendant 
Intensión, tf. intensión 
Intensivo, va. é Intenso, sa. 
n. intense 

Intuitár, va. to try, enter an 

T nténto, im. intcnt 
l'nter, tu /. in the mean vrhile 
Intercadéncia, sf. interrup- 
tion, inconstancy 
Vitercadftite, a. changoable 
Intercalar, ra. to intercálate 
Intercalar, a. inserí 
Interceder, vn. to intercede; 
W. to act between twu 
par t íes 

Interce, tór, tvi. to ¡ntcrcept 
Inter cesór, ra. i. intercessor 
ínter ceso rio, ría. a. interced- 

Jnterclusión, Intcrclusion 
Intercolúnio, im. intercoium- 

Intercostal, a . Intercostal 
Interciirrente, a. intcrcurrent 
Intel cutáneo, nea. a . placed 
between the skin and llesfa 
Intel decir, va. to interdíct 
Interdicción, sf. interdiction 
Interes, m. interest, gaíu, 

Interesable, ti. lucrativo 
Interesado, da. n. interestod 
Interesóme, a. Interest ing 
Interesar, r«. y r. to be con- 
cerned ; va. to interest 
Jntereséncla, qf, personal as- 
sLstance at any thing 
Intcresénte, a. present 
Interéio, un. interest 
l'nteiln, tm. V. Interinidad ; 
ad. interhn 

Interinamente, ad. in the in- 
ter venino time 

Interinidad, sf. quallty of 
holding a temporary chargc 
or office 

Interino, naj é Intcrinório, 


fia. a. appotnted provisión- 

Interiór, a. interior 
Interidr, un. inside, any thing 

Interioridád. sf. inside, the 
act of liiding 

Interlineado*?, sf interlinea- 

Intetlineól, a. interlineal 
interlineár, va. V. Entreten - 

Interlocución, tf. interlocu- 
tion, intervention 
Interlocutor, ra. s. intei locu- 

Inter locutorio, ría. a . interlo- 

Interlünio, sm. time whern the 
moon, abou; to chance, b 

Intermediar, vn. to inter- 

Intermedio, día. a. interme- 

Intermedio, un. Intcrlude 
Interminable, a. interminable 
Interinólo, na. a. intermina- 

Intermisión, sf. intermisión 
Intenniténciü, tf. dbcontinu- 
anee of an intennittent 

Intermitente, a. intermittent 
Intermitir, a. to intermit 
Internación, s . importation 
Internamente, ad. intemally 
Internar, va. to picr ce ; vr. 
to insinúate 

Interneción, sf. Interneción 
Interno, na. a. interior 
Internódio,jm. space between 
two knoLs of tiie stalk of a 

Interpelación, sf. intcrpella- 

Interpelar, ra. appeal to 
Interpolar, va. to interpólate, 

Interponer, va. to ¡nterpose, 
refer, thrust in a. an ínter- 

Interprender, t-a. to carry a 
place by assault 
Intcrprésa, if. cnterprise 
Interpretación, \f. interpreta- 

Interpretadór, ra. s. interpre- I 

Interpretóme, pa. interpret- ¡ 

Interpretar, tv*. to interpret 1 
interpretativo, va. a. inter- 


. ntórprete, s. cotn. interprete? 
Interregno, sm. interreign 
Interrogación, if. Interroga 

Interrogóme, a. interrogativo 
Interrogar, ro. V. Preguntar 
Interrogativo, va. a. interno* 

Interrogatórlo, un. hiterroga- 

Intcx rumpfr, va. to Ínter, 

Interrupción, sf. fntemiptlon 
Interserirse, vr. to intersect 
each other 

Intersección, sf. intersectiou 
Interstlco, un. Interdice 
Interusúrio, un. intcicst fox 
a ceitain time 

IntcTválo, un. intenrá!, re- 
misión ofdeliríum or mad» 

Intervención,*/ Intervention 
Intervenir, vn. to intervene, 
assist, ntter.d 

Interventor, ra ; é Interven!* 
dór, ra. s. one who inter- 
ven es 

Interyacente, a. adjaccnt 
Intestado, da. a. inféstate 
Inte-tinál, a. Intestinal 
Intestino, na. a. inte- tiñe 
Intestino, im. bowds 
Intimación, é Intima, sf. in- 

Intimar, va. to intímate; rr. 
to insinúate 

Intimidad, sf. intimacy 
Intimidar, va. to intimidato 
I'ntiino, ma. a. internal, in- 

Intitular, »w. to entitle, dig- 
nify with n tille 
Intitulóla, sf. tille pretlxed to 
a book 

Intolerabilidód, sf. intolera- 

Intolerable, a. intolerable 
Intolerancia, sf. intolerante 
Intolerante, a. intok-rnnt 
Intolerantismo, sm. intolera 

Intónso, sa. o. ignornnt 
Intra Muros, ad. vriihin th# 

Intransitable, a. iir.passablo 
Intransmutable, o. Intrans 

Intrnnsmutabilidód, sf. ira 

Intratable, a. intrnrtahle 
Intrepidez, tj'. inirepklity, 

ImiópL'io da. a. Intrcpld 


Intrincóle, a . imricate 
Intrincación, tj". intiicacy 
Jntr ncúdo. da. a. perplexed 
Intríncaiuiénto,4/n. intricate- 

Intrincdr, lut. toperplex 
Intrínseco, en. u. intrmdc, 
cióse. \ r . ¡ f ntimo 
Inn aducción, sf. introduc- 
tion, prepara ion, accev» 
Introducir, va. to introduce, 
bring luto notlcc, induce; 
vr. to insinúate 
Introductor, la ; e Introduci* 
ddr, ra. i. ono who intro- 

Introductorio, ria. a. intro 

lntrdito, sm. entrance 
Intrusión, tf. intrusión 
luirúso, sm . iniruder ; a. in- 

Intuición, */. Intuition 
Intu.tivo, va. u. intuitive 
Intuito, (Por), ad. on account 

Intuito, sm. view 
Intumescencia, qf. V. //in* 
chazo, i 

Inundación, sf. inunditlon 
Inmutante, jtu. inundaling 
Inundar, ra. to inúndate, 
«pread, diltusc 
lmiro.midád, tf. inclvility 
Inurbano, na. a. incivil 
lnusitádo, da. a. unusual 
Inútil C 1 ñutí le, a. úseles* 
Inutilidad, sf. inutility 
ImitilUár, cu. to render úse- 

Inútilmente, ad. utelessly 
Invadeable, a. uot fordable 
Invadir, va. to invade 
In validación, sf. the act of in* 

Invalidad, sf. V. Xulidad 
Invalidár, tu, to invalídate 
Inválido, da. a. invalid 
Inválido, «m. retired soldier 
i n variabilidad, sf. invariabi- 

Invariable, a. invariable 
In variación, sj'. Iminutabillty 
I ovar ¡.ido, da. a. novar iod 
Invasión, */*. invasión 
Invasor, ra. s. lavador 
Invectiva, i/, invectivo 
Invehir, vu • lo inveish 
Iii veneróle, a . invincible 
Invención, tf. inventlon. 
Hacer invenciones , to inake 
wry face* 

Invencionero, ta. «.inventor, 



Invendible, a. unmerchant- 


Inveníble, a. that may be 

Inventir, va. to invent 
Inventar ¡ir, va. to make an 

Inventário, sm. inventory 
Inventiva, tho fuculty of 

Inventivo, va. a. inventivo 
Invónto, sm. inventlon 
Inventór, ra. t. inventor 
inverecundo, da. a. sliame- 

In verisímil, a . unlike 
Inverisimilitud, sj. improba- 

Invernáculo, sm. gTcen-house 
for preserving plants in 

Invernada, </*. wlnter-sca&on 
I n vern ;ul ero, im. winter- 

invernar, vn. to winter 
Invernizo, u. a. vrinterly, 
Inversión, </*. inversión 
Invórso, sa. a. inverse 
Invertir, ra. to invert 
Investidura, sf. investí tu re 
Investigóle, a. uninvestiga- 
ble ^ 

Investigad ór 9 ra. t . investiga- 

Investigar, va. to Investígate 
investir» ra. to invest 
Inveterársc, va. to be anii- 

Invicto, ta. a. unconquerab!e 
Invfdla, if. envy 
Invierno, sm. winter 
Invigilar, ni. to watch 
Invincible, a. invincible 
Inviolable, a . inviolable 
1 uviol. ¿do, da. n. in viólate 
Invirtúd, sf. vice 
ln virtud a), sa. a. contrary to 

InvUrbili.lad, tf. invl&ibiUty 
Invisible, a. invisible 
Invi.síblimente, ad. invislbly 
I n vi uir, ni. to invite 
Invoc.ulór, m. ». ona who 

Invocdr, va. to invoke 
Invocatório, ruuo. titat whlch 

Invo! ntnr 1 - fód, tlie qua- 
litj ot being involuntnry 
Invulnerable, a. Invulnerable 
inxeridúra, tf. the placo 
wherc a tree is gvat'tcd 


Inxcrír, va. to inserí, ingraft j 
vr. to interfere 

Inxertár, va. to ingrafl ai 

Inserto, sm. graft 
inyección, sf. iniection 
Inyectar, ra. to inject 
Ipecacuana, sj. a medicinal 

I'psola, tf. a kind of wool 
Ir, vn. lo go,walk, to be, exist. 
bel, condst, impoit, ditter, 
lead,|*roceed» tren demanda 
de, to be on the luolt out 
for ; vr. to be gonc ; léale, 
exhale. Irse n pi/ue, to 
founder, to break. Irse d 
lera y monte to encape. 
Quien ra Y ó •ntlcn va allá t 
who is there t 
I'ra, tf. anger, iré 
Irarúudta, *j\ viülent anger 
Iracundo, da. a. passionafc. 
Irado, a. V. Danduin 
Irascencia, sj. pación aten ess 
Iráft?, vr. V. A ir ai te 
Irascible, a. irascible 
l'ris, */. therainbow, media- 
to!, flower de luce 
Irlámia, tf. cloth made oi 
cotón and woollen yoni 9 
fine Irish Unen 
Ironía,*/, irony 
Irónico, ca. a. ironlcal 
Irracional, sf. iriational 
Irracionalidad, </. ir ral ion a- 


Irradiación, \f. irradiation, il- 

Irradió, ta. to irradíate 
Irra¿onáble, a. unrea*onable 
Irreconciliáble, a. irreconcile- 

Irrecuperáble, a. irrecovera- 

Irrecusable, a. not to bo t\h- 
fused* or declined 
Irredimible, a. that whicll 
cannot be redeemed 
Irreducible, a. irreducible, 

Irreformable, a. not to l>c te- 

Irrefragable, a. irrefra^iiMe 
irregular, a. irregular 
Irregularidad, </*. ¡rregnljtity 
Irreligiosidad, tf. irreligious- 

Xnreltgió&o, si. a. irrcligiotts 
Irremediáb'e, a. irremediable 
Irremisible, a. irremisdble 
Irremunerádo, da. a. unte» 

Irrepardblv, a. irreparable 

J - 

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Irreprehensible, a. irrepre- 

Irreprochable, a. lrrcproach- 

Imslstibilidád, <f. Irrestibi- 

Irresistible, a. irresistible 
Irrcsolúbie, a, irresolute 
i:resolúto, ta; Irresuelto, ta. 
a. irresolute 

Irreverencia, ^f. irreverence 
Irreverente, a. irreverent 
Irrevocabilidrid, </. the itate 
of being irrevocable 
Irrevocable, a, not to be rc- 

Irrisible, a. risible 
Irrlsldn, tf. irrisión 
Irt ¡virio, ría. u. ilerlsive 
Irritabilidád, ,J % irritabi itv 
Irritáble, a. that can be ren- 
dered veid 

Irritación, if irritation ; ln- 

Irritadór, ra. t. irritator 


J nhalí, tm. wild boar 

Jabalina, tf. sow of a vrilcl 
boar ¡ javelln 

Jabaluno, na- a. belonging to 
a wild boar 

Jabardear, va. to swarm 
Jabardillo, »m. corrí pan y of 
strolling playera 
Jalurdo, im. a small swarm 
of bees, crowd 

Jabdto, mu a young wild 

Jabi, tf. small wild apple, 
small Itind of (trape 
Jabino, m. V. Chaparro 
Jilea, tf. nag, pony 
Jaccilna, tf- m&il; a. hard 
Jácht, yaeht 
Jacinto, ™, hyacinth, pre- 
cious stone 
Jáce, *m. nag, pony 
Jactancia, *f. jac-tltation 
Jactancioso, sa. a. boas t tul 
Jactdr, ra. to lic>tow fuUome 
praise ; vr. to vaunt 
Jaculatoria, tf. cjaculation 
Jdde, a mineral 

Jadear, vn. to pant 
Jadeo, un, pant 
Jaecéro, ra. t. harness-maker 
Jaén, iw. a klnd of large 
, «rapes, »>n. harneas manner ln 


Irritamióito, m. irritatlon 
lmtánte, a. annuliing 
Initár, tía. toannul j irrítate* 

I'rrlto, ta. a. nuil, yoid 
Irrupción, tf, írruption 
Isa^dge, tf. introductlon 
Isajfógicoj ca. a. introductive 
ischión, tm. hip-bone 
Udoridnc, na. a. belonging 
to 5t. Isidore 

I &la, #/, iile, a remóte spot. 
En itln , insulated ; square. 
l*la» de sotavento, Lceward 
islán ds 

Isldd, iw. a kindof Yeil vom 
bjr w ornen 

Isleño, fia. t. islander 
Isléo, im. islar.d formed by 

Islilla, tf. (lank 
Islote, im.a small barren island 
Ismaelita, a. Mohammedan 
Iságono, na. a. having tvo 
equal angles 


which sereral thlngs resem- 
ble each other 
Jaharrdr, ra. to plaster 
Jahdrro, tm, plasler 
Jalbegdr, va, to whiten, palnt 

Jalbégre, tm. whirewash 
Jalbegueddo, da. a. white- 
vra>hed f painted 
Jalbégue, m. whitewashing, 

Jaldado, da ; Jdldo, da. a. of 
a brlght yellow nolour 
Jalde, a. bright yellow 
Jdldre, tm. a bright yellow 


Jalea, tf. jelly 

Jalcdr, va. to encouragc 
houuds to follow the cha>e 
Jaletina, tf. compound jelljr 
Jajméro, tu. onc whosetrade 
¡s to makc pack saddles 
.lamas, ad. never 
Jamavds, tf. a kind of ílower- 
cd silk 

Jáinlio, svu V. Yambo 
Jamerdana, tf. sewer which 
runs fiom a sluughter- 
bou se 

Jarnerddr, t»a. to clean the 
guts of animal* 

Jámila, tf. V. Alpechín 
Jamlbjtm.a klnd of cottoiutuff 


I'spida, tf. k|. yrfisher 
Israelita, im .,r.n lite 
Israelítico, ca. a. Jewish 
1 stmo, tm. isthrnus 
> Istridr, ra. to Ilute 
Italianizar, va. to perfbrm a¿L 
ter theltalian manner 
Italidno, na ; Itálico, ca. a . 

Italian, italic 
I'tem, i. ítem ; ad. also 
Iteráble, a. repea ted 
Iteración, tf. iteration 
Iterar, va. to itérate 
Iterativo, va. u. iterad ve 
Itmerdrio, «n. itinorarjr 
I'va, tf. ground pine 
Iziga, tf. place ahounding ¡n 
rushes and reeds 
Izdr, ra. to hoist 
Izquierdear, vn. to dogmernte 
izquierdo, da. a. lcft-handed, 

Izquierdo, da. t. a lefi-handed 


Jamón, tm. ham 
Jamona, a. bclonging to the 

Jangada, tf. raft 
Jangúa, tf. a small amu-d 
▼essel iike a raft 
Janncquín, tm. a sort of cot- 

Japonés, sa. a. native of Já« 

Jaquelddo, da. a. Applied to 
cut diamoud* or precióos 

Jardín, tm. garden, privy, 
spot which disfigures an 

Jardinería, tf. gardening 
Jardinéro, ra. t. gardener by 
Jaréta, tf. seam made 
douhllng the edge of cloth. 
Jaretas, harpings 
Járo, ra. a. resembling a wild 

Jarra, tf. jug or lar 
Jarreár, vn. to take out water 
or wine wlth a jug 
Jarróro, tm, vender of jugs or 

Jarrctár, va. to hough, enér- 

Jarréte, tm. ham 
Jarretera, #/: garter, order ct 



Jarreté ro, tm. namstrlng 
Jarríllo, tm. chamber-pot 
Járr o, tm. jug wilh une han- 
elle only 

Jarrón, jm. Urge jug, urn 
Já*pe, si n. j.isper 
Jaspeado, Ja. a. spntted 
Jaspeadúra, tf. act of mar- 

Jas pea r, vn. to marble 
Jastiái, im. fayade ot* an edi- 

«Tato, ta. t. V. B (térro 
Jaula, tf. cage 
Javalina, tj. javelin 
Javéque, nrt. kind of xmall 
vessel u*ed In the Mediter- 

Jayán, na. e . a lall robust per- 

Jayanázo, tm. a huge blg fel- 

J.unríno, na. a. na: i ve of Ar- 
gel, Aigerinc 
Jayine, tm. James 
Jasmín, tm. jevsamlne 
Jasmlnórro, mu bostardje&sa- 

Jébe, tnu roche-alum 
Jcrosolnnitáno, na. a. nativo 
of Jcru>alem 

Jesucristo, im. Jesús Christ 
Jesuíta, sm. jc>uit 
Jesuítico, ia. o. jesuitical 
Jesús, tm. Je> u*. En un de- 
cir Jet tu i in an instant 
Jesusear, vn. to repea t fre- 
quently the ñame of Jesús 
Jijón a, tf. species cf lorge 

Joc lisamente, ad. jooosely 
Jocoserio, ria. a. half jocose 
and half serious 
Jocosidad, tf. jocularlty 
Jocoso, sa. o. jocos* 

Jof.tyna, tf. a china jug 
Joliéa, tf. jollity 
Jolito, tm. re*t, calm 
Jónico, ca ; Jónio, nía. a. 

native or lonia 
Jonjotí, t mu V. 

Jórco, sm. a«fca»t, and llcen- 
tiou» dance ainong the vul- 

Jordán, sin. anv thing which 
give> fresh bíoom 
Jórfe ó Jotre, tm. a wall 
made of dry ¿tone* only 
Jorfeár, va. to construct dry 

Jorgina y Jorguina, tf. uritch 
Jorguín, tm. >oot 
Jomáda, tf. journey perform- 
ed in one cUy , opportuni- 


ty ¡ Joumey, roail, psssag* 
through lifr; number <if 
shecl» prmteil otr In onc 

Jorn.ll, tm. wagej pald lo 
day-labourer* for one day's 
work. A' jornal, by the 


JoriiaUr, va. to work by the 

Jomaléro, m. dny-latmurer 
'jordba, </i huiup, Ímpetu» 

I n*ty 

JorolKÍdo, d.i. a. crookcd 
Joro luir, ru. to im|>orlunc 
Joscla-uir, tm. a sort of spun 

Jo.trádo, da. n. round-headed 
Jota, tf' Spanish dance 
Joven, (I. young ; tm. a youlh 
Jovenete, im. youlh 
JuviiU, o. jovial 
Jovialúlád, i . jovlality 
Jdya, «/. jewel, any thingwell 
tiiiisln-d. pre&ent 
Joyante, a. eatremely glovsy 
Joyel, tm. jewel of little 

Joyería, tf. jeweller". ihop 
Joyero, tm. jeweller 
Jdyo, tm. bearded damel 
Joyuela, tf. jewel of «malí 

Juan, tm. John 
Juanete, un. joint-bone of 
the gicat toe, lop-gallant 

Juanetudo, da. a. bony 
Juáda, tf. stain in cloth 
Juardó%o, sa. a. stalncd, va. te hoi>t the boat 
on Itoard 

Jubetéro, tm. one «lio makes 
and sella jackets 
Jubilación, ti- rejolclng 
Jubildr, rn. «o rejnicc ; tvr. 
to escnipt froju toil, lay 
aslde a, úseteos 
Jubileo, tm. juhilee 
Jilbilo, tm. glec 
Jubón, tm. douhlet 
Jubonéro, tm. maker of jach- 
en or doubleta 
Judaismo, tm. judaiim 
Judaizante, pu. judalring 
Judaizar, ni. to fobow the 
rite» of the .lew» 

Jtldav, tm. one that treacher- 
ou-ly decelves hl» friend | 
tllkwonn tliat doe» nut 

J udiiyco, ca. v. judalcal 
Judería, part of the town 
w hor» the Jew» Uve 


Judía, tf. Fvcnch bean 
Judie ación, tf. judgment 
Judicánte, tm. judge appolnt- 
cd to inquire into the con* 
duct of olllcers of justice 
Judicatura, tf. judicatura, 
digu ty of a iudge 
Judicial, a. judicial 
Judiciário, vAu a. profcsslng 
the art of foretclling futuro 
events by incaru of tht 

Judie ió>o, sa. a. judicious 
Judiega, tf. kind of oIítcs 
goed for inaking oil 
Judiego, ga. a. Jewish 
Judiituéio, sm. a young Jew, 
Frcnch beau 
Judío, día. u. Judaica! 

Judío, día. t. Jew, Jew esa, 
word of contempt 
Judíos, sm. )J. a large sort ot 
French lieans 

Juego, tm. play, diversión, 
disponition tor doing «iny 
thing, sncer, gainc, g.unc 
of ha/aid, methud, a tixcd 
number of thing*. Juego 
de iiiirot , set of books, pun. 
Juegos- public feast» 

Jueves, svn. Thursday 
Juóz, tm. judge. Juez ar- 
bitro, arbitrator 
Jugáda, tf. play, ill tum 
Jugadera, tf. shuttle used to 
make nctwork 

Jugador, t. player, gamester 
Jugár, ni. to play, renture, 
match, more on jointa or 
hinges, ínter vene, mock 
.Jugar ida, tf. ImU play 
Juglar, sm. bultbon 
Juglar ésa, tf. a Teníale buf 

Juglería, tf. buíToonery 
Juguéte, sm. toy, Jest, carol 
Juguetear, vn. to act the bu^ 
foon, play loosely 
Juguetón, na. a. playlsh 
Juicio, tm. judpnent opi- 
nión, prudence, judgea av 
setnbled in court 
Juicióso, sa. a. judicioua 
Julcjie, tm. julap 
Julio, tm. July 
Julo, sm. bel! -mulé 
Jumeiár, tu. to strengthen 
inant.s with jmrtncrs 
Jumólas, 4*. pt. checks 
Jumólos, sm. pi. partners, 
strong p ice es of tiinber 
Juinénta, tf. female ass 
Jumcntál y Jumentil, a. b*« 
ionging to the aoé 

Digitized by Gooc 



Jumento, im. beast of bur- 
then, aaa, a ¿tupid porson 
J uncida, «f. klnil of fritten 
Juncál ii Juncar, tm. rnarshj 
grouml full of radie* 
Juncia, tf. swoet ovpreos 
Junciana, tf. brag, boast 
J unciera, i f. an earthen ves- 
sel vriih a perforatcd lid 
Juncino, na. a. rushj 
Junco, iin. rush 
Juncoso, sa. a. ful! of rush es 
Jungada, tf- stewed haré 
J linio, m. June 
Junípero, tm. V. Enebro 
Junquera, u'. rush 
Junqueral, sin. V- Juncal 
Junquillo, tm. jonquile, a 
*mall round moulding 
Junta, tf. junta, meetng, 
joint of a horse 
Juntad ir, ra. s. joiner, one 
vrho joln» 

Juntamiento, un. congrega- 

Juntár, cu. tojoin; vr. to 
join, copúlate 

Juntara, tf. carpenterS plañe 
J tinto, ta. a. United 
Jtinto, a !, near, cióse to 
Juntário, sm. klnil of tribute 
J un ttlra,y Jun tailúra.-vf. joint 
Júpiter, na. Júpiter, skjr 
Jura, tf. oath 
Jurado, tm. jurat, jurar 
Jurador, ra. t swearer 
Juraduría, ». ollice of a jurat 
Juramentar, va. to surcar ; vr. 


to bind one's self by An oath 
Juramento, tm. an oath 
Jurar, va. to swear 
Juratdria, tf. píate of sil ver 
containing the holy evan- 

Jurdía, tf. kind of fishing in- 

Jurél, tm. a sea fish 
Jurgína, tf. witch 
Jurídico, ca. a. lawful 
Jurisconsulto, tm. one who 
gives hU opinión in law 
Jurisdicción, tf. legal autho- 
rity, judicial powcr 
Jurisdiccionál, a. relating to 

Jurüpejfcia, tf. jurisprudcnce 
Jurisperito, tm. civ ilian 
Jurisprudéncia, tf. jurispru- 

Jurisprudénte, tm. civilian 
Jurista, «m.jurist, pensionar 
Júro, tm. right of perpetual 
property, anmiity assigned 
ujion the revenue of the 

Ju.sbárha, tf. field myrtle 
Juséllo, tm. pottage made of 
broth, kc. 

J ústa, tf. a mock encounter on 
horseback, literary cuntest 
Justador, tm. tilter 
Justar, va. to joust 
Justicia, tf. justice, retribu- 
tion, reason, public puni&h- 
ment. Justicia trutvor, the 
lord chicf juátice of*Spain 


Justiciar, va. to exccoto ñ 


Justiciazgo, tm. the place and 
ollice of a justice 
Justiciero ra. t. justlccr 
Justificación, tf. justification, 
equity, sanctification, by 

Justificado, da. a. equal 
.Justificador, tm. sanctiHer 
Justificante, pa. justifying 
Justificar, va. to juatify, es- 
tablbh a claim to a court 
of judicaturc, rcctify, equa 
lize a line of types ; vr. to 
▼indícate one’s cliaractcr 
Justificativo, va. a. justifica- 

Justillo, tm. an under gar- 
io en t 

Justipreciar, va. to estímate 
any til ng 

Justipreciado!, un. appraiscr 
Jú>to, ta. a. jnst, cxact, tíghf, 
clone, good 

Justo, tm. a just and pious 

Jústo, ad. tightly 
Juvenil, a. juveuile 
Juventud,#/’, vouthfotness 
J u/pJdo, tm. tribunal 
Jusgadór, ra. #. a judge 
Juzgamundos, i. evo*. one 
who censures the actions 
of every onc but himsclf 
Juzgóme, pa . judg ng 
Juzgar, va. to pavs judgment, 
va. to apprehend 


tm. kaü, sca-wccd I ICeratofíta, tm. a marine* I Kiries, tm. respondes in the 
Kárme», tm. kermes | plan! | liturgy 


L*V*’ «pot 

Laberinto, tm. laliyrlnth j 
an intricate mattex 
Ubia, tf. xweet, vinnlng 

Labiado, da. a. lablated 
Labial, a. labial 
Ldblo, un. lipj the cilge of 
anj Ihing 

Labiodentál, «. lablodcntal 
Labor, tf. labuur, symmelxy, 
n rolle Work ; Labor blanca, 
tlhiteworki cullivation 

Laborable, a. laborable 
Laboraddr, tm. V . Trabaja- 
dor 6 Labrador , 1 

Laboránte, tm. labourer, la- 
borant, chemist 
Lalwratiírio, tm laboratory 
Laboreár, va. to culture 
Laboréo, itn, culture 
Loborcra, tf. clever 
Labário, tm. V. Labor 
Laboriosidad, tf. Uboriou*- 

Iasboriáto, sa. a. laborioui 

Labráda, tf. land ploughed 
be sowxi the ensuing sean 
Labradero, ra. a. labourable 
Labrado, d0t a. worked 
LabraddiyTa. t. labourer 
Labradiir, ’ ra. a. bom In a 
•malí villagc; lalmriolis 
labrad orésco, ca. a. laborlou* 
Labrandera, tf- «eamstre*» 
Labránte, tm. stonc-cutter 
Labrantín, tm. a pett, farmer 
Labrantío, tía. a. producing 


18 T 


Lahránra, tf. tillado, tituban- 
dry, faim, lnbour 
Labrar, va, to work, till, 
build, cío needle work, In- 
form, linish, bvui ; vh , to 
inakc a strnng impresión 
011 the ni hiel 

Labrero, ra. a. npplicd to a 
kind of lishing-net 
Labi lego* sm, peasant 
Labrusca, tf'. rural Iifc 
Láca ,tf* lac, red colour 
Lacayo, im. lackey, footraan, 
kuot of ribbons 
La cay u ¿lo, im. footboy 
lacayuno, na. a. belonging to 
a lackey 

Lacear, va. to ndom with rib- 
bons tied in bows 
Lacerádu, da. a. unfortunate, 

Lacerar, ver. to mangle, suf- 
fer ; lcad the life ol a miser 
Laceria. sf. miscry, labour, 

Lacerioso, «a. a. miserable 
Lácha, «'• sliad 
Lacio, cía. a. faded 
Lacónico, ca. a, lacón 1 c 
Laconismo, «m. laconism 
Lácra, tf- mark left by some 
woundy fault 

I, aerar, ra. to In jure the state 
of health ; injure in point 
of projKírty 

Lacre, tm. sealing-wax 
Lacrear, va. to seal with seal- 

Lacrimación, »f. eflusion of 

Lacrim.ll, n. lachrymal 
Lachriunitório, ria. a. lachry* 

Lacrimoso, *a. a. wc€ping 
Lácris un. fruit of ro>emary 
Lactancia, tf. lactation 
Laclante, s m. jmcker 
Lactárin, ria. a. lactory 
Lácteo, ten. a. lacteous 
Lacticinio, sm. milk-pottage 
Lactífero, ra. a. lactífero»!» 
Lactumen, sm. sí nb hreaking 
out on the headuf sucking 

Lactina, tf» hlnnk 
ládano, sm. labdanum 
Ladear, tu. to move to onc 
aide ; vn. incline, go l»y the 
aide i vr, to incline to an 

Ladéo, sm. inclination to one 

Ladera, tf. declivity ; pl. ralis- 
of a coi n mon cart 


Ladilla,!/, crab-lotise; klnd 
of bar ley with two rows of 
graín m the car 
Ladillo», rm« pl, shifting 
pan neis in the sides of 

Ladinamente, ad. shleways 
Ladino, na. a . versed in an 
idiom, sagacious 
Liído, sm. side, mat used to 
cover carts, Acc. ; course. 
/ll lado , just by 
Ladra, tf. cry of hounds after 
the gainc 

Ladrador, ra. s. barker, talk- 

Ladiánte, pa. harking 
Ladrar, vn. to bark, « c emp- 
ty threats, clamour 
Ladrido, $m. barking of a dog, 

Ladrilládo, m, floor made 
with bricks 

Ladrillál y J.adrillár, sm. 

Ladrillera, tf. hrick-kiln 
Ladrillero, m. brick-maker 
Ladrillo, tm. brick 
Ladrilloso, sa. a. made of 

Ladrón, na. t. thief, sluire- 
gate; snutf of a candle 
ttiat makes it melt 
Ladronéra, tf . nest of rogues, 
lilching ; sluice-gate in a 
mili, box 

Ladronesco, ca. a. thlevish 
Ladronicio, sm. larctmy 
Lagaña, tí'. a sjpny lmmour 
runningfrom the eyes 
Lagañoso, sa. a. blcar-eyed 
Lagár, sm. wine press 
Lagaréjo, tm. a small wine- 

Lagaróro, sm. wine presser 
Lagarta, sf. femaleli/aid 
Lagárlera, \f. lirard-hole 
Lagartero, ra. a. catching li- 

Lagartijero, ra. a , catching 

Lagarto, sm. lixard, insignia 
of the order of Santiago, 
gusset, artful per son 
Lágo, sm. lakc 
Lagoteár, vn. lo flattcr 
Lagotería, tf. flattery 
Lagotdro, ra. a. llattering 
Lágrima, tear, any inols- 
ture trickling in dropn 
Lagrimable, a. worthy of 

Lagvimál, sm. comer of the 
«ye turar the nose 


LagTÍmár, y Lagrinaeár» m. 
to weep 

Lagrimóse, sa. a. wceping, 

Laguna, tf. laVe, blanks in a 
liook or writing 
Lagunajo, sm. small pool of 
water in a tield after rain 
Lagunar, sm. timber-roof 
Lagunero, ra. a. belonging to 
marshes or jakes 
Lagunoso, sa. a . rnarshy 
Lama, sf. mud, sliine, *c lotl» 
of gold or sil ver, fine sand 
used for mortar, dust ct 
ores in mines 
Lamber, va. V. Lamer 
Lambrija, sf. worra bred In 
tile human body 
Lamedal, sm. a inuddy mi ry 

Lamedor, ra s. lickcr 
Lamedura, tf. act of Ücklng 
LamelAr, va. lo roll copper 
into sheets 

Lamentable, a. lamentable 
Lcmcntadór, xa. i. lamenter 
Lamentár, tm. y r. to lamen! 
Lamento, sm. lamentation 
Lamentoso, sa. a . lamentable 
Lameplatos, sm. lick-platc 
Lamór, va. to lick 
Lametáda, sf. thing licked or 

Lamia, >f. fabulous monster, 
kind of shaik 
Lamido, da. o. deformed 
Lamiénte, pa. licking 
Lámina, tf. piale, copper 
píate, juilntlng or print pul 
on fan» 

Laminado, da. a. coveTed 
with plates or laminas 
Lam huir, va. to roll or beat 
metal into sheets 
Laminero, ra. s. rr.auufactu- 
rer of metal plates 
Lamiscár, ru to lick with baste 
Lami/néro, ra. 9 . licketisU 
Laradso, sa. a. ooxy,sHmy 
Lampacedr, t u. to swá b 
Lámpara, tf* hght, glasv- 
lamp, spot of olí or gteasr, 
branch of a tree p'aced at 
the door on testivals 
Lamparero, ra. s. lamp-lighter 
Lamparilla, 4/1 a surt of coarse 

Lamparín, sm. ca^e Into 
vrhieh a glass tamp is puf 
lamparista, t. catn. lamp- 

Lnmpan 5 n, sm. Hng’s evil 
Lampatón,#m.a Chínese plavit 


Lampázo, mt. a svrab, a mop 
to deán ships 
Lampiño, fia* a. beardlcss 
Lampión, mi* a large lantem 
Lampóte, mt. cotton cloth 
lampría, i \f. lamprey. 
latnprcár, va. to dress a lam- 

Lámpsana, tf- kind of wild 

cab', tge 

Lamptlga, tf- kind of crab 
Una, tf. woul, »hort curled 
hair of soine animaK 
woollen manufacture in 

Unáda, tf. «punge for citan- 
ing cannons, a. woollen, 

Lánce, tf. cast, casting of a 
net, cliance, sudden quar- 
rel, skill of a playcr. De- 
lance, cheap ; j >1. ntissile- 
weapons j plot of n play 
Lanccdr, ra. to «round wlth 
a lance 

Laneéra, tf. hooks in an ar- 

Lancéro, mi. pikeman 
Lanceta, tf. lancet, potter's 

Uncha, tf. a thln and fiat 
jiiece of stonc, barge, snare 
for partridges 

Lanchada, tf. a llghtcr full 
of goods 

I*anchdn, mt. lighter 
Lanchonéro, mi. lightennan 
J>ancidn, sm. a kind ofguard- 
ship in India 

I*ancúrdia, tf. smaii trout 
Ldmla, tf. an cxtenslve tract 
of heath-land 
Landgráve, mt. iandgrave 
Landóla, V. Pitilre. 

Landre, tf. a ntorbid swelling 
of the glanos, acom 
J*andrecllla, tf. round lump 
ainring the glands 
Undríllos, tf .pl. «malí grains 
whiclt grow under the 
tongues of hogs 
Lanería, tf- shop whero wash- 
cd wool U sold 
Unéro, tnu dealer in wool, 
w ardióme for wool 
Unganito, ta a. tal!, lank 
Lango’r, tm. languor 
Langósta, tf- locust, lobstor, 
one wlio extorts money 
/«ngostíuo, mt. grass-hopper 
Ungoslón, tm. the large 
green locust 

Ungilónte, a. inlirm, weak 
Languidez, ó Unguidéza, tf. 


weariness, decay of splrits 
Unguido, n.languid, dull 
Unguór, tm. languor 
Lanificio y Unificación, «. 

woollen manufacture 
Lanilla, tf. nap of cloth, swan 

Lanío, a. a. woollen 
Lanosidád, tf down of the 
leaves of piants 
Unóso, sa. ti. V. Lamido 
Lantejuela, tf. spangle, scurf 
Icft on the skin afler any 

Lamenta, tf. lantern 
Lamido, da. a. woolly 
Lanugluóso, sa. a. lanuglnous 
Unza, tf. lance, pole of a 
coach, pikeman 
Lanzadera, tf. shuttle 
Lanzador, ra. t. thrower 
Lanzamiento, mt. the act of 
launching or casting 
Lanzár, vn. to elarvee, cast 
up, let loose ; vr. to rush 

Lanzón, mt. a short and 
thick lance 

Láña, tf. cramp-lron, green 

Lañár, va. to fasten two 
things together with a 
cramp-lron, lament 
Upa, tf. scum raisetl on the 
surfacc of tome liquors 
Lapachár, rm. hole full of 
mud and mire 
Lapicero, tm. a metal pencil- 

Lápida, tf- a fíat stonc 
Lanidária, tf. the art or pro- 
fession of a lapidary 
Lapidario, mi. lapidary 
Lapidtirio, ria. a. lapidary 
Lapídeo, dea. ¡t. lapidcous 
Lapidificación, tf. petrifica- 

Lapidiiicár, va. to petrify 
Lapidifico, ca. a. lapidescent 
Lapidóse, sa. a. lapidcous, 

Láp i z , tm. black chalk 
Lapizár, mt. black Icad mine 
Lapizár, va. to draw with 
black chalk or lead 
Upso, tm. lapse of time 
falque, tm. runnlng footman 
Lar, tm. an aintihibious bird 
Lares, mi. jil. ltouse-gods of 
the ancicnt lioinan- 
Larário, tm. place wltere tht . 
pagaos worsltlpped their 

Lardar ó I*ardeár, va. to | 



baste, lieat with a stlck 
Lardero (Judvcs), tm. Tliurs- 
tlay before Icnt 
Urdo, tm. lard 
Lardón, mt. a marginal nota 
of a book or wnting 
Urdóso, sa. «. greasy 
Urga, tf. delay 
Urgir, t u. to loosen. T.xla 
vela larga, all salís ou 
Latearte, to set suil 
Urgn, ga. a. Urge, long 
generóos, copious, prumpt 
De larga ,i largo, Iength 
wise ; mi. largely 
Largomira, tf. te!escoi>e 
I-argór, tm. iength 
Largueado, da. a. stri|>ed 
Urguóro, tm. jainli-post of a 
door or winilow 
Largueza, tf- Iength, libera- 
lity, generusity 

Largura, tf. Iength, longi- 

Uríce, mt. larcli-trcc 
Laricino, na* a. Iielonging to 
the larch-tree 

Larige, applietl to a kind of 
very red griqies 
Larfnga, tf. turpentine cx- 
tracted troin the larch- 

Ldt va, tf. mask 
Larval, a. frigbtful 
Lasamiento, tm. lassitudc 
Lasáña, tf. a sort of paste 
fried ¡n a pan 
Lascdr, ra. to ease off 
Lascivia, tf, luxuriance 
Lascivo, va. a. luaciviou-, lux- 

Lasfllo, sin. a small knot 
Lasitud, tf. lassitudc 
Ldso, sa. «. wenry 
I.astár, ra. to pay 
Lástima, tf. gricf, objcct of 

Lastimar, ra. to hurt, move 
to compassion ; vr. to be 
moved to compassion 
Lastimero, ra. a. sad, dole- 

Lnstimóso, sa. a. tioleful 
l.ásto, tm. reccipt given or 
bchmgmg to him who lias 
paid for anotlicr 
Ladrar, ni. to bailad a ship, 
to keep any thing steady 
by nicar.s of a wcíght 
Lastre, mt. b.tllast. luiitrt 
gruetn, heavy ballast, 

Uta ú Hoja de Lata tf. tin 
píate* latía*. latJ' 



Latebroso, sa. a. hiding 
Interdi, a. lateral 
Latido, im. pant, howfing of 
a dog after gante 
Latigazo, «m. crack of a whip, 
unexpeeled otfence 
Látigo, «m. thong of a whlp, 
ropc with whlch any thinc 
to l»e welghed is ÍUbtencd 
to the Steel -yard 
Latiguear, vn. to smack with 
the l.v»b of a whlp 
Latiguera, *f. cord for fast- 
ening to a wcight or ba- 

latiguero, ttn. maker of whip or la.thci 
Latín, tm. Latín 
Latinajo, tm. Latín jargon 
Latinamente, ad. in puré 

Latinár y Latineár, va. to 
apeak or write Latín 
Latín idád, tf. latinity 
Latinismo, tm. latinism 
Latinizar, va. to latinizo ; vn. 
to use words Itoriowed from 
the Latín 

Latino, na. a. nativo of La- 
tium ; appüed to the West- 
ern cburch. Vela latina , 
lateen snil. 

Latir, vn. to palpítate, yelp 
Latitár, vn. to lie concealed 
latitud,#/, breadth, dUtance 
of any point or object fiom 
the equator. 1-alUufJ cvr - 
rtguta , corrected latitude 
Latiiudindl, a. relating to the 

Láto, Uu a. large, diifuse 
Latón, tm. bra&s, latten 
Latonero, «m* brazier 
Latones, tm. ul. laths or 
ledgcs of dilíerent thick- 

latría, tf. wor>hip 
latrína, tf. privy-house 
laúd, tf. lute; a merchant 

T«aúd a, tf. tombstone 
Laudáhle, a. laudable 
Láudano, *m. laúd aman 
Laudár, va. to praise 
Laudatorio, ria. a. laudativo 
Lamle, ti. a tombstone with 
an epilaph engravecí on lt. 
Linde#, laúd*. Ad lauda, 
at all bours 

Laúna, tf. lamina, schistous 
cUy used for covcring 
he uses 

Laúiea, tf. a laurel lcaf or 



Laureando, tm. he who ls to 
receivc a degree in a uni- 

Laurear, va. to crown with 
laurel, gradúate 
Lauredál, tm. plantation of 
laurel tTees 

Laurél, tm. laurel, crown of 
bays as a reward 
Laureóla, tf. a crown of 
laurel, bay-tree 
Laurino, na. a. belonging to 

Ladro, tm. laurel 
Laúto, la. a. rich 
Lava, tf. wa>liing of metáis 
in mines ; lava 
Lavacáras, tm. water whlch 
washed the face; llat* 

Lavácias, tf. vi. foul water 
wldch runs from a washing 

Lavación, tf. lotion, wash 
Lavacro, tm. washing place ; 

Lavadero, tm. washing place, 
plt In whlch tanners deán 
their skins 

Lavador, i. washer, burnLher 
Lavadura, tf. wash • 

Lavó jos, tm. yl. j>ool 
Lavamanos, tm. a washing 
stand in a sacristv 
Lavanco, tm. a kiml of wlld 

Lavandera, tf. laundrcss 
Lavandóro, tm. washer 
Lavátulula, tf. lavender 
Lavar, va. to wash, clear 
fiom an imputation, vrbite- 
wash a waH 
lavativa, tf. clyster 
Lacatório, tm. lavation, mt* 
dicinal lotion, ceremony ot 
wa»hing tbe feet on Holy 

Lavazas, tf. y!, foul water 
running from a washing 

Láve, tm. washing of metáis 
in mines 

Láxa, tf. thln ílut stone 
Laxación, tf. loosening 
Laxamiento, Laxitud y Laxi- 
ddd, t. laxation 
Laxar, tvt. to loosen 
Laxativo, va. a. laxative 
Láxó, xá. a. fceble, iax 
Laya, tf. rualily ; two-prong- 
cd instrument 
Layadór, tm. he who labours 
the solí with a two-pronged 


Layír, va. to tum up tbe 
¿round with a laya 
Luvcal, a. laical 
Laido, da. a. Igmrminioto J 

Lazada, t f. knot formed with 
a ribbon or cotd 
Lazareto, on. lazaretto 
Lazarillo, un. boy who guidea 
a blind n an 
Lazarino, na. a. loprous 
Lázaro, im. beggar rovered 
with rags, a cunning arit'ul 

Lózo, zm. bow, snare, tye, 
bond, the act of decoying 
prime to a certain spot ; pf. 
ti purés in dancing ; flou- 
rishes made with the pen 
Leal, a. loyal 

Lcaltád, tf. loyalty, gentle- 
ness towards a mustci , ap- 
plicd to beasts 

Lcbóehe, tul. «mth-west w ind 
L brida, tf. fticastee made ot 

Lebrastón, «m. an oíd haré ; a 
cunning crafty fellow 
Lebrel, tm. grey-hound 
Lábrela, tf- greyhound bitch 
Lebréro, ra. o. applicd to 
dogs for hunting bares 
Lebrillo, tm. a gUze.l cazlhcn- 
ware tub cr pan 
Lebrón, tm. coward 
Lebruno, na. a. of the liare 

Lo ción, tf. reading. lesson, a 
discourse upon any subject 
Leccionário, tm. le>sou*book 
of tlie matlns 

Lrcliádi, tf. Ihnc slakcd or 
dissolved in water 
Lechó! d Lechir, a. suckling ; 

Lóche, tf- milk. Tora Ha 
lecha, milk cow ; first prin- 
cipie of a sclcnce or art. 
Hermano de /■ che, fostet- 
brother. Lache at tierra, 

Lechecillas, tf- ;Z sweetbrcad 
of calves,, and kids ; 
livers and ligiits 
Lechera, tf. a liier 
lechería, tf. cow-housc 
Lechóro, ra. o. mllky 
Leclióro, ra. a. miliman or 
wonian ; tan-plt 
Lecherón, m, nulk-pall 
Lochlrídn, tf. litter, crowd of 

Leeldn, tm. tent, olives rich 
in olí 

■* r • 


Lechino, im. sxnall tumor ln 

Lócho, #m. bed, litter. Lecho 
de tobo, haunt of a wolf ; 
hctl of a rive». Lechos, 

I echón, sm. a sucking p|g ; 
a dirty fellow in point of 
dr&»s or manner of Uv- 

Lechona, sf. sucking fe m ale 
_ Píff 

Lechóso, sa. a. milky 
Lechúga, »f. lettuce 
Lechugado, da. a. having 
ieaves like lettuce 
Lechuguero, ra. i. reí ai ler of 

Lechuguino, im. plot of small 

LechiSza, owl 
Lechúzo, za. a, suckling 
Le cito, sm. ancient va&e like a 

Leclic.írio, sm. sedan -chair- 

Iectist^rn:», sm. banquet of 
Ihe heathen gods 
Lectivo, va. a. applied to thc 
time of lecture in univer- 

Lcctór, ra. i. reader, lecturcr 
Lectorádo, sin. imtitution of 

Lectorál,«m. office of lecturer, 
reading canon 
Lectoría, tf. lectureship 
Lectúra, sf. lecture 
Lédamente, ad. merrily 
Ledr, va. to read any thlng 
written, lecture 
L<íga,'í7* laical nun exempt 
from the chotr 
Legacía y Legación, s,f. em- 
bassy, message sent by an 
ambavsador, duiation of a 
légate'» cm bassy 
Legado, 4 m. deputy, Icgacy 
Iyfgadór, sin. day-labourer 
Iaigadúra, sf. ligature 
Legájo, sm. bundle of loose 
pajHír» tied together 
largiil, a. legal, *rue 
l^egalidád, *f. legaliry 
Legalización, sf. aitestntlon 
of a ugnature or sub»cr.|.. 
Uon 1 

Le^ali/iír, va. to leijali/e 
Lejpuno, un. Mime, niud, or 
clay lcfl liy water 
t*gamdiio, sa. a. slimy, va. todepute, benucath 
by a last will 
I*gat4rio, *m. legatco 


Legatína, sf. a kind of stuff 
made ofsilk and woo¡ 
Legendario, sm. a legend 
Legible, a. legible 
Legicóu, sm. dictionary 
Legión, sf. legión 
Legionario, na. a. legionary 
Lcgionén^e, a. V. Lcun s 
Legidadór, ra. s. legi-lator 
Legi-.lár , va. to legisla! e, cen- 
sure, critJch* 

Legislativo, va. a. Icgislative 
i. tira, sf. legislature 
Legir-i»erito, sm. V. Jurisperito 
I/Cgísta, sm. professor of laws 
Legítima, tf. portion or share 
ot the paternal or maternal 

Legitimár, ra. to prove, pro- 
cure to any the rights of le- 
gitímate birih 
I-esitimWád, if. le K ltImncy 
I. epítimo, ina. a. legitímale 

i KU ’ l *"*• ln í> ,l an > lay- 
lirothcr ; Ignoran! ; a. lái- 

Lcpin, int. spade 
Iwjtrdr, va. lo t repsn 
Lt-gua, tj. a teague 
Legumbre, im. pulse 
UtgutniaósOj sa. a. legumt- 

Leíble, a. legible 
Leído, da. a. haring read 
much, book-leatncd 
Leímma, im. interva! of 

Lejanía, i,f. dlstanre 
l.ejdno, na. a. dlstant 
la jok, ail. at a great dLtance, 
lar otf 

Lejos, im. pcrspectlve 
Li jos, jas. u. dlstant 
Ojuelos aJ. at a little «lis- 

Lelilí ó I/Hlí, rm. vrar hoop 
of thc Moors 
Lelo, la. a. stupid 
ladina, s‘. nrgument of a poem 
expUined ¡n the tltle 
Lemosín, na. a. native of Li- 

Len, a. applied to soft un- 
twlited silk 

Lencería, sf. a&sortment of 
Unen, linen-draper’s »hop 
Lencero, ia. s. linen-draj er 
lindel, ¿m. cítele dcM-iiheü 
by a turning ,i xvheel 
to ral*» water out of a vrell 
Lendrera, *f. a cióse or small 
comb fur taking out niu 
Lendrero, sm. place full of 


Lendrdso, sa. a. nitty 
Linpia. ,f. tongue, languam, 
intorniation, clapper of . 
bell, needle of a balance. 
¡■r agita Jet agua, ai the 
erice of thc water, ¡.ragua 
.tibia, leartud language 
famjruídir, ji«. solé, a tish 
jarnguáge, .rm. la ñauase 
ÍA-iiguariir, a. Ilnent, forward, 

la-'ngnilí, a. loqnacluus 
Lenftuéta, tj. windplpe; 

needle of a balance 
Len t;uct dita, if. the act of 

Ler.giieterfa, sf. collection of 
tulns with valvea m ¿a\ 

íaeniiliid, f/*. lenity 
l^nilu rfr, va. 'o lenify 
IxMiilicatívo, va. a. t»ol!if}ing 
Lenitivo, va. a. lenitivo 
Lenitivo, sm. einoliicnt 
I.enirar, va. to softeu 
I.enmínJo, sm. piniping 
Ijélltc, it. leus 
lentejuela, sf. vpnngle 
Lenteza, sf. slowness 
Lenticular, «. lenticular 
Lentitud, sf. >luwnc*& 

Lento, ta. ix. í-Iow 
L entór, sin. lentor 
lenzuelo, sm. haudkerchief 
Leña, +r. vvckhí, timber 
Leñador, ra. s. woodman 
Leñar, ra. to cut wood 
Leñóia, sj\ place for fíre 

Lefiázgo, un. pile of wood 
Leñero, j»n. timl>er-merchant # 
timber-) ard 
íaóño, sm. block 
Leñoso, sa. «i. woody 
León, sm. lion 
Leona, *J\ Uoncss 
Leon.ido, da. ix. tion-colnured 
Leonéra. »J\ j ’ .ce or coge 
where lions are *<hut np 
Leonero, sm. kccpcr of lion» 
master of a gambling 
lio u se 

Leonés, sa. u. belonging to 
the kingdrm or iity uf 

Leómca, \f. velii uniler the 
tongue, cliielly u.»ed of 

lafonlno, na. ix. leonino 
lotonina, 4 /. eK*]>h.intinxis 
l^on topefaUin, sm. a plant# 
the root of wtuch l» an an- 
tidote for the poi.son of * 


233S£ 7 — 1 


{¿eopánlo, irw. leopiíd 
Lepidio, *tn. pepi»er-wort 
Lépra, «f. ieprosy 
Leproso, sa. a. lcprou* 

Lerdór, */. slownes* 

Lerdo, da. as slow, hcavy 
lesión, *f. hurt, dawye 
Ledvó, va. a. prejudicial 
Lósna, </. an awl 
Lonordéste, ea.»t-nortn wind 

Ijósoy sa. n. woundcil, hurt 
J^est, ím. last, a certain 
weight or metfnra 
X/iste, tm. east wind, east 

Les u éste, sm. east-south-east 


Letal, n. mortal 
liet.mía, sf- Iltany 
letárgico, ca. a. lethargic 
J.ctárgo, nm lethargy 
Leticia, sf- Joy, mirth 
Letífero, ra. a. lethlferous 
Letificóme, jmv. exhilarating 
Letificar, va. to rtjoice 
Letra, sf. letter, writing, com- 
txisetl ofletters, type,motto, 
bilí of ex citan ge, order, 
words of a song. A’ la l * 
tra , literary 

Lctráda, sf. lawyer't wife 
Lctrário, da. a. lcamed; un. 

lLerato, lawyer 
Letrero, im. inscription 
Letrina, »f. a privy 
Letuario, «m.electuary 
Lcuddr, va. to fennent the 
mas* of dough with leven 
Leudo, da. a. fermented 
Leva, sf. act of wclgbing an 
chor, prac ; pl. tricks 
i .eváda, sf. silkworm whlch 
moves froni one place to 

Lev adero, ra. a. that which is 
to be demanded 
Levadizo, za. a. tliat can be 

Levadura, sf. óerment, board 
cut olf* ftom a piece of tim- 

Levantdda, sf. rlse 
Levantaddr, ra. s. onc vrho 
raides ; disturber 
Levantamlénto, tm. eleva 
tion, insurrection, balance 
of accounts 

Lcvantár, i*a. to ralxe» bulld ; 
impute falscly ; elevate ; cut 
the cards ; vr. to stand up, 
recover fVoni sickness 
Levánte, tm. Lcvant ; rlse ; 
cast, east wind. Comercio 
de Lcvaute 9 thc Levant trade 


Librdnte, im. «ollcltor 
Libranza, tf. V. Libriimicnt • 
Libr.ír, va. *o free, ilravr A 
bilí or money, dispatch, 
rommit, decide. tcm erice 
Líbre, .a. Cree, ¡ndependent, 
exempt, innocent, single, 
liccntlous, rash 
Lilndn, tf. livery' 
l.ibreáx, va. to welgh 
Librería, tf. bookscllcr's shop, 
trade of a bookscller, li 

Libréro, tm. booksclier 
Libreta, tf. small pound of 
twelve ounces ; small me- 
morándum book 
Libro, tm. book, división or 
part of a work. Libro 
brcrrro, doomsday l>o<>k. 
Libro mayor, ledger. Libro 
de ,i uircnta, pacít of carda 
Libtlmica, tf. Ugfat vcisei 
used at íeghorn 
Idcantrdpla, tf. licanthropr' 
Licencia, llccnsc, excessive 

Licenciado, tm. a licentUte 
Licenciado, da. u. llceuseti 
Licenciamlénto, tm. act of 
bcconiinga lleentiate 
Liccnciár,ra. to license ; vr. to 
bccotne dissolute 
Licencioso, sa. a. licentiou» 
Liceo, tm. lyccuin 
Lichdn, tm. liver-wort 
Lichera, tf. woolien Corel 
a i>ed 

Lición, tf. lesson 
Lícito, ta. a. lidt, latrfUl 
I.lcdr, ra. liquor 
Licoroso, sa. a. appllcd 
generous trine, splriluoua 
and aromatic 
Lid, tf. contlict 
Lidiaddr, tm. comhatant 
Lidi.ír, r n. to tiglit ¡ va. to 
ruil or fight bulls 
Liebrastón, tm. leveret 
Liebrático, im. young haré 
Lióbrc, tm. haré ; coward | 
pl. rack or i ibs ; dead eje» 
Lióndre, tf. nit 
Lientóra y Lientería, tf- lien- 

I. ienteríco, ca. a. llonteric 

J. iénto, ta. a. damp, nioist 
Lienzo, tm. linen, hamlkcr- 

clilcf, painting on linen { 
front of a buihling 


Levár, va. to weigli anchor 
Uve. a. light 
l«evedád, sf- Hghtness 
Levigár, va. to Icvlgate 
Levita, sm. levite 
J^evítico, tm. book of Levl- 
ticus, ceremonial 
Lexía, sf. lye 

Lexicógrafo, sm. lexlcogra- 

Lexicón, sm. lexicón 
í^xío. sm. (among dyers) lye 
Léy, sf- Uw, loyalty, religión, 
álloy. A totla ley, per- 
fectly ; vi. collection of 
law*. stuuy of the law 
Leyenda, sf. lecture, legend 
Léyla, sf. a MoorUh dance 
Lóxda. sf. ancient tox on 
Lía, .\f. a thln bass-rope 
Liár, va. to tic ; vr. to con- 
tract an alUanee 
Liáza, sf- collection of hoops 
tued by coopers 
Libación, sf- hbation, 

Libimiénto, sm. the oíTerlng 
in ancient sacnficcs 
Libár, va. to suck 
Lihelár, va. to pelition 
Libelista sm. Ubeller 
Libelo, sm. petition, libel, a 
defainatory writing 
Liberal, a. liberal, bride 
Liberal i dád, sf. libcrallty 
Libertád, sf. liberty, exemp* 
tion, license, freetlorn 
Liberttido. da. a. libertine, 
free, hile 

Libertadór, ra. s. dcHverer 
Libevtár, va. to free, clear 
from an obligation 
LUiertindge, sm. libertlnlsm 
Libertino, na. s. child of a 
freed man ; a. libertine 
Liberto, nn. a freed man 
Libicoáfrico, #m. westerly wind 
Libiconóto, sm. south-vrest 

Libidinóso, sa. a. libldinous 
Libra, </*. a pound wcight. 

Libra esterlina, a pound 

Librácho, sm. an ohl womi- 
eaten book or pnper 
Libración, sf- libra tion 
Librador, sf. dcliverer ; cop- 

Libramiento, sm. dclivery, 
deli veranee, warrant 
Librancista, sm. one who Liga, sf- garter ; bird-lime 
holds a warrant or order of l league; alloy 
payment, a clerk who draws Ligación, sf- act of tying 



up worrouts 

1 Ligadas, sf- pl- ligalurus 

Digitized byjotra 

• LIM 

lógadóra, ligatura, trague 
LigagámUi, *J- garter. V. 

Ligan liza, »/. vlscous or 
gtutlnoui mattcr arounil 
soiul- l'ruitj 

Ligamúnto, im. bandage 
LigamemtíiO, sa. a. ligamcn- 


Liganiüuto, int. unión, li- 

Ligir, m. to tle, bind, allaj 
or alloy, 1 cague, rendcr iin- 
potent liy charms, exorcUe; 
«r. tu bu leagurd, bimt one't 
self to the jierfurmancc of a 

Ligazón, </". unión, futtock- 

Llgcróza, if. iightne»», ogl- 
U«y, levltj, uncbastity 
Ligóro, ra. a. liglit, thin, 

( iwift, unsteady, easy j A' 
la ligera, lightly 
Ligc ruóla, farly gripe 
ligio, a. a. feudal 
Llgoinólas (Uvas), a. early 

Liguílla, tf. kind of narrow 

Lígula, tf. * n opening In llie 

Lila, sf. lilac trec ; a kind of 
llght woollen stulF 
Lilác, im. lilac 
Li !áo, im. ostentation 
Liláyla. tf. ihin woollen stuflT ; 
ridíci/lous impertinence, 
prntik, trick 

Lililíes, <m. ¡il. warhoop of 
the Moors 

Lima, tf lime, the fruit ; In- 
strument to cut or smonth 
metáis; chanuel in the 
roof of a for the 
water to pasa to the caves 
Limadura, tf. act of íiling, 

Llmálla, tf. filings 
Limar, va. to file, gnaw, 

Limatón, sm. coarse round 

Ltmáza, tf. snail 
Limá/o, sm. vlftcosity 
Limazón, sm. slug 
Limito, sm. limbo, limb ; 
edge, Itorder 

Limeño, fia. a. nativo of 

Limóra, tf. ihop-woman who 
sell* tiles; helmport 
Liméro, ra. s. shop-keeper 
árho sells tiles or limes 


Limita, tf. phia! 

LimLte, sm. cloth made of 
Seguvia wool 
Limitido, da. a. Umlted 
Limitáneo, nea. a. limitary 
Limirár, va. to limit, fbrm 
bounderies, test rain 
Límite, sm. limit 
Limitrófe, a. limiting 
Limo, sm. slime, mud 
Limón, sm. lemon. Limones , 
sliafts of a cart 
Limonáda, tf. leinonade 
Limonado, da. a. lemon-co- 

Limonáge, sm. the act of 
buats and pilot-bargesgoing 
out of a bar bou r, to püot a 
vessel Into \Htrí 
Limonár, sm. plantation of 

Llmonéro, ra. e. dealer in le- 
n.ons ; a. applled to the 
shaft horses in carriages, 
tec. ‘ 

Limoddád, tf. tliininess 
Limosna, tf. alms 
Limosnero, sm. almoncr ; a. 

Limóso, sa. a. slltny 
Limpia, tf. the act of clean* 
ing or clcaiulng 
Limpiadéra, tf. instrument 
ased for washing 
Limpiadientes, sm. toothplck 
Limpiador, ra. s. cleanser 
Limpiadura, tf. actof clekiis* 
ing ; rtirt 

Limpiár, va. lo clean, purify, 
pursue ; »>r. to clear one's 
self from imputed guiit 
Lim pié/a, tf. cleanne^s, chas* 
tity, integrity. Limviexa 
de bolsa, emptiness of the 

Limpio, pia. a. clean, neat, 
elegant, puré. Jugar lim- 
pio, to deal fair. Costa tim- 
¡na, clear coast 
Limpión, sm. the act of clean- 

Llnáge, i«t. lineage, class 
Linagista, sm. geuealogist 
Linajudo, sm. one who boasts 
of hls origin or famlly, ge- 

Lináloe, m. aloes 
Linar, sm. tlax lield 
Linaza, tf linseed 
Lince, sm. lynx 
Lindáfio, sm. landmark 
Lindár, vn. to be contiguous 
Linde y Liudázo, sm. land* 


Linde, a. contiguous 
Lindero, ra. a. contiguous 
Lindero, sm. V. Linde 
Lindóza, tf. neatnev* 

Lindo, da. a. neat, complete 
Lindo, sm. beau 
Lindón. «m. ridge 
Ltndúia, tf. eicgance 
Línea, tf. Une, lineage, 
boundary,class,military en- 
trencliinenU. Linea de los 
reveses d(l costado , the top 
tlmber lines, equinoctial 

Lineál, a. lineal 
Lineatnénto, sm. llneament 
Lineár, va. to draw lines 
Lirn-ro, ra. s. dealer in llax or 

Linfa, tf. lymph 
Linfático, ca. a. lyraphatlc 
Lingote, sm. ingot 
Linguóte, sm. paúl or parol 
Lino, «»x , Unen, sailcloth, 

Linón, sm. lawn 
Lintel, sm. lintel of a door 
Linterna, sf. lantern or lan- 
thorn. Linterna secreta , 
daik lantern 

Llnternéro^m. lantern -maker 
Lífio, sm. row of vlnes in a 
Lío, sm. bundle 
Líquáble, a. liquable 
Liquár, va. to liquefy 
Liquefación, tf. liquefaction 
Liquefactíble, a. liquable 
Liquidable, a. üquefiable 
Liquidámbar, sm. liquidam- 

Liquidár, va. toUquefy, clear* 
liquídate; vr. to becoma 

Liquido, a . liquid, evident 
Lira, sf. Ivre, a harp 
Liria, tf. V. Liga 
Lfrico, ca. a. iyric 
Lirio, sm. lily 
Lirón, sm. dormouse 
Liróndo, da. a. puré, neat 
Lis. tf. llowcr*de-luce 
Lisóra, sf. large cañe used in 
silk-worm shcds 
Lisi.ír, va. lo lame 
LLo, sa. a. plaln, cvcn, 
clear, evident 
Llsonjádo, da. a. rhoml)ic 
LLongóro, ra. a. flattering 
Lisónja, sf. adulation 
LLsonjeadór, ra. s. flatteret 
Lisonjear, «8. to flatter 
Lisonjéro, ra. s. a mean *»*• 



Lista, tf- tllp of papcr, scl- 

vagc, list 

Listado, ila. y Listcádo, da. a. 

lis. to, ta. a. ready, prompt 
Listón, sm a large hhred ; 
ferret ; láth. Listones, 

Latonería, sf. parcel of ri- 
bamls and inkles 
LLfonéro, ra. s. riband* 

Lisura, tf- srTioothncss, lin- 
ceritv, candour 
Litación, sf. sacrificing 
Litár, va. to sacrifice 
Litdrge y Litargirio, sm. 

Lite, tí- law*uit, procesa 
Litara, tí- litter, a. literal 
Literalísta, *»«. he who pro- 
le sses to understand words 
and expres&ions in their 

Literario, ría. a. literary 
Literato, ta. a. learned 
Literatura, tí- literatura 
Litcréro, sm. director of lite- 

Litig.mte, pa. litigater, ra. to litígate 
f'dlgio, m. litigation 
LitigiÓNO, sa. a. litigious 
Litis, tf. V. flexjto 
Litisconsúrte, o&sociate 
in a lawsuit 

Litispcndéncia, tf I pending 
Litócola, tf. litliocolla 
Li trilito, un. lythophyte 
Litografía, tf. a dcscrlption uf 
s ton es 

Litógrafo d Litólogo, im. an 
author who describes atañe* 
Litología, sf. natural liistory 
of ¿tone* 

Lituo, sm. anden t military 
instrument of mu&ic 
Liturgia, mJ\ foi m ofprayers 
Litúrgico, ca« a. belonging to 
the iiturgy 

Liviandad sf ligbtness, levity, 

Liviáno, na. a. light, impru- 
dent, incontinent 
LíviJo, da. a. V. A atarugado 
Lí xa, tf- dog-tisli, skin uf the 

LlxAr, va to smooth 
Liza, tf- skatc; Hst for 
til ts 

Uzo, sm. skein of sük 
Lirón, sm. V. Al Irma 
LLÍga, tf - wound, liurt ; crack 


betwoen the bricks of a 


Llagadór, ra. s. wounder 
Llagár, ra. to wound 
Llama, sf. fíame, torce and 
violen ce of pa&sion 
Llamáda, tf- cali; marginal 
note; parley 

Llamador, ra. s. servant of a 
salesman who calis people 
into his shop ; beadle 
Llamamiénto, sm. convoca* 
tion, inspiratlon 
Llaiuár, ta. to cali, líame; 
excite thírst ; vn. toquote. 
El viento Uanus d proa, 
the wind hauls for* 

Llamarada, tf- a flash, forci- 
ble emolí on of the 

Llamativo, va. a. exciting 

Llana, tf- trowcl 5 page of a 
book ; plain 

Ll.m.íria, sf. a wide tract of 
level ground, a plain 
Llanéza, tf- evenness, plain - 
ness, uncultivated style 
Lláno, na. a. plain, meek, 
unmannerlv, clear, frank 
Llano, stn. a level tield 
Llanta, sf. a kiud of cabbage ; 
i ron hoop which covers the 
felloe* of wheels 
Llantén, sm. plantain 
Llanto, sm. fíood of tears 
Llapár, va. to add an addi* 
tional portionofquicksilvcr 
in extracting metáis 
Llanura, tf. evenneas, a vast 
tract of level ground 
I.Iáres, im pl. pot-hanger 
Llave, tí- kcy, instrument, 
winch of a stocking-frame, 
lock, cock for iountains, 
barréis, &c. 

Llavero, ra. s. keeper of the 
keys of a place 
Lléco, ca. a. uncultivated 
Llegdda, tf- arrlvai 
Llegár, ra. to errive, last, 
continué, attain apurpose, 
suífíce, ascend ; va. to ap* 
proacli ; v r. to procecd to 
some place 
Llena, sf. ulluvion 
Llenar, ra. to iill, occupy a 
public place, make up a 
number, beget young) vr. 
to feed glulionously 
Lleno, sm. glut, perfectlon, 
Lleno, 11a* ú . ful! 

LOB . 

Lióla, y. italk of plants Imar. 
ltir truit 

Lleudar, ca. to ferment bread 
Llóva, ¡f. act of carryirrg 
Llt.áda, sf. carrlage 
Llevadóro, ra. a. tolerable 
i. levador, ra. J. carricr 
Llcvár, ca. to carry, recover, 
bear, excel, exreed, Mifter, 
lead, manage a horse, gain ; 
en. to l>e repriinanded. 
Un a r la proa al mmlocslc, 
to stand to the north-west ; 
vr. to sufler one's self to l>* 
led away b, pas.don 
I.loradOra, sj. moumer 
Lloroddr, ra. r. weeper 
Lloraduelos, sm. weeper 
Llorar, ca. to weep, inoum 
níl'ect poverty 
Lloro, <m. act of veeping 
Llordn, ¡m. wcepcr 
Llorónos, pl. wcepers 
l.loróso, sa. a. moumt'ul 
Llorér, en. to rain, pour dnwn 
as rain, showcrj cr. tope* 
netratc the roof with rain 
Llovióso, sa. a. V. Lluvial • 
Llovlma, if. mUt 
Lloviznár, va. to dilzzle 
Lluvia, if. rain, slrower 
Lluvióso, sa. a. rain. 

Lo, prurt. ncutr. it 
l.óa, if. prologue of a play 
JaHible, a. laudable 
Loadór, ra. <■ praiser 
Loám, sm. loam 
Ludada, *J. kind of teurry 
Luar, en. to praise. V. Alabar 
Jaiba, y. she- wolf ; long go» ts 
worn by clergymen atn 
students ¡ rldge bctvretas 
two furrows 

laibddo, sm. morbld svrellinj 
incident to horses 
larbagdnte, m. sea-locust 
Lobanillo, tm. wen 
Lobato, sm. young wolf 
Lobüra, </". strait door or pa»- 

Lobero, ra. a. relating tu 

íarbóro, sm. V. EipanlanuHa. 


Loltc/no, sm. a young wolf 
Lóbo, m. wolf ; lobo, a dis- 
tiuctpart; iron instrument 
for dsfending or scalutg 

Lóbo Marino, sm. sea-wolf 
Lobóso, sa. a. full of wolvcs 
Lóbrego, ga. a. murlcy 
Lobroguecór, va. to grotr 


Imbreguéz, tf. obsrurlty 
Lóbulo, tm. a «malí lobe of 
tl>e lungs 

Lobuno, na. a. wolíish 
Lncál , u. local 
Local ¡did, tf. local i ty 
Jócbe, ó Lója, tf. loach 
Loción, tf- lotion, wash 
Loco, ca. a. mad, fool ; a- 

Locución, tf. locution 
l/ociira, (f. madness 
Locutorio, sin. parlour 
Lodazál, Lodacliár, y Jx>- 
dazir, mu a muddy 

Jaklo, tm. mud, mire 
Lodófio, tm. nettle-trce 
Lodóso, sa. a. muddy, miry 
Lof d Lo, tm. the weather- 
side of a ship 

Logdr, sin. V. Lugar, Sitio, 1/ 
Motivo. — mu V'. Ahmilat 
Logaritmo, tm. logarltlun 
Lógica, tf. logic 
Logicál, a. logical 
Lógico, ca. a. logical 
Logística, tf. logística 
Logogrífo, tm. enigma 
Logomaquia, tf. lngomachy 
Logrdr, i>a. to gal n, possess, 
arail one’s selfof, hit ujion i 
ir. to reap tbe liencfít of 
onc’s labour 

Logrear, va. to borro» or 
lend on Ínteres» 

Logrería, tf. usury 
Logrero, ra. e. lender at 

Lógro, «m.gain, attalnment of 
sotnc purpose, interest 
Jóma, tf. toj> of a hill 
Lombarda, tf. kind of gun ; 

red cabliage 

Lombardád.1, tf. a shot from 
a Lombardy gun 
Loinbariieir, va. to dischai ge 
Lombardy guns 
Lombardería, tf. parle of 
Lombardy guns 
Lomlmrdéro, sin. soldier aji- 
polntcd lo Lombardy guns 
Lombriguera, tf. hole made 
in the eartlt by worms 
Lombriz, tf. wom bred ln 
the human body, or in the 
earth, tm. to more the loins 
of horses in a circular roan- 

Loméra, tf. strap of harneas 
which crosses the loms 
Lomklnrho, a. o. strong or 
broad backod 


Lominhiesto, ta. a. hlgh- 
ctoopcd, arrogant 
Lómo, tm. loin ; back of a 
book or cutting tool ; ridge 
bctween two turrows 
Lomóso, sa. a. bclonglng to 
the loms 

Lóna, tf. canvass, salí cloth 
Loncha, tf. tbin fíat stone; 

lóndiga, tf. V. Ahtndiga 
Lor.drína, tf. a sort of woollen 

Londrfno, na. a. bclonglng 
to lametón Manufactures 
Lóndro, oh. low vessel like a 
gal ley 

Longanimlddd, tf- longani- 

Longánimo, ma. o. forbearlng 
Longaniza, tf. a kind of long 

Longár, a. applied to a long 
plece of honeycomb in 
the liive 

Longínquo, qua. a. dlstant 
Longitúd, tj: length, longi- 

Long¡tud¡n. 11 , a. longitudi- 

Longobdrdo, da. a- natire of 

Longuera, tf. long and nar- 
ro» stripe of iand 
Lonja, tf- exchangc; store 
rooin for sroshed vrool ; 
groeer’s shop; slice of 
ham ¡ pórtico , leather 

Iionjéro, tm. procer 
Lonjeta, tf. V- Cenador 1 
Lopícia, tf. dlsease whfcn 
maltes the hair fail out 
Loqiiaridúd, tf. loquacity 
Loqudz, a. talkative 
Loque, ir, vh. to act the fool ; 

LoqUé!, 1, tf. each one’s parti- 
cular mode of s)ieaking 
Loquero, ra. t. kccper of a 

Loquesca, tf. the frantic de- 
mcanuur of mad people 
Lóquios, tm. ¡it. lochia 
Lorcnzdna, tf. a sort of Unen 
Loriga, tf. coat of malí ; 

Lorigddo, da. a. armed with a 
coat of malí 

Lorigufllo, tm. shrub used by 

Lóro, ra. a. tawny 
Lóro, un, parrot ¡ mulatto or 


Lósa, tf- flag slone, palnter’i 
block of maride ; a trap 
Lrftn, tf. lote, lotus 
Lotería, tf. lottery 
Loxódroniía, tf. íoxodromy 
Lóza, tf. delft, earthenware 
Lozaneár, tm. to allect pomp 
and ostentation in wordi 
and actions 

Lozanía, tf. luxurlance of 
verdure; elegance 
Lozano, na. a. luxurlant, ele* 
gant, sprlglttly 
Lubricidad, y Lubricación, tf 
lubricity, lewdncss 
Lúbrico, ca. a. süppery 
Lucencío, tf. V. Claridad 
Lucérna, tf. glow-worm | 

Lucérnula, tf- lúceme 
Lucéro, tm. monilng star. 
Venus; lustre; part of a 
Wlndow wbire light enters 
Lúcha, tf. struggle, contest, 

Luchadór, ra. t. a wrestler 
Luchdr, va. to wrestle, dis- 
cuss, debate 

Lucharnlégo, ga. a. applied 
to dogs used for catching 
hares at nlght 

Lucidár, va. to copy a plcturo 
on transparent paper 
Lúcido, da. a. lucid, shining 
Luciénte, pa. shining 
Luciérnaga, go. t. eloiv.worm 
Lucifér, im. Lucifer, Salan 
Lucífugo, ga. a. thi-t which 
shuns the Ught 
Luciferfno, na. o. devilish 
Lucillo, tm. tumb 
Luclmlénto, tm. lucidity, 
splendour, lustre 
Lucína, tf- V. Kaiser, nr 
Lúclo, cía, a. lucid, liright 
Lucir, va. to emit ligiit, ¡Ilu- 
mínate, outshine; ra. y 
r. to shine, dross to aiVan- 
, ,íl ge 

Lucrativo, va. a. lucrativo 
l.úcro, tm. gain, profit 
Lucróso, sa. o. ¡ucrific, profit 

Luctuóso, sa. a. sad,moumfuI 
Lucubración, tf- lucubrntion 
Luculmtr, te», to lucúbrate 
Ludiár, ra. to ferment 
Ludibrio, tm. mockery 
Ludio, a. a. V. Fermentado 
Ludir, ni. to rub 
Ludria, tf. V. Nutria 
Luégo, ad. presenlly, soon 
ntlerwardí. — cuiy. tlien 
Lugáno,t«n.smalt singlng bird 


t.ngár, im, place, cllj, em- 
plnyment, time, cause, len- 
tlmeiit of an antlior; En 
tngur de, i tutead of 
Lugarteniente, tm. deputy 
l.úgo, un. klr.d of linen 
Lúgubre, a. tad, moumful 
Luición, 4 f. collectinn of rcnt 
Luir, un. to be galleó or fret- 
te<l ; t vi. to gather rcnt 
Lumbál, a. lumbar 
Lumbráda y Lumbrarada, tf. 
excessire líre 

Lumbre, tf. fire, r par 1c, 
splendout ; ;>/. tinder-box, 
hammer; ture l>art of 

Lumbrera, tf. luminory, iky- 

I.uinlnár.xrn.lumlnary, Hgllt, 
an opposed to «hade 
Luminaria, t). illuinination 
Luminoso, sa. a. luminou* 
Lúna, i f. moon ; gl.e¡a oíate 
for mirrors ; etfect of the 
mono U)k>ii lunatic jteople 
Lunación, tf. lunatlun 


t I unitila, i f. ham 
| 1 unádo, da. a. lunated 
Lunánco, ca. a. applied to 
animaU vrith one quarter 
lilgher than another 
Lunár, «n. mole, note or 
•tain of infame : a. lunar 
Lunário, tm, V. Calendario 
Lunático, ca. a. lunatic 
Lunectllo, tm. ere» cent worn 
by teníale* 

Lvinc-i, «n. Monday 
Luneta, tf. o|>cning left tn an 
arch in funn of a half- 
moun ¡ |>it in a theatre ¡ 
opera glass : cre>cent irom 
tn tlie halr or sitúes of fe- 

LuiiM.i, «n. lunatic 
Lupanár, tm. brothel 
Lupanário, la. a. belonging to 
a brottiel 

Lu|ila, tf. eneysted tumour 
Lúpulo, tm. hops 
Luquis, sa. u. natlve of 

Luquete, tm. zest, match 


Ilustración, tf. lustra ti on 
Lustrador, tn. hot-pre*, hot* 
prever, a . applied to water 
used in purirícations 
Lu&trár, t u. to ex |>a«»ate, U- 
lustrate, peregTinnte 
Lustre, sin. glov», lustre 
Lustrina» J. a kind of gloe* 
sy M lk btuft’ 

Lústro, tm. lustre, fiveyear» 
Lustroso, sa. a. bright 
Lut eran Lino, im. Luthe» 


Luto, tm. mouming 
Lútrii, nf. V. Nútm i 
Luxación, tf. luxation 
Luxár*e, vr. to luxate 
Lúxo, sm. luxury 
Luxúria, \f. luxurv 
LuxuriAr, pm. to be luxurloot 
Luxurlóso, sa. a. luxuriuus 
Lúz, tf. light ; Luce», Win- 
dows, any thiug tliat gires 
light, day, n otice, lustre, 
light liouse; A r buena lux , 




Ufa, tf. brulic in flrult, 
spot, staln, deceit 
Macáco, ca. i. parrot 
Macána, tf. a wooden urea- 
pon in the forin of a cime- 

M acariño, tm. a bully 
Maccarrón, tm. macaroon 
M acarrón ea, tf. a klnd of 
burlrsque poctry 
Macarrónico, ca. c. macáronte 
Macarrón km o, tm. the ma- 
cáronle (tyle of poelry 
Marárse, vi. to rot 
Maceadór, «n. Iieater 
Ma ceár, i»r. to beat or dri.e 
wlth a mallet ; tm. to re- 

S ot frcquently the «ame 

Maceración, \f. mortificallon, 
coporal severity 
Macerár, va. to macérate, 

Ma cerina, tf. a klml ofwalter 
wlth a round cavity i» the 

Macero, «n. mice-hearer 
Alaréta, tf. flower-pot, 
tiaunch of inutton, twn 
cLiwetl , haminer, maní; 
Huerta de njuitur, a driv- 
ing mallet 

M achica, i. rom. an Ignormnt 
cimome iierson 
Machacadera, tf. Instniment 
for iKnmdlng or breaking 
Machacadór, ra. i. a pounder 
Machacár, na. to )iound or 
, break any thlng into pieces 
,t m. to Importune 
Machacón, na. a. heavy 
M acliáda, tf. flock of hc-goats 
Machádo, «vi. a halchet 
Machár, ra. to )>ound 
Maclleár, en. to tieget more 
malea than female. 
Machóte.jvi.a chopping-knlfe 
.Machetóto, tm. one who 
ele. ir> arfar buches wlth a 

Macho, tm. mate animal, 
fle-h of a he-goat ; mould 
In which bells are cari ; 
hook to catch huid in an 
eye, a serew-pin, sledge 

Mácho, a. masculino 
Machón, *m. Imttresa 
Machórra, tf- a barren ewe 
M adulta y Machute, «. a kind 
of lieetle or mallet 
Machucadura, <r; the act of 
pounrüng or bruliáng 
Machucár, va. tu ¡>ound 

Machúcho, cha. a. m ature 
Mac leer, tf. Mili lity 
Macilento, ta. a. lean 
Marta y Maciá-, tf. mace 
Macizamente, ad. ¡n a fina 
■olid nrianner 

Maci/ár, va. to cIom an, 


Macizo, xa. a. rompact, finn 
Macla, tf- water-cal tropx, 
w, salen Instrument to 
scotih llax or hernp 
Macóca, «'; a large aort oí 
early ligs 

Macdlla, tf. bunch nf llovera, 
íce. growing unonestalk 
Macuca, tf. kind of pear 
Mácula, tf. ítalo, spot 
Macular, ni. to macúlete, 
niark w th Infamy 
Maculólo, sa a. full of >pot« 
Macuquino, na. a. applied to 
coi» with the mílitd edgea 
cut away 

Madama, madam 
Madéra, tf. tnnber, wood ¡ 
Madera del a y re, hom o F 

Maderada, tf. raft 
Maderáge y Maderámen, m. 
tlie whiúe of the timbar 
necessary fiar a buildin. 

tigitized by Ce 


M aderar, t a. to plante 
M ildererta, tf. thnber-yard 
Maderero, im. timber-mcr- 


Maderista, tm. conductor of 
a raft or float of timber 
Madero, m, tiunk 
Madera, tf. hank of thread, 
worsted, íce lock of bair, a 
weak lazy person 
Madexuála, tf. a small skein 
Machina, t‘. lady 
Madrastra, tf. step- mother 
Madre, tf. ir.other, lien ; Ma- 
dre de teche, a wct-nurse, 
matron in an hospital, ba- 
sin, bed of a river, sewer, 
mother ofvinegar; Madree, 
cal lows-heams 

Madrciír, vn. to rescmble the 


Madrecilla, tf. orarium of 

Madreclávo. im. a clore 
M adráfía, tf. V, Almadreña 
Madreperla, tf. mother of 

M idrepdra, tf. madrepore 
Madrero, ra. a. fomlling 
Madreselva, tf. honey-suckle 
M.idrieddo, da. a. cunning, 
applled to a woman twice 

M, tm. madrigal a burro w, den 
Madrileño, ñ a . a. native of 

Ma.m'n.i, tf. godmothcr, 
I*rOp, straps wliich yoke 
tro horses 

Mailrlz, tf. matrix, womb; 

place where quails ncstle 
M.idrdna, tf. mother over 
fond of lier children 
Madronrfllo, tm. strawherry 
Madroñdl, tm. plantalion of 
Madr añero, tm. strawbcrry. 

Madroño, tm. strawberry- 
tree, silk tassel 
Madrugada, tf. daten 
Madrugador, ra. t. early rlser 
Madrugtr, rn. to rise early 
¡n tlie tnonúpg, contrive, 

Aíadrugón tm. act of rising 
CArij* in the morning 

Alnd.irad^ro, tm. place for 
ripening fVuits 

Madurador, *• o